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tv   Headline News  RT  November 6, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EST

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on r.t. tonight crowds in hundreds of cities across the globe take part in the million mask march against corruption corporate greed and online privacy breaches. tensions between germany and the u.k. over spying allegations grow. reaching international law by using its embassy as a surveillance post. a deadly blast hits the syrian capital damascus it killed at least eight and injured dozens more as the prospect for those long awaited peace talks moves further away. and reaching for the stars the olympic torch for those winter games in sochi for paris for lift off in its first ever space war we report .
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for you good evening she moans kevin i mean it's just after eight pm now here in moscow our top story of the guy fawkes night took on a global feel this year activists in more than four hundred cities around the world turned out for the million mask march to show their anger at corrupt politicians corporate rule in states of aliens in london and i was marked by bonfires scuffles and arrests crowd started a fire near buckingham palace and they blocked parliament square as you can see the police moved in the sarah firth was there. said things about the break that. the other car got. a lot of good from the protests. was. more than that it read a lot right that made me very very ugly right at the right. i created the right
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wing not the ruling will move in the doing that is that it would be a. rather unexpectedly the million mom march here in london has taken london three save me from the houses of parliament where they were protesting and they won't write down all of them out here in london if you look behind him they're all walking down. well the medium are protesting here in london have ended up the outside buckingham palace oh yes there's them even making it across the gate we seeing flashes breakouts an eye for tween police and protesters and some of the groups then saying often as he says coming over way down here of course this may even have been taking
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place in cities around the world tonight but here in london protesters ending the evening outside buckingham palace sara first r.c. along with. will cross the atlantic meantime protesters in the united states also took the chance to deliver a firm no to corporate greed and previously breaches crowds marched through los angeles to show their solidarity with the movement in the minds of the occupy wall street from me east coast meantime much of the shows are gathered outside the white house to protest a washington correspondent reports on. here in washington you have different protest groups marching under the umbrella of the anonymous they were just different things to protest what they see is a police state they focused against the persecution of whistleblowers they protest against monsanto the world's biggest producer of genetically modified seeds so generally speaking they see themselves as a movement against the government and corporations taking advantage of the people.
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so we're standing next to the white house what do you want president obama to hear you want president obama to hear that five years after the financial crisis the banks being bailed out we're still suffering people are still struggling they're drowning in debt we live in a country that's fundamentally unfair we no longer have the rule of law from the n.s.a. to edward snowden to chelsea manning all over the world people are speaking out whistleblowers are speaking out regular people are speaking out and saying enough is enough we want justice we want to know and people ask if the decentralized massed movement like this can achieve anything other than just making noise well last year they were instrumental in informing people about this but legislation that would provide legal protection to internet giants that funneled private information to their users two thousand agencies and now in light of edward snowden's revelations they demand a drastic overhaul of the n.s.a. . and that's the picture in washington well the movement rolled in almost every
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continent in europe from the city in portugal so crowds gathering in the streets were masks elsewhere travel to mexico brazil demonstrations also happened in the crowds to japan australia new zealand as on our radar here. while the guy fawkes mask become a symbol of the protest movement and a top selling item or lying to some is making some money out of it i guess martin looks at its significance. to be hard pressed to not find this mask at a recent protest but ironically every time the mask is purchased time warner gets a cut yes because of time turners move even for a company also trademark the mask but despite this disturbing contradiction the mask still serves a very noble purpose it's helped to give activists immunity and identity to anonymity.
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the spying scandal between germany and britain is gathering for sperling's warned london that using it said to see if the surveillance post is illegal under international law the allegations of u.k. snooping come on the heels of another revelation of america's president spying on the german chancellor of course he's always smith's got the latest. now we know of course that it wasn't just the us who was eavesdropping on the germans it's have been revealed that britain probably was too this information comes from the edward snowden leaks from n.s.a. documents from aerial photographs and of course from past form and it suggests that the u.k. has its own nest of intercepting equipment on the roof of its own embassy which of course is in the heart of berlin not very far from the german parliament not at all far from merkel's office you see pictures of it it's pretty obvious that it's there it's a sort of white box. and this equipment intercept mobile phone calls and it's well
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known that angela merkel conducts a lot of government business through mobile phone calls and also through text messages can also incept wife by data and long just longer distance communications right across the german capital so it's incredibly intrusive syncros really awkward for the british red faces all around the british ambassador has been summoned to see the german foreign minister to try to explain himself in german and u.s. diplomatic relations really has an extraordinary since this since this was revealed and we can expect the same for the u.k. if the ambassador isn't able to provide now because that's the nation and the first test of those relations particularly between the u.s. and germany is coming up next week the space be trade negotiations between the u.s. and the european union understandably those are now in jeopardy well we'll be following the turn of events closely if it does happen european parliament member paul murphy meantime thinks that although there will be consequences for the in the
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end business interests will prevail over public demands for justice. germany and britain are both in the european union together they are meant to be part of a common political project and so it's more difficult for them to express the open antagonism that does exist but at the same time i think what they see is going to have consequences it will deepen the divide between the. british and the universe as represented by the government within germany. there really is kind of star of difference there with britain more representing an atlanticist view of the european union obviously being part of the so-called five together with the u.s. you know u.s. led with canada strange new zealand and britain whereby they spy on all the respect supposedly agree not to spy on each other i think actually what would happen is that there's an attempt to be an attempt by the governments to saudi express and give voice to the anger felt by people but then to try and put
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a lid on it because if you look at what's happening between the you with the us i mean there is words of criticism but then both sides want to get on for example with the free trade agreement between the two in the us because they see it as being in the interests of big business on both sides still to come an investigation sheds light on. need knighted states an independent report shows that while the defense department the cia must have minded the abusive treatment it was the doctors of medical stuff that were more and zome had. a nationwide strike in greece shuts public services and transport for twenty four hours as protesters go all out against a sturdy program whipped up by the country's international leaders. the next terrorist attacks across syria have left at least sixteen people dead according to local media the explosions come a day after international talks to end the crisis with. pulis lee has got the details. at least eight people have been killed and many more injured in the
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capital city of damascus as a result of an explosion that happened at the entrance to the railway building among those injured are women children and construction workers there is no group that as of yet has come forward to claim responsibility for this attack but the government is calling it the work of terrorists which does with two opposition and rebel fighters who have been battling it out with the syrian president bashar assad at the same time there's been a second incident of violence in the southern city of psuedo now there we're hearing that a suicide bomber drove a car into a building belonging to the syrian military intelligence and then in another incident in hama province they we're hearing that a gang has attacked a military outpost again no word there of casualties but this has been a bloody few hours of violence in syria and the attacks come in the wake of no movement on the diplomatic front there had been hope that geneva two would bring
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together the syrian government and the opposition before the end of the year but the latest word now is that on november the twenty fifth if the russian as well as the american delegates under the umbrella of the united nations arab league envoy lakhdar brahimi will meet and only even perhaps will they agree on a date by when to have this next round of negotiations the problem is the sticking points which first and foremost is the division within the opposition and they also are insisting that the syrian president bashar assad is removed before they're prepared to come to talks now this comes on the back of several weeks of foreign inspectors working inside syria and up until now the wood from these inspectors has always been positive. well despite the progress in syria's chemical disarmament hailed by the international chemical watchdog the world that paul is talking about there is still skepticism come from washington u.s. officials say the assad government may be trying to hold on to some of its toxic arsenal let's talk about this was our coalmine the author and journalist who's been
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writing extensively on the syrian conflict he's live online from paris hi there. we were talking there about the positive responses for most people this is all be done ahead of time yet washington is not sounding as optimistic why this distrust you think. i don't even i don't think it's a question of distrust i think the west is very very desperate in syria right now they've been bogged down there now for two years with foreign mercenaries and foreign terrorist groups they've been basically sending over the border from turkey from lebanon from iraq and neighboring countries so they are not really interested in disarming syria this is not a question of disarming syria this is basically a smokescreen i think it proves the. effectiveness of russian diplomacy that they came up with this kind of a get out clause if you like for the west in other words let's just get everybody to disarm and let's focus on the syrian government but this is not the issue here
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what they're really trying to do is cover up for their own crimes the crimes of the groups that they've been sending into syria now since two thousand and eleven these are these are clerical fascist groups extremists are funded by saudi arabia and qatar and israel and what they're trying to do is to divert attention from the terrible atrocities being committed by these groups and blame the assad government again but there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever of the use of chemical weapons against the syrian population by the syrian go. crazy and stupid if you may not like assad but one thing i cite is certainly not as stupid no evidence at all just to clarify you see it anyway that damascus is trying to keep any stockpiles at all as you've just explained at length. well. kevin this is a rough neighborhood you when you have a country that has been
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a kind of siege mentality for for many many years they're just next door to occupied iraq they. occupied by israel this is a kind of you know weapons of mass destruction is the norm in the middle east i mean you could possibly survive in this kind of an air neighborhood without some sort of lethal defense force in case of you know armageddon type warfare but i don't think this is a. this whole disarmament think this is a kind of a repeat of what we saw in iraq the whole weapons of mass destruction formula again being being you know being used by the west as a smokescreen i think they're desperate right now because it's very clear and has been clear from the very start that the syrian people are behind the government there is no alternative these groups are absolute psychopaths are committing unspeakable crimes so that only. you know that we think of all. the weapons
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issue so sort of a time of those are because i want to talk about geneva two that but i think you've just said you're not surprised that the geneva two is being knocked or no. look the former french ambassador to syria. was caught on tape saying to the so-called representatives of the syrian national council basically recently you are not worth the effort we make that's what he said to them now you have the french former ambassador saying that guys who you know want to actually rule syria this is look they did there is no opposite there is no opposition these guys spend most of the time here behind me in paris living it up in expensive hotels they don't represent the syrian people therefore they can't negotiate with the syrian government who do represent the syrian people or very very significant majority of the syrian people so there is no basis for negotiation of course and
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they're using very very silly arguments like step down well i mean that's not a basis for for a negotiation so. this is why they're trying to stall or trying to see if they can basically reduce through tradition and through a mass terror campaign break the will of the syrian people and i don't see that happening this is a very determined people the army here is has a lot of morale is very very high morale in the army and they have massive support they have massive support on the ground so the west i think will be happy to continue with this war for the next ten fifteen years twenty years it all depends but certainly what they don't want is to be in a position where they're going to have to back down and so they're using every trick in the book basically to postpone any kind of reasonable dialogue with the syrian government. programs or coleman the author and journalist live from paris.
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thank you for being with us after the break complete change of turk we follow that breaking a limb quick torch relay it's going up to space you know stay with us we'll tell you more. this is the media leave us so we leave the people. of the same bush and security. issues that no one is asking with the guests that deserve answers from. politics. mark t. . wealthy british. markets
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. find out what's really happening to the global economy. look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports on our. face such a twenty forty winter olympic torch relays approaching a really storage checkpoint now final preparations being made to send it into a wall but at last the cosmodrome without launch is set to take place. well the countdown begins and away less than twenty four hours before this russian space rocket jets off into space with the three crewmembers suppliers and of course the
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olympic torch it will take between six and eight hours to reach the international space station ten minutes just two weeks zero gravity and connected with the international space station tomorrow only the second time in history that they will have three so these capsules on board and a total of nine crew members so even though it will be quite cramped from tomorrow afternoon or certainly be a party as for the space walk they can't have the naked flame in the vacuum of space and they also can have the flame inside the i assist you to safety procedures but they do have a modified towards we'll take that outside the i assess on the ninth of november cosmonauts on a cut off and he will be making that space walk on there for the night they will then be returning with three remaining crew members back here on november the eleventh once the torch is back on terra firma will then continue its journey around russia in total will be covering sixty five thousand kilometers of terrain
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covering eighty three regions of russia it will go on to lake baikal to the bottom of the lake in siberia the largest freshwater lake in the world and will eventually make its way to the top of mount elbrus the tallest mountain in europe ahead of its final journey to the opening ceremony in such on the black sea on the seventh of february. and go the miso for two and a half weeks a good job in a way that's ahead on line we're following every step the olympic flame is journey before it gets there is heading around russia and beyond you keep an eye on the record breaking torch relay at our. it was the day greece stood still public services and transport have been crippled by a nationwide strike against tightening austerity around fifteen thousand people join the twenty four hour walkout move coincides with the driver the country's international lenders known as the troika are accused by many of destroying greece
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but it isn't there to convince the government to take another couple of billion euros for next year's bailout while athens says it needs five times or less a sadistic sydney acus from the civil servants confederation in greece believes his country stuck in a vicious circle. we want to send a message to the government and to the troika that it is enough with this kind of austerity policy this for policy has failed already for three years they promise that it will be a development in the country that will it should be a growth but he said of this we see poverty growing up we see unemployment people and we see we don't see any result in the numbers in the us and the statistics and the figures affair public debt and the public deficit all this alone so everybody knows that all this money they're giving they're going to have to pay back this loans the situation cannot continue anymore. online our correspondents providing a glimpse into the fukushima exclusion zones really interesting read lectures jet
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skis they're now in japan working on a report from the scene of the twenty level nuclear disaster if you want to follow on instagram you can see how the situation is developing there and also on our you tube channel we've got some breathtaking footage of this adventure of rocketing through the skies in mount fuji with these jet powered wings of themselves too scared. to use today violence is once again flared up. these are the images. from the streets of canada. showing of racial to rule the day. u.s. medics who have military been accused of using torture to gather intelligence from terrorist suspects and you independent report suggest that the problem of defense
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of the cia ordered doctors to carry a quote humane and cruel procedure is dr alan keller part of the inquiry says many of the techniques would designed by medical stuff themselves it was clear policy and practice of the department of defense and of the cia that following the tragic events of september eleventh that torture was institutionalized and that health professionals not only protists it paid it passively but frankly led this led this in terms of developing the abusive torture methods that were used in kata following their use and in per pet you it in a law i that these methods are safe and effective it's interrogation techniques there is no question that they were torture they were dangerous they were abusive
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they're not effective in a listening accurate information and they are wrong. will do sidelines improve congolese rebels say they're ending their armed insurgency the no set of use only political means to attain their goals the m twenty three groups been fighting with government in the eastern democratic republic of congo since last year over the militants were forced out of their strongholds last week in an offensive launched by the congolese army and backed by un troops at least eight hundred thousand people have fled their homes since the start of the fighting there. and egyptian court held a ruling opposing an outright ban on the muslim brotherhood back in september the group was stripped of its legal status following the army's overthrow of president morsi in july key figures in the brotherhood including the deposed head of state are currently facing charges of inciting violence those trials as well as the future facing egypt under discussion instead leave people as crosstalk. and the trial that has been adjourned it started it's already been adjourned has been described by morsy supporters as illegal unfair unjust and unconstitutional how do
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you react to that there are signals and there are signs that we have seen it may make us believe that this trial is turning to be a political feud or the most illegitimate institution in egypt right now is the judiciary they are able to go through for trial an appeals process to take on hosni mubarak for the crimes of the allegedly committed during the two thousand and eleven operating and now you see the crimes of the muslim brotherhood being put on trial and if they are found guilty there may be an appeals process there may be another acquittal. or some super programs lined up for you are just ahead the jihad g.m. food lobby faces a setback at local elections in the u.s. find out why breaking a sweat. wealthy
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british style. is not out to the thais. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports on our. comments you want to. pick up something that is quite simply this. was no way oh. clearly they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. and sold to the u.s. or turned over to the u.s. for. the soul that could be buried alive. was saved with great effort. into they wanted to turn me into
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a terrorist so it was with them they wanted me to admit that i was a member of al qaeda and the taliban that i fought with them. not about time i didn't even know what al qaeda is nevertheless there are people all. brave enough to start a fight. or something is going to be done that's going to be done by me and it's been a short amount of time to do it but it's going to impact me i'd be prosecuted but it's going to impact. the wife my daughter. the one time a trap. on our teeth.
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margy dot com is launching a special project to mark the appalling scale of violence in iraq. we want you to know. what shaken people i'm abby martin and this is breaking the set well it's november fifth which means someone somewhere is voting today somewhere their governor races are taking place in virginia new jersey and there are some interesting ballot measures like washington state attempts that requiring g.m.o. labeling your jersey voting to raise their minimum wage and there's a marijuana legalization measure on the ballot in portland maine these are all great initiatives don't get me wrong but what the measure that openly lets you vote for your favorite corporation or super pac because let's be honest that's what we're really choosing at the voting booths take a look at this map from mother jones that explains which industry is carrying the
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most weight in this election now whether it be health care gambling or energy companies are making sure that they're getting their elected official of choice so today's election like every other election serves as just a reminder of the looming corporatocracy and lack of true choice in american democracy. the possible it was terrible element very hard to take a listen again to plug a plug that you never had sex with her make their lives let's call it was. just so. limited.


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