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welcome to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser you know in a sermon this way pope francis suggested we tie cement shoes to the bank stairs and throw them into the river of course i paraphrase is exact words may have been slightly more nuanced but the gist was the same in my opinion meanwhile in vietnam kakao the former general director of agra bank financial faces the death penalty for embezzling five hundred thirty three billion dong. that's about twenty five million dollars chopped up for the bangkok and. also this week a former u.s. fed officials confess to complaining or committing some horrific deadly money printing since many more dongs than five hundred thirty billion were embezzled from the american people according to andrew who are who admitted to a gruesome bond buying spree that had financially butchered main street america
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their bloated carcasses fed to the gluttonous money changers and derivative devils on wall street i'm sorry said the repentant quantitative easer. alas andrew the pope was spoken has spoken and he says harrys of london does a nice line of cement shoes the lovely maxwell the pope headline reads as follows pope francis corruption fury tie them to a rock and throw them in the sea he was talking about corrupt officials whether or not he was speaking about the church or government officials it's up open to interpretation but i think your cement shoe quote came from the king keiser version of the bible right you know member over there goldman sachs you have the head of the c.e.o. saying he does god's work lloyd blankfein well probably the pope who is the god's bishop on earth begs to differ the nice say basically saying that lloyd blankfein should be thrown into the river with
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a stone tied to his neck if these politicians and these governments aren't going to enforce justice then they want some vigilante old style just all the body. isn't says of this type of vigilantism in the greater interest of the greater good by the greater being and that's why people like blankfein and jamie diamond according to the pope. funny that a majority of the book that's according to the king kaiser. he just sent to iraq to the next of the over the river. well and you hoss are confessions of a quantitative easing or was another headline and he's apologized to the american pop. relations saying the bond buying scheme the quantitative easing did not help main street and the fact that the fed continues to push this line that it's helping main street when he realized after years of bond buying for on behalf of the fed he realized that in fact it was only helping wall street now he knows that the fed may have created and spent over four trillion dollars for
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a total return of as little as point two five percent of g.d.p. i ate a mere forty billion dollar bump in u.s. economic output for four trillion dollars well this is gets back to what we were saying last week eighteen billion dollars of debt for a one dollar g.d.p. or trillions of dollars of quantitative easing for a minuscule amount of g.d.p. being as it were and so this is the mathematics of the economics just simply don't add up and as we've been saying on the show for years the quantitative easing programs are purely meant to bail out banks or as and to keep solvent banks that should be declared insolvent and to keep whole bankers that should be what's the word vivisected i mean he's not alone in allow the destruction of banks there is like jamie diamond in lloyd blankfein to comply with the greater good as exemplified by the bishop on earth there are pope francis the other thing he points
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out is that. state of easing of course did help wall street because the banking shares are up triple but also just point two percent of banks now control more than seventy percent of u.s. bank assets one of the too big to fail banks even bigger the mergers and acquisitions in that space accelerated using free money and zero percent interest for the banks and you end up with this financial part time i'd like to see the pope francis come out against financial apartheid where you have low interest rates for those who are committing fraud and high interest rates or somebody who's trying to work for a living or save money for a living that's a fine. apartheid wall driven by interest rates worst pope francis on this pope i know you're not a dope so see if you can do something more than just grab yourself a soap say something about this quantitative easing has not only helped wall street according to the city am today in the u.k. one point six trillion the shocking amount the governments have gained from
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quantitative easing this is for the u.s. u.k. and euro zone zone governments they say one point six trillion in debt servicing fees but who has lost out the big losers they point out households have lost six hundred thirty billion in interest payments on their savings and pensions and foreign investors in bonds have lost seven hundred ten billion and they also say that the biggest loser of all has been insurance industry the life insurance industry and that if quantitative easing continues for much longer they actually may be put out of business we made that point before artificially low interest rates threatens the insurance industry they need at least a four or five percent return on their capital to keep the insurance industry viable by artificially keeping race near zero you're putting the entire insurance industry out of business potentially which eliminates all pretense of having a thing like private property private property is based on having the insurance to cover the private property and we said in the u.k.
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that several hundred billion pounds was ripped out of the bank accounts of savers and workers and put into the bank accounts of speculators and financial terrorists and now city am the conservative newspaper here in the u.k. is confirming that the u.k. the u.s. and europe have ripped one point six trillion dollars this comes when people are suffering austerity it's because one point six trillion dollars according to city am was ripped out of their bank accounts and given to suicide bankers with derivatives strapped to their vest you know derivative vests that explode it with financial weapons of mass financial destruct. thanks to guys like mark carney janet yellen ben bernanke one point six trillion in financial explosives exploded in the face of people all over these confidence and now they're a lot poorer for it is getting worse that's the problem see you have and you house are who used to be a fed officials doing the bond buying schemes for the fed and he's saying that this
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is a disaster for main street but when you see the amount of money the governments are making and then they become addicted to it just like saudi arabia becomes addicted to high oil prices they cannot suffer any oil prices prices lower than eighty because of all their schemes that they've built based on hundred dollar oil so the same thing here is like can we ever. get rid of this and i think the tweet that went around the world the image that went around the world was this is a picture of the u.k. prime minister calling for a permanent culture of a stare r.t. seriously look at the photo of course he said this in total splendor surrounded by gold chairs and gold goblets and here is a picture of his audience as you see everybody looks resplendent in their finery and he was calling right there for a permanent culture of austerity what he really means is this permanent culture of zero percent interest rates when cameron is the london whale and i think that picture proved that those. are the former f.o.
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m c participant is now blowing the whistle on the central banking system he's doing it tony blair remember after tony blair murdered by some estimates by the lancet a million innocent iraqis he went to jesus became a catholic he went to the pope and said i'm ready to join jesus didn't please absolve me for my money genocide that was tony blair's appeal to the pope now this guy who wants to say the same thing i was produced of putting in one point six trillion dollars worth of financial terrorism and i'm sure people when i was at the federal open market committee who jesus have made no pope pope will you would jesus have no doubt and the pope was saying hey guess what according to the bible you should stop a rock on your neck and jump in the river and go down and swim with the fishes because you're a sinful guilty. again you paraphrase of course that the pope was a new general documents over the vatican which i've seen these soon to be players are. also in the news this week was mark carney the head of the bank of england
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here and he said house price rises are actually just reflection of people's expectations of higher wages in future utter bollocks says nick trace of course we know that's not true because for forty months straight incomes in. the u.k. has been declining after inflation which is running at two point seven percent or two point two percent now. wages were up point seven percent so if you see they're losing out to inflation mark carney is. you know he just lies basically lies he's full of lies he's saying that house prices are going up because people expect house prices to go up he doesn't mention the fact that he's running the bank of england printing press and full tilt that he wants to take back asses from forty percent of g.d.p. to ninety percent of g.d.p. that he's in league with the terrorists ok to you know be labor the point but if
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you look up financial terrorist in the dictionary there was a picture of mark frick and carney with a hockey puck stuck to his forehead and a big you know kill bossa you know dangling from his lip or whatever it is they eat up there in canada maple sugar what is it up there well gunja well yeah he says that british people expect to have their wages to increase not just their house prices now all of this stuff is what do you say they expect their wages to increase theirs and. do what he there's no basis to expect their wages to increase it's like you just said about saudi arabia so do you rabia if they want the wages to increase for people living in saudi arabia they put more oil does that make the wages in saudi arabia go up you know if if more crony pumps more money in the bank of england wages don't go up because there's no connection there's no connection you go the hospital buddy you just buy your brain surgery because that whatever
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that book was that severed the serb element such a way as you kid even think straight well speaking of oil we're also going to kick to the back door of the engine house i says was provided a back door bell out to wall street there are of course back doors installed throughout the internet and member we have all this and. they spy well connected to this permanent austerity for the peasants and a large us for the top australian spy agency helped h.p. negotiate trade deals b.h.p. billiton is of course the largest resource company in the world they produce all sorts of minerals resources or oil b.h.p. was among the companies helped by australian spy agencies as they no go she did trade deals with japan a former australian secret intelligence service officer said they also spoke to a diplomat former diplomat for australia professor gregory clarke and he confirms that business information is the main target for intelligence agencies the
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targeting is also highly corrupting since the information could be passed on selectively to cooperative firms often firms that provide employment and cover for spy operatives right means the world's population is overrun with crooks spies banking terrorists and corporate espionage fools right so. who cares if a few thousand of them blow up on any given day ok stays there were thanks much bring on the kaiser report this is going to time to go i'm going to go check out those cement shoes areas of london i think you'd like find a pair of cement shoes like that all right stay tuned for the second half a lot more. secure country iraq afghanistan libya saudi arabia israel egypt syria turkey and even away and then each washington finds itself part of the odd man out leaving
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alone or leading from behind in a model to use the us simply out of touch or his history in the region merely being on.
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i. was able to build. tim's mission to teach me. this is why you should care only. welcome back to the kaiser report imax keyser time now to go to new york and speak with one of the quote fifteen most dangerous people in the world according to one survey mr cody wilson he's the founder and director of defense distributed a nonprofit organization that develops and publish as open source gun design
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so-called wiki weapons suitable for three d. printing the firm became internationally known and twenty thirteen when it published the plans for the liberate are a functioning pistol that could be reproduced with a three d. printer cody welcome to the kaiser report pleasure it's been a while i look forward to that he said like that yes great to have you on cody wilson you're famous for the liberator of course but now you are seeking crowd funding for your next project dark wallet relating to the big going space tell us about dark wallet. so dark what would be a sin a sin well that would run in the browser as a browser extension and then also it would basically include another layer of security basically protections and protocols that don't really exist in current while it's among the most prominently where we're advocating for what we're calling trust this mixing just basically another layer find it to privacy. and security to
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the people can't really see what you're doing with your because transactions ok let me jump in right there because we're jumping right into a pretty technical space there so let's try to unpack this a little bit so first of all in the bit going space there are several divisions of labor so-called in the space you've got the bitcoin miners you've got the bitcoin transact there's a merchant processors and then you've got these bitcoin wallets a peep this is where people store their bitcoins they've either acquired them through an exchange or they've mind them so you guys you in america tacky over there at dark wallet. you've come up with a wallet that you feel is going to be a musician from any kind of prying eyes or it's a safer wall he's got what is a thin wall to describe what a thin wall it means fin means that basically another set of servers and a block chain so our client wouldn't be one where you have to wait for the entire
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block chain to download or blocks and to be downloaded every time between transactions you just do big points so we imagine a more fluid and basically you know kind of encapsulated user experience where you're not really there's no interference with processing of the outside you know rest of the protocol you're just doing because one and other servers are handling the rest experience kind of under the hood or behind the scenes ok so this would take care of one problem i've heard about bitcoin is that it eats up a lot of processing speed on your computer so this thin wallet so-called would give you that will solve that problem you mentioned something else there about co-mingling funds are commingling bitcoin and this is a very important issue because bitcoins are each one is essentially number he could say and therefore it will buy it by making these coins a mangled in a pool as part of the transaction you have engineer another layer of anonymity correct that's right basically that it's kind of
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a tactical thing right you make it more difficult to forensically investigate. you know the certain routes or transactions or to make more difficult to triangulate who's spinning what where it's going so we're mixing deterministic wallets where every every single transaction we use comes from a new address with a certain concept that mixes that with other people's address addresses from just maybe a trusted address book you have in a virtual lobby structure i don't mean to make it sound complicated but it's another way of doing. it because mixing which is really talked about her coin join which is talked about quite a bit but the proof of concept this year so we're really eager to integrate it into this while ok so now of course you're known originally for. the three d. gone the wiki weapons as they're called and now you're into this new bitcoin wallet and of course are funding this project over another innovation which is crowdfunding there's a project up on line so you're really cody living in a try i try fecht disruptive technologies it's really remarkable i think you are
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the citizen of the future perhaps but you're crowdfunding this project tell us about that oh i don't like to use that word anymore it's become you know just a piece of advertisement used by you know hollywood liberals and everybody destruction you know well whatever you know you'll come across on the if it's destructive right like with a gun but yeah yeah we see basically this whole stable of technologies look at how the kind of enable relatively weak and small marginal groups of people to affect their dreams or implement their strategies and put them into the world you know through the internet so i guess i don't know if you can really say it's intentional but yeah we did three d. printing pretty big points by way of i've been a big question through this for a while now where we see opportunities now we see that we have the leverage and perhaps this ability to do our projects and acquire the acquire the money just just recently just yesterday i told it up and we've raised our complete goal for the funding of dog well we've raised about fifty thousand dollars big going to
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precision help with that but i mean look i had that campaign up for maybe ten days and we raise all the money all right now let's talk a little bit about some of the political implications and philosophical implications of all this your innovation and the invention here with dark wallet and want to liberate or is putting you into into practice what your ideal economic world looks like. can you elaborate on what you hope dark wallet and bitcoin are able to do to alter or a factor influence the current u.s. financial system there's a political heft of this cody tell us about it and how that works. so you have if you know anything about me that's what makes me most here in are you know this kind of fracas that there is this political and ideological division but more specifically a big quitter and i was a kind of continual disavowal or even the trustees of big corn in a sense right at the foundation kind of maintained this distance from what the practice is that they're actually carrying out i mean if you're
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a lead engine here for a crypto currency right to toe shoes cryptocurrency and you constantly disavowed some of it's like fundamental anarchists you know tendencies there's a there's a difficulty in exactly a kind of a gradient of the fear that people are worried about so we've entered a space of to draw a line in the sand of this kind of ruin or corrupt some of the more mainstream messaging that we're starting to see from these big when it's for nurses and other people we want to say look big question would be this this tool for anonymity this kind of permanent gadfly on the financial the current financial superstructure and it won't it's not just like generally go it to some of these guys say oh those transaction costs it's great for banks to buy oh it's good for everybody you know there will be fundamental differences and divisions and there's no way to avoid the conflict and we're here to kind of force the conflict we think because it is fundamentally subversive right so going back to the origin the bed calling the manifesto if you will or some of the original comments made by the entities that toshi not come out who is either an individual or group of individuals that are
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responsible for the bitcoin protocol we know that they did leave behind some comments saying that they were upset or they had a huge issue with how the banking system worked how the economy would work that this was meant to bring in a new way of organizing an economy a new currency a new crypto currency and of course going back three years four years ago this was dominated by guess what you could call almost a crypto punk community i mean deep hacker community very small very dedicated. and they consider themselves i guess you could say to be purists whereas now three years later you have more of a commercial side of bitcoin going on and you have a big client foundation. which is really the public face now a bit coin is this split between the purists and maybe you can just describe to me
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what most would entail being a purist is and the split with the more commercial side can you two guys entities live and can any coexist is there going to be any kind of a growing rift or is it just basically going to go down two parallel paths cody wilson or thoughts i know i think we your description is of course mainly good valid right i think would of course the two mentality should exist but one has tremendously more visibility resources and maybe it will always be that way this is the story of the adoption of technology right it's kind of taken from a group of early adopters with a more you know communal and committed sense and then it's adopted and anyone can enter the space and it can be for them what they want to be i want to be kind of clear about this i'm not trying to say no because it must be this thing and we want to take it away i'm really more interested in complicating the messaging as you might be aware there's a there's going to be some senate hearings on the eighteenth ballot what are we going to do about this because one thing you know because of the super power is concerned and and i'm just i don't want there to be this kind of parade of the
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usual suspects saying well you know as someone as we can preserve certain things of the united states this is a beneficial technology i really want to destroy in kind of corrupts this just this constant inertia toward a collage and encapsulation of these technologies it's ok to be eager for a subversive technology to challenge everything that you see and i think that our message has less and less visibility just like in the other day a coin based guy and some of the guys are in the times they just what the silk road off the map you know and and it just seems that there's this narrative about all of these we think more interesting stories are kind of they're not going to visibility that is or i think because it means a thousand soap roads right there will always be the big point foundation of these interesting commercial players but i think there always also be these incredible black markets and the rise of the dark web and we really have no visibility. now tony over the even just in the last three months there's been a remarkable sea change and we saw it with the revelations by edward snowden
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who was able to blow the west's all and what the n.s.a. is doing and with what you're doing there with dark wallet and of course with your the liberator which is the download of all three d. printed gonne we also see it overlapping in new zealand with kim dotcom and his struggle to break free of the m.p.a. and and other copyright cartel in america the single word that ties all those things together is encryption suddenly people understand that encryption is possibly the last defense against a total dictatorial surveillance police state your thoughts yes and i even our campaign page i describe it very much the same way encryption or anonymity as a human capacity has one of the only tools left in our kind of hyper modern moment when the only one really implements left in the doing the garrisons of liberty i believe that's how i describe it if you can't maintain anonymity as just
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a capacity right but even the illusion of privacy then there are no such things really in the end in this architecture of the press and as consent of the governed you know you're just a population you just of an individual population being herded around led like a you know bull with a ring in your nose these are really dark times in that sense but at the same time we can focus on what's left and really bolster it so there's all these these new tools like him what's coming out from from the pirate bay guys secure messaging more secure e-mail projects and they're being crowd funded so it's like you said there were there is a sea change the public has shifted its opinion about this it's amazing what stone was able to do so we're going to ride this wave of anxiety and hopefully produce tools as a kind of fanfare for the common man if you want to have anonymity and financial freedom of speech tools like the dark well that will be there for you and god willing. you know we can preserve ourselves into the next century like that phrase to the fanfare of the common man you know this is really
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a time in history where very few people are standing up for the interest of the commonwealth or the common men and i i think back just a few months ago was what happened to eric schwartz who was very much fighting for the interest of the public domain the interest of the common man and he was hounded to death by the m.p.a. eventually killed himself as a result there as a spa there indicated by the hounding from the m.p.a. or the government but anyway cody wilson thanks so much for being on the cause report great to see you yeah thanks so much that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacey herman i like to thank our guest cody wilson who is crowdfunding dark while you can still contribute to that campaign the more you give the better it is i guess with your bitcoins if you'd like to get in touch with us tweet us at kaiser report until next time backscatter sign bio.
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speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's cool here. reporting from the will talks of your piece interview intriguing story to tell you. the. arabic. because it arabic don't know it's called. americans also came up with another reason to reach a democracy people wanting to be liberated people wanting to do freeman reaches you know part of the message of the revolution he said we want. to use. these. to push the. create the conditions you say some cities. will burn the most destruction. in the case of the so re the will was there
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was the this was a bleak life. is obviously more for the latest because it's pink. women wanted to avoid rape they really needed to buy guns environ how to use them i'm. sure this is the one that i want to go with them once again it's the feel of france when the definitely the tarzan of the gun lobby and you don't kill them when you killing money but if somebody would you would piss with her. i'm noticing more and more and that's really scary marketing tactics which implies that women have some sort of moral obligation to guns to protect their family and young girls shoot out here too so we do have a pink or. more kids young kids choke on food than are killed by firearms if
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being armed made us safer in america we should be the safest nation on earth were clearly not the safest. dramas the chance to be ignored. stories others who refused to notice. food since changing the world's lights never. to picture focused days. from roads to
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to. look. this is our duty tonight deadlines for elimination of syria's chemical weapons a set but finding a country to take and destroy the toxic stockpile is proving far more challenging than expected. a warning for whistle blowing the u.s. gets ten years behind bars after breaking into a private company spying database which revealed just keep an eye on human rights activists nationwide. in japan on a promise to return all evacuees to their homes near fukushima despite alarming radiation levels well outside the exclusion zone. this is close to the average level of the ghost town. only with one exception the place where i'm at right now more than ten thousand people are currently living.


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