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tv   Headline News  RT  November 20, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EST

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israel's prime minister heads to moscow to convince russia that iran should not be trusted. to make yet another push to reach a nuclear agreement with tehran. and you said the world resumed with the. tapes that a deal could be closed i'll have more state. nato because it's all for a series of unprecedented and massive military exercises in crisis europe keeping troops busy after they withdraw from afghanistan. and our team. is reportedly making money from the cleanup of the fukushima nuclear station by providing an exploited workers to do the dirty work.
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it's a pleasure to have you with us here on out to you this morning nine am now in the mall in moscow all of us here with welcome to the program today israel's prime minister is heading to moscow this on a mission to prevent any progress during iran's nuclear negotiations with world powers new round of three day talks with terror on begins in geneva today and many obstacles remain before hopes of a breakthrough become reality let's get more on this now to buy more say joining us live from the program to buying it netanyahu comes to moscow automatic he's got rather a lot on his plate. indeed rory he does prime minister netanyahu will come over for a short visit here in moscow to meet up with president putin and no doubt the
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nuclear program and those talks that are happening in switzerland will be on the agenda now we know that my minister netanyahu has been quite vocal regarding the latest deal that's been put on the table for it to run that deal says if to run can hold its nuclear program some of the sanctions that have been imposed on it will be relieved now present prime minister netanyahu says that that a deal is a feeding lean bad going is why i say that world leaders need to reconsider what they are offering to run as they one that had to run not have any kind of nuclear program whatsoever we know that runs a vetoed that the first round of talks which happened last week he present all and then went to go visit israel and spoke with prime minister netanyahu saying that as long as the deal does not make sense to the rest of the world france will not agree to it and that same notion the deputy foreign minister of iran said that no
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one including israel should dictate what world leaders at the p five plus one meeting should should say let's hear what he had to say. ask. some nations have such relations that they are influenced by their implements by the atmosphere that has been created around. five plus one countries which are holding talks with iran it is becoming one some of them were indeed one specific nation has been influenced by two provocations very. now of course primates have been letting out is in moscow i guess we try and rally some kind of support to his case so we know that he's going to meet up on friday with us secretary of state john kerry to hear his side of the things that the americans have been quite positive about the talks with iran so it's only fair to say that he is sort of got all his only ally at the moment is france of openly said that they would support him if it came to that well
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many analysts already tabi saying there is a fair amount of optimism regarding the next round of talks regarding iran's nuclear program what do you think serbia any chance a deal a breakthrough could be achieved. a day also closer last week when those talks happened in geneva we know that most of the p five plus one leaders were quite positive in terms of the outcome of the of those talks and rather disappointed at the end when nothing was achieved we know that russia as well as of the united kingdom heads of state have already spoken to a president who hardly say that this is a time that we can sit down with with iran and talk about something that has had the entire world really on standby for the last ten years the first talks that happened since then we also know that president obama has been quite positive i mean this is israel's ally and it kind of surprise many that obama is saying that
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president rouhani is saying the right things are right now surely we should give him yeah we should let him put his case on the table and hence these talks are happening whether the outcome after these three days of talks will be a positive years from iran and all of those gathering at that table to say let's go ahead with the deal it will be interesting to see to see where france will vote and none the less what will happen with israel if the deal does indeed go ahead to buy more thank you. well here actually a bit earlier we spoke to be your former prime minister dominique de villepin he believes if a deal is not agreed upon israel could end up striking iran in the near future. the question is how much are we ready to take the risk to sign the agreement and i think to assess the importance of this agreement we must understand that it is a process of course we are not going to get the final agreement from scratch on
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wednesday but we can go in deploy ourselves of an agreement with and into memory agreement and then we can progress and have a final agreement that will be better so i think it's a chance and we should take it it is the interest of the region because this will have strong consequences on the situation in syria on the situation in lebanon on the peace process so this may change completely the dynamic of the region for good on the contrary if we don't sign the agreement if we don't take all the chances to sign this agreement we may have the strong consequences and we may face is strike in iran coming from israel. nato may be gradually withdrawing from afghanistan the alliance is making sure its troops are kept busy elsewhere officials say military exercises on an unprecedented scale will take place in europe over the coming years now the latest war games held on to russia's
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borders and poland in the baltic republics that involve six thousand troops but that figure will be dwarfed by upcoming drills in spain and portugal with a force of more than forty thousand expected to gather that by two thousand and fifteen other u.s. led block says this will be the first in a series of such exercises are designed to make sure the allies keep working closely together but as artie's peter all reports there's little appetite in europe for the costly deployment. european nations can and should. do more to match america's commitment that commitment is said to see upwards of forty thousand troops deployed on maneuvers within the e.u. in the coming years all in port and work for the future of the alliance once the combat mission in afghanistan is over the question is how can you retain these
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operational experience and capabilities and so you must exercise you must train your forces you must test whether the old routines work the command structure works but the troops are interoperable. is a former east german security officer turned author to spending a career watching nato during the cold war he isn't buying the reason given that this is all part of the winding down of operations in afghanistan we have our own. there isn't any need to put these troops in europe i think they would have ramped up operations even if it goes wasn't coming to an end. down it's down to what he sees as a change in nato policy following actions in libya and towards syria. well nourished instead of a defensive army they want to make an army of intervention of aggression made who was responsible for three quarters of global arms spending at a time when many of its members were for broke here in central berlin
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a group of demonstrators on saying no to wars of intervention but with many european economies still far from recovery there's a lack of enthusiasm for spending more on the military but. it's crazy to think that this has anything to do with a new rogue state by holding operations in europe it shows nato is still looks towards russia. under the guess it in the toy of the population is getting poorer and war is getting more expensive this time professor sizes i threat to society. so they want politicians to pay attention to the real cost of military spending peter all over r.t. . and the mountain of debt and austerity in european countries means they've been steadily slashing defense spending and the aftermath of the wars in afghanistan and libya have also decreased the appetite for military deployments as artie's guy
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nature kind of reports the u.s. led bloc may still be prepared to pay the cost of putting more boots on the ground in europe. u.s. troops are supposed to be out of afghanistan by the end of next year that's why on sixty thousand troops the military leadership is already thinking about how to keep him busy nato with his heart and mind in washington of course plans to sharply increase the size of its exercises in europe in coming years we're lucky to have douglas macgregor retired u.s. army colonel with us today thanks so much for coming through so the plan for europe for twenty fifteen nato has is war games with forty thousand troops in portugal and spain. these countries of course will have to chipping to make it happen that's a huge expense for their better the economies what's what's the origins whatever nato conducts exercises of any kind there's always a great deal of time and money invested in what i would call
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a large solidarity and i know there is great concern about the troubled nature of the economies particularly on the iberian peninsula in portugal and spain i think we want to reaffirm the day or close members of the alliance that we are behind them that we support them and what better way to do that than to conduct an exercise in will in their ground and a lot of money grow much of it is money's already budgeted more than half the troops will probably be air and naval forces so they have to conduct a certain number of operations one way or the other there's already discussions on how nato. future they are so proud of what they did in libya it seems that they see their future in this kind of hit and run operations but what do you think about it libya was not a success we ultimately unleashed forces in that country sunni islamised forces that are edgy western. american and ultimately antithetical to the interests of
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libya's future social and political development we don't know how libya will turn out but nato sees it as a success well that's the message that sample for operation is that that is a public message and truth. there were enormous problems with the operation how do you see the future of nato i think it's it's very questionable over time it's going to be harder and harder to hold the alliance together and so i don't see the nato alliance holding together in its current form for another decade well maybe these exercises are not such a bad idea maybe it is for a while nato will not actually bomb and invade other countries to keep itself busy with me in washington colonel douglas macgregor and i'm going to check them watching art. and wonderful my german intelligence officer told r.t. that nato is eager to keep flexing its military muscles in order to let the competition know that it's still a force to be reckoned with you have to see this against the background of the be a stroll over from afghanistan and there they didn't need military exercises
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because they could test their interoperability and everything on the ground but. now with the need to countries especially united states leaving afghanistan beaten like a dog with a tail between its legs they need to project and show the word that these two got their claws sharpened and teeth strong all these is part of the continued effort of power projection of intimidating nations that don't follow voluntarily the u. is for european lead. thank you for joining us here on our to today you know couple of minutes a blessing or a cuss. at the level of immigration in the u.k. see looks at how much newcomers actually bring to the country's economy.
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live right on the scene. of the first strike. and i think you're. on a reporter's twitter. instagram. live in the future i'm going to show we'll in about a technology keeping the moscow metro rolling new modeling says they meet weighs in the oil industry and a dream team of robots to places too dangerous for humans. to ninefold the latest news and innovation is here on c.n.n. . we've got the future of coverage.
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to busy day for news or a nazi thanks for joining us japan's mathie a is reportedly cashing in on the fukushima disaster by running the cleanup efforts of a damaged nuclear plant and workers complain of being on the staffa mistreated by contractors who think nothing of throwing them into areas of extremely high radiation. reports from japan. as if clearing up the dangerous debris in the aftermath of japan's worst natural disaster in a century was not tough enough this former fukushima worker says he's having to see you the firm which hired him i was out of work after the tsunami so when a job offer at fukushima came up i took it they promised a lot of money even signed a long term contract but they suddenly terminated it not even paying me a third of the promises do you have a feeling that you were mistreated absolutely we were given no insurance for health risks no radiation meters even we were treated like nothing like disposable people
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promise things and then kick us out when we received our large radiation dose this young man volunteered to jump into nuclear hell to make a living many others though were forced so claims investigative journalist. who went undercover to fukushima filming with the camera hidden in his watch he discovered that many of the workers were brought in by the infamous underworld syndicate the young so this is. at fukushima. in japan and quite often when a certain construction project requires an immediate workforce in large numbers bosses make a phone call to the so it was the case with fukushima the government called tepco to take action tepco relayed it to subcontractors so that eventually as they had a shortage of available work called the you could survive however there was a reason but fukushima is no ordinary construction site workers are drawn to the power plant by the young kids or mostly with gambling debts to the organization or
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family obligations often had absolutely no idea what they were dealing with. they were given very general info about radiation and most were not even given radiation horrible did they could have exposed themselves to large doses without even knowing it even the so called fukushima fifty the first group of workers sent there immediately after the disaster or at least three of them were enrolled by the . height of the wall she says to keep published details of what he says is solid evidence of what tepco officials remain defined that any mistreatment or organized crime involvement is taking place and we're doing everything to ensure our workers operate in safe conditions we also deal harshly with law while eating subcontractors but the company and its subcontractors already short of hands there are twenty five percent more openings for jobs at fukushima plant than applicants according to government data gaps filled says suki by the homeless the desperately unemployed and even those with mental disabilities there are no exact figures as to
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how many people are involved in the fukushima clear up operation but rough estimates suggest that this may be up to a quarter of a million people and with experts saying that it may take another forty years to completely liquidate the aftermath of the disaster it's really hard to imagine how many more workers will be involved in this dangerous line of duty and more importantly how many of them will feel disposable and expendable once their jobs and. reporting from japan. so terror and tensions flared up in lebanon in the aftermath of a double suicide bombing in the capital and al qaeda linked terror cell says it was responsible for attacking the iranian embassy in beirut killing twenty three and wounding around one hundred fifty and the bombings being linked to the conflict in neighboring syria lebanon and iran are both strong supporters of the syrian government which is fighting a radical islamist insurgency novelist's
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a lebanon is an easy target for terrorists. brigades an offshoot. it's named after a founder. it professes to be backing the syrian revolution and these things all pull together and in a region that is heavily focused on syria and now iran hezbollah off course being an ally of these two and the iranian embassy attack i think we have to look at in light of what's going on the region of i love been an easy target it just simply doesn't have the strong national army that is defending its borders it's a vulnerable state it's obviously a lot easier to move around than iran would be these are attempts to strike at a vulnerable proxy. or ally of iran and syria and iran have today crossed all piddle of elena's debating the role of foreign forces and ultimately fueling the ongoing syrian conflict. now the opposition which is written internally fractured is now depending upon its patrons in saudi arabia to
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attack assad's allies for instance in lebanon today the bombing syria has pointed the finger of saudi arabia. america wants iran out of the peace negotiations but really the country that has prolonging this war is the core the cause of the instability is saudi arabia and it's it's absurd that's how the arabia is our ally in this region they're going to really regret this one day if not already been funneling all these people foreign nationals into a civil war but everyone why did we call a revolution and now it's just a proxy war which is taking the lives of a lot of people that do not like these foreigners in their country this is i'm glad you mentioned lebanon earlier because this is what it's going to get down to in my opinion a partition go ahead joseph. you know. that i mean i find myself in a kind of funny situation as an israeli to intervene between that and in saudi
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arabia to decide to start that what's fair doesn't matter anymore look it was as they call it a phony sense that she's and lo and lebanon and syria have become the arjuna for beast wars where that it was planted by the saudis for the valley it doesn't matter . you can stay with us for crosstalk throughout the day here on r.t. for an hour though britain's population is set to rise by almost ten million over the next couple of decades over half of that is thanks to immigration and many are against the massive inflow of foreigners but as artie's testor are sillier reports new comers offer the u.k. more than just strength in numbers. the fabric of british society is a diverse want to diversify is evident in areas like this one in the one to look at the most recent report of the office of national service sticks that diversity looks set to continue your overall population of the u.k. is expected to reach from seventy three point three million by two thousand and
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thirty seven point six million in the next twenty five years now sixty percent of that increase or some five point eight million people is linked to immigration either new arrivals or people having babies when they settled. the figures put into question prime minister david cameron said of reducing net immigration to be tens of thousands by the end of this parliament now those who are against immigration always go back to the argument that more people means more pressure on the social welfare system of the u.k. however contrary to popular belief another side says that those because who would come here since two thousand actually contributed more in taxes than claimed benefits. thirty four percent more in terms of texas and they would have taken note in terms of twenty first and benefit receipts. gratian is a very emotional one this. uncertainty is important to look
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at the overall number which is when we look at the. far end. countries where wife after nine hundred ninety nine have made a positive fiscal contribution it's a tricky topic one that's constantly debated in the u.k. there have been a recent attempts to curb immigration such as the scrap of imposing a three thousand pound bomb that visitors from certain countries or the values go into a round of with a big billboard selling illegal immigrants to go home now they've been controversial to say the least but in the end it's the number of the tell the real story albeit one of the tough talking in the u.k. isn't showing any sign. yes there is our london our before we get to be our. initial investigation into the crash of a boeing seven thirty seven in russia city of cazan it puts the blame firmly on the pilots it's thought flying air was forced the passenger plane to nose dive at four
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hundred fifty kilometers an hour straight into the ground killing all fifty people on board the first attempted landing failed and during the second try the autopilot was switched off an unusually steep climb there apparently led to a loss of speed and the pilots appeared to have compensated with a sharp dive and of course the loss of control with the aircraft or going into a freefall before ramming into the top. the investigation is now focused on finding the missing cockpit voice recorder. or n.c.i.c. world update as promised quickly now a dispute over a u.s. security pact secretary of state john kerry to phone with president karzai and acknowledge mistakes made during the twelve year war america wants to ensure its soldiers can continue night raids and have immunity from legal jurisdiction inside afghanistan and washington also plans to leave around ten thousand troops behind after with the withdrawal by the afghan government once president obama himself to
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issue an apology saying that is a crucial part of any. egypt clashes erupted between supporters and opponents of egypt's military government the police used tear gas and fattens to disperse the crowds the rally was staged to commemorate the two year anniversary of one of the country's bloodiest demonstrations just a day earlier and even more own dedicated to demonstrators killed during the twenty eleven protests was vandalized. now an online gaming company is forced to hand over a million dollars for enslaving unsuspecting people's computers. software used subscribers p.c.'s have mined the virtual current. i had no idea those details. clean up the streets. something to do. with
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the website. the lack of access to basic sanitation is a cause of millions of deaths around the world. breaking the set. two point five billion people do not have access to a toilet or sustainable sanitation obviously that's a huge problem because beyond the lack of just privacy diarrheal diseases are the second most common cause of death for young children in developing countries one only needs to look back to two thousand and ten when haiti experienced a massive cholera outbreak after un peacekeepers dump human waste in the country's main tributary nearly nine thousand people died as a result and the cholera is now spread to surrounding nations ironically world toilet day u.n. recognize that event even though the organization has still not accepted responsibility for its role in the haiti's cholera outbreak the issue is still is important as ever in fact in the aftermath of typhoon haiyan in the philippines
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a main concern is the destruction of sanitation infrastructure and a lack of adequate bathroom facilities for thousands of people unfortunately the taboo surrounding this topic is widespread but the more time we spend skirting around the issue the more people will die every day from sanitation deprivation so the next time you're on the john consider these facts and don't be afraid to bring the issue out of the bathroom and into the public consciousness. well thanks for joining us here today i'm will receive up next a special report on the exhibitionist activists known as famine but if you're watching from the u.k. you're about to go underground with afshin returns.
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