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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm EST

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really. ukraine's opposition is fanning the flames of discontent happy with the government's move to integration. president putin meanwhile denies allegations it was russia that blackmailed ukraine into giving up its trade pact. europe that's been applying the pressure. also london rules it's ok. to go despite their poor human rights records. as washington considers slapping on a price for protest by america's all powerful oil lobby.
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from our studios and from moscow this is a twenty four hour a day the ukrainian opposition is baring its teeth threatening president viktor yanukovych with impeachment and vowing to bring tens of thousands of people onto the streets by the weekend or that government suspended work towards a free trade deal with the e.u. and some protests are already taking place. reports. indeed some part of the ukrainian society have had a very bitter reaction to the news that the country would not be signing the e.u.'s or sation deal next week protests have been taking place all over ukraine since last night you're now witnessing one of them a key of central independence square the place where the orange revolution started exactly nine years ago when literally this whole space behind me was filled with people several hundred thousand here in any case we understand that the protesters they planning to stage their rallies at least until sunday when the country will
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officially mark the anniversary of the orange revolution that's when we're expecting more than seventy thousand people to hit the streets so this is one part of the greater society infuriated by unocal which is decision the other party which also includes prominent political analysts and speakers in the political sphere they have been saying that ukraine by not signing this agreement may have in fact dodged a bullet some of these statements some of these comments and emotions i've compiled in my report let's have a look at that two months ago it was touted as a done deal on thursday ukraine's government all but completely ruled out that an association agreement with the e.u. would be signed next week instead we're going trade ties with russia and syria asked was made the priority. some stage of ascending to the top when the weather is unfavorable. the one hundred eighty degree turn around comes after months of openly voiced concerns that ukraine's economy would simply collapse if it formed a free trade zone with the e.u.
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which in turn promised no compensations on potential losses think it is a lucky escape really because i think that this deal was bad news for the ukraine it would be like somebody today getting back in time to nine hundred twelve and buying a ticket for the titanic it would have been a national suicide for the ukrainian government to sign this just a few days before the move moody's downgraded ukraine's economic index to a pretty fourth level that led the government to openly admitting that they already ailing economy was not ready for a leap of faith. we haven't gotten the clear signal from our european neighbors that the losses which we have suffered in the last four months will be compensated by entry new markets and european markets we will need to hold the work of a dozen of our enterprises but our country can't afford firing tens of thousands of workers. reporting from kiev in ukraine. so who's blackmailing whom president vladimir putin is address recent allegations that russia forced ukraine into the u. turn. back and she's been listening to what the russian leader had to say turkish
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prime minister erdogan is here meeting with president putin they had a joint press conference where the ukraine issued actually did come up in one of the questions mr putin was actually asked about allegations that came out in reports earlier on friday suggesting that the ukrainian president had spoken to his counterpart his lithuanian counterpart in a phone call in a which he brought moscow pressure on the ukraine to scrap plans for participation in this trade pact here's a mr putin responded to a question about that let's take a listen. i don't know what the ukrainian president was talking about with his lithuanian counterpart maybe we should ask our merican friends about it but so far they haven't told us anything now he was of course joking but what he was referencing there is the u.s. national security agency spy scandal where the agency had been accused of wiretapping the phone calls of various leaders on
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a more serious note however mr putin lashed out at the european union suggesting that it's the e.u. in fact that's blackmailing and pressuring ukraine in regards to this deal let's take a listen. when i have just found out yesterday that ukraine has suspended not cancelled but suspended negotiations with the e.u. he wants to review everything we heard it's my. way up to organizing mass protests this is. sticking with the ukraine and the european union mr putin had actually referenced turkey is a longstanding bid for membership in the european union which hasn't been successful to date fifty year process he said he turned to mr erdogan and jokingly basically said that he wanted to get mr erdogan input on this since the country had tried for so long to enter the european union mr aragon had entered that yes this is a fifty year old request in that he wanted to answer with his own request asking for
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a russian to take sharky into the shanghai organization for quite. heartening that's of course the six party. cooperation agency that russia is a part of with several other countries essentially making a statement about turkey as an inability so far to join the e.u. . well we spoke to john laughlin from the institute of democracy and corp explained how he believes the e.u. pushes its own agenda eastwards. e.u. has conceived this is agreement like all the other agreements that it tries to time with european states as a geo political project is very important to understand that in the midst of all these are accusations against russia it's actually the e.u. which sees it would expansion as it should let it all and indeed an ideological project we saw this back in september when armenia which of course in comparison to ukraine is a tiny country signed up to the customs union with russia and immediately brussels
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said that it says that any any possibility of it's only an association agreement with the e.u. was off the table you made it clear that you either had to sign it you agreement or you had to sign the russian what russia grants bail to twenty nine out of the thirty greenpeace activists arrested during september's oil rig protest yet that's not enough for the international maritime tribunals which demands they all be let out of the country immediately along with their ship we've got expert analysis coming up with. the first report from british m.p.'s has concluded the saudi arabia's notoriously bad human rights record is no reason to stop sending billions of pounds and weapons to the kingdom campaigners have accused the government of pandering to despotic regimes in return for profit laura smith has more on the controversy of the report. it points out the ethical dilemma of the
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u.k. having this close relationship with bahrain and saudi arabia who obviously have such poor human rights records but it is the most important thing is that the government finds new ways of selling that relationship to the public essentially explaining its approach to the british public and not necessarily doing anything about those concerns and issues so for example the committee says that there's there are concerns about juggling human rights with these lucrative trade deals. recognizes that saudi arabia's role as a key purchaser of arms from the u.k. is quote controversial but it says it all balance there's no point in ending that relationship it wouldn't have any purpose at all now the campaign against the arms trade is not impressed with that excuses the foreign affairs committee is providing basically the government says it continues to pander to despicable regimes in the service of arms contracts particularly for. manufacturers so basically what this
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report is doing is recognizing the hypocrisy but not doing anything about it it's. representative of the campaign against arms trade told us why exactly the group believes the report is misguided. there is a wrong attitude by the british government because it is they're always saying we've got to understand the saudis with quarter pounder to them with call to try to understand their point of view we will have influence over them if we take the extra steps if we sell them weapons if we try to foster good relationships we say that that's just the wrong way around you should put human rights human rights the saudis human rights so expect trip workers in saudi arabia and of course in bahrain as well they should be at the center of the u.k. government policy it shouldn't be about selling arms it should be about supporting human rights and that's the problem with this report human rights takes very much
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a second place to commercial interests and particularly to the interests of the big arms companies. twenty four hours a day still to come the global media turns its cameras on iran wants to get him. close for a breakthrough over iran's atomic ambitions as he talks to a day with world leaders trying to overcome may just stumbling blocks. and also we meet the mayor of one israeli city who has extreme views a buffeting the status quo and threatening to bring racism firmly into mainstream politics that. all but i will only react to situations i have read the reports for. the pollution and no i will leave that to the state department to comment on your latter part of
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the month to say. mr kerry is on the docket no gonna. take no more weasel words. when you question and be prepared for a change when you when you should be ready for a. critical speech. down the freedoms of. dramas that can be ignored. stories others who refuse to notice. faces change the world. picture of today's. politicians from around the globe. to.
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if you look protesting at a fracking sorts will set you back for eve files and dollars if new u.s. legislation becomes law the parties approach us bilko to see if the only will be has already been passed by the house of representatives but that's just all of it though if you've got to check on reports the house of representatives decided first amendment does not apply when oil and gas industries are concerned they passed a bill this week that imposes a five thousand dollars fee for anyone wishing to file an official protest against the proposed drilling project there are protests going on across the nation against hydraulic fracking for instance there have been over a thousand documented cases of water contamination so people are naturally concerned but the same bill that establishes a fine for protesting against drilling would also allow for automatic approval of on shore drilling permits so the house of representatives is doing huge favors to
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all powerful oil and gas industries they did not just pass one legislation they passed another bill this week that would put more authority of hydraulic fracking in the hands of states that way the department of interior would have no authority over whether companies disclose what chemicals they use in the fracking fluid whether water from franked wells is polluted or whether anyone can request public hearings regarding fracking permits permit applications needless to say that the fracking industry's contributions into congressional campaigns have quadrupled since two thousand and four these two bills still have to pass the democratic controlled senate even if they pass president obama has indicated he would veto the legislation should he get that far but will he actually do it. europe over has elected to go in the opposite direction when it comes to the fuel aside from forcing fracking companies to file damage reports your accounts are looking at more ways to regulate the industry so why is there so much ill will towards fracking
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more to understand you've got to know how it works first off the hole is drilled deep into the earth and a cocktail of water and toxins and then pumped into literally dissolved rocks and release gas molecules and that's where the trouble begins dangerous toxins some of which are radioactive often contaminate local water supplies and up to seventy percent of fracking fluids also seep in to the soil around the bore remaining a hazard for decades above ground the process releases vast quantities of greenhouse gases that are all but impossible to keep in check president carter i firmly rejected u.s. calls to immediately sign an agreement that would allow american troops to stay in afghanistan after twenty eight fourteen he says the deal should be ratified only after presidential elections in the middle of next year a view that clashes with the u.s. or could you state john kerry has called for it to be pushed through as quickly as possible and the annual meeting of afghan elders is currently debating whether to
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support the accord and he wanted to run baca is live with me now brian president karzai is still supporting this deal you just doesn't want to get it signed yet but it's still going to be agreed at some point isn't it. i mean fundamentally karzai has a colonial relationship he is the colonial subject to a colonial master and the colonial master of course is washington karzai is worried of course that he owes his existence to the presence of the american forces that have kept him in power and yet at the same time he knows that millions of afghans resent our angry indignation about the fact that the united states government has run roughshod over their country for the last twelve years we know that there were no afghans on those planes that attacked the world trade center of the pentagon on september eleventh and yet tens of thousands of afghans are dead so cars i was playing
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a game he wants to do the bidding of the united states he owes it to them they pay his way they pay him millions of dollars but he has to distance himself at the same time to maintain credibility and there is quite a strained relationship in the moment tween him and washington and yet the u.s. is really keen to sign this deal as swiftly as possible isn't it why do you think there is then this delay from the afghan side i mean you've explained because eyes position we're still waiting to hear from the elders as well. well the elders assembly is largely hand picked i mean they're not supposed to make their decision until sunday but i think it's very likely that they will approve signing the deal although we don't know that with certainty anything could happen but just think of it if you would what the united states is proposing is that the united states will maintain military bases and soldiers in afghanistan for a quarter of a century twenty twenty four is almost a quarter of a century after the two thousand and one invasion this is a clear instance of
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a colonial relationship where the united states invades and occupies a country uses various pretexts and then maintains military bases so that ultimately whoever is the government after karzai the u.s. will be the determine or the real power in afghanistan the massive expense for the u.s. can it really afford to stay on in afghanistan bearing on what else is happening around the world and its interests that well there are two americas there's one america that's getting very very rich off of afghanistan all of the contractors the military industrial complex of course the oil and gas interests whose whose present whose interests are being maintained they're making money when the u.s. spends over one hundred billion dollars a year as it has been doing for for afghanistan a lot of that money just circulates back to us corporations but who does pay for it of course it's the american taxpayer who are being told that they have to close schools and layoff nurses and cut public services because there's no money and yet one hundred billion dollars a year funneled through the afghan adventure back to the same military corporations
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for some it seems a source of great profit but can the american people and afford it i would say no braun thanks a lot from the brownback antiwar activists north here not to thank you. the world's political elite of descending on geneva remit cautious hopes a deal could be reached with iran over its uranium enrichment program optimism about the potential agreement as an evenly divided between the six countries participating in the talks which have now entered their third day artie's police brings us now the details so polly tell us is there any sign that a breakthrough could be reached with this round of talks. well the major sticking point at the moment is in the details we know that the iranian foreign minister has said that he's not signing any deal unless world powers agree to publicly recognize iran's right to ukrainian enrichment but we do know that iran had already come into these negotiations with
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a number of negotiating chips they'd already agreed to make a number of concessions now what they reportedly we've had. we've had signs that they agreed to stop enriching uranium to over five percent they also reportedly agreed to dispose of anything that's in bridged above that amount already and they've agreed to not to use advanced centrifuges now the talks reportedly at the moment very much stalled and because of reports in the iranian camp that they're not really getting much in return for the concessions that they are making what are they getting in return well we know that the u.s. and the e.u. have crucially agreed to ease some sanctions economic sanctions against iran but however the sense from the iranian side that's simply not enough if those sanctions are eased it will be very limited and only six months after a deal is hammered out if
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a deal indeed is hammered out so. a big gap that needs to be bridged at the moment and of course at the same time we're told that hammering out a deal and perhaps easing sanctions at the same time in the u.s. congress we've got hardliners talking about ratcheting ratcheting up sanctions instead so still a number of positions that need to be reconciled if you'll remember the last round of these talks folded at the eleventh hour when reportedly france insisted on much tougher conditions for iran so we've got. a lot of talks still taking place we know that the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has jetted in . geneva there is talk of john kerry flying into more it also joining the talks catherine ashton the top diplomat talking about a positive atmosphere so a lot of people still hoping that a deal could still be done as the talks progressed into the night and through to the morning as well live in geneva thanks very much indeed for that update. the
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mayor of the israeli city of nazareth elite was recently voted back into power on a promise to keep the city jewish and limit the growth of the population and this in a diverse electorate of jews christians and arabs. reports he's refusing to back down . what my goal is to have as few arabs as possible blunt direct and a virtually racist shit from a shop or ninety five percent of mayors think the same but only five percent will say to the media i'm sorry i'm the only one who does so by have to stay true to what i believe should one capsule has never shied away from controversy the mayor of nazareth elite is known for building neighborhoods for jewish citizens only banning christmas trees from schools and boasting that he stopped the arab population in the city from growing among his friends he counts prime minister benjamin netanyahu and now he's just been reelected for another term in office you
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notice that the israel is first a jewish state and then a democracy the same goes for nazareth illit anyone can live here if they think there will ever be a churchill mosque they can keep on dreaming but nazareth elite is in fact an ethnically mixed city one in five of its residents is arab it borders the biblical and much larger nazareth often called the arab capital of israel out of interim go to arabs from him as a ref and other villagers come here to get away from their crowded areas and improve their living standards. stay where he was born here he's been trying to get an arab school bus in the city but it's not going to happen on this mayor's watch in this country when they get to the power to think if they go extreme right. if he become more racist then he will have more people. to claim make cheviot finkelstein angry she supports cap so and says their desire to live in
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a jewish city is what the country's founding fathers in visaged visit michigan while the mother he is what is keeping me here because i know that if it wasn't for him we would lose our home this is without a doubt a war of existence recent municipal elections so reelected with fifty two percent of votes his posters promise to jewish city forever gets those election campaign was soaked with racist undertones which many fear are now dangerously close to entering israeli political mainstream the most disturbing aspect he takes pride in us in a way a microcosm of israel the city's battle to preserve its jewish identity is infused with history religion and discrimination depending which side you're on policy r.t. nazareth the lead northern israel. the international maritime tribunal is demanding russia freeze the thirty greenpeace activists and their ship detained in september
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for trying to scale an arctic oil rig twenty don of them of already been granted bail or most of them released with just one staying behind bars until february is to say with more. it's been a roller coaster ride for the thirty active activists who were arrested for trying to scale a russian oil rig in the arctic now the thirty that's twenty eight of them were greenpeace activists and two of them who are journalists to where charged with piracy for trying to scale that article oil rig the russian authorities said they put everybody on that oil rig in danger as well as themselves and other charges of piracy were later reduced to holligan ism charges which carry up to a seven year maximum sentence at this point they will move from moments good to st petersburg that was early in november where they'd be able to get diplomatic help as well as be near to their families with this environmental case has certainly caused a rift between russia as well as the netherlands of the arctic sunrise vessel which
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the activists were on board was a flying the dutch flag now at this point what we do know is that the hague international maritime has been ours to take a look at the case forcing russia to release the thirty activists and we know that the activists who have been released on bail will not be able to be sent petersburg they have to stay there as they have no legal papers to move around the country or leave the country. an expert on maritime law told r.t. that while the international tribunal demands the activists be let out of the country that doesn't mean russia must drop its charges against them. it is common practice that the vessel and the crew is released and once the financial security is posted we know that russia has so far ignored the proceedings of the tribunal it is not the final decision on the merits of the case the russian authorities should consider that the fact that they are released that are so against the security that
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does not mean that. there except that their actions in the barents sea where not lawful under the convention on the law of the sea. for some more global headlines for you this in a world update at least fifty people have reportedly been killed off a supermarket collapse in the capital dozens more were also injured the mayor said thirty people could still be trapped under the rubble an investigation has been launched into what caused the building to crumble but a top politician has blamed failure to meet building standards. thousands of people continue with general strike in tripoli demonic all militia groups leave the libyan capital to the local culture the said the city will not work until they go forty three protesters were killed a week ago as a demonstrated outside the headquarters of one of the group in tripoli which opened fire on the crowd. also in a while that basis i ruptured oil pipeline has exploded in china's northeast killing twenty two people workers in the coastal city of qingdao trying to contain
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a leak in the pipe when the blast occurred ripping through cause and damaging buildings there is being put up to try to stop the oil from seeping into the sea because of the accident is still being investigated. up today for the moment i'll be back with more for you with the team in just over half an hour from now in the meantime it is sophie and co on our team where she also what role it wrong can play in solving the syrian crisis. in my research i randomly came across a sad statistic according to the center for the constitution only twenty eight percent of americans have actually read the constitution although the overwhelming
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majority claimed that they understood some of it and now we see why the constitution especially the bill of rights are getting whittled away the average person doesn't really know what their secret covenant with the government actually says which means the government can get away with reinterpreting the agreement to suit their needs and not yours because no one is the wiser but if you think i'm going to say boo average american how dare you then you are wrong the problem is that any kind of philosophy or ideology or just even asking why seems to be getting out of favor in educational systems all over the western world and beyond i mean shouldn't the average american be taught in school about you know america and like the constitution and capitalism how can the society advocate praise or defend values they don't have any idea about please let's get the stuff back into the educational system but that's just my opinion.
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welcome to serbia and co i'm selfish are not say iran restarting from the world scare a crowd into a respectable negotiator and it's not only about its nuclear program that israel strike threats iran is also believed to be they can figure in finding peace in a syrian crisis what exactly is this well and how will it play out that's what we're talking about today. sanctioned isolated threatening. iran as long stood against much of the rest of the world in feuds with neighbors
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with the west stubborn in its nuclear ambitions. to change justify its goals to avoid israeli strike and those who run holds the solution to syria's rule. and our guest today is it oncet deputy foreign minister who i mean. because mr. server very happy to have you in our studio today and so i had of the upcoming geneva talks done on its own ways trying to come up with a deal. is against any topics with iran does seem like both of you are just talking past each other so you can anything change that. in the name of. the compassionate and i would like to welcome your distinguished viewers. you.


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