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austin is saying that they're going to continue the financial beatings until morale improves this is very pull pot like very dictatorial like states you know what what's going on here well the saying is the beatings will continue until morale improves as often commanders in the military who say that to their abused soldiers and you see this in the central banks is that their command and control their authoritarian they're demanding that it's you the grunts that got it wrong we're doing the right thing you're the ones that are you need your morale improved now eric rosengren of the boston fed told the boston business journal that the fed is prepared to keep these low rates bond buying for what may seem like a long time now of course beatings often feel like they're going on for a longer than they actually did yet won't look they are saying that the low rates of bond buying or quantitative easing will continue until
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a ploy picks up. but this is really not the point at all for their bond buying and quantitative easing the point is to jack up asset prices for their friends in these speculative bubbles and real estate and in the stock market employment numbers are crashing because of quantitative easing because of bond buying so this is remarkable because just like some frickin dictator out in the go go land of no where is bill will beat the prisoners and say you need two more realms got to improve we're going to beat you to a bloody pulp until you improve morale or you know look at my barrack over in egypt a former dictator that was one of the things he was saying all the time was i'm going to beat all you gyptian until morale improves and i've got these central bankers who are the dictators of our time saying we're going to beat you to a bloody pulp with quantitative easing and house of purchases until you morale improves and consumer indebted more on. well so yeah the drill
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sergeant abusing the grunts ok they often don't realize while they're abusing them that it is the abuse that is causing the low morale and is the fed's low rates and bond buying the thing causing the low morale the deflation that they seek to stop yes yes there is yes i think you put it succinctly yes yes and yes. ok well this headline suggests i am right as well because the fed mortgage market liquidity is as bad as when bear stearns failed and this is from guy hassel min of scotiabank and zero had quotes him as saying through its q.e. policy the fed by story dollars of mortgages for every dollar of origination the consequence is that secondary mortgage market liquidity has been decimated it is as bad as when bear stearns failed so zero had. refers to it as collateral extraction
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there extract and collateral from the system and therefore in the quiddity is drying up right oh another way to look at it is zombification and debt transfusions here you've got the zombie banks who should have been allowed to fail and die but instead they're being transfused with debt so as the statistic points out three times more debt transfusion is required per one unit or dollar of debt origination in this huge li deflationary contraction of the real economy in favor of the virtual fufu economy where everyone is just putting assets up their spring training and calling that a net worth enema as if that somehow was going to be the basis for a growing economy i don't think so unless you want to start monetizing believe me then you've got a bully make based economy where people are vomiting their net worth and saying
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look the more vomit the better look at all the vomit on the street from all these poor suckers that kind of for real food anymore the economy must be expanding. well those are just the mortgage backed securities as zero had to point out however since the fed has refused to refuses to taper the same liquidity collapse is coming to treasuries first then corporates then e.t.s. then wreaths and everything else that the fed will eventually monetize just like to be o.j. so more deflation more liquidity traps no velocity of money come put right now i think that's a good point as there's no loss of the of money that can have any real economic growth or a viable economy unless money is circulating again the zombie example or metaphor zombies they don't have or dick cheney for example dick cheney he had his heart replacing it with a kind of a pump and instead of a heartbeat it's just a low buzz. and when you go shoots people in the face with a shotgun occasionally but that's the economy dick cheney is technically
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a dead man but he's kept artificially alive by this pump that's pumping blood or absurd get a blood probably maple syrup and some kind of concoction made out of you know dead mortgage brokers and then you've got the situation where in the mortgage market they're being kept alive similarly with the artificial pump of quantitative easing keeping the zombie alive desire to be apocalypse is upon us and that's why things like bitcoin are hitting new all time highs all the time because that's one of the only hard money substitutes for the the zombie killer as effectively well the fed promises to continue the velocity beatings until morale improves here in the u.k. they've brought over mark carney to start beating the population here we want and we're going to turn to this tweet from ian frazier carney's unhappy legacy canada's household debt as a percentage of g.d.p. growth number one and world in two thousand and six to two thousand and thirteen he
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links to the start from the economist and you see this is debt as a percentage of g.d.p. canada is at the top that's showing. that it has the fastest growing debt from two thousand and six to two thousand and thirteen china is the next fastest growth but there their debt to g.d.p. is only thirty two percent compared to canada's ninety two percent ireland one hundred six percent and the u.k. ninety three percent but you see how fast what he was doing was increasing the debt at a very high velocity and now they want it for here right he's a korean or he's a central banker who accelerate the debt to further his career even though he's left canada in a huge indebted state that can only end in tears now his background of course he was a hockey player a goalie and an ivy league school and i played hockey myself and if you know goalies play to play hockey they are always asking people to throw things up them
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because they're trying to practice being a goalie and they all say here here's a bucket of pox throw them at my head as fast as you can so again it's mark carney is a perfect central banker he's a guy who likes to have things thrown at his head. well he's here to improve the morale and he did a good job in canada the morale being the more debt you were willing to take on in canada it's ninety two percent of debt debt to g.d.p. ninety three percent here in the u.k. i guess they want a salary to be even further perhaps as high as ireland so we're going to look at some of the people here in the u.k. that might need a beating here from the hash tag million mask march you see there those young guys are carrying a max keiser banks hunter poster and if you zoom in on the photo there is max kaiser looking like somebody who needs his morale improved that was pretty scary. curse all over the world people understand that the bankers must be euthanized in
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some way gold silver of bitcoin are to the banks. crucifixes and garlic are vampires you know you show them a little bit coin and they shrivel. they shrivel like the wicked witch of the wizard of oz they just shrivel into a puddle of their own tears show them the bitcoin be free of their tyranny be free of their beatings well big quake hit three hundred dollars only this morning so that's looking pretty good now guy fawkes protest in central london on bonfire night many demonstrators staged a bonfire by burning of energy bills to voice their opposition to rising cost of fuel burning their energy bill is like burning your draft card you know during the vietnam war they burned their their draft cards burning their energy bill is similar and you don't want to join up forces with the corrupt the big six energy companies in the u.k. that are their financial terrorism so if you don't want to support financial terrorism of the big six energy companies here in the u.k.
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you would burn your energy bill i said just get a thousand people on the millennium bridge here in london to get together and burn their energy bill in unison and finally here's one story that is pretty shocking from the u.k. regarding what they plan to not even have to do any more beatings in the future and that is target the children the tweet us from telegraph news this is payday lenders target children's t.v. to quote grew the next generation of bar workers at martin s. lewis has said and this is there apparently a wanga ads are being targeted daytime children's television and the characters are cartoon characters speaking out wangel. right well you know this is a page taken from the cigarette industry they used to target kids you know at the camp joe camel was a cartoon character expressly designed to attract children because once you get hooked up on nicotine before a certain development stage of the brain you become addicted for life so long as similarly that they know that if they get a child into debt immediately they have
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a child in debt for a life it's a kind of indentured servitude model to get a kid in debt and keep them in debt for their entire life that's why. the slave and they should change their whole cartoon advertising from those cute little stuffed sock puppets to maybe that old negro spiritual jump down turn around pick a bale of cotton because that's what they want these consumers to be they want to be on the cotton pickin plantations of wanga and working for it to pay off their one good debt that's what they all want. to turn around and pick a better look for a while and i mostly master mostly. because i have no respect for them of got contempt for humanity he might name as well. don't i got to turn for humanity you i hate your kids i want your penis isn't dead this money was one go did you see this and it billboard. to get out of the.
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world i wonder what. you. got to go go go go go go go go go go go i got to go see you later x. so you two for more are a lot more. simply for so i only goal in life was nothing more than making money as quickly as possible that would be what we go to war for the kids. would mornings wake up no one to sleep. it's not a kindergarten or an orphanage it's a post where you live with your families your children. children and you can be a father to seventy children just like your job your husband to twelve mother. why you will shouting yeah i wasn't ready it's like if
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a man proposes to and you answer oh whoa i need time to think so when she called me mom i needed time to see. the well i think. you could say mommy is almost important spring is person in your life and yes they told me much kara stories about what their lives were like about their trunk mothers fleeing home and living on the streets they've let me into their world and it became easier for them to cope and. choose your language. make it without any federal kind of special someone. choose the consensus. choose the opinions that you think to. choose the stories that impact the. child's access to.
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margi dot com is launching a special project to mark the appalling scale of violence in iraq. we want you to know. i. welcome back to the kaiser report imax guys are. jack ultimate author environmentalist and a member of parliament for richmond park zach welcome to the gas report see you all right you've got a campaign that you are right in the middle of called recall the goal i think is
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get twenty thousand signatures to tell us about recall recall basically means that people can get rid of their m.p. at any time at the moment you have an election every five years in between those elections there is absolutely nothing you can do to hold your m.p. to account so as an m.p. i could tell you right now i'm switching to an extremist part time going to go on holiday for two years i'm going to boycott parliament i'm not going to see any of my constituents i could do any of those things and there's nothing my constituents could do about it is the only job you can get fired from in this country other than when i see the queen or a vicar and i think even vic is going to be fired now this is important because people feel marginalized they feel that politics has become so remote so abstract now that means nothing they don't have a piece of the action so they've got politicians they are basically career politicians they end up there for many many years and they lose touch with their constituency and they parliament is losing touch and i think the popularity of parliament like congress in america is sitting lows a decade long lows and this will maybe change that you know i because people feel
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that there's almost no point voting you go to if you have a safe seat with twenty five thousand majority it doesn't matter what you do during the five years that place is always going to vote for your party or they may not go to school but you're going to get in you're always going to get and what we call does is it means that if if if people in a conservative area people who would never vote labor if they're not for them sign a petition usually twenty percent not earns the right to have a referendum they can then chuck out there and select someone else from the same party and keep going so places would always be safe for some parties in some parts of the country but no m.p. would be safe it would keep m.p.'s on their toes at all times and i think that would be good for a lot of reasons but principally because it. i mean we'd have more independent minded people in the in the backbench as a part of i'm about bench and my only job only job is to hold the government to account on behalf of my constituents but if there's no pressure from my constituents there's no threat from my constituents then the pressure is all from my posts and i'm more likely to be a b. d. and just toe the party line and do what i'm told and if i want to get promotion
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then the very last thing i do is hold the government to account because i depend on the government for promotion so you need to balance that power that power that the government and the parties have with the power that you give to local votes ok and to empower voters other words you don't have a functioning democracy it's a good lever to make these types of changes day imagine that people are thinking it isn't even worth voting anymore these days of course immediately you have to think about russell brand is a. british star who was on newsnight recently and making the same point don't even vote he doesn't vote apparently jeremy paxman is the host of b.b.c. one's news and he said he doesn't vote so but there was very little in terms of solutions they had this discussion and they said that this situation is messed up i think russell was. kind of putting forward a redistribution policy of well i'm not sure that's the way to go but is this a lever i mean if you're in parliament you're in parliament here's a lever this is just to have the leverage if you want to it's one of the things you
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need to do look you've got a choice a lot of people agree that democracy is not working as well as it should in this country i don't is any argument about that so you've got a choice you either walk away from democracy and i think logically that means walking into a very very dark place so i was really depressed by that russell brown the jeremy paxman the washroom because i think boycotting democracy is guaranteed to take you away from democracy i think democracy is the best system we have our system today is a floor democracy the job is to improve it to make it into a pure democracy empower people let them get rid of dorji m.p.'s instead of grumbling all the time my own piece hopeless well they're all the same they've all got this not so much of give them the power rid to get. they're in pieces then they have the m.p. they deserve and if they've got the wrong m.p. they've got no one to blame but themselves give people the power to start referendums local regional national so that if they don't like what the government's doing they can take power into their own hands pure democracy is the answer to walk away from democracy i think is really frightening because there is not a single example in the world of people walking away from
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a proper democracy into a better world it's not i can't think of a single example it's depressing and it's frightening it should frighten all of us let's talk about the media in this country for a second because just this week we had the million mask march which was replicator all over the world thousands of people on the street it wasn't on the b.b.c. which is the main media outlet in this country wasn't on their main story for their main network it wasn't even on their local london is wasn't covered at all and yet here you had obviously reminded me really lead up to the iraq war there were two billion birds out in the street protesting that war and they were basically given short shift as really not having any thing important to say so what are the media my questions the media and principle a the top media outlet b.b.c. is a state run media outlet i mean this is their number one platform why is that an issue in terms of getting. the story out to people in a way it seems that they just don't get the what's wrong with the b.b.c. that's my question it's one of the b.b.c. i mean the trouble is i don't want to fall into
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a trap there lot of people on the right of my posts and you've been going for the b.b.c. for a long time since i think it's got a left wing bias i still think despite some of the problems i still think is one of the few institutions in our country that we can be a little bit proud of and everything else is falling down around it so i wouldn't want to undermine the b.b.c. i'd like to see it grow some balls probably not appropriate all that well look says wallace like us i'd like to say i'd like to see it be a little bit more edgy little bit tougher i think in terms of the other me to do the sort of the private media i suppose i'm concerned by. in too few hands whether it's media whether it's energy companies whether it's the banks whatever when things get too big they get too powerful democracy software so i think there is an issue but it is something which. occasionally as raised in parliament the hacking inquiry i suppose triggered a little bit of discussion about that but really that was all about behavior of individual journalists as opposed to the ownership structures which i think you can't get away from you know rip sussing at the moment about energy and we've just allowed the energy companies to say it's all about green taxes so what happens our politicians will talk about green taxes it isn't all about green time let me
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disagree with them or second let me just say to structures on let's segue into energy go over station after second because obviously this is big news you've got six big energy players in the u.k. opposition in parliament miliband is saying that they are operating really as a cartel and folks are obviously to see their energy prices rising there's a huge issue there in this energy concentration of pricing power it seems like these big six energy companies are really operating in a competition free environment and now many folks are asking you know should they be nationalized again do we need to go back there what year and they operate here in the conservative party what what's the thought there well look i think the analysis is right there is no real competition when you've got six big giants no one's got any bug government out of you has anybody so that's not a healthy system the reason you want to privatized things is to create competition if by privatizing something you haven't created competition then there's no point
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privatizing so the choice is either national guards which i don't think is a good i did own instinctively or create proper competition break them up create as many more players into the system as you possibly can but the status quo isn't often the idea of you know you have john major talking about a windfall tax fine make people feel better for a short bit of time doesn't solve the problem price freeze same thing doesn't address the problem we need to look at the structure the fact that you've got a tiny number of giant corporations holding the country over a barrel that's the problem and when even governments can't negotiate with these giant businesses you've got a problem on your hands as a lot of competition more competition it is same with the newspapers you want don't . in person one man controlling half the press you don't want six companies controlling the energy supply you don't want banks that are too big to fail that much of the people kept on talking about we still done nothing about it we've got banks that is so big that if they screw up again we know that you know we're in trouble not them it's the old thing if you had the back a thousand quid you're in trouble you're the ten billion or whatever the modern
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figure would be they're in trouble we you know we are beholden to these giant corporations and i think that is an issue being a conservative means being pro market not being pro corporatism and i think there is a really key distinction and unfortunately conservative policy as with the last labor government that the default position is always corporatism always favoring the very large corporations as opposed to genuine business genuine markets proper markets competition small business and so on that i think is the dividing line and i and i wish more people in parliament would recognise that that's where the line is how do you get this message across to the other side of the aisle and other words people who are reaching for more central planning more of a socialistic response and they criticize capitalism but we're not seeing capitalism but that's exactly it six energy companies are not acting as a free market capitalist free marketeers are acting as a card out so how do you break through that to communicate to the other side that what they really want they want wages to go up if they want jobs to go up if they want sterile living to go up they want more competition they want more of what
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capitalism. offers how do you break through that message got i wish i knew i mean i think that's exactly right the trouble is if you look at the current system and you say and you regard it as capitalism then you have to conclude that capitalism isn't working and then you start reaching for the other isms you know communism socialism whatever but is not capitalism for the reasons you just described are not that i mean this is this is really where a proper conservative a genuine conservative i sort of fit on the minority in the party of some of these issues and many of these issues but a proper conservative should recognise what you're saying that absolutely this is what we should this should be our message and i think it would resonate with people at the moment it looks. we're on the side of the big we shouldn't be we should be on the side of the market small players new entrants competition and so on is a very very different thing and it applies absolutely across the board in every single sector and i think it also applies in politics you break the structure of the party we decentralize power empower voters empower communities it's all about scale scale is the number one defining issue of today in my view. let's talk about
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issues that actually you know i've talked about many times over the years and that's the intersection between the ecology and the economy and how these things interact. you are now. you know talking about what's happening kind of changing gears here for a second with the elephant population because the the economy and the demand for toxic cetera is wiping out this entire population and it gets into what almost you could call it or if you've seen this quote by paul watson is the skipper of the sea share he talks about the economics of extinction that there are there fishing the tuna the big huge blue fin tuna to extinction and they keep them in the freezer and as they become extinct the value of them goes up so that that seems like a complete and it seems like the elephant is now the economics of extinction and they don't care if they wipe them out because those tasks the values going to go higher is this god talk i'm told we had evidence in parliament the other day from
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a chinese lady who said that there are investment companies now who hoard rhino homes for exactly the same reasons and there are people who suspected them for being behind some of the killings we've seen because obviously wipe out the rhino in the wild the stock is worth an absolute fortune it is unbelievably provost but this is market failure you know you have to recognize where the market can deliver you mention fishing well if you've got boats with fishing lines that would stretch from london to brighton or nets that are twice the size of the o two arena the million and millennium those are not compatible with a sustainable future you need to regulate is just simply no reconciling that with a future with a sustainable future so you need to have an intervention in the market where the market isn't working elephants another example we almost always close down the ivory industry in one nine hundred ninety with an absolute ban on all sales elephant populations rose are i've read even the ivory price when it was just seemed to be working then they allowed one of sales a little bit a little bit china started becoming a major consumer and suddenly you know we're in a situation where an elephant is killed every fifteen minutes where you know we are
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in a worst. situation than we were in one thousand and that's what happens when you don't address market failure that's what government so that to do it might be right market failure once again to get back to the you know adam smith it is observations during the enlightenment are still true today but they're not being applied today because you end up with these pockets of failure unfortunately zach also we are out of time but before we go just one more time for viewers out there the campaign is called recall to get twenty thousand signatures that it moves up and is considered where do people go to dissipate in this recall government petitions look at my twitter and i know you've retreated as well there's a link there to petitions government petitions that's come pain for proper recall it's got my name on it it's on the state could do i need as many people as possible to sign and then i can take it into parliament and hopefully make a difference all right great jack also thanks for being on the kaiser report thank you very much. and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser at par with me max kaiser and stacey lambert i'd like to thank our guest is actor goldsmith
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a member of parliament for richmond park you can learn more about zach at his website zac goldsmith dot com if you'd like to get in touch with us tweet us at kaiser report until next time ask others and bio. if you. need to know opportunity. to start to construct your current. no longer be bit gives don't want to be gangstas you don't want to be drawled deal that they don't want to blow with no time to look it came be we can't see. you just meet the boat as i was when i was in the hood. don't worry about thirty round clip. but i said what about the.
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i don't want to die i just really do not want to die young young. college face. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure. the media leave us so we leave that maybe. the soon to cure. your party there's a goal. is that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from.
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politic only on our team. if you want to say that. iraq was invaded by a coalition of the willing led by the united states then you should say that it was led by a small group of countries led by the united states there is no way that you can actually arrogated international community when you only represent a very small group of self interest the power of the term international committee use in the by each country i think first of all in order to advance their own national interest every country around the world seems to be using the term illegal . i don't see that i'm sorry i just disagree with you my friend i do not see china saying that i don't see russia saying that i don't see india saying saying that i
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don't see brazil saying that it comes out of western capitals. deliberate torch is on its epic journey to structure. one hundred twenty three days. through two hundred two cities of russia. really by fourteen thousand people or sixty thousand coming. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face. a limp the torch relay. on r t r two dot com. we're not psyched to have active camp at guantanamo where patients are worse. after a mouse or strike never turned the world's attention to the place that some gulag
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of our time. all eyes in the sky they're already busy airspace to. america is preparing for an incursion of. widespread fear. and hopes for a possible nuclear deal with iran rise in geneva despite israel trying to. claim its blackmailing. daring fledgling online making off with more than a million dollars worth of coins. and how much to you all. we look at the cia's evaluation report of the agency buying up. from an american telecom giant.


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