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free circulation of guns was one of the first flows put in place by the revolutionaries. even if the time of war has ended for many americans carrying a firearm remains and in a label right as important as freedom of religion or expression. they carry on and on. and much the same problem or at a time. problem. paradoxically while crime levels have lowered since two thousand and five the sale of guns keeps on rising. the subject divides american society with the pro arms on one side and the anti arms on the other. consequently each state has their own legislation for regulating the sale and carrying of guns the twenty seven states in red on the map have lenient laws the twenty three grey ones are more repressive america is divided into. more and more american women think that being armed is the same as being free. single women
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mothers retiree's for them buying a pistol is as natural as doing the washing some are real enthusiastic. i have been saving up and i have sacrificed son things to be able to have the money to get the gun that i don't mind what is their motivation why are they scared. you know there can be some type of intrusion but i happen to have a fire how do the lobbying power behind arms manufacturers rally their cause. that's so popular with women is for the ladies because it's pink. all over america we have met women who uphold the right to bear arms. on a deserted street with a wild west feel to it we find ourselves in the heart of texas. why oh
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ranch two hundred kilometers away from the nearest town the women who get off this bus are housewives business women and even grandmothers all are members of diva wow . a club for those craving a life outdoors. that's their goal to have fun with other like minded women at the weekend and they don't come unprepared clothes hats jewelry and leopard prints everywhere you look. here's my gun. or rifle. today this is key to enjoying the weekend and by folderol one i got my gun and kept in fancy protective covers twenty two gauge shotgun and in their designer handbags other pistols. and daisies are not anything new here. denise is a fifty three year old housewife she is
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a regular amongst the davis today she has volunteered to welcome the new participants well our organization is the largest women's only out there are going to zation the world and so what we do is we think if we can interface women to the outdoors they will bring their children so that's why we come in here and then after they've really had a great time we're shooting and they can take it home and then introduce their children when they can pick up the sport because we just don't want to run our country we've lost two generations of shooting and we have picked up the banner so that didn't happen again for. hunting or target shooting is a cement a tradition in american folklore back in the times of the old wild west when the country was still a vast and hostile wilderness the settlers armed themselves with shotguns as they discovered the promised land little by little they are in their freedom in their own way these women are doing the same here today. and i get older i've got. several shotguns rifles pistols on this trip i brought the twenty gauge
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and a twenty eight. being a member of this group for seven years and i enjoy the camaraderie i enjoy shooting and to get away from has been i've been a stay at home mom for twenty some odd years after my daughters left alone i had to find something that i enjoyed doing for myself and that's what brought to me. in the space of a weekend these model mothers are transformed into real hunters freed from family obligations they intend to pass on their knowledge and hobbies to their children. a four year old daughter she's got a little pink baby and we go out to shoot little clay rocks at the farm. she loves that the house she was born in the day she was born she became
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a david david trigger. are these guns normally reserved for shooting birds or clay discs able to be used in other circumstances. susan is forty nine and a fashion designer. i've never been put in a situation where i had to make a choice to shoot a human or not so i can't answer yes or no but i can say i believe that i would protect i think that my instincts would take over and if i had something that i could protect myself or my children or with i think that i would i think as we go back to our instincts to protect defending oneself is a contentious topic. as for these women learning how to shoot and gaining self confidence is not just a game for marlin a fifty year old banker it's also a question of survival home. ok frank you tell me about that i was in
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a parking lot i was with a girlfriend unlock the car to let her out to her car and a gun was held right to my head with two guys and a guy came around the other side knocked her back in the car. and they asked for all our jewelry and i told him he went get my. and he hit me in the face invested my nose and sort of not me. cuckoo and they stole all their jewelry so after them. i decided i would never be helpless again i would never be sure that i would be afraid and not be able to defend myself . on. to finish off the day judy hosts a meeting with the divas by the pool she has planned to get up
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a theme special weapons for clothes and accessories. being at the forefront of fashion whilst armed to the teeth but still staying feminine under all circumstances. it's another way to get women passionate about firearms. it's a very sexy to be able to wear your gun on your person and with the new styles that you can conceal your gun and your closes just makes it even easier to take it wherever you need to go and casey would you mind showing that it's when you don't think that you have a gun on you. dead end attaches to your for all you know if you have the middle of your bra so the concept was it that you flash them and then you can get your gun out very quickly so that's where the concept of flash bang came from clothes how bikes or browse for hiding guns you'd almost think we were in a spy film however in the united states of america these products for women are profit. business on the internet this mother to be has developed
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a gun holster that she is marketing and writing her memoirs a return to the precincts now i'm going to be. you know whenever you are going to the way they are here and it's like really high up. there. in this other video a woman shows us a wide range of cases for carrying weapons discreetly. and the powerful lobby groups who defend the right of each citizen to bear arms understand about to attract women to their cause they have to change their style on their sites are swimsuits t. shirts and even baby clothes all marked with their logo buying these products is hearing to the ideology. it's a winning strategy as observed by laura browder university professor and expert when it comes to female gun carriers. you know
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women's involvement with guns really started up again in the one nine hundred eighty s. when the gun industry realized that handgun sales were flat and that hunters were dying off and not being replaced and so they began marketing once again to women and women's gun magazines started to be published in the media got interested because it was such a great story and as gun magazines aimed at women began to be published and ads aimed at women began to be published. books also came out here's one by. paxton quickly who is the cover girl actually on this magazine and this book was called armed and female it sold zillions of copies and was a media sensation because paxton quickly suggested that if women wanted to avoid rape they really needed to buy guns and learn how to use them because. the police weren't going to be there to protect them husbands weren't going to protect them in
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fact husbands might be the ones trying to rape them and they needed to protect themselves. reinforcing ideas in women's magazines spreading the idea that a strong woman is an armed woman and the results speak for themselves since nine hundred ninety gun sales amongst women have risen by twenty percent now pistols revolvers and rifles form an integral part of the american shopping basket. it is really important for the gun industry that every member of the family own a gun. and that guns are seen as something that promotes family values you know not something that's associated with violence and crime. so the n.r.a. smegma same woman's outlook has a cover that says thanks mom and here's the mom with her kids and everyone in the family has a gun. this is one of my absolute favorite covers of women and guns magazine it's
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the suburban mom with the shopping cart and the toddler in the cart we've all seen the image a thousand times but she's at the gun store and she's shopping for ammo. and of course guns make the great holiday present here is the christmas tree and the little girl with what's probably her first gun. or a. little . bit of. it was a. very hard to take i don't. want to go on here. that we have had that we've got an earthquake there.
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live live. live legs. live. live. interview. a little.
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zach say what happened that day i don't know but along with i killed. piers later is when i got arrested for. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results. innocent people take interest the police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like meant no because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were off the table they could get what they wanted they could say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said.
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behind the magazine propaganda other biggest pro arms lobbyists such as the national rifle association. since eight hundred seventy one the n.r.a. upholds the open trade of firearms it boasts four million members twenty five percent of whom are female thanks to their financial power the n.r.a. plays a major role in american politics. from one thousand nine hundred eighty to two thousand and three it had been chaired by actor charlton heston a star from the golden age of hollywood's a dream spokesman for the n.r.a. . sacred stuff reside and would stop food steal. something that appears to be more common to most uncommon.
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today the n.r.a. can also count on the unconditional support of another star chuck norris i'm talking or a black belt patriot or some thug breaks into my home i can use my roundhouse kick in for a look down the barrel of my. other celebrities publicly proclaim their support of open arms trading. among them are bruce willis clint eastwood and eva longoria and a little these stars aren't necessarily members of the n.r.a. their views are reported in the media a seductive image that hides the radical discourse. we tried to get an interview with the n.r.a. but they didn't want to talk on camera. eventually one pro arms lobbyist agreed to meet us the gun owners of america association in virginia made up of three hundred thousand members. erica pratt is the man responsible for
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communications he records pro arms videos weekly which he then posts on the internet like this expose so to be entire nation all throughout the spring of two thousand and eleven bloomberg sponsored a cross-country tour in his efforts to impose extreme restrictions upon second amendment rights four times as many americans die negligently at the hands of doctors than are killed by farmers i'm not saying that we should do away with doctors it just means we live in a dangerous world people drown more kids young kids choke on food than are killed by firearms and yet there's not a crusade to ban peanut butter and jelly sandwiches it just means that that we need to be very responsible and very careful with dangerous objects and what you have to look at is how many lives are saved by guns there's a lot of self-defense with firearms that takes place that breaks down to about four thousand times to seven thousand times a day. pratt is adamant guns save more lives than they kill. and
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nothing seems to be able to loosen the grip of the powerful lobbies and the arms manufacturers. in two thousand and five a new law was passed in florida with the n.r.a. so influential support stand your ground. it allows anyone under threats to use their far. and even kill if they are deemed to be in real danger at home or in public. legitimising self-defense has been passed in twenty five states with some variations under different guises such as shoot first. being attacked at home and having the ability to defend yourself in a life threatening situation is not unlikely last january a news story captured america's attention and served to strengthen the. oklahoma is
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one of the twenty five states that permits self-defense through the use of firearms . american. i'm going to go back. on the night of the thirty first of december two thousand and eleven sarah mckinley a young eighteen year old woman calls the police someone is trying to break into our house is arms the young woman locks herself in the bathroom with her three month old baby and a rifle. in such an emergency the police tell her that she can shoot the intruder under the stand your ground law. for those who support the bearing of arms in the us the story of sarah mckinley is an example to all. each year two hundred thirty thousand women on average are sold in the street or home. they are also sometimes victims of
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domestic violence twelve hundred women were killed by their husbands and twenty ten . some might say that having the right to defend oneself is simply a question of survival. the u.s. is the country with the most armed civilians out of mexico and brazil buying a gun here is simply a formality more and more it's women who feel the need to arm themselves amanda lives in south dakota today she is on her way to a gun store. in the u.s. there are eighty thousand of them almost as many as a number of pharmacies amanda is the secretary she is twenty eight with two kids and the average american with no wild stories two years ago this young mother bought her first go realizing a lifelong dream. i have been saving up for a long time and i have sacrificed some things to be able to have the money to get the gun that i want and things that i have given up is probably like. you
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know like stuff that i would normally buy for myself probably like purses and i am really big in texas or reason things but i don't spend that much on those things because buying guns and ammo and all that for recreation it's quite a bit of money hello. i'm looking for like a colt forty five kind of gun or a thirty thirty with a lever action. immediately. she now owns three guns and today she's going to buy a fourth here i think this is the one that i want to go with ok i think i'm going to go with this one this is within my budget pledges and it's five hundred fifty nine dollars. the young woman chooses a humvee on a stove. it's a server for. the formalities involve a background check. once completed by the client the vendor sends the details by
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fax to offices in washington who will oversee the declaration by the client. anyone with a criminal record or being treated for serious mental. health issues is forbidden from purchasing. to present himself. and i work hard so i think i deserve it. verification takes five minutes. i think you can make this. in a quarter of an hour amanda has bought a gun and can take it home. in this store there are hundreds of different guns for every different taste. the objective of the arms industry is to seduce men and women. we have a good female clientele here let me show you some of the guns that they're interested in and that's been popular with women is obviously more for the latest because it's pink you love it and can't wait to have it to ensure that their
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children are safe women are willing to take any measure taking this into consideration companies have developed weapons for children smaller than those for adults but just as deadly let's have a look at some guns for kids. these small twenty two rifles are popular for parents to buy their children some of them as young as four or five years old. so obviously scaled down and small for a child. or. young girls shoot out here too so we do have a pink one whether the young lady likes pink or not because this way her brother won't take it. there are weapons for the entire family. gun culture is not a term without meaning in the us especially in rural areas. we're headed to texas a pro-gun stronghold the streets of the small town of kerrville hearken back to the
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wild west men and women are all carrying guns on their person as if it was natural . that you will see him. good for them that. yeah sure we're proud daughter and hero and on time. he did something like bring your say we've got you on my weekend and today please. help let me. pay for the past experience now. have you ever had to see someone protect yourself in the street yet. not yet. such a safety issue. so our right of freedom of the united states has been. carrying a gun is commonplace in some states like texas. but given the overbearing presence
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of the arms trade throughout the area how could it be otherwise. of the two hundred eighty million guns in circulation in the us a search warrant fought in a gun store. heading to thomasville in the state of georgia we've gone to a gun show a real arms fair. how are you going to thank each year five thousand gun shows enter towns for three days in a carnival spirit. entry is free provided you carefully holster away your weapons to avoid any accidents. you are about as safe as i stood in front of a spread on tables are pistol shots even assault rifles can be bought as easily as find a computer. in the aisles many women of color alone with friends or family with husbands or even children in. the stands or all complied by recognized vendors and individuals. such onesie like that
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it just comes on. i'm done shows anyone can come. and sell their own weapons that are on display and with no verification there was no famous background check. it's estimated that twelve thousand guns will be sold in these three days. george because the old us is a professor of journalism. he lived in france for thirty five years and has been interested in the issues surrounding gun culture in the u.s. for a long time. we showed him some extracts from our film. the strong getting towards these people and once again it's the fear factor. when the definitely a target of the gun lobby for sure the reason women of buying weapons is
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a combination of the gun lobby. and. macchiavelli and politicians who are trying to install fear in people to get followers and why in trying to get votes because they have an agenda and that agenda is actually. favor big business.
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time to read the irish government has been sending letters to the young unemployed citizens of miami suggesting that they leave town to go overseas scat scran pounces get out of our statistical sites get out of the get out of here joy get dolo to see your poor both your face there are no. no mo. oh bugger because we've traded you for some ghost ships of death fraud and the collateral
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call his comment. i know c.n.n. the m s n b c news have taken some slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's closer to the truth and might think. it's because when full attention and the mainstream media work side by side the joke is actually on we're going to be coming up. at our teen years we have a different pretty. good because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not going. to the jokes i will hand over the stuff that i'm.
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if you. got no opportunity. to start to construct your own. kid no learn to be a bit. don't want to meet gangsters you don't want to be dog deal they don't want to blow with no time to help a kid came be we can see. you just meet the boat as i was in my own problems in the hood and what age you know somebody with thirty round clip. but i said. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die young young a. party
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dot com is launching a special project to mark the appalling scale of violence in iraq. we want you to know. dramas that just be ignored. stories others who refuse to notice. food says change the world writes never. so picture of today's most politicians from around the globe.
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look to. the. iran revived with britain. visit its nuclear facilities despite israeli the american led negotiation. program plus. people everywhere we report on how the practice of. finding somewhere else to live is being used in the us for children. despite possible safety concerns.


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