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tv   Headline News  RT  November 5, 2013 1:00pm-1:26pm EST

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to the place that sometimes the gulag of our time. the round the clock the. world's faceless march protest movement a lot of us spread the message across the globe today with crowds rallying against online snooping and government corruption. britain spied post in the very heart of berlin the u.k.'s allegedly been spying on german allies from the roof of its embassy fresh classified leaks reveal. that the syria's president assad refuses to discuss handing over power will the upcoming peace conference in geneva be to rail before it even starts the answer to that coming up from the president's advisor an exclusive tour with our take.
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even schieffer just joined us money is kevin owen it's just after ten pm here in moscow this is the first than people in hundreds of cities across the world taking part in mass rallies planned by the global protest group anonymous the day of action is called the million mask march uniting those protesting against the violation of online privacy as well as corporate greed and corrupt governments protesters worrying those guy fawkes masks demonstrating their allegiance with the anonymous hacktivist group infamous for its own line anti government actions one of the biggest rallies is underway in washington d.c. he's going to shoot you can join the protest is there. here in washington you have different protest groups marching under the umbrella of be anonymous they protest different things they protest what they see is a police state they focused against the persecution of whistleblowers they protest against wall st told the world's biggest producer of genetically modified seeds so
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generally speaking they see themselves as a movement against the government and corporations taking advantage of the people. who are. so we're standing next to the white house what do you want president obama to hear you want president obama to hear that five years after the financial crisis the banks being bailed out we're still suffering people are still struggling they're drowning in debt we live in a country that's fundamentally unfair we no longer have the rule of law from the n.s.a. to edward snowden to chelsea manning all over the world people are speaking out whistleblowers are speaking out regular people are speaking out and saying enough is enough we want justice we want to know spying on foreign leaders our own people our own communication stuff we need to stop now and some of them say nothing about it and it's not going to stop she were here to say something about the organizers of the rallies here in washington have sent out a clear message of nonviolence to those willing to for dissipate in this rally and
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it has been very peaceful although as you know the hacker activists or the hacktivist with the anonymous have shown in the past that they were willing to break the law to get their message across by bringing down government websites for example and people ask if a decentralized massed movement like this can achieve anything other than just making noise well last year they were instrumental in informing people about the so-called legislation that would potentially pave the way to internet censorship the sopa second and then there was the system of legislation that would provide legal protection to internet giants that funnel private information of their users to. as you know the senate eventually did not vote on that legislation and now in light of it which is to the parliament chances officer apparently being spied on here and it slipped under the radar so to speak. yeah thanks for having me here
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well in fact i think that the german government of course did notice what was happening on the roof top of the u.s. embassy and the u.k. embassy because it's clear for everybody who looks at that building what's going on there but i think that the german interior secret service they're not allowed to investigate on the las and this is simply because germany right now is such a class partner of the b. of the u.s. and they want to become a first class partner so our government is simply selling our privacy and their own privacy to climb up the ladder so the so this was known all the way along along the line but it's too embarrassing to reveal its kind of stiff british upper lip i guess but now it's come out through snowden something had to be done about it and said about it that's what you're saying yeah yes that's simply what i'm saying i mean you talked about third class partner with the us there of course on the face
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of it at least we don't know what's being said behind closed doors but publicly there wasn't really much of a public utterance problem erica an apology and kind of thinking what's the word i'm looking for about the alleged n.s.a. spying on on merkel's phone was there you surprised at that why i think in the case of margaret it was simply that merkel used their private phone and the german secret service was not allowed to investigate on that and that's that's that's simply what's what happened there now are you surprised though that there wasn't more of a. public apology i guess for want of a better word a bigger apology from america to the chancellor. well yes of course i am surprised because of course it's a shame what happens there and it of course shook many people in the german government they're waking up now and but now since the elections are over it's of
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course a little bit too late you know and now they're trying to to get a turn into this. at all it doesn't really convince me all right then all i wonder if you get any more of a positive response and apologies the word again i'm looking for from the united kingdom from britain and what's going on on top of its roof. while i think this is another case because in this case they are not actively. breaking into a system or that they do is they collect the signals that are in the air. we don't know really what's going on there but i as i told you i think that the german secret service of course knows it but they are not allowed to investigate on that interesting ok gents thanks for your thoughts jim steinberg there from the german pirate party most of you on the program money troubles and job losses pushing europeans to the far right that's what the latest opinion polls show months ahead
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of e.u. parliamentary elections mainstream politicians and analysts say it's too early to predict just how many seats the euro skeptic and nationalist parties could win in may twenty forty ballistic over the news war brought estimates suggest anti e.u. parties could score from twenty to thirty percent of the vote let's not forget this year in austria alone the far right secured one fifth of the ballot then the movement for a better hungary made big inroads at the national assembly in twenty ten the same year in latvia the national alliance came in fourth and in twenty eleven the true finns party could drew pulled its a share of the national vote parties test for a similar reports next time from france with a nationalist movements one of the strongest in europe. the minced no words the doctors will be a simple part of the european people are realizing that the use in them parts of the soviet union that in fact is destroying their freedom. you authorization by islamic mass immigration to europe has been one of the greatest mistakes of recent
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decades there was little and they're all fired up to continue. this is so shake the system. there to increasingly popular figureheads riding a wave of nationalist movements across europe not quite in the mainstream but no longer on the fringes either germany france and netherlands belgium austria greece italy and the u.k. all see the success of political parties which in varying degrees are anti e.u. in its current form anti euro and anti immigration. day europe doesn't have economic growth nor does it really have the right and the left to go that managed to resolve the problem isn't the far right feeds off the ball a new pool of voting intentions show that nearly a quarter of french voters would vote for fasces national front in the may twenty four thousand european parliament elections that's ahead of the country's two leading parties and this went to the right could very well sweep across europe as
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well in the pens national front and the dutch and is the politician have to builders party for freedom plan their movement that's despite reports that builders of the past disapproved of and to submit it with marks by look ben's father while a pair reportedly described the dutch as more radical than she was when it came to islam it was in this restaurant the two of the most confrontational politicians in europe had sat down over a meal and got to know each other and in the end they realized that they had more in common that they might have initially thought so much so that full political parties that claimed patriotism they decided to put their differences aside and pursue an ambitious goal changing europe's grand plan it properly. the europeans and the french have understood that the political structure the defense people of the best the nation is about today the decisions i made in brussels early in washington reprise they're not made in france and this cannot go on while a potential alliance between far right parties is already stoking fear into some in
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the e.u. italian premier enrico letta called the growing popularity of euro skeptics and the far right as the most dangerous phenomenon facing the european union that could lead to the most anti european parliament in history in the end it's a numbers game as far as that's concerned the rise of the right is not quite just a blip on europe's radar tester sylvia r.t. paris just had the program libya may have abandoned its nuclear ambitions long ago but war stockpiles of the radium remain in the country almost on guarded the course a major concern to go live inside on the potential problems there what after. all. it's technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. place.
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basic needs of economic ups and downs in the final months day the london new york sang i and the rest because it's going the take it will be everything we can all say.
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his tenure in moscow going to miles he said libyans were sworn in a breakaway government dealing in a new blow to the embattled central authority in tripoli named by local militias the area's home to a large share of the country's all reserves so it's the birthplace to incidentally of the revolution that overthrew market turf in the first place now the rebels led by a powerful libyan warlord blocked all flows in the province this summer it led to a fifty percent drop in exports promised lays it down and said he won't maybe can't order a military campaign to oust armed forces from those oil terminals because there's no organized national force in tripoli the could take on such a risk the government's been losing popularity over its failure to deal with corruption and rising instability since the fall of gadhafi some analysts say foreign meddling is only making matters worse to. the central government in tripoli is not strong enough by itself to impose its rule all over the country so the reality on the ground is that there are more than one libya today and we have to
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see if the means that they find in agreement to maintain the composition of the various entities within commonly b.-a or if that very way all together they're all for forces that are intervening from outside of libya so it wouldn't be surprised if the area would start looking east of the southeast there are about two hundred forty tribes in libya and tribes are very important for the running of the territory so it's not just a sort of are reminded of like we can imagine from the west i mean the tribes there they count they control people in the territory it depends how much they bargain among themselves but it may also end up that they fight each other i mean this is very difficult to predict it depends also by which support from outside this new independent unit who would acquire. meantime to the side to this russia
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surgery u.n. to look into reports that libya's stockpiles of stockpiles of nuclear material are unsecured a warehouse full of yellowcake uranium which could be used to make atomic weapons was found two years ago but the alarm was only sounded after a british newspaper revealed al qaeda has become interested in the stockpiles as to whether this was a waste of breath and gordon he's a former commander of the british military chemical defense regimen expert on this kind of thing either thanks for being with us again tonight so we're saying here you know that the head of the facility claims he was approached by al qaida with offers to buy this uranium what is the guarantee that it won't fall into the wrong hands see it especially on top of this warning we're now hearing from russia that russia is deeply concerned how vulnerable is this place well i think it's it's exceedingly worry we heard last week that as your reporting potentially six thousand four hundred barrels of of yellowcake which is a byproduct of uranium fuel production it is not highly
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radioactive itself however we did see a uranium in india some six months ago and it did get hold of this yellowcake. it is potentially could be used in a radiological explosive device or just used to terrify people it's not very toxic but it is radioactive just to get this create a tremendous about of terror if al qaeda got it just to get this straight and so you're ready as the stuff that's mine from the ground it's them processed and this yellowcake is a byproduct of the processing yeah i mean none the less even though you're saying that. you know what you're talking about this is low level we're hearing some of the locals they're refusing to guard this place because they're worried about the health effect is going to have on them are there worries grounded or not do you think. well certainly i think everybody is is is terrified of
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radiation and we hear the horror stories for a place like for. where accidents to occur and yellowcake is radioactive it appears to be held in an unsecured store and although it wouldn't present a a health risk for very short periods but long exposure to it and certainly if yellowcake is ingested do you suffer from a high degree of cancer from ingesting powders similar to yellowcake so certainly i'm not at all surprised they're concerned about it and not happy to have it in their community unguarded and of course with all eyes on syria's chemical weapons approach program and weapons of mass destruction program being disbanded it's ironic isn't it the same time very little is being said about these ten thousand barrels of kind of unguarded nuclear byproduct waste that could be used potentially in a bomb yes no arthur i think it is a concern and of course there is also uranium or there was uranium mining in
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northern syria so any by products of that if it fell into the wrong hands al qaida and other terrorist. the fact that we have so much of this yellowcake uranium. in libya is a concern especially if it's on guarded and we know and i think you've said you know al qaeda and other terrorist groups have publicly declared their desire to get hold of it and i think deputy prime minister nick clegg ahead of the olympics in twenty twelve suggested there was a concern that there might be an attack or some sort of a radiological device like yellowcake on the olympics so it is a concern and one would expect that security agencies around the world would be looking very closely at this to ensure that. that yellow cake is secured in libya and any potential political ration of it outside libya is looked at very closely indeed it doesn't bode well we think of course the country's prime minister was
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briefly kidnapped last month and we're talking about the country's security there this stockpile was discovered back in twenty eleven it's now pushing twenty forty why has it taken so long to get some action about this and to try and step up guarding the place do you think. well i don't i don't know the pacific details around this and obviously there are security concerns in libya are i understand that this large store of yellowcake was only discovered by the media quite recently maybe as. recently as last week. down in south of libya or on the libyan border down there so it might well be that it you know it is only just being fully discovered but yes it is a huge concern that this amount of yellowcake or any amount of yellowcake it has not been properly secured and process has been put in place to get rid of it because it could potentially pose a terrorist threat around the world if it fell into the wrong hands frank support
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his contacts for us covered the studio tonight in london gordon thank you. now india joins an elite club of countries taking the first steps towards a voyage to mars we talk about that online a website called details on the country's first probe with the red planet let's see it go find its launch video in our in motion section. plus also dot com find out which u.s. state could become the first to label genetically modified products now. we're talking about syria just now diplomats are struggling to pave the way to a peace conference on syria there's no fixed date at the moment still but u.n. arab league envoy lakhdar brahimi is hoping it will be held by the end of the year it's going on now meanwhile syria says it won't be going to the meeting to hand over power or form a transitional government now we had an exclusive opportunity to talk to the advisor to president assad talk to. him about what's hindering the start of this
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summit now. let it go it's on the ground have a few of the coalition many a nationalist opposition however if you want the coalition so good that tell us who to this people to prison and as for us going clear that that's not the step down i think i would go don't secretary carrying to speak the same language everywhere are not the changes not according to the capital in which he speaks he speaks one thing in cairo something that's certain sir that if you are some the third been put on something different good lovable i think the simplest thing is that as secretary of the united states should or not his words are speak the same language everywhere and make the same stun. for their side of the leading western backed opposition groups refuse to attend peace talks in geneva unless president assad steps down the both russia and the us agree the conference should be held without any
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preconditions we turn again serious serious in full support at least of that approach. this interim government has announced money times that it is that i did to our tender nevel without precondition the problem is with the others whoa speak money different languages that different places and who keep putting conditions we've just learned that russians and the americans have agreed that you knew about two should be convened without any preconditions from arness side so that's fine with us. i mean check out our exclusive interview with president dr patel at length but artie's you channel look at some international news now in brief thousands of street cleaners refuse flickers of being gathering in madrid to protest against mass layoffs because of city budget cuts unions have declared an open ended strike around a thousand staff stand to lose their jobs out into the hundreds who became unemployed in august workers set fire to trash and chanted calls to the mayor to resign.
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in bangladesh more than a hundred fifty border guards have been sentenced to death over a mutiny back in two thousand and nine that left seventy four dead another hundred sixty mutineers were jailed for life including a former politician from the opposition bangladesh nationalist party the verdicts took hours to read out twenty three civilians also face conspiracy charges. police say a gunman opened fire in a shopping mall in new jersey's been found dead the man let off several rounds seemingly at random without anyone being injured before shooting himself in the head is body was found in a back room of after a massive manhunt involving hundreds of police officers both inside and outside the building. of course the service twenty four seven r.t. dot com the next news bulletin here thirty four minutes with me kevin zero in between now and then i'll be martins on the way to shake up more of the establishment in breaking this and.
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remember way back when we first talked about the first downloadable guns that could be printed out on a three d. printer at home while technology moves pretty quickly because british police have already busted in legal armory pretty out firearm parts and special three d. printers. this technology may make gun control literally impossible in the same way that banning and burning books has become futile and the past they used to be able to just burn books or forbid them from being printed but in the age of the internet all you need is a scanner and an internet connection and the information that's found in a book cannot be destroyed because it is out there on the magical ether of the internet so basically the near future any person with even half a brain and some patients could start making guns in their basement which means the gun control laws will basically become pointless because they'll never be able to
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catch all the people doing it nor will be able to take the guns not even obama or the hardest of hardcore liberals this technology could be the best thing to happen to the second amendment ever but i shust my opinion. of. patriot soldiers i'm abby martin and this is breaking the set you know the last thing i ever ever expected to come out of a nobel peace prize winners mouth is this i'm really good at killing people
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yes folks according to a new book double down our beloved president constitutional lawyer nobel laureate brock obama apparently loves to brag about how well he can execute human beings with drones now i know you're thinking it's probably the republicans making him say such things cause you know he can't look weak on defense but shockingly now it's all the credit of barry see during the two thousand and twelve election journalists mark halperin and john heilemann were reporting on obama's. and again it was during this time that the drone king reportedly boasted to his aides about his kills since becoming manager of the us empire obama's rapidly increased the use of drones abroad and his hundreds and hundreds of strikes have put bush's measly fifty two drone attacks shane see thousands of dead when women men and children don't lie they also can't speak or defend themselves in any way now for those of you who are
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still not offended at the president's disregard for human life and think this is just the way politics works and that every president has blood on their hands let me remind you of this one of the chief architects of the drone program john bellinger so that the reason why obama has ramped up the use of these killer robots is to avoid the bad press of guantanamo bay so you know what i'll give it to him he is really good at killing people because if there's one thing voters hope hope for when electing him it was expedited murder.


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