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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  November 11, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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what's going on guys i'm having martin and this is breaking this that last friday one of the strongest typhoons in recorded history slammed the central philippines killing at least ten thousand people in the sleezy and more than six hundred thousand a monster typhoon destroyed nearly eighty percent of the structures in its path the u.s. has already pledged twenty million dollars of the island nation which is great because turns out america might be partly responsible for some of these casualties is the logging and commercial mining was first introduced in the philippines by the us and logging was greatly expanded in the country by western backed dictator for dad marcos especially on the islands in the center of the typhoon the forestation makes
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these islands extremely vulnerable to typhoons and hurricanes because of the massive piles of wood that are carried in the towns and cities by strong water surges and this debris acts as a fatal weapon so today instead of spending the five dollars at starbucks pledge the money toward the people of the philippines there are dozens of worthy organizations already on the ground such as red cross doctors without borders and mercy corps but aside from donating the most important thing we can all do is reject the past city when it comes to climate change see the philippines government has already concluded that this record breaking typhoon is directly connected to the global phenomenon so while everyone wastes their time arguing whether or not this is real or manmade more storms like these will continue to devastate communities around the world it's time to wake up guys and it's time to break the. the the little particulars they
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are looking very hard to take that are the little. ones that he ever had sex with that hurt me there are those. that please. please. please. please. please. please. please. please. today is veterans day and no doubt you'll be seeing the yellow ribbons american flags and commemorative speeches made by our politicians but amid the empty gestures and grandstanding there is one thing they consistently ignore
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the abysmal state of veterans in the new west and the failure to live up to the promises made to soldiers when they first enlist so here to discuss the true reality of veterans face i'm joined now by mark march through vice pres in the d.c. chapter of veterans for peace thank you so much for coming out and i could be here every thanks. veterans day was a ridgeley called armistice day commemorating the ceasefire that ended world war one why do you think the days no longer used to talk about global peace well because there isn't much global peace today considering all the. issues that we're involved with in the countries we have troops in hostile situations the quality of defeats the whole purpose of armistice day right and when you hear i mean as a veteran of the vietnam war how does it feel to be bombarded with these phrases support the troops thank the troops what does that mean you know well i kind of try to give the the people. if it is the dow they really do know how to talk to troops because only one percent of the u.s.
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population is connected with the military and they are the only ones make an sacrifices so me personally when someone says thank you for your service i appreciate that but i mean i think it needs to be more than one week a year like you said in your introduction they put yellow ribbons on the cars away flags but i mean veterans need health care three hundred sixty five days a year especially regarding mental health issues we've seen the troops go on the back and forth pingpong deal between a combat zone and home and just about the time they were going to comfortable in one situation their jerked out of that and put in the other one and by the time to go just at their home they're back in the end of combat so they don't really have a chance to process all the stuff they've seen in the military to kind of come to terms with that and that's part of the healing process of course and i mean you know you're talking about all these issues and different to how this is one of the biggest challenges that you've seen in changes i guess over the forty years since
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vietnam to today. one of the things is again so many people just don't know exactly what the veterans are going through because of that one percent versus the ninety nine percent to turn around from the occupy movement but i mean people say it doesn't affect me directly that and i'm not really interested in some friends of mine and people don't get concerned with veterans' issues until it directs the directly affects their ability to do watch dancing with the stars and drink beer every night what a truly sad commentary to say that i mean that's the reality of it it is reality and let's break down some of these mental health statistics really harrowing to six months one of the one of the issues never discussed of course is p.t.s.d. according to american psychiatric association more than three hundred thousand veterans of the wars in iraq and afghanistan have been diagnosed p.t.s.d. . twenty five percent of all of that are and suffer from this kind of mental disorder some kind of disorder what does this say about the long term future that
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veterans face here well we even know today that they're having trouble getting into the health care system whether it's the military health care system of the v.a. system i mean we heard stories of veterans having to wait six eight ten months to be able to make an appointment with a mental health professional and if you're feeling suicidal or homicidal or very depressed i mean you need help right away you can't wait eight months to see someone and that's one of the things that the v.a. needs to deal with i think they're slowly improving but they still have a quite a ways to go where you bring up a good point and bizarrely not this is actually exponentially grown the number of backlog cases the trying to register under obama there's been a two thousand percent increase in backlog disability claims trying to get these heard why do you think that it's become such a burden well i think just like you said the sheer number of veterans that i think veterans hopefully are becoming more aware that they need to have asked for help and their family members of their friends or their neighbors need to kind of
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encourage them to do that i mean i've seen p.s.a. so on television one wonders how doing it help a veteran or whatever it is and but again if you call these people that may ease you through your crisis at the moment for but for the long term thing unless you have something continuing on a weekly much the you're only bases with the trade mental health care professional you're just going to you know go back to that depression or suicidal homicidal situation when you get to your current crisis and go something is done long term it's just going to continue and multiply that by the number of vets who have done multiple terms three and four and five times that they're finding out that p.t.s.d. and t.b.i. traumatic brain injury are kind of a clue accumulate over time and unless you deal with that it's just going to continue. then you do to build with the pressure on imagine that the machismo culture of the military makes it even harder that much harder to even talk about it
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but you do need help and seek help you know you're mentioning before about these constant redeployments in the stop loss program let's take a listen to what obama had to say today during a speech about that exact issue. men and women like the soldier soon to be veteran i met a few months ago jakarta hogan. yukari deployed to iraq twice and schieffer survived not one but two. excuse me three separate idea explosions. and when she was well enough she deployed again. and i was almost celebrating as you say no she was she was really joyful to jump back in there and combat i mean what effect do these multiple redeployments have on soldiers i just want to expand i would like to compare that with the current focus on concussion the n.f.l. i mean i read you're so good that the n.f.l. and the military are doing partnering on some kind of research behind that since
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they are fairly similar i mean you get banged on the offensive line and that fellow and you get your brain rattled by a i.e.d. and you're contrary and the injuries are similar or different from different circumstances but so they're working together and hopefully there will be some sort of research coming out of there will be useful to especially the military folks and you know veterans also make up about seven percent of the u.s. population yet thirteen percent of all the homeless people in this country are veterans one of the biggest factors contributing to this really shocking statistic well i think again it's just that the economy kind of factors into that when one companies are downsizing or sending jobs overseas back in a way back in the last century i mean we were guaranteed to the job when we came back from from our service to our country and i think because of the economy that today that has a just for fortunate effect on the military again people. appear
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safer spiels to join the military get job training and this kind of stuff but a lot of military jobs don't translate into the civilian factor a civilian the equation when you when they go back and of course a lot of people say old blame you know it's an all volunteer army of course you can blame these people who are joining but really it is a lot of manipulation in this system to get these people to join in and of course once you're in the system there really little options to get out thank you so much marker so vice president a d.c. chapter for veterans for peace thank you seem to be here to take you. it's not uncommon for a news publication to endorse a political candidate proposition or certain campaign however in a bizarre twist the new york times just made a glowing recommendation for something the public can even see last week the new
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york times editorial board wrote an article titled a pacific trade deal and they describe the t.p. p. of the transpacific partnership as an agreement that could quote help all of our economies and strengthen relations between the u.s. and several important asian allies that's interesting i want to have a great lady has such a clear understanding of a trade deal that so secretive even most members of congress have no access to the text. not only is end result secretive though it's investor to state dispute mechanisms but the process by which they're getting close to this deal is also very secret if the chair of the subcommittee of jurisdiction are around international trade and he has not had access to the text near nor has his cleared to staff had access to the text and this is actually goes against past practice in trade negotiations congress is not involved the other agencies are involved or not involved so it's really like a slow motion coup d'état. a slow motion cooter time might sound like hyperbole
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until you consider what's at stake for t.p. which is made up of the twelve country trade blocs spirit by the us is not the negotiate by world leaders but instead by multinational corporations yes big banks big ag global telecom pharmaceutical and fossil fuel giants are all standing to benefit immensely from the passage of this deal see there are over six hundred us corporate advisors ensuring that the final outcome of the text guarantees corporate profits of a public good and of the twenty nine chapters only five of them actually deal with trade the rest at a very dangerous precedent on everything from intellectual property rights to food safety to the eradication of the buy america act not to mention the international tribunals that would use syrup national sovereignty and to make matters worse not only have the talks but conducted in the dark but obama is now trying to bypass
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congress completely to fast track the bill or to bring the t.p. straight to his desk or signature knowing the violin portions of this impending agreement it's discouraging to say the least that such a little of tension has been given to these secret talks and it's even more disconcerting to see steam publications like the new york times actually supporting the deal because it means like the points out that they've either seen the document and are refusing to fill their journalistic pledge to provide the american people of pern information or but they haven't seen it and they're endorsing it because they know that being members of the establishment corporate press delve benefit from it just the same. stick around after the break we'll look at some examples of the two tiered injustice that some. people are pushing everybody has something to show everybody. looks at a person or sit next to the airport. i mean there's always in the wall. it's about
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. belts whether it's a ballet dancer a walk play or. those are things that are curious to me as it is things i think about. that we're not a. i'm the president and i'm a society. i'm big corporation kind of continue to go. to.
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the bank or try to call them all about money and i'm fascinated that for a politician writing the laws and regulations that. somehow. there's just two. days. that. more often than not it seems that the fight is controlled by a system of unfair justice or giant corporations can torture human beings violate
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civil liberties and completely destroy the environment and after all that said and done they can even sue the victims and when it truly is liberty and justice for some over the most egregious case of the two tiered justice is and i'm joined by b.t.s. producer man mel rob hello what is going on many so there are so many cases that we can talk about on a local level to state level of federal level let's start with the chevrons the victims of the oil spill after decades of contamination yeah it's almost a disservice to condense the so small list but some of these you know are are my favorites are just so ridiculous i can't can't help but bring them up and we have covered this little bit you're looking at the headline right now chevron which is formally texaco was responsible from of the worst environmental disasters in the history of the world we're talking about sixteen point five billion gallons of crude oil just deliberately pumped into the rainforest and they were delayed in
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zero oversight this was you know between between nine hundred sixty four in one thousand nine hundred fast forward to two thousand and eleven after decades and decades of legal battles. chevron which took over texaco was finally ordered to pay for the costs of the part of the cost of the cleanup and also for the damages incurred by the indigenous population. is there and what i mean this is there's really no value that you can put on this and it was a historic win i mean it was yeah it was it was eighteen billion dollars overall i think after everything was said and done it was nineteen billion dollars that they that they were ordered to pay but at the end of the day they weren't they didn't pay a thing because they didn't recognize that the court's ruling. brought the suit back here in the united states the indigenous people there defendants are still trying trying to sue but now chevron is actually fighting and fighting back against the indigenous people of ecuador actually counter suing them for defamation saying that they've been baelish the claim saying that so overexaggerated are conspiring to
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rock a tour against the company and if you want to talk about who is conspiring here we know that chevron got their hands on countless e-mails from activists journalist people associated with this case actually literally spying on the people that were behind the suit so i mean when you're looking at that who is really conspiring against who the fingers point to to chevron here and it's really sad because at the end of the day it's the indigenous people and the environment that's over it's such a disgrace i mean that is really a shocking case and let's talk about opera great because this was you know one of the black mars' on american history and the iraq war at this horrible torture house where you had to see a cia international you had to american troops there torturing brutally some of the worst human rights abuses in recent history you know pulling generals across a cold wet concrete floor forcing people to commit homosexual acts of each other dogs on each other i mean it's just it's just a disgrace not only was there absolutely no justice for these torture victims when they tried to bring their case to court a u.s.
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district judge said no you don't have a case because it was outside the u.s. and instead here we go you know if that wasn't bad enough and i'm i'm yelling because i'm really pissed off man because this you know i can think of more discreet full case of injustice than this where they come back the judge already dismissed their case and then make. on a same basis they get sued by ca sandra national you're completely you're going to be on point after all this and that and we were we were covering this is some extent whenever the plaintiffs were trying to come the united states and then you the courts were blocking them from even coming in filing suit and when they do come here the courts like you know what this happened overseas in a prison overseas so this is a u.s. court we don't have jurisdiction but somehow they do have jurisdiction to rule in favor of international and award them fifteen thousand dollars that the plaintiffs the men that were tortured at this facility are having to pay for the legal costs witness fees and all that no it is even though they should have been dismissed on
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the same thing that you know and it would be this is the pit of me and you know the same private contractor math that i've just that is just grown in a post nine eleven era as k.b.r. and what to skip over this one i mean jamie lee jones contractor for calibra religiousness of severe halliburton was brutally gang raped and locked in a box after she was raped by her peers and instead of you know one in a lawsuit or getting any sort of justice k.b.r. then sues her for defamation right this is another bizarre this is a much more complicated story because back in two thousand and five jamie lee jones with the with the contractor kellogg brown and root she claimed that she'd been gang raped she claimed that she'd been drugged the thing is that they were loopholes within the contract that she had signed that made it such that she had actually there was fine print with her employer saying that she really sorry had to go to through some internal system she couldn't go directly to a court she had to report this to k.b.r. and she couldn't take this to court so all the while you know they're dismissing
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this there were allegations that k.b.r. themselves had actually tampered with the rape kit all the while there's no actual legal procedures going on in place by the time she does make it to to up to a federal court and it is with the trial by jury people hearing her case there's not enough evidence to to convict or they. they actually sue back against her and when they actually were asking for two million dollars from from from jamie in and you know they still ended up getting fourteen thousand dollars after she lost this suit and what that does it sets other precedents for our employers to make it harder after the break because they can talk about this all day and be absolutely physically ill let's talk about the latest case which is what the reason why we decided to do this which is fracking victim who now you know has flammable water as we see in that famous gas land trailer have been lighting you know the light in the water on fire because of hydraulic fracturing or just fracking and now if he's getting sued for defamation this is the catch all this is really one of the funnier
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ones and i really i don't mean to laugh it's just so ridiculous the man's name is steve he's and he's a texas you can see this all over the internet actually one of the stories that went viral there were journalists coming to his house regularly just to see him light his garden hose on fire he would let the water run out of a well in his backyard and the water itself would catch fire and the company which the company's called range resources was doing he sued the company he said you guys you poison my water the water was poisoned and they're suing him for defamation there's absolutely and there's overwhelming evidence just that it was range resources that are completely and fully responsible for poisoning the well not only that but his neighbors are now saying that you know they were experiencing similar contamination but they're afraid to speak out because they're afraid of the backlash and that's really what this does is that you set these presidents were going to be the little guy and then it just where do we go from here because of course people are just you know in fear of actually standing up for themselves and
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of course to top this up we cannot let it go without talking about the war on whistleblowers which in itself is just such a disgrace and bodies the teacher justice system so much where you have whistleblowers exposing crimes war crimes instead of them you know a lot instead of them being given a warren's nobel peace prizes they're put into jail charge of the espionage act eight people so far. you know it's talk of my dad last night he was saying all the news just talking out what should these people be prosecuted with and it's really the question should be what should the government be prosecute with for committing these crimes all these little activities instead you see the people who blow the whistle on them we're out of time manny thank you so much for coming out and breaking some of this down. it's.
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high schools across the u.s. are notorious for their generic textbooks one that cements the idea of american exceptionalism throughout history to the current day cogency intuitions on the other hand are much freer to recognise their liberal environments that foster true learning and critical thinking and fact my first year in college was when i was introduced to many of the insane things happening around the world perpetrated by my own country which helped propel me into becoming an activist and one of the books that stood out the most in those early years which helped counter my years of patriotic brainwashing was howard zinn's a people's history of the united states howard zinn was a revolutionary thinker who understood that history is too often written by the victors by the powerful which is why then chose to write an alternative narrative on everything from columbus's genocide to the slave trade to the dropping of agent orange across vietnam it's a book written from the people's perspective one that doesn't shy away from the horrible truths indeed the texts that will challenge people's long held belief
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systems which brings us to former governor of indiana mitch daniels currently president of purdue university c. daniel sought to ban howard zinn's books from all indiana classrooms according to a recently acquired e-mails from two thousand and nine by the a.p. daniels wrote to top state education officials this terrible anti american finally passed away his book is a truly executable anti factual piece of dissent from ation that misstates american history on every page daniels goes on to complain can someone assure me that it's not in use anywhere in indiana. that is how do we get rid of it before any young people are force fed it totally false version of our history of course after being confronted with the breaking story daniels backpedaled and claim he was only talking about k. through twelve not college somehow not realizing that censorship an arbitrary book
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banning at a high school level is still just as insane as far as the anti-american insults daniel hurdle towards zen john turman executive director of mit said inside higher ed to be contrary to the old mainstream construction of history is not equivalent to being anti american that should be obvious but to a politician who still seems to be campaigning for something it never will be his unsuitability per views president is a glaring. boom take that daniels here attempt to censor one of most important voices of our generation is a major failure not only of the book continue to be taught but this week universities across the state of indiana future events honoring howard zinn from teach ins to lectures in response to the emails but the conversation is now brought in way beyond just this book students and faculty across the state inspired by the censorship attempt have use it as a springboard for greater conversation about academic freedom. what we see here is
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somebody who's got a lot of power trying to take that away from people who have less power at the college and university level a lot of decisions depend on the university administration and the state doesn't have any authority but clue stroman says months after the emails were printed the reason people are still talking about daniels and attending reed and why is because people in power are trying to get more involved in making decisions about what should be studied and indiana's classrooms see these students get it only when we learn the uncensored history of the us had gemini will we ever begin to be able to stop future destruction and prevent history. from being repeated over and over again.
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well. it's technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've gone to the future and covered. this is my ego like whenever i'm feeling a little low i want to look at all this i still can't believe that i still pinch was. my first and says. try to be good for. the fortune been able to help others. even in maybe i'm very proud of. so these awards and my time. getting paid by the or. i feel i've left the mark.
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i know c.n.n. m s n b c news have taken some not slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close and for the truth and might think. it's because one whole attention and the mainstream media work side by side the joke is actually on here. at our teen years we have to print press. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not good. at. you guys stick to the jokes i will hand over the stuff that i've.
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it's funny there are approximately over two hundred eighty million licensed firearms in the united states of america female owner seem to be more and more common today one in five americans own at least one firearm a phenomenon which didn't exist thirty years ago. and i'm not a girl that's for all begun to joey i have a few pieces but i don't wear a lot of it and that what we do together as a family is collected and target she's. the right to carry a gun is supported by the second amendment of the constitution established in
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seventeen ninety one by james madison after the war of independence. free circulation of guns was one of the first flows put in place by the revolutionaries . even if the time of war has ended for many americans carrying a firearm remains and in a right as important as freedom of religion or expression. and carry on and on time. i must say probably were at a time. paradoxically while crime levels have lowered since two thousand and five the sale of guns keeps on rising. the subject divides american society with the pro arms on one side and the anti arms on the other. consequently each state has their own legislation for regulating the sale and carrying of guns the twenty seven states in red on the map have lenient laws the twenty three gray ones are more repressive america is divided into. more and more
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american women think that being armed is the same as being free. single women mothers retiree's for them buying a pistol is as natural as doing the washing some are real enthusiastic. i have been saving up and i have sacrificed some things to be able to have the money to get the gun that i want what is their motivation why are they scared any time you know there can be some type of intrusion but i happen to have a fire how do the lobbying powers behind arms manufacturers rally because. that's been popular with women is for the latest because it's pink. all over america we have met women who up hold the right to bear arms.
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on a deserted street with a wild west feel to it we find ourselves in the heart of texas. why oh ranch two hundred kilometers away from the nearest town the women who get off this bus are housewives business women and even grandmothers all are members of debo wow . a club for those craving a life outdoors. that's their goal to have fun with other like minded women at the weekend and they don't come unprepared clothes hats jewelry and leopard prints everywhere you look. here's my guy and. a rifle. today this is key to enjoying the weekend one i got a good. captain fancy protective covers twenty two gauge shotgun and in their designer handbags are their pistols. and daisies is that enough. let me see yes.
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denise is a fifty three year old housewife she is a regular amongst the divas today she has volunteered to welcome the new participants. well our organization is the largest women's only add to organization in the world and so what we do is we think if we can introduce women to the outdoors they will bring their children so that's why we come in here in the n.f.l. they really had a great time we were shooting and they can take it home and then introduce their children to do in pick up the sport because we just don't want to run our country we've lost two generations of shooting and we have picked up the banner so that didn't happen again for. hunting or target shooting is a cement a tradition in american folklore back in the times of the old wild west when the country was still a vast and hostile wilderness the settlers armed themselves with shotguns as they discovered the promised land little by little they are in their freedom in their
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own way these women are doing the same here today. i'm a gun owner i've got several shotguns rifles pistols on this trip i brought a twenty gauge and a twenty eight. being a member of this group for seven years and i enjoy the camaraderie i enjoy shooting and to get away from my husband i've been a stay at home mom for twenty some odd years after my daughters left alone i had to find something that i enjoyed doing for myself and that's what brought to me. in the space of a weekend these model mothers are transformed into real hunters free from family obligations they intend to pass on their knowledge and hobbies to their children you are your own. for your daughter she's got a little pink baby and we go out and shoot little clay rocks at the far. as she
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loves it. she was born in the day she was born she became a david david there. are these guns normally reserved for shooting birds or clay discs able to be used in other circumstances. susan is forty nine and a fashion designer. i've never been put in a situation where i had to make a choice to shoot a human or not so i can't answer yes or no but i can say i believe that i would protect i think that my instincts would take over and if i had something that i could protect myself or my children or with i think that i would i think if we go back to our. ten years of defending oneself is a contentious topic. as for these women learning how to shoot and gaining self confidence is not just a game for a fifty year old banker it's also
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a question of survival home. ok frank you tell me about that i was in a parking lot i was with a girlfriend and locked the car to let her out to her car and a gun was held right to my head with two guys and a guy came around the other side knocked her back in the car. and they asked for all our jewelry and i told him he went get him. and he hit me in the face invested my nose and sort of not me. cuckoo and they stole all their jewelry so after that. i decided i would never be helpless again i would never be sure that i would be afraid and not be able to defend myself . on. to finish off the day judy hosts
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a meeting with the divas by the pool she has planned to get up steam special weapons for clothes and accessories. being at the forefront of fashion whilst armed to the teeth but still staying feminine under all circumstances. it's another way to get women passionate about firearms. it's a very sexy to be able to wear your gun on your person and with the new styles that you can conceal your gun and your closes just makes it even easier to take it wherever you need to go and casey would you mentioning that it's when you don't think that you have a gun on you. yet attaches to your for all you know if you have the middle of your bra so the concept was it that you flash on and then you can get your gun out very quickly so that's where the concept of flash bang came from clothes how bikes or browse for hiding guns you'd almost think we were in
6:39 pm
a spy film however in the united states of america these products for women are profit. well business on the internet this mother to be has developed a gun holster that she is marketing and writing him off a paper and it's interesting you know you did it. you know whenever you got into the way they are here and it's like really hard. in this other video a woman shows us a wide range of cases for carrying weapons discreetly. and the powerful lobby groups who defend the right of each citizen to bear arms understand about to attract women to their cause they have to change their style on their sites or swimsuits t. shirts and even baby clothes all marked with their logo buying these products is adhering to the ideology. it's a winning strategy as observed by laura browder university professor and expert
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when it comes to female gun carriers. you know women's involvement with guns really started up again in the one nine hundred eighty s. when the gun industry realized that handgun sales were flat and that hunters were dying off and not being replaced and so they began marketing once again to women and women's gun magazines started to be published in the media got interested because it was such a great story and as gun magazines aimed at women began to be published and ads aimed at women began to be published. books also came out here's one five. packs in quickly who is the cover girl actually on this magazine and this book was called armed and female it sold zillions of copies and was a media sensation because paxton quickly suggested that if women wanted to avoid
6:41 pm
rape they really needed to buy guns and learn how to use them because. police weren't going to be there to protect them husbands weren't going to protect them in fact husbands might be the ones trying to rape them and they needed to protect themselves. reinforcing ideas in women's magazines spreading the idea that a strong woman is an armed woman and the results speak for themselves since nine hundred ninety gun sales amongst women have risen by twenty percent now pistols revolvers and rifles form an integral part of the american shopping basket. it is really important for the gun industry that every member of the family i want to gun. and that guns are seen as something that promotes family values you know not something that's associated with violence and crime. so the n.r.a. is magazine woman's outlook has a cover that says thanks mom and here's the mom with her kids and everyone in the
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family has a gun. this is one of my absolute favorite covers of women and guns magazine it's the suburban mom with the shopping cart and the toddler in the cart we've all seen the image a thousand times but she's at the gun store and she's shopping for ammo. and of course guns make the great holiday present here is the christmas tree and the little girl with what's probably her first gun. or a. big box but. everybody's going to do that you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned because there is and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy there's. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of
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our government and i would never go we've been hydrated right hand. transnational corporations they will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told us by job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trucks rational debate and a real discussion of critical issues facing america five for ready to join the movement then welcome to the. wealthy british style. is no time to tirelessly things will get out of. markets why not. come to find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to conjure reports on our. last time as a new alert and of patients it's scared me a little bit. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news coming in. the alexander family cry tears of the wife at great things other than their. regard at a court of law found alive there's a story made for a movie is playing out in real life. behind the mike as seen propaganda of the biggest pro arms lobbyists such as the
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national rifle association. since eight hundred seventy one the n.r.a. up. the open trade of firearms boasts four million members twenty five percent of whom are female thanks to. the n.r.a. plays a major role in american politics. from one thousand nine hundred eighty to two thousand and three it has been chaired by. a star from the golden age of hollywood's dream spokesman for the. big stuff. and. steal. something. and. today the. conditional support of another star.
6:46 pm
other celebrities publicly proclaim their support of open arms trading. among bruce willis clint eastwood. and. necessarily members of the n.r.a. . in the media. discourse. we tried to get an interview with but they didn't want to talk. eventually. agreed to meet us. made up of three hundred thousand members. communications. videos weekly posts on the internet. all throughout the spring of two thousand and eleven bloomberg sponsored
6:47 pm
a cross-country tour in his efforts to impose extreme restrictions upon second amendment rights. four times as many americans die negligently at the hands of doctors than are killed by farms i'm not saying that we should do away with doctors it just means we live in a dangerous world people drown more kids young kids choke on food than are killed by firearms and yet there's not a crusade to ban peanut butter and jelly sandwiches it just means that that we need to be very responsible and very careful with dangerous objects and what you have to look at is how many lives are saved by guns there's a lot of self defense with firearms that takes place that breaks down to about four thousand times to seven thousand times a day. pratt is adamant guns save more lives than they killed. and nothing seems to be able to loosen the grip of the powerful lobbies and the arms manufacturers. in two thousand and five
6:48 pm
a new law was passed in florida with the n.r.a. so influential support stand your ground. it allows anyone under threats to use their far arm and even kill if they are deemed to be in real danger at home or in public. this law legitimizing self-defense has been passed in twenty five states with some variations under different guises such as shoot first . being attacked at home and having the ability to defend yourself in a life threatening situation is not unlikely last january a news story captured america's attention and served to strengthen the lobby stances oklahoma is one of the twenty five states the permits self-defense through the use of firearms. american. action are hearing on the night of the thirty first of december two thousand and
6:49 pm
eleven sarah mckinley a young eighteen year old woman calls the. if someone is trying to break into our house. the young woman locks herself in the bathroom with her three month. old. in such an emergency the police tell her that she can shoot the intruder under the stand your ground law. for those who support the bearing of arms in the us the story of sarah mckinley is an example to. each year two hundred thirty thousand women on average in the street home. sometimes victims of domestic violence twelve hundred women were killed by their husbands in two thousand and ten. some might say that having the right to defend oneself is simply a question of survival. the u.s.
6:50 pm
is the country with the most armed civilians out of mexico and brazil buying a gun here is simply a formality more and more it's women who feel the need to arm themselves amanda lives in south dakota today she is on her way to a gun store in the u.s. there are eighty thousand of them almost as many as a member of pharmacy. amanda is the secretary she is twenty eight with two kids and the average american with no wild stories two years ago this young mother bought her first go realizing a lifelong dream. i have been saving up for a long time and i have sacrificed some things to be able to have the money to get the gun that i want and things that i have given up is probably like. you know like stuff that i would normally buy for myself probably like purses and i mean really big in texas reason things but i don't spend that much on those things
6:51 pm
because buying guns and ammo and all that for recreation it's quite a bit of money hello. if you i'm looking for like a colt forty five kind of gun or a thirty thirty with a lever action. immediately. she now owns three guns and today she is going to buy a fourth here i think this is the one that i want to go with ok i think i'm going to go with this one this is within my budget so much is it it's five hundred fifty nine dollars. the young woman chooses the home go. into service for. the for model t.'s involve a background check. once completed by the client the vendor sends the details by fax to offices in washington who will oversee the declaration by the client. anyone with a criminal record or being treated for serious mental. health issues is forbidden
6:52 pm
from purchasing. to present himself. i think i work hard so i think i deserve it. verification takes five minutes. i think you can make this. in a quarter of an hour amanda has bought a gun and can take it home. in this store there are hundreds of different guns for every different taste. the objective of the arms industry is to seduce men and women. we have a good female clientele here let me show you some of the guns that they're interested in and that's been popular with women is obviously more for the latest because it's pink love it and can't wait to have it to ensure that their children are safe women are willing to take any measure taking this into consideration companies have developed weapons for children smaller than those for adults but
6:53 pm
just as deadly let's have a look at some guns for kids. these small twenty two rifles are popular for parents to buy their children some of them as young as four or five years old. obviously scaled down and small for a child. or. young girls shoot out here too so we do have a pink one whether the young lady likes pink or not because this way her brother won't take it. there are weapons for the entire family. gun culture is not a term without meaning in the us especially in rural barriers. we're headed to texas a pro-gun stronghold the streets of the small town of kerrville hearken back to the wild west men and women are all carrying guns on their person as if it was natural . but you must think it. good for them that
6:54 pm
they can actually we're proud that our hero and saw the times. he did his name behind me here say we'd like nothing only we think and say jeffrey. let me. take a past experience now. have you ever had to see someone protect yourself in the street yet. not yet. such a shame to shoot so. far right of freedom of the united states has been. carrying a gun is commonplace in some states like texas. but given the overbearing presence of the arms trade throughout the area how could it be otherwise. of the two hundred eighty million guns in circulation in the us a search warrant fought in a gun store. heading to thomasville in the state of georgia we've gone to
6:55 pm
a gun show a real arms fair. how are you going to thank each year five thousand gun shows enter towns for three days in a carnival spirit. entry is free provided you carefully holster away your weapons to avoid any accidents. you are about as safe as i stood in front of a spread on tables are pistol shotguns even assault rifles that can be bought as easily as firing off i can clean up. in the aisles many women of color alone with friends or family with husbands or even children in. the stands or all complied by recognized vendors and individuals. sludge on easy like that it just comes on. a gun shows anyone can come. and sell their own weapons that are on display and with no verification there was no famous background check.
6:56 pm
it's estimated that twelve will be sold in these three days. george because the old us is a professor of journalism. he lived in france for thirty five years and has been interested in the issues surrounding gun culture in the u.s. for a long time. we showed him some extracts from our film. the strong getting towards these people and once again it's the fear factor. when the definitely the target of the gun lobby for sure the reason women are buying weapons is a combination of gun lobby. and. machiavellian politicians who are trying to install fear in people they did follow. in trying to get votes
6:57 pm
because they have an agenda and that agenda is actually. favor big. technology innovation all the least of elements from around russia we've got the future are covered. i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. play
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. live. live . cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want to. live.
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we're not psyched to an octave camp had walked on a moment where our forces at the outer amount of hunger strike never turned the world's attention to the places that some jobs for logging
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a large mines. i. think. the everybody. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy schreck office. told. them you know i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going going on we go beyond identifying a problem to try to rational debate real discussion critical issues facing america about ready to join the movement then welcome the big picture. hello i'm tom arbonne a new york city and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture.


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