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very easy to end point on a. new release the man that you're not prosecuting. but one tunnel most still notched up twelve years as a terror jail but the white house still failing to get it closed once and for all are to reports from inside one of the world's most maligned prisons on the future it may face. military cooperation between russia and egypt could reach a new high with a major arms deal reportedly on the cards of relations cool between cairo and washington. and russia clamped down on illegal immigration launching police raids on workplaces and homes. that's why the border we're going with the police one of those rights.
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you're watching r t live from our studios in moscow where it's just after four o'clock i'm lindsey france thanks for joining me. thirty eight of the united states most respected retired generals and admirals are calling on the senate to take immediate steps to close the infamous guantanamo bay prison but despite pressure and promises the jail is still managed to reach its twelfth anniversary punctuated by a history of torture and hunger strikes and assessing a turk in his final report on the detention center looks at what it future may hold . when it comes to this prison the numbers speak for themselves since being set up after the attacks of nine eleven a total of seven hundred seventy nine hundred have been held at guantanamo today one hundred sixty four people remain over half of them have been long cleared for
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release but remain locked up a total of six people is currently under trial alleged prisoners of war brought here since two thousand and two removed from the battlefield of america's ever expanding war on terror it's both the policy of the u.s. not to hold anyone longer than necessary but we also know that whenever we release someone we assume a richness over a period of more than a decade the majority of detainees held here have been set free and if the men of guantanamo are really these superhuman monsters you know the worst of the worst quote dick cheney. they would have been. most of those still kept locked up have not been charged and are being held indefinitely what sort of a black hole of the system where the president of the united states simply refuses to say the innocent but u.s. officials say the law of war brings behind this barbed wire the idea that in a war when you capture folks you as the capturing authority are permitted to hold
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people during the duration of hostilities. when hostilities and or if there's no longer any purpose legitimate purpose to to hold them then they must be released a tiny problem the war on terror has no geographic borders with men once held here repeat treated to a wide array of countries. who are only specific to guantanamo you can't even you couldn't even have a case on the u.s. mainland because it would be unconstitutional and illegal the war on terror also has no end in sight and national security is a popular excuse to simply ignore the law. this by the rhetoric really isn't about national security or prisoners being so dangerous that they can't possibly be released that can't be true after being locked up the legal process if any moves at a glacial pace in two thousand and twelve five detainees were transferred to had completed their military commission sentence two were court ordered released.
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detainees been repatriated and one was a suicide over the years countless detainee claims of mistreatment and abuse dozens of suicide attempts mass hunger strikes lost patience and hope just this year the majority of the prison population refused to eat for six months street only to be force fed the. mandate that we have is being able to provide adequate nutrition to preserve life washington has appointed a new envoy to close a camp that is a dark spot on america's image this comes after a mass hunger strike that returned the world's attention to the place that some have dubbed the gulag of our times even if close to it seems. to mean a state in u.s. history forever it's very easy to end one ton of right you release the men that you're not prosecuting. and as you said only six men are being prosecuted right now the military prosecutor has made clear that he intends to prosecute
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a few more but he's also made clear that it won't be more than a few more direct obama promised to close the notorious facility on day one of his presidency he's now in his second term it's only a president can do it and the idea that it's you know that it's congress's fault is just not correct it is the president the top holding these men in detention some the president has to come in and this. it's hard to tell right now exactly how long we'll be down here doing this mission. and stacy churkin at guantanamo bay cuba. more than half of guantanamo prisoners are get many nationals and for them release from the prison may not mean the end of their misfortunes the u.s. and yemen are discussing plans to build a new center to house inmates after their release and it's already been labeled to
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ask one tunnel to. our correspondent lucy caffein office just returned from yemen where she met relatives of some of these detainees and shared her experiences with artie's belt on. it's difficult to stay positive about these detainees coming home when you've been waiting us long as over a decade as was the case with some of the families who we've met now yemen is in a specific different situation for a variety of reasons than other countries more than half of the remaining detainees are get many citizens fifty six of them have been cleared for release to get sent back from guantanamo not a single one has come home and in fact the last citizen to return to the country came home in a body bag and twenty twelve and that is the fate that some of the families that we met with. could be in store for or for some of their loved ones one of the fathers that we met said that his son told them everything was going well and then basically found out through news reports that his son was participating in quite ill from the hunger strike which we have covered here at r.t.e. interesting enough there were reports of a similar detention center being set up in yemen do you read into right so
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basically they get to government has been pushing for years now for a so-called rehabilitation facility which would basically take these detainees help them adjust to society and make sure that they don't rejoin with terrorist networks which is the main concern of the united states what we're learning now is that the united states and yemen actually had secret talks in rome about this proposed facility but there's very little details that have emerged and the issue really boils down to trust and money yemen has tried to use this as a political issue to get more funding from the united states in the past so the u.s. isn't necessarily willing to foot the bill actually the funding issue something that we spoke to about with yemen's human rights minister this course of money we want. to integrate into society to. give. the i'm sure that they have. any. yemeni government because they have the feeling that
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we neglected them since a long long time and just briefly it's not a perhaps it could actually be closed i absolutely would not read into about it at all for us official. the key concern isn't the difficulty of reintegrating these former detainees in society it's the concern that these detainees will reintegrate into al qaeda networks and it's not a completely not valid when we have to remember that al qaeda in the arabian peninsula was founded by former guantanamo detainees so it's certainly a valid concern this is going to be such a long way off i mean if we waited this long for it to close unfortunately i don't think it's going to be sped up just because of this idea. at r t dot com watch our full series on life inside one tunnel as well as more interviews with former prisoners and in-depth coverage of the international pressure to close the facility . russia has the world's second largest migrant population in search of a better life the majority come to the capital moscow but worryingly high numbers
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of them stay in this city illegally a concern for the authorities and the locals paul scott has the details. migration in moscow is a sensitive subject right now following last month's murder of russian manye gaucher back over allegedly at the hands of an azerbaijani migrant and the nationalistic riots that followed the issue is firmly in the spotlight and an r.t. camera crew has found out just how sensitive the chocolate is we went to a market on the outskirts of moscow to try and film an interview with mohamed magick the president of the russian federation of migrants by getting private mission to film it soon became clear a presence was not welcome. you russian though i have to repeat myself the site and these with the fence we have in chile set up our interview away from the market. yes i think they may have suspected some illegal activities to of course and when you have thousands of migrant some of them may not have work permits or a residence permit. the exact number of migrants in moscow is hard to calculate the
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best estimates put the figure around one quarter of the population and according to official statistics one in five murders wanting to rapes and one in three robberies a carried out by migrants your thirty's a cane to be seen to be tackling the problem as we found out before our meeting with mohammed. morsi as the rest in the outskirts of moscow police have been chomping down on illegal immigration every friday they go on a range of accommodation looking for illegal immigrants it's friday morning we're going with the police one of those right and it didn't take long for the police to get down to business demanding people's paypal. to. you know where do you leave. where do you leave. just about an hour and.
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a room one hundred eighty thousand work permits are granted. according to mohammed this figure is too low. to address it so you need to conduct a survey as to how many migrant workers. if it needs a million workers you should issue a million work permits not a mere hundred thousand. it's believed around three million migrants are working in ninety four percent of the. issues creating a vast black market for cheap labor market. it looks like the british are still paying for the real life mutiny on the bounty islands at the center of the. millions of pounds of tax sponsorship from the u.k. and europe we'll explain morning few minutes. there's a dramatic surge in production in afghanistan this year with almost a decade of international efforts to stop the drugs.
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russia and egypt are negotiating what could become the biggest arms deal between the two countries since the cold war top officials from moscow including the foreign and defense ministers are in cairo on the highest level visit in years true as follows following the talks with local media which is already calling this meeting historic. this is the highest level delegation of official russian officials to come to egypt in the last few days and top of the agenda arms deal between russia and egypt's according to those close to the russian defense ministry egypt wants to get its hold hands on some two billion dollars worth of russian weaponry including fighter jets helicopters and defense systems we don't have any details yet of what might be in this arms deal but if it goes through this could be the largest deal between egypt and russia in four decades with some room at the egypt might be wanting to get as much as four billion dollars worth of weapons what
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we don't we don't know the details of this deal however egypt's foreign minister nabil fahmy did tell our channel a few days ago that this deal was definitely on the tables on the table so we're going to have to see what the details are in the coming days it's a very difficult deal to broker in this politically charged environment as it doesn't involve america now america's been given one point three billion dollars of military aid to egypt since the one nine hundred seventy nine piece of agreement which involves israel they would aid back in october pending progress on human rights here in egypt this journey generals' quite suits considerably as a package is extremely important to egypt and more importantly to america it has allowed them to have significant control over what egypt is allowed to purchase in terms of weapons with egypt cozying up to russia this could seriously upset america and hinder relations between the two also egypt is not have any money at the moment the economic situation here is particularly dire off the two don't use a political term or following the january twenty five revolution they may look to saudi to fund these arms deal but it's not sure yet whether that's actually going
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to happen what this is showing however is egypt is russia's influence over the region russia is definitely looking to cozy up to egypt as the influence of america wanes so it's still very important even though we're not entirely sure what's going to happen with this. stay with us as we tell you why british people are paying for a rocky outcrop on the other side of the planet that's coming up. the recent one between iran and the united states may potentially put to rest one of the most toxic and one sees in modern geopolitics a possibility that would arguably benefit many peace loving nations but is this newfound goodwill at risk of being derailed and why is the character of the war sweeter than the chance of peace.
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please please. please. margy dot com is launching a special project to mark the appalling scale of violence in iraq. we want you to know. welcome back you're watching r t with me linsey france from serbia is live in moscow and britain you're never far from feeling a tap on the shoulder from the tax man but everywhere under her majesty's
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jurisdiction gets forced to fund the crimes coffers in fact it can be quite. it can actually have quite the opposite effect artists are cilia no such a place. have you ever heard of pit care. ok now. not ever heard of pitcairn. island. i think in the pacific so what. do you know that part of your taxes go to that island. have you ever heard of pitcairn. if you've never heard of pitcairn and you're an e.u. citizen it might be well worth knowing for that sware part of your taxes are going . to cairn is one of britain's overseas territories a small island in the south pacific with a total population of about fifty people now locals don't pay taxes and the island's main source of income include tourism and postage stamps but it's still
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heavily reliant on british and e.u. eight well let's break down the numbers here in the ninth european development fund or e.t.f. care received two million euros in aid allocated for infrastructure building in the tempi v.f.p. it can receive two point four million that's a total of four point four million in thirteen years about six thousand eight hundred euros per person per year but that's not all earlier this year it emerged that the u.k. had sent about ten million pounds over four years to proponents of development aid the importance of maintaining quote solidarity and peace in developing nations and the european commission has indicated its attention to strengthen the focus of the e.t.f. on the world's poorest countries but details are scarce on how that assessment of allocation will be done but critics in the e.u. and particularly in the u.k. have long been voicing their disapproval on the government's money management which is essentially protecting what's given to others while slashing budgets for those
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at home now a two thousand and twelve you gov survey says that fifty four percent of the british public think that the british government should not be giving very macho overseas aid regardless of what public opinion surveys say for now the status quo remains in place reporting from london i'm tess are cilia. reaction now from jonathan is a b the political director of the campaign group the tax payers alliance sir thank you so much for for joining us can you explain to us this this question is coming to mind right now obviously there are way more territories and just this island that belong to great britain how many of them are funded by u.s. u.k. taxpayers. but i think there's now fourteen overseas territories which qualify for aid money in varying amounts because those are different kinds of communities with different circumstances pecan is the most extreme example of the most amount of money going to the settlement for each person that lives there and i
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think will produce tax payers we will be particularly concerned about is that that that sum is getting bigger and bigger only two years ago it was effectively two million pounds a year going to support those fifty people it's now three point six million pounds a year and that's of course before the european money which also comes from british taxpayers is taken into account and we should be looking at ways of helping the island of course but helping them to be more self-sufficient and more self-reliant and actually by sending more and more british taxpayers' money over the exactly the opposite is happening they're becoming more reliant on the british taxpayer and i think people would be concerned about those well i've got to ask why does the u.k. need pitcairn. it's clearly something of an historical normally and i think it would probably be unfair to completely disregard those people who do live in
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a british overseas territory but i think ways have to be found of helping them to support themselves more rather than becoming more so more reliant on britain itself ok well where else does britain's tax money get siphoned off to which taxpayers might not know about can you give us a couple of examples. well i mean the taxpayers lives regularly looks at how british taxpayers' money is spent and indeed often wasted most recently earlier this year we came up with a figure of one hundred twenty billion pounds a year being wasted in some way shape or form either by spending money on things that shouldn't money should be spending or to whether that be subsidies to ludicrous artistic projects which wouldn't get funding elsewhere or by spending money badly and getting very bad value for money whether it be in the way the ministry of defense buys its big ticket items or in the way that public sector pensions are handled which are which are another matter entirely but in terms of
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the way the department for international development is spending tax payers money its budget during the course of the five years of this government will have gone up nearly fifty percent at a time when every other government department is having its budget frozen or mainly cards and we think that's entirely wrong it means that department which is of course at the part responsible for farming pick is not subject to the same rekers and discipline of every other department has in terms of delivering best value for money well a major concern for taxpayers is that their money is going abroad while there and during austerity measures back home. do you see any more actions or protests emerging against how the government is spending people's cash as stories like this emerge. i think taxpayers do get angry when they see the money being wasted in the context of the form of international development now look
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people don't object to helping people overseas nobody with what's happened in the philippines of last few days you've seen the british public at their most generous and they are generous but they don't expect the government to be confiscating more and more of their money and spending it on their behalf they'd rather spend that money on their own causes and in the ways that they themselves would like to see that spend and so when you do see vast amounts of taxpayers' money going overseas often in some cases for instance the countries which have their own aid programs to other countries it strikes british taxpayers as very odd indeed all right jonathan is be from taxpayers alliance in britain thank you very much for joining us sir. thank you the pope's taking on the godfather in a corruption crusade one investigator warns that he could be in danger as he tries to clean up the catholic church that story is at our t.v. dot com. even though nato is member countries that are watching the pennies we
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tell you how the alliance still managed to find their billion dollars to build a new headquarters. in the uk. if you. are happy with us here on our team today our role researcher. the whereabouts of one of the jailed pussy riot punk band members has finally been established after weeks of uncertainty nadezhda tolokonnikova turned up in
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a hospital in siberia where she was transferred from a penal colony. various reasons for her being hospitalized for health complications following her hunger strike to her requiring standard medical quarantine after being transferred to another prison. and another pussy riot member were convicted of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred and staging a performance at moscow's christ the savior cathedral she's serving a two year sentence and is due for release next march. it's been a fertile year for afghanistan's farmers but that's bad news in this case opium cultivation has hit record numbers meaning huge profits for local warlords and hundreds more lives destroyed by the drug now the latest un report says the poppy production has spiked in some regions by more than a third just this year with thousands of tons of opium annually afghanistan
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provides ninety percent of the drugs total global production for the farmers it's a lifeline the only realistic chances for the families to earn a living wage traditional agriculture just doesn't pay in the war ravaged state artie's ghana should you can look at the roots of this huge problem. opium production has increased forty times in afghanistan since nato started its war on terror in two thousand and one and now the drug money goes to fund terror and god knows what else not to mention of course thousands of lives taken by heroin consumption every year but expect more drugs coming out of afghanistan because the value of opium is so much higher than any other crop available to afghan farmers that afghans are not planning on giving up on poppies anytime soon even though the tribal leaders in the afghan government publicly denounce opium production according to afghan farmers they still managed to tax them for that and this is what one farmer said government officials grow opium themselves and if they don't
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grow it themselves they rent out their land to farmers who grow it if the officials don't care about the law there is no reason for us to respect it that's according to this farmer for more than a decade nato and the us of course of the government that it had put in place in kabul every fuse to impose a clear ban on poppy growing possibly thinking such a ban would turn more people against the u.s. but here's how u.s. officials explain it does it just trying to eradicate property and the opium it's also trying to give people an alternative mechanism to live and to feed their families but there is so much money behind narcotics that even with alternative ways to make a living it's very difficult to imagine that such massive drug production will stop unless there is a clear cut ban on it in washington i'm going to check and. i'll be back with more news in about thirty minutes from now world apart coming up next.
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you know i love these rare moments where action of something totally sounds positive to share with you the f.d.a. is working to ban partially hydrogenated oils which are the leading source of trans fats and foods and possibly the cause of up to twenty thousand heart attacks per year across the usa according to f.d.a. commissioner margaret hamburg as you know i would like the chemicals in my food kept to a minimum but the thing is the people at the f.d.a. are surely aware of all the hormones in beef and jim o's being produced why does the span have such a very narrow narrow focus in fact when you look at all the things that americans consume smoke use that to swear health some get the violent band hammer while others are completely tolerated if you ever talk to a hardcore marijuana smoker they'll tell you but dude weed is better for you than beer and that's the eagle man and they kind of have a point i think there is this is one of those rare instances where
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a balanced position isn't really a good idea well the country could go the libertarian route and let it be everything be legal let people make their own choices or do what i think would be much much better actually really ban all the things that are destructive to our health both of these paths have positive and negative effects but they are a lot better than our current plan of bans some harmful things for some reason and allow other harmful things because while they lobby better but that's just my opinion.
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come on welcome to worlds apart the recent rapprochement between iran and the united states may potentially put to rest one of the most toxic and that is in more than geopolitics a possibility that would arguably benefits many peace loving nations many but not israel a country that seems to be increasingly constable leaving under what it calls an axe a standstill strat why is the spectral war sweeter than the chance of peace well to discuss that i'm knowledge joined by ronen bergman an israeli investigative journalist mr bergman thank you very much for your time thank you for there is a very old ancient jewish proverb about a bad peace being better than a good war but it seems that for israel the state of best peace has become so familiar so confortable that these.


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