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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2013 7:30am-8:01am EST

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five years from now or ever we don't know but just the level of instability these countries that are unhappy with so that that's in addition to all the domestic problems what keeps you going to bother me you're very successful you don't need the money here is seventy years old you could go watch the dancers at least stevenson used to say but confused one of these of the day answers these in the most interesting dancers in the world and if you never get tired of this no because there are always surprises there are always things we don't know and try to dig into them i had the luxury of time to do these long books or projects for the washington post and. you start you think the stories this way in the stories and opposite direction want to get into a lot of current politics but i should ask you about the new owner of the post and what's that like over there first this is been so much the grahams and they're gone what's it like jeff bezos the founder c.e.o.
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of amazon bought it with personal money so it's not an amazon enterprise. i've known him for years i think he's the real thing he believes in and the independent aggressive press he came to the post after buy in and told the story about watching the watergate hearings on his elbow with his grandfather when he was about eight or nine and so he he he understands he gets the heritage he gets the sense of obligation isn't this an unusual time to go into a business that they say is going out here it is and it's high risk but he thinks he can do it and if given his tech savvy his sense of out organize things i'm optimistic if anyone can do it he came in and. let's let's be direct as we
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always have over the whip the news business is in trouble and there were we've gone through this convulsion in disruption and it would be great to have a news organisation like the washington post seoul or and get better and better so it becomes something that kids look at regularly something that can happen in a technological age where kids don't read the paper. that's our obligation and it's a big hurdle to get over but i think it's possible because we discover over there in the white house time and time again there are things going on that we just don't know about and when we discover them they're really important to our lives so i think that can be communicated to young people but that's hard on a newspaper guy and a reason to you suggests that a rat's nest of concealment on lies is at the heart of many of the obama
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administration's standards and screw ups you said it on face the nation how bad is it well what i was saying we were talking about the kennedy assassination in the secret world of you know the cia had contacts with us walden thinks that even come out that we did know about today and what i was saying is that this secret world of cia f.b.i. national security agency always well we've learned about the eavesdropping on people in this country people abroad like the chancellor of germany merkel this is the the world of concealment and i think it's dangerous i think we need to know more about it what troubles you more present to. knows what's going on and lies or a president who doesn't know what's going on. they're both drawn into the asli and
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in this case in fairness to obama it's not clear what he knew or exactly what he didn't know in terms of the eavesdropping and chancellor merkel i think will get answers to them and i think they're reviewing that. you know this is all about nine eleven this is even a dozen years after nine eleven bush and obama set up this apparatus to get dad to spy to be very aggressive in the counterterrorist programs friends too yeah and you know because germany is a hothouse of terrorist planning and has been in there were nine eleven suspects who spent time in germany so you can see we want to kind of cover the waterfront but it's pretty clear it got out a hand and. that everything can't be dictated by nine eleven as it
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was in the years after the bush years you're intelligence in the navy right i was in communication i was not in. communication about intelligence well it was it was communication about operations more people have have written this is a matter of record in the. pentagon in the navy that i was somehow involved in intelligence that. i said two conspiracy theories about watergate which you know there's just no basis for but i wish i'd been telegin so it would have been much more interesting than what i did as a investigative reporter have you ever honestly or dishonest slee used wiretapping or gained information in a manner that might be considered out of order you know absolutely they do they
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cause member i started. the nixon case really and that was all about wiretapping and it kind of had under roma was negative and to get into something like that would be just didn't happen now people have given me transcripts of wire taps that other people did that have been used. including nixon's own wiretap in his own office stick cheney told us that he thinks that was snowden did . was treason was an enemy of the united states to reveal that when you think you know i wish he'd come to me instead of others particularly the guardian and i would have said to him. let's not reveal who you are let's make you a protected source and give me time with his dad and let's sort it out and present it in a coherent way i think people are confused about whether it's illegal whether it's
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bad whether it's bad policy. so what he did in it it's pretty clear he's held some things back and he has said he didn't want to do anything that he deemed harmful now you know clearly broke the law like daniel ellsberg and the pentagon papers broke the law and. we're going to see i wouldn't i certainly wouldn't call him a hero ellsberg is not considered generally in the heroic and disney is because what the pentagon papers showed is massive deception and concealment a rat's nest of lies about the vietnam war. what do you think of russia harbor and no. you know that's clearly we don't have the greatest relations with putin but if somebody had brought us massive secrets and your standard eighty
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thousand documents from russia. and they asked for asylum i think there's a possibility we would give that russian woodenly and certainly the you know knowledge is power and so i'm sure we would love to have something like that what's going on here bob in the city we love. this intransigents this. shutdown of the government as me against you this i am not don't leave disagree with you i hate you what's going on i think i hope it's not hate i mean that's what it sounds like is that i'm out in california sounds like a it sounds like hate i don't think it's hate i think it is a failure to accommodate and compromise and one of the things i found in the price of politics about good all in all of negotiations between speaker boehner and
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obama between the white house and the republicans and the democrats is that they don't spend the time to sit down and get to know each other if you've ever been to go she asian in your life few. ever been married a few who you were going to answer good answer. you learned in a negotiation that the person on the other side of the table is your best friend because that is the person who can give you what you want and you can give them what they want it takes time it takes listening you see it in these budget negotiations when it gets to into the last hour between mitch mcconnell the republican leader and biden the vice president they can sit down and they have a relationship and they'll say one for you one for me one for you one for me and
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they don't do this and this becomes armageddon and deadlock. i blame both sides but the president's the c.e.o. of the country and he should find a way to make this work and this is bob woodward one of the truly great journalists of our time we'll be right back. wealthy british style. that's not on the president's prime time. markets why not scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy kinds of reports on our t.v. . it was a. very hard to take. care of. that
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. that are right here. liz lemon . we see that there are hardliners in the west including the us who seek to destroy up to this new environment and undermine our relationship on iran in five months iran is always willing to pursue positive dialogue with the united states and the
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west in general. we're ready to move at whatever prospective arrangements they would like to put on the table. as long as they are based on equality the process and respect for the inherent tries so iran and its people to fix i believe there is a window of opportunity at the moment but we have yet to see how serious the americans are about using it. as a secret laboratory to mccurdy was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tunes mission to teach the creation of life should care about humans and world this is why you should care only on the dot com.
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that bob woodward of the washington post about to tell you who he is you're on pluto. give me your over you've interviewed him i've interviewed him you spent more time with him than i have but give me your overall assessment of this man barack obama. he first of all on the positive side i think he really cares about people i think all of this health care. business is about getting insurance for the thirty million people who don't have it i think he is he has a big heart in his second inaugural there's a why the just blew me away worries. said our creed is that the little girl born in the bleakest poverty will have the same chance as anyone else now we know how bleak and he knows how bleak the bleak is poverty in america is
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when is that child going to have the same chance as your children my children his children two hundred years but he's stated it as a creed and it's certainly not reachable in his second four years in his presidency but that's in there because he feels that. ideas about upcoming it and there are the is and i've written about this is i don't think he has found a way to work his will as president if you you know you knew clinton well as president. reagan well two parties two different outlooks you look at their eight year presidency and they found a way to work their will and obama has not found that road and that road is always compromising you got time to find that
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sure if you're in there may be the you know the big unexpected will occur and he'll figure out how to deal with that i think his pain a great price. the economy in this country is much better than probably anywhere in the world and we could have a take off if he would figure out these budget taxane issues and they do it for two months or three months and we're going into this soup again in a couple of zany luck you know always it's it's great to have luck but if you don't have it and you can't control it. no president no person can't you got to have a way of saying what are my goals that he tells people privately this summer some people were having dinner with him in they asked what are you worried about the
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most and he said unemployment. climate change in pakistan and unemployment is the right issue to worry about millions of people in this country who can't find find a job that is the great injustice in a democracy and he should work harder i think he cares about it but his end of the bargain the governing bargain is very carefully with the republicans and with the democrats in congress saying this is a play and these are the things we're going to do and we're going to stabilize it and i mean you chuckled quite rightly so we need to say that you know we're going to do it for two months we're going to do it for three months if he should let that happen i mean run down some political figures give me a thoughts what do you make of senator cruz. i do not know him he put of its stake in the ground maybe in the heart of the republican party in the
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process so so we'll see i'm in it. i've never been. in chanted with true believers on the right around the left i think someone like you tried to be empirical and and he's not he's isn't a deal and hillary hillary i think will run i think she's a dynamo i got to know or when she was first lady and she's a very focused person people who worked with her in the state department in the white house and other cabinet positions when she was secretary of state for the first obama term across the board give her high marks and say she knew how to manage she knew how to set reasonable goals and believes those are two yeah that's right is as a senator she was formidable if she made her deals chris christie.
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will say you know it's possible they'll eliminate but remember if we were talking in one nine hundred eighty nine we said who's going to be the next president bill clinton would not have been on our list one nine hundred seventy three. jimmy carter would not have been on a list so you know all these things depend but he's got he's got a story line and again to use that word of a political franchise which is very appealing to people now joe biden joe biden underestimated been a key figure in the obama white house on national security and domestic you think he'll run for thinking oh no i mean it would be if it would be i think he would like to do it he he's got the governing credentials and if hillary
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doesn't run or something happens there he may be too old in many people's eyes maybe in his own eyes but i think the big if you're looking for a theme for the year it's governing you've got to fix things you've got to get things done paul ryan. got to know him when i did the price of politics. a they forced to be dealt with and more of a realist than an idiot log though i think he comes off as a new deal log i think he would be the sort of person who could make a deal with the democratic president if he were say speaker of the house you are his twenty years old i was thirty years old fifty years ago. what are your thoughts reflections as we approach the fiftieth anniversary of that terrible day.
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i was a junior in college and the day of the kennedy assassination that time of that i was in class a french history class where a fessor a yale and he was giving a lecture on the count of french counterrevolution in the terror the period of just hanging people in. and. somebody went up and handed him a note it was you know you never interrupt the professor and they open it up and looked at it and said i've got a note that says president kennedy and vice president johnson had been shot in dallas pause class dismissed and we all ran over to where there were televisions in the areas and. a member watching walter
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cronkite announce that john kennedy was dead. what do you think. there's a book out now what might have happened if he were. i guess the biggest question would be you think you've left vietnam you know you don't know any of that what the message i took from the kennedy assassination in i think what we need to take in a more general way is truly awful things can happen and you think that presidents in a protective bubble over that we as a civilization are and you know we're protected we were attacked on nine eleven and we haven't really been attacked again and so there's that feeling of invincibility which i think is a dangerous feeling so i'm. my wife always says i'm
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a pessimist and i'm always looking that. what's the worst outcome and our late friend edward bennett williams as to want to sell you a pessimist he said of course i am i'm intelligent. you're famous a journalist the suburbs the amaze you sometimes get reported about earlier this year you were in the nose in connection with your reporting on seaquest ration and the white house reporter be threatened you know they didn't name it or was it like for you when you were part of the moon what some of the you aboard what i've yeah i challenge them on some things in the book and in the column i wrote for the post and. they got upset and. somebody reported that i sounded like i was threatened i was never threatened got yelled and i've been used to being yelled at actually you learn things when people yell and we go the gene sperling who's the head of the economic council and you know he
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held and he apologized and. i said don't worry about it it was my feeling and i said it's not the way to deal with something like this. but you know we made up by been over to the white house to talk to him and he's. he's somebody who had that job for clinton he goes way back like i do a lot of the white houses you've covered and written about how do you rank this one in the era of. of compliance of woodenness well what because i have this luxury of time i can work for eighteen months on one project or a book and then spend a lot and send a long memo to president obama and it appeals to the cerebral side in it of him and so i sit down and talk to him extensively about how he made his decisions so i
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haven't had a problem i think. going after people who've really been in so for that i can understand the motive there i think it's just not a good policy the problem is there isn't that there's not enough openness in government it's not that there's too much but you open this and they often feel at so i i think they have a mixed record on this but personally i have to be honest they've been responsive to me when i have questions and wanted to talk to people only have a couple minutes on how much of the antipathy toward the president do you think is racial. and you know it never gets expressed. openly i'm sure some of it is but there is a core of people who are just so anti obama and won't give him a break on anything and i think that's unfortunate for him because that.
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gives him a bunker mentality little bit there out there shootin at me it's unfair and some of it is irrational and finally do we have a we in a phase with no wood books there's no woodward book coming. i don't know why you know this is. usually you give me a tip about what you're writing give me clues once she gave me the idol of the books and go we're all we with the book. we're doing things for the post now i think the real most interesting thing in. the get the reams of information business whether it be newspapers books television is what's going on with the new ownership of the washington post in the thing indeed seventy i can do to help i'm going to focus on the cuban series on a calling you a friend. bob woodward of my favorite people our special just on this edition of
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politicking with larry king to follow me on twitter with change things we'll see you next time. i gave you know it seems to me that we can have all the political rhetoric we want you want you know what it is really say about you around what the around says about the israel you know blah blah blah blah blah we've heard it for a long long time but that shouldn't stop countries from being you know cool heads and recognizing their national interests and this is what this is all about it is about tries to do is about recognizing interest and i think that you know you ask what will happen if there is not an agreement most of the world is not going to blame iran for it and so that then when the united states comes out with a new sanctions bill or the united states goes to russia goes to china and says
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let's put more sanctions on iran the rest of the world is going to say look you tell us these sanctions are about getting a deal but you had a good deal on the table and you wouldn't take it no we are not helping you with sanctions any more. if you. got no opportunity. to start to construct your own little current. olympian bit. don't want to meet gangsters in a lot of. drug dealers they don't want that bull with all the time with the kid came be we can see. you just made so because i was like oh probably going to hook. up with a rock look. like. i said.
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i don't want to die i just really do not want to die young young. oh god is woman. is spread this weapon sell them rights extremists actually. thinks. like the straight. face. if you're thinking about an alcoholic drink associated with russia it's probably not going to be one that springs into your head but they've been making it here on the black sea coast for more than two thousand kids and there's an industry which
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really can compete with the best the rest of the world has to offer i've come to meet some of the people growing the greats and to see if i can find out the secret to the perfect. plan. but. i. think it's. it's homage. to. one hundred twenty three days. through do you mind living in cities of russia. related by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killing. in a record setting trip. she and others faced. olympic torch relay. on our chief marshal.
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london rules it's ok to sell weapons to gulf regimes despite the poor human rights red pools as long as you try hard enough to sell the deals to the public and. also the sound. try to move close of business as the wide apart positions on syria take up most of the tools. and listening to others phone calls that's what president putin says he doesn't do when asked about a conversation and which crane's leader allegedly said he was blackmailed by russia and therefore abandoned the e.u. trade plan.


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