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tv   Headline News  RT  November 15, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EST

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designing to skeptics see where means the initial targets to get rid of its chemical weapons inspectors plan the next stage. a new split between old friends britain and the u.s. born out of a secret iraq war communications as a major u.k. inquiry tries to get to the bottom of the country's role in the invasion. and justice and profit rolled into one in a few minutes we'll take you on a tour of the literature world of u.s. private prison. when you incarcerate people for the purpose of generating corporate profit you have a built in incentive to incarcerate as many people as you can for as long as possible morality and ethics aside to business is booming for america's prison corporations as the number of souls to heights.
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international news live from moscow this is with me thanks for joining us. getting rid of serious chemical weapons appears to be pushing ahead at a rapid pace best despite widespread skepticism that declaring and destroying its stockpiles will be possible in the middle of a civil war the government in damascus is even willing to speed on the process as always point to slee explains. today is the deadline for the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons to go up destruction deadlines for syria's chemical arsenal so far damascus has made all deadlines in its destruction program with the latest being the first of november when it had to destroyed all equipment used for the mixing of production of poison gases and nerve agents to mask the face of
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remains committed to meeting these deadlines on our part we are to do to do whatever it takes to commit ourselves to these the blood's but experts see we can do it sooner we are ready to do it i was recently in damascus where none of the foreign experts that overseeing the destruction of syria's chemical weapons program would speak on camera other than to say that they were extremely satisfied with the progress that was being made and that damascus was cooperating fully we have made a commitment and syria as well known for respecting its commitments this is not a commitment to the security council this is not a commitment to. do this is a commitment also to our russian friends one of the debates right now is way to actually destroy syria's chemical weapons which i estimated at around one thousand tons possible sites include albania france and belgium chemical weapons have become
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a heavy burden on syria especially if the presence of militant groups in its soil that might want to use such weapons or could even induce a disaster by mishandling members. the final deadline for syria destroying its entire stockpile of chemical weapons is the middle of next year policy r.t. television so let's now have a recap of where things stand at the moment damascus has so far revealed where all its chemical weapons are located although it's worth mentioning not all of the science has been visited again because of the fighting however they've managed to meet in november target for destroying all equipment used to make its toxic gas and oil however take a look now at this map and you'll see won't the inspectors are up against these are the major stockpile sites with some in areas close to where heavy fighting is breaking out so that makes their job a lot more difficult. to simulate british from syria's conflict zones of it is the
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emotion section of our website r.t. dot com. a major british inquiry into how the country in tongue gold itself in the iraq war is being delayed it has emerged because of protests from washington the u.s. doesn't want communications between the country's leaders in the buildup to the invasion to go public a stance ability to protect their privacy but as our senior reports now they may be more at stake. the report by the independent newspaper it's a senior diplomatic sources and essentially what they say is that washington is playing a key role in trying to block the publication of some classified information which essentially contains the conversation and exchanges between then president george w. bush and you can prime minister tony blair no this will be crucial information for that iraq inquiry that's going on here and i was far as justifications are
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concerned some of those diplomatic sources say that the us is highly possessive of any information that relates to the president or anyone around them and also that it is not london's call to make that decision on publishing information again which relates to the american president and also david cameron have told that some of the documents need to be handled sensitively and that has been interpreted by the cabinet office as ensuring that the relationship the special relationship between the u.s. and the u.k. is not affected and therefore it puts the government and david cameron in an awkward position of the having to perhaps block some of that evidence as per washington's decision and it will be a politically embarrassing move to have to do this critics are saying that it is important for the public good to be able to know and see this information not least of which because the goal of this for your inquiry is essentially to look back at how then the government british government have ended up making that decision of
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sending forty five thousand troops to iraq and to learn from those lessons and not make the same mistakes that was the goal and if you don't publish crucial information about the purpose and another thing is that this inquiry has already cost the taxpayers some eight million pounds so if this becomes a new target a watered down version without such crucial information some are saying it will be a total waste of taxpayers' money. the british prime minister is facing strong criticism from other quarters to big conservative policy is accused of trying to bury evidence of broken promises speeches made before the plastic aim to power are removed from its website. and also coming out seeing isn't quite believing ron paul's the expansion of its nuclear program but is still trying to gain the trust of western powers would be to ask pushing for new sanctions despite all the talks. if you're looking for somewhere to invest and
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dollars to both of the moral implications private jails could be an option the number of inmates being held in them has swelled and that's giving private shareholders a bump of profits but as are choosing a port now explains now there's a huge conflict of interest there. corrections corporation of america is the hilton of the private prison industry a multibillion dollar business that's getting rich off punishment we are c.c.a. the more people locked up behind bars and the longer they stay there the more money c.c.a. makes last year the company banked a reported one point seven billion dollars they are fully aware of the reality which is that they need massive are serious and in order to stay in business they need excessive sentences for nonviolent crime so yes they push for legislation that will sure more and more people are in their stories with more than to put millions people currently incarcerated the united states trumps china russia and the rest of
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the world in the number of prisoners doing time about half of those in u.s. jails are in for nonviolent offenses since one nine hundred ninety america's private prison population has increased sixteen hundred percent the war on drugs mandatory sentencing and a broken immigration policy have forced more people into prison c.c.a. has roughly ninety thousand prison beds in twenty states jesse lava from the watchdog group beyond bars says many of the company's contracts guarantee occupancy lock up quotas basically say you know if you're a private person and you have a contract with say or a local government you have a guaranteed number of people in your facility crime goes down with it doesn't matter taxpayers are still on the hook and the government is still in the hook for filling up your prisons. in the land of the free it is hard to expect the prison population to decrease as long as corporations continue profiting by keeping people
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locked up reporting from new york marina port ny on our team. and alex friedman is managing and itself presently going to spend a decade behind bars and both private and public trails and he explained to us why he believes privatizing prisons is such a bad idea. served six years at a privately operated prison as part of the ten years total that i spent incarcerated and my experience is that privately operated prison pretty much is what led me on to a career if you will fighting against the private prison industry it is a very drastic experience and people come out of prison generally worse than they went in to get the isolation due to the lack of resources and rehabilitation programs and what that means of course is that when they get out they are more likely to times to recidivate and come back and that benefits no one except for companies like c.c.a.
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because if you profit from incarceration then the more people you have locked up the more money you can get. and onyx is also there say as he directs how the human rights defense center where he's campaigning against prison corporations that he says have a strong influence on government policy the people really benefiting from prison privatization are not the public it's not the prisoners it's not the states that contract with these companies necessarily rather corporate executives and the shareholders who own stock when you incarcerate for the purpose of generating corporate profit you have a built in incentive to incarcerate as many people as you can for as long as possible because that's how the the market system works the companies have faced considerable criticism for lobbying governments and immigration and tension officials and other government officials for basically more contracts and to put more people in prison. he has also recently toured the most infamous of the us
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prisons gone time of day i'm going to say trick and again you need access to the military facility and his series of reports our website providing a glimpse into live under censorship and indefinite lockdown by. the conservative party in the u.k. house published its official website apparently hoping to clean up its online image it's removed a whole section of pledges made before the party came to power the opposition has labeled the move and attempts to brush broken promises under the carpet and she's pointed boyko now reports whatever way she could very well for him time and simply take back something you've said or a promise you've made. i certainly have this is a new case concerns of the federal government's apparently after it was revealed that the virtual tory when excitement had says maizie again raised all of this is beach is made for the conservative cause he was elected into power back in two
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thousand and ten its race especially is that in the run up to the next general election that someone simply trying to get this elite on their promises remember that time that david cameron pledged not to reorganize the n.h.s. well the speech is no longer on their websites and it could be because after being elected the government to went on to preside over one of the largest free organizations in n.h.s. history there was also that time that david cameron promised not to cut child benefits after which the coalition scrapped the welfare payment for higher honors and froze it for the rest of u.k. families and i want it clear another thing that's now much harder to locate on the net is a quote of david cameron saying that the internet is democratizing the world's information try searching that on the tory party website just removing it from the conservatives right they've tried to remove it from. the instead all cry when he became prime minister one of the first promises he made was this will be the most
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open the governments have and it's pretty clear that's not the case the irony is that the speech is deletion is simply fueling public interest in the big fish a line from conservative h.q. is that they have revamping their website for a new digital era just starting a new chapter. playboy i ought to see london this is and so to come this hour trapped and desperate the professional footballers' union plans a trip to consol to support a french blair has been bought for sending home over a legal time go. and us chaos on terror he's away at a wrong we'll get some expert opinion on why death seems to be so commonplace ten years after the two us led invasion that's after the break. zachary what happened there i don't know but i killed. piers later is when i got
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arrested for. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results. and people to confess the police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like meant no because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were often they could do what they wanted they can say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said. wealthy british style. that's not tied to the splits by money go. marget why not. find out what's really happening to the global
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economy. on march. and this is our c welcome back iran has stopped expanding its nuclear facilities since hassan rouhani became president three months ago that's confirmed in a new report from the international atomic energy agency relieves cheering negotiations on the country's nuclear program however the congress pushed for new sanctions against iran the news doesn't necessarily mean progress in the talks will she's going magic check our reports. right now negotiations with iran on a nuclear deal or at this very fragile stage with one big component missing trust iranians don't trust the u.s. they've been duped before washington doesn't trust the iran when they say they're developing nuclear technology for civilian use and are not trying to build
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a bomb the u.n. nuclear watchdog just released the report saying in the last three months gone has not expanded its nuclear facilities it also said there were one has also not be gone operating a new generation centrifuges that quote no major components had been installed i don't react to being built at. this could be perceived as a confidence building step that you want is taking to move forward with a deal on its nuclear program the talks with six won't powers in geneva last week did not produce an agreement as we know but there is another round of talks coming up next week and this new report by the i.a.e.a. may play a role but will also play a role is what's happening here in washington and the u.s. congress wants to pass a new round of sanctions president obama has urged congress not to do that he said if the u.s. is serious about using diplomacy to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons there is no need to add new sanctions on top of sanctions already in place. so
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congress can potentially undermine any chance there is for a deal as well as entrenched the iranians in this view that whatever they do washington is not going to lift the sanctions and is not going to recognize their right to develop a nuclear program for civilian use in washington i'm going to check out. israel seems to be using only its powers of persuasion in washington to push for new sanctions against iran and who is an investigative journalist and historian on u.s. national security policy believes that will make that happen. i don't think a president's statement or speech at this point is going to hold off the members of congress who are determined to go ahead with this move i think the house is more likely to be responsive to israel's urgings on this and most likely to go ahead with with sanctions this is the track record that both the majority of
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the senate the majority the house have compiled in recent years which is to say that they have been responsive whenever a pack of the lobbying organization devoted to israel's interests has put forward legislation. and atomic weapons can still say peaceful purposes as a story on our website shows that we called the dogs house on the so-called negative elements to megawatts agreement and to which russia's old warheads have been converted into a power plant fuel for the us. i'm not so transparent at all j.p. morgan retreats into a shower of secrecy outside counseling at changi twitter appear in a session over some thorny questions on his global bike accident. a series of attacks targeting a shi'ite muslims in iraq has killed at least forty one people during the religious festival of assura so sad bomber blew himself up in
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a city northeast of baghdad leaving more than settle dead twin blasts in the six year old bus seat to the south east of the capital work through a festival procession killing nine and who actually mr richard bakker says the u.s. policy of pushing certain religious groups first has given fertile ground to violence from ninety nine thousand through there was a kind of violence inside the country. gender divide us occupation and by the us shows. certain our national groups. others and work behind we're going to war for the iraqi people what we're seeing is that you are simply. are. worth trying to bring a new government. who are record as well as other parts of the middle east. and have launched
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a special project documenting the violence in a wrong place here and the website address that you can see now at the bottom of the screen you can follow the most by month timeline detailing the major incidents and casualty. liz liz . international food bowl as union is sending a delegation to the time to negotiate on behalf of astounded stranded french
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nationals the hague bellone has been banned from leaving the gulf states for over a year now due to a legal dispute with his based club fever has already said it cannot intervene in the case that an e. has written to world cup twenty twenty two ambassadors in a dean's a done and pep guardiola asking them to find his cause and andrew are saucy from the football as he union told us just how desperate the french plan now is and we understand that he's also had to act in this matter and that includes the fact that he sold off most of his possessions that he will be evicted from his home in a matter of days and therefore we have offered through our hardship from here if you've brought the opportunity for him at the very least while we help to try and resolve this situation that he at least has some way to live to stay in a hotel or whatever the case buy be for him his wife and his two daughters we are also very mindful of the fact that he is a very fragile mental state right now it's a precarious situation we're deeply concerned and so we are asking for the
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international football community to unite support pro being at the highest levels of government and within football of foreigners this is already gone right to the top side here bellini today himself has written begging for help this is just one player but it's one of sixty thousand we represent around the world and we want him released that we are released now. so bony goals to stranded in cancer after trying to see his employer for not paying him is now being refused an exit visa which foreign workers need in order to leave the country and also he spoke to the footballer is and here's what he told us about his situation and the impact it's having on his family. when i went to the tribunals i never imagined that i wouldn't be able to leave the country i didn't think they would block me my wife is depressed she can't work i thought of going on hunger strike but my lawyers told me not to be already on
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a hunger strike would only hurt my wife and kids enough is enough. and that's not the only contrast to facing qatar as it makes initial proper ations for twenty twenty two world cup the country is also facing and welcome attention over the living and working conditions of its wygant construction workers one german investigative journalist even found himself in jail after trying to film a documentary on labor abuses there she spoke to the man the interview is available on our website along with all the details on the human prize being paid for the world cup. and for some other news from around the globe this hour the number of people killed by the typhoon that ravaged the philippines last week has risen to three thousand six hundred military planes and a u.s. aircraft carrier have arrived with food and emergency supplies but reported infrastructure under one hundred relief that's the storm with thought to be the
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strongest has become treat since records began. a gas pipeline explosion and a polish village has left two people dead and at least thirteen injured with dozens of homes destroyed the blast reportedly took place during work to modernize the pipeline authorities say the existence pipe may have been damaged but an official investigation has been launched. a recent go to a prominent member of moscow's as a version of community has reignited ethnic tensions and disputes over migration russia has the world's second largest migrant population but warring li a high number of them are in the country illegally paul scored trying not to get to the heart of the problem for us. migration in moscow is a sensitive subject right now following last month's murder of russia back of allegedly at the hands of an azerbaijani migrant and the nationalistic riots that
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followed the issue is firmly in the spotlight and an arty camera crew has found out just how sensitive the topic is we went to a market on the outskirts of moscow to try and film an interview with mohamed mage i'm the president of the russian federation of migrants despite getting private mission to film it soon became clear a presence was not welcome. you russian though i have to repeat myself the site ends with the fence we eventually set up our interview away from the market. yes i think they may have suspected some illegal activities of course and when you have thousands of my bread some of them may not have work permits or residence permits. the exact number of migrants in moscow is hard to calculate the best estimates put the figure around one quarter of the population and according to official statistics one in five murders one into rapes and one in three robberies a carried out by migrants the authorities are keen to be seen to be tackling the
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problem as we found out before our meeting with mohammed. since the rest in the outskirts of moscow police have been clamping down on illegal immigration every friday they go on a range of accommodation places of looking for illegal immigrants it's friday morning and we're going with the police on one of those raids and it didn't take long for the police to get down to business demanding people's paperwork. you know where do i leave. where do you leave. now the raid on the outskirts of moscow in the step i was last day to just about an hour and so far police have rounded up thirty five individuals who don't have the correct paper walk. around one hundred eighty thousand work permits are granted each year according to mohammed this figure is far too low. to address it you need to conduct a survey as to how many migrant workers small school needs if it needs
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a million workers you should issue a million work permits not a mere hundred thousand. it's believed around three million migrants are working in moscow ninety four percent of them illegally this is creating a vast black market for cheap labor a market there's some looking to keep out of the spotlight put scott. moscow. now a good company called police interrogation time takes kind of a microscope next after the break. you know i love these rare moments where action of something totally sounds positive to share with you the f.d.a. is working to ban partially hydrogenated oils which are the leading source of
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trance fats and foods and possibly the cause of up to twenty thousand heart attacks per year across the usa according to f.d.a. commissioner margaret hamburg as you know i would like the chemicals in my food kept to a minimum but the thing is the people at the f.d.a. are surely aware of all the hormones and beef and jim o's being produced why does the span have such a very narrow narrow focus in fact when you look at all the things that americans consume smoke use that to swear health some get the violent band hammer while others are completely tolerated if you ever talk to hardcore marijuana smoker they'll tell you but dude weed is better for you than beer and that's legal man and they kind of have a point i think there is this is one of those rare instances where a balance position isn't really a good idea well the country could go the libertarian route and let it be everything be legal let people make their own choices or do what i think would be much much better actually really ban all the things that are destructive to our health both of these paths have positive and negative effects but they are a lot better than our current plan of bans some harmful things for some reason and
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a lot other harmful things because well they lobby better but that's just my opinion. the video might be shocking but it's simply a ploy used by u.s. police or. filming with their own cameras they inform this woman called dalia that just being killed they want to gauge her reactions as they suspect she may have hired a hitman to murder her spouse. like a. camera . in fact no killing has taken place and the police have made up the story to try and confuse duniya what they want is a confession and a few.


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