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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2013 1:00am-1:31am EST

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that's some gulag of our times. spiking civilian casualties direct tragic new records r.t. excesses the worrying numbers with an in-depth database of the innocent cost of terror. hard to get off britain's spy chiefs point to terror threats to justify illegal tapping into the public exposure to what they were doing opens up possibilities for attack meanwhile secure surfing gets a boost in the states. it's a small internet company that could coming up i'll introduce you to salt lake city . standing up to the u.s. government in the name of privacy. plus britain is king of the world's tax havens. dependency sleepy's territories have long been considered among the worst offenders
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of world taxation the u.k.'s offshore banking industry is found to be the largest most secret in the world despite number ten tax evasion increase a. welcome it's nice to have your company with our take this morning now there's been another stark reminder that iraq is far from reaching any kind of stability any time soon a further sixteen deaths at the hands of suicide bombers at an army base north of baghdad you go peace with the deadly mix of sectarian bloodshed and terrorist attacks are wiping chances for pace than setting new records for civilian casualties. a journalist from baghdad abdul razzaq has grown used to being in the center of events but never before did he become the story himself until one day he
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was driving to work when suddenly. i turned towards the two storey bridge and the car exploded and i became conscious only twelve days later finding my leg was amputated. he survived but was shocked again after finding out who was behind the attack my neighbor admitted being an al qaeda member since two thousand and seven he said killing it was a direct order he received that. this issue we should in iraq has long gone beyond six. because it has become clear iraq has become subjected to a war of genocide by terrorists targeting all spheres of life last week mr maliki met with president obama and the two leaders agreed iraq was in urgent need of help but besides general statements nothing concrete came out like how to save people's lives on the ground. anyone who walks in the streets at any moment may face
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a car bomb a motorcycle bomb or an explosive belt and any moment anyone may be killed. it's ten or eleven years now that they're talking about the new security plan but nothing changes in the situation is only getting worse. and neither new checkpoints arrests and more constant operations seem to be enough to gain control it's nearly impossible to establish exactly how many civilians were killed in iraq since the u.s. led invasion in two thousand and three many became casualties during military operations including shootouts and a shelling some died due to a lack of healthcare and ruined infrastructure but what we're looking at now are deaths specifically from terror attacks this year alone and the figures well the figures speak for themselves you've got this kind of r.t. moscow. well among the thousands killed this year september is the deadliest month so far of more than twelve hundred lives lost according to the widely quoted audit iraq body count all adding to the total of over one hundred thousand violent
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civilian deaths that are acts witnessed since the start of the u.s. led invasion in two thousand and three many military experts blame the armed intervention for rapid rise around for thousands of the side bombers blew themselves up over the past decade however a lot of deaths resulting from that war are often overlooked as artie's been hearing from a former u.s. marine who's also a three year iraq veteran while a couple of the big facts need to be known is just to kind of you know quantify the human tragedy that that was the second seizure of food or anywhere between three thousand and six thousand civilians were killed the operation created about two hundred thousand refugees we do straw. two thirds of the city i mean really just like level that to the ground in this was a city with three hundred thousand inhabitants it wasn't
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a small city it was just massive massive destruction and incredible human suffering in there is really a strong possibility that the weapons that were used during the siege of a scientific research that has been done on this topic so far is suggesting that those weapons have created a public health crisis and food is a really serious public health crisis that is causing incredible rates of birth defects in children being born in cancer throughout the city incredibly high rates higher than higher than hiroshima after the atomic bombs even when iraq body count dot org is often seen as among the most reliable data bases in recording civilian deaths and one of its co-founders has been explaining to r.t. how they gather and process information to get the most accurate statistics possible. a prominent u.s. general said of the war in afghanistan we don't do body counts it's too hard they said to get accurate information out of such chaos so others stepped in believing
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the human cost of war must be counted the iraq body count was born and according to the website's figures this year has been the deadliest in iraq since two thousand and eight how many co-found how many why this upsurge in violence more than seven thousand people have been killed this year well there's a variety of factors but one of the thoughts is that we tend to focus on because we're looking at the rise and the statistical rise in deaths is the cycle of violence one of the things that we've observed is that as the violence rises you get more reason for the lines to rise or yes again due to reprisals and retaliation attacks on the same day as the boston bombing there were fifty five lives lost in iraq and three hundred people injured but we didn't hear anything about that because it's just accepted as normal for iraq is this is that's what iraqis do indeed this new form of freedom the government head and in iraq seem very reluctant
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to publish any kind of civilian death toll it's embarrassing and it's obvious it doesn't paint a very good picture of iraq or their. handling and management of the violence in the country and government say it's just too difficult to get the figure but you seem to manage how do you do it will mostly information we get is from these sort of small news wire type reports in iraq or media reports and so on the really make the news that the norden news consumer would see in other words it takes a research effort to pull together all these small reports that come from different parts of the country and that list what you would think of a small events you know someone being assassinated blown up in their car and so on a year of carnage then and iraq and if you want accurate information about what's going on just go to our website artie's during a special project with iraq body count going take a look from friday. meanwhile the american author of blood on our hands says his research showed the operation had simply devastated the nation invasion where it
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was not just some sort of mistake the invasion and occupation were a serious crime that was that was a crime of aggression and the un charter iraq is still suffering from the destruction of its regime and its government and its society by the united states. the united states employed a classic divide and rule strategy pitting people of different sects against each other and in inciting violence that is completely unprecedented in that country and and now has. has instilled a sect a sectarian based government and this is this is just a reign of terror and in that sense some of the worst aspects of the u.s. occupation are still continuing today. and just a reminder r.t.
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now has a special online project with a timeline of the violence in iraq where progress is there at the bottom of your screen right now. still to come this hour pace in pakistan appears to be the latest victim of u.s. drone strikes after washington kills a taliban leader who was ready for talks only to be replaced by radical bloody revenge. edward snowden's leaks have given al qaeda an upper hand that is the view of british intelligence bosses they've undergone a public grilling for the first time after revelations emerge that london was working alongside washington in global wiretapping but their answers fail to make the picture any clearer as our u.k. correspondent sara furthur reports. we'll take you to the juicy bits if you like
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because obviously this questioning coming at a very sensitive time on the back of the edward snowden revelations of massive valence now we heard a question put to the chief of t.c.h. he said in love and the quieter of the three i think it's fair to say throughout the entire session now he was asked why it was necessary to the majority to have intelligence gathered in the attempts to catch the minority that are doing wrong and he answered that with an analogy of a haystack so trying to find a needle in a haystack essentially the d.c. boss said that much of their success lies in terrorists being unaware of what they do and he went on to say that as a direct consequence of the snowden revelations their task have been made more difficult now let's take a listen to that. effect of the media coverage. of all media coverage
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will make the job that we have far far harder for years to come the leaks from snowden have been very damaging they've put our operations at risk is clear that our adversaries are rubbing their hands with glee our card is nothing at all but do you have any. information you can share with those as to how to hard evidence the terrorists or potential terrorists have been looking at these reports not in this public form the thing that's quite in the u.k. as historic but right at the start of that session we heard it being said that witnesses wouldn't be asked to reveal anything secret but also a lot of the answers that we saw from the cheese especially from the g c h q had with saying look take it on trust we're not snoopers i think certain you're going to see this debate continuing. well we asked former m i five agent about whether
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she thinks snowden's leaks have opened terrorists eyes to anything they didn't know before all the terrorist groups for the last four decades have known that they could be under surveillance and they take very good and. techniques in order to make sure they're not surveyed many brazil are ready in the one thousand nine hundred ninety ninety three so the idea that they're using that as an excuse to drop all our personal failings and turn this into a police state is just not feasible as a former spy i would say that the best way to protect your country is actually targeting investigations but then we have this dragnet signal would probably use more information through that endemic surveillance and we probably put ourselves at greater risk by doing so and also by doing that as well we turn the country into a surveillance state meanwhile u.s. media is reporting that edward snowden used the log ins and passwords of his former n.s.a. coworkers to access the agency's classified information which he later released the whistleblower apparently said that they were necessary for him to carry out his job
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as a computer systems administrator those who unwittingly gave their credentials have been removed from their assignments snowden self is currently in moscow where he was granted temporary asylum and currently works for a russian website where since our internet privacy can no longer be taken for granted r.t. met a man who says he's created an online oasis free from the prying eyes of america's big brother. we decided to open a data center and here we're taking an exclusive tour through one of the few data companies standing up to the u.s. government in the name of privacy i think we do residential are very well pete ashdown is the owner of x. mission and independent internet service provider based in salt lake city utah this tower here handles most of our e-mail unlike most power players in silicon valley x. mission refuses to give the n.s.a. backdoor access to its networks since one thousand nine hundred ninety eight x. mission has rejected a judge in the u.s.
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government for more information stored on private servers like these we don't share our information about our customers if you don't have a warrant the majority of law enforcement requests ashdown says he's received and refused have been subpoenaed as lacking accountability and necessary approval by a judge this is actually an amiga since launching his company in one thousand nine hundred three ashdown says he's filled no more than two customer data requests from the federal government was more like where we bring in customers with a small team of forty employees x. mission caters to thirty thousand customers who pay for foundation services like internet connectivity server colocation and web or email hosting make sure your money. while using only your means and. has. been serving in.
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the current climate of america's unrestrained surveillance matrix has been facilitated in part by verizon and facebook and other giant corporations who have spent years secretly working with the n.s.a. regulation government contracts and. monetary. compensation are in my opinion the three read. and while they're cooperating ironically utah is probably the most unlikely home for a privacy champion roughly twenty seven miles away from x. mission. is the n.s.a.'s newly constructed one point five billion dollar data center i think it's a strain on the tech industry of utah albie n.s.a. activities are a stain on american internet businesses because people don't trust to put their information stateside anymore as john has vowed to face jail time if that's what's needed to protect his customers from being monitored what surprises this fourth
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amendment advocate is that big data companies like google will promise to do the same marina r.t. . japan embarking on behalf of the most dangerous operation yet at the fukushima nuclear complex engineers are preparing to remove fuel rods from the facility a risky process to which there is little alternative is that shortly we assess what could go wrong and why. well. science technology innovation. developments from around russia we. covered you got a lot of sneering and negative press for your engagements here in russia especially for your public appearances with food and even though they weren't explicitly
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political you were just supporting sports. certain people's regime has become very adept at is controlling the media for example right here c.n.n. do i think c.n.n. is you know completely telling it like it is no i think they have an agenda i think . is is bought and paid for. again now engineers at the stricken fukushima nuclear power plants are preparing for the most dangerous operation yet the removal of fuel rods from the reactor
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complex more than a thousand highly has a selzer at the facility and damaged cooling pools to keep them from emitting radiation or correspondent. he was in the exclusion zone. extracting these rods from the pools is a really hard task because each one of them called ways of more than three hundred kilograms and they cannot even hit each other that's what caused a nuclear chain reaction not only these pools are crippled but the machinery the automated machinery doesn't work as well so every rod has to be extracted from the pool manually the typical company running the fukushima clear up process and the japanese government are now in a vicious cycle situation because on the one hand they need to remove these fuel rods they are contaminating the water as has been reported in the waters of the pollution when you clip our plant and on the other hand of course this is a very risky venture because they have to literally extract every rod and there's more than a thousand of them and each rod has to be extracted manually we also managed to
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take a peek inside the no go zone in other areas and you know what what shocked me the most that surprised me the most and i'm saying that by my experiences of travelling to the explosions on inch of normal that in the fukushima area the towns which are just close to the station ten fifteen kilometers away from the station they have been reopened for residents were literally saw people rebuilding their houses in this area in case anything happens these people would have to be relieved evacuated again and or putting themselves under very serious risk while in fact in the fukushima region itself there are several n.g.o.s who are do not believe the government and the tepco organization in their measurements or the radiation levels the one which struck me the most and we talked with them yesterday the movement called the mothers of fukushima these are ordinary women who are afraid for the safety and health of their children. which the cheapest of them costs around a thousand u.s. dollars and they are just patrolling the area staking their own measurements and sending them to the government but the government as they say is doing nothing it
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is not considering the radiation measurements as if they're trying to play down the scale of the things happening even in tokyo in front of the industrial ministry there is a peek at it there is a protest happening for already eight hundred days with the people there protesting against nuclear energy and the actions of the government and the tepco so you can see how serious the rhetoric of the anti-nuclear movement is now in japan even though they say that their voices being often silenced by those that. nuclear waste expert kevin camp says that if tepco fails to remove the fuel rods correctly the consequences could be disastrous. it's absurd that tokyo electric is in charge of this globally significant extraction of the fuel from the pool if something goes wrong this could be a global catastrophe that dwarfs what has happened at fukushima daiichi thus far tokyo electric has shown its true colors time and time again it's incompetence it's dishonesty even the director of the nuclear regulation authority of japan has
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warned that this process should not be rushed it should not try to force these assemblies out of their storage channels there is no radiological containment around the pool and if this waste were to catch on fire could be ten times worse than chernobyl tokyo the metropolitan area is thirty million residents and they might have to be evacuated if that waste catches on fire so that that zone could become a dead zone for all time it already is and accusations own should be much larger than twelve point four miles in radius even now. to help you understand what we're talking about we have got detailed illustrations and an explanation of the fuel rod removal process is r t dot com together with the possible radioactive pitfalls if it fails also. on our website it's been an embarrassing cyber staying in singapore the anonymous activists screen behind me the prime minister's website a day off day he promised to hunt down anyone trying to infiltrate the state's
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information hubs we've got the details on the. man the head of the space walk on saturday get up to speed with the olympic torch is incredible relay so far and find out where it's heading next it's in the follow the flame section at r.t. called. great britain has won the moment so you flattering title of king of the world's tax havens a new report says the u.k.'s overseas territories make up much of the will secret offshore banking industry and aside from making promises london hasn't done much about it it breaks down the report for us. the u.k. government has been bashing tax avoidance for months in fact prime minister david cameron made increasing tax transparency a key issue at the g eight summit that he hosted earlier this year but despite all the efforts according to a group called the save the tax justice network britain is the world's worst offender for financial secrecy twelve of its island dependencies where the queen is
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the head of state by the way ranked among the top fifty most secretive tax jurisdictions in the world the laws relating to these island dependencies such as the cayman islands been huge jersey and guns they have to be approved in london so campaigners say that the onus is on westminster to clean up their act what to talk about the issue i'm joined by salmond shaheen who's the editor of the international tax review magazine simon thank you for joining us well the people that deposit their money in these tax havens do it through entirely legal schemes so what's the fuss about anyway but i think it's a misconception to describe tax avoidance as legal it's just not illegal and the reason for that use government has been unable to anticipate the feed schemes employed by multinational corporations and their highly paid accountants and lawyers that they've they've sent across the world to reach out to the best tax
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feels their lines that britain has made a lot of steps to improve transparency especially over recent months they've certainly spoken a lot about it are you surprised by these negative rankings i'm not surprised but no i mean the crown dependencies in overseas territories of i've long been considered among the worst offenders of of world tax haven reed what is surprising is that the british government not doing very much about it really needs to get its network of tax havens offshore in the in order some machine thank you very much for joining us well reports that large corporations and super rich individuals have been dodging billion. pounds in taxes three entirely legal loopholes have caused public outrage here so the news that britain has been labeled the world's ruler of tax havens is unlikely to be met by cheers of approval here. r.t. london. a quick look at some other stories now public workers calling for better
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pay have clashed with riot police in the capital of chile the violence broke out as thousands of unionists marched through santiago demanding a salary rise of nearly ten percent is part of a forty eight hour strike that has brought government services including colleges and hospitals to a standstill a typhoon that could be the world's strongest ever has smashed into islands in the philippines forcing millions of people to flee their homes winds of more than three hundred kilometers an hour whipped up waves reaching five meters high the super storm will pass close to the second largest city in the philippines to blue with a population of two and a half million. thousands of to have protested against plans to build a wall along to the southeastern border with syria the day long demonstration was forcibly broken up by police using tear gas and water cannon kurdish leaders say the barrier is being built to split them from syrian kurds. pakistan and the
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taliban were tantalizingly close to opening peace talks but not ny hours after electing a new leader the taliban rejected negotiations with the government that after last week's talks were coach short by a cia drone strike which killed his predecessor one islam a bad based journalist told us that the u.s. ignored repeated requests to stop its drone attacks the taliban are angry at. last we came along with all the previous leader of the taliban who was killed in a u.s. drone attack smaller foes lorillard the new newly appointed chief spokesperson for the taliban and leader of the taliban now was always against peace talks even before the killing of hacking with food last week he was responsible for the shooting of malala yousafzai the insurgency from two thousand and seven to two thousand and nine in the swat valley that for thousands of pakistanis kill folks he
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has always been against peace talks with the pakistan government who have accused the us of sabotaging the talks the us were aware that peace talks were imminent and they had been asked by the pakistan government to hold strong strikes whilst these peace negotiations were occurring everybody in pakistan knew about peace talks occurring so it's very difficult to imagine they weren't aware of them and where do peace negotiations go from here at the moment they've come to a grinding halt you know boxed on government are angry at the u.s. and the taliban are angry at the pakistan government and it just seems that nobody seems to be going anywhere with peace talks now next in r.t. we look at different life stories united in unusual ways.
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illegal immigration is a hot topic and everyone always says that immigrants do the work that no one wants to do well let me explain why that is i want to kurdistan vacation got into a taxi germ by a former migrant worker who used to make a living in moscow he told me that he really worked hard driving unloading trucks after five years he came back home and bought a house yes from the seller that russians can't even survive and he was able to buy a house employers in russia in america say that locals don't want to work or demotivated well want to margaret work or on a salary that could build a bright future one compared to a a local who can't even make ends meet while you could see why the migrant workers are a lot more motivated let me put it to you this way if you knew that you had to work five hard years of some awful labor under awful conditions somewhere far away like brazil or germany what would be able to pay off a house would you do it i think you would let's not buy into this myth that locals and country x. don't want to work they just don't want to work in complete futility for table
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scraps but that's just my opinion. dramas that can't be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. food says change the world right. to picture six days. for groups that. look to. me. clinton i realized at some point that the goal of all my work and life was nothing more than involves making money ask quickly as possible this year would see what it
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was all for i couldn't say i was an editor for a glossy magazine at the time and i didn't ok so i can buy another fur coat or a new car or even an apartment so what and thirty four i don't have a man whom i would like to start a family really knew i knew then it was time to stop drop it all and try to find myself. i wanted waking up in the morning and go into work to be rewarding because the words of those that i came across an advertisement s.o.s. villages focus a looking for mothers. i was thrilled when i saw it i had to write a letter to the director and i spent half a day of my computer at home alone trying to find words to describe what i felt helpless little words that could convince him that i was the mom they were looking for and they had to call me immediately.


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