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tv   Headline News  RT  November 20, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EST

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breaking news an aussie russia granted bail to three more greenpeace activists including the capsule of ship bringing a total of those released to fifteen the rest of the group detained for storming and. are still waiting for the hearings to proceed. trying to scupper an iran nuclear deal the israeli prime minister is on his way to moscow and his last minute to do rael an agreement and. a new round of talks all with iran opens in switzerland hopes that new deal could be close them all for me to bob would say in just a few moments. and nature has european ambitions the blogs planning massive military drills and the e.u. to maintain hope ration after the outgoing mission finishes despite fears it will
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be europe's pocket. international news live from moscow this is our she was me. and welcome to the program and let's now get straight to our developing story this hour and the news the american captain of the greenpeace vessel involved in these storming of a russian oil rig has been freed on bail and for more let's now cross live to correspondent culture are so hard of those detained have been bailed please tell us more. each russian court in st petersburg has built another three greenpeace activists now first a uki a citizen of alexandria harriss says she's one of the three british greenpeace
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activist arrested two months ago know the fate of the other two british greenpeace activist the will of known leader in separate hearings of this wednesday as well as so the court has to released on bail the american captain of the greenpeace ship william peter willcox as well as another dutch greenpeace activist now that's on top of twelve others that have been let out since the beginning of the week now out of all activists that house so far been appeared before the court only one greenpeace activist has been ordered to stay in detention pending trial now that's the strategy and greenpeace activists call in russia now he will remain in pretrial detention until february twenty fourth now overall there are a third she greenpeace activists said there are standing trial for polygamist math sure they try to steal an oil platform in the arctic back in september all right.
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live them and i thank you very much indeed for that update and we'll be talking share later thank you. while powers are beginning a new round of talks over iran's nuclear program today in geneva that sounds israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu heads to mosco in the hope of preventing any progress in the negotiations on. a small. he is said to try to convince for the last time the russians to go with what he believes is an exceedingly bad decision in terms of the iran's nuclear program now we know that the deal that's on the table is to try to hold iran's nuclear program and in return they will get a bit of relief from the sanctions that they have at the moment france has already said that they will not supported but the deputy been a star of iran has said that israel has no right to dictate what the world how the
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world should deal with iran. some nations have such relations with tel aviv that they are influenced by their influence by the atmosphere that's been created around iran for the five plus one countries which are holding talks with iran it is unbecoming when some of them or indeed one specific nation is being influenced by tovey it's probably cations also weak when the tolls happened it almost felt like there was some kind of hope but then threw us a curveball and said then dr no go ahead with it we know that mr rouhani has been contacted by the british prime minister david cameron saying that this is the time that that needs to happen now we know russians are russia's president has also been quite vocal say it needs to happen now the deal is give it a chance not only that president obama has been trying to gather momentum from his side say this deal is a moment to feel if it happens and that congress must hold any kind of thought in
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trying to push forward for those for more sanctions against iran and the i.a.e.a. has also gone on to say that actually iran has told any kind of negativity this is all good so it will be interesting to see how friends will vote this time and if israel indeed what will israel do if indeed this deal does go ahead. so talks started over a decade ago but has a deadlock in two thousand and five that's when the dinner john becomes president and iran resumes uranium enrichment doubting the peaceful nature of its intentions the u.n. security council approves the first round of sanctions against iran in two thousand and six concerns grow one in february twenty second iran begins your reign with richmond's to the twenty percent level a significant advance towards producing weapons grade uranium the u.s. and israel launch a computer virus to a time iran's nuclear facility is called stocks net is discovered in july two thousand and ten the lack of progress in talks leads to the e.u. significantly expanding its sanctions in twenty eleven the action of
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a new leader hassan rouhani allows for a thaw in ron's relations with the west and negotiations resume and to discuss the prospects of today's talks when i joined live by said moustapha chason is a journalist from iran welcome to all cs so what does nato yahoo expect to achieve during his trip to moscow well first thank you for inviting me to the program. actually mr newton you know who knows very well he cannot offer anything to moscow that can replace iran's companionship and solidarity or along with the russia saw it seems to me that if. your whole is there and one of his main agenda topics on these age and iran's nuclear program is sort of threatening russia. israel will not tolerate a deal between iran and six major world powers so threatening.
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to embark on some actions in the region which might not be beneficial to russia as well right of course i heard obama now sounded a note of caution is that the israeli influence working here. first of all we should. discuss one thing why is netanyahu is there is the second question actually the first question is who is there a leader of a country another country regime an occupying regime which has a long track record of violation of human rights in different parts not only in the west bank and gaza but also inside the occupied territories a regime which has. hundreds of nuclear warheads and has not signed any kind of international treaty to let the international community understand what's going on
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in that. so-called country called israel. they have what ever a country needs for aggression they have actually been invading other countries for decades and they have been in a constant war with different countries especially those in the region now they are also involved in syria where their interests is in opposition to russian interests they are supporting the al qaeda and terrorists in syria while moscow is an ally of syria like iran so there are opposing interests in there in the entire region and i believe one of the most important ones everybody knows there is iran and iran's nuclear issue as we are approaching a deal between the two sides which was very probable last time israel is increasing
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its activities of throughout the world meeting with different award leaders in order to convince them that if they struck a deal with iran it will not have good consequences for their region because israel will embark on some deliberate actions. saved and not stop chashme from. fars news agency thank you very much. at least twenty eight people have been killed in a series of blasts in iraq the bloodshed is skyrocketing with bombings as crowded in crowded areas and busy streets are almost every day more analysis on the situation is ahead. and while winding down its cold but mission in afghanistan nato is seeking to boost its
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military drills in europe in the upcoming is the alliance commanders are planning large scale exercises which they say you have to ensure the allies keep working smoothly together and like the latest nato war games held in poland and the baltic republics earlier this month these were the largest in years involving six thousand troops but the u.s. led block has even bigger plans for the future of capping drills in two thousand to fifteen which will take place in spain and portugal are expected to gather a source of more than forty thousand however financially troubled europeans are not so keen on paying for natives and bushes drills on cheese pizza all over reports. european nations can and should. do more to match america's commitment that commitment is said to see upwards of forty thousand troops deployed on maneuvers within the e.u. in the coming years all in port and work for the future of the alliance once the
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combat mission in afghanistan is over the question is how can you retain these operational experience and capabilities and so you must exercise you must train your forces you must test whether the old routines work the command structure works but the troops are interoperable call him is a former east german security officer turned author to spending a career watching nato during the cold war he isn't buying the reason given that this is all part of the winding down of operations in afghanistan we have or oh. there isn't any need to put these troops in europe i think they would have ramped up operations even if afghanistan wasn't coming to an end that's down to what he sees as a change in nato policy following actions in libya and towards syria. well nourished instead of a defensive army they want an army of intervention of aggression nato is
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responsible for three quarters of global arms spending at a time when many of its members a flat broke here in central lynn a group of demonstrators on a banner saying no to wars of intervention but it's crazy to think that this is anything to do with any rogue state by holding operations in europe it shows nato still looks towards russia and the us it in the toy of the population is getting poorer and we are getting more expensive these types of exercises are a threat to the citee they want politicians to pay attention to the real cost of military spending with most eurozone countries still fighting serious economic battles it's understandable why europeans would be uneasy about shelling out for nato war games at a time they can least afford it peter all of a r.t. . meanwhile the european union is struggling to rein in the mounting government
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debt and those stars his trick and nation have been steadily pruning biog of their defense budgets in waste and she is at hard economic times like the present boosting military cooperation is not a major priority and she is again that she can discuss the issue with retired u.s. army colonel douglas macgregor who says naser is struggling to hold alliance to catherine so the plan for year up for twenty fifteen nato has his war games with forty thousand troops in portugal and spain. these countries of course will have to chipping to make it happen that's a huge expense for their better the economies what's what's the origins were whatever nato conducts exercises of any kind there's always a great deal of time and money invested in what i would call a large solidarity and i know there is great concern about the troubled nature of the economies particularly on the iberian peninsula in portugal and spain i think we want to reaffirm the or close members of the alliance that we are behind the
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that we support them and what better way to do that than to conduct an exercise in their ground and a lot of money will match so that is money's already budgeted more than half the troops will probably be air and naval forces so they have to conduct a certain number of operations one way or the other there's already discussions on how nato. future they are so proud of what they did in libya it seems that they see their future in this kind of hit and run operations but what do you think about it libya was not a success we ultimately unleashed forces in that country sunni islamised forces that are edgy western. american and ultimately antithetical to the interests of libya's future social and political development we don't know how libya will turn out but nato sees it as a success well that's the message that sample for shopping. it shows that that is a public message in truth there were enormous problems with the operation how do
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you see the future of nato i think it's it's very questionable over time it's going to be harder and harder to hold the alliance together and so i don't see the nato alliance holding together in its current form for another decade well maybe these exercises are not such a bad idea maybe it is for a while nato will not actually bomb and invade other countries to keep itself busy with me in washington colonel douglas macgregor and i'm going to step down here watching hockey. and the break point out who's cashing in on their web design stuff that's in a few moments on us. if you. got no opportunity. to start to construct your current. you know want to be a bit give don't want to meet gangsters you don't want to be. deal with it
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only then will we know the time of the game be we can you see. just me the hundred thousand i was in the hood and what a.k.o. so drive it's thirty round clip. but i said. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die young young age.
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hello again this is the welcome bond a series of deadly bombings across baghdad have tong's had crowded areas most of them in share neighborhoods twenty eight people were reported to have been killed and sixty five wounded violence is spiraling in iraq with twenty thirty and becoming the deadliest here since to silent and date let's not talk more and that's with john i want a journalist in extensively covering the issue mr white welcome to our cities good to have you with us so it looks like a deadly attacks happen in iraq almost every day from gil point of view. on that security forces able to do that if thing. well clearly not at this stage supported to because centers where your context this focus on this these horrific attacks in baghdad follow on from the double suicide bombing or the ending embassy in beirut yesterday this is part of a regional struggle. by sunni fundamentalists of selfies or freedoms whatever you
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want to call them intent on turning the entire region into a killing field on their way to. through the seventh century or so the upsurge in violence in iraq against shia communities is that it linked to what's going on inside there right but the government is blaming sunni kind of link to extremists that tax so knowing that enemy why and they will to fight it. well that the borders are porous the place isn't complete chaos and it's hard to keep control of the borders there's clearly here. the ability of these barbarians for they really are to move i can forward similarly a low they have been helped in this regard by such as took it and of course there are areas that mean baka and of course the west has played of it ignore the rule in the us i mean the us with regard to the rock specifically to the young people movement in europe and the united states predicted that this is precisely what
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would happen if you actually knew key went into iraq as they did in two thousand and three so this is a key so if the chickens coming home to roost but the key is the entire region is a complete chaos because with this regional conflict as i say this difficult for security forces in iraq and syria to keep a lid on these things that's why it's important that the west pressure on. himself position how it's to stop fighting and to come to the bushing table but to isolate these sunni fundamentalists they have no place in the future of the region and iraq's prime minister nuri al. has called for washington's help now. ballance recently when the u.s. assistance help helped to put an end to the bloodshed to the islands that. the only way the u.s. could assist in any kind of process is to put pressure on syria and the other go
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for states to stop funding and arming the fundamentalists but of course. a clutch of sunni fundamentalists itself and this is part of a regional struggle with the object of over actually taking a new cheering iran so united states is playing on the ball game and also will actually take it on but it's being it's being weighed by the nose at this point by this unholy alliance comprising the clip talk receive go for cities and their geo who are interested in attacking iran and bringing it dire this would oversee create huge instability which would not be in the interest of the west because the need to get actions to go to meet some semblance of stability you know the june that is clearly. towards the arbutus there we saw in goal of afghanistan in the early ninety's after the fall of could prove we're going to need you to. write on why it's a journalist who has been extensively covering the tabulating situation in iraq mr
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weiss thank you very much indeed for your time webber shaded. online team has created a special project to keep trying to link while in casual tease in iraq and to draw attention to the bloodshed it's just a click away at sea dot com. my . the disaster the figures show
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a nuclear blunder on the one hundred and fifty billion dollars operation have reportedly become a honey pulled for japan's mafia the plans operator tepco is sitting on a para made of subcontractors and according to police some of them have ties to organized crime poor working conditions and low safety standards make those taking part in the cleanup feel victimized as a chef scare reports. as if clearing up the dangerous debris in the aftermath of japan's worst natural disaster in a century was not tough enough this former fukushima worker says he's having to see you with a firm which hired him i was out of work after the tsunami so when a job offer at fukushima came up i took it they promised a lot of money even signed a long term contract but then suddenly terminated it not even paying me a third of the promise so do you have a feeling that you were mistreated absolutely we were given no insurance for health risks no radiation meters even we were treated like nothing like disposable people
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they promised things and then kicked us out when we received a large radiation dose this young man volunteered to jump into nuclear hell to make a living many others though were forced so claims investigative journalist. who went undercover to fukushima filming with the camera hidden in his watch he discovered that many of the workers were brought in by the infamous underworld syndicate the young so this is. at fukushima. in japan and quite often when a certain construction project requires an immediate workforce in large numbers bosses make a phone call to the yeah so it was the case with fukushima the government called tepco to take an agent action tepco relayed it to subcontractors and they eventually as they had a shortage of available workers kubiak could sell for help to the us with a. but fukushima is no ordinary construction site the workers drawn to the power plant by the young kids or mostly with gambling debts to the organization or family
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obligations often had absolutely no idea what they were dealing with. they were given very general info about radiation and most were not even given radiation meters they could have exposed themselves to large doses without even knowing it even the so called fukushima fifty the first group of workers sent there immediately after the disaster at least three of them were enrolled by the. suzuki published details of what he says is solid evidence but tepco officials remain defined that any mistreatment or organized crime involvement is taking place and we're doing everything to ensure our workers operate in safe conditions we also deal harshly with law while eating subcontractors but the company and its subcontractors already short of hands there are twenty five percent more openings for jobs at fukushima plant than applicants according to government data gaps fields suki by the homeless the desperately unemployed and even those with mental
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disabilities there are no exact figures as to how many people are involved in the fukushima clear up operation but rough estimates suggest that this may be up to a quarter of a million people and with experts saying that it may take another forty years to completely liquidate the aftermath of the disaster it's really hard to imagine how many more workers will be involved in this dangerous line of duty and more importantly how many of them will feel disposable and expendable once there are jobs and. reporting from japan. investigators have found the missing tape from the cockpit voice recorder a passenger plane welsh questionnaire they russia says have done so far they decoding of the flight recorder has revealed details about the neighbors of the pilots in the direct moments before the tragedy on sunday evening the boeing seventy. seven aborted the landing of the airport and zein after that the crew requested a second attempt the plane rapidly climbs to
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a height of seven hundred meters while losing speed the courier then forced the jet into a dive in order to regain speed but it hit the ground and almost vertical knows it i or fifty people on board were killed just a few minutes away while old toilet day and why there's absolutely nothing funny about it and takes up the story in breaking the sad things. on the show we learn about a technology keep in the moscow metro rolling remodelling instead of dates it makes me weighs in the oil industry and the dream team of robots to places too dangerous for humans. to ninefold religious music innovations here and said no.
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we've got. over. oh god is woman. is protests. the press the truth is extremist factions remember the three main fix. it was bill press and let's straight to let's. listen to the. script. the lead player.
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played. lead. the lead . live. hi a pal's i'm having martin and this is breaking the set today is world toilet day before
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you bring out the potty humor consider this two point five billion people do not have access to a toilet or sustainable sanitation obviously that's a huge problem because beyond the lack of just privacy diarrheal diseases are the second most common cause of death for young children in developing countries one only needs to look back to two thousand and ten when haiti experienced a massive cholera outbreak after un peacekeepers dump human waste in the country's main tributary nearly nine thousand people died as a result and the cholera has now spread to surrounding nations ironically world toilet day u.n. recognize that event even though the organization has still not accepted responsibility for its role in haiti's cholera outbreak the issue is still is important as ever in fact in the aftermath of typhoon haiyan in the philippines a main concern is the destruction of sanitation infrastructure and a lack of adequate bathroom facilities for thousands of people unfortunately the taboo surrounding this topic is widespread but the morgue.


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