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the best of the rest of the news so we know republicans in the house have tried again and again and again to repeal the affordable care act at a national level they've held nearly fifty votes to get rid of obamacare and they haven't been too successful but that's how the federal level and considering that critical components of the health care law like the exchanges are based on the state level the new avenue of attack against obamacare is opened up off the hill in state capitals across the country this new attack is brought to you by a familiar photo the american legislative exchange council or alec that right wing
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think tank slash legislation generator that teams of business fact tatts with conservative lawmakers to pass corporatists legislation this year at its annual meeting alec approved a new model bill that takes aim at obamacare as health insurance exchanges it's called the health care freedom act and it would bar any health insurance company that accepts subsidies from doing business on the newly set up federal health insurance exchanges alex thinking is the only way companies can be mandated to provide health insurance to their workers as obamacare requires for businesses with more than fifty workers is through the availability of subsidies on the exchanges so if you get rid of those subsidies on the exchanges by for building health insurers from accepting them then you also unravel the business mandate to provide insurance and thus you protect the corporatist now if this law were to gain traction in states around the country then the health insurance exchanges could collapse and endanger the prez. the dense signature health reform law so this is
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a serious threat and it's coming from an institution alec which is already left a trail of legislative carnage from voter id laws to stand your ground laws more on this i'm joined by nick surg he's the research director at the center for media and democracy they welcome the show alec says the motivation of this law which basically prevents insurers from giving health care to the poor is to give more freedom to businesses to grow i'll let you cut through that heap of you know what. yeah well that's right well that's what that's what they say publicly this bill has already been introduced in two states even before like adopted actually by alec legislators one of those in ohio we got hold of some of the and central e-mails where they were discussing this bill they didn't describe it that way they called it the obamacare bill that's what they call it privately publicly of course they
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talk about having to protect the corporate interests from being tried but it's very clear privately that their intent here is to try and kill the affordable care act and that's not a new not a new objective from alec they've actually been trying that ever since obama was elected even before he was inaugurated alec introduced and cost and started promoting the first of these bills that was called the freedom of choice in health care act that was back in the back in the day when a single payer was a possibility but they've been consistently. going after this legislation before it was introduced whilst it was being negotiated and since it's become law and in fact that that early early bill the one from two thousand and eight created part of the legal conflict that ended up in this ukraine courts looking at whether the the law was constitutional last year and it may well be that actually this new law is designed to have the same effect. this is going to be my
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next question the constitutionality of this law i mean ten it in ten states passed this law which would affect these federal exchanges i mean is there wiggle room within the law to allow states to get away with this or is this going to raise some constitutional issues here. when it when it's questionable and we don't know yet i mean no state has actually passed this law yet so the healthy choice in the health care act is a little bit of a tongue twister they will all of these out bills and include some kind of freedom in the name. that rule was introduced in forty four states and of course this ukraine call in the end decided the individual mandate was not they didn't strike it down although obviously it's a little bit when you want. that decision it's it's likely well i would think that the switch be challenging the cools what the ultimate outcome of that would be i think that that's something that constitutional scholars can better oncet the
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primacy clause would seem to come into effect it would seem it would seem to be in direct conflict with the affordable care act. this law affects just the federal exchanges that were set up and those were set up in thirty four states that didn't set up their own city exchanges because they're a dense the law given that these thirty four states are against this law and that's why they didn't set up their exchanges can we expect this law or can we expect this this new law by alec to gain traction around the country in these states and if it is gaining traction around the country can do serious damage to obamacare. well you know there's thirty four states there are. predominantly if not completely republican and alec is overwhelmingly an organization of republicans we looked at this a couple of years ago and at that time there were one hundred three of the hundred for leadership positions within alec various different board members task force
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chairman state chair as there are hundred forty seven hundred three republican since then the one democrat. lost in a primary and now it is one hundred four out of one hundred four leadership positions within iraq that are republican i mean i think it's very likely that alonely be those thirty four states that might see this bill but how it has a lot of weight behind it they really are part of the republican establishment they've been going forty years the celebrating the fortieth year this year which was their dad big national conference where this piece of legislation was very sad and pasta in chicago in august and so you know i i think it's very likely that trump january we're going to see this bill popping up all across the country and that is is alex's shadow government i mean we have obamacare that was debated very publicly per year passing both chambers this was the most publicly debated law and now we have these bills that are worked out in secret these any will meetings that
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are then passed off to lawmakers to pass that kind of looks like there's two governments i work here we just have a little bit of time left. you know it's really concerning because these these really vital debates about health care about the environment about whether we want to have public schools or private schools these should be taking place out in the open lobbyists can argue their position but they should be arguing against advocates on the other side you know legislators she gets are hear all sides of. the issue and that's not what happens throughout a law making should be up to elected lawmakers not fat cats and secret alec on cliffs. thank you so much. and look at the hell. care freedom act or whatever you want to call it it's just the latest effort to sabotage obamacare and so far red states have done a pretty good job putting road blocks in the rollout of obamacare here's tom steak . obamacare is working fine is you heard me right obamacare is working fine
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well at least in the states that are run by the tea party now that the shutdown is over the media has moved into its next manufactured controversy the glitchy rollout of the obamacare health exchanges right after the exchanges open on october first newspapers and t.v. networks started reporting the some users were having problems with health care dot gov stories about health care dot gov fell into the background during the twenty four coverage of the shutdown but since the president signed a bill to reopen the government last thursday cable news cycles have been running nonstop features about this website's problems and let's be honest some of these problems are pretty bad health care dot gov crashes that run slow it sometimes gives users bad information about obamacare tax credits and things predictably fox news is jumping all over this stuff to make it seem like all health reform is. many actually saying out there that obamacare is a stick fast just look at the dysfunctional website to prove it and look at
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crashing the federal website for obamacare is once again down for repairs this week and you know what it's never going to work because the whole obamacare concept is impossible to understand simply a giant mess it takes until december. there's going to have to be a delay i would bet on the individual mandate for sure i just have a lot of things are impossible to understand for all riley health care dot gobs problems are embarrassing and the obama administration needs to fix them if they want their health care law to work and they're doing it but here's the thing lost in all the very justified talk about how screw the site is is any talk about why the website is so screwy or who made it that way. remember the healthcare dot gov exchange was meant to be a portal. think portal think google you go to google and you type in whatever you're looking for you know like. dog food and google doesn't keep
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a giant database of dog food manufacturers and deliver them to be instead it shows you links to all the different it sends you out someplace else well that's how health care got dug up was designed it was designed to send you out to each one of the state exchanges it was never designed to bring together a bunch of different insurance policies and put them all in one place instead when the government first set up the federal exchange system of thought that the states would you know cooperate with obamacare and set up their own exchanges even set aside money to help the states fund health care dot gov portal would verify your citizenship your eligibility and make sure that you're not a veteran or if you are over sixty five if you are and then ask after asking a few simple questions basically hand you off here you go to california here you go to colorado here you go to flood and you off to the website of the state that you live in the states website would then have its own unique database reflecting all the different state standards and they do vary from state to state for income
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eligibility medicaid eligibility the different health insurance companies that participate in each state and the different plans i mean they really do vary tremendously from state to state thus the states would have borne most of the burden in terms of programming and computer and stuff like that for building the exchanges but republican run states. we're not going to cooperate tea party republicans convinced thirty six states to not set up their own exchanges and because so many republican governors said no to helping their own states is sabotaging obamacare in their minds was more important in helping their people get health care. so on fox republicans talk about how a site is not working our health care dot gov is not working and you hear that on fox news they're not complaining they're bragging. ironically obamacare is working pretty well in the states the set up their own exchanges i did three hours of the radio today and open the lines and said you know call up and tell me the
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experience everybody from a blue state said hey we had a great time and we're saving money the red state people are having all kinds of problems the state exchange sites have had some problems every website does when it first comes out but as jonathan cohn pointed out in the new republic consumers are getting opportunities they never had before to shop for insurance is each one with clearly defined benefits one hundred eighty thousand people have completed applications for insurance in the state exchanges and of those fifty thousand of the old question are going to hear that on fox news. coming up with norah all the talk about life beginning conception and all that stuff about preserving the traditional family the republican party is about one thing and one thing only time will tell you what that one thing is in tonight's daily to.
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dramas that can't be ignored to. stories others refused to notice. faces change the world writes now. the old picture of today's news. on demand from around the globe. up to. fifty. i think. we're going to do. that you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy. in
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fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been hijacked why handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once i'm tom are going to get on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world if we go beyond identifying the problem to try rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america if i ever feel ready to join the movement then walk a little bit. or
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a time for tonight's the good the bad in the very very. good show seattle's newly elected socialist city councilwoman the first socialist ever elected to seattle city council has he wasted any time at all to get working on her gender but during her victory speech she called out airplane manufacturer boeing for threatening to leave washington state unless unions. back down from demanding higher pay take a look. if boeing executives insist on relocating the factories out of washington that will be destructive not only to the boiling water guys but to what cars everybody in this day and indeed the economy of being dire state and if they
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insisted on doing this that would be nothing short of economic that it isn't and. shawn is spot on corporations like boeing forget that running a business is a privilege not a right and we need more elected representatives like councilwoman swan to hammer home that fact now the bad the wayne bridge is the alabama state representative recently proposed amending that state's constitution to let public buildings display christian religious symbols like the ten commandments when asked by online news site ross story whether or not public buildings should also be allowed to display the symbols of other religions like the qur'an bridges said no no you're wrong our country wasn't founded on the koran or anything else that was founded on godly principles so that's what you need to put in there thank you. look the founding fathers were not christian theocrats they wanted
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a clear separation between church and state they would have been appalled by bridges proposal and for what it's worth thomas jefferson did. something that many people believe to help him develop his ideas of religious tolerance so ironically the best way for state representative bridge is to honor the ideas of the founding fathers would be for him to buy his own koran. and now the very very ugly governor mary fallin the oklahoma governor is is a so opposed to gay marriage and gay rights that she has okayed what has to be one of the strangest decisions in american political history now to avoid extending national guard spousal benefits to gay oklahoma couples as men. aided by the supreme court's decision striking down of the defense of marriage act fallon has suspended all spousal benefits for all national guard members gay or straight who work at state owned guard facilities again since governor palin has
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a personal problem with marriage equality she's going to deny benefits to all national guard spouses just to make sure that not a single dollar ends up in the hands of two guys or two girls who love each other that's your governor oklahoma and this should bother you it's just very very ugly. sex of course twenty year old brazilian model catarina or any pictured here made headlines last year when she sold off her virginity through an online auction the winning bid of seven hundred eighty thousand dollars was placed by a japanese man known only by the name of not sue but despite all the press surrounding the auction that sue was never able to make good on his winnings catarina miller already is still
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a virgin so now she's auctioning off her virginity once again bids can be made at migliore nees website virgin's wanted to. make at least one point five million dollars through the auction now the official story behind the failure of the original virginity auction is that sue the japanese man who placed the winning bid deceived catarina about his identity rumor has it that the real reason the pair never consummated their pact was that not to too distracted by the virtual sex simulator that's taking japan by storm. they have that again you can't escape it all right.
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on tuesday the supreme court decided not to block texas' strict new anti-abortion law that law made famous by state senator wendy davis as a big filibuster a time back in june is a classic anti choice trap wall forces all abortion clinics in the state of texas to get admitting privileges at hospitals within thirty miles away from the clinics sounds sensible in theory but it's actually near impossible for many texas abortion providers to get admitting privileges at a nearby hospitals first off doing so is often behavior typically expensive and second of all many hospitals are anti choice and won't accept patients from abortion clinics supporters of the texas law say that they're just trying to protect women's safety but the reality is that abortion when legal is actually one
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of the safest procedures around their real goal is to make it impossible for any woman in texas to have any freedom over her own body but luckily there is some good news because also on tuesday albuquerque new mexico voters rejected a ballot measure that would have imposed similar harsh regulations on new mexico's abortion clinics if passed that measure would have banned abortion after twenty weeks of pregnancy even in cases of rape or incest for progressives this new wave of anti abortion laws raise some startling questions about american society are we really that conservative why are we still fighting for. that most western european countries settled fifty years ago the answer is complicated i mean there are of course true believers out there who really do want to ban abortion even in the case of rape or incest and there are people who really do think gay marriage will lead
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to dog marriage and beastie ality. i'm looking at you guys louie gohmert rick santorum especially rick santorum the republican party has won the election after election over the past few decades by taking this sort of belief and making them campaign winning wedge issues but while people like george w. bush and newt gingrich talk the talk about being pro-life an anti-gay at its core the republican party could care less about social conservatives that's because at its core the republican party is really just the party of the billionaire class everyone else is just along for the ride and that is the subject of tonight's daily take. if you think that republicans really care about every embryo turn into a living breathing baby nine months later then you've been fooled by the republican party the investigations by the website r.h.
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reality check and politico have found that the koch their puss aka charles and david koch have spent tens of millions of dollars from their personal fortune to fund the anti choicer forced birth movement according to our age reality checks adele's stan tax documents show that the koch to puss directed pro-business groups have spent millions to fund legislative initiatives across america that are designed to shut her women's health clinics deny women access to contraception reproductive health services and of course abortions despite the millions that the koch proposes spent on the anti choice movement make no mistake about it they like the rest of the republican party in all probability don't care about making sure that all pregnancies are brought to full term instead they care about protecting the republican brand and the interests of big business and the only way to protect the republican brand to keep republicans in power and to further the interests of
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big business. is to keep getting republicans elected and you do that by bringing together a whole bunch of small sliver size single interest groups like the pro-life movement under one big umbrella or in this case one big elephant and convince them that the republicans care about their issues. republicans have to build a coalition this way because if they were honest about their governing philosophy they would lose every single election. democrats have a pretty clear governing philosophy and that's to do whatever it takes to protect average hardworking everyday americans and we've been watching that philosophy play out with democrats supported for one hundred years support the labor movement the environment medicare food stamps unemployment insurance social security health care the list goes on and on but i'm like democrats republicans have a macho or a narrow governing philosophy the only thing republicans care about is protecting big business and the multi millionaires and billionaires and wealthy elite and when
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that's your governing philosophy it's hard to get average people to vote for you and thus hard when elections so republicans have to create a coalition of supporters by bringing together people in groups who may not necessarily agree with helping corporations and rich people but are so concerned about their own little narrow area of passion abortion guns god gays that they'll get into bed with the billionaires to advance their own personal agenda republicans go out and find these passionate single interest slices pulling together into the big g.o.p. elephant. you go to the pro-life movement and say if you believe the life begins or contra conception then you want to bear a poet can you go to the gun lovers and say if you think everyone has the right to carry an assault rifle to protect themselves from hordes of angry black people marching down main street that you might be a republican you go to climate change deniers and say if you think those scientists
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are soft serve in a global warming is perfectly normal and you might be a republican they go to homophobes and say if you hate gay people then you might be a republican and finally republicans go to overworked and underpaid white people working poor and the middle class and say that if you think that poor people are just lazy bums who don't deserve your help and most of them are african-american then you're definitely or republican. this is how rich this is how republicans win elections it's how they hold power they just bring in enough useful idiots to get themselves elected most of those positions don't advance the major principle of the republican party which is protecting the billionaires and protecting big business but others do when republicans reach out to the climate change to dyer's they're actually also helping to protect the bottom lines of big oil corporations in republican's bring gun lovers under their umbrella they're really protecting the
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profits of america's out of control military industrial complex so when you see news stories about how billionaires and business groups are supporting things like forced ultrasounds or opposing gay marriage it should remind you that they're just calling out the useful idiots that they need to win elections they already have the rich people like koch brothers and the corporations in their back pockets. and that's the way it is tonight wednesday november twentieth two thousand and thirteen tom is out west talking about his new book the crash of twenty sixteen tonight he'll be at the lonely monica theater in santa monica california thursday in san francisco at the commonwealth club this friday i'll be in portland oregon to powells in a bit of politics and prose right here in washington d.c. on december third so you're going if you're in any of those areas stop by say hi to tom and don't forget tom always says democracy begins with you get out there get active occupy something tag you're it see tomorrow.
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well. it's technology innovation all the developments from around russia. that's huge you're covered. wealthy british style. is not right with. markets why not it's going to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's kaiser for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report.
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i've got a quote for you. it's pretty tough. stay with sob story. but if this guy like you would smear that guy stead of working for the people titian's the mainstream media are working for each other right right vision to fight. the good rather.
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coming up on our t.v. and get ready for the next chapter of international trade negotiators from twelve nations are gathering for talks on the tepee trade deal but they're not the only ones protesters are voicing opinions to the far reaching kept more on the protests as law enforcement officials throughout the u.s. are collecting the d.n.a. of arrestees even if those people were naturally never try hard or convicted is that a good way to solve crime or is it a violation of individual privacy will collect the evidence ahead and on capitol hill victims of u.s. drone strikes testified at a hearing on tuesday yemeni families told lawmakers about the horrors of drone strikes and the loved ones that they up last will bring you one of those tragic stories later at today show.


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