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kaiser report on our. larry king now nellie's back is there anyone whose opinion you respect with regard to you this is just some of your family some of your friends i get their input perspective and put enough to know if this show going to job in the a little bit. would you rather have been a major league baseball player than older than being movie artist well first let me say that i always believed that everything happens for a reason so there was no way i would change you know my life in the way shape form or fashion now to go back to that is to say if i knew a rod was going to get two hundred fifty six million dollars yeah i would have played baseball plus what is the name of the third baseman in abacus tells classic who's on first baseball sketcher team cleary i don't know is that your answer yes because that's correct i don't know who was on first what was on second why don't you know unfair when it comes down i wasn't even thought about what happened to that fellow that was judged to let you go he got. all next on larry king now.
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welcome to larry king our special guest is nelly and i don't need to say it's getting hot in here if you don't know who he is he's the third highest selling artist of the past decade responsible for some of the biggest hit pop hits of visible any m and now he's back at it with his seven studio album called mo now we also stars in the real husbands of hollywood on be the second season premier october fifteenth real husbands of hollywood airs tuesdays at ten pm nine central thank you for coming to larry king no thank you for the album is titled as m.o.o. pronounce mo that is your nickname that's my nickname obviously it's also the
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abbreviation from from where i'm from missouri and it's also my method of operation so meaning meaning so it's kind of like me being me representing wound from and doing it my way all at once and in mobile business not in one i just be moved rather than mentally. well i mean a lot of close family friends they do call me most so i mean you know you can call me monet or you can go me will you go home you know i'll wrap oh what would you name me if you were rapper. m. c l k m z o j i like the only house is different from previous ones. obviously it's my seventh album you're talking about fourteen years and in the entertainment business which is an eternity for any part of this business so i feel really privileged to do that and you know it's more about maturity it's about trying to reinstate myself back into the music scene i've been away for like three years as far as dropping albums because i've been doing so much t.v. and all that so it's kind of like reinstated myself so i'm trying to bring
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a fresh new sound a fresh new this is a hip hop or rap it's everything it's everything it's hip hop based has some rap on it some some of what nelly does is be more melodic but it has everything one of the songs intrigues me ok maryland massachusetts maryland massachusetts what is that it's two different states right well it's more of a nickname as far as me myself being something for being something for a young lady let her know i am her marilyn massachusetts i have a she wants to pronounce i've got a baby you love the music scene for you're doing television right you think this can go to number one if you tell me it will i'll believe you but how is the music game changer changes so yeah at the end of it you know i think the internet has drastically changed not just a music industry just changed life everything and everybody around it so with that being so excessive all you have to find new and creative ways to bring your music to the forefront because now you're getting so much music that's being put out all
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at one time you know it's only twenty four hours in a day a radio can only play so much music but you're getting so much music at one time via the internet that is kind of hard to you know make your way do you write your own song yeah yeah i do write all my. own songs i do collaborate with other writers as well though it's kind of hard again doing seven albums and being fourteen years to to keep coming up with so many creative thoughts but when you work with great. produces and great songwriters you usually get just an illegal or do you just want to do when you finish a song is the really when you try it out on is there anyone whose opinion you respect with regard to your music. probably just the people around you you know just some of your family some of your friends i get their input i respect them put enough to know if this shucking and jiving me a little bit. you know if they just try to. yes man me to death you know do you think you've gotten too critical respected you deserve how have you been
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treated critically i think by my fans i've been i've been treated you know unbelievable i think sometimes by the critics sometimes when you know when they don't understand your philosophy on how you're trying to be perceived in your goal i think sometimes that lacks in the department of them basically giving you the credit that you deserve but again as long as i'm still here as long as i'm still making music eventually i think people who see the light those critics who rap you were the i don't know you know that i think is the point of how i do it you know when i first came out i was one of the the first rappers to really bring a lot of melody and melodic feel to my music i wasn't the first but i was one of the ones to do it on a larger scale so you know everybody in hip hop and everybody in rap don't agree with that all the time they wanted to be one way how do we define hip hop lifestyle hip hop as a lifestyle hip hop as a lifestyle rather a musician no no no no hip hop is a lifestyle rap is
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a part of hip hop as well as dressing as well as graffiti as well as dance. hip hop is just it's it's everything around you as opposed to how you carry yourself and what it is that you do do you ever try or want to do other forms of music. other forms of music i don't know as for as doing whole albums and then form as you can see i've collaborated with a number of people country artist tim mcgraw obviously the florida georgia line song has been real big this past year so i respect it enough to know that i can't do a whole country album because i'm not a country what do you sing with tim mcgraw heard of that there was a country song he didn't sing rap very well no no no tim didn't rap tendon rap not not on the record now he's eating he did some rap in the studio tonight we record because we have a little fun but i promised him i won't play that like working with him i like working with him cool because he brought fave to the studio it was awesome. betty
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are you married no sir no sir you do well in the department of boys and girls or you know him. but. i would imagine with. girls girls there let's be clear speaking of that and house you are no slouch there you go there you go that's my own version. you do a lot of collaboration's i do i love collaborating while i love because i love i love. i love to be involved with other artists that take music as serious as i take it i love to combine and i think that's the best thing about being an artist is to make people like what they don't think that they would like if they heard the suggestion like i suggested to you i'll go do a record with tim mcgraw you first this is like watching what exactly but then when you hear the record and you're like wow you see i think that's what being creative is i think that's what really being an artist is and bringing it to life well i
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don't have an agenda so i'm open to anything ok what's your songwriting process how does it work to my songwriting the songs do i'm always thinking i'm always writing you sit down at a certain time as i'm going to write songs you know sometimes a lot of times it's just about life just what it is that you're going through how you. carrying yourself things you may see things may be involved other people's experiences as well as mt st louis rough town to grow up and. not really rough not really rough it's tough i think the neighborhoods are tough but silas has it's great points definitely but it's summer's around bearable. it's all distancing blues it's humid it's very humid very humid ninety degree weather for like one hundred three degree weather and one hundred thirty degree weather you better not even go outside or did it is a rough there's a tragedy in america we have more prisoners than any country in the world and black men a disproportionate represented in our prisons in fact a quarter of the world's inmates are prison in the united states why do you think
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that is one i think education is very important also think self-esteem is very important and i also believe that hope is very important and i think in a lot of these communities we lack all three it alls we lack the education we lack the employment and we also lack the hope that we can do it a lot it's a lot easier sometimes to give up than it is to stay focused so in a lot of the situations that we do have we it takes all of us and when i say all of us it takes the whole country to build us up out of a situation something like that is not just about that community is not about this community it's about all the communities coming together drugs are a big problem and drugs are a huge problem i mean drugs are his problem anywhere to lead drugs or drugs so a lot of people in prison are there for drug use and selling yeah that's true as well that's true as well but. i still think it's a little bit bigger than just drugs if you go back to st louis much i live in silos
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you know you still live there sir i still live there i'm not going anywhere it's my home it's the home of the world champion soon to be saying those core laws that i love give you seated with me you recently spoke about the government shutdown what is your thoughts on what i just feel that the shutdown i feel that we do we should have to pay taxes i mean if i pay taxes go to pay the government if they're not work in should we get some type of rebate i mean us. and some type of refund i think for as long as they've been out for those three weeks everybody should get some type of refund for those three or four weeks i have a loan they want to stay out if that happens they can stay out for all you. uses of than we're used to you voted for obama but that he should be republican because of his income i should be republican oh you just i in carson i definitely a no no no no not obama do you think he's doing i think he's doing well for the job
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that he was handed you know it's always easy for people like the armchair quarterback they're sitting at home like you know why did you run net play or why did you do that no one knows the job it's only what is it a forty fourth president you got all of forty three other guys that can say it they know what that feels like and so walk in their shoes exactly exactly did you play baseball as a kid yes or are you good very good. did you have been a pro i was in a few pro camps. i was actually in a braves triad camp with ryan howard first baseman for the phillies it was me him and another guy friend of ours by the name of reggie would only three black guys that as our member and you know he was hitting the ball a ton then and we were doing our thing and then it comes back to that summer of st louis you know baseball is in the summertime when you get the summertime of st louis you know a lot of my friends were heading out ready to have fun in. would you rather have
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been a major league baseball player than more than being movie artist well first let me say that i always believed that everything happens for a reason so there was no way i would change you know my life in no way shape form or fashion now to go back to that is the say if i knew was going to get two hundred fifty six million dollars yeah i would have played baseball. did you go to a lot of kartel games is a good mom my mom actually she took me to my first corners game when i was about. six or seven she actually taught me how to play baseball my father doesn't have an athletic bone in his body but he is still a car. he could use that a jacket. he could break down a car roof but you know not athletic at all but my mom taught me how to play kid she taught me everything that went along with it in baseball the man thing why don't we see more black players in the game i think because first of all i think baseball has to do a better job of marketing and marketing towards you know the inner city in getting
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the word out to get the r.b.i. program yeah that's it's something you know it's something this but and again you have to make their presence felt also outsourcing you know outsourcing it's kind of like why we get a lot of our goods made in china instead of getting a made here in the u.s. you know it's a lot more expensive to get a made here in the u.s. as opposed to getting the made over there so it's the same thing i think with baseball if you can get the same type of athlete out of some of these other countries and pay them half the price just because you know that they're looking for much much much much better situation than obviously you want to do that is one to go about cardinals the best fans yeah they know the game they support the team they don't boo now well no no no really you see the blood not not our own team europe but you know a lot of fans booed philadelphia they book over cancer. she was there really south
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regina allen said that if they flew chenault balls at santa claus that as time of an eagle game philly's a tough bullet cure for cancer. well the mall with my baseball nemesis nelly his album is mold will be right back.
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i'm better than. a society bucket i think corporation kind of can. can do. the bank kind of all that all about money and i'm fascinated that for politicians writing the laws and regulations tax breaks. coming out. here just to lead. today dying out. we're back with nellie his new album is more little baseball in the segment why the card was so special. what was going on. welcome everybody to crowding the plate the only impromptu baseball trivia game show on larry king now right now i'm your host alex diamond logan nellie meet larry larry me ellie are right another that are here is the game shows rules were if you
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think you know the answer to one of these sports trivia questions ring your buzzer can get a buzzer sounds real quick all right all right that's great they're working and now the high score wins now if you lose you're going to be wearing a los angeles dodgers had for the entire fourth segment larry if you lose you best believe you're going to be a saint lunatic in a st louis cardinals hat for that old fourth segment all right let's get to the first question of the round get ready there with fourteen thousand and fifty three this former player has the most at bats in major league baseball his. stand. that is incorrect larry the most ad that's in major league baseball history cracked tony gwynn got a buzz in first but that is incorrect sorry larry the right answer was pete rose seed rose he grows well you shouldn't say who bet on it. that's right we just as we are those that have been to mexico as to how many baseball stadiums currently use artificial turf. larry to that is correct and
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you know the two but two are. correct and i think up north in cold toronto that's the one but just yours it still is larry it's larry's point we're at one zero nellie there's still plenty of questions to catch up all right third question who was the first latino baseball player to enter the major league baseball hall of fame. raku incorrect larry grew as opposed to you know you know this first latino blood test he was a brother right rog. i didn't mean to write. so you know when it was full well the thing was how much time do you get. what i'm going to rip out the group related. or it's the answer roberta clemente clip of murder ok i don't know if it still one zero larry that's garrett on what is the name of the third baseman an abacus tells classic who's on first baseball sketch routine. larry i don't know is that your
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answer yes because that's correct i don't know who was on first what was on second i don't know on third avenue castillo i wasn't even thought about doing that i got to get my dog you got to you got to know all you got and all the classics there's still plenty left. are this i won't break him up i'm only to get your hands on your buzzer still plenty of time to win this one when a player hits for the cycle what is the minimum number of bases he will touch. larry minimum number minimum number three incorrect minimum number minimum number fool and correct the answer is ten ten one yeah that's right question why we're going to crash it one for the record until they have quit it is zero larry this is not good to you got. some new ones coming up but not now this city was home to the first major league
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baseball stadium ever to be built in the united states larry of revenue buzzer mel but i know there it is cincinnati and correct. nellie. chicago pittsburgh forbes field was built in one thousand and nine. when i know it . when i know it still. you have to know your passport history they had one i play a don't know if you want to play crowding the plate if you want to when you got to know what it's all israel right how many world series championships to the new york yankees have. twenty seven. so close larry twenty that is correct. larry has three nellie still at school or are thinking going to like this one they are at this grammy winning rapper once played for the st louis amateur baseball association and attended training camps for the atlanta braves and the pittsburgh pirates now lee malvo that is correct now we know that i
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can use all of the board with one to larry's three all right in two thousand and one barry bonds broke the single season home run record how many home runs did he hit that's now seventy two so close to seventy three that is correct larry larry racking imago euro dollar to one. oh actually ok i'm getting we're at our bonus round this question is worth one million points negating all former questions in the round the everything in this one wins the entire game ok. this former professional baseball and football player is the only pro athlete in history to compete in both a world series and a super bowl. the asset is that is correct we'll tell you when when we come back to this what i mean with what does nellie dion sanders that is the right question when we come back into the fore segment will be answering some social media questions i
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will not be back but larry will be wearing a st louis cardinals had that is correct every day. a lot more ground in the play with me alex dive in. the evidence special in your life right now. a few special in my life right now i have a lovely young lady but in the name of chanel cornice valentine chanel cornice valentine yes my daughter oh. that explains it she says the love of my life was the only lady what is this that stream institute extremists who does a school that i started in st louis partnered up with a young lady by the name of pam bill who's the president of a trade school by the name of that and what we did is if you know anything about trade schools you know to basically like two year programs at the max and they make it affordable like hourly rate that you can pay and classes that you can take at your own leisure depending on how you do it so we took that format and we applied
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it to this and what we do is we teach kids how to be producers engineers mixmaster we teach them entertainment business want to one we give multiple lessons you know everybody can't be in front of a camera but we make it possible that everybody gets to live their dream to the laws of the open it's been open now for almost two years for almost two years and it was we started with about fifty sixty kids we were hoping to get two hundred we wound up getting close to five hundred is it true that katie courage on your show this year yeah i've heard that that i should be on that sure you can be on next year that was in my did you know what i had. i know i wouldn't. ok some so as with i like katie ok some social media questions for you jay macor me tweets why don't you really make too many of the person's own like die for you and loving me what to think about it is that you know you the songs that tend to work for nelly it's not that i don't like making all songs but we have to be realistic
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about being in the business that way and being in the business that i'm in those type of songs don't really excel for nelly is for as you know to radio and use an early term by you so yeah mo. and see this you know there's a certain explanation people use the wrong name while who's on. well larry asks. amanda v.k. and. amanda v.k. instagram what do you think of the new crop of young artists the kendrick lamar's asap. how are they putting their own stamp on the industry as you call them a.s.a.p. or does it asap but that's good a.s.a.p. i notice a.s.a.p. he knows it is located answered a question. i think larry i think i mean you know i think they're doing really good i like to think he's excellent i think on that what he's doing is for standing up
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for the west coast this is definitely great you know they're making their way instagram how is your relationship with your parents now especially your father oh my relationship is really good you know my father abusive to you won't i mean me yeah he won't me but i mean you know i can't say that it didn't help make me a better person you know that's probably was wrong with a lot of these kids. some of need a good foot you turned out alright user add will be is around want to know if you will collaborate with drake. who knows i never say never never say never and jaybirds world via twitter as which one of your songs you think of when you think of larry king and i think the larry king number one as the name of the song number one rule there you get my man joe perry is in that video with me weak little game cause if you only knew just quick question some of the first girl you kissed. yeah it was a name name was tiffany and where was it in the hallway at school in st louis yes
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. nine. you're referring to what happened to for me well. what's a guilty pleasure you would enjoy that we don't know about a guilty pleasure how can i say i watch i watch the old channel. on oprah yeah i watch the old channel. there's mc in the game right now other than yourself best best in c. in the game right now. i would definitely probably have to ask do i still rust i'm a huge daisy fan hidden talent that you have that we don't know about i can bowl. i like the bowl what keeps you up at night. what keeps me up in the work. of all time thriller you're on a desert island what three things you take with you. my son my daughter.
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plenty of tylenol. pet peeve gum popping. that characterises you appreciate most in others. honesty drive. and press events of any biggest accomplishment biggest accomplishment benefit biggest regret not taking that two hundred fifty six million. if you weren't a rapper what would you be. probably a statistic. great as a tell me something no one knows about you no one knows about me. i'm scared of heights. you know i'm scared i sort of go yeah i'm vertical but i would do this for you man because you know you're my guy so i would do this for you
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office assizes spectrum well i sure hope you win there and. now you see i guess nearly all mode depending on who asks there is album oh it was out now go pick it up remember you can find me on twitter at kings things see you next time. well. funny it's technology innovation all the lives developments from around russia we've got the future are covered. what a wonderful. face you know. and. a
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pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure. i've. lived. lives.
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in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. there i marinate it this is room bust and here are some of the stories we're tracking for you today. first up janet yellen was in yellen during her nomination hearing yesterday as the next head of the fed we'll tell you all about it coming right up plus former lobbyist jack off sat down with juan in studio to discuss the ramifications and recourse of campaign contributions and finally rachel curtis is joins me later on the show to discuss j.p. morgan's massive social media blunder how. do it that's all in today's big deal but for now let's get to the show.


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