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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2013 5:30am-6:01am EST

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break it all down john by ray mcgovern former cia analyst thank you so much for coming in right welcome so right what do you think the outcome of the security agreement is going to be and why do you think on that karzai is kind of stretching it beyond the. presidential election well karzai was called by our ambassador in a kabul i can bury not an adequate strategic partner and didn't show that today kerry was mousetrap and thinking how to deal karzai goes and tells the jirga look you know we have to vote on this and i'm not sure i trust the u.s. they don't trust me and so we're at all oral in this is what i can bury worried about that is what you have a reliable partner to work with you're up to this trick without a paddle and also you know that i can very said this way back in november november nine of number six of two thousand and nine he said you know i think that karzai would like to have us investment more freely in there because
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he thinks that the u.s. is just interested in in fighting it in eternal war on terror and permanent military bases to have influence in that immediate area well i can very had it exactly right karzai is acting that way it's an insoluble problem as long as the populace nani's play the game of feeding the insurgents to park their studies or are loyal allies of course and this whole question of of supply of the we used to call the. supply and the resupply of weapons you know they're becoming very difficult and the afghans have the the cudgel there to charge and often the time they want which they've done for several months now it's almost like he's trying to pass the buck while still maintaining that colonial ally that kind of saying oh no you know i'm looking out for the afghan people which. they pretty much see and as
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a puppet kerry has made it very clear that despite this deadline that combat mission will still be over race still in two thousand and fourteen i don't know what that means there's still to be troops on the ground and plus the one hundred eighty thousand private military contractors going to be there how can combat not be engaged with this sort of force and playing with words as long as they have these night raids as long as they can do what they want with the persian permission of the local authorities of course they can do it they want so they're trying to address this thing up in a way that can be sold to the jirga i'm not sure it's going to be able to be sold they have a situation like the one in iraq just as bush was leaving where he tried to get this kind of agreement and he couldn't and the reason he couldn't was because of the brutality that was shown by u.s. troops against the iraqis he couldn't he couldn't get them to buy an agreement that would allow the u.s. to prosecute these kinds of crimes i think the jirga may end up doing exactly the
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same thing question that now yeah in which case the u.s. will have to you know have to withdraw and you know the right wing in this country is saying well you will have lost afghanistan we never should have been there in the beginning it was a fool's error error and i don't know what possessed. barack obama to heed the advice from those trying to die it's very clear you know his generals are bobby gates yeah the search over stuff you know. that didn't work or a history didn't work in iraq look what's happened a failure this was you know this was another search this was the one that they sold him to a surge into afghanistan and then saying see it's the same time but we're going to pull back you know pull out well i don't know what general thought that was a convincing strategy clearly and one of the sad things here is i can barry had it right he was a military he was a general lieutenant general and he had spent years and years and afghanistan working with the. trying to train them and all and so he came in with his advice to
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obama in november of two thousand and nine before obama made his decision as to have a surge there and he had no reason months nobody to listen to him even though he said all these and insightful thing and here we are on the verge of these horrendous war crimes being uncovered from afghanistan i want to. this is just really shocking it shows you kind of this extensive cover up going on by the u.s. military with these afghan security forces what do you think about this and what do you feel about the part in the security agreement where kerry is saying by the way a small part of this is that we're going to have immunity for all of our soldiers here i mean what kind of message is that so that's not a small part that's the that's the crux of the deal that's what a status of forces agreement is all about so again. it shows some sort of democratic procedures and thinks about what they've seen in afghanistan these incidents that you referred to i think it's really problematic i think kerry
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probably thought he had a deal a card who knows what cargo is going to play but karzai has got us where he wants this if we if we leave will have no permanent military bases though it's a permanent enduring and we want an enduring military bases ok so that's the name of the game just as it was in iraq we lost out in iraq on the military bases but we got the oil western companies are in there big time so you know fifty fifty now with afghanistan. i don't think we're going to permit permanent military bases there are nine of them or six of them up there but i also don't think we're going to get that pipeline that takes that rich deposit. three mm under. the top the plate and i wanted to bring up this other crazy story just for me i just saw yesterday another revelation senator g.m. shot heene is claiming that u.s. soldiers are being killed by terror groups that were. actually financed hundred
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fifty million dollars plus by the us government i mean rate your former cia analyst something like this even happened without any oversight of her own ability whatsoever well there is a inspector for this kind of thing. up think is a minister and he sees a form for her security says what i saw with. these funds and to the taliban and other bad guys there call made my hair stare at him. ok and so you know what's really going on here well when karzai says i think the americans are playing a double game here and actually funding or helping the taliban well maybe that's what he's referring to if millions of dollars every month are going from these contracts just the army lights to the taliban to the canid the worst of those guys well i can't i prefer to believe it's misfeasance but it could be you know the
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generals your sassoon have this war on terror and as long as you keep these guys going or will have the war will get another little star appear and i don't care if it's you know keep this terror terrorism churning out you know let's talk about o.p.m. what last month actually saw record yields up twenty five percent from last year how does this realistically play into the larger picture of the occupation because i find it extremely hard to believe that the u.s. is spending billions of dollars locking up millions of people for nonviolent crimes all over the us in prisons yet at the same time harboring and protecting the deadliest drug in the world in this country to things and that the prison corporate complex in this country makes a lot of money you know if the person is here not so much over there the other thing is that this is a real problem i mean russia iran all you have all the all the surrounding areas are really plagued by the by the open. access to this opium and so
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that could be a good thing because the stakeholders here could be brought into a sensible arrangement where we couldn't leave afghanistan without just leaving it in the lurch in other ways to get people to sit around a table mature people figure out how we address this thing so the worst doesn't happen that could let us get out with some measure of dignity but isn't it already the worst we have ninety percent of world heroin kyra it's the largest opium den ever it is but we can kind of get together and you know it's limited i think i hope so i mean you know looking at it it seems like that's almost another coincidental you know unfortunate accident i just you know i don't put anything past this government thank you so much for coming on breaking down this really complicated issue ray mcgovern former cia analyst well i'm sure in time you. stick around guys after the break i'll tell you about what may be the most people in the world.
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this is the media leave us so we leave that may be. part of the scene motion see your. play your part of the physical. issues that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. politics only of our. well it's.
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a pleasure to have you with us today. if you. start to construct your own. olympian bit. don't want to meet gangstas in a lot of. drug deals they don't want to blow with all the time that a kid came be we can see. you just means a hundred dollars and i hope i was in the hood and what a thirty round clip. but it felt like. i said.
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i don't want to die i just really do not want to die young young a. wealthy british style. margetts why not scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports.
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and. i. i gave you know it seems to me that we can have all the political rhetoric we want you want to know what it is really saying about you around with a round about the israel you know blah blah blah blah blah we've heard it for a long long time but that shouldn't stop countries from being cool heads and recognizing their national interests and this is what this is all about it is about
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tries to do is about recognizing interest and i think that you know you ask what will happen if there is not an agreement most of the world is not going to blame iran for it and so that then when the united states comes out with a new sanctions bill or the united states goes to russia goes to china and says let's put more sanctions on iran the rest of the world is going to say look you tell us these sanctions are about getting a deal but you had a good deal on the table and you wouldn't take it no we are not helping you with sanctions any more. well guys out of all the horrible law firms in the world i think i finally found the worst gifts and done encroacher as main partners are wrong olsen check this
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guy out and ran and james jim walden is a gibson and dunn has been around since one thousand nine hundred it's considered one of the most prestigious and selective firms in the country with over one thousand attorneys and eighteen offices around the world including one right here in d.c. it's no surprise that this firm has had a hand in some of those the spectacle legal cases to ever the courtroom so i look at the case that gibson and dunn has been dealing with since two thousand and eight you know valving one of my favorite corporations wal-mart is in early five years ago to the day a wal-mart employee died from it succeed after a rabid crowd of black friday shoppers stormed the store trampling everything in their path now do this employee's death the occupational safety health administration fined wal-mart a whopping seven thousand dollars but unfortunately wal-mart just couldn't find the money to pay that fine out of its seventeen billion dollar your income stream is worth paying a measly seven grand walmart would then have to admit that it didn't provide
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adequate safety training for its employees said in a dangerous precedent for other employees who may die while on the job so instead the company has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars more to hire gibson and done to make sure it's a new one from future settlements the case still remains tied up in appeals court today but that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this law firm's clients in two thousand and seven the firm also represented nearly the entire u.s. auto industry in a landmark climate change lawsuit for the first time ever would have held the carmakers liable for their contributor contribution to growing greenhouse gas emission. in california according to the suit california taxpayers have spent millions of dollars dealing with reduced snowpack beach erosion ozone pollution and the protection of endangered wildlife in the fish and of course gibson and dunn possessing the resources that it does was able to get the lawsuit entirely dismissed but if you're not yet convinced this firm hates the environment it's also
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representing chevron in the oil giants that korea's countersuit against indigenous rainforest residents and i quote or is in two thousand and eleven thirty thousand ecuadorian plaintiffs were awarded eighteen billion dollars by in ecuador court to clean up a decades long toxic dumping campaign in the amazon by chevrons predecessor company texaco but not only did chevron refuse to recognize the ruling the company hired gibson and dunn to go after those very same plaintiffs for conspiracy to extort the company which brings me to perhaps the firm's most egregious case of all citizens united that's right gibson dunn was squarely behind the landmark two thousand and ten supreme court case that allows corporations to contribute an unlimited amount of money to political action groups. so if you want to thank someone for a system where corporations going to byelection some special interests drown out the voice of the people then look no further than three men that had this in the horn law firm john olsen ken durant and james walden.
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it's been four years since a military coup depose the democratically elected president of honduras since then the country of little more than eight million people have seen a downward spiral of violence that is there in the small central american nation a reputation as one of the most dangerous countries in the world and there is now on the eve of national elections have been characterized as the most holy. arising in the country's history surrounding the run up to these elections have been several assassinations of political candidates from the opposition party violence in the country is largely exacerbated by a military police that boreas for human rights violations that receives financial backing training and diplomatic support from the u.s. backed down this volatile situation and the likely outcome and what it all means for us i'm joined by b.t.s. producer about
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a mile below what is up there how are you what's going on man or so why should we care about hunger is elections oh these are pivotal elections i mean it's a huge year just on the. big word plurality. of ideology plurality you know that is a lot easier of ideology alone it's massive and if you look at the country's history when i was born and raised there are these elections are actually. going to show a side of that i don't think it's ever been seen before in the country's history it's a history dominated by dictatorship followed by civilian government followed by dictatorship and military. coups and then civilian government since the eighty's we've had civilian government rule and democratic transitions take place but then in two thousand and nine there was the coup which you mentioned just a little while ago i think what we're seeing right now just alone we have eight different candidates running on very very different platforms you're having a breakaway from the establishment politics of the past the parties that were
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established by the united states similar to republicans democrats here where you have that kind of domination by two party that's something that we're seeing a move away from in honduras and that's being reflected in the policies that are being presented so you're seeing anywhere from propositions and you mention the high level of violence some of the candidates are proposing more militarization of the police while they're saying you know let's disband the military altogether fall a model similar to. i think that the biggest. thing that we're seeing come out of this right now is a move by very popular candidate which assume out of castro. the wife of deposed leader. who was ousted in two thousand and nine kind of a move toward the socialist bloc in latin america and while she has a lot of support from the working class which by the way is the majority the population the it's a very poor nation she doesn't have the support from the all the in the ruling elites and more importantly the military who was responsible for the ouster of the president in the first place so i think this is going to be
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a very pivotal year wow i mean this is really significant i mean we have a country that's kind of been propped up by the u.s. and a lot of. interests going into that country as we as you just mentioned i mean we're funding essentially these death squads these military police squads as you said earlier to me that there could be multiple vice presidents because of how divided this really is what talk about really it's amazing we're talking about one hundred and twenty eight. deputy seats that are up for grabs and like i was saying i mean eight different candidates we're looking at an outcome of three different vice presidents for the country there is not a likely outcome we're going to have more than forty percent of the population vote for a single candidate so regardless of the outcome you're going to have a majority of the population completely dissatisfied with what the outcome and what we're going to see as a result is a multitude of different ideologies representative within the country's congress and that in itself. it's not necessarily going to be within the interest of the
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united states which is seeing honduras following in the same lines of guatemala bolivia and several other countries in latin america falling farther looking more towards the global south looking more towards the the socialist bloc the alba countries in south america and away from the policies of the united states that have sort of dictated the policies of the past talk about where this violence is stemming from because people really don't understand other than i think it's the second most violent country in the world other than syria where is this violence coming from and what's up with all these political assassinations going on it's. really become systemic in the country i mean we're a country of eight point five million people there's on average daily twenty homicides twenty people are killed by violent crime and this is it's not an inherent problem this isn't something that's just that's just the way things are in honduras i was actually born and raised there before i moved to the united states like many other people do decide to stay here because of the level of violence
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because of how dangerous and unstable the country is in two thousand and nine following the coup that was a sort of power vacuum in the country so where mexico for example was enjoying these great success in moving the narco trafficking and moving the gang violence south took full advantage of the power back in going on in honduras and they seized on that the they had the weapons they had the money so you know this century they were now in cahoots with the oligarchs of the country that are now in cahoots with . the narco traffickers gangs and even the police are there's a high level of corruption there and you were mentioning the death squads and yes the united states and this is something one of the few things that you do hear about in honduras is that the united states has for many years now been funding these whole death squad of the interest there we have got a minute left one of the u.s. interests on here in the u.s. interest the same as anywhere else in the region of the world they do this under this guise of democracy building and under this idea that they're fighting this war
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on drugs the next war and i think that this is such a it's such a fallacious argument it's really really sad because what they're doing is they're pouring millions of dollars into a police force that is operating under an umbrella of complete impunity in the country as a result you have police going out and just killing people at random almost so not only are the gangs the narco traffickers responsible for the high level of violence but so are the police the police are actually and during this they're doing this with the full support of the united states and even the funding and funding from the united states we need to get you back on to talk about after the. what changes we can see made their legacy of. time and space. this week marks the anniversary of the assassination of john f. kennedy but it also marks the birthday of another kind of day one whose life was tragically cut short as well robert francis kind of a he would have been eighty eight years old c r f k was on his way to becoming
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president after serving as senator for new york attorney general the u.s. and close political partner to his late brother john kennedy over the course of his political career he was always stern in his convictions have been resigned from the senate subcommittee investigation because of then senator joseph mccarthy's intimidation tactics during the red scare during kennedy's tenure as attorney general he launched a campaign against the mafia as organized crime it was a fervent advocate for civil rights in fact it was already paid to deliver the news of dr king's assassination to an almost all black audience and urging the crowd to embrace dr king's message of love and unity instead of letting hate and anger blind them after winning two state primaries he was shot on one of his campaign stops by a twenty four to four year old palestinian man i'm so handsome and and died just over one day later and while controversy surrounds the assassination of his brother john there are still plenty of and answered questions over what happened to robert
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nearly enough the inconsistency of the official narrative near his brother's death for example according to salon dot com the forensic evidence from the event proves there actually twelve bullets fired that day as their hands or hands gun we held eight this is just one of the many oddities regarding robert's death so many in fact that even the l.a. coroner refused to conclude that so hands around was the lone perpetrator. unfortunately will probably never know what happened to our of k. or his brother or what would have happened if they had lived but there's one thing we do know. his powerful message still resonates today. cannot continue to deny and own the demand of our own people spending billions in the name of freedom elsewhere around the globe. no nation can exert greater influence or power in the world than i connected over the three. capital.
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beyond our vision but it is not beyond our control. but more tenet than one throat like begin to twinkle from the rock a long day wayne blow moon climb. round with many boys. how my friend it's not too late to think anew what we're. i come to you today. day that we can build a newer and better nation i think we can do thorough that we might do you know and that we will do. this on the show with all the technology keeping the moscow metro rolling. rolling
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as they said makes me weighs in the oil industry and the dream team of robots who places too dangerous for humans. students all the latest news and innovations here and signal. we've got. if you. got no opportunity. to start to construct your own little current. olympian bit give don't want to meet gangsters you don't want to be drug dealers they don't want to blow a window of time with a kid came be we can see. you just made it so hard i was like oh probably going to hook. up with the wrong kind of a kid. like said. i don't want to die
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i just really do not want to die young young. oh god is woman. is spread this weapons on bill press extremist faction. thinks. the boss has to be. like the straight. guy. to go. if you're thinking about an alcoholic drink associated with russia it's probably not going to be one that springs into your head but they've been making it here on the black sea coast for more than two thousand kids and there's an industry which
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really can compete with the best the rest of the world has to offer i've come to meet some of the people growing the greats and to see if i can find out the secret to the perfect. plan. but. i. think it's. deliberate torch is on its epic journey to show. one hundred twenty three days. through to see my mother tongue two cities of russia . really fun for two thousand people or sixty five thousand killing. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face. a
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limp the torch relay. on r t r two dot com. our top stories today ukraine does a year out of free trade deal with the e.q. of the country looks to save its ailing economy. the political rift over the decision caused process inside parliament and on the streets with mobs reilly's planned over the weekend. and economic goals buses political differences the turkish prime minister isn't russia to discuss business but the style disagreements on syria could dominate. and.


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