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tv   Headline News  RT  November 15, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EST

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is why you should care only. the future of syria is also known as jews have decided today off to damascus destroyed production facilities the question now is where will the weapons. washington tries to whitewash a multi-million dollar british inquiry into the roots of the iraq invasion in case it reveals a few painful truths between bush and blair. america's booming private prisons before tougher sentences and more inmates i don't next call tells us how profits are being put. in criminals into society.
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this is all see coming to live from moscow hello and welcome to the program. syria's chemical design imminent is approaching a crucial phase where the road map for the weapons actual destruction about to be approved the toxic also will most likely be sent abroad for that part of the process our middle east correspondent reports now on the progress being made and the commitment sharpened by damascus. today is the deadline for the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons to go up destruction deadlines for syria's chemical arsenal so far damascus has made all deadlines in its destruction program with the latest being the first of november when it had to destroyed all equipment used for the mixing and production of poison gases and nerve agents to mask the fears of the may have committed to meeting these deadlines on our part we are to do to do whatever it takes to commit ourselves to these good lives but
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experts see we can do it sooner we are ready to do it i was recently in damascus where none of the foreign experts that overseeing the destruction of syria's chemical weapons program would speak on camera other ventra say that they were extremely satisfied with the progress that was being made and that damascus was cooperating fully we have made a commitment and syria is well known for respecting its commitments this is not a commitment to the security council this is not a commitment to. do this is a commitment also to our russian friends one of the debates right now is way to actually destroy syria's chemical weapons which i estimated at around a thousand tons possible sites include albania france and belgium chemical weapons have become a heavy burden on syria especially for the presence of militant groups in its soil that might want to use such weapons or could even induce the designs to bring this
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on bring them back to the final deadline for syria destroying its entire stockpile of chemical weapons is the middle of next year policy r.t. television. and here is how serious design and has been progressing damascus revealed its chemical sites shortly after the russian and u.s. brokered deal struck although it's worth mentioning inspectors could not visit all of them due to heavy fighting see were astonished to meet the november target for destroying chemical weapon production facilities but removing the existing arsenal may be quite a challenge take a look at what the inspectors are up against these are the major stockpiles sides and someone located in contested areas or close to rebel strongholds who are fighting is almost nonstop so we'll have to see how the elimination of syria's chemical weapons progresses from here. keep you updated on developments on
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air and online plans go to ulti dot com to see the latest but it from what's happening on the ground in syria to the emotional section of our website. a wide reaching british investigation on why the country invaded iraq alongside with the uighurs is being stopped in its tracks thanks to washington it's emerged that the white house has brought to inquiry to hold as it could expose secret communications between them prime minister tony blair and president george w. bush but as tests are seen in our reports there may be more to task. the report by the independent newspaper it's a senior diplomatic sources and essentially what they say is that washington is playing a key role in trying to block the publication of some classified information which essentially contains the conversation and exchanges between then president george w. bush and the u.k. prime minister tony blair no this will be crucial information for that iraq inquiry
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that's going on here and i was for as justifications are concerned some of those diplomatic sources say that the us is highly possessive of any information that relates to the president or anyone around them and also that it is not london's call to make that decision on publishing information again which relates to the american president and also david cameron have told that some of the documents need to be handled sensitively and that has been interpreted by the cabinet office as ensuring that the relationship the special relationship between the u.s. and the u.k. is not affected and therefore it puts the government david cameron in an awkward position of the having to perhaps block some of that evidence as per washington's decision and it will be a politically embarrassing move to have to do this critics are saying that it is important for the public good to be able to know and see this information not least of which because the goal of this for your inquiry is essentially to look back at how. government british government have ended up making that decision of sending
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forty five thousand troops to iraq and to learn from those lessons and not make the same mistakes that was the goal and if you don't publish crucial information about the purpose and another thing is that this inquiry has already cost the taxpayers some eight million pounds so if this becomes a new target a watered down version without such crucial information some are saying it will be a total waste of taxpayers' money. on this not just classified information that is being kept hush hush in the u.k. they say i will tell you how the living conservative policy has its website so that no one can tie the promises they failed to make good on. her says crime doesn't pay the constant stream of convicts in the united states a sudden make a private prison corporations and the money so it's little wonder that they're also complaining for top five custodial penalties even for petty crimes looks now on the
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cash made by incarceration. corrections corporation of america is the hilton of the private prison industry a multibillion dollar business that's getting rich off punishment we are c.c.a. the more people locked up behind bars and the longer they stay there the more money c.c.a. makes last year the company banked a reported one point seven billion dollars they are fully aware of the reality which is that they need massive our story should in order to stay in business they need excessive sentences for nonviolent crimes so yes they push for legislation that will sure more and more people are in there with more than to put million people currently incarcerated the united states trumps china russia and the rest of the world in the number of prisoners doing time about half of those in u.s. jails are in for nonviolent offenses since one nine hundred ninety america's private prison population has increased sixteen hundred percent the war on drugs
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mandatory sentencing and a broken immigration policy have forced more people into prison c.c.a. has roughly ninety thousand prison beds in twenty states jesse law from the watchdog group beyond bars says many of the companies contracts guarantee occupancy lock up quotas basically say you know if you're a private person and you have a contract you say. in local government you have a number of people in your arms go down it doesn't matter it's taxpayers are still on the hook the government is still on the hook for filling up your prisons. in the land of the free it is hard to expect the prison population to decrease as long as corporations continue profiting by keeping people locked up reporting from new york marina port r.t. . and das he spoke to a man who spent a decade behind bars in both private and public jails and now as
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a human rights advocate alex friedman told us that private prisons are all about cutting costs not fred been a tasting criminals into society serve six years at a privately operated prison as part of the ten years total that i spent incarcerated and my experience is privately operated prison pretty much is what led me on to a career if you will fighting against private prison industry it is a very drastic experience and people come out of prison generally worse than they went in and you get the isolation due to the lack of resources and rehabilitative programs and what that means of course is that when they get out they are more likely to start to recidivate come back and that benefits no one except for companies like c.c.a. because if you profit from incarceration then the more people you have locked up the more money you can. also told us about the influence of private prison funds
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that will die with the government being for legislation to provide them with even more convicts. the people really benefiting from prison privatization are not the public it's not the prisoners it's not the states that contract with these companies necessarily rather corporate executives and the shareholders who own stock when you incarcerate for the purpose of generating corporate profit give a built in incentive to incarcerate as many people as you can for as long as possible because that's how the the market system works the companies have to face considerable criticism for lobbying governments and immigration and potential officials and other government officials for basically more contracts and to put more people in prison who don't know who's trapped and in desperate need of a transfer out can't not on the way to meet the unpaid french players took from returning home just for demanding his wages. still so coming out saying
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isn't quite believing iran upholds the expansion of its nuclear program but wary western powers still don't trust them with the us pushing for new sanctions despite all got in talks that shortly after the break. there's a media leave though so we need to be. by the sea motions to cure the other your party there's a goal. for shoes that no one is asking with to get they deserve answers from it's all on politics only on our.
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margy dot com is launching a special project to mark the appalling scale of violence. we want you to know. you're watching live from moscow it's good to have you with us let's move on if you had spent years in the political wilderness how do you make sure that your promises don't come back to haunt you if you are in britain is going to serve as have
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prostate just pretend they didn't happen it's deleted a decade of speeches from its website that were made before scrapping back into downing street and twenty ten point a boycott has the details. but you never ever wish you could care about him time and simply take back something you've said or promised and made. i suddenly have this is how long you chase consists of the federal government's apparently after it was revealed that the virtual tory when site had several days ago raised all of this speech is major best for the conservative cause he was elected into power back in two thousand and ten its race especially is that in the run up to the next general election that someone simply trying to hit the delete button on their part of any promises remember that time that david cameron pledged not to reorganize the n.h.s. well the speech is no longer on their website and it could be because after being elected the government to went on to preside over one of the largest free
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organizations in n.h.s. history there was also that time that david cameron promise not to cut child benefits after which the coalition scrapped the welfare payment for higher honest and froze it for the rest of you k. families and i want to me another thing that's now much harder to locate on the net is a quote of david cameron saying that the internet is democratizing the world's information try searching vats on the tory party website rather than just removing it from the conservative site they've tried to remove it from the internet archive when he became prime minister one of the first promises he made was this with the most open government have and it's pretty clear that's not the case the irony is that the speeches deletion is simply fueling public interest in them line from conservative h.q. is that they're revamping their website for a new digital era just starting a new chapter. polly boyd her artsy london.
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britain spying activities a helping hand to the n.s.a. and how it's affecting transatlantic relations coming up in today's sophie and co nazi. sorry and how moral is it to assisting united states in spite of europe including its allies idea that heads of government they could talk freely all the. without any risk of being intercepted whether by agencies of other states or even by through private enterprise is crazy many european countries were in about a breakdown in trust with the us what do you think it will also affect for in their trust to britain i do think this is good to be a little stupid over there not what about the mood within the british public but i do think there's a degree to the british public the story doesn't really run here the idea as much as it does in very other countries do you admire likes of snowden and julian assange for their choices or are they traitors and trouble makers for you traitors
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in trouble because the basically the what they're doing is they've stood with property and they'll make use of that standard of property and so i called it any way you could do what they've done. iran has slowed down its nuclear program to almost hold according to the latest report by the you want to tell me quote inspections say there's been no development at its facilities since president rouhani to confident oldest the findings could help build confidence ahead of next week's nuclear talks but it will be undermined by the u.s. congress pushing for new sanctions as i washington correspondent explains right now negotiations with iran on a nuclear deal or at this very fragile stage with one big component missing trust iranians don't trust the u.s.
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they've been duped before washington doesn't trust iran when they say they're developing nuclear technology for civilian use and are not trying to build a bomb the u.n. nuclear watchdog just released a report saying in the last three months has not expanded its nuclear facilities and also said that we want has also not be gone operating a new generation of centrifuges that quote no major components had been installed to react to being built at. this could be perceived as a confidence building step that you want is taking to move forward with a deal on its nuclear program the talks with six won't powers in geneva last week did not produce an agreement as we know but there is another round of talks coming up next week and this new report by the i.a.e.a. may play a role but will also play a role is what's happening here in washington and the u.s. congress wants to pass a new round of sanctions president obama has urged congress not to do that he said if the u.s. is serious about using diplomacy to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons
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there is no need to add new sanctions on top of sanctions already in place. so congress can potentially undermine any chance there is for a deal as well as entrenched you want in this view that whatever they do washington is not going to lift the sanctions and is not going to recognize their rights to develop a nuclear program for civilian use in washington i'm getting checked. one fox which could swing u.s. lawmakers into most sanctions as it's been minister impressed with the findings insisting toran has already obtained all the capabilities it needs to crave a nuclear weapon and it's a position which seems to have clout in congress i don't think the president's statement or speech at this point is going to hold off the members of congress who are determined to go ahead with this move i think the house is more likely to be responsive to israel's urgings on this and most likely to go ahead with
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with sanctions this is the track record that both the majority of the senate majority the house have compiled in recent years which is to say that they have been responsive whenever a pack the lobbying organization devoted to israel's interests has put forward legislation. no i will see chris about secret prisons the fuel being human rights people deserve to know about all of the cia's doing on the. hold and trying to keep it quiet from the public why all. need to spend patches of military drug inside it would jump in to go it's just days after human rights groups come down for helping americans trying some pockets on.
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the. face. pleasure to have you with us here on our to you today. the main professional footballers union is heading to but this is no world cup checkup one of the players is being held captive by the country for daring to skate to speak out over not getting paid frenchmen zia hey ben who are the new ways currently bond from leaving until he drops a lawsuit against his football club has been fighting for more than a yet to get an exit to be set by the country's refusing until he drops the charges
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would bowls governing body says there's nothing it can do at the moment and andrew are some see from the football as union says the frenchman is losing hope to remove we understand that he's also had to act in this matter and that includes the fact that he sold off dispositions that he will be addicted from his own in a matter of days and therefore we have offered through our hardship fund here if you've brought the opportunity for him at the very least while we help to try and resolve this situation that he at least has some way to live to stay in a hotel or whatever the case by be for him his wife and his two daughters we are also very mindful of the fact that he has a very fragile mental state right now it's a precarious situation we're deeply concerned and so we are asking for the international football community to unite support fifth pro with being at the highest levels of government and within football of foreigners this is already gone right to the top side here bill you need it today himself has written begging for
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help this is just one player but it's one of sixty thousand we represent around the world and we want him released that we released now also. mail c.l.s. spoke to the tribe footballer who explained how the troubles snowballed for him and his family. when i went to the tribunals i never imagined that i wouldn't be able to leave the country i didn't think they would block me my wife is depressed she can't work i thought of going on hunger strike but my lawyers told me not to be already on a hunger strike would only hurt my wife and kids enough is enough. in an open letter bellamy's stated he wasn't the only one snared by qatar's hardline laws he gave the example of construction workers preparing the infrastructure for the twenty to twenty two world cup the yuan earlier warned local authorities of the intolerable conditions and extreme poverty the builders are subjected to i wish has
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already resulted in hundreds of deaths find out more on this and other reports on the ugly side of the beautiful game is the biggest event in qatar at r.t. dot com. and let's now take a look at some other world news in brief in the philippines two hundred thousand liters of oil have spilled into the ocean after a barge was grounded by typhoon haiyan which devastated the country last week the lead has been contained and a cleanup is underway meanwhile the number of people killed by this storm has risen to three thousand six hundred military planes and a u.s. aircraft carrier how arrived with food and emergency supplies but crippled infrastructure and looting bring the relief. to rebels in syria have beheaded one of their supporters by mistake he was a sunni islamist but was captured and killed by insurgents who mistook him for an arson supporter of the rebels and published as leader apologizing for the execution
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the group known as the islamic state in iraq and the leavened has become one of the main your heart is groups government forces in syria. a gas pipeline explosion in a polish village has left two people dead and at least thirteen injured with dozens . destroyed the blots reports and it took place during what a lot and i have the pipeline authorities say they exist thing quite may have been done i just it's an official investigation has been known to stay detached and the calls. and up next larry kane goes head to head with former us vice president dick cheney.
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you know i love these rare moments where action of something totally sounds positive to share with you the f.d.a. is working the band partially hydrogenated oils which are the leading source of trans fats and foods and possibly the cause of up to twenty thousand heart attacks per year across the usa according to f.d.a. commissioner margaret hamburg as you know i would like the chemicals in my food kept to a minimum but the thing is the people at the f.d.a. are surely aware of all the hormones and beef and gitmo is being produced why does the span have such a very narrow narrow focus in fact when you look at all the things that americans consume smoke use that just for health some get the violent band hammer while others are completely tolerated if you ever talk to a hardcore marijuana smoker they'll tell you but dude weed is better for you than beer and that's legal dan and they kind of have a point i think there is this is one of those rare instances where a balance position is a really good idea well the country could go the libertarian route and let it be everything be legal let people make their own choices or do what i think would be
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much much better actually really bad all the things that are destructive to our health both of these paths have positive and negative effects but they are a lot better than our current plan of ban some harmful things for some reason and a lot other harmful things because while they lobby better but that's just my opinion. the forty sixth vice president of the begin ited states dick cheney he's one of the most influential and controversial men ever to hold the office he was a heartbeat away from the presidency and irony considering his long battle with cardiac disease it chronicles that in his new book heart and american medical out of he's with me at the historic day out of his hotel oval of the white house and the executive office building it's all next on politicking.
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for them to another edition of politicking with larry king this will be one of my favorites coasts with an old friend dick cheney the former vice president ited states we are at a historic location this is the hay adams hotel in washington this is a washington landmark is right across from the white house was right out over the building to our left the old executive office building is directly behind the vice president's shoulders two weeks prior to his first inauguration president obama's family stayed in this hotel it is historic in many many ways i go back a long way before we even start i don't get to person on this show but dick cheney and i share some bonds when i had my heart surgery in eighty seven a year later the republican convention is mentioned in the book in one nine hundred eighty eight was in new orleans they can i sat in the stairwell at the superdome and he was pumping me with questions about what this says you alive way to put the
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when they cut open your chest roast i was buffeting him with information when president bush announced that dick cheney would be his vice presidential choice his first appearance was on my old show on c.n.n. and one night during one of his many appearances at george washington. mercy hospital we did a broadcast from his bed and his new book is heart an american medical odyssey the story of a patient a doctor and thirty five years of medical innovation it's written by dick and liz of course liz cheney helps along in the writing and jonathan reiner isn't it yes yes my cardiologist and i know him well and we shared the same hospital for a while as well are you doing couldn't be better larry it's just been. but i look back a little over three years ago in july of two thousand and ten i was an end stage heart failure i had hours to live my liver and kidneys were shutting down and they went in on an emergency basis nine hours of surgery over twenty units of blood and
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put a pump in to supplement my heart and that bought me twenty months and then that got me to the transplant and i did the transplant one thousand months ago i was with you during both twenty one's and that was that tough love in those twenty months when you had that operettas that you were like a robot well as science somebody national enquirer somebody ran a picture of me on the front page of my should fall pulled open all kinds of mechanical devices and there that i was a robot was basically the headline it was it was the toughest surgery by far probably because i was so weak when we went into the surgery partly because i was on a respirator for a number of weeks five weeks in the i.c.u. i had pneumonia a lot of complications and then thirty five weeks of rehab but when i got through it i was significantly stronger i reached the point where after bay but a year after that surgery on this traveling coast to coast promoting my first book my my memoirs and so you learn to live with it.


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