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tv   Venture Capital  RT  November 10, 2013 4:29am-4:46am EST

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loading trucks after five years he came back home and bought a house yes for the seller that russians can't even survive on he was able to buy a house employers in russia in america say that locals don't want to work are demotivated well what a margaret worker on a salary that could build a bright future one compared to a local who can't even make ends meet while you could see why the market workers are a lot more motivated let me put it to you this way if you knew that you had to work five hard years of some awful labor awful conditions somewhere far away like brazil or germany what would be able to pay off a house would you do it i think you would let's not buy into this myth that locals and country x. don't want to work they just don't want to work in complete futility for table scraps but the shust my opinion. because they realize at some point the goal of all my working life was nothing more
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than about making money ask quickly as possible this year would see what it was all for i couldn't say i was an editor for a glossy magazine at the time which was not in ok so i can buy another for a coat or a new car or even an apartment so what and thirty four i don't have a man whom i would like to start a family with yet i knew then it was time to stop drop it all and try to find myself. i wanted waking up in the morning and go into work to be rewarding as the words of those that i came across an advertisement s.o.s. religious folk is a looking for mothers it's just another thing i was thrilled when i saw it i had to write a letter to the director and i spent half a day at my computer at home alone trying to find words to describe what i found through the words that could convince him that i was the mom they were looking for . they had to call me immediately.
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fine thanks go on and i look through your c.v. why have you decided to work in the village it's a way of life twenty four hours but what i don't like is spending eight hours a day at work without really knowing why or what you are doing it for. a successful applicant for the position of s.o.'s mother is a twenty seven to forty three year old woman who either doesn't have children of her own or has adult children who live independently. thirty four you meet
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a handsome young man who's going to love you and want to have children with you but what i tell the kids early on as found herself a man it's all over. it's not as though there are crowds of men here in the village lining up for me begging big mean to me can you please. let me go to offer the kids . kindness and care it was very fond of cooking reading and talking to interesting intelligent people you're in luck our kids are smart and interesting. ok when can you start a week. right you can go to morning kids good morning wake up. get up it's time to go to school no one does live. duty doing one boy for example told me that once he woke up got
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ready and went to school and it was so early in the morning that's even the night watchman was still asleep it was black his mother was a drug addict she didn't even notice her childhood gone up through the door they told me my scariest stories about what their lives her life from coke and all their drunk mothers fleeing home and living on the streets or in on heated garages that's what these small children have gone through they've led me into their world and it became easier for them to cope. have you prepared clothes for their animal corner what have you taken was in the closet yes and the raincoat no problem go do it then . it's not a kindergarten or an offer in which it's a house where you live with your family or your children that are five children. beds minutes fun and cool i mean they're all small so they're always running of our
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life with their view of anarchy so they're constantly doing something lame. for a good morning. the reason we face this on a post-war collective. many women and children here. that i'm an old soldier myself just like after the second world war so we all work together here. and it was an ordinary week no incidents everything's fine in our house. while the mothers here work a bit like the left tenants on a ship. good enough if the captain allows you to go ashore once a week or even once a month. the only question was how do you feel. i can say anything was especially appalling or surprising it's more or less what i had prepared for some things i didn't know about were quite unexpected but they didn't shock me. and wanted to
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enjoy the most wanted to bring you joy in the next fifteen years the kids. truth be told on the ship to. the only difference is that i live in this cabin with my wife and child how. building this ship brought me back to my naval yes as a young. woman i built this ship just the way i remember it. as my service yes we still have it. in touch with my former colleagues and fellow cadets. enough its naval officers that support the village and. not just anybody. spillage. is an international distress signal meaning say our souls. just as the nose of any go. into tears i told him comforting. if i happen to be hold and try to calm down
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a child in distress. i can be a father to seventy children just like i can't be a husband to twelve mothers. here. or there there are. at the beach. they won't sting. sting. you know you'll live. i would one for you i think an s.o.s. father is probably a myth which or she must be even tempered and have the patience of the same. time because in the evening when children come from school kindergarden since extra lessons as they gather roam to me and started growing mom help me help me mom he's
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taking my pen it becomes a currys the house. while you all shall sing did you join the drama club yes and shout their nails they aren't. they're clean my nails are clean. what do you do any more color and and they also go to syria. for you are those sergey is a true father for the whole village the mothers and children alike is the boss with a capital b. . history of being going to argue. she would have made a wonderful father because he's very firm level headed confident and competent to know how to treat children. my sister and her husband still try to convince me that i should have a child of my own they tell me not to worry that i don't have a husband and promise to support me after they keep saying that it's not
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a real family because their children are not male but i think it's stupid idea i hope i will fall in love with a man who will force me to choose between him and the kids got about i hope i'll never face such a choice. pressure ridges i wish that i would i want to marry a man who will take responsibility for me and the children but i haven't met such a man yet. but i've regained an appetite for life and that's what happened to me this place lives at its own pace you feel as though you're doing something useful. young what does worry of a lot of us i've been divorced for quite a while and lived alone for more than nine years now. have a sixteen year old daughter who is in the tenth grade and an elderly mother they're back in perth and should be set to close another was that my daughter may be jealous but only of the youngest kid six year old korea. she's
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a very tenacious child you know if you don't let me go no i won't get the three out of this lewis quite a difficult child to very opinionated and sometimes my daughter says now i know i hate children if i reply to you before but it will pass in time and there's no reason for you to love kids at the age of sixteen. until now dahlia is kind of helps me with my homework and cooking and teaches me to be healthy and brave. boy a kid at first i took four children in january two more joined our family. i came back from vacation to discover that i had six children not four and it's six children that i need to look after you. hello sweetheart how are you going to get up. fine so what do you have any free
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time. on a told what about you what's new let us know everything's all right around the time we learn brings home good marks three or four aides every day ordered those are because i got good marks for general conduct which especially please me. hello hello. wedding hallmark is helping me with physics well make sure your boyfriend doesn't distract you from your studies when need to talk. well let's talk about ten pm when i put the kids to that wasn't. all that stuff but i don't want her to think i've left her there. that's why i would regularly talk online that's why i always send money back home. i put aside very little barely enough for
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a modest life it would be great to have the support of the man i love. i hope i won't have to choose between. work i had already face a choice once. i left work and my husband served in the military but i won't choose a man this time. this man had better be prepared to accept me with the work i have and the life i. think there probably no such man. they're all villages like this in russia where mothers bring their own children and raise them all together. but it's not the same. even if a mother does care for everyone equally when you put all the children start complaining that she loves one more than the other of course there is a distinction here my daughter is my own daughter. realized i'm not the kind of person who can raise and log and adopt
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a child i'm not jealous i may wonder. even when a mother calls him at eleven or twelve. even if she is young and attractive i say absolutely call. new mothers who are younger and younger to day for example i was going to wait and met my has been in the company of a pretty young woman going to the husband in the company of me on the floor. with a young mother. so as mom asked for an s.o.s. dad she would have to go through the whole country with a fine tooth comb to find a couple of the buy like vastly difficult. women s.o.'s mom falls in love with a man it's different. than s.o.'s mother but he's not an asset. yes debt she's my junior but what about him my years boss to jordan doing in a sense from three of my rival to squeeze to compete and.
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you've got a lot of sneering and negative press for your engagements here in russia especially the public appearances spectacled and even though they weren't explicitly political you were just supporting sports one of the things that certain people regime has become very adept at is controlling the media for example right here c.n.n. do i think c.n.n. is you know completely telling it like it is no i think is a have an agenda i think through is is bought and paid for. it would look the fit to say that that somebody is manipulating it then presenting
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the palestinians is who did it meet liberalised. did they beat.
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when western politicians and media invoke the phrase international community it almost always reflects the thinking and agenda of washington and its closest allies around the world in this matter the international community is a very small minority. i was surprised when. the kids.


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