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tv   Sophie Co  RT  November 11, 2013 4:29am-5:01am EST

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herm's and he's terms i think are acceptable to the palestinians so they would be nice most it's meaning over the years everybody wants peace the question is what are you ready to sacrifice in order to achieve peace and very little people look many people in israel and maybe also in palestine are ready to sacrifice enough in order to achieve. it so you personally you don't expect anything to happen any steps further while netanyahu aides in charge i don't accept to have a final solution what we used to call peace i don't accept these do it but i think everybody is busy know in what is called plan b. how can we arrange the talks to fail in an agreement
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really to fail in a way that will bring violence or a lot of palestinian international activity especially in the un but to fail in an aggrieved way that the palestinians will get some think. everybody will be able to say that the talks cheve to. something for the palestinians so it is i think is what's going on at the moment i personally very much against it but there are different views about it what needs to change in the class at her needs to come to power to bring a palestinian solution a step closer. i don't think anything has to change in the knesset there is one individual that can make the difference and this is prime minister netanyahu.
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is having the very comfortable majority to move to an agreement to a partial agreement or an interim agreement to move to an agreement if he will decide to lead to such an agreement as it seems no is not ready to do it the price that he will have to pay is that broadly he will have to leave his own party the likud because in the early quote you don't have a majority for an agreement if to sigrid it with the palestinians but eric sharon did the same when he was prime minister and left the likud formed a new party it doesn't look as if is willing to do it like that look like everything is centered around one person right. but it happens sometimes because historically israelis kind of delegate that the authorities
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on the issues of peace and war to the prime minister and leverage israelis saying what do i know about the threat it's about what's going on behind the the screens and i have to leave it to my prime minister when begin was prime minister and decided to go to peace with egypt the following morning fifteen twenty percent of the public change changed its mind and supported such a peace that included with two all from the sinai peninsula so if litani earl will stand up and say this is my suggestion for for a little agreement with the palestinians he will have that much or it is this this is happening i think in israel only or letters or war and peace if it will be only
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as social matters then the public can. challenge the prime minister but i don't think on war and peace but ben i mean that apple seems quite a phenomenon from outside because he's always been a target of criticism from both foreign and israeli press but still he keeps winning power and as we know it happens democratically why do you think he has a slight support if first tool there is no left left in israel winning the left side of the political map has been almost crashed there there is no real peace camp as we used to or today we have sent in right with the minimal. amount of left is so and you know the neo is positioning himself. in the middle of the political map these kind of them order it right also i think it has economic achievements
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the country is doing well hardly felt the international world crisis of two thousand and eight and people appreciate that way he's running the country. only economic issues if you give building and planning to build more settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem and that's despite all the criticism it gets in quoting from the united nations and the u.s. is ignoring it actually the best tactic i think this is the said issue is story clearly. in the conflict the settlements i think when we started speaking if there is chance for peace or not and i will specifically stick with this is the reason the mold of settlements is huge and probably irreversible and. the signal that the israeli government is
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sending to the palestinians to the rest of the middle east to the world by by continuing even aggressively to settle it is a very negative signal because if low the talks will look. in an agreement it will be called a peace agreement when we meet next time to talk with the palestinians in three or five who knows maybe ten years the volume of the settlements will be bigger and the chance for a palestinian state smaller so i personally do not understand what this government is doing i know that a lot of pressures from the israeli right to go on. circling but the price bit we will pay is enormous for this first of all regarding
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our international image but also if we look to be able to establish a palestinian state we will be the palestinian state it will be in israeli palestinian state that by national state so i don't know the struggle or the government is doing ok but what can be done about the settlements israel insists are cannot be another gaza solution which saw settlements dismantled so what's the way out first of all we had to freeze in the past but the issue of the settlements is directly correlated to issue a for make off the agreement if an attorney oh whoops to reach peace with the palestinians the further think he personally has to say is let's stop settling because the more settlements we have the more difficult it is to reach an agreement so first he should be there were stopping it don't forget that the prime minister
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shot room when he decided to go out to for gaza and the rules of the west bank removed the settlements removed them and said no we shouldn't be that. he's not doing it. first of all it doesn't look just enough to stand against the pressures of the right but even more worrying it looks as if he's personally in favor of it so so this is this is the real main complication the continuing of the settlements well talking about the pressure of the right the jewish orthodox population sometimes has the most extreme far right use very hard had it self-righteous in many ways and that behavior can actually aggravate other nations i don't know the palestinians but it does seem like the government is benefiting from such behavior because who else would live in a settlements if not people like that right. and there is also
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somewhere. it could lure me spic to eat then i would say that maybe if. maybe even more of the settlers moved to the settlements because of economic reasons because they could get better housing cheaper in the settlements the government sold to eat so loot all the settlers ideologic but when you speak on this little be on the right is that these threats any to topple the government if the settlements are being stopped. if an attorney would face them and say i'm stopping it would have to change the coalition this is possible he has players outside the quali sure who are ready to join any any time if he moves still would be east like the label party so i think it's
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it's up to him because he can he can resist these pushes the feet will decide to do it all right after the break what's israel's interest in syria iran should answer allah just tehran's new negotiations town stay with us. and obviously more for the latest because it's pink. women wanting to avoid great shame reeling people i counsel are having teams that. can assist on that island. i'm once again it's the field. when the definitely
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a target of the gun lobby and you don't kill them when the killing money but if somebody would you would piss with her. i've noticed that more and more and that's really scary marketing tactics which implies that women have some sort of moral obligation to protect their family and young girls shoot out here too so we do have a pink or. more kids young kids choke on food than are killed by firearms if being armed made us safer in america we should be the safest nation on earth were clearly not the safest. place right on the scene. first strike you and i were being butchered. on our reporters twitter. and instagram.
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welcome back to the show and our guest alan leo former director general if israel's foreign ministry so good to have you back at first there is very little interest among israelis towards how the palestinians leave laura peace solution is that because they're constantly bombarded by the media the level of threats but is there no human dimension being put across. it's a good question. here it is connected of course the fake that the palestinians are. now their enemy they're not only presented as their enemy as you know over the years we had two intifadas each of them lasted several years of very violent especially the second one with their belt two hundred fifty suicide attacks a lot of israeli casualties we still have missiles from time to time coming form.
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it's look it would look be fair to say that somebody is manipulating it and presenting the palestinians is the enemy the palestinians the enemy one of the enemies of israel so it's very difficult for part of the public to do sympathize with the difficult conditions there especially in gaza or any in the west bank. however i think there are many many israelis there's of thousands maybe hundreds of thousands if it care about it that are in touch with palestinians and support them through their civil society also there is a responsibility of the israeli government because we're they'll keep bias to to see to eat there the conditions will be bearable and we are passing money that we collect to the excess so there is some equal because even wie's gaza not
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only with the west bank but the truth is the majority of the public sees the palestinians as enemies a lot of them sitting in jail for terror attacks against israel even for murdering israelis it's difficult for the ever achieves wally. who doesn't see the long to. the political issues in front of him he sees the daily security should he sees the past difficult for him to like the palestinians so let me ask you a question as i would ask an average israeli do you think something should be changed about how palestinians are portrayed or it's a fair portrayal i'll give you a personal view i think. and it's not a secret that there is a basic mistake in the israeli approach to the peace process and the peace
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process is being based order the balance of power between us and the palestinians we are by far much stronger than the palestinians in every possible direction to call all the stake technology they can military. the infrastructure they get is no mous when you come to a peace agreement between six million jews who live here and five million palestinians one in our four million of them israelis you have to change their approach you can look basic on the balance of power because if you base it on the balance of power we really can do everything we won't because we bring that we bring the aircraft we force them to do what we want them to do but this is look peace differently look you will look at chief justice in such
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a way so i would make a switch and change the attitude look at the historic circumstances the graphic circumstances and look to base the talks old the fact that we are strong and weak but if you. look at the palestinians themselves they don't look very politically united either why is that i mean the hand of israel again or a palestinian lack of engagement it's a tragedy what's happening to them this rift between the fatah and hamas is not only dividing them almost half in kind of power lies inc there it's also effecting the easily position because these were only say let's say we have an agreement with the ball does it. define the
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moderate side will double the wrist will that vote to come us will get both gaza so why do we know if we do a live peace with the whole. people it's a big problem it's an additional problem that the problems that we had in the past when we were negotiating with them. i want to touch upon another huge topic from is route iran iran on one hand could be getting closer to its new clericals on the other they have shown a willingness to negotiate israel is sort of stuck in its own position with calls for a strike falling largely on deaf ears how uncomfortable if the situation. here we come back to bend to me in a tiny aisle in a tiny ease sure that if they rania's choir and the torment bump it's the end of the state of peace and this is an approach he's preaching for in fifteen years or maybe even more and this is how
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we see these things he compares it to the situation of the jewish people during the holocaust stand there he all the time speaks about it and effects public opinion on this issue in. the feeling is although every year we say that next year they run eons we'll have the bomb the feeling is that no it's not a metal fuse it's a matter of months or maybe even weeks so he still speaks of the possibility of attacking in iraq all sites in iraq in order to slow down the procrit progress to deal with the bomb and the israeli public leaves are that they impression that this can come enable that even if the international community is negotiating with iran and the americans apply though
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a lot of pressures ollie's will look to attack first of all i don't know if they will succeed and they take care come and it can come any any week and i was ever a lot of folks in the big rolled there at the time you know will give up on their own iraq if the american will look both brush on us to withdraw all the way west bank because the fear in the iranian palestinian deal it's a lot in the papers in. the big papers even these days maybe this this is one of the things in the big road that americans are look putting pressure on us to achieve peace with the palestinians and we kind of promise them that we will look the tech in iran so you're saying is rally public isn't tired about speculation or seven iranian strike by now because everyone else
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i can tell you that much is where you fact take bite at this point. look i think it is well it's taken very seriously especially before the iranian elections because we're not matina judd was the ruler to just imagine that up with the inner judge will have an atomic bomb in his head was very very frightening no there is a different leadership looks difference look different smiles more and i think i think. differently for the international community but even in israel some people are saying if they have the board we know it's even more responsible heads then it would have been three four five months ago it's really it seemed a little bit muddled that the neo natal the o.n.e.'s government say all this only
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exercise is just a trick to fool us and the barbie's all the way this is very effective you know not on the oh world of fear. being advantages as politician is he's ability to do to address the media dress the public for the media to convince the public is very powerful and effective you need any frightens the israeli public is the israeli public see. only the run of the unborn is an existence of two is one of. the traumas the people who have you so so many people will be became i think the vast majority of israelis will bear kill him if he attacks iran their way he
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decides to do it i want to talk a little bit about syria as well now there's been much speculation about israeli involvement in syria some believe israel played a role in destabilizing syria others say israel has been staying back because it is the devil they know do you see something that we don't see here. the only thing that i see that. is looked much talked about is that for israel when it comes to syria there is one crucial element israel and worlds to keep the golan heights and as long as nobody asks israel to withdraw from that paula it's that this is something very important strategically and i think that as long as our side will rule syria syria even if it asks for peace with israel we'll never get the golan heights and i think
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i think the israelis the majority of these rallies want to keep the golan heights and the fact that we had all of pressures to we strong form the golan heights like we have to do is to inform the west wing this is can see the great development here another thing that you see also internationally is we are afraid that the. or or iran will control syria because then we have another piece by law or al qaeda on our borders and in this case people people probably prefer assad but but the main thing is and i think it was clever for israel in the last two years. since these developments in syria started to stay aside and if then there is a need to do something militarily maybe to do it but but look to get involved in
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supporting the side or the other side of the rebels because both sides assad and the rebels and enemies of israel in any case so here's my last question i'm going to ask each answering and not charge because our program is coming to an end ease ralph thought about ratifying the chemical arms treaty in the wake of the syrian chemical attack and all the diplomatic efforts around it but then decided to stay ambiguous on this question do you believe that the right step. look we didn't join many international bodies and they grimace because we thought it will affect us negatively. it's not only that chemical it's also the autonomy and even the i.c.c. the international criminal court i think that as long as we're in the middle of such a conflict it's difficult legally to join some of these international agreements.
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from the fear that it will be if they have negative effect. on. me. thank you so much when it's interesting talk that's it for today we're talking to a lonely and former director general of israel's foreign ministry thanks for being with us we'll see in the next edition except that. is actually what happened that day i don't know but a woman got killed. here's lakers i got arrested for. for
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a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases were police officers lie about polygraph results. innocent people taking shots at police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like meant no because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were often taken in when they want to they can say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they didn't want. they said. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy albus. in
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fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our proximity we've been hijacked lying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers one still just my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem try rational debate real discussion critical issues facing up to five ready to join the movement then walk a bit. if you want to say that. if iraq was invaded by a coalition of the willing led by the united states then you should say that it was led by a small group of countries led by the united states there is no way that you can
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actually arrogated international community when you only represent a very small group of self interest the powers to determine to national committee use in the by each country i think a bit first of all in order to advance their own national interest every country around the world seems to be using the term a little mind even though i don't see that i'm sorry good decisions disagree with you my friend i do not see china saying that i don't see russia saying that i don't see india saying same that i don't see brazil saying they comes out of western capitals. margy dot com is launching
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a special project to mark the appalling scale of violence in iran. we want you to know. least be cool language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's one you hear on all t.v. reporting from the will talks about six of p.r.p. interviewers intriguing stories for you. in trying. to find out more visit arabic don't call teeth don't call. me we're not psyched to an active camp at guantanamo where patients are forced that the months after a massive hunger strike never turned the world's attention to the place that summed
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up jobs gulag of our times. that's a bad deal we are not blind and i don't think we're stupid. u.s. secretary of state john kerry responds to israel as it goes on death and sin against iran to high level talks on its nuclear program cold not conclusive results . as they do us and e.u. begin hashing out a key trade deal critics say it'll blow. consumers and corporations unprecedented power plots. the human torch has successfully returned to earth after a historic trip to space and now the longest torch relay in olympic history is set to continue we'll bring you the details.


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