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tv   The Truthseeker  RT  November 17, 2013 3:44pm-4:01pm EST

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far away the most massive genocide in the history of the world. the life expectancy of the west. and here the us will journey to. the best teacher told me the idea of civilisation to the americas simply flips through head this is what european explorers actually found in north america far and away the most beautiful city on earth five times the size of london or great towers and buildings rising from the water sixty thousand gleaming houses and how spacious and how well built. cedar wood and the wood of other sweet scented trees the many streets of the city. despite the multitude of inhabitants crisscrossed with a complex network of canals like an enormous venice but also remarkable floating
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gardens that reminded of no. drinking polluted city rivers huge. fresh springs but what impressed most with a special merchant areas where timber and tiles and other building materials were bought and sold as well as green grocers streets where one could buy every sort of vegetable fruits honeys paste and chocolates astonished by the personal cleanliness and hygiene of the colorfully dressed populace and by their extravagant use of soaps deodorant and breasts sweetness was europeans never close all the pilgrims. had a terrible smell indians' troy to. teach them to.
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the story of the first settlers has been deliberately changed those also james lowe and because the truth is so shameful. hundreds of miles from the cellphone stayed the america because the mission was a failure they relay more poles historian robert everly was to find some gold and take it back to europe. they spend their days digging random holes in the ground haplessly looking for gold instead of planting crops they were starving and digging up putrid indian corpses to. play tricks on the indian presenters and force them to teach the colonists how to farm and the meal with the natives wasn't quite the thanksgiving shown on t.v. and in school books. offered the indians a toast to eternal friendship whereupon the chief his family advisers and two hundred dollars dropped dead of. mainstream history books perhaps the most common description of american territory then is virgin land in fact most historians peter
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jennings it was widowed arithmetic enough to know the ethnic cleansings insurer during world war two did american studies profess that they were. to waltz by quote far and away the most massive act of genocide in history of the world the deaths of one hundred million indigenous people in the quote american holocaust some from disease but also false numbers from a deliberate policy aimed at wiping out the race mainstream history books continue to pretend never happened in those one hundred himmler called the final solution quote delousing there was only the pilgrim armies rallying cry in its make lice in its being indian babies this is a map of indian nations across the us eighty percent of the first governments entire budget went on attacking existing indian third summons to take the developed farmland settlers would most probably not so survive price jennings on their own ninety five percent of america's entire population was then wiped. it's american
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holocaust knows there is documented evidence of colonists leaders going of the town deliberately killing all men women and children yes school text and history books remained silent orders came from the very top under the direct order of george washington at least twenty eight thirty and they could towns and all the towns of the mohawk on tiger and co hugo was simply obliterated george washington wrote the indian country must be destroyed thomas jefferson called to quote indians to extermination nobel peace prize winner theodore roosevelt called beneficial the eradication of the native race and of most genocide was official public policy california governor pizza burnette in his eight hundred fifty one message to the legislature. extermination must continue to be waged until the indian becomes extinct another governor issued the public proclamations to corpus you kill and destroy all indians and when it snows the ensuing blood practically wiped out the
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native race. why should dumb down like men and women and children were ever they could find them in this war of extermination gives them standing for the final extinction of the race reportedly saved the race from extinction was they used to slave labor this extermination policy has proved so injurious to the interests of the whites indian labor is indispensable. to indian girls as young as three said the marysville appeal for fulfilling double roles of labor and of last few ingenious hereditary chief of a hank someone first nation feel really great to see well folks are being brushed out of history practices where that. sometimes you don't want to speak about and they not only wiped out most of the people but the way to get the greatest loss of people any time in history a cultural genocide is still. truth of the twentieth century children were
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forced into indian boarding schools designed to kill the indian in them according to the system's founding fall the rich pretz indian to change the name to a western home made to dress like whites indigenous americans are also fools to adopt christianity and all of the polls of western culture. thank you so much for speaking to us can you tell us what happened. take the engine out of the person who they'd be the language out of out of the like my father he grew up his whole life his hands. kind of bent as a result he used a taco native language but he never. i consider myself a recovering catholic because you know the sexual abuse that i experienced the catholic church the genocide is continuing his hopes the risk you project to
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removal of indian children coming on could you tell us what is happening to the children and what we discovered is that not only were the children being taken. level it was happening on every single one of the reservations and in virtually every one of the major cities the international convention against genocide actually have a provision which expressly identifies what's going on as genocide the the systematic undertaking on the part of the racially dominant culture in a given nation state taking away indigenous children from their native tribes in putting them in the white culture has been again a fide as genocide even the supremes.
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he joins us now it's really good to speak to you can you give us some examples one at least three indian women were raped during their lifetime in eighty six percent of those cases. or it's a now aren't you and she weighed section. rate has been traced directly to the inability of tribes to prosecute projects or the fronts and made in my book savage and is if you look at the history of the more civilized nations treat. nations indigenous peoples really make sure who are the savages and who are the more civilized one very famous study done around that every single treaty that the united states and the go shave with drives that in fact reached at one time or another or had to by way of supreme court said they had no property rights of their or their rights just say shit and there was a horrible language in your ballot who are recognized that everyone knows that savage tribes of america are treaties really. so this perpetuation of
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stereotypes in this in this case which is still valid mall in the united states is what our president and city into the drink it is actually hairspray. native indians now have the highest rates of suicide and pandemics of cancer in the western hemisphere of forty four life expectancy is lower than afghanistan and around the same as europe at the top of the pilgrims for official banquet to celebrate three hundred fifty years since pilgrims landed all sorts he's invited native indian frank james to speak for when they saw his speech taken from the settlers own account of what really happened they wouldn't let him read it. the pilgrims had hardly explored the shores for days before they ran to the graves of my ancestors and stole their corn wheat and beans the indians knew this fact yet welcomed and to be friended the settlers a little knowing that they would be killed by the settler. what has happened cannot
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be changed but today we work toward a better america a more indian america where people and nature are once again important because help start a national day of mourning each thanksgiving a protest of the plymouth and replica on the west coast. thanksgiving day calling on the u.s. to treaties promising indian rights and international law the american government faces increasing domestic and international pressure supreme court has ruled the validity of the treaty of giving indians rights over the area united nations destroyed countries voting against australia new zealand canada and the united states post a resolution declaring indigenous people's right to self rule the un is also cooling for the states to return to indian tribes and the mission to bring indigenous people of america in a single nation with the alter official borders created by europeans.
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really great to see you say the demographics are wrong. we are projected to be the majority. states california arizona and the western united states in the next fifty years we're going to be the majority in the united states . for the year. because that's what we've been doing for five hundred years we've been scared of all of the monstrosities and europeans have done to us exterminated ninety five percent and they're still in one hundred percent of our land they've left us in poverty in. many cities throughout the us already a majority indigenous in a year is a state's projected to be whites minority in thirty years that will apply to the united states as a whole reaction of americans is already causing the. some surprise see truth from
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folks this is the truth. exactly what happened there i don't know but a woman killed. piers later is when i got arrested for. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results. and people to consent to the police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this and lightman no because the psychological techniques are
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more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were off taking they could do what they wanted they can say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said. is obviously more for the latest because it's pink. women wanted to avoid rape they really needed to buy guns environ how to use them i'm. sure this is the one that i want to go with them once again to the field. when the definitely the target of the gun lobby the one you don't kill but not one that killing many but if so many would you would just prefer. i'm noticing more and more and that's really scary marketing tactics which implies that women have some sort of moral obligation to protect their family and young girls shoot out here too so we do have a paying quality. kids young kids choke on food killed by firearms if
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being. safe. should be the safest nation on earth were clearly not the safest. country iraq. israel egypt syria turkey and even in each. other the leading alone for leading from behind. is the us simply out of touch is history in the region merely being on.
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the hook. to build a new. mission to teach me. this is why you should. only.
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this is r t one story dominating tonight a boeing seven three seven passenger jet has crashed in russia said while attempting to land it killed all fifty on board including two children investigators are looking with a pilot error or technical problems or weather conditions caused this crash. good morning she's thanks for joining us just after one am now here in moscow as you know if you normally join us late on a sunday we're into a monday it's normally a recap of the last big stories of the last seven days but the first fifty minutes the program tonight dedicated to a big story this.


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