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once again the among the club has never had sex with the perfect there's no legs let's the long. lists of the the subluxation lists submit. a. dramas that can't be ignored to. the stories others refuse to notice old. faces changing the world lights never.
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grow. old pictures of today's leaves a lot longer than a month from around the globe. look to. the. lake baikal is in east siberia people are drawn to it by its beauty its energy and its benevolent spirits. almost on a shelf an old old shaman. said there is a place we should sprinkle water and pray to the spirits. and they will guard you for their. food more if you really get the impression that something supernatural is happening . because i'm
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a physicist good i know it is impossible. a young scientist from switzerland was attracted to this area where religion nature and science intertwine. i try to see by kal in its entirety and i didn't know what to expect from this place it's not that i have discovered something new here but rather that i absorb everything that this place offers accused. more than twenty five million years old. is a little over thirty. the swiss scientists travel to the banks of the oldest lake
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in the world by ultra light. this tiny aircraft weighs less than five hundred killers a speeds of up to one hundred seventy kilometers per hour it can fly at three thousand meters where from such altitudes you can examine the bottom of the lake because of the clear waters and his four cameras fixed to be afraid. it's not just a scientific endeavor but a personal one. what winds of fate brought the young scientists to the bike eldridge and it all began with a minor research trip. here quite by chance i came up with the idea of experiments. in the world's oceans there are a lot of organisms that exposed to the light of a certain spectrum range emit light of a different range and i wondered if this was also the case with the lake.
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in short discovered luminescent crustaceans in by coles waters. serious research by kal only began in the seventeenth century before that legends travelled around europe that siberia was home to people with the heads of dogs the first expedition destroyed all those myths. habited by. peoples. populated with. white fish and a breed of seal with a photographic memory. it swims close to the shore examines the area. but if. changed even a little. getting close to the.
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serious threat. feels natural habitat is water. constantly. for the young. one hundred thirty and grow to one and a half meters in length but on the whole. piece and. away from their natural habitat. the silence of the siberian local shamans. and the spirit of by karl itself they pray for health. and good weather.
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one of the oldest of the world's faiths fervently observed by. shamans are able to fall into a deep trance which they believe lets them see into the future solomon realized his calling in a dream but didn't believe it at first. that . health was poor. in the end i was completely. only forty. one. told me. my brother if you have to go through. days. after that.
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again this is the place. if someone he will certainly ask the spirits of bike hell to be favorable to them bringing sunshine and success. under. the ruthless literally improve service on their mission. when you arrived at by cal he dreamed of seeing the sun foul weather here handed scientific experiments the lake has
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a strong character and its climate is far from what he was it was used to in switzerland. when we first came to lake by cal the weather was awful but it was raining heavily by cal was harsh. he the first impression i had of by cow which is in fact true to this day was the extreme weather. if it weren't for divine intervention the young scientist wouldn't be able to work at bike for several days heavy downpours prevented even to leave his house his research was on the verge of shutting down he might just as well have packed up and headed home. it was terrible during our first week here was torrential then three llamas came in. for good
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weather. it was pouring second day the weather did improve with. periods surround every mound. we call him on. summer. crops there are special rights when we bring the milk over red cow or white goat and some other gifts. in the region buddhism became especially popular in the eighteenth century when monks from mongolia started settling in the area they set up monasteries and temples the biggest of which is the. people come from all over the worlds to this blessid land to meditate to learn or if they really want something to pray to the gods.
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bring different prayers to places emanating buddhist energy women being for their family men want prosperity and success in their work. on the trees here someone's wish locals believe that a wish made here will come true but only on condition that you make science and that you don't ask for too much. after spending a few days of. started taking some of the superstition seriously each morning he. and in the evening. expect from this place. something new here.
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all scientists are as sensitive to local beliefs conducting studies and by some of them refused to accept the existence of any supernatural. according to them it contradicts every law of nature. supernatural. in this respect. any. protection. scientific life is connected with. first of all he was born here he joined the local college and thirty years he's been conducting scientific experiments in the area. baikal is a region of high seismic activity with earthquakes
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a common occurrence for five years the scientists research has provided exact forecasts of earthquakes around by. two thousand and eight. separate from a powerful earthquake it was just as strong as the one that destroyed the fukushima nuclear power station in japan which was washed away by a huge wave. fortunately here the earthquake couldn't produce such a tsunami because they are too small. in two thousand and eight days before the earthquake. fundamental changes in the election. that we had never observed before any other case. only scientific achievements a neutrino detector has been dropped to a depth of one kilometer into the lake. thanks to. the
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devices able to detect many mysteries not just. discoveries of this kind are impossible in salty ocean what up. up do you mean by cold neutrino detector is designed to help us explore the history or universe. and find out solutions to how we begin with new people what is happening to it now is what do you know what will happen to it we believe in the future if the will to do it is only possible if you watch the streams of unique particles cold neutrinos going to be before they can provide us with the information was one of what was there when the universe began.
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the new super secret laboratory to mccurry was able to build a new its most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a dollar amount anything tunes mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and world this is why you should care watch only on the r g dot com. that's all i want to. pick up something that is quite simply a mets. place was no way out. clearly they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. and sold to the us or turned over to the us for. the soul that could be buried alive. was
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saved with great effort. and a wanted to turn me into a terror. they wanted me to admit that i was a member of al qaeda the taliban but i fought with them. about time i didn't even know what al qaeda is nevertheless there are people. brave enough to start a fight. something's going to be done that's going to be done by me i have a short amount of time but it's going to impact me i'd be prosecuted but it's going to impact. a wife my daughter. the one time a trap. on our teeth. a. good.
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deal of the torch is on its epic journey to such. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred ton two cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand kilometers. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face. a limp torch relay. on r t r c dot com.
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cells of years ago the region of lake baikal was flat as legend has it the earth. it creating a rift from which flames burst out scorching everything around people begs the gods to stop screaming the words by and meaning fire it stopped. the spirit of fire. and as time passed water filled the rift this is only the legend but in reality. the theories. process sees. this constantly widening fracture is the result of the movement of to tonic plates. scientists agree that by ocean in the making because these two tonic plates are. constantly making by coal larger and larger.
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never as a lake existed for as long as. lakes usually last for no more than fifteen thousand years after that they simply dry out and that's been the case for millions of years this lake though was formed long before human history began remarkably the water content has undergone almost no changes atoll. is very deep and the water is clear and saturated with oxygen down to the deepest parts. never changed. a land of science discoveries and the unique nature seemingly frozen in time. the present live side by side with the spirits of the past just like the lake itself locals preserve their own mysteries and traditions. local folklore
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legends and rituals with great respect. convinced they are. luly necessary here these rights we were told that date back many more years than many of the scientific research projects all over your clothes yeah i already learned. their. style. are in there and. my colleague stands for six hundred thirty kilometers covering an area the size of some countries like belgium the netherlands. everybody finds a place in the vast area of by kill christians buddhists shamans and old believers of the russian orthodox church they've lived here for more than three hundred years
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they cross themselves with two fingers and reject modern orthodoxy. their faith and rituals have remained untouched throughout all the centuries their villages have their own unique design each house has painted in rich some a color as old believe as clothing has always been famous for its brightness and neatness as well as embroidered hats and sort of arms yes we are going to see if the girl wears why green bends it means she's a bride from a well off family and her father has prepared everything for her to be beautiful at the waiting. he louis i am louis you'll only thing. or ask her or. her i are strewn all over. who are the spirits that i am with there are no manners there are. i
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flew to los. here an eight year. oh all they hear there will. be years. where i am ok where are. the songs of our ancestors that we seeing are mostly sad because they had a hard life and a little ward that autumn we were cari to you and don't have time to lie on this so far there are waves in the garden that need pulling out or berries they need peaking and aside from there there is always cleaning to be dying to feel better but i can other. every day old believers thank god for the sun and their health they firmly believe
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that places around by color sacred any difficulties can be enjoyed with god's help even the weather when the theatre is a holy mountain nearby on ascension day where the elderly women go there and pray to god to send rain and bless the crops. from time to time scientists will admit that even though they don't believe in spirits they do listen to the local legends. the traditions. yours. helps the. accident. in return for respect be generous and the reverence with. the scientist from switzerland.
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paid off the weather has improved allowing the scientists to work. on the banks of . the biggest river flowing into by providing around fifty percent of its river water it's a powerful filter that. before it gets into the lake. continue working. how the river bed. changed. developing changing. very important. rich with a constantly circulating from the bottom up that keeps itself clean water can
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safely be drunk straight from. here. this unique nature. has new emotional states. but health through its beauty individuality and energy can reconcile science with man's belief in supernatural powers. scientists might look for answers to any question but it doesn't mean that everything will be explained one day. that's a completely different approach towards goals of science differ from those of
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folklore. you can't escape these legends like the fisherman who carry out their rituals every time before they leave. god that needs to be placated you should treat him to what a wine or even if you feel like it drink some yourself. oh there's one. where i've never seen anything like this before. there's so many in just one that. are just about fifty or sixty you can tell by the way. local fisherman firmly convinced that bike will give a good catch when people treated with respect.
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is not only the oldest but it's also the deepest lake in the world with a depth of one thousand six hundred forty two meters. somewhere on the lake bed the treasures of the russian empire. one legend has it that in the times of the civil war in russia at the beginning of the twentieth century the ship carrying the gold reserves of the russian empire sank somewhere in this area. no one has found these treasures yet but still being made to this day. cutting edge technology is used and various maps are examined everything possible is being done to find the sunken gold but no one has been lucky so far by cal continues to play hide and seek with.
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a popular one we had decided to have a go at it and during that one submersion we had about twelve accidents that we had never had before first the weather was fine and the forecast was good but once we had reached the spot the weather changed and then it turned out that we had somehow lost the directions we had special and once we had reached the bottom. to top it off when we were rising from the bottom. that was to pick us up. and i was damaged so i understood then that up for that we were on the right track to finding the sculpture but my call was resolve to keep it that you were the one. you'll see if he isn't too eager to leave but his wife and two young daughters are waiting for him at home so many things are still to be done and so much about by cal still needs to be unraveled. and yes because those people warned me that once i came to
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lake baikal my life would change completely i would fall in love with it and would long to come back. yes i never thought of this place would really affect me so deeply thought of the heriot i spent here has been one of the most interesting and dynamic stages of my life consume the fire and i will certainly look for an opportunity to return to like bike out from movies to those. dramas that can't be ignored to the. stories of others who refuse to notice. faces change the world writes now.
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on the old picture of today's leaves my own designs from around the globe. dropped. to fifty. more news today. flared up. and these are the images go world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations to rule the day. exactly what happened that day i don't know but a woman got killed. years later is when i got arrested. for
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a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results. innocent people to confess the police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like meant no because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were often they could do what they wanted they can say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said. to the. point outside to an active camp at guantanamo where patients are forced that just months after i'm out on the first strike never turned the world's attention to the
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place that something gulag of our times. as syria's president bashar asad refuses to discuss handing over power and will the upcoming peace conference in geneva be the rail before it starts answer to that scamming up from the president's advisor in the schools of talk with r t. the world's faceless march protest movement anonymous spread their message across the globe with crowds rallying against online snooping and government corruption. war spy revelations with britain reportedly running a secret listening post in the heart of berlin ride on the roof of the u.k. embassy. and eastern libya swear is in its own government as the oil rich region tries to break away from tripoli lamie.


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