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tv   Headline News  RT  November 6, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EST

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tension to the place that something gulag of arts minds. crowds in hundreds of cities across the globe take part in a million mask march against corruption greed and online privacy breach as. tensions between germany and the u.k. over spinal geishas grow early in accuses one that of breaching international law by using its embassy as a surveillance post. to reaching for the stars the olympic torch for the winter games in sochi prepares for a lift off and its first ever spacewalk we report from the launch site.
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this is actually coming to life from moscow i'm marina josh welcome to the program guy fawkes night to qana a global field this year activists in more than four hundred cities around the world turned out for the million mask march to show their anger at corrupt politicians corporate rule and states surveillance and longer and the night was marred by bonfires scuffles and arrests crowds started a fire near buckingham palace and block parliament square r.t. sara for us was there. oh right we were trying to first run the prototype of the lithium on the model to let a car go through that read a lot of resistance from the protests to the sort of other people know more of as well possibly even all the not only the laws. but basically very very ugly rights as they cried my favorite let me know please. call me and look i know that it would be a. book
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rather unexpectedly the million mom march here in london has paid. the fees that me from the houses of parliament where they were protesting and they won't write down all of them out here in london if you look behind him they're all walking down the hall with buckingham palace. thank. you well then ma'am are protesting here in london have ended up outside buckingham palace moved. out of them even making it across the gate we seeing classes breakouts and i between police and protesters and some of the groups then saying often as we said coming over way down here of course this may be has been taking place in cities around the world tonight but here in london protesters ending the day outside buckingham palace serafin oxy
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longer than now across the atlantic protesters in the united states also took their chance to deliver a firm no to corporate greed and privacy bridges crowds marched through downtown los angeles to show their solidarity with a movement in many of them a wind of the occupy wall street front on the east coast activists also gathered outside the white house to protest power washington correspondent going to challenge the courts. here in washington to have different. groups marching under the umbrella of be anonymous they protest different things they protest what they see is a police state they focused against the persecution of whistleblowers they protest against the same told the world's biggest producer of genetically modified seeds so generally speaking they see themselves as a movement against the government and corporation is taking advantage of the people . who are. so we're standing next to the white house what do you want president obama to hear you want president obama to hear that five years after the financial
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crisis the banks being bailed out we're still suffering people are still struggling they're drowning in debt we live in a country that's fundamentally unfair we no longer have the rule of law from the n.s.a. to edward snowden to chelsea manning all over the world people are speaking out whistleblowers are speaking out regular people are speaking out and saying enough is enough we want justice we want to know when people ask if a decentralized mass movement like this can achieve anything other than just making noise well last year they were instrumental in informing people about this but legislation that would invite legal protection through internet giants that funneled private information to their users through that with the agencies and now in light of edward snowden's revelations they demand a drastic overhaul of the n.s.a. . the movements rolled out in almost every continent in europe france italy and portugal so crowds gathering in the streets wearing masks elsewhere in canada and
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mexico and brazil demonstrations also drew crowds in japan shrilly and new zealand the guy fawkes mask has become a symbol of protest movement and one of the top selling items online. really hard pressed to not find this mask at a recent protest but ironically every time the mask is purchased time warner gets a cut just because of time turners move even for the company also trademark the mask but despite this disturbing contradiction the mask still serves a very noble purpose it's helped to give activists unity and identity to anonymity . the spying scandal between germany and britain is gathering force berlin has warned london that using its embassy as a surveillance post is illegal under international law the allegations of u.k.
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snooping come on the heels of another revelation america's unprecedented spying on the german chancellor or his laura smith has the details. now we know of course that it wasn't just the us who was eavesdropping on the germans it's have been revealed that britain probably was to this information comes from the edward snowden leaks from n.s.a. documents from aerial photographs and of course from past form and it suggests that the u.k. has its own nest of intercepting equipment on the roof of its own embassy which of course is in the heart of berlin not very far from the german parliament not at all far from cools off you see pictures of it it's pretty obvious that it's there it's a sort of white box. and this equipment intercept mobile phone calls and it's well known that angela merkel conducts a lot of government business through mobile phone calls and also through text messages can also incept wife by data and long distance communications right across
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the german capital so it's incredibly intrusive syncros really awkward for the british red faces all around the british ambassador has been summoned to the german foreign minister to try to explain himself in german and u.s. diplomatic relations really has an extraordinary since this since this was revealed and we can expect the same for the u.k. if the ambassador isn't able to provide now as a percentage of the nation and the first test of those relations particularly between the u.s. and germany is coming up next week the space be trade negotiations between the u.s. and the european union understandably those in now in jeopardy are hoping to discuss with paul murphy who is an irish member of european parliament a fallout of the fresh revelations scandal in the meantime the sochi twenty fourteen winter olympic torch relay is approaching at historic chapter point final preparations are being made to send it into orbit martin anders is
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a cosmic drone were the launch will take place. up and away yes the countdown begins it's now less than twenty four hours until the olympic torch makes this moment in history this fascinating journey up to the international space station it will be approximately eight am tomorrow in moscow and the launch where we also see . in london eleven pm in new york of course this is a moment in history of course not only the fact that it's the second time. three so spacecraft have docked with the i assess and they'll be a total of my crew members on board so i'll be quite a party up there my opinion i think the space station is one of the greatest accomplishments of mankind in modern times because of the international cooperation of other countries and so it's great that we can tie these two great events in and the a limp dicks in the international space station tie them together in some small way and we're happy to be
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a small part of it. the olympic flame is one of the most ancient symbols of peace and it's a great responsibility and a great pleasure to be working with this symbol. taking the specially modified torch because of course you can't have a naked flame in the vacuum of space out of the s.s. on the ninth of november and the scheduled to come back here down to earth on the eleventh of november lots of press here from all around the world a frenzy of excitement here in baikonur of course there's lots of military the heightened security is in full places going to be almost children military here of course this is now part of the exciting pan russian war for the olympic torch it's already been to the north pole where it was on nuclear powered ice breaking ship it will make its way to lake baikal the largest freshwater lake in the world go to the very very bottom of that lake and it will also make its way to the tallest mountain in europe to the peak of elbrus before its final journey to the olympic opening
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ceremony on the seventh of february next year insult you on the black sea so a lot so look forward to but of course at the moment for the next twenty four hours all the eyes on the olympic flame and the torch is journey to morrow to the i s s lot to look forward to in a moment that's promised to be literally out of this world. and on line we're following every step of the olympic flame security around russia and beyond so you can keep an eye on record breaking torch relay at r.t. dot com. well as promised we're going back now to our top story the fresh surveillance revelations and we can now discuss the possible fallout from the fresh surveillance scandal with paul murphy who is an irish member of the european parliament thank you so much mr murphy for joining us here on r t v well let's now take a look at the situation you know while ago when the snowden revelations were all
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first known to the public the e.u. harshly criticized washington for its actions but right now we have a situation when i want to e.u. country is spying on another so what sort of reaction can we expect from brussels and i think we'll see what reaction we get from brussels. i mean what it illustrates is the deep gross hypocrisy of the leaders of all of the countries over europe really around the world whereby they're happy to criticize other people spying on themselves but that are they're all engaged in this all of the major powers in the world without a question are engaged in massive spying against each other. but also most importantly against their own people as i guess other people around the world and i think what should come out from ordinary people across europe is a clear message that we are opposed to the building of a security state which is what's happening we're opposed to this massive
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surveillance of people and of elected representatives well look i mean now looking at the situation in the europe and the moment we seem to have a different treatment of the situation in germany for example are you know the u.s. ambassador was officially as we know someone to explain the situation to germans while the british ambassador was just so invited to answer some questions why is that. i think it goes reflects the fact that germany and britain are both in the european union together they're meant to be part of a common political project and so it's more difficult for them to express the open antagonism that does exist but at the same time i think it's going to have consequences it will deepen the divides between the. britain as represented by the new government within germany. there really is historic
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difference there with britain more representing an atlanticist view of the european union obviously being part of the so-called five volumes together with the u.s. you know u.s. led straight to new zealand and britain ok well these are. these are two e.u. countries as you said and they have strong a store going to make ties but then again berlin says that it's illegal to use an embassy for our you know electronic surveillance purposes and again of these allegations prove to be true what sort of consequences could london be facing. it depends on how far germany wants to go i mean if germany really wanted to send a message this is entirely unacceptable i mean codes you know call the ambassador in a serious way and then ultimately shut down the embassy send the ambassador home i don't think they'll do that because there are certain constraints within which diplomacy takes place between the governments of the world and so while they
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express their opposition at the same time america has to know that our security forces are presumably doing precisely the same in london in washington as we speak and so i think actually what would happen is that there's an attempt there'll be an attempt by the governments to somebody express and give voice to the under felt by people but then to try and put a lid on it because if you look at what's happening between the you would the us i mean there is words of criticism but then both sides want to get on for example with the the free trade agreement do you think that you will be saved as non-trust of big business and votes i miss murphy do you think that europe is not putting enough pressure a down on washington. i think so i think the response has been entirely you know adequate it's been words nothing more than words while they continue for example with the negotiations on the e.u. us free trade agreement i think it's because they know the whole thing is is full
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of a park or sea and they know they're guilty of it probably. as much as their technical capacity allows relative to the us and so i think it's only through developing a movement and big pressure from below that you know the most important issue here which is people's individual's right to privacy individual's right not to be spied upon but doc can prevail and can become a factor in the situation all right paul murphy irish member of the european parliament from the socialist party thank you so much for your views here in our team and you're watching our do you live from moscow more news just ahead don't go away. well. technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future of covered.
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the. economic down in the final. days would love to do your shanghai and the rest because i think he may be if we.
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welcome back here with our team now u.s. medics working for the military have been accused of using torture to gather intelligence from terrorist suspect a new tapan of reports suggest that apartment of the fans and the cia or doctors to carry out quote and humane and cruel procedures doctor on calor it's a part of the inquiry says many of the techniques were designed by medical staff themselves. it was clear policy and practice of the department of defense and of the cia that following the tragic events of september eleventh that torture was institutionalized and that health professionals not only participated passively but frankly led this led this in terms of developing the abusive torture methods that were used in kata following their use and in. a law i that these methods are safe and effective it's to interrogation techniques
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there is no question that they were torture they were dangerous they were abusive they're not effective in a listening accurate information and they are wrong and we've got plenty more for you on the line here in our team quoting the fukushima exclusion zone our reporters . there now working on a report from the scene of the twenty you have a nuclear disaster you can follow him on twitter and instagram to find out what the situation looks like and the fact that area right now. is in our you tube channel we've got breathtaking footage of amanda reaching a speed of three hundred kilometers per hour in a jet engine we're amounts to. more
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news today. these are the images the world seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations rule the day. now the united nations mission in libya has been warned that an unguarded stockpile of nuclear material could fall into the hands of terrorists the stash on enriched uranium dating back to gadhafi is a long abana nuclear program is being held in a desert storage side with only a rudimentary security in place a british council weapons expert told r.t. what could happen if terrorists get hold of the material it is not highly radioactive itself however we did see a uranium ore in india some six months ago and if i did get hold of this yellowcake . it is potentially could be used in the
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a radiological explosive device or just to terrify people it's not very toxic but it is radioactive and that would create a tremendous amount of terror if al qaida got it everybody is is is terrified of radiation and we hear the horror stories for a place like. where accidents to occur and yellowcake is radioactive it appears to be held in you know an unsecured store. and although it wouldn't present a a health risk for very short periods but long exposure to it and certainly if yellowcake has ingested uranium mine is to suffer from a high degree of cancer from ingesting powders similar to yellow cake so certainly not a total surprise concerned about it. not happy to have it in their community unguarded . the rest of libya is still on a knife edge the capital erupted and battles between rival militia groups after the
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eastern half of libya declared autonomy establishing a new government all the authority says it now rules that east which produces almost sixty percent of libya's oil the powerful warlord backing the breakaway government has seventeen thousand troops under his command and shut down nearly half of the country's oil exports this summer and there is a weak central government in tripoli which is struggling to rein in the militia groups one of the fans alice told us that he thinks the country's division was helped from abroad the central government in tripoli has no control over the country at large and the militias have sidelined tribal leaders and taken over power and this this was the intended consequence from the beginning nato. intention was never to do not. remember let's look at the dog days. dog because of the oil rich region and they're doing exactly the same here the big
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gauzy area or the big part of libya is all you'd reach so they're going to split it so that they can control the oil directly there and in other news right now in china a series of bombs exploded outside a regional car already have quaters killing one person and injuring eight ball bearings placed in devices ripped through a crowd of government employees who were heading to work just over a week ago two tourists died and dozens more were injured in a terrorist attack when a car rammed into a crowd on tandem and square. syria a powerful blast has ripped through the center of the capital damascus at least eight people were killed and dozens injured when an explosive device went off near the central railway office it's unclear who was behind the incident which follows a recent wave of attacks by rebel forces. congolese
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rebels say they're ending their armed insurgency and will now use only political means to attain their goals and twenty three groups have been fighting the government in the eastern democratic republic of congo since two thousand and twelve however the militants were forced out of their strongholds last week in an offensive launched by the congolese army and backed by un troops at least eight hundred thousand people have fled their homes since the start of the fighting. and egyptian court has upheld the ruling imposing our right ban on the muslim brotherhood back in september the group was stripped off its legal status following the army's overthrow of president morsi july he figures in the brotherhood including the deposed head of state are currently facing charges of inciting violence the trial began on monday but has been adjourned until the start of next year. the day greece still
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public services and transport have been crippled by a nationwide strike against tightening hysteria around fifteen thousand people joined the twenty four hour walk out the move coincides with the arrival of the country's international lenders known as a choice accused by many of destroying greece the creditors are there to convince the government to take another couple of billion euros for next year's bailout while aston says it needs five times less joining us live now is george papa thomas from the general federation of greek workers thank you so much mr robert thomas for joining us here in our team to talk about the situation in greece so as we know the troika's in greece to push for more hysteria and to sell another round of credits could the country survive this what's your opinion. yeah i think about degrees what's going on the last four or five years it's like we're having a short survey but we're going to have actually
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a therapy we're going to hope we're going to have this so. probably we're going to survive but you know we wait why is it that there is no therapy there isn't doesn't seem to be a roadmap a plan to get out of this crisis. actually. we must sort of turn our heads away from when we broke all uses and look the words . more policies for the people who are for big companies we're talking about. you know the company. well indeed you know the greek bailout cost nearly a quater of a trillion euros a huge sum of money and that's in fact twice as much as countries' annual spending so where is that cash going. fingers. greasy zina difficult position but there are other ways of.
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making. making this more in a physical way more growth we actually would need more growth we need to cover over the losses by producing more not by your need to see more. ok that was george howell thomas from the general competition of greek workers sharing his views with us on the situation in greece up next we hear from former inmates of one of the world's most notorious jails don't go away.
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what's happened is law enforcement and the national security agency has gone behind our collective backs and tried to accomplish this using the courts in secret and that's truly what the issue is a broken whatever trust and violated whatever trust we may have had and that's the real issue and they're going to have to earn that back the hard way. the olympic torch is on its epic journey to shut. one hundred twenty three days. through two hundred cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killings. in
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a record setting trip by land air sea and others face. olympic torch relay. on r t two dot com. flights. the president did not keep his promise. two years later one time tomorrow is still operating. could shutting the door on that detention center really end the trama
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one time. and can the closing of a prison really liberate those it once held captive. it's not that i feel lonely i am lonely for him and who could possibly understand what i have experienced in guantanamo when i talk about it. most. no one is able to imagine.


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