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tv   Headline News  RT  November 11, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EST

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we are not blind and i don't think we're stupid u.s. secretary of state john kerry. to israel goes on the offensive against iran high level talks on its nuclear program conclusive results. as the u.s. and the e.u. begin hashing out a key trade deal critics say it'll blow back on consumers and corporations unprecedented. feeling towards successfully return to earth right. now the longest. history to continue look bring you the details.
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live. with me rory soon thanks for joining us today the progress made in geneva over iran's nuclear program is in danger of being unraveled even before the sides meet again next week no sooner had the current ended without an agreement u.s. lawmakers then said they wanted to slap even more sanctions on tehran and that comes on top of an israeli diplomatic onslaught aimed at killing off what it called quote a very bad deal let's get more now. joining us live here on the program hello to you paula what was behind all of the israeli criticism as many are calling it. well israel has always been against iran's nuclear program of course it's afraid that it will use this to strike the jewish state the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu kicked up recent criticisms calling these recent talks that took
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place in geneva to quote him a very bad deal you give me one except iran and on this one off who said that by easing sanctions on iran to quote him would be like putting a hole in a tire now at the recent geneva conference washington and other counties were ready to agree to some final status exhibit for paris what we saw was that the united states and the u.s. wanted to do more for these negotiations is work what the conference has shown is a deepening rift or it is it has at least opened to the rifts in the west and kept most noticeably between tel aviv and washington and this one on his rejection of a potential agreement threatens to ignite the most serious american is rated disputes in the years. it's a dangerous. because it. as a nuclear threshold made sure. we are not blown them i don't think we're stupid i
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think we have a pretty strong sense of how to measure whether or not we are acting in the interests of our country and of the globe and particularly of our allies like israel. what we see clearly is a growing difference between the american and israeli positions viz of iran where as television is saying what it's always stated well what the seeing now from the u.s. side is that it seems to have changed its stance somewhat what we're hearing from the u.s. secretary of state john kerry and this is to close him that the u.s. has narrowed its differences with iran certainly the u.s. secretary state john kerry in that we just played that paula actually really showing his frustration towards binyamin netanyahu as we saw just there but you know the deal seemed so close this time around many bibble amounts hailing the progress that had been made what went wrong at the talks in geneva.
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well as you say a deal did seem really close france is accused of a century breaking any kind of deal and the position of the french is that they believe that the proposal does not adequately neutralize the risk of iran becoming and forming an atom bomb now there is a short term deal that peres has put forward we don't know the details of it the according to some reports it will involve a six month freeze on all of iran's enrichment program and in return they would be limited sanctions slept on terror and the fight the french foreign minister has said that he doesn't want to quote him a fool's deal but critics are pointing fingers at paris for preventing any kind of deal going through for preventing what many saw as a potentially good chance from reaching resolution on this very very difficult topic indeed all these polish live in tel aviv thank you. well the failure to reach
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a temporary deal as appalling as you're saying is largely being blamed on powers whose road blocks certainly took washington by surprise iran's supreme leader railed on twitter against the french movie described as imprudent and inept. but political analyst saeed mohammad marandi he says at the end of the day america still has the upper hand when it comes to the talks some believe the french are in coordination with the united states and that's a sort of good. combination some believe that the french are this the current french government is very close both israel and the saudi regime and that they have a great deal of influence but it's very difficult to imagine under any circumstances the french really standing up to the united states at the end of the day if the united states is adamant that it deals should be struck i think that the french will fall in line and i coming up later today on r.t. it will be cross talk. debating whether crippling western sanctions on iran can be
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justified particularly considering the country's economy is now in a state of ruin priscilla he is in in for the in south after her aunt was not iran was not transparent according to the nonprofit you have you can't pursue but you have to be transparent and when you establish order for you you you put you build a place in order to enrich uranium so you know it's these i think kind of command information but again i don't want to go into detail into the know but i think i do agree with what i was saying is that if you look at how countries view the western assault on iran for the last few decades most countries in the world disagree with it very strong majority against it is the perception is is that the again the americans and it's a close allies hijack what do we mean by the international community and you know what they could even be bombed to hell in the name of the international community
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which would be an absolute fraud george go ahead. yes exactly. in the case of iran the i.a.e.a. has never found that iran had a nuclear weapons program that he was diverting any. towards nuclear weapons program even the us intelligence agencies have not found that iran is has a nuclear weapons program so therefore this this use you as the israeli policy against iran has absolutely really no basis at all on the law or on evidence. across talks throughout the day here on r.t. but for now europe and the u.s. are in negotiations which they hope will result in a much needed boost to their cash flows there sitting down to hammer out the transatlantic trade and investment partnership which would remove
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a number of regulations that currently create barriers to trade the successful adoption of the agreement promises both parties massive gains indeed yet the profits come at a price as critics say the agreement will up at health security and environmental regulations in danger but that risk is worth one hundred nineteen billion euros which the e.u.'s economy has promised annually from the deal a journalist and author moody explains are the cons of the partnership. it's based on the idea not just of getting rid of the barriers to trade of which there are very few between the u.s. and e.u. but of getting rid of called the non-tariff barriers and those really amount to regulations things like health regulations safety regulations environmental regulations and so the whole thing is predicated on actually deregulating the european and american systems so that's a very big assumption because people may not want to have their food let's say for the environment more polluted for the sake of more money but that's precisely what
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would happen is the father be fewer constraints and therefore it's true it will generate lots of money for the b. companies but effectively the public will pay in terms of reduced regulation reduced protection and that is never count kill a tit in these trade agreements it's always about the bottom line of the big companies is also predicting that a lot of corporations will abuse their right to take legal action against governments to push forward their agendas have a listen to this corporate sovereignty is about putting the corporation above the nation it lets a company sue a country and they can do that when they claim that their expectation of future profits has been diminished by changes in the education all by particular station already in place and what i think will happen is that companies like monsanto will sue the e.u. the big. day that refusing to allow genetically modified organisms to be sold here is actually a barrier to trade and therefore their profits have suffered and therefore under
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the tee to wriggle ations assuming they go through they will claim to have a right to sue the european union. and the talks are sharjah will to continue through to friday you know beyond go in n.s.a. scandal could certainly tarnish the discussions or peter all of a picks up a story. the idea behind tough the transatlantic free trade agreement is to generate billions of dollars of business between the united states and the european union well it all sounds great however the amount of snags that this deal is hits over the time since it's been put on the table suggests that not everybody is happy with everything that it would be not to talk a bit more about some of those stumbling blocks i'm joined by michael economic analyst thank you very much for talking to me now just over a shoulder over here just over your shoulder over there is the u.s. embassy now the john kerry the secretary of state says that the n.s.a. spying saga isn't going to be an issue when it comes to talking about trade but
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that saga has limited trust between the two countries how can you have trade when you don't have trust i mean. let's face it. the united states politicians are saying oh this is very bad. but there is no real consequence out of it you know how does that relate to business in particular if you will say one of the big giant german companies would you be willing to sit down with one of your american counterparts do you trade knowing that perhaps they were listening in to all of your secret conversations of course the n.s.a. and all the spying is not only about political issues but also about economic facts and companies. that. take the results of the spying for themselves but they cannot do anything against it there is a potential legislative minefield that comes from this and also the potential for the stripping of sovereign rights lots of people have campaigned in the e.u.
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saying the too many rights determined by brussels could end up seeing is that trade could end up determining the laws of the country how will it go down in germany let's face it. there's nothing else submitting the e.u. can force to the. of us call chrissy i want to put. the whole world and also to the you won't have any advantage at all this is all a hoax it's all a lie that nobody on the streets wants it we have all rights we have all their working fine why should we saw was served to the monsanto mafia they are profiting from this treating nothing michael economic analysts like you very much for talking to me there so the second round of talks on tough to underway but certainly still a long way to go to convince the people of europe that this is best for them we're coming here live from moscow this is our team from orbit twenty fourteen olympic
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torch has returned along with a crew from the international space station. in france has been following the historic journey. right here in mission control when the big red letters landed flashed on the screen a huge round of applause went up to see the torch back safely here on earth with three crew members russian cosmonauts fyodor yurchikhin american karen nyberg and italian luca parmitano now we watched as the capsule broke through the atmosphere and that large parachute opened up over the skies of kazakstan as it came hurdling back toward earth the torch has been in space before but it's never been taken on a space walk and that's exactly what occurred it blasted off from the back door cosmodrome on thursday made it safely up to the eye assess nine crew members up there and then it was taken out on a spacewalk on saturday by two cars minot's we were here live watching that it was very exciting to see the engineers actually walk walk the cars minutes through the steps on how to get around the i.s.a.'s with that torch in hand of course it was
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not lit but nonetheless the spirit of unity and sportsmanship was up there on the i assessed in the form of that torch next it plans to go to the beautiful area out in the eastern part of russia and it's going to go to the bottom of lake baikal it's going to go to the top of europe's highest peak mount elbrus and it's going to continue on on this longest relay and olympic torch history and all the way to saatchi in february something that we're all watching and enjoying a lot but certainly this detour to outer space was something very momentous and historic to see happen. so a lot of news to come your way here on out to you today still on the program a day to remember as british veterans are all known by russia for helping with the second world war remembrance day is mobbed across the globe for those touching details in just a few. it
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would look the fit to say that somebody is manipulating it then presenting the palestinians is. right on the street. first street. and i think pictures. on our reporters twitter. and instagram. could be in the. on. this immediately so we need to. find the same potion security for your party
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there's a poll. questions that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politics only on our t.v. . southie live from moscow a rescue operation is underway in the philippines after the biggest typhoon to ever hit the region has left parts of the country in ruin thousands of troops have been deployed to help relief workers currently struggling through the mountains of debris a local authorities say more than ten thousand people may have died in the disaster the numbers yet to be confirmed meanwhile the typhoon has already reached vietnam killing at least six and literally forcing hundreds of thousands to flee the coastal areas and is expected to move on to southern china where a state of emergency has already been declared meteorologists are robotic o.-l.
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believes the region unfortunately almost certainly see more simple storms in the very near future. the intensity the energy in the storms in the pacific have gone up by fifty percent over the last thirty years or so and this is largely due to the warmer ocean wormer atmosphere so we're going to see more of these very severe storms so-called three four five category storms now in some cases when the communications systems are very active we can give good warning to other people in other cases when those are not there or not as robust it's very difficult for everybody to know that it's such a severe storm is coming so preparation is going to be absolutely essential and the countries are clearly going to have to make the kind of decisions about how they're close or populated in order to minimize the impact. now the search for
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a two state solution to the israeli palestinian crisis continues with tell of its closest ally the u.s. warning that building new settlements is in no way helping the ongoing peace talks in early november israel published tenders for the construction of more than eighteen hundred units in the occupied west bank and a lot of us our sophie shevardnadze is speaking with alan lee al the former director general of the israeli foreign ministry about the hopes of ever reaching a breakthrough. if the mold of settlements is huge and probably irreversible in. the signal that the israeli government dissenting to the palestinians to the rest of the middle east to the world by by continuing even aggressively to settle it is very negative is singular because if low dork's we look.
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in agreement it will preclude a peace agreement when we meet next time to talk with the palestinians in three or five who knows maybe ten years the volume of the settlements will be bigger in the chance for a palestinian state smaller so i personally. do not understand what this government is doing i know that a lot of pressures from the israeli right to go on settling bad price a bit we will ease a little worse for these. because in just a few minutes here on our team but for now the. remembrance day ceremonies have
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been held across the globe to all of the heroes and of course the victims of the first world war that came to an end ninety five years ago other conflicts are traditionally also remembered on this day including the catastrophic second world war the russian and british veterans are now among those recalling their cooperation to bring down the fascist war machine as artie's police reports. earlier this year the russian government was finally allowed to say a special thank you to british arctic convoy veterans who had traveled to the save the union with supplies during the siege of leningrad the u.k. government gave its blessing for the veterans to receive russia's naval bravery award called the medal it's the result of years of campaigning because of illegal snag that forbids the queen subjects' from receiving foreign decorations it is very significant because actually generally people in this country and allowed to receive medals from other countries that is not the norm i with dates back into the
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mists of time with queen elizabeth first in a sort of rather aggressive way said my dogs will only wear my colors but this is now being waved in the case of the medal and i think it's because of this very close links being forged at a ceremony in downing street in june the russian president awarded the first twenty veterans where he is there is the in russian we see all those who contributed to the fight against nazi germany as heroes and it gives me great pleasure to ward you all with a medal. but what toward all the men him barked on the freezing journey through the arctic waters is still under way for the past four months the russian embassy here in london has been working hard to track down every single veteran eligible for the across the meadow but let me show you the actual room where they work takes place. with the help of the ministry of defense and its medals office the russian embassy has been busy writing to veterans and many of them have been writing back and we
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have. really found through those people who are writing from their hearts they're really thankful for this medal this was such great feedback and sometimes we even read with tears these letters because it was really touching it's a medal that many of the men that took part in the convoys the youngest of whom. now eighty six say they thought they wouldn't live to see their two civil servant or some very stupid state will forward to receiving this year. in fact raise their children it's very hard to wear it around for sure neighborhood around those are there i'm going to start right at our new drummer about going to have your son and jimmy's not the anyone over three thousand veterans have responded to the russian proposal to award them with the magic. this is in no way the last chapter in a book which is about recognizing the war effort in both countries the man that
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brave the arctic when to say they didn't say that russia and britain have finally managed to come together to decorate them for the heroism all those years ago. azzi london. or the new report coming out now slamming britain's spying activities yet again find out why g c h q needed a spoof version of the social network linked in those details online for you right now. plus some just spectacular pictures here in indonesia seven a kilometer tall column of irish erupting out of mount sinabung saw in vision a section of r.t. dot com is where you can see the latest pictures right that. right from the scene. first struck. and i think you're.
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on our reporter's twitter. and instagram. could be in a little over one. or two eastern libya to open up beyond the world update it's where separatists have gone a step further and challenging the authorities in tripoli. by forming their own oil for a breakaway militias control of lion's share of libya's crude now and tending to stop exporting it for their own needs the central government has threatened to take action unless oil facilities are handed back inside ten days tripoli has been unable to regain control of the self-proclaimed autonomous region which does have its own shadow government in place. and thousands of left wing protesters hitting the streets of athens in support of a no confidence vote against the country's current government and the initiative was tabled by greece's main opposition party syriza but their move was defeated by
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a majority in parliament other debt stricken nation has already been granted to multibillion euro bailouts but now that speculation it may need more. and the main western backed syrian opposition group has laid out new preconditions for attending peace talks the syrian national coalition wants to moscow's to establish humanitarian corridors to perceived areas and to release political prisoners the opposition has also stood for one of the bomb that assad must step down for the syrian government has so far refused to accept such terms for the proposed international conference in geneva. well it's been nice having you with us here on out t. today thank you very much for joining us sophie shevardnadze and her program is coming your way in just about.
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president obama despite being king liberal loves to flatter the troops he loves their courage selflessness and teamwork as he said in his state of the union address but he doesn't love are there expensive injuries which the troops are going to have to pay three. more for according to yahoo news the president's administration wants to force military retirees to get out of tri-care their current plan and added to obamacare the plan calls for them to raise premiums from up to ninety to three hundred forty five percent within five years one example provided by the free beacon estimates that a retired army colonel with a family currently paid four hundred sixty dollars a year for health care would have to pay around two thousand dollars make you pay even more for your war injuries apparently that's what obama is actually planning while he is reading those lovely speeches off of teleprompters people who are against the post nine eleven war against who knows what are often told that they
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don't support the troops will do the people who say bring the troops home never advocate tripling their health care premiums no they don't all of the chicken hawks who send the troops off to die in questionable wars are the ones who want to make them pay even more for their injuries but that's just my opinion. the unwelcome to say i'm sophie shevardnadze is raul is expanding its presence in the west bank despite the fact that's one of the main obstacles to peace talks prime minister benjamin netanyahu however keeps talking about his desire to find a solution to the middle east conflict but looking at the action and not the words
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does israel really want peace. is really post will both of those names ever share the same maps while political leaders struggle to even agree to hold talks about talks real peace is far from sight israel keeps building settlements while the palestinians keep insisting they want all. well and back home where is the nonexistent relationship between the two neighbors taking. our gas today's our lonely and former director general of israel is foreign ministry mr lee it's great to have you with us today so you did not believe that one yahoo wants peace with the palestinians any peace even with concessions so basically all speculations regarding talks and solutions involving this government is just hot air is that right. good i think that the neo would like to have peace but all he's terms and. i think early
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acceptable to the palestinians so they would be nice most peace meaning over the years everybody wants peace the question is will tell you ready to sacrifice in order to achieve peace and very little people look many people in israel and maybe also in palestine are ready to sacrifice enough in order to achieve. it so you personally you don't expect anything to happen any steps further while netanyahu aides in charge i don't accept to have a final solution what we used to call beast i don't accept these do it but i think everybody's b.c. no been what is called plan b. how kids.


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