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tv   Breaking the Set  RT  November 11, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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me with my extremes are a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to the report on r.g.p. . coming up on r t a deal or no deal the latest round of diplomatic talks on iran's nuclear program ended over the weekend so what exactly came from this high stakes meeting the latest up ahead and protests over the fatal police shooting of a california teenager police officers claim that the thirteen year old's toy looked like an eight forty seven but andy lopez's family says there's more to it more of the protests coming up and a battle is brewing between old and new in the taxi industry well regulations increased operating costs for d.c. count drivers new competitors are eating into the profits we'll tell you more later in the show.
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it's monday november eleventh five pm in washington d.c. i'm meghan lopez and you are watching r.t. well today iran and the united nations nuclear chief announced that they reached a deal that would expand the monitoring of the country's nuclear sites and the lone spector's in the places that they've never previously that allowed to inspect but the same can't be said for the p five plus one discussions that happened last week negotiators from the u.s. britain france germany russia and china walked away from talks in geneva switzerland with out a plan to address iran's nuclear program now the idea was to lessen sanctions against the country in exchange for iran to freezing its nuclear program international powers fear that iran is trying to build a weapon but tehran says that the nuclear program is peaceful secretary of state john kerry said monday progress was made in the p five plus one talks and he hopes
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that a deal could be reached soon. so we are working hard to try to overcome mistrust to try to build confidence to try to find a way is that both the p five plus one and the united states. have the ability to be able to achieve this goal of ascertaining for certain without doubt that a program. is a peaceful nuclear program diplomacy takes time. and all the parties here need time to fully consider the issues however talks were cut short when iranian officials that backed out a new round of negotiations as expected on november twentieth are to have paul slayer as more. so long ago that the talks did seem promising you had the iranian foreign minister meeting with the european union policy chief foreign policy chief
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catherine ashton in the mood in that meeting was certainly one of optimism but israel has been opposed to these negotiations from the start saying that iran will cheat anyway and in fact israel has always been against iran's nuclear program and what netanyahu says is that easing sanctions on iran would be like to quote netanyahu putting a hole in a tire on the other hand you have the united states which is pro these negotiations and what we're seeing is possibly the most serious an american israeli standoff and dispute in medias. it's very interesting. because it cutesy wrong as a nuclear threshold nation. we are not blown the i don't think we're stupid i think we have a pretty strong sense of how to measure whether or not we are acting in the interests of our country and of the globe particularly of our allies like israel john kerry also says to quote him that israel needs to recognize that no agreement with iran
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has of yet been reached and any kind of israeli opposition is essentially premature what kerry said was that the time to oppose any kind of deal is when you actually see what is kerry saying that the major powers were in fact united on and ukranian nuclear deal but it was the rain ians who were unable to accept it now we did hear from iran after the talks aimed it on saturday that it was in fact powerless who was responsible for blocking any kind of deal the french foreign minister fabius saying that we don't want a fool's deal that was r.t.s. policy or and speaking of negotiations the u.s. and the european union have hit a rough patch in relations in recent months due to n.s.a. revelations about the size and scope of american spying on the e.u. leaders this by the backlash negotiators are moving forward this week with transatlantic trade and investment partnership talks in brussels these meetings
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were originally scheduled in october but were postponed due to the u.s. government shutdown officials from both the u.s. and the brag that the t.t. ip would create jobs and boost growth in the two economies critics say that these negotiations are not to just about trade but also about reining in the wild ways of the internet as well arty's paula peter all over fills us in on the latest. just over our shoulder over here just over your shoulder over there is the u.s. embassy now the john kerry the secretary of state says that the n.s.a. spying saga isn't going to be an issue when it comes to talking about trade but that saga has limited trust between the two countries how can you have trade when you don't have trust i mean germany and the you is nothing else than. let's face it the slaves of the united states politicians are saying oh this is very bad desperate and assess buying an engine american but there is no real consequence out
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of it you know how does that relate both to business in particular if you say one of the big giant german companies would you be willing to sit down with one of your american counterparts to do trade knowing that perhaps they were listening in to all of your secret conversations of course the n.s.a. and all the spying it's not only about political issues but also about economic facts german companies are aware that they are spired and don't the americans take the the results of this bargain for themselves but they cannot do anything against it so there is a potential legislative minefield that comes from this and also the potential for the stripping of sovereign rights said lots of people have campaigned in the e.u. saying the too many rights go to determine by brussels what this could end up seeing is that trade could end up determining the laws of a country how will it go down in germany let's face it i mean does this treaty is nothing else then submitting the e.u. working for us to the good of us corporate christie michael morales economic
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analyst thank you very much for talking to me there so the second round of talks on top of the under way but certainly still a long way to go to convince the people of europe that this is best for them that was our team's peter all over to the philippines now where nearly one thousand people have been confirmed dead and officials fear that number could reach ten thousand after s. a historic super typhoon made. on friday philippine president been ano aqui no the third declared a state of national calamity in the wake of typhoon haiyan on authorities say that almost ten million people were affected by the storm some twenty three thousand houses were damaged or destroyed communication lines are down and roads and bridges have been decimated leaving many thousands of more scrambling to find food water and shelter more than eight hundred thousand people were evacuated even before the storm hit however a list of the reasons the death toll may be so high is because those evacuation
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centers were schools churches and government buildings that were made of brick and mortar so they could not withstand the winds and water surges themselves listen to how one woman describes the chaos. that opened up little i was able to go to the factory to seek refuge i spoke to my husband earlier that day i had faith that he would make it maybe his will to live there was no time he was on his way to the factory but he was telling me there was water everywhere and there was no time anymore. at least six islands and forty one provinces experience winds of up to one hundred forty seven miles per hour with one hundred seventeen mile per hour gusts and storm surges that reached twenty eight feet the u.s. government is providing twenty million dollars in immediate humanitarian assistance according to the usa id and i sent troops to help one major task will be clearing
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the bodies from the streets as a matter of public health. and now to a developing story out of pakistan according to sources within the taliban the brother of the hakani network leader was fatally shot in islamabad earlier today nothing nothing rude in hakani was the group's senior commander and financier he's also the son of the group's founder economy was described as intelligent business orient. good and good with money so his death would be a huge blow to the group now the economy network is a syndicated operating group in afghanistan that has been involved in extortion kidnapping smuggling and transportation it is now aligned with the talabani though it remains tied with parts of pakistan's i.s.i. and was funded by the cia back in the one nine hundred seventy s. details surrounding her death are still questionable and port say that the group of gunmen on motorcycles drove past him and fired bullets though no one has claimed
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responsibility for the attack security sources believe that his body is now being taken back to northern waziristan for burial. well i have one i know you probably do too linked in is the professional version of facebook where career oriented adults post their resumes and connect with business associates or potential employers online what do you know who is behind the website if you're living in the u.k. the answer could be the british intelligence service g c h q according to german magazine the der spiegel edward snowden revelations found that the pages look the way they always did and they didn't take any longer than usual to load the victims didn't notice that what they were looking at wasn't the original site but a fake profile with one invisible added feature a small piece of malware that turned computers into tools for g c h q intelligence service it's
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a technique known as quantum insert the g c h q apparently placed server isn't strategic spots so that they can intercept and redirect targeted traffic to a fake website faster than the legitimate service could respond according to articles written by laura poitras who is one of the few journalists believed to have access to all of the documents stolen and leaked by edward snowden the d.c.h. who was targeted but they actually were targeting the global roaming data. exchange companies belgacom come for and mock as well as senior management companies like the opec oil cartel linked in tells der spiegel that the company would not have authorized the creation or the use of a fake linked in profile and was not notified of the alleged activity so it looks like networking in the u.k. is a new meaning anyway. over the weekend hundreds of people across california took to the streets demanding justice for victims of police brutality feel emotional
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marches were sparked by the thirteen year old death the death of thirteen year old andy lopez he was killed last month and he was shot and killed by sonoma county deputy eric gelhaus who was holding gelhaus says that he was holding a toy gun that resembled an a k forty seven assault rifle parties were among the lindo was at the protest and he joined us more. five. man from santa rosa california to here in los angeles and several places in between the marchers are taking to the streets demanding justice for and you know pads sonoma county deputy in iraq war veteran eric go house shot thirteen year old and you know told her twenty second guest house claims that he felt threatened by the gun and he was holding the gun turned out to be a toy which resembles an a k forty seven weeks after the shooting and his death is still stirring up strong emotions it's unbelievable this trained officer could just
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open fire on the young boy for out here so it doesn't happen to another family among the protesters were mothers who lost their children in police shootings genevieve these are son when all dia's was shot and killed by an eye police last year his death also sparked weeks of protests the da is just applying the crime for juries or justifying the crime and cops are getting away with murder throughout the united states jeanne faxon son thirty one year old michael knight was on norm when he was shot and killed by southern california police officers mistook night afore an armed robber and shot him in the back after he ran from police the family agreed to a settlement of four point five million dollars but the officer was never criminally charged and in that case a man you know bears this card shot shoot first ask questions later shoot first and ask questions later that's ok with my sanity but her son is hoping to get her son protesters believe the shooting is part of
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a troubling trend of overaggressive policing in the u.s. the thing about the envelope this case is that it is a child and what we're seeing is the militarization of our police departments here we need to start addressing this issue about police brutality it is true i think it's stupid for us to say police brutality is never existed because it does we see it happening everywhere all the time and all of. still looking into the shooting as his family continues to mourn supporters will likely continue to rally on the streets demanding justice friend lopez and other victims of police violence in los angeles. marty and our teaser mungle endo joined me earlier to explain the latest in the lawsuit that andy's lopez's family filed on his behalf take a look that's right i have a copy of the suit here that was filed in u.s. district court in san francisco it claims that. house acted recklessly and violated
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the rights of any lopez when he shot and killed them back on october twenty second the suit also faults the sonoma county sheriff's office claiming that the share of encourages it step pretties to use excessive force when encountering the public now you might another a number of other people who were family members and they had loved ones that were killed by police officers you highlighted a few of those stories in your in your piece can you tell us more about them and their cases sure in several the cases those mothers say that their. children were shot and they were unarmed at the time the investigation did prove that however is. such in most cases of officer involved shootings prosecutors in each of those cases found that the shootings were justified and that's what we see in most of us are involved shootings where prosecutors do rule that the
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shootings are justified so that really brings a lot of frustration from these families who who think that who believe that this is a troubling trend that always takes of serzh word justice and that the justice system does not accommodate the victims no ramon how often are officers being charged with wrongful death. an officer being charged with a rod wrongful death while doing the shooting. you know in uniform is very very rare we saw. a conviction against officer johannes messer in the oscar grant case a couple of years ago he served eleven months for that right now we're seeing a couple of. fullerton police officers going on trial for the beating death of kelly thomas but in reality it is very rare the president credit the newspaper there in santa rosa where and he was killed documented dozens of officer involved
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shootings going back to the ninety's and none of it and in every single case the officer was justified and i don't lot of police agencies are now starting to equip their officers with body cameras in order to clear disputes could this have helped to any of those cases that you reported on but it's interesting you mention that the l.a.p.d. is actually about to experiment with these body cameras they claim that it's they hope to catch misconduct and also protect the officers over false allegations of misconduct but just going back to those cases of kelly thomas and oscar grant those are just a very few cases where an officer does go on trial. for death while on duty and really the only reason that those did go to trial is because there was video involved sure now what does supporters of the lopez family have planned for the future. sure well tonight there will be
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a prayer vigil at the site at the site of the shooting where andy was killed and we are seeing that there are organizers planning future rallies there are some online petitions right now demanding that the deputy involved in the shooting be prosecuted there's also a petition to create and the milk as a memorial park there in santa rosa as well and romona where these protests localized in any part of california did they spread beyond california that you know of where there was hundreds of people who turned out for a rally there in santa rosa and the lopez's hometown but we also saw. video from here in los angeles in sacramento and even in oakland all communities where there are several victim's families who believe that police officers who are involved in delhi confrontations need to be held accountable thank you so much for reporting on that our to correspondent rym angelino. well still ahead here on r t taxi drivers
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find themselves that on its way with industry change a new city regulations and competitors are making us one that the profits of old school taxi drivers will tell you how after the break. dramas that's the origin. story others. change the world right. to picture. from the. look. this is my life whenever a few of the lower one looks at all this i still can't believe i still put. my first. try to get. the fortune been able to help.
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the young very pro. show these awards like the. body or. i feel i left the. welcome back when you hail a cab on the street you are probably not giving too much thought to the person driving or the company he or she works for you are more concerned with getting from point a to point b. in the quickest way possible while paying the smallest amount but in the nation's capital a taxi turf war is playing out on the streets new regulations are now in place to
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modernize d.c. cabs but at what cost to the drivers buckle your seat belts as artie's a list of all explains the road rage is related to know a month and a half i didn't get no paid nothing elias a rageh has been driving taxi cabs in washington d.c. for twenty years but it's been a rough road doing business the last few weeks after the d.c. taxicab commission implemented a number of new rules. now all taxis must have the same dome light carry an approved credit card system and eventually be painted the same color cab drivers have had to take on the cost themselves upwards of a thousand dollars because of new these new regulation you know. a lot of people lot of abuse he says the cost for these don't lights keeps going up and many drivers can't even get one due to a long waiting list now some drivers have been ticketed their cars towed and their business at
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a standstill even if i don't get the money how can i buy food for my kids. pay my bills just like anybody of. drivers that say they're tired of being ignored have banded together and joined the teamsters union they're now suing the district demanding they get an extension on the rules and for the city to stop telling cars and imposing fines rob linton is the chairman of the d.c. taxicab commission he says he put the rules in place for a reason. instructions of the mayor will know when he asked me to take this position to modernize. the regular taxi service of the district it's not just new regulations that cabdriver say are impacting their business or parking lots like this have been more full lately because cab drivers say they're losing business to another company that's now playing by the same rules. as a booking service known for its upscale luxury car service with the click of
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a button on a smartphone customers can expect a car to arrive in a matter of minutes drivers are dressed for business in the transaction is smooth and seamless no cash needed it arrived in d.c. in late two thousand and eleven people could provide at least the illusion of being bald hearns or being elites cab drivers say they've been fine with sharing the road with until now goober recently launched a more affordable service called labor x. to get a license for the i know what it's nobody's just going left or right because the person you're from b.c. . business cab drivers say goober x. which charges similar rates to regular taxis doesn't have to follow the. same rules in order to be a. good thing. you have to bring where you live state gagging like the commission says it's still in the process of writing the rules for the bracks but the cars can stay open for business until that. is gaining
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popularity and many of its users think it's the future of urban transportation we know that it's fundamentally transforming transportation if the venture on google is given in this company a quarter of a trillion dollars for taxi drivers that don't welcome the service the taxi cab commission says if they see. a problem they need their ship shelves why are people using them instead of me that's the question it's a question many county drivers are struggling to answer as their business and livelihood remain uncertain in washington liz ball r t well i was joined earlier my artie's own liz wahl who filled us in on the latest with the lawsuit taxi drivers have come up with to ease competition yeah it is getting a nasty typically taxi drivers very they operate independently so it's been very
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difficult for them or for their voices to be heard because they're kind of all over the place now they're trying to change that by unionizing hundreds of them have united and joined up with teams start to form the d.c. taxi operators association and on their behalf a lawsuit has been filed in the superior court that's now in the federal court and what it does is ask for d.c. to. stop to extend the deadline so that they can have more time in order to comply with these regulations and even if they want to they're having a hard time doing so and for the city to stop giving them find slapping them with fines and telling their cars so there is a restraining order right now or trying to see where that goes that's up in the air definitely things are heating up. absolutely know you had mentioned and you kind of highlighted some of the different services that one company that's really up and coming hoover has and you know i know you've tried it i've definitely tried that service before is it so convenient so is it time for taxi drivers to catch up with
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the times to follow technology will the commission is going to say absolutely he's saying a lot of people come to d.c. they're used to being in other cities where everybody takes credit card and that's just the way that it is and that you you're competing with that with huge companies like burger and that's just the way that that's changing time and they've got to get with it. the taxicab commission is actually came under fire because the spokes person used kind of controversial words when he was describing this problem here in d.c. he said that our taxi cab system is comparable to third world countries and that didn't fly very well with cab drivers here in d.c. they're asking for an apology in addition to that legal action that they're taking they want to apology from the taxicab commission for using those words saying that there's kind of racial undertones associated with those strong words which but at the same time when you have a company like hoover or some of those other companies they don't have the same
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regulations as a regular taxi company right well that's kind of where the controversy lies. in my report there spoke to a lot of taxi cab drivers that have been driving here in d.c. for years and years some for decades and they have always had to abide by these rules they have to get fingerprinted they have to they have to have their driver's records. looked at very closely they some of them they have to even get their medical records checked and they're upset now because this business is coming in very volia right in front of them sweeping up their business at least as of now until the rules are more. more exact more in place for brac specifically that competes directly with d.c. taxicab. they're allowed to operate so it's frustrating a lot of count drivers who say that they've had to abide by these rules for years and years and seeing their livelihood in danger at the same time i know
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a lot of people that use you are gaining popularity it's so quick it's so easy it's so simple so seem less and it's gaining popularity so so yeah some of them some of them are adapting some drivers are adapting for some it's harder than than others but it's the changing times it is the changing times and i know that customers want to have that safety in knowing that they can trust the person whose car they're getting into but at the same time technology makes things so convenient that they can be going out changes is a tough thing to do so give us an example of how big is at the moment at launch not too long ago in two thousand and nine and since then. it's exploded it's and fifty cities now there are going global they think about expanding into other parts of the world. i see it here in d.c. just where i left my friends that use it they use it once and they're hooked because it is so convenient so very popular growing in popularity and only expected
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to grow that they can so much for reporting on these taxi turf wars r t correspondent liz wahl joins me in the studio thanks. and we've brought you stories in the past about regulations for the pornography industry that will require actors to wear protection when measure be passed in los angeles it's stated that performers must use condoms during sex scenes or face fines or even criminal measures in protest adult film stars james dean and jessica drake made this parody video. but it looks like the two weren't that far off the mark new ground regulations currently under consideration in the california senate would it require quote personal protective equipment or goggles to ensure that there is no quote ocular contact with male bodily fluid if the measure passes get ready it could mean
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a lot more porn taking place underwater or on ski slopes and that does it for now i'm meghan lopez see you back here at eight pm eastern. tonight leave the world. as a. hello and welcome to crossfire all things considered i'm peter lavelle the phrase international community is often.


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