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serbin including former ski but you get a diesel and the injured strike objects on the kids walk off and tested several back up players which gave him food for thought. this is good for may do on this thing that the value of some players because in a lot of players played a lot of game with the national team and. i and it had been because i can see something new and this is. the target for me to to cross. in contre serbia have just missed out on their first world cup in twelve years but with legendary defender simitian mikhail a beach in the dugout and plenty of up and coming players on the bench the national side i steal a serious threat for any opponent but it was a russia who took the lead on the half hour mark when i'm unsure of strike was buried by lightly mid-story could and we know alexander semin the bounce on the
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rebound however just two minutes later forward to leave georgia and headed in the quizes capellas man up the pace in the second half and striker alex on that according to only joined the squad the day before after losing his passport missed two good scoring opportunities and won only to finish and then i. got the match was played at a very intense tempo we played against a physically fit tame that gave us a real battle serbia have a very good team they were unlucky in the qualifying group nevertheless we played well and created enough goal scoring opportunities but in some parts of the game we have possession and dominated but sometimes the serbs took the initiative they're a very solid team with strong players that's why it ended up being the greedy draw capello is set to sign a new deal that will keep him with the russian until the country hosts their maiden world cup in twenty eighteen but in the meantime the sixty seven year old is focusing on brazil as a russian next take on top ways inside south korea who have qualified for their
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eighth consecutive world cup. well elsewhere skipper christiane our knowledge drove home the eighty second minute went out in portugal's one nil victory at home to sweden in the first leg of the world cup playoffs swedish captains latin abraham of it failed to make an impact and rinaldo produced another head to in the dying minutes but was denied by the woodwork. while ukraine great beat france to nil in a bad tempered playoff match in kiev where both sides had a man sent off on the out romanza zodiac capitalized on some problems the defending to open for the hosts before also a penalty along to shelley was votes everyone olenka stepped up to convert ben in stoppage time to shelley lost it again as the austin defender extended to the ground so red before cujo himself was sent off for tackle one from gregory to know and ten many it finished. and elsewhere neymar and david
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luisa struck a pose for a photo with former england great david beckham and then helped a five time world cup win as brazil transformed jurors five nil in a friendly in miami so he's trying to hold completed the scoring in front of a record crowd about us seventy one thousand people. now moving on to eye socket and a closer look at snow leopard side bar east who are second in the k h o's eastern conference and robert father and explains how a team full of former n.h.l. players is lighting up the capital. beurre system not have never been among the hills powerhouses but are still a hard nut to crack for any team and this isn't may prove to be a turning point in. the can't stand snow leopards that come with third in the league's overall standings although any changes to the team are do more to their philosophy than just the starts they have body of center that save
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a day the. requirement this. guy. maybe play really simply all. out i think by that many inside that. play fast and out and maybe straight to the next morning and so. finish form of the batsman are back assailing to go over the club ahead of the new susan and he's chill debbie is just going to go on better at the phenomenal ten one win over superstar and he's lebron also later closed down the chute i'll be three over older you know more skilled last year i think we were you know we're more of a one for sit back team in a way from mistakes in our going out for checking a lot harder trying to develop our own chances are for the most part the story here it's we're going to score a lot of goals this team burris is one of the kid shows most easterly sides and one
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of the most westerly influenced team stops core american brand image on ski playing in his fourth consecutive season for the leopards and canadian the fans men can barker come in earlier this month to complete in the early enough american first line on to bigger rings of the eastern european league or get used to new to meet some new surroundings an obviously. you know everything's new for me over here you know i enjoy playing on the big ice and. you know it's been fun so far it's different and the more i use to morse or space for players. you know to get more speed the same time you know you have more space for yourself and a little bit more time. it's hard to say how will this isn't the crucial last for seven series only three never less three something that made these guys mentality something special i think we got a really good group of guys you know in our locker room everyone's having
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a lot of fun and really doesn't feel like a job at all just it's come to the rink you know a bunch of guys with one goal and you know it's to play well and how fun so it's it's a recipe that's work so far robert brennan on our team. now on two for wales and it was a teenage dream come true for danny russia's second never formula one driver completed his first twenty laps for his new team toro rosso during free practice ahead of the u.s. chrome prix the nineteen year old claimed the g.p. straight title earlier this month and says he's ready for the big step up. some people say that's been the sign for one that doesn't change but arabs are lying so so yeah it's changed a little bit but you know a really good way overall much more media attention i think it's the most obvious of the sparts none here i mean all the while the friends probably racing friends also they look at it differently and you know what in the end you have to keep your
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feet on the ground to stay who you are be honest with yourself and i think this is the most important part and that's what i bring to those great stories resent my country you know from i want to tell them in the first crushing run free which will be next year so it just feels great and it's historical when for russia and mcclaren also confirmed their second drive up of the twenty four team season will be danish an obvious kevin magnussen who won the recent formula read no three point five series twenty one year old is the son of former f one driver young magnus and he made his debut for mclaren sacking nine hundred ninety five zero four while champion jenson button remains with the team with magnus in judea replacing mexican sergio perez leave at the end of twenty thirteen after just one season at mclaren so far failed to record a potent finish this year mclaren in the side of. another route i have to find my my own hopefully i can find the best best possible seat of
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a level. for my career because i only twenty three years old have a lot to give to do this for. i really hope for and i would sit. and when the u.s. grown pretty finally got underway in texas force india's afghans are till crashed out in spectacular fashion but for time champion sebastian vettel steered clear of any trouble to once again win from pole and set a new record of eight straight wins in a single season brochure and mark webber completed the podium while vettel will now be looking to equal michael's. sumac a small thirteen wins in a season at the year ending race in brazil. won another record breaking race that painted the town red as the youngest ever measured g.p. champion mark marquez was given a hero's welcome his native city after that the spaniard clinch the title earlier this month and since dominating postseason testing in balance however the twenty
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year old says any talk about rewriting the sport is premature. of course i would die i would die due to be the man to be always there to file for more time and. to be a new. it's i think it's a little bit more difficult than what either now into basketball where russian champions tesco moscow returned to winning ways in the year only thrashing parties on belgrade eighty eight points to forty six in a one sided affair here in moscow while the graph was courtside this come flying at home but went into the match against partisan belgrade on the back over two game losing streak in europe while their opponents were aiming to keep up with bailey does that ever and barcelona but missed several key players through injury and the serbian side couldn't take advantage of today's cars recent wobble they were up against it from the start as the army men defended aggressively while taking their chances with these. racing to
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a twenty one to ten lead in the first quarter his car then double the tally in the second star forward sonny weems leading the way while the defense made turnover after turnover not showing up twenty three overall partisans depleted numbers added to their woes as the game progressed. a forty two to eighteen halftime score outlined says cars dominance and this continued into the third quarter with the tour messina side going on a thirteen points nothing run and extending their lead into the thirty's. for partisan it was now about damage control and wounded pride which did bring them back into the game in the fourth but it wasn't enough just to up the tempo once again and went on to register crushing eighty eight to forty six when unfortunately no partisan i was not there for strength and. now only there you know it takes a texan take full advantage of you when you play in a team for straight to get a ten let down a little bit so we can we had a great we could play this we did
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a lot of action sure we worked hard and we're secure and we knew exactly when it went into that i'm not thinking it's going to be that great like it was today obviously part is i want some players from the beginning we did a great game a show we just take them out of the game this is the right way this is the main main think why we should be happy to be find a way that we can improve and now we need to work so this girl must go back to winning ways out the beating heart is that belgrade will be having to build on this when they take on the french side of nanterre next thursday on the twenty first of november before returning back to domestic league on the sunday the twenty fourth of november when they resume the domestic league and they will be hoping to keep one hundred percent record intact when they take on triumph like a tango moscow. meanwhile russian side like amount of cabanas second in your early group day after coming back to clinch an eighty five points to eighty four victory at home to spanish side la but out with two and a half minutes left the business led by eight points marcus williams led luck want
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to fight back and with six seconds to go they got from a sub seymour in the corner aeration shooting guard sank a three pointer to change the winning basket for the second straight match. while in america rookie harlem globetrotter thunder last set a new world record for the longest basketball shot of one hundred and nine feet and nine inches or thirty three meters and forty five centimeters at the home of the phoenix suns. while teammate william the bowl boulevard was lucky to escape serious injury after he was flattened by forcing back board at an exhibition match in honduras the god could the ball stand in a dunk and going to the rim only for the supporting stand to collapse on top of him however the ball was soon patched up and back on his feet a stunning if you will to grant. and that's the end of part one of a stay tuned for part two as we talk tennis with former world number one dinara
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safina and to the source he has in moscow thank go ahead. if you got nothing and you got no opportunity. to start to construct your own. q don't want to be bit give don't want to be gangstas you don't want to be drug dealers they don't want to blow a window turned into a kid came be we can see. you just means i'm over there i was like oh probably the hook and what if you kill somebody with the wrong clue. but it felt like. i said. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die young young a. basis
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for these economic ups and downs in the final months days the longer the deal sank night and the rest because i was doing the taking it will be everything on me. it was terrible a. very hard to take over. once again there was a lot pattern that had sex with that hurt their feelings. a. lot.
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of. it's a. pleasure to have you with us here on our t.v.
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today i roll researcher. welcome back to part two of the sports show and let's turn to tennis and while maria sharapova topped the list of the world's highest paid sportswomen russia's only out of form a well number one dinara safina says she's almost ready to officially retire after korea plagued by a long time back injury because i didn't buy top off reports. sports can be a maker of their seniors and a break of hearts russia second world number one female tennis star not a syphon it has been for lu minded of both sides of her sports this by failing to win any grand slam titles in two thousand and nine the russian leapfrog su rana williams to spend twenty six weeks of the year at the top of the rankings however within just a few months off and i picked up a serious back injury and her career started to fade two years later she tried to
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return to the court but never bounced back to her previous heights and next season the twenty seven year old muscovite is officially set to weave this porch ilads into place she lives make official. announcement next year it's going to be during the madrid the tournament in my joy because it's one of my favorite tournaments and . my managers who are working with me since i started the four until the last minute and then it was my last match that they did my just so i decided to make official announcement on monday to soften his professional career began in two thousand and two when her maiden w t a title in the same year she went on to become runner up at there was trailing open and twice the beating finally as the toronto art as well as winning the doubles with natalie at flushing meadows in two thousand and seven the following year she clinched an olympic silver medal in beijing and then made history with her elder
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brother maran as they became the first brother insisted to be world number one aged twenty four suffering now was at her peak but it was also the start of her decline in two thousand night or they didn't use up and was a man of the year i was struggling in my leg and i was playing we don't think you know still really strong once again because i was fighting for to be number one in the world was so we know we were really fighting. then after the masters that one day i took some time off i was doing the treatments i tried but it was every time so much pain than ours. talking about with my brother and he said like really. he does a war thing morag who's six years older than his sister one two grand slam titles but walked away from tennis when he started burned out at the age of twenty eight and since injury has forced dinero out of playing regular tennis she started working alongside her brother who's moved on from sports to politics and is now a member of parliament well i'm helping
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a lot of my mother i'm almost the. next summer. that's takes the most of my time sometimes i don't even have time i wake up really early in like i'm back related evening and really helping him doing some things for him and you know i'm enjoying because it stays in the family you know it's on his sister and right now and i don't see anything better they are more interesting and be happy it will be this different kind of judge later saw him on to the next stage of her career and a new challenge after reaching the big of a school that few can lead back on and say i was number one odds ability constant in this are two one egypt and elsewhere in tennis the czech republic became only the fifth nation to retain the davis cup after that x. the panic at plas lesson and serbian dusan levitch six three six one six one to win the fifth rubber of a tight final in belgrade while number two now that djokovic had beaten come also
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in straight sets to level the tie it to a pace that djokovic who serbia's only top one hundred player on the team and couldn't do it alone checked into in five heap praise on his charges. eighty three before says but if the first thing to say it's a privilege to be on this team it goes to adding thomas in writing that might be this is something special that i don't know what to say this is amazing. while earlier in the week you know about djokovic did triumph single handedly by defending his crown at the a.t.p. world tour finals with an impressive six three six four when i go rafael nadal in london the serbian extended his winning streak to twenty two matches between the elite season ending title for the third time nidal replaced djokovic as world number one last month at the latter's trial in london denied nidal the a really big trophy missing from the spaniards korea. gulf now and henrik stenson
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became the first ever played to win the european tour as the race to dubai ams the fed ex truck on the p.g.a. tour in the same season the sweet eagle of the last hole took the bell by six shots at the world tour championships in dubai ahead of the poulter was it to do so in third and such a tournament record of twenty five hundred overall the thirty seven year old also came second at this year's british open before finishing third at the p.g.a. championship a remarkable upturn in form for a player who has banked two hundred thirtieth in the world less than two years ago . russia's pole vault world champion you larry said by that says she hopes to pick up the athlete of the year award after the rio olympics in twenty sixteen is the thirty one year old collected the lifetime achievement award at a gala ceremony in monaco jamaica sprint king and queen you saying bolt and shelley and fraser pryce took this year's top honors after winning three goals each as this summer's world championships in moscow be one for me thanks
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a lot for so to avoid and you know i call this. recognizable as something later this thanks a lot but you know i'm really looking forward to come back here on d.c. in two thousand and sixteen well meanwhile someone who won't have to wait quite that long to use boxing zomi eight division world champion money package the thirty four year old congressman held an open workout in his native philippines as he looked a bounce back from back to back defeats when he takes on the american brandon rios in macau it later this week is five years younger and south of the only loss of his career in march now while the can down to the search the winter olympics continues russia's short track speed skaters won a gold and three silver medals at a world cup event near moscow and in the sport the country has previously found top level medals to come by rebound poor fleet reports. russia has never won an olympic short track speed skating medal however this could be about to change at the sochi
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games and this is the reason for we all to miss him in the russian cam. he used to compete for a career as on one soon and one free golden charade in two thousand and six however after falling out with the korean federation he's now skating for russia and won a gold in the five hundred meters and two silvers in the fifteen hundred i am the relay haven't made his world cup a vent in moscow. but i'm happy with the way i competed i think i had some good results the world cup series has now finished but there is still another event before the olympics in which i plan to compete and feeling good but i know that there's still some room for improvement and i think there is a point in member of the dressing room the twenty seven year old already speaks decent russian and for bloody men to be gaudy have to want to silver behind and in the five hundred metres of home a career and is a great assets for his adopted country. but he instantly became more of us and he
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is a really nice person we were able to learn so much from him especially concerning tactics and speed he brings so much to the team especially in the really and we have a much greater chance of success with him competing for russia. the man charged with breaking succession russia is sebastian cross and he's also been quick to hail the impact of victor. i say first serve already bring kind of confidence for everybody because someone like this in teams you feel like directly most from and as well as this experience in day to day on training you can. see the sense get with them so it's improvement as well for them so we can say that with him it brings everybody. but sebastian knows he can't just rely on. there's still a lot of hard work to be done in russia and when it first and then pick short track
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speed skating medal. swap simple and cheap we get it because it's different it's difference in so but with what we showing walkups we can say ok we have potential to bring. this is the potential so it's as i said specific specific. it's ready stick to sing that we can bring when there's a the pressure is certainly going to be on russia when the sochi games get on the way especially as i look to improve on just my free gold they want and i'm going to find ten i want is quiet confidence in the russian can. track speed skating to get to the podium finishes read your bible for me donte the mosque region. while over in sochi russia as a former well champions have been pitted against each other as the countries we'll check by for the national title in what is the final test event of the ice cube arena ahead of the paralympics next march man and women compete together in teams
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of four with the sport featuring at the games for only third time canada took gold on both previous occasions while russia will make their debut after winning the world event in twenty twelve they failed to defend the title in such a year later we're going to be able to go this lee all the teams will come to saucy hoping to win not just to take cards but they say having the local fan support is just as good as having a fifth member of the team so i think the home crowd and home ice will help us do well. it's really nice that we've had another chance to play in the serena first tested at the world championships earlier this year and now we're back on the ice for the nationals all of this will help boost our morale for the paralympics. and moscow's red square has become the second spot on a ten city tour to host the russian and big. team has so far over one hundred thousand visitors have had the chance to get a closer look at russia's squad ahead of sochi twenty fourteen various interactive
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displays including the use of three d. goggles show the athletes in action the president of russia's link that committee alexander to call was on hand to cut the ribbon and the organizers believe the sochi house is the perfect way to bring the fans and the national team together. i'd like to point out that the twenty four thousand sochi winter olympics will be games for the whole country we've been striving towards this goal for seven years now and i think now is the time to unite once more i'm sure our athletes will do their utmost best and it's our duty as funds to support them the best we can and this is just one of the ways. and that's all sport for another show. if you got nothing and you got no opportunity. to start
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to construct your own little current. kilgallen be bad give don't want to meet gangsters you don't want to be drug dealers they don't want to blow with all the time that a kid came to be we can see. you just needs a hundred dollars a night in the hood. he said. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die young young age. if you are targeting only one scapegoat that would be responsible five with you say that you think the banks the commercial banks then what about the non banks what about the highly leveraged institutions nora responsible what about the fights
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so what about all the special so you see it's more. you know he banks are the main reason bad banking system is the main reason that triggered the banks part of the whole. entire pool as responsibility including the way you were computing the account to the accounting who's. of course also the rating agency. of course the untied bank and non-banks earned the naive belief that we were you know were real there was other maddi correction of them. market themselves the theory of efficiency of markets was also part of the school's.
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deliberate torch is on its epic journey to structure. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred towns and cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand kilometers. in a record setting trip by land air sea another space. olympic torch relay. m r t r c dot com. dramas that can't be ignored. to. stories others to a few still notice. faces changing room walls lights never. so picture of today's leaves. on demand from around the globe.
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up to. fifty. security video showing the deadly plane crash. with. germany is held a special. complaining of a lack of trust with washington. and the russian.


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