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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  November 14, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm EST

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the forty sixth vice president of the begin ited states dick cheney he's one of the most influential and controversial men ever to hold the office he was a heartbeat away from the presidency and irony considering his long battle with cardiac disease it chronicles that in his new book marked an american medical out a scene he's with me at the historic day out of his hotel oval of the evil white house and the executive office building it's all next on politicking. for them to another edition of politicking with larry king this will be one of my favorites coasts were with an old friend dick cheney the former vice president ited
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states we are at a historic location this is the hay adams hotel in washington this is a washington landmark is right across from the white house was right out over the building to our left the old executive office building is directly behind the vice president's shoulders two weeks prior to his first inauguration president obama's family stayed in this hotel it is historic in many many ways i go back a long way before we even start i don't get to first on this show but dick cheney and i share some bonds when i had my heart surgery in eighty seven a year later the republican convention is mentioned in the book in one nine hundred eighty eight was in new orleans dick and i sat in the stairwell at the superdome and he was pumping me with questions about what the senate who would like way to put the when they could open your chest i was buffeting him with information when president bush announced that dick cheney would be his vice presidential choice his first appearance was on my old show on c.n.n. and one night during of one. as many appearances at george washington university
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hospital we did a broadcast from his bed in his new book is heart an american medical odyssey the story of a patient a doctor and thirty five years of medical innovation it's written by dick and liz of course liz cheney helps along in the writing on jonathan reiner isn't it yes yes my cardiologist and i know him well we shared the same hospital for a while as well how you doing couldn't be better larry it's just been. but i look back a little over three years ago in july of two thousand and ten i was an end stage heart failure i had hours to live my liver and kidneys were shutting down and they went in on an emergency basis nine hours of surgery over twenty units of blood and put a pump him to supplement my heart and that bought me twenty months and then that got me to the transplant and i did the transplant one thousand months ago i was with you during those twenty one's and that was that tough love in those twenty months when you had that operettas that you were like a robot well as science somebody national enquirer somebody ran
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a picture of me on the front page of my should fall pulled open all kinds of mechanical devices and there that i was a robot that's basically the headline it was it was the toughest surgery by far partly because i was so weak when we went into the surgery partly because i was on a respirator for a number of weeks five weeks in the i.c.u. i had pneumonia a lot of complications and then thirty five weeks of rehab but when i got through it i was significantly stronger i reached the point where after baby but a year after that surgery i miss traveling coast to coast promoting my first book my my memoirs and so you learn to live with it and it's a it's a wondrous device it's still relatively new they've been around out there for a few years but it's gotten user friendly now and as i say it kept me going for twenty months until it is not a permanent thing right well that's interesting some people now are choosing to stay on the pump on the left ventricular assist device rather than go through. the
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additional transplant surgery and we don't know how long someone can live on that when we have got people who've survived for five years they tell you you're the first award to write the book we wrote the book. john reiner came up with the original concept. the way he described it he said dick it's like you get up in the morning to go to work and you're late you jump in the car and head for the office and every single stoplight is red but he said when you got to them every one turned green and in effect over that thirty five year period of time all of these new developments came along just as i needed them that of course it's just dumb luck but it's a way of telling about the fantastic developments in the heart care since in one nine hundred seventy eight when i had my first heart attack most of the procedures and devices and medications that have kept me alive all these years hadn't been invented yet and the book was written by you and him when he saw there was a chapter reaches you've all along and a progression but the the purpose i was. a few years ago this is after i had the
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pump installed before the transplant the folks at the cleveland clinic called one of the finest heart institutes in the world and they said look we're having a conference on innovation in cardiology and we've got the suppliers come in we've got the docs coming we decided we need a patient and then we figured out that you get everything done do you can do to our patient would you be our patient so they said their plane up and john and i flew down to cleveland and spent the day at and me answering questions about being on the receiving end of all those developments and it occurred to us that it's part of what triggered the book that if the cleveland clinic was interested my case is a way to demonstrate innovation and cardiology but there's probably a book there and eighty million americans out there have some form of heart and this is with the help that we tell the story the developments that are saving lives steadily improving the technology and finding ways that we can. in fact defeat
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heart disease and my case is a classic example in spite of heart attack at an early age of five heart attacks etc i still live a very active life and now a lot of the highest levels of government everybody should read this book has hearts of everybody's life if you don't have heart problems someone in your family has our problems also shows that you can make enormous recovery how did you learn you were going to get a heart well i assume as we did the implantation of the pump they elevate add. you get registered on the if if you're the. recipient they meet the test basically health testament then you go on the list but no matter you were seventy right i will you will i was at the time i had the implant was i was sixty nine and the. the decision you have to make then you don't have to make it immediately but but in relatively short order you're asked to decide do you want to go over the
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transplant or do you want to stay on the pop and for me it wasn't a close call i really want to go to the transplant that offered the best prospects in terms of return to a normal life in terms of being able to sort of take that thirty five years of hard to say yes and and get rid of it in effect this is the only disease i can think of where after you've had five heart attacks sudden cardiac arrest implantable defibrillator implantable pump stance all those developments where all of that stuff that's attached to a part of the old heart goes away including the old heart itself and you get a new one and in my case the only sign that i ever had coronary artery disease that terms of my body is that scar where they operated on me three times all of this stuff is gone and. while that the politics in a minute did they come to you and say there is a donor they came to me and said. this is twenty months out it was on the
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recall on friday night about midnight when i was getting ready to go to bed the phone rang and it was a woman whom with the transplant team out of nova fairfax or we did the surgery she said we have a heart. and obviously that was a moment of. great joy they bring you right to the hospital no well we drove over we also had a second call then from my my cardiologist become part of the team matter and over fairfax and we drove over our selves it's about twenty minutes from the house just buttons on so i'm going to go hard yeah exactly the guns i'm ok but on a lift that's something we've been anticipating. one of the highlights of waiting for the hard was watching the evening news one night seeing a small airplane land two guys jump out of the airplane with a cooler between them that they're both here and running across the tarmac towards
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a car and they drop the cooler and the heart rolls out it was all wrapped up but it was a trance part of a transplant team and they picked it up put it back in their cooler jump the car and took off and all i could think of us i hope that's not part of my transplant how long are the surgery take it was about four hours but it was the easiest surgery of all the surgeries i had was the transplant it was. falling it was plumbing they you take the old one out put in a new one or took it up and it was a good hard a good match they do wonders these days with the man over wood was i don't. and i want to know. they don't encourage it. at least early there's a process you can go through edgeley through a third party that will broker contacts between the donor family and the person want to do that. and it had been a priority for me part of the different but the difficulty is when i came out from
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under the anesthetic after the transplant i was you know. euphoric. i'd had been given the gift of additional lives a diff conditional years of life and for the family of the donor they've just been through some terrible tragedy they've lost a family member but can't tell why obviously when you don't know the details but the way i think of it from a psychological standpoint is it's not it's my new heart not somebody else's old heart i always thank the donor generically thank donors and for the gift that i've been given. but i don't spend time wondering you know who had it what they did. what kind of person were you insured. yes for a day to cover preexisting conditions because no one had more preexisting conditions than you well but i'd also taken out on skis my blue cross blue shield
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health insurance policy back in my twenty's when i first went to work for the government and then when i was in the private sector i carried that policy paid the entire premium myself and i've had that for forty years you may have a disagreement with hopeful and i imagine you do but i would suspect i don't want to put words in your mouth that you do agree that people with preexisting conditions should be covered i don't have any problem with. with that proposition obviously. in my case as i say i already had insurance before i ever knew i had heart disease clearly there are people out there that have had problems in the past that have preexisting conditions and find it difficult to get health care so there are parts of our health care system i would agree we can find ways to improve i think caliber of the obamacare and the direction we're headed there is that is i think it's a doing are enormous damage i think there because it's well for example they want
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to tax medical devices and what's a better called a bus well it's a stent or it's an implantable defibrillator or it's a. l that itself that kept me alive and they see that as a source of revenue. in obamacare both house and senate have expressed their their objections to that many myths have been offered both places but so far they have taken it out why shouldn't it because well take the. oh the develop the stand we tell the story in the book he had two guys doctors came up with this concept that you could build a structure of some kind a stand that you could insert into a coronary artery and keep it open. and it was a much better way to deal with the clogged artery and bypass surgery which is far more complex you and i both said this and that but they did have a new one a one found an investor who is willing to put up some money to support it
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eventually was a great success and and they were enormously successful financially and if a person when come taxes and corporate taxes depended upon the structure of their situation but what the medical device tax does is from the very first dollar of revenue coming in the government's going to take part of that i think it's exactly the wrong way to go if you want to encourage that kind of innovation and entrepreneurship is hard the american medical odyssey dick cheney and jonathan reiner where you're watching politics a little larry king will be right that. it was a. very hard to take. once again here. that that that was the other thing there was.
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a. little bit of.
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well. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future of covered. we're back on politicking with larry king our special guest vice president dick cheney the former vice president i would say as the forty sixth vice president of this country we're at the hay adams hotel overlooking the white house the old executive office building on a beautiful november day before we get into some more politics what is it like emotionally to wake up with a new heart well it's. it there was a point. three years before when i was near death and resigned to it
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i'd known soon ventura i would die as a result my heart disease had been battling that for over thirty years that's how my dad died so i fully expected it and it wasn't a surprise when i reached that point it's not like all of a sudden bang had a serious heart attack and you're near death it would gradually been coming and i had resigned myself to that even talked with my family about final arrangements and then they came up with the. l bad. when you receive the new heart there is a part of it was when i was near death through that earlier surgery i was in a particular room in the i.c.u. at inova fairfax the night they took me back to put in the new heart i was in the same room but the mood was totally different in one case i'm near death it's an emergency and and it's a very serious business. the second time around it's it's there's
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a great sense of expectation and it is the gift of life itself and it will hold a whole different mindset for the team and so forth i. my cardiologist told me at one point he said you know dick he said that the transplant is a it's a spiritual experience not just for the patient but also for the team our friend dave carroll you know days of iowa years dave the other day asked me and i told him i said well it's a spiritual experience dave and he said well does that mean you're a democrat. and i said well it's not that spiritual but it's a. it's the gift of life itself it's that notion that that at one point i'd had literally reached the end of my days and now all of a sudden the future extends in front of me ever better i feel better i'm much stronger. i can. ok out. to the
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unlimited future like anybody else without serious disease as give us some political questions what's the current state of your party. well it's there's a lot of ferment and. turmoil going on inside the party i don't think we're the only ones avent times the past the same the habs the democrats but we're right now we're the party that. doesn't have a lead spokesman we've got john boehner the speaker of course and he's got his hands full managing the house probably the toughest job in washington but on the democratic side you've got an incumbent president so there's less turmoil over there i think because the president sort of dominates what's happening we're at a situation where we're between presidential candidates and you have a tea party and you have a division well we do have a division but that's not new for the republican party i remember barry goldwater nelson rockefeller or gerry ford and ronald reagan we've often had divisions of the
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past and frankly my experience of the tea party is that the vast number of people who identify themselves as such are basically conservative republicans who are just fed up with what's happening in the country they're pretty much united in their opposition and hostility to the present administration or they're not the majority of the party no i don't think there are the majority but i think we want to be in the party i don't want to see the tea party go spinning loses some third party movement i think we need to be big enough as a as a party and broad enough in our thanking so that folks who are conservative who believe in fiscal discipline who are opposed to the expansion of government power similar to what obama's doing who believe deeply in the constitution are welcome into the republican party and we're willing to make them have them part of the debate you know want to bowl most third party and that would have it would who then
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how do you view the coming of. age of in a christie how do you view the senator cruz this is the vision now. i. from my perspective i find that the press and our democratic friends focus on it more talk about it more than we did say that's when we get into one of these situations we've lost two presidential campaigns that the democratic my democratic friends and i have well as always i want to argue with you know gee if you guys are just be more like us democrats would win more elections well that's not what we're about we have deep beliefs about where we want the country to go and we think we're on a seriously misguided course now christie says you have to come together on some things or you're not going to win you've got to come together on the advance of minorities in this country on the latino question on immigration if you don't it's a very fine stand to take but you're not going to win a national lead but larry i was part of the administration that in two thousand and
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four captured forty four percent of the hispanic vote it's doable we did it george bush was very pro immigration well it was not just pro-immigration he also was a border state governor he had great respect for the next significant community that they liked him he spoke the language about as good as he spoke english and seventy eighty percent yeah but. you know we've we we did well in that community but we clearly without question we have to go back we've lost two elections now that can be because of candidates because of issues and part i think the obama administration just plain out organized as they put in the field a full time paid professional staff all through that period between elections and they did a much better job they know how to run identify and identify and voters and get them to the polls is there anything now do you have a favorite among the republican potential standard bearers you know my hope is that
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we'll get someone who can win i haven't signed on with anybody who is the a maybe a strong word. who do you worry about the most on the other side. and well everybody assumes hillary is going to run and and she may well i don't have any reason to believe she won't but i'm not inclined to think this is going to be a very hot prospect for the democrats in two thousand and sixteen if we look at the mess that is men created out of obamacare by the president having said you can keep your policy if you like it you know guaranteed period but it turns out that was a lie and he would peter did over and over and over again his numbers are dropping dramatically i think the two thousand and fourteen election will show some significant gains on the republican side because i think in time it's going to be so bad given the current performance of the administration so i think when we go
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into two thousand and sixteen i think our prospects are going to be pretty good now hillary will she run well as in i don't have a really formidable she'll be for a formidable without question on the other hand she was beaten by barack obama last time a daughter is running against an incumbent in wyoming because writing her a carpetbagger there's a lot of vitriol go on back and forth obviously you are personally involved in that how do you feel i'm delighted liz as somebody who's i think got the experience i think it's extruded scored an early important for our party to bring along that next generation of leaders and she's forty seven years old a mother of five an attorney two tours in the state department had her own committee that was set up after we got into the problems after nine eleven she's a great candidate and she's working her fanny off and. we react to the proper baggage thing though that she's moving in and i will is accused of being
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a carpet bagger larry when after i'd spent ten years in washington working for jerry ford and so forth i went back home to wyoming and of course they said carpetbagger was true. he's got ancestors that they go back to two great grand great great grandmothers and walked a mormon trail in eight hundred fifty two to wyoming her great grandfather settled in wyoming in one thousand nine hundred seventy cali and then raised a family of five and a tent in the midwest oil fields one of whom was her grandmother and she became the first woman deputy sheriff in it's own a county i mean we've got good roots in the state and so the car that goes over the polls at this point we've been focused more on images and perception and issues and we don't really we haven't taken had it yet partly because it's not very useful at this stage so i would assume at this point the incumbents had but one hundred year history of wyoming we've only had one senator serve more than three terms and that
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was back in the fifty's everybody else has called it quits after three terms mike enzi has had three terms and i think it's time for him to step down what's your reaction to this and say i would knowing the did cheney i know you would have favored n.s.a. looking into other people's business of finding out what's going on for the pure as you've said before in the past national security is is the forefront of your thinking but i was a had a major hand in creating the program when i was a vice president. i can remember taking it to the president and discussing it with my cade was and at the n.s.a. and george tenet and cia and we decided if we could get more authority n.s.a. they could do a better job of intercepting terrorist communications and that's why it was set up . i've not been involved since i left the white house i would you make a lot of ellison's well i think the revelations are terrible because they were they were revealed. there are reasons why we have classified programs i do you think the
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program is good the revealing was bad exactly and i think this notion that. what's his name no yes no doubt and i think he's a traitor i think he's done enormous damage to the country and but i but one of the things that i'm frustrated by there is the sort of this view out there in the country part of a lot of conservative friends of mine that the n.s.a. is in the in your business. that worry we want to know all this when you talk into who you're talking to and so forth. it's the program was and i say i'm still as i know teeth alexander the current and i say chief he is one of the finest officers i ever met and n.s.a. has spent an enormous amount of time over the years as part of the culture of being very very careful to protect privacy and civil liberties so the unfortunate thing was it came up right after the i.r.s.
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scandal and they are asking and of clearly is an abuse of power clearly is a gross. distortion of what they're expected to do and is being manipulated apparently for political purposes to target certain groups we haven't seen any of that out of the n.s.a. there's sort of this fear. but the fact of the matter of course is out there that all of these days who are using the internet are credit cards and so forth these are probably knows more. about us in terms of our lifestyle and our habits and our likes and dislikes than the n.s.a. ever will. obama on one side has been a rather aggressive president in the area of drones unlike when you were the that is surprising. you know it's. it's something we developed on our watch where you know we had to go on platform and he uses them well in sort of way but we always we were the ones that put together the drone with
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the weapon system and they simply they were unarmed and we used them i think to great effect but. i think i have not supported his efforts to use drones i think that's an appropriate weapon i think it helps significantly but it's not enough he seems to have the attitude that well we put some drones out there and then we get troops out bring the boys home and and not be actively involved in that part of the world we're going to get out of afghanistan but were we launch the drones keep track of what's going on in pakistan or to take out the taliban leader as we did recently and launch out of afghanistan . it's a. it the those programs are put in place for a reason they've kept the safe from another mass casualty attack since nine eleven . and there's a great deal of evidence that we would have had additional attacks if it hadn't
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been for those programs only have a little over a minute do you think we will work something out with iran personally you know. i think what i'm worried about is that there's going to be some kind of symbolic agreement but that when you dig into it it's not going to achieve the objective i worry that they radians of gotten up on the step now they have a lot of enrich uranium it's not quite weapons grade but they're now position where they could break out very rapidly and i don't think this administration will be tough enough in those negotiations to guarantee that the iranians don't have nuclear capability it's great seeing you looking so well we go by the law i feel tied to you would go back a long way to get. all right well i thank you sir and you too both his heart dick cheney and jonathan reiner and hope the board to this is with another edition of politicking with larry king next week bob woodward thanks for joining us today. in
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the. wealthy british style. time to time the time. market. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report. of
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a. hello everyone i'm martin and this is a break in the set to marks the one year anniversary of operation defense eight days siege of the gaza strip by the israeli military offensive kill the six israelis and left one hundred sixty palestinians dead the majority of which were civilians and like previous israeli military actions against gaza. pillar of defense was marred with violations of international law israeli military targeted civilian areas with missiles and airstrikes killing women and children in the process they also shelled public utility buildings a very early crippling gazan infrastructure even
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a journalist tower housing offices for several media agencies including this one r t was deliberately bombed fast forward to today and a chance of peace in the region is frozen once again as israeli land grabs and harsh rhetoric by bibi netanyahu continue this week also mark the anniversary of the passing of palestinian leader yasser arafat who died in two thousand and four evidence now suggests that the former statesman was deliberately poisoned that's right swiss experts recently concluded that arafat's exuma remains contain traces of polonium a radioactive substance two hundred fifty thousand times more toxic than cyanide so needless to say this is a somber anniversary indeed and while here in america we only hear one side of this conflict in order to learn from history and change our future we must acknowledge these dark truths. the please please they are very hard to take that are
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the. ones that you ever had sex with that are right there looking. for that little. little . as more people turn to the internet for their primary source of news independent and citizen journalism has begun to flourish and corporate media is suffering as a result just last week c.n.n. announced and bear is seeing ratings for a media conglomerate of its size and its weekly ratings hit near record lows
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averaging just three hundred eighty five thousand viewers and it's really no surprise considering that all the network has been covering for the past six weeks is about damn obamacare website and it's not just constant coverage of the same inane topic of three telling viewers from the corporate airwaves it's also an issue of mis trust in fact in a gallup poll from june only twenty three percent of americans express confidence in corporate news stations and abysmal failure so with corporate media going the way of the dinosaurs independent journalism has left to fill its void earlier i talked to one of these journalists and swann who left his job at a local fox station to start his own independent media outlet i started by asking him what the transition from corporate media to total independence has been like for him. but it's been an interesting transition because clearly you know we work to break down this left right paradigm you know you and i talk about this all the time but in media today we have these issues of everything be perceived from my
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either from the left or from the right and one of the things that i've come to believe and i actually believe this before i started on my own is that most people don't go to media to actually be for they go there to have the belief system they already hold valid for them is one of the difficult things about you know new media and about trying to really seek the truth is that people come to you assuming you have a point of view and they want you to give them that point of view that they already hold and validated with jokes you could be difficult at times so that part of it's been kind of interesting but for the most part very excited about what we've been working on and just trying to develop this idea that there's so much out there that maybe it just isn't talking about absolutely and we're doing a great job filling that void ben your latest campaign is. called just said advocates of jury nullification awareness and participation why should this issue be front and center well because look there's so many people especially after the last presidential election who walked away saying my boo didn't count for anything
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you know they voted in the primaries and they said well but now my primary vote didn't count the r. and c. of course but their rule change and and all the issues that they had in the primaries people felt deflated after that after the general election people felt deflated and said you know they just don't trust the system but here's the thing the most important vote that americans have is really as a juror you have a vote in granger e. jury trials and you have votes in the as a trial jury and the reality is this where you have the most power as an individual in this country is as a member of the jury you're one of twelve minutes here's the thing jurors have the ability under law to not only judge the facts of the kits they also have the authority to judge the law itself so when people feel like there are all these bad laws and there are people going to prison for victimless crimes and they just feel like the whole country is a mess the one place you actually have the ability to nullify bad laws is by going out and getting on a jury and in so many of us that it will actually run away from jury duty when we
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hear that there is a you we get that summons to say come and fulfill your civil duty as a juror we run away from it in fact we should be running to it and saying this is a place where my voice can be heard and i can actually have a state it really impacts on what it's like you also just sat down with congressman ron paul for an interview and i want to play our audience a quick clip. i think elections are distractions you know ninety percent of the american people know absolutely that the difference between our last two presidential republican them has it made all the difference in the world. is one more people are coming the question really doesn't make any difference you like one party they talk differently than the other. but policies never change and i think what the internet offers us is trying to get the truth out and that's i think that's one of the most common comments made by young people when i talk to them about why i ask them why they're interested they said we are telling us the truth i
9:38 pm
think they see through this ron paul straightforwardness is what attracted me to him to i mean talk about how there is no difference between the two parties ben when ron paul ran for president two thousand and eight i were people calling for a desk i said to be is running mate why do you think there are more people than willing to compromise on some things are to build that bipartisan coalition to resource civil liberties and war. i think what we're finding more and more is that people are recognizing exactly what dr paul said there which is that there really is no difference at the very top between these two parties the left right paradigm tells us that they're kind of locked into this big battle of good and evil against each other but in reality both people i think are waking up to say that's just not true that there are so much alike and exactly what he said they may take different positions but the policies never change government continues to grow and the individual civil liberties and constitutional liberties continue to be taken away from them and people see this now and i think what we're seeing right now is an
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awakening of people in that arena to say you know what it's not going to change just by by changing the person at the top and that's why i be i'm such a big advocate and go around the country talking about these issues a big advocate of people working on a local level change your city councils change your county commissions you know pass ordinances within your own particular city get rid of your sheriff you know if you have an unconstitutional sheriff that is the most powerful elected position in any county and the answer directly to the people if you have a sheriff who doesn't stand up for constitutional or civil rights get him out of there another bipartisan issues nine eleven since he started treat the media you've tackled this which is a lot of journalists simply don't ban why do you choose to cover such a controversial topic. and what backlash or did you receive any backlash from broaching the topic well you know there's going to be a backlash. like nine eleven is a tough issue to talk about probably the toughest single issue in this country because people have so many preconceived views and feelings about it and it's such
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an emotional issue for people we decided to cover it because you know as we were launching this campaign people asked you know we said we were going to cover issues other media wouldn't and people asked will you cover nine eleven and my response was always if there is something newsworthy i will cover nine eleven just for the sake of country but if there's something newsworthy yes and i believe that this latest september eleventh anniversary there were certain things that were newsworthy a group called rethink nine eleven launched a global campaign they raised hundreds of thousands of dollars placing go boards around the world including in new york city in times square asking people to rethink nine eleven they've had some very legitimate questions about building seven and the way that it came down they have two thousand two thousand professional architects and engineers who now say the way building seven came down could not have happened the way that nist the national institute of standards and technology says that it came down and they have also been able through
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a four year request that was granted in two thousand and twelve they've been able to prove the architects and engineers have been able to prove that the nist claims were based upon untruthful statements about the structure of the building now in my opinion all of those things and i think you would agree are newsworthy items enough selves and so we decided to cover the issue the backlash yeah but the funny thing is most of the backlash we got from it was not from the typical places i thought we'd see it most of it was actually from libertarians it's amazing how simply bringing up questions people why to close the circle for them more than you know answer all these questions you know like i don't know i'm just bringing up things that don't make sense to me but i'm glad you're keeping on that issue of course as it's continue to be used as the crux for the empire foreign policy domestic policy i think it's still relevant and newsworthy to talk about a let's talk about another. that's on the cover media's radar every day of course for the wrong reasons obamacare what are your criticisms of the program. well that my biggest criticism is this that there has to be equality in the system and the rule of law if you have a system that's built upon
9:42 pm
a rule of law he can't keep creating exemptions and creating exceptions for people you know we can argue about whether or not obamacare should be the law of the land there are a lot of questions in regards to even the fact that this bill originated in the senate not in the house then the supreme court ruled it was a tax bill in fact there's a lawsuit moving forward now in that particular arena because a number of congressmen who were supporting that saying wait a minute this thing should never become law it was a tax because it didn't originate in the house but all that aside the bigger issue for me is this that with obamacare you have all these exemptions that have taken place in unions who have said we're not to put our support behind it any more we did a story about this have been one dot com and now all of a sudden they're starting to find ways to get exemptions and exceptions to certain unions their website and i can't help but ask you as a web site cover stories about union corruption social welfare programs and food stamps as if they are entitlements do you think this is just a drop in the bucket that when it comes to the insane corporate welfare subsidies
9:43 pm
and the fact that half of taxpayer dollars are going to fund current and past wars . right doesn't it as you know from my side as well i'm a huge huge issue with what i believe is a growing fascist state in america i think that we have these incredible issues with huge amounts of money going to corporate welfare you know the issues of wars and the fact that we have this massive war machine around the world that the u.s. taxpayer is being basically forced at gunpoint through our taxation system to pay for wars around the world to pay to kill kids in yemen and kill kids in somalia and innocent people all over the world and so is it a drop in the bucket maybe and we could argue that i think that attacking social programs is kind of perpetuating that false left right paradigm and i. i think that we can really unite on what you just said which is we can point out what we can all agree on which is that this is not working and try to open that dialogue to find out what will work and push for that keep up the pressure bans on investigative journalist everyone check it out through the media bends one dot com maze now view
9:44 pm
on things. coming up i'll speak with one woman who is single handedly taking on the f.c.c. and the public media. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy shred albus. rule. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been a high jinks trying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers one still just my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem. rational debate and
9:45 pm
a real discussion critical issues facing the. bill ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture. you know being a hopeless romantic one of my favorite movies is always. in sleepless in seattle but sadly recent events have led me to believe that it might be time for a name change i'm thinking the pin on seattle recently residents began to notice odd looking boxes with vertical antennas attached utility poles around the city
9:46 pm
shortly after y. find networks named after intersections started being picked up by mobile devices and seattle's the stranger identified the mystery boxes as a massive communications network for seattle law enforcement people really started paying attention so it was discovered that these systems were built by our networks a california based contractor whose clients include both the u.s. defense department and saudi arabian telecommunications companies the mesh network is part of a two point seven million dollars project paid for the by the department of homeland security but according to officers leading it it's not going to be used for surveillance however even though the claim is that it's not used for spine they can't tell us what it is being used for but before you think this bizarre big brother box is coming to your city here's the good news public outrage is actually due railed the program at least for the time being seen mounting pressure from concerned residents about what these boxes are and what the hell they're doing to
9:47 pm
finally force city services to consider being in the loop according to the stranger for now the boxes will be disabled into the city can adopt a policy for their oversight thanks guys so although local and state law enforcement often act like they are above the law whether it be unaccountable murder or the installation of surveillance boxes across a big city turns out they still work for us so remember what we want is transparency and accountability we've got to get out there and demand it ourselves . six years ago a seemingly innocent contest held by a sacramento radio station turned deadly a twenty eight year old woman named jennifer strange died of water intoxication after the radio station encouraged contestants and drink as much water as possible without going to the bathroom disturbingly the station was well aware of the risks
9:48 pm
involved with consuming massive amounts of water the participants had signed their lives away by participating in this absolving the station of any risk now the family of strangers was awarded sixteen point five million dollars in a wrongful death lawsuit but what about the station itself one woman is fighting to revoke its broadcasting license through current ization media action center see the f.c.c. is not doing its job corralling and those who abuse the public airwaves this is only one of her many battles against the f.c.c. and corporate media conglomerates so here to discuss this case and how people can take back the public airwaves i'm joined now by sue wilson thanks so much for coming on through things abby so let's talk about this case a few weeks ago you just filed a petition to deny the water contest radio station sacramento f.c.c. broadcast license why. in what we turn on the radio or t.v. i think that we all want to be able to trust that those broadcasters are serving our interest well media action center has identified
9:49 pm
a couple of different instances across the united states where these stations are clearly violating the public trust and if we don't start taking away these licenses broadcasters are good going to continue. violating political standards they're just going to run us over if we don't stand up and take back what is ours and you believe that corporate has evolved into a propaganda arm for the right wing talk of this evolution why you believe this to be the case well let's take a look at the case that we have pending right now out of milwaukee wisconsin we identified to fifty thousand watt radio stations so large that they basically are covering the entire state of wisconsin all right there we found that a clear channel station and a journal communications station are giving millions of dollars of free promotion to the republican candidates from scott walker to paul ryan but they're not letting a single democrat on the air at all and again it goes back to violating the public
9:50 pm
trust and their legal responsibility to serve the public interest all the public interests not just the republican interest how do you respond to the argument we hear incessantly and it's not the right wing media it's actually the liberal media has taken over and that's what i need to be combating on sirius potus yeah right take a look at the radio landscape in this country were better than ninety percent of all talk radio shows in this country are quote conservative parentheses right wing less than ten percent are liberal and in fact just today premier networks said that randy rhoads is going to be taken off of the air no no no this is a meeting that they've created it is not true and it is time that we start standing up for all of our rights to have our access to the microphones our first amendment rights are being violated abbi we all deserve to get our views over the publicly owned airwaves i couldn't agree more why you know why talk radio why is this the
9:51 pm
primary culprit here. talk radio really is the easy thing for people to get as they're driving in their cars as they're commuting across the country. it is the thing that has really i think driven our entire culture and if we look back at one nine hundred ninety six which is when the whole talk radio landscape changed and fast forward to today i think what we're going to see is that the entire culture has changed now we're not even able to sit at our kitchen counters anymore and have a discussion rather we're having a shouting match and one side is absolutely convinced that they have the facts because they've been lied to over and over and over again for years it was just the same some stats earlier to my friend and it's just extraordinary the lack of knowledge that some americans have compared to the hood i mean half of this country still believes that iraq was tied to nine eleven and it's just astounding and so really it's a tragedy. what's your main concern with the federal communications commission and
9:52 pm
why don't you think the agency is protecting these public airwaves that we so dearly need to take back oh if there's any degree of frustration with the public trust it really emanates from the f.c.c. the f.c.c. is supposed to be the law enforcement agency here but when i filed the milwaukee wisconsin petitions to deny in a formal complaints about this whole ridiculous issue that by the way in wisconsin they're bragging that they are winning elections because of talk radio i filed this complaint with the f.c.c. and what does the f.c.c. do they say oh oh we never got a complaint from sue wilson and media action center well i'm a little brighter than that ok i do have proof that they received it and i've been meeting with the f.c.c. this week here in washington d.c. to say what up we expect you to be paying attention to these legal petitions to deny here's my question how can we monitor media content without infringing on first amendment rights because these people who are owning these stations in
9:53 pm
parroting their views on a station will say hey that's an infringement on my first amendment rights if you're saying i can't do this well if we look i'm going to go to milwaukee again we're in. trying to say that three hundred sixty five days a year we need to bring back the fairness doctrine which dealt with we're going to have controversy the issues covered on both sides are right rather we went through a very very narrow rule at the f.c.c. it is called these apple doctrine and no i'm not making that up ok. doctrine says that that if you're going to have supporters of one candidate it on the air you have to allow supporters of the other candidate on the air now granted the attorneys for journal communications are arguing that we are interfering in their first amendment rights i am arguing that no it is the opposite if you are going to be. a broadcaster that is serving the entire community if you're not
9:54 pm
allowing the candidates on the air if you're not allowing the supporters of those candidates on the air you are violating their first amendment rights i mean in effect they are violating the first human rights of more than half of the entire community and lots of us are violating the foundation of a democracy where we don't even have this information readily available we have no active participation in this is them at all and it's really a travesty of course you know the state of third party candidates not even being allowed to give up platform as a wells let's talk about solutions here i mean what do you propose we do because i look at the f.c.c. and i just can't help but think there's another arm of this corporatocracy that we're battling right now the term i keep hearing is regulatory capture that the f.c.c. has been captured by the very entities it is supposed to be regulating now i'm going to pin some hope and i'm on the new f.c.c. chair tom wheeler and he has just come in he is talking about broadcasting i am hopeful that maybe he will realize that the public trust really does need to be
9:55 pm
served is that any direct radical action that people can take that maybe goes around and says oh yes and we do that frequently you know the thing is all broadcast. is local broadcasters are licensed to serve each local community like for instance i come from the sacramento area i was the one who filed the petition to deny the license on the jennifer strange case ok but beyond that we have group in sacramento the sacramento media group we call knock on radio stations stores we go on television stations stores we tell them this is what we expect from you we give them our wish list we published reports of what they do over time we've been able to move t.v. stations into giving five minutes of daily election coverage during election season beyond then what we did actually called occupy clear channel so sorry we have to wrap up we're at a time so everyone needs to check out your film and your website media action center get involved everyone take action thank you so much for coming on thank you
9:56 pm
. chris. let's see you so i'm going to tell you. despite the incredible influence wielded by the u.s. government the american people remain one of the most uninformed electorates in the industrialized world case in point check out some of these shocking the stats that alternate compiled in two thousand and ten nearly one fifth of americans believe obama is a muslim twenty five percent don't believe in evolution and a shocking how of americans believe that saddam hussein was directly involved in nine eleven this phenomenon is due in large part to the fact that almost everything you see and hear in the mainstream is controlled by only six giant corporate conglomerates viacom time warner disney news corp c.b.s. and general electric these massive corporations have boards of directors who sit on the boards of other enormous industries like food telecom energy and weapons see in
9:57 pm
the world of corporate media there's only one rule and one rule only sell sell sell sell fear so worry sell propaganda like it's going out of style it's not about providing. news folks about keeping those profits increasing year after year but luckily americans are beginning to wake up to the fear mongering and superficial fluff that an overwhelming majority of them no longer trust the corporate media at all for fair reporting which brings me to the first ever march against the mainstream media happening this saturday nov sixteenth at two pm on this day activists from all over the world from the us to australia are organizing outside the studios of major media headquarters to protest can find out about your local of them to and i am as i am dot info or on facebook at march against main stream media or on trigger at how tag and i am as i am. this is not about begging the corporate media establishment to listen to the people and provide real
9:58 pm
news because they won't they won't this is about calling attention to the issue so that people know not to watch it not to trust it and most importantly to plug it this movement is about pushing alternative voices that can be trusted that have no corporate agenda because without an open and honest media there cannot be an informed citizenry to control this country's fate so let's get out there let's get active and let's put the media back where it belongs in the hands of the people. and that's it for show you guys thanks so much for watching join me again tomorrow when i break the set all over again until then have a great night. as
9:59 pm
the media leave us so we can be. part of the same motion see your. play the part of the there's the. shoes that no one is there with to get that you deserve answers from. the. last time was a new alert animation scripts scare me a little bit. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears of the wife and a great big other that there has to be adequate regard in a court of law found alive there's a story made for a movie is playing out in real life.
10:00 pm
just like. everybody. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open prize is critical to our democracy correct i'll. go on. that i know i'm charming and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on we go beyond identifying the problem to try to rational debate real discussion critical issues facing america family members ready to join the movement then welcome to the big city. i am sam saxon for tom hartman in washington d.c. here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture.


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