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tv   Politicking With Larry King  RT  November 8, 2013 1:29am-2:01am EST

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table scraps but that's just my opinion. dramas that can't be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. faces change the world writes never. the old picture of today's news. on to the mug from around the globe. look to. d.c. . clicked on it and i realized at some point the goal of all my work and life was nothing more than about making money s. quickly as possible this year was let's see what it was all for i couldn't say i
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was an editor for a glossy magazine at the time ok so i can buy another fur coat or a new car or even an apartment so what and thirty four i don't have a man whom i would like to start a family really knew i knew then it was time to stop drop it all and try to find myself and see. if i wanted waking up in the morning and go into work to be rewarding the words of those that i came across an advertisement s.o.s. villages focus a looking for mothers yes it was a very i was thrilled when i saw it i had to write a letter to the director and i spent half a day at my computer at home alone trying to find words to describe what i felt hopeless words that could convince him that i was the mom they were looking for and they had to call me immediately.
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or you know yes hello sorry i was just fine thanks go on and as i look through your c.v. why have you decided to work in the village it's a way of life it is twenty four hours. you know what i don't like spending eight hours a day at work without really knowing why or what you are doing it for. successful applicant for the position of s.o.'s mother is a twenty seven to forty three year old woman who either doesn't have children of her own or has adult children who live independently. thirty four. handsome young man who's going to love you and want to have children with you but i tell the kids
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early on as found herself it's all over. not as though there are crowds of men here in the village lining up for me begging big mean. to offer the kids. kindness and care it was very fond of cooking reading and talking to interesting intelligent people are kids are smart and interesting. ok when you start. to week. once you go to morning kids good morning wake up. get up it's time to go to school no one to sleep. due to doing one way for example told me that once he woke up got ready and went to school and it was so early in the morning that even the
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night watchman was still asleep when it was black his mother was a drug addict she didn't even notice her child had gone i mean two or three days they told me my scariest stories about what their lives her life and all their drunk mothers fleeing home and living on the streets or in on heated garages that's what these small children have gone through and they've led me into their world and it became easier for them to cope. have you prepared clothes for the animal corner that have you taken was in the closet yes and the raincoat no problem go do it then . it's not a kindergarten or an offer in which it's a house where you live with your family or your children. five children. beds and it's fun and cool they're all small so they're always running of our life with their view of anarchy is so they're constantly doing something claimed.
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for a good morning. it's a reason we face this on a post-war collective. any women and children here. that i'm an old soldier myself just like after the second world war so we all work together here. and it was an ordinary week no incidents everything's fine in our house. while the mothers here work a bit like the left turn a ship. it's good enough if the captain allows you to go ashore once a week or even once a month. the only question was how do you feel. i can say anything was especially appalling or surprising it's more or less what i had prepared for some things i didn't know about were quite unexpected but they didn't shock me. and wanted to enjoy the most wanted to bring you joy in the next fifteen years the kids. but
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truth be told i serve on the ship too it's my duty and the only difference is that i live in this cabin with my wife and child how. building the ship brought me back to my naval yes as a young. woman i built this ship just the way i remember it. as my service yes we still have it. with my former colleagues and fellow cadets. enough its naval officers that support the village and. tell them it's not just any village it's an s.o.s. village and there's an international distress signal meaning say our souls. just as the nose of any go. into tears i hold in comfort or. if i happen to be hold and try to calm down a child in distress. i can be
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a father to seventy children just like i'll be a husband to twelve mothers. here. or there or there are. at the beach. they won't sting. sting. you know you'll live. i would one for you i think an s.o.s. father is probably a man. who lives with her she must be even tempered and have the patience of the same. time because in the evening when children come from school kindergarden since extra lessons they gather rome to me and stars go away mom help me help me mom he's taken my pen it becomes a currys the house. while you all shouting join the drama club
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and shout their nails they aren't. there clean my nails are clean you know what to do and i'm on call and and i also go to syria and . there you are those sergey is the true father for the whole village the mothers and children alike he's the boss with a capital b. . history of being going to argue she would have made a wonderful father because he's very firm level headed confident and competent to know how to treat children. my sister and her husband still try to convince me that i should have a child of my own they tell me not to worry that i don't have a husband and promise to support me after they keep saying that it's not a real family because their children are not my own but i think it's stupid idea i
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hope i will fall in love with a man who will force me to choose between him and the kids got about i hope i'll never face such a choice. the pressure ridges on with which i want to marry a man who will take responsibility for me and the children but i haven't met such a man yet. but i've regained an appetite for life and that's what happened to me this place lives at its own pace you feel as though you're doing something useful. yeah when i was working for the us i've been divorced for quite a while and lived alone for more than nine years. have a sixteen year old daughter who is in the tenth grade and an elderly mother there back in perth and should be sceptical us another was that my daughter may be jealous but only of the youngest kid six year old korea oh she's a very tenacious child you know you don't let me go no i won't.
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we got a list of lists quite a difficult child to very opinionated and sometimes my daughter says now i know i hate children if i reply with you before but it will pass in time and there's no reason for you to love kids at the age of sixteen. until this kind of helps me with my homework and cooking and teaches me to be healthy and brave. boy with kids at first i took four children in january two or joined our family. i came back from vacation to discover that i had six children not four it's six children that i need to look after you. hello sweetheart how are you going to get up. find somebody have any free time.
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on a toll on what about to you what's new let us know if everything's alright for the time we learn brings home good marks three or four days every day. there's a little i got good marks for general conduct which especially please me. hello hello. wedding homework is hurting me with physics well make sure your boyfriend doesn't distract you from your studies when need to talk. well let's talk about ten pm when i put the kids to that. start all this stuff but i don't want her to think i've left her. that's why we regularly talk online that's why i always send money back home. i put aside very little barely enough for a modest life it would be great to have the support of the man i love. i hope i
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won't have to choose between. work i had already face a choice once back then i left work and my husband served in the military but i won't choose a man this time. this man had better be prepared to accept me with the work i have and the life i. think there are probably no such men. there are all villages like this in russia where mothers bring their own children and raise them all together. but it's not the same. even if a mother does care for everyone equally all the children start complaining that she loves one more than the other of course there is a distinction here my daughter is my own daughter. realized i'm not the kind of person who can raise and log and adopt a child i'm not jealous i may wonder. even
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when a mother calls him at eleven or twelve doesn't even if she's young and attractive i say absolutely call. my mom new mothers with a younger and younger kid a for example i was going to wait and met my has been in the company of a pretty young woman. your husband in the company of your no more. with a young mother. we need a proper s.o.'s mom i mean as for an s.o.s. dad you have to go through the whole country with a fine tooth comb to find a couple like vastly difficult just war. on women s.o.'s mom falls in love with a man it's different. than s.o.'s mother but he's not an asset. she's my junior but what about him my his boss to the world and doing in a sense from three of my rival was to complete a. few
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us presidents elected to a second term in office leave the white house successful or even popular bronc obama is a case in point his poll numbers are low his legislative agenda is in deep trouble and washington's friends and foes are around the world do not take him seriously because obama already a lame duck president. it was a. very hard to make out. once again on here has a plan outline that we ever had sex with that there are no plans for that one.
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plan. which. would. put. one of. the people. right the. first strike. and i think you're. going to. be in.
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the same the old. the i was surprised when alexander the oldest of the kids called me mom she was the first to do it she was too early for us i jumped at that moment because i wasn't ready yet it's like if a man proposes to you and you answer whoa whoa i need time to think so when she called me mom i immediately time to think about to get used to the idea or i spent a couple of days sorting out my feelings. that well my mom died and dead meant another war on. ian i didn't understand it when i first saw her yet nearly as a jelly. i know at least some to her and called her names and said there's two
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things to her just now it's only until another to call. the typical semi used to her. because she is guy and he left nice and clean and caring mom with the mom is you could say. the most important person in your life it's very easy to g.'s. but i'm not the only my big conflict if i tell it. to do something more example kids often want to play instead of doing their homework one of my girls takes these situations very close to heart and closes herself up. and because of these strong emotions she might start calling me auntie a little not again. no i even feel slightly offended and i go like why are you calling me that i mean a mother how can you say that. she can with a direct question. and. she likes it when it's
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clean and. that's. just the way our own parents didn't want us so when they came to the children's village and a stooge for the first time that was what it meant to be needed to be cared for. you on a gay felt i had a chance to achieve something in this life of the course tonight i like this job because it allows me to create chocolate is like modeling clay now it's flowing but in half an hour it will set and i'll be able to put it into any shape i like. when i lived in the village mom would say that if she did everything instead of us we would never learn that she told us we had to do everything ourselves. my dream is to open my own chocolate factory
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a dinner of my own my real mother only once the limit on a street in the town of pushkin this one approach man said hello how are you so i realized it was my mother standing before me the woman who had carried me for nine months. these were the only words she had ever said to me so i answered i'm fine good bye. my village mother went with me through everything no no says quarrels and joyful mom and. each year she invited us to her house we were in so calls that i never even noticed it was more work for her. they called me to see where i come in on friday where coming on saturday evening they know they will be welcomed here one says same bank of the service i want to meet. she is startling
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dependent yes i am independent. it's just that i get married we've been living together for on the here and we're still getting used to each other my has been once you have three kids i told him to raise at least one for us and then we'll see . if. there are two sisters and they are very close the older one will defend the younger to the last drop of blood in spite of being small and she has a very strong characters around so when the older kids try to raise their voices to her she immediately takes them down a peg. their grandmother and grandfather often come to visit them it's very important when relatives can stay in touch especially if they don't just come with a bag of presents and leave it by thinking they've done their duty but when they
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actually spend time with the kids. normal rules. mom i did my daughter was a single mother. so after giving birth to police alexandra she started seeing a drug addict and forgot about the children for some time to look up with but it was all. siblings can be sent to the same or for. so in this case this village was a blessing because they were not separated my first my wife died of a stroke then she suffered a stroke to. islam if i had had a stroke the girls wouldn't have ended up with a great grandfather is eighty two don't allow him to take the girls because of his age and i'm disabled they told me you yourself need to be looked after we can't allow you to take the kids post scoop alina did i want to do gymnastics what i
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want to do gymnastics. and i treat them as my own daughter's no good and what some strangers can just comment take them away i don't want it to happen we're going to hear such things i get really really nervous but i was right with the yesterday i got a phone call apparently there are some couple that wants to adopt a child yosh what my heart sank when i heard it i thought you wish i won't let you take them from me so easily. just announced in the record this is how she prepares for bed usually kids watch cartoons and go to sleep but she gets even more excited because of cartoons she different from other children she was so tend to feel you know when your child home didn't use you what they read kindness. to did some of these children it's
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different they don't give anything they only take trying to make up for the lack of kindness in their life and this girl radiated warmth. and to. most people. all our children are in the database for adoption but one woman saw a picture on the internet and decided to adopt this child how she's so much like my daughter when she was small she's just her exact copy. like i called her grandmother and she told me that the adoptive mother has stopped all contact contact because loosely of all this and that she said she heard the girl's voice but the woman told her she wouldn't give the girl the phone the girl with no roots going to be through the roots go back to the dawn of time. i'm afraid that if something happens to this woman the girl be sent to an orphanage again
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children should live in a family. only after the last child leaves the orphanage. people come and take the kids from here in the village it's not the worst place in the world for these children. with village kids i've played the games i didn't have time to as a kid resilience to. the ok i mean your team they are not going off along the boys it's just that i have to sign papers and attach seals ashore. well done with girls used to be tough but when you're raising a boy sometimes you have to be stern and force him to do things through the stage you can have a serious man to man talk with him. so you're going to be a man a lot after all. is the father of the whole village. but he doesn't respond to dad because he has his own daughter i don't think i will ever
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call him dad but in fact half of the kids call said gay father no they don't and yes they do you i heard that what i have and. why you are going it's true i had them i know better you have no i'm not jealous because i think it's ok for this child it's what these kids need with you they simply need to have someone to close dad did it on rare occasions very small children asked if i was their dad my said you know i'm the director here this is not. just a director being a dad is one thing and then being a director is close it's still a completely different thing.
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to social when you want to kazan when i was teaching my kids up from school and kindergarten teacher i saw a woman with three children we did it and we exchanged a knowing look and smiled to each other there was a wonderful feeling i had their moment i really felt like a mother of five we were both mothers of a large family oh these are your children and there's a mine i knew then what a mother's happiness means that's when all your children are with you. if one day i came and said ok kids our life is about to change i'm leaving you because i found a new toy and this story is my husband yes it was baby trail that was scattered or political it. still is but one to children need to be happy must
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a hole in one not only monitors spot fathers sin the village as well i still find they want to find a husband whole biala dad. again when mom decides to leave wales same place and mom brianna's with you car and wishes coincide but if i ever go away i would take the kids with me without a doubt but i would have never thought that they were actually looking for a husband for me.
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i think the issue of privacy the issue of surveillance hasn't gotten enough coverage in the mainstream media i think the majority of americans don't know what's going on don't understand the significance of what's come out this summer i don't think it necessarily they need to hear about me and my story because love of it is one small piece of a much larger puzzle but what i do think that mainstream america needs to hear about and then her stand is just to what blanks our government is going to conduct surveillance just how much information they're actually collecting and storing in some cases for years you know these are very significant problems these are the types of issues that can do a democracy like ours. that's
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all i want to. clean up something that one simply. was no way you. clearly they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. and sold to the u.s. turned over to the u.s. to. be buried alive. they wanted to turn me into a terrorist they wanted me to admit that i was a member of al qaeda. that i fought with them. about time i didn't even know what al qaeda is nevertheless there are people. who start. something is going to be done that's going to be done by me and that's
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been our short amount of time to do it but it's going to impact me i'd be prosecuted but it's going to impact. the white minority. the one time a tramp. on r.g.p. . if you've. got no opportunity. to construct your. bed. don't want to meet gangsters in a lot of. drug dealers they don't want that blow a window of time that the kid came to be we can see. you just needs a zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero problems in the hood. i said. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die
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young young. spiking civilian casualties steer iraq towards tragic new records artsy assesses the worrying numbers with an in-depth database of the innocent cost of terra. cotta is nothing at all britain's spy chief spoiling to terror threats to justify a legal thing in the public exposure of what they were doing opens up possibilities for attack meanwhile secure surfing gets a boost in the states it's a small internet company that could coming up i'll introduce you to the salt lake city c.e.o. standing up to the us government in the name of privacy. plus britain is paying tax havens the crown dependencies below perceived territories who have long been considered among the worst offenders all.


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