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hopes for a breakthrough over iran's nuclear program. and accuses of blackmail breaking news. out. of the games is taken for a space walk for the first time in human history. america . huge amounts of traffic.
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this is. so breaking news this. blackmail during talks on tehran's nuclear program negotiations are at a crucial stage between iran and six world pounds after a decade long deadlock that had been the deal but now negotiations appear to have hit a stumbling block. in geneva. from the very beginning this skepticism really has been coming from france in the beginning they just. concerns have to be taken into consideration if any agreement is indeed reach we know israel has been very uncomfortable with this with netanyahu the premier of these rail warning that this is a bad deal however right now fences suggested that they are all there are conditions that must be met by iran one of its main concerns for instance is a process in establishing. a name and which meant another demand for france and it's been suggested by the foreign minister is the halting of the iraq you know
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heavy water reactor death something iran does not want to do now aside from that there are also words that were spoken by the foreign minister that might have insulted also the rain and because he's a lawyer five years had said that france didn't want to be part of a cotton game and that the final draft of final draft texas too favorable to iran now the lawmakers of iran have said that sounds really has been hindering these talks that have indeed been calling it blackmail it hasn't gone unnoticed here in peace talks that france has been really taking quite a hard line from the very beginning some of server servers saying that even a harder line than be a u.s. or the u.k. one western diplomat told the associated press that in fact the conditions that france is demanding or harsher than those demanded by the u.s. and other partners did hear words for example from the a british foreign minister william hague saying that they should seize the moment in order to reach a deal that if you look at the world for a long time those are quite positive words that we heard the u.s. talking about narrowing gaps when it came to issues well as it stands right now the
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talks continue and there are suggestions from the reigning delegation that there could be a resumption of the talks in about two weeks time. rouhani a political and journalist and political analyst based in strasbourg says france's position on a deal is it dictated by the interests of the players. but they proceed to take an extreme position all the time and there are a number of reasons for this the first is that they are play good cop bad cop with the americans obama is suddenly being much more reasonable in his attitude with the iranians the french are out there on the flank saying oh you must agree too easily israel must be trajectory did so on and in a sense that if you like. playing the game the americans so that they could charge these people the french are reasonable there is another factor which is that everybody knows the enormous pressure of the israel lobby in america it's not quite
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so well though it's pretty pretty considerable in france as well. well earlier i spoke to a bass as lanny it from iran's fox news agency who said france is sabotaging a deal with iran to score points in the region the need that we get from the diplomats were sent diplomats is being said that france is opposing the deal which is being going to happen in iran and the p five plus one there are some analysis speculations on that why the france is opposing this one is that france has good relations with israel france help israel to complete building the nuclear plant of their man are on the other hand france is having good relations with the arab countries in the region so in this case countries and there's the are opposing any deal with iran. france can enjoy difference between israel and arab countries
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with the u.s. to strengthen the entire ties with those countries. now let's take a more detailed look at the deal negotiators have been trying to put together here first according to some sources the six world powers want iran to halt all activities to enrich uranium at twenty percent they could then permit enrichment at a level below weapons grade now in addition iran would be obliged to limit the number of centrifuges it uses in the mines also reportedly include more intrusive monitoring of terrans atomic facilities and in return world powers would unfreeze some of iran's assets in foreign banks plus the west would reportedly consider easing sanctions which have crippled the country's economy and will of course keep you updated on the progress of these nuclear talks continuing there in geneva and throughout the rest of the day on air and online on our web site r.t. dot com. a giant step for the twenty fourteen winter games the
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olympic torch has just been taken on a space walk for the first time in history as part of the longest ever taught relay on lindsay france witness the unique moment at mission control. well it's a very exciting thing to watch live here because what we're actually getting to see right now is down on the floor the engineers are essentially walking the cosmonauts through the steps of making it all the way around the international space station with the torch in hand and also it's important to note here if the viewers out there have noticed the torch is modified obviously it's been tethered very securely to the cosmonauts because no one wants to lose that thing into outer space i'd like to know who they may have voted to go after that thing if it actually gets loose so it's again. it's his fourth spacewalk and sergey it's his first and of course he gets to be part of this which is amazing now of course the torch has been in space before once for the one thousand nine hundred six olympics once for the
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two thousand and six but this time in space it's actually going on a space walk it's not just inside of a shuttle or inside of the eye is this so it was a big moment here when we actually saw the torch come out of the hatch attached to the cars minot's and make its appearance out in space the symbol of unity and sportsmanship being seen all over the world in fact i when i'm not live i'm taking pictures with my camera phone as is everybody just because it's so amazing to actually be part of this and get to see on these huge screens right here at star city not only do you see only huge screens but we can hear the engineers talking to the cosmonauts and hear their responses coming from the microphones back to these guys we're actually seeing this all happen right right in front of our eyes and it's just it's like nothing i've ever experienced just it's an amazing thing and. i just wish that more people could be part of it now that the torch has a couple more days left on the i assess before it heads back down to earth with
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a three person crew on a soyuz spacecraft again and so it's then going to rejoin this historic relay to saatchi for the kickoff. in february at the olympics so we will be bringing you all the live developments of the olympic torch right here on r.t. . well we spoke to the cosmonauts who carried the symbol of the olympics into open space and you can catch that video on our website r.t. dot com and we will continue to chart the course of the torch on its return to worth as it continues its way across the world's largest country with all the highlights live on our team. deliberate design it's a big journey to such. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand and nine hundred two cities of russia. relate fourteen thousand people or sixty thousand killing. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face.
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olympic torch relay. on the marquee. thousands of drones will soon be swimming across u.s. airspace that are expected to be used for civilian purposes such as fire fighting and weather tracking but their presence is still causing concern and let's take a look at the states from above now these yellow spots a planes in american airspace and as you can see the skies are already very crowded the total movement every day is around ninety thousand and so when unmanned aircraft join the traffic this number of course is going to rise so when that compromise the safety of air traffic off he's going to look for the answer. according to the u.s. federal aviation administration by twenty twenty there will be up to thirty thousand drones flying in the u.s. airspace not just by law enforcement and other government agencies but also by private firms for all kinds of purposes so the f.a.a.
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game itself two years to come up with ideas on how to regulate that brave new world where everybody can fly their throw their designated six test sites across the country to see how it goes aside from very serious might we see concerns there's a danger of meet air collisions even now as the government is not yet allowed the commercial use of drones the f.a.a. is getting a rising number of safety complaints from pilots in march of this year and ali tallia airliner made national news headlines when the pilot reported spotting a drone as he was trying to land at new york's j.f.k. airport back then the f.a.a. and the f.b.i. have openly investigations into finding the drone the plane was flying over densely populated area when he brushed shoulders with a drone to the horror of the pilots of course or in a separate incident in the indianapolis five hundred bodies lying a few hundred feet below him in the opposite direction at a high speed. just to give you an idea of how concerned pilots are one pilot said
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we're concerned about birds we're concerned about other airplanes and now we're throwing in something totally uncontrolled when they suck one of those drones into the engine of an airplane he said then it will get everybody's attention and one of the challenges is that drones occasionally lose connection with the operator on the ground it's a well reported problem but apart from accidental collisions there is another challenge drones can be hijacked by someone with very bad intentions so the brave new world of drones can also turn out to be a very dangerous one in washington i'm going to check on our team. is another's going and china sees opportunity in the arab spring report of beijing's economy into the middle east tomorrow. africa region left for the taking by crisis and vomits that and other stories coming up shortly.
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if you leave the economic ups and downs in the final tolerable months day the london deal sang i and the rest because it's going to be taking will be everything we own a. home. the media leave us so we leave the media by the same motions surely all your party years ago. where shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politics only on our t.v. .
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cut. well. it's a. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm wrong researcher.
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cyber thieves have stolen more than a million dollars in digital money from an online coin store's hackers breached the host by manipulating flaws in the system which authenticates uses they left no trace after almost completely emptying the virtual vault now if this had happened to the standard bank and of course you would get compensation because bitcoin is digital cash with no regulation. in this have nowhere to go plus the usual police methods of collecting evidence and questioning witnesses is useless against online methods that can cover tracks what despite all of that i want to believe that bitcoin is still a canny investment. what we see today in the world was alive or crisis and greece and the and the failure in cyprus is regulation doesn't work. you have regulatory capture you just have system failure and the thing that makes a big point exciting for people who believe a bit quiet is the fact that it's an emergent system if it does require regulations
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to survive it really wasn't as good as we thought it was. the dutch king has been hit with rotten tomatoes during a visit to moscow by two members of the national bolshevik party which is banned in russia the incident comes at a time when diplomatic relations between the two nations a delicate best of these pull scott he explains. well a further unsavory incident putting further pressure on already strained relations between the two countries now the dutch king and his wife were attending a music concert in moscow when two men through what appeared to be tomatoes at them they were unharmed and did carry on with their official engagements now the two men who were arrested the members of the national bolshevik party which is actually banned here in russia and they could be heard saying if they carried out the assault the couple had the blood of alexander domata of on their hands now don't matter of was a former member of the party who committed suicide was in dutch custody after being denied political asylum in the country and as i say the incident comes with
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relations already strained between the two countries the netherlands are actually suing russia at the moment for the detention of thirty greenpeace activists who were onboard the arctic sunrise vessel now following that incident a russian diplomat was beaten up in his home in the hague and taken to a police station with no official explanation the dutch government later apologized for that incident that was followed by an incident which saw a dutch diplomat beaten up in his home in moscow by masked intruders the russian government apologized and said that they would hunt down the perpetrators of the attack now there's no connect connection between those events and today's incident but it's just further proof and further signs really that relations between the two countries continue to be strained reports in the u.s. suggest the cia has been paying millions of dollars every year to american telecom giant eighty and t. that price the company allegedly provides access to information on its millions of subscribers spies can apparently bells through their phone records database
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including international calls germany brazil have submitted a draft resolution to the u.n. on the safeguarding of privacy and restricting mass surveillance journalist david seaman says washington is evolved in the form of tech note. it's a huge company that has its footprint all over the globe and they're just being paid to hand out this customer information is a clear violation of the fourth amendment and customers have nowhere to go because i'm sure he is not alone in this sort of practice i are they tracking the communications of private citizens who have no connection to crime or terrorism what is their real goal here and this is a form of i think a light form of terrorism where people are becoming afraid to use their own technology on their own devices it's really it's kind of orwellian and the explanation they gave for it doesn't make a lot of sense to me just for money on a website with more stories including the hidden secrets of sewage about the what you are. able to detect terror labs from underground if you're wondering how it
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works it's all on the web site. can't make head or tail of a brand new space discovery a six ten object has been spotted by a nasa telescope and also in the system take out the details a look at all t. . right to see. first strike. and i think your. orders. china is looking to take advantage of america's mistakes in the middle east asia is using the turmoil caused by wolves to do some serious business and even some of the
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worst hit countries like egypt to turning into a real opportunity as bill truly explains. this is north cairo where egypt's burgeoning chinatown has now planted its roots restaurant owner. says the chinese community here is thriving despite the political turmoil. most chinese come here for study or to call the muslim chinese minorities i opened my restaurant recently i know the political situation here is difficult but it doesn't affect chinese businesses it's a good place to live as us egypt relations soured after american officials with the help key military and economic assistance in october egypt has hinted at cozying up to other super powers like china and the list say to china its more about its political expansion gaining clout with one of the region's main players rather than finance we have sixty three agreements i mean different kinds of cultural political egypt is central country in the arab region and
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it's very useful to have good relations developing relations with us because we have a say in the region merging turn of the chinese embassy in cairo says although two thousand and thirteen was a turbulent year for egypt the country's exports to china increased by a staggering one hundred thirteen percent we were happy to see this figure we tried to make more efforts. to reach the. one billion very small egypt's economy which had heavily relied on its terrorism market has taken a pounding after two and a half years of revolution and regime change and with cairo and washington at loggerheads it looks like egypt might keep looking eastwards. boccieri r.t. cairo. while my colleague kevin and spoke about china's resource hunger with author
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and investor jim rogers and he told us beijing's playing finder's keepers across the whole world. china is trying to secure natural resources all over the world africa south america central asia jim itself said the beijing success is build on washington's failures what do you think. well. on the world you will certainly see there's a lot of truth to that the chinese have more or less. they're all over africa they're buying plantations and everything else america's got very little presence in africa now time is making inroads in the middle east and it's going to get a lot of oil from iran going forward it looks as though china may even start getting oil from iraq you know america says that they were a liberated iraq we're in the end it may be the chinese who get the oil unrest in the middle east has helped push up international oil and gas prices in mexico as a look at how it is the consumers who ultimately suffer. many
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demonstrators staged a bonfire a burning of energy bills to voice their opposition to rising costs fuel burning their energy bill is like burning your draft card you know during the vietnam war they burned their their draft cards burning their energy bill is similar in that you don't want to join up forces with the corrupt the big six energy companies in the u.k. that are their financial terrorism so if you don't want to support financial terrorism of the big six energy companies here in the u.k. you would burn your energy bill i suggest get a thousand people on the millennium bridge here in london to get together and burn their energy bill in unison. cause report coming away very soon here on r t time now to check out some of the world headlines this hour in a world update the red cross fears over people being killed by typhoon haiyan in the philippines rescue troops are continuing attempts to reach devastating news
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conference superstorm force evacuation of tens of thousands as well as mass power outages and flooding and is now heading towards vietnam where it is expected to make landfall on sunday. about five thousand people in greece is second largest city thessaloniki joined a protest against the development of new gold mines in the region people are concerned about the health and environmental risks as well as the effect on tourism since the project was given the go ahead by the greek government in two thousand and eleven has been strong opposition from locals often resulting in violence. people in the pakistani city of peshawar have held protests over a u.s. drone strikes that raimi to block a nato military supply route in the area and was stoked by a recent strike on a taliban command countries' governments of which opposed peace talks with militants in jeopardy as you talk about. revenge.
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miss venezuela has been named the most beautiful woman in the universe at a pageant that just wrapped up here in moscow eighty six beauties competing for the much desired crown along with a jewel embedded swimsuit holiday moroccan luxury new york apartment the brand new designer wardrobe judging the events were aerosmith rocker steven tyler and also the former spice girl. keep the pictures running can you right well i'll be back with the latest international news in about thirty minutes from now this is artie stay with us if you can. remember way back when we first talked about the first downloadable guns that could
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be printed out on a three d. printer at home while technology moves pretty quickly because british police have already busted in legal armory pretty out firearm parts and special three d. printers this technology may make gun control literally impossible in the same way that banning and burning books has become futile and the past they used to be able to just burn books or forbid them from being printed but in the age of the internet all you need is a scanner and an internet connection and the information that's found in a book cannot be destroyed because it is out there on the magical ether of the air at so basically the near future any person with even half a brain and some patients can start making guns in their basement which means the gun control laws will basically become pointless because they'll never be able to catch all the people doing it no will be able to take the guns not even obama or the hardest of hardcore liberals this technology could be the best thing to happen to the second amendment ever but i shust my opinion.
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but you may realize at some point that the goal of all my working life was nothing more than about making money ask quickly as possible see it would see what it was all for i couldn't say i was an editor for a glossy magazine at the time which was not ok so i can buy another fur coat or a new car or even an apartment so what and thirty four i don't have a man whom i would like to start a family with yet i knew then it was time to stop drop it all and try to find myself so. i won. today waking up in the morning and going to work. i came across an advertisement s.o.s. villages for kids looking for mothers. i was thrilled when i saw it i had to write a letter to the director and i spent half a day of my computer at home alone trying to find words to describe what i felt.
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could convince him that i was the mom they were looking for and they had to call me immediately. fine paints go on and i look through your c.v. why you decided to work in the village it's a way of life it is twenty four hours but what i don't like is spending eight hours a day at work without really knowing why or weren't doing it for. the
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successful applicant for the position of s.o.'s mother is a twenty seven to forty three year old woman who either doesn't have children of her own or has adult children who live independently. thirty four. a handsome young man who's going to love you and want to have children with you but what i tell the kids early on is found herself it's all over. it's not as though there are crowds of men here in the village lining up for me begging me to meet me please. that would let me go to offer the kids. love kindness and care it was here but i'm very fond of cooking rating and talking to interesting intelligent people here in the uk our kids are smart and interesting. ok so when you start. to disney know week.
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right you can go to morning kids good morning wake up. get up it's time to go to school no one to sleep. due to doing one boy for example told me that once he woke up got ready and went to school and it was so early in the morning that even the night watchman was still asleep orders were to blow his mother was a drug addict she didn't even notice her child gone i mean to exclude him they told me my scariest stories about what their lives her life and all that there are drunk mothers fleeing home or death of dormant and living on the streets or in an unheated garage that's what these small children have gone through and they've led me into their world and it became easier for them to cope. have you prepared clothes for the animal corner that have you taken was in the closet yes and the raincoat no problem go do it then. it's not a kindergarten or an orphanage it's a hollow.


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