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tv   Sophie Co  RT  November 4, 2013 5:29am-6:01am EST

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speck from this place it's not that i have discovered something new here rather that i absorb everything that this place offers cookies. more than twenty five million years old. is a little over thirty. the swiss scientists travel to the banks of the oldest lake in the world by ultra light. this tiny aircraft weighs less than five hundred killers a speeds of up to one hundred seventy kilometers per hour it can fly up to three thousand meters where from such altitudes you can examine the bottom of the lake because of the clear waters and his four cameras fixed to be afraid. for us if
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it's just a scientific endeavor but a personal one. what winds of fate brought the young scientists to the by calibration it all began with a minor research trip. here quite by chance i came up with the idea of. the world's oceans there are a lot of organisms that exposed to the light of a certain spectrum range emit light of a different range and i wondered if this was also the case with the lake. in short discovered luminescent crustaceans in by coles waters. serious research of by kal only began in the seventeenth century before traveled
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around europe but siberia was home to people with the heads of dogs the first expedition destroyed all those myths. peoples. populated with. white fish and a breed of seal with a photographic memory. it swims close to the shore examines the area and if it's familiar. but if. changed even a little the seal. getting close to the seal. serious threat. seals natural habitat is water. constantly.
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for the young seals. hundred thirty kilos and grow to one and a half meters in length but on the whole. they like peace and calm. away from their natural habitat. the silence of the siberian. and the spirit of by karl itself they pray for health. and good weather. one of the oldest of the world's faiths fervently observed that biker shamans are able to fall into a deep trance which they believe lets them see into the future. realized his calling in
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a dream but didn't believe it at first. that . health was poor. in the end i was completely. told me. my brother if you have to go through. that. again this is the place. if a shaman like someone he will certainly ask the spirits of bike hell to be favorable to them bringing sunshine and success. i think we're both of us
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literally include servers on their mission. when you arrived at by cal he dreamed of seeing the sun foul weather here i handed all scientific experiments the lake has a strong character and its climate is far from what it was it was used to in switzerland. when we first came to lake by cal the weather was awful but it was raining heavily by cow was harsh. he the
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first impression i had of by cow which is in fact true to this day was the extreme weather. if it weren't for divine intervention the young scientist wouldn't be able to work at bike for several days heavy downpours prevented even to leave his house his research was on the verge of shutting down he might just as well have packed up and headed home. the weather was terrible during our first week here. torrential then three llamas came in. for good weather on the first day it was pouring the second day the weather did improve. pierrots surround us every month. on.
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summer. crops there are special rights when we bring the milk over red cow or white goat and some other. in the region buddhism became especially popular in the eighteenth century when monks from mongolia started settling in the area they set up monasteries and temples the biggest of which is the. people come from all over the worlds to this blessid land to meditate to learn or if they really want something to pray to the gods. believers bring different prayers to places emanating buddhist energy. for well being for their family. prosperity and success in their work each ribbon on the
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trees here signify someone's wish locals believe that wish made here will come true but only on condition that you make. and that you don't ask for too much. after spending a few days a bike started taking some of the superstition seriously each morning he. and in the evening he's thankful for successful work. place. something new here. not all scientists are as sensitive to local beliefs conducting studies and by some of them refused to accept the existence of any supernatural. according to them it contradicts every law of nature.
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supernatural. it is impossible. in this respect. protection. life is connected with. first of all he was born here he joined the local college and thirty years he's been conducting scientific experiments in the area. baikal is a region of high seismic activity with earthquakes a common occurrence for five years the scientists research has provided exact forecasts of earthquakes around baikal. in two thousand and eight. separate from a powerful earthquake it was just as strong is the one that destroyed the fukushima
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nuclear power station in japan which was washed away by a huge wave. fortunately here the earthquake couldn't produce such a tsunami. is too small. and in two thousand and eight days before the earthquake we registered some fundamental changes in the election magnetic field well money. that we had never observed before any other case the. only scientific achievements the neutrino detector has been dropped to a depth of one kilometer into the lake. thanks to the pure clear water of baikal the device is able to detect many mysteries not just on the water but also out in space discoveries of this kind are impossible and salty ocean water.
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detector is designed to help us explore the history or universe. find out how we began. what is happening to it now you know what will happen to it if you can the future. is only possible if you watch the streams of unique particles cold neutrinos. they can provide us with the information of what was there when the universe began.
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it was a. very hard to make up. once again here is a plan that has sex with her there's no.
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they all told me my language as well but i will only react to situations as i haven't read the reports so i'm not you know pleased to know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter point of the month to say that if mr k.l.a. car is on the docket else i. think you know more weasel words when you need a direct question be prepared for a change when you throw a punch be ready for a battle freedom of speech means little down the freedoms of costs. more than four hundred cities around the globe are hosting mass rallies. justice.
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million mask march. mission free cretaceous free. free. free. free. free. free blog video for your media project free media. thousands of years ago the region of lake baikal was flat as legend has it the earth. creating a rift from which flames scorching everything around people to stop
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screaming. fire and stop. the spirits of. water fills the rift. but in reality. the theory is. this constantly. is the result of the movement of to. scientists agree that by. making. larger and larger. as a lake existed for as long as. lakes usually last for no more than fifteen thousand yes after. they simply dry out and that's been the case for millions of years this lake though was formed long before human history began remarkably the water content
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has undergone almost no changes atoll. the lake is very deep and the water is clear and saturated with oxygen to the deepest parts. and yet it has never changed. a land of science discoveries and the unique nature seemingly frozen in time but michael the present live side by side with the spirits of the past just like the lake itself locals preserve their own mysteries and traditions. local folklore legends and rituals with great respect. i am convinced they are absolutely necessary here these rights all date back many more years than many of the scientific research projects her yet
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they are there learned. or it. stands for six hundred thirty kilometers covering an area the size of some countries like belgium the netherlands . everybody finds a place in the vast area of by co christians buddhists shamans and old believers of the russian orthodox church they've lived here for more than three hundred years they cross themselves with two fingers and reject modern orthodoxy. their faith and rituals have remained untouched throughout all the centuries their villages have their own uni. design each house has painted in rich summer colors old believers clothing has always been famous for its brightness and neatness as well as
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embroidered hats and sort of arms yes we're going to see if the girl wears why green bends it means she's a bride from a well off family and her father has prepared everything for her to be beautiful at the wedding. he earned. a eulogy. sturgess grâce. her sure there. were spears. were there yeah. i flew the. sheriff here it. will. be years.
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ok. the songs of our ancestors that we seeing are mostly sad because they had a hard life and a lot of awards that autumn we were cari to you and don't have time to lie on this so far there are we in the garden that need pulling out or berries they need peeking and aside from that there is always cleaning to be dying to feel better but i think the other. day old believers thank god for the sun and their health they firmly believe the places around by color sacred any difficulties can be enjoyed with god's help even the weather. when the theater is a holy mountain nearby on the sentient day elderly women go there and pray to god
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to send rain and bless the crops. from time to time scientists will admit that even though they don't believe in spirits they do listen to the local legends. we strictly observe the traditions. yours. truly believe it helps. in return for respect. generous and reverence with. the scientist from switzerland. paid off the weather has improved allowing the scientists to work . on the banks of. the biggest river flowing into by providing around fifty percent of its river water. is
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a powerful filter that cleans before it gets into the lake. will continue working. how the river bed. changed. developing and changing. very important. rich with a constantly circulating from the bottom up that keeps itself clean. and safely be drunk straight from.
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here. this unique nature. has when you emotional states. by cal through its beauty individuality and energy can reconcile science with man's belief in supernatural powers. scientists might look for answers to any question but it doesn't mean that everything will be explained one day. that's a completely different approach towards goals of science differ from those of folklore. you can't escape these legends like the fisherman who carry out their rituals every time before they leave harbor.
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the god that needs to be placated we should treat him to a little wine or even if you feel like it drink some yourself. oh there's one. where i've never seen anything like this before. so many in just one that. are just about fifty or sixty you can tell by the way. local fisherman firmly convinced that bike will give a good catch when people treated with respect. not only the oldest but it's also the deepest lake in the world with a depth of one thousand six hundred forty two meters. somewhere on the lake then
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the treasures of the russian empire. one legend has it that in the times of the civil war in russia at the beginning of the twentieth century the ship carrying the gold reserves of the russian empire sank somewhere in this area. no one has found these treasures yet but still being made to this day large expeditions are organized cutting edge technology is used and various maps are examined everything possible is being done to find the sunken gold but no one has been lucky so far by cal continues to play hide and seek with. popular one we had decided to have a go at it and during that one submersion we had about twelve accidents that we had never had before the first the weather was one in the forecast was good but once we had reached the spot the weather changed and then it turned out that we had somehow
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lost the directions we had specially printed out and once we had reached the bottom . to top it off when we were rising from the bottom. that was to pick us up vessel. and was damaged so i understood then that up above we were on the right track to find in this culture but by call it was resolved to keep it that you were the one. you'll see if he isn't too eager to leave but his wife and two young daughters are waiting for him at home so many things are still to be done and so much about bike while still needs to be unraveled. because of people warned me that once i came to lake baikal my life would change completely i would fall in love with it and would long to come back. i never thought that this place would really affect me so deeply thought of the period i spent here has been one of the most interesting and dynamic stages of my life consuming fire and i will
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certainly look for an opportunity to return to lake baikal from the studio. the olympic torch is on its epic journey to such. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred ton two cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killing. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face. a limpet torch relay. on our team and our two dogs come going to.
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shifting sands and alliances advances and reversals outside military interventions in stalemate these are among some of the descriptions that apply to the middle east since the start of the arab spring what are we experiencing in this church region the end of the west neocolonial border for nearly instability and violence with no end in sight. for some. moments all i want to. say got something that is quite simply a mess. place was no way oh. clearly they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. and sold to the u.s. or turned over to the u.s. for. the sole that could be buried alive. was saved with great effort. and they wanted to turn me into a terrorist so it was they wanted me to admit that i was
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a member of al qaeda the taliban but i fought with them. not the time i didn't even know what al qaeda is nevertheless there are people. brave enough to start a fight. something's going to be done that's going to be done by me and has been our. short amount of time do it but it's going to impact me i'd be prosecuted but it's going to impact. the wife my daughter. the one time a tramp. on r.g.p. . exactly what happened that day i don't know but a woman i killed. piers later is when i got arrested for. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results. innocent people take interest the police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation
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why because there's been the said lightman no because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were often they could get what they wanted they can say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said. if you. got the opportunity. to start to construct your own. kids don't want to be in bed. don't want to meet gangsters in a lot of. drug dealers they don't want to blow we know the time that a kid came be we can see. you just made the boat is ours and i hope i was in the hood and what a.k.o.
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somebody with thirty round clips taking. out i said. i don't want to die i got this really do not want to die young young age. well if you're going to like these new policies i think you know. the pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure.
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former egyptian leader mohamed morsy and a group of fellow islamist accused of stirring up bloody and rest during his presidency seven the first day of their trial forcing the judge to adjourn the hearing live pictures you're looking at. the justice system looking only at brotherhood members with impunity for security services and we're showing you live scenes outside the chord we're increasing numbers of angry morsy and muslim brotherhood supporters are protesting against their leader detention also this hour here on our t.v. don't let the dictates of politics those the words of edward snowden writing in a major german publication as he lays out what he calls his mother that stove the truth the fugitive whistleblower publicly ray.


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