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tv   Headline News  RT  November 4, 2013 3:00am-3:30am EST

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i'm sure to the place that some. of our. former egyptian leader mohamed morsi goes on trial accused of stirring up bloody armrests during his presidency but no one is being made accountable for the mass deaths in the crackdown since his sting these are live pictures from outside the court where of morsy supporters gathering also this hour. don't let the spies it dictates our politics those are the words of edward snowden writing in a major german publication as he lays out what he called his mother the truth. the fugitive whistleblower publicly rails against criminalizing telling the truth as washington reiterates that he will get no clemency once u.s. prosecutors get hold of him. and iran's supreme leader defends president rouhani on seeking more talks with america despite growing anger from hardliners who refuse to
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back off from demonizing the u.s. . and i welcome you watching r.t. with may and tree farm. now there's a deep sense of history repeating itself in egypt where the country's first democratically elected leader faces the same fate as his or a terry in predecessor hosni mubarak mohamed morsi has arrived for his trial accused of inciting the murder of protesters last december these live pictures from outside the court where crowds of his supporters have been gathering conviction could see morsy sentenced to life in prison or even the death penalty during last year's unrest egypt is experiencing massive public outrage at the government's attempts to push through an islamist leading constitution gives the president
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sweeping powers to slay reports now from cairo on the landmark court case. for the first time in its history egypt has two former presidents who are on trial at the same time but whereas the trial of hosni mubarak is eagerly anticipated and was so by most egyptians when it comes to that of mohamed morsi is prosecution here egyptians are divided many egyptians feel pity for the former engineering professor who was ill equipped to become this country's president and who now very well could have a life sentence imposed on him in some quarters it is believed that this is a trial of the muslim brotherhood as a movement and not morsi as a man egyptian police is in a state of high alert and this comes amid the announcement by the supporters of morsi that throughout the day monday they will be holding nationwide protests there are very real fears that this will result in violence and clashes morsi has said
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that he will be defending himself he is insisting that he is the legal president of this country and as such he says he will not take a lawyer because to do so would be to give recognition to the authority of the court and of course the city he refuses to do morsy is standing trial for inciting the murder of opposition protesters last december most people here however believe that this is a political trial more than anything else as my colleague bell truth reports. the greater the grammy a star is known as the singer of the revolution the popularity of his pro-democracy song saw him badly tortured by the military and now despite fighting to bring down both hosni mubarak and mohamed morsi romney has little hope for egypt's future as mostly goes on trial for incitement to kill protesters are going for the revolutionaries are now in the worst scenario we have been since two thousand and
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eleven morsi should be tried but it's comic that mubarak trial should be held up at every turn. well the morsi trial is moving along so fast what shocks me is that the authorities never seem to have the will to push through the court cases of remnants of the former e.g. tahrir square once the heartbeat of the revolution has become just another busy roundabout in two thousand and eleven and two thousand and thirteen people came here demanding bread freedom and social justice but after the military ousted mr brotherhood president mohamed morsy hundreds have been killed and thousands arrested eating some to fear the freedoms and justice will never become a reality admits this violence rights groups have little faith that the trial of mr morsi and other mr brotherhood leaders will be fair this coming at a time when there is a general crackdown that gets a brotherhood a very selective prosecutions on the part of the justice system looking only at brotherhood members with impunity for security services meanwhile the retrial of
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egypt's other ousted president hosni mubarak drags on the feeling the security apparatus continues to shape court decisions means egypt's future is hard to predict the military is entrenched in school and finance and so on interest again and again the problem now that we need to sit down and agree on a specific transitional justice either we're trying everyone on meaningful we're taking them to the south africa bureau and many many of them that the strength of it will station that seems far away as pro morsi protests and clashes with security forces continue to rock the nation the fear is morsi is trial will not deliver much needed justice for egypt the brothers set the stage for further instability and turmoil. for r t cairo. well let's pinpoint the milestones in post revolution egypt the ousting of long time army backed leader hosni mubarak was followed by over a year of political turmoil which finally saw the election of islamist leader
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mohammed morsi as president in g twenty twelve as i mentioned earlier his push to turn egypt's constitution into a muslim code sparked deadly unrest in december the same year well though that violence can't be compared to the bloodbath of the summer and a military coup against morsi in july was followed by months of vicious crackdowns against his supporters and the muslim brotherhood in which more than a thousand people have been killed egyptian journalist and political analyst while . stand thinks the trial that starts today in morsi is morsi is political assassination. this is seems a bit like deja vu for egypt another president another trial in less than three years and what we're seeing is a rerun of a politicized trial course there are things that president morsi has done just like hosni mubarak has but i don't think that he's on trial. for the for the exact
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crimes that he's done or the reason he's being put on trial is because of his muslim brotherhood ideology and the way he ran the country with the intent of trying him is not really to state of law or a democratic tradition or or any of this stuff the same time we're seeing a lot of his. ministers that. minister is that under him rabbi actually the protesters they are not being tried along with morsi and so therefore this is seen as very very highly politicized in the hands of the people who want to see a lot of the muslim brotherhood behind bars. more just a day before the trial opens u.s. secretary of state john kerry met egyptian leaders in cairo urging them to commit to transparent justice but surprisingly kerry didn't mention mohammed morsi by name during a news conference washington's role in shaping events in egypt and around it is
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thrashed and in today's crosstalk. rejigging in the middle east were the united states still maintains it had your moniker all this is what their ultimate goal is they don't really call kerry care about the coloration of the regime as long as it plays into a security arrangement but washington can feel comfortable with and let's not forget tel aviv and riyadh. you know i think that's true i think ultimately the security that having a hedge money over the region so that stability whether that comes through democracy or through with or tearing regimes is ultimately the end game plan because the united states has too many interests in the region to allow it to fundamentally opposed to those interests so when the united states acts it always does is with the view of you know what what how can how does this inform our counterterrorism policy how does its inform our counter-proliferation policy how does this inform our energy policy it's this political rule of issues that comes to
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the fore with the united states there's and ultimately there's a massive conflict of interest problem that the united states has to deal with when it formulates its middle east policy. that's a cross talk a little later on that edward snowden has been publicly justifying his security leaks in a german magazine he also launched a broadside of washington's persecution of him and we need his calls for better global protection for people's rights and privacy or now from our correspondent in berlin he's rather. the spy can't be allowed to dictate our politics that's according to whistleblower edward snowden writing in the major german news weekly beagle he's put forward what he called his manifesto for truth and which he condemns the security agencies around the world that have set out to smear not only him but also those journalists that have published his articles in various
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publications around the world he also saying that we need to stop this kind of spying culture that is taken over it's all part of a major major set of articles about edward snowden in this in the german paper it comes on the back of their support for edward snowden here in germany and in a massive increase we've seen that group of over fifty senior public figures calling for him actually to be to be granted asylum here in germany now the article it does say that something that perhaps the current german government wouldn't support because suggesting that some of the skeletons in their own cause it could come out if there was any big investigation into just exactly what had gone on in terms of the n.s.a. spying program however amongst those fifty that say it's not and should should come to should be allowed to come to germany is one that says one seemly former german
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politician say edward snowden has done a great service to the western world and now it's up to us to help him so huge support for snowden and he's laying out his ideas right here in the german press as you might expect edward snowden's plea for clemency is finding no sympathy in washington white house officials along with senior lawmakers stressed the former n.s.a. contractor should pay for violating american laws or former british intelligence agent and mash and explains why she thinks the scandal has gathered such momentum. who is actually breaking the or here because all the ground that the spy agency say they are legally allowed to spile nexus and appear to be very legally dubious at best we're seeing in the last decade is the sheer technological scale of the spying its industrial scales by the new technology has allowed this to happen and the laws which are supposed to oversee and democratically oversee how we are spied on are
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just not keeping up the twentieth century laws and now we're dealing with twenty first century tech. well you diplomats you travel to washington for explanations about the n.s.a. snooping practices came back with a little r.c. so if you have an arse the spoke to the head of the european mission who says their american counterparts successfully deflect many accusations to be honest we didn't expect one hundred percent we went to washington the whole nature of investigating the stored and allegations of mass surveillance of spying meant that we were very realistic we didn't expect to get you know the definitive answers about what was going on we did try and justify what they were doing in fact we had private meetings with the n.s.c. homeland security department national security council and there was some justification given in fact you will have seen that. we had we had private meetings and then you saw a public statement coming out while we were there for the national security agency
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is explicitly about the mass surveillance activity and you saw that coming from the n.s.c. and capitol hill while we were there. the justification given was public it was about this was done on the basis of you know the necessity of id terror activity it was done in partnership with the government so they were they were in fact while we were there starting to rebut many of the allegations. and you can watch the full episode in just over an hour's time now still to come it seems times are tough for the english aristocracy. group. of people who are of the movie. not but who have been in school for it and so on r.t.e.
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meets the upper crust who are now down on their luck and live. being on welfare we've got this story plus plenty more just off a quick break. wealthy british style holds. on to the surprise. of the. markets why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports on our t.v. . to
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speak your language as. well as programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about six of the ip interviews intriguing stories for you to. see them trying. to find out more visit our big teeth dog called. tens of thousands have gathered in front of the former u.s. embassy in iran to protest president rouhani says sturrock pace outreach to washington that's despite the fact that iran's supreme leader warned the country's hardliners the day before not to undermine the nuclear negotiations defending the chosen course of action nearly elevated as an rouhani is under serious domestic pressure or extending an olive branch to the united states the hope interaction is
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that america will ease up on sanctions in return for more openness from iran his nuclear program will again be in the limelight this thursday but with little enthusiasm at home rouhani may be facing a tough sell as paul scott reports. there's arguing realignment republic of iran is ready to engage immediately in time bound talks to build mutual confidence and the removal of mutual uncertainties housen rouhani these recent speech at the u.n. general assembly were said by many to represent a thorin in relations between tehran and washington a sign that the iranian leadership is king to initiate warmer ties with the global community but not everyone is king for this to happen was the hard line conservative protesters threw eggs at the president upon his return to tehran a mouse uncomfortable with the idea of increased diplomacy with washington launched
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the first ever down with the usa contest the idea is to find the most creative and to us propaganda contestants are invited to submit photographs posters caricature poems hymns and blogs all relating to the slogan down with the usa over three thousand dollars up for grabs for the winner there will be a prize for the best idea to mark death of america which will renewed the concept of death to america because of the. the arrogance of america the message is clear for as long as the us policies are hostile to us we will continue to use the slogan . well the slogan first came to prominence during the one nine hundred seventy nine iranian revolution the u.s. backed government was overthrown and since then it's been widely used by critics of washington those critics now favor holly's willingness to reengage with the u.s. could undermine the revolution they also see no reason to start diplomacy with a country that for years has portrayed iran as the enemy and subject of the country
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to harsh economic sanctions over its nuclear program states like the and their terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil this administration has systematically imposed the toughest sanctions on iraq on iran ever the united states is not going to lift the sanctions until it is clear that a very very file ball accountable transparent process is in place despite efforts by the us government to suggest the sanctions aren't affecting the general population food clothes and even basic medicines have rocketed in price in recent days on the leadership's attempt to engage with washington has led to the american slogans and ban is appearing all over tehran in recent weeks with rouhani demanding many be taken down and with talks over iran's nuclear program looming large later this week it's not just the international community president rouhani has to convince police got r.t.
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. restrictions against iran have been widespread and imposed variously by the united nations the european union the united states and other countries so here's some of them the u.n. security council has ratified four runs of sanctions since two thousand and six including bans on heavy arms supplies nuclear technology and blocking weapons exports ease restrictions range from selling materials from enrichment uranium. meant to oil imports and go all trade in the united states impose virtually an almost total economic embargo on iran on energy products financial institutions and aircraft parts and banning firms from doing any business with the country and all this lead to iran ensuring currency rise a shortage of basic medicines and trouble buying anything from abroad a former adviser to iran's nuclear negotiator saying things the reason why reining don't trust the us is because of constant double speak. there's
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a group in iran that is deeply suspicious of the united states based on his longstanding animosity toward iran is the wides perception in iran that the us is engaged in a double speak to what the iran on the one hand parking but engagement and respecting iran's rights and on the other hand adopting a very inflexible and hard line negotiation a strategy that demands much concession from iran without expressing willingness to you know show. any flexibility on the issue of sanctions relief we have seen a statement by the top u.s. negotiator wendy sherman that the u.s. has not offered any tangible sanctions relief to iran last negotiation round in geneva and that should be very disheartening to many iranians who are
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looking for. concrete tangible signs of good faith to our iran by the united states . the worsening economic situation inside iran means the countries finding other ways to make ends meet china has reportedly agreed to finance various projects by unblocking twenty two billion euros of oil assets beijing in toronto in the un not the dollars the sanctions don't affect china's business with its biggest crude oil supplier political analyst side mohammad marandi says the u.s. agenda is splintering this is one of many signs the u.s. imposed sanctions is not working and it's beginning. to fall apart not that the united states wants this to happen the united states wants to move forward mary iranians suffer as much as possible they want to devastate the iranian economy and they've already succeeded in killing people because for example iran
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has had great difficulty importing medicines so the americans are definitely upset with this but as time goes on we are seeing it increasingly countries moving away from the united states companies nor in the united states and even individuals who are investing in iran without taking the sanctions regime into consideration some international news in brief international peace talks on syria have stalled after the main western backed opposition group said it won't attend unless president assad agrees to step down the syrian national coalition is also refusing to sit alongside key regional power play iran which is a strong ally of damascus the united states backs the s.n.c. while russia has been trying to convince all sides in the go she ate the proposed conference in geneva. violence has marred a local election in kosovo where ethnic serbs were encouraged to vote for the first
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time police fired tear gas to disperse a group of masked men he raided a polling station in the multiethnic city of meat international observers fled as the clashes broke out the local serbian minority has been under pressure to boycott the polls and to avoid further legitimizing the status of the breakaway course of. the big homes biggest states but big money troubles in glynn's blue bloods are feeling the economic squeeze even though britain is recovering arcee sesar cilia met one bread line or whether one speaks of the british aristocracy be traditional or landed gentry or noble well what would imagine a lavish lifestyles a grand estate as it would have been centuries ago but the reality today is not quite up to par as it would have been in the past.
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with what we call her job seekers allowance so i have to support this murdoch all or most single moms loans. so each of us gets five pounds a day my wife and i this isn't what one would expect to hear from an earl heir apparent to the marquise side of aylesbury the estate has been in the family for a thousand years but he's now in a fierce legal battle with the state's trustees with no access to his money i have no money to heat the house there is the hortons house so when my wife and i want to wash we good on the public both of them over the financial times reports high court cases of beneficiaries challenging trusts doubled from two thousand and ten to two thousand and twelve coinciding with the financial crisis the cost of looking after a large house is staggering on a yearly basis this stately home in norfolk was built in the late nineteenth century and while much of the state remains intact parts of it have been left to wreck and ruin and restoring it to its full glory could cost up to three million pounds add to that gas electricity water maintenance the list goes on around sixty
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percent of british historic homes are now open to the public and use for various purposes such as weddings conferences and tours and this one in particular used to be used as a wedding venue and the reason for such diversification is to be able to generate some income for properties that are very expensive to keep them going the reality is that the cost of maintaining these houses is so great now their stocks it tend to be a very asset rich but cash pool something that holds very true for this girl even finding a job it didn't quite work out for him because through this great unemployment because of the great recession in england. i'm not i don't have many skills that i can so i come across drives so i've had a few part time jobs the drive a. delivery driver van driver lorry driver i don't know what my peers think they must think. i shudder to think what they must
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think of what's going on you. yes and it seems a total can only mean so much when cash is still king. thanks being with us he said i don't forget we've got plenty more now website to including russia's breaking new records with its black gold online report on the country set an all time high in oil production and arrested for simply driving a car the story of a woman desperately trying to get his sick father to hospital but he gets the full force of society arabia's strict ban on women behind the way you're. back coming up we have got to look back it's a busy week of spoke. low . technology innovation all the moves developments from around
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russia we've got the future covered. the media leave us so we leave the media. are the same motion security for your party there's a call. for shoes that no one is asking with to get that you deserve answers from. politics only on our t.v. . more news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations rule the day.
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hello and welcome to the r t sports show hof an hour of the week's best sports with me kate partridge and here's some of what's to come. start of the road as fifo bosses visit russia's first competed world cup stadium in cars and we talked to the man in charge of delivering the showpiece football tournament in twenty eighteen. while leagues apart as n.h.l. star goaltender sam young faces charges of domestic violence i cannot even go to help spartak moscow boost their fortunes in the k h l. and seal of approval as russia marks one hundred days to go before their first winter games new olympic boss thomas bach praises sochi during his first visit to
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the city. but let's start with football as russian champions tesco moscow were handed a partial stadium ban by you a for following allegations of racist chanting joining a champions league match a section of the hume chirino will be closed when the army men host by in munich on november the twenty seventh the decision came after manchester city midfielder ja touré complained he was racially abused by some of the crowd to during city's two one win it says last month the ivory coast star also suggested black players should boycott the twenty eighteen world cup in russia but former liverpool and england star john barnes says fines and sanctions alone won't eradicate racism so there are ways to get rid of it is through education through explaining to people why it's wrong to feel the way they do why it's wrong to have this perspective on somebody else no one ever thought about it all they're doing is saying when he said we're going to find you so is that going to get rid of racism that's going to get a versus what it'll do is maybe they'll put this kid c.s.k. moscow out i don't know maybe that closes the.


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