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tv   Headline News  RT  November 17, 2013 8:00pm-8:30pm EST

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torch relay. on our. breaking news on r t a boeing seven thirty seven passenger jet has crashed in the russian city of cazan during an attempted landing all fifty people on board including two children have died it is not known what caused the tragic accident investigators are looking at a range of reasons including pilot error weather conditions and technical issues. and broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our get right to our top story now monday has it been declared a day of mourning in russia's chartist on a republican after
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a boeing seven thirty seven jet crashed because an airport killing all fifty people on board it had departed from moscow and was attempting to land when the tragedy happened now these are the latest pictures from because an airport where the jet crashed and caught fire apparently during its second landing attempt there were two children among the forty four passengers and six crew members also perished so far ten of the victims have been identified and. can now tell us more now lucy if you could just take us through what we know about the accident so far hi there sean well certainly a fatal journey for all fifty passengers aboard flight three six three that flight of course operated by tartar ston airlines now what we know so far the plane took off from domodedovo airport right here in moscow at roughly six twenty pm just over an hour later it crashed at its destination the cars on international airport in.
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russia as you had mentioned forty four passengers dead six crew members also confirmed dead now the details are a little bit murky we know that the crew was reportedly trying to abort its landing to make a second approach the pilot had apparently notify the control tower about this but the plane had exploded when it struck the tarmac unclear whether there was an explosion before it actually hit the land or whether it was the impact that perhaps set the fuel jet tank on fire and we simply don't know the cause at this point investigators are looking at a number of options it could be whether mechanical technical failure or pilot error they were also hearing that it might have been an issue with the fuel on airlines did release a statement saying all of its pilots that were involved were rather experienced of course that doesn't rule out human error we also know that there were strong wind gusts at the time although again unclear whether weather was the factor there what is clear however is
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a lack of survivors and we do know that emergency rescue operations had concluded that airport will remain closed until mid day on monday now that specific flight had actually made a different journey earlier on sunday it flew from close on to moscow r.t. had a chance to catch up with one of the passengers on that airplane and she describes a rather harrowing experience let's play that. but in. doing that i'm one of the flight it's so fun quite smoothly but just before the landing the plane started vibrating few sleek you know it was the wind between would go out of the plane turn don't do with this point the plane was shaking from side to side linda to my first attempt did was really bad landing and it felt like the plane was going to roll over the runway. you know that was the experience of one passenger from the penultimate flight of that airplane what do we know about that specific aircraft so for well that specific airplane the boeing seven three seven five hundred had been so. service for twenty three years that's gone through
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a number of owners in fact the airlines hardest on airlines was the eighth operator to have that specific plane and its fleet that's not necessarily a problem in itself as long as the flight is well maintained properly maintained it should be fine the seventy seven is the best selling airliner in aviation history it's extremely popular at any moment in time there's about twelve hundred of them up in the air we do know actually that the company that makes them boeing is where of this tragedy it's issued a statement in response to what's happened saying that it's actually sending a technical team of advisers to help with the investigation and certainly there will be a massive an investigation we're already hearing that authorities have gotten all the documents from hardest on airlines to examine them as of monday now we do have to keep in mind this tragedy highlights a rather poor safety record for regional airlines that supply the international air routes in the biggest nation in the world here in russia russia and the former soviet republics combined in twenty eleven had
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a very bad accident rate three times higher than the world average in twenty eleven and so as a result of that we're bound to see intense public pressure to really get to the bottom of this tragedy figure out what happened although of course the results are not going to bring back the lives of those fifty people who tragically died in that crash back to you sean. cavanagh for reporting for us there we know you're staying across a story and we'll come back to you have more information comes our way thanks for being with us. now we are also keeping track of everything that is happening in our because on our website or to dot com has gotten all of the updates from the moment the crash happened through till now. now we have been getting the thoughts of aviation experts in russia and abroad earlier we spoke to captain mark weiss who is a civil aviation leader at the spectrum group and used to fly the same kind of airplane has crashed in because on he believes that it was
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a chain of events that led to this catastrophe. that was a poor repair that led to the t. and obviously catastrophic failure but all of these factors are going to be looked at normally in an emergency you want to get the aircraft on the ground safely as quickly as possible. because of the aircraft to not leave it on its first attempt was whether a factor. crew from t.v. crew illness there are going to be so many things that have to be looked at keeping in mind that accidents generally don't have been from a single event it's a chain of events that lead to a catastrophe like this. at this stage a variety of factors could have been responsible for sunday's crash let's look at what the key causes of air tragedies have been over the years now today's aircraft are incredibly sophisticated machines but very sensitive as well to how they're being flown more than half of air crashes are caused by errors made by the flight
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crew various technical problems with the aircraft are responsible for just under a quarter of a problem as you can see there in the purplish of the pie there now bad weather conditions they can play their part in are behind twelve percent of the crashes now finally nine percent in this green sliver here those incidents are due to terrorist attacks or hijackings now those figures are from a plane crash info dot com now russian aviation expert. explained to us that despite the fact that planes are usually occupied with automatic landing systems pilots need to pay close attention to the onboard equipment. well i wouldn't go through really difficult airport as far as i know airplanes could let's get a grip of the this airport meaning that they could exercise almost zero vision landing . a fully automatic landing but.
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part of the flight where or when actually the aircraft levels up just before the landing. when the craft both to land the crew has to want to very carefully. indications all of them. so. they see indication locally or the chute immediately exercise going on procedure otherwise they will crash land. now let's go over what we know about this tragic plane crash in central russia so far a boeing seven thirty seven jet traveling from moscow to cars on apparently lost altitude and exploded during its second landing attempt none of the fifty people on board survived two children and the elder son of tartars dogs president were among those killed ten of the victims have been identified and monday will be a day of mourning in try to stop the airport will remain closed until noon and we
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don't know yet what exactly caused the crash investigators are considering poor field quality as well as the possibilities of pilot error and inclement weather they've obtained documents from tatarstan air company and will begin examining them in the next few hours the boeing corporation has also offered to help in the investigation while rescuers haven't found the plane's flight recorders yet the boeing seven thirty seven a five hundred series aircraft had been in use for twenty three years and air is the eighth airline to fly that particularly plane since then. americans also came up with another reason to reach a democracy people wanting to be listening to people wanting to be free to reach is
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also you know part of the math and they have revolution melisa new more. with these two you. know the same says the same for all of those who push you create the conditions you say some country her sleeve that will bring the most destruction. in the case of. this was the beat life. there's a media leave us so we leave that maybe. i will see motions to cure the other your party is it will. push use that no one is there with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politics only on our t.v. .
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and welcome back you're watching our team now with our weekly program recapping the week's top stories this week's interlude between the two rounds of crucial talks over iran's nuclear program has sent some mixed signals on the one hand of the u.n. watchdog declared that atomic projects have been virtually frozen since president rouhani came to power and then on the other hand u.s. lawmakers are insisting even more sanctions are placed on iran a move that threatens to derail the deal the white house is urging congress to give diplomacy a chance but the powerful israeli lobby is insisting on tougher penalties the previous round of negotiations failed to produce any results reportedly due to france's surprise opposition alond is in israel now he is already assured that paris will be tough and will not ease its pressure on iran during next week's new
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talks side hussein. and iranian policy main who used to be on iran's nuclear diplomacy team in negotiations with the i.a.e.a. says france's behavior shows double standards. france has a block to peace. because of israeli claims i think this is a historic mistake france is making the i has had five. inspections. nuclear program and frequently has announced the reason no evidence of day vision toward that end is asian this is kill it but i really do have the real concern of france is a nuclear bomb because france has a strategy to relations with israel. is not a member of n.p.t. and poses as a bolt to four hundred nuclear bombs therefore france should not be concerned about nuclear bomb france head. master nuclear bomb france head in the two
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master nuclear bomb therefore france has a very very bad record. now should at the talks result in something israel isn't happy with it is reportedly ready to join forces with a former sworn enemy for a possible strike on iran britain's sunday times newspaper suggests saudi arabia is working closely with israel's mossad on a military campaign if you iran's nuclear program isn't curbed by an agreement in geneva now under the reported plan saudi arabia is understood to be allowing israel use of its airspace it would also assist israel in deploying combat drones helicopters and tanker planes the saudis are furious and are willing to give israel all the help that it needs that's what an anonymous source allegedly told the newspaper the sunni muslim gulf kingdom is alarmed that shiite dominated iran could get a nuclear weapon a concern shared by israel iranian political analyst saeed mohammad marandi thinks
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that if the saudi israeli plan plays out there would be no winners. well we don't know if these reports are true but the saudis and the israelis are moving closer and closer to one another however it's highly unlikely that the saudis or the israelis would really want to attack iran because at the end of it they both countries would be losers they would be seen grass around us and obviously the iranians would retaliate the soviets with you know very vulnerable it would create an economic catastrophe for the world and that would mobilize the whole middle east especially people on the streets in support of iran they would isolate israel after all the americans with all their firepower. failed in their attempt to bring about an attack on syria because world public opinion and american public opinion simply would not accept it. now syria could be free of most of its chemical arsenal by the
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end of the year if another country agrees to take it on the ambitious deadline was set by the international chemical watchdog as part of a road map which also says also toxic stockpiles must be destroyed by the end of june but the biggest problem is now the lack of volunteers to take on the delicate task of eliminating more than a thousand tons of highly poisonous materials norway was the first to give a firm no its refusal was mirrored by albania which saw a series of protests against the country being the destruction site for syria's chemical arsenal political analyst chris bambery says it should be europe's wealthy nations to step in and to implement the ambitious elimination plan. my understanding is that they will go to france and i think it's really the onus is on britain or france in terms of the western european powers to deal with this because as i say they do have chemical weapons a little we don't advertise the fact that britain and france have stockpiles of chemical weapons they do have the ability to do that the french and the british have the facilities were you can dismantle these things safely they have the
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expertise surely that's the best option syria has abided by this deal the west should really put its money where its mouth is he signed up to this deal it's sending ships in this case norwegian ships to deal with this but the norwegians call it mean they don't have the expertise to dismantle and you can see why chemical weapons say they will not take them in and i think it kind of smacks of resentment over the fact that really in the end this deal has come or. brokered a deal assad signed and no syria has abided by the agreements over it and i can't hear but feel there's a kind of resentment in european capitals that actually the deal has worked. destruction of chemical weapons is not the only problem in syria now the brutal conflict between government forces and rebels continues to claim thousands of lives on sunday thirty one troops including four generals were killed by a bomb attack on a syrian government building near damascus the explosives are thought to have been placed in the basement meaning the opposition fighters were able to breach security
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to get into the building. and the e.u. is being dragged deeper and deeper into the conflict intelligence chiefs believe more than a thousand young european muslims have joined the islamists and are fighting in syria now and it's thought they are being recruited through social media the ears counterterrorism coordinator says that the jihadist agenda goes further than toppling assad it's also a real threat to europe as well. we are in the process of trying to understand better the reason why so many europeans are going to syria where we. are. and that's what we understand many of the mean the joining to groups really for you to indicate up. in groups which nobody wants to are true i said to have the global jihad rhetoric and share fully the project and therefore. i think would see that in the future but many of them will get back
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in europe much more radical to me inspire older recruit other they meet for saab even directed want to attack in europe. in it two of the greases the largest cities athens in thessaloniki tens of thousands have joined peaceful rallies in memory of the one nine hundred seventy three student uprising marking the fortieth anniversary of the revolt against the country's military rule the protests were also directed at the current government for the austerity measures it has imposed in exchange for e.u. loans artie's lindsay france reports from athens. i miss him instruction that isn't in them writing the fortnight of our sunday polytechnic uprising which changed so much it makes the site he specifically in the government is not only drawing on who were former students and current students of people who want government changed it's also drawing people who are that see affected by the economic reforms the austerity measures that greece must undertake to get these bailout packages the
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latest the many people laid off the journalists and possibly university administrators they are here getting their voices heard is also have even police presence to make sure that everything goes peacefully at marcus infiltrated many of the demonstrations and cause a lot of violence by everyone seems very peaceful. protests started in the afternoon it has gathered thousands of people move all over athens. many people from teachers unions journalists and fascist people from all sectors of society really because it was from the leaves of what took place forty years ago which was students rising up to ask for their representation with the government and still feeling that leadership me strange in greece for that to happen. now some more news from around the world making headlines this hour we begin with news just in at least twenty people have been killed after a passenger train crashed into
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a minibus and other vehicles in south cairo that's according to egyptian police the train was traveling from the city of bani suai and collided with cars at a crossing about forty kilometers from the capital some fifteen others were also injured in the incident will bring you more information as it becomes available to us. in the u.s. a fast moving storm system is battering a ten a midwestern states multiple tornadoes tore across the nation and are threatening of the homes of more than fifty million americans at least five people have been reported dead in the state of illinois the storm has caused extensive damage with buildings reduced to rubble and cars turned upside down a tornado was spotted some two hundred kilometers southwest of chicago the extreme weather has prompted authorities to halt air traffic as well. a mining accident has left at least two people dead and another twenty injured in the u.s. state of colorado there have been reports of a possible explosion at the site although no official confirmation has been made so
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far two more miners remain trapped inside and rescue team is trying to reach them at this moment. an underground adoption market has been exposed in the united states it's called private homing and allows parents to get rid of their own wanted adopted kids by advertising online no background checks or government scrutiny means children could end up with families who would never be legally allowed to adopt or could even be taken in by criminals. as details. animal owners may be familiar with the term private re homey typically it refers to those seeking to give their pet away but today the practice is reportedly being used by parents looking to give away the child's if they adopted from overseas and no longer wants an investigation conducted by reuters found that this type of child trafficking is happening largely in cyberspace where parents allegedly advertise their unwanted
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children through yahoo and facebook groups the lawless atmosphere allows internationally adopted orphans to be passed on to strangers without government scrutiny or even a paper trail as a result many of these children can end up in the custody of criminals sex offenders or abusive adults that would have never been allowed to legally adopt many of the children advertised online for private re home a range between the ages of six to fourteen and had been adopted from abroad including from countries such as russia china ethiopia and ukraine poses huge risks right because some of the families into which these children who are probably perfectly good in the children are doing better perhaps and some of them are not as of this year u.s. citizens are banned from adopting russian orphans since one thousand nine hundred ninety one thousand russian children have reportedly died at the hands of their american adoptive parents reporting from new york marine upper nile r.t.
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what happens to adopted children when their foster families are preparing to have their own children are two spoke to one young man who found himself advertised online and then passed on to a new family after his parents decided he was not want it anymore. dimitris stewart was five years old when he and his brother were adopted from an orphanage in a small town near moscow it would be a rocky road living with his adoptive american parents didn't really feel like. i was there when he was a young teenager after years of strained relations and after his parents had biological children of their own the stewarts decided it was time to find him a new home and that's when they turned to the internet is that i go underground groups where people want to. do i just sort of a dog stands and. that's how dimitris parents found nicole isa in eastern advertiser self as an aspiring mother that ran
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a home school to meet you found out that this was far from the truth this is a little tiny basically. him it was clear that his new home was no home school there was an even desk there had to do homework he didn't even make you go to school she gave you the option to go to school and then you had a biological kid that was taken away from them from the state so they want a lot of any more kids and that's where they're going there's underground underground nicole had been married to a man who was a pedophile and that she could not get a homestudy due to their finances these days private adoptions are far more common it's unclear how many of them were facilitated on the internet where it's harder to regulate the transactions between families after the traumatizing ordeal dimitri moved to this group home outside atlanta he feels safe with his new guardians in this quaint home in a nice suburban neighborhood use never know who's going to. be there looking for
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kids and there's still people out there everywhere and marietta georgia lives of all are. now stay with our team will have more updates on the tragic plane crash could cause an airport that has cost nearly fifty lives but next though we take a closer look at america's gun market and how it's growing for what some say all the wrong reasons you can stay with us you're watching r.t. . there's now an all new form of humanitarian aid for the twenty first century created by members of the occupy movement this is nothing to do with hunger or homelessness what a different key problem in the so-called first world debt the rolling jubilee
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project has already bought around fifteen million dollars in personal debt for americans around the country most of the financial obligations that they bought were for medical bills and now the people who had to pay these bills are free from their burdens the group claims that the secondary debt market is very cheap and they are able to buy the nearly fifteen million dollars in debt for only four hundred thousand dollars the secondary market exists because banks try to sell consistently unpaid debt to third parties for less than a nickel on the dollar right now i would be begging the rolling jubilee project to get rid of my college loans but alas this is always purchased anonymously so it's all pure luck who gets their debt purchased the important thing about this project is that they're actually doing something against an evil system instead of just blogging about it and although fifteen million dollars is a tiny tiny drop in the debt bucket it may have really saved the financial lives of many americans but that's just my opinion.
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exactly what happened that day i don't know but a woman i killed. piers later is when i got arrested for. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results. innocent people to confess the police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like meant no because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were off taking they could get what they wanted they can say what they wanted and there was
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no evidence of what they did or what they said. in rural areas the majority of families living here are pro gun learning to fire is often part of a child's education the moral value of protecting the family is more important than the physical aspect where in south dakota. jack is five he can barely get out of the car in his own but every weekend his father teaches them how to shoot with real bullets under the watchful eye of his mother gretchen your cares and stuff. plus that. the other. one. jack hasn't been learning long and already he likes helping his dad set up for him it's just like any other game. i've been shooting since i was
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five or six. and i were in the truth. in our war. brains or we had in california and i used to go down and shoot every day after school i started shooting not turn i was probably a late teen. with brain he would go to the shooting range and he took me with a few times and tell me how to should have been doing it ever since i think it's important that women know how to shoot that they can protect themselves. the weapon is heavy difficult for such a young child to handle gretchen doesn't intervene she wants her some to feel empowered. to.


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