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on. top stories in our near whole to rand's nuclear program gives hope for diplomacy but more threatening sanctions from washington could put progress in reverse as capitol hill chooses between israeli plesent barack obama's promises. meanwhile reports emerge that israel could join forces with former foes saudi arabia to attack iran if a deal with world powers fails to roll back to rand's nuclear program. underground adoption in the united states when their children prove too much to handle adoptive parents or simply have never over the strangers through the internet. and mission accomplished the sochi twenty fourteen olympic torch returned safe and sad after a russian cosmonaut to take it on a nice story space. all
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over again even two from moscow when i was kevin i mean it's just after six pm now here this is the weekly around over the top stories of the last seven days in this week's interlude between the two rounds of crucial talks over iran's nuclear program a sense of mixed signals on the one hand the u.n. watchdog declared that atomic projects have been virtually frozen since president rouhani came to power but on the other hand u.s. lawmakers are insisting yet more sanctions are placed on iran move that threatens to derail the deal to buy more say looks at what else is jeopardizing the diplomacy to the pieces are in place. we have time and again said that i know no circumstances would we seek any weapons of mass destruction including nuclear weapons nor will we ever be wrong and how you. over it with respect to
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this is an activities to be undertaken by going. to meet all present and party. woman or words flowing relations yet just as the deal in geneva was on the cons between the world pollens and iran came concern from france a surprise move that stalled the talks but and friends new friends in israel who'd been the traditional stumbling block up to now still small ting from the threats and intense rhetoric of the recent ponced is will refuses to budge that's a bad deal. it's a dangerous. because it keeps iran as a nuclear threshold nation. we are not blind and i don't think we're stupid as for the main bargaining chips the sanctions like me not could prove a dealmaker when congress is having none of it putting president obama in
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a tough spot i think rouhani has staked his position on the idea that he can improve relations with the rest of the world and so far he's been saying a lot of the right things for the province for israel to be very wary as well of any kind of. talk from the iranians and then there's the bargaining hammer israel building most subtle moments when things don't go its way approving more units only last month leaving us congress to get trigger happy with more sanctions don't draw us into a bad deal with iran we already know how israel's benjamin netanyahu feels advocating his case on twitter through yet another colorful graphic presentation at the red carpet will be rolled out for its newfound french friends present it's tough to predict whether the p five plus one will equal unity when they get back around the
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table next week in geneva. they are to moscow. well should the talks result in something israel isn't happy with it's reportedly ready to join forces with a former sworn enemy for a possible strike on iran britain's sunday times newspaper suggest saudi arabia is working closely with israel's mossad on a military campaign if iran's nuclear program isn't curbed by an agreement in geneva under the reported plan saudi arabia is understood to be allowing israel use of its airspace it would also assist israel in deploying combat drones helicopters and tanker planes the saudis are furious and they're willing to give israel all the help it needs that's what an anonymous source allegedly told the newspaper these sunni muslim gulf kingdoms alarmed that she dominated iran could get a nuclear weapon it's a concern shared by israel two iranian political analysts mohammad marandi thinks that if this scenario played out that we know when it. well we don't know if these reports are true but the saudis and the israelis are moving closer and closer to
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one another however it's highly unlikely that the saudis or the israelis would really want to iran. would be a loser as they would be seen in the grass around. r.v.'s lead iranians would retaliate against what you know very well and it would create an economic catastrophe for the world. that would mobilize the whole middle east especially people on the streets in support of iran they would isolate israel after all the americans with all their firepower. failed in their attempt to bring about syria because world public opinion and american public opinion simply would not accept it . well if such plans do exist the might come to life even if next week's geneva nuclear talks ended agreement of some kind we're asking you tonight if you think a deal can be reached thanks to voting if you have will so far more than half of you voted think israel's opposition will prevent any deal about
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a third if you believe there is a chance but only if the west recognizes runs right to nuclear energy a little over ten percent with this pessimistic saying that neither side needs a deal so badly they would rush into it and the final five percent there say iran will agree to a deal only after sanctions leave it with no the choice you can add your voice to that swell r.t. dot com good to hear from you always. syria could be free of most of its chemical arsenal by the end of the year if another country turns up willing to take it on the ambitious deadline that was set by the international chemical watchdog was part of a roadmap which also says all toxic stockpiles must be destroyed by the end of next june but the biggest problem now is a lack of volunteers to take on the delicate task of eliminating more than a thousand tons of highly poisonous materials norway was first to give no its refusal there was mirrored by a few days ago which saw a series of protests against the country being the destruction side of syria's
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arsenal that alarmists chris bambery told us it should be europe's wealthy nations to step in to implement the ambitious elimination plan. my understanding is that they will go to france and i think it's really the onus is on britain or france in terms of the western european powers to deal with this because as i say they do have chemical weapons although we don't advertise the fact that britain and france have stockpiles of chemical weapons they do have the ability to do that the french and the british have the facilities word you can dismantle these things safely they have the expertise surely that's the better option has abided by this deal the west should really put its money where its mouth is here it's up to this deal it's sending ships in this case norwegian ships to deal with this but the norwegians call you mean they don't have the expertise to dismantle and you can see why chemical weapons see the will not to take them in and i think it kind of smacks i resent over the fact that really in the end this deal has come or actually putin
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brokered a deal. and no syria has abided by the agreements of it and i can't hear but feel there's a kind of resentment in european capitals that actually a deal has worked. well even without hosting syria's chemical weapons the use big drug deeper and deeper into the conflict intelligence chiefs believe more than a thousand young european muslims to join the islamists are now fighting in syria it's thought they're being recruited through social media the counterterrorism coordinator says that you have this agenda goes further than toppling assad is actually a real threat to europe too. in the process of trying to understand better the reason why so many europeans are going to syria where we start being concerned it somewhere and that's what we understand many of the i mean the joining. you would get up. in groups which not only wants to work through a sad but the global jihad really wreak and share fully the project of
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and therefore we think i think would see that in the future but many of them will get back in europe much more radical to me inspire other recruit other or they meet for saab even directed more to attack in europe. torrijos corner of the caribbean the refuses to close. very easy to end one ton of it's hard to tell right now exactly how one will be down here doing this mission was it right twelve years now we go behind the barbed wire for more insight into america's most a tourist prison where over one hundred sixty prisoners are still being held many without trial or charge. plus as the deaths of innocents in iraq this year reaches his highest of years article which is a special online project to calculate the real numbers of civilians being slaughtered. i wonder
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ground adoption market's been exposed in the united states it's called private re homing and allows parents to get rid of their own wanted adopted kids by advertising online no background checks or government scrutiny children could end up with families who would never legally be allowed to adopt or even end up with criminals when a port myers got the story. animal owners may be familiar with the term private re homey typically it refers to those seeking to give their pet away but today the practice is reportedly being used by parents looking to give away the child that they adopted from overseas and no longer wants an investigation conducted by reuters found that this type of child trafficking is happening largely in cyberspace where parents allegedly advertise their unwanted children through yahoo and facebook groups the lawless atmosphere allows internationally had opted orphans
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to be passed on to strangers without government scrutiny or even a paper trail as a result many of these children can end up in the custody of criminals sex offenders or abusive adults that would have never been allowed to legally adopt many of the children advertised online for private re homing range between the ages of six to fourteen and had been adopted from abroad including from countries such as russia china ethiopia and ukraine poses huge risks right because some of the families into which these children home they're probably perfectly good and the children are doing better perhaps and some of them are not as of this year u.s. citizens are banned from adopting russian orphans since one nine hundred ninety one thousand russian children have reportedly died at the hands of their american adoptive parents reporting from new york marine upper nile r.t. . unwanted children have been. at least one so we can talk to spoke to one young
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man who told his life took a turn for the worse when he was passed on to a new family. dimitris stewart was five years old when he and his brother were adopted from an orphanage in a small town near moscow it would be a rocky road living with his adoptive american parents didn't really feel like. i was there when he was a young teenager after years of strained relations and after his parents had biological children of their own the stewarts decided it was time to find him a new home and that's when they turned to the internet is that i go underground groups where people want to. get their destructive a dog sions and. that's how dimitris parents found nicole isa in eastern advertiser self as an aspiring mother that ran a homeschool demeter found out that this was far from the truth this is a little tiny basically. and. here
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it was clear that his new home was no home school there was an even desk there had to do homework he didn't even make you go to school she gave you the option to go to school and then you had a biological kid that was taken away from them from the stay so they want to have many more kids and that's why they're doing this underground underground thing nicole had been married to a man who was a pedophile and that she could not get a homestudy due to their finances these days private adoptions are far more common it's unclear how many of them were facilitated on the internet for it's harder to regulate the transactions between family it's after the traumatizing ordeal dimitri moved to this group home outside atlanta he feels safe with his new guardians in this quaint home in a nice suburban neighborhood you just never know who's going to. be out there looking for kids and there's people out there everywhere and marietta georgia of all are. all being so with this we joined police try to moscow in
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a few minutes he rode out to get to talk to listen he's huge shadow workforce of illegal immigrants who explain why it's causing a social economic headache the weekly continues there for right after this break. americans also came up with another reason to reach a democracy people wanting to believe people wanting to be free you reach is also you know part of the message of the revolution he said you want. to use. this equation you create the conditions you say some country has. one less destruction. in the case of. this was a week like. speak
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your language. they. will use programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you breaking news a little too late if anglos stories. you hear. the spanish find out more visit. as you know shop a grim milestone this week former american military top brass rounded on the jail demanding its closure of the notorious prison has been operation over twelve years and over three dozen retired generals and admirals have written to the senate to
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close what they call a symbol of top ship something president obama's failed to fulfill so far of course and this is going to reports now then from inside guantanamo bay. when it comes to this prison the numbers speak for themselves since being set up after the attacks of nine eleven a total of seven hundred seventy nine detainee have been held at guantanamo today one hundred sixty four people remain. have been long cleared for release but remain locked up a total of six people is currently under trial alleged prisoners of war brought here since two thousand and two removed from the battlefield of america's ever expanding war on terror it's both the policy of the u.s. not to hold anyone longer than necessary but we also know that whenever we release someone we assume a richness over a period of more than a decade the majority of detainees held here have been set free and if the men of
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guantanamo are really these superhuman monsters you know the worst of the worst quote dick cheney. they would have been. most of those still kept locked up have not been charged and are being held indefinitely what sort of a black hole of the existing in would the president of the united states simply refuses to say the innocent but u.s. officials say the law of war remains behind this barbed wire the idea that in a war when you capture folks you as the capturing authority are permitted to hold people during the duration of hostilities. when hostilities and or if there's no longer any purpose legitimate purpose to to hold them and they must be released a tiny problem the war on terror has no geographic borders with men once held here repeat treated to a wide array of countries. who are only specific to guantanamo you call even you couldn't even talk about case in the u.s.
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mainland because it would be unconstitutional and illegal the war on terror also has no end in sight and national security is a popular excuse to simply ignore the law. over the years countless detainee claims of mistreatment and abuse dozens of suicide attempts mass hunger strikes lost patience and hold just this year the majority of the prison population refused to eat for six months street only to be force fed washington has appointed a new envoy to close a camp that is a dark spot on america's image this comes after a massive hunger strike that returned the world's attention to the place that some have dubbed the gulag of our times even if close. to being a stage in u.s. history forever it's very easy to end one ton of. you release the men that you're not prosecuting. and as you said only six men are being prosecuted right now the military prosecutor has made clear that he intends to prosecute
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a few more but he's also made clear that it won't be more than a few more direct obama promised to close the notorious facility on day one of his presidency he's now in his second term it's only a president can do it and the idea that it's you know that it's congress's fault is just not correct it is the president the top holding these men in detention some the president has to come in and this. it's hard to tell right now exactly how one would be down here doing this mission. and stacy churkin at artsy guantanamo bay cuba. but more shoreline tonight it seems that driving drones is not easy american sailors got themselves egypt because of the rogue robot plane when a royalty tells you what went wrong also lying to notice for getting starstruck if
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you missed this biggest meteor shower of more than a decade well we've got since the amazing pictures online want to check it out. it's been a week of intense bloodshed in iraq with more than one hundred thirty civilians killed iraqi security forces have been unable to curb the violence with lethal bombings causing a spike in deaths this year of nearly eight thousand people killed that's the worst since two thousand and eight one political refugee from saddam hussein's regime told us that the tactics which the u.s. followed in its intervention led to today's ongoing chaos the united states wanted to separate all the iraqi forces and to play on sectarian divisions snick divisions exasperating and natural differences elevating them and trying to muster to the clashes but there is also this presence of the terrorist organizations which which is you know not much fear of conflict between these political organizations
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and groups represented within the government well arty's launched a special online project to follow the effects of the growing violence in iraq this year the websites of the bottom your screen right now we've got a detailed timeline documenting all the major incidents over the course of this year and the casualty figures to. margy dot com is launching a special project to mark the appalling scale of violence in iraq. we want you to know. mass illegal immigration to russia which was exposed by last month's murder at
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a moscow market is seen ineffective police chiefs kicked out and triggered raids on foreigners without permission to be in the country indeed at least two hundred legals were traded from russia after that single incident but as paul scholes explains next is some of the tip of the iceberg. migration in moscow is a sensitive subject right now following last month's murder of russia back of allegedly at the hands of an azerbaijani migrant and the nationalistic riots that followed the issue is firmly in the spotlight and an arty camera crew has found out just how sensitive the topic is we went to a market on the outskirts of moscow to try and film an interview with mohamed magick the president of the russian federation of migrants despite getting private mission to film it soon became clear a presence was not welcome. you russian though i have to repeat myself the saw it with the fence we have in chile set up our interview away from the market.
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yes i think they may have suspected some illegal activity has to do of course and when you have thousands of migrant some of them may not have work permits or a residence permit. the exact number of migrants in moscow is hard to calculate the best estimates put the figure around one quarter of the population and according to official statistics one in five murders one into rapes and one in three robberies a carried out by migrants your thirty's a cane to be seen to be tackling the problem as we found out before our meeting with mohammed. the on the arrest in the outskirts of moscow police have been clamping down on illegal immigration every friday of accommodation places of looking for illegal immigrants it's friday morning and we're going with the police one of those raids and it didn't take long for the police to get down to business demanding people's paperwork. you. know where do i leave. where do you leave. now the raid on the outskirts of
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moscow in the step i was lasted just about an hour and so far police have rounded up thirty five individuals who don't have the correct type of walk. around one hundred eighty thousand work permits are granted each year according to mohammed this figure is far too low. to address it so you need to conduct a survey as to how many migrant worker a small school needs if it needs a million workers you should issue a million work permits not a mere hundred thousand. it's believed around three million migrants are working in moscow twenty four percent of the illegally is creating a vast black market for cheap labor market is some of the key to keep out of the spotlight let's go to. moscow. or the picture of moscow but actually if you're in the u.k. but shouldn't be you can expect a text home office now taken to sending photo messages directly to illegal immigrants telling them to get out the problem is it's not always an eagles on the receiving end we've got that story coming up next. the
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olympic torch is orbiting adventure concluded this last week the iconic symbol returned back to earth on monday after spending four days at the i assess the international space station where it was taken out for its first ever space walk watch the journey. right here in mission control when the big red letters landed flashed on the screen a huge round of applause went up to see the torch back safely here on earth with three crew members of russian cosmonauts. american karen nyberg and italian luca parmitano now we watched as the capsule broke through the atmosphere and that large parachute opened up over the skies of kazakstan as it came hurdling back toward earth the torch has been in space before but it's never been taken on a spacewalk and that's exactly what occurred it blasted off from the back door cosmodrome on thursday made it safely up to the i assess nine crew members up there
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and then it was taken out on a spacewalk on saturday by two cars minot's we were here live watching and it was very exciting to see the engineers actually walk walk the causeway nonce through the steps on how to get around the i assessed with the torch in hand of course it was not lit but nonetheless the spirit of unity and sportsmanship was up there on the i s s in the form of that torch next it plans to go to the beautiful area out in the eastern part of russia and it's going to go to the bottom of lake baikal it's going to go to the top of europe's highest peak mount elbrus and it's going to continue on on this longest relay olympic torch history and all the way to saatchi in february something that we're all watching and enjoying a lot but certainly this detour to outer space was something very momentous and historic to see happen. more of the week's news in just over half an hour's time between now and then up ahead global
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a foot of microscope in the late edition of. president obama despite being king. liberal loves to flatter the troops he loves their courage selflessness and teamwork as he said in his state of the union address but what he doesn't love are their expensive injuries which the troops are going to have to pay three times more for according to yahoo news the president's administration wants to force military retirees to get out of tri-care their current plan and added to obamacare the plan calls for them to raise premiums from up to ninety to three hundred forty five percent within five years one example provided by the free beacon estimates that a retired army colonel with a family currently paid four hundred sixty dollars a year for health care would have to pay around two thousand dollars make you pay even more for your war injuries apparently that's what obama is actually planning while he is reading those lovely speeches off of teleprompters people who are
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against the post nine eleven war against who knows what are often told that they don't support the troops well to the people who say bring the troops home never advocate tripling their health care premiums no they don't all of the chicken hawks who send the troops off to die in questionable wars are the ones who want to make them pay even more for their injuries but that's just my opinion. i don't know well from three worlds apart just a few years ago revolution i think of the path of relic of the called war era to the epitomized resistance to the imperialist all the things of the west but with the onset of the arab spring revolutions seem to be back in fashion again nowadays
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often supported by washington and its allies how to distinguish revolution from an orchestrated one well to discuss that i'm knowledge. of greatest living absolution mary. well i thank you very much for your time sir now in the beginning of. an uprising many of the organizers tried to style that revolutions after the cuban one and the movement that's your father that was famously called the july twenty six moment so in libya the revolution was called in a similar fashion separate seventeenth revolution in syria they call this march fifteenth revolution do you think these events of the same nature can they all be called revolutions are they similar sometimes is. words are used in a way that has different meanings. i think that.


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