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it's. not. coming up on our t.v. ever bro i'm going to say stop spying scandal takes another twist it appears that secret data collection started twenty years before september eleventh during the presidency of ronald reagan more on that news ahead. and how to check the calendar lately while it's only twenty thirteen many in the mainstream media are already talking about the twenty sixteen presidential race we'll take a look at why some are obsessed with the race that still years away and fifty years ago today the nation and the world was stunned by the assassination of president kennedy but a majority of americans think there is more to the story we'll take a look at some of those theories later in the show.
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it's friday november twenty second four pm in washington d.c. i'm on your i david and you are watching our team. well it seems like bush and obama are not the only presidents that have been instrumental in the n.s.a.'s bulk collection of america's metadata we're now learning that president reagan deserves some of the credit for those sweeping n.s.a. powers in one thousand nine hundred one reagan approved something called executive order twelve triple three an order that mandates the duties and foreign intelligence collection of the country's seventeen intelligence agencies now as you might imagine this order has had no oversight by congress it holds many questionable privacy protections if any at all and the only changes that have been made to it have come from guidelines issued by the attorney general the language in this order is so confusing and complicated that most people don't even understand it when they read it however executive order twelve triple three remains the sapir
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your authority that guides intelligence operations the order gives agencies the ability to function outside the confines of a warrant or court order if approved by the attorney general and also allows for those institutions to operate outside the confines of judicial or congressional oversight as long as it's in the pursuit of foreign intelligence and if you attempt to ask about this special order you're likely not to find out a whole lot in fact director of national intelligence james clapper was questioned in october about violations of the program at a house judiciary committee hearing here's what he had to say because the audience and i was senator is that the subject matter of the hearing was two fifteen and seventy two and these twelve eilish and over ten years the curd under the foreign collection under oath under the auspices of the judge's order told to go through our right is this we are that we were kind of broadly asking questions and there would have been nice to have heard about it there. and senator dianne feinstein
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who's been a vocal supporter of the n.s.a. says that more transparency is needed over the sorter and she's encouraging the passage of a bill that would require increased congressional oversight including a full breakdown of the guidelines that govern its use. and this week the white house correspondents association along with thirty seven news organizations called out the obama administration for its heavy restrictions on photographers who have sought access to president obama and various white house events the letter reads quote as surely as if they were placing a hand over a journalist camera lens officials in this administration are blocking the public from having an independent view of important functions of the executive branch of government the news outlets say that the excuse that the events are private is undermined when the white house has its own photographer covering the events then post the photos on social media for example they say they weren't allowed to cover
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the president's meeting with pakistani human rights activists. yet pete souza the chief white house photographer tweeted this. and they were restricted from shooting his meeting with senators mccain and graham but this quickly showed up on susan's twitter feed the white house has of course defended its policy saying they don't have the capacity to give photographers access to every event and instead the administration has touted to touted its efforts of maintaining high visibility on social media which they say is used as the primary medium to get information and photos out and interesting least tweeted this out today unclear response to the letter it says president obama signs a bill in the oval office as press photographers take photos but the levity is likely unwelcomed by correspondents by correspond correspondents association and journalists who are on edge with the administration they say isn't transparent in
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the least this comes on the heels of an october report by the committee to protect journalists that revealed how the obama administration frequently curbs routine disclosure of information while deploying its own media to evade scrutiny by the press. on election day twenty thirteen chris christie was reelected as the governor of new jersey and in the aftermath instead of being asked questions about how he would serve his constituents over the next four years reporters asked him a barrage of questions about his presidential ambitions to wish he replied twenty sixteen is a long way away indeed we are still three years away from another presidential election but you wouldn't know it if you watch most television news pundits who seemingly want to jump the gun artie's perry and boring has more we are less than one fourth of the way through president obama's second term and people are already
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speculating on who occupy the white house next year still three years out but it is never too early to start talking two thousand and sixteen after all everyone else is doing it far away too. when a sixteen but it looks like wall street already making calls on just who will be facing off in the twenty sixteen election cycle comedian will durst is thinking like most americans are thinking oh my god you people give us a break we don't know what's going to happen but twenty two sixteen. may rise so high that california is taken out of the electoral equation we don't know what's going to happen he's a five time emmy nominated political satiric but twenty sixteen speculation is no joke quinnipiac just released a new presidential election poll that has republican chris christie tied with democrat hillary clinton in a hypothetical twenty sixteen white house race neither of them has even announced if they're going to run but apparently in the race has started mark levine as
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a political commentator who prides himself on winning the washington post in the loop presidential election contest for correctly predicting the electoral vote for all fifty states in the two thousand and twelve election he says these polls are unreliable polls three years out are lots of fun for pundits there are lots of fun to be able to speculate they mean nothing for instance three years before the two thousand and eight election when the sitting president george w. bush had his second term limit the polls had republican rudy giuliani going head to head of a democrat hillary clinton neither of those candidates became their party's nominee and three years before the two thousand and four election polls told us out gore or hillary clinton would be the democratic challenger to incumbent george w. bush but john kerry ended up being their nominee and wending gore didn't even run while we are about a thousand days away from election day chris christie has been christened by the polls as the republican nominee however he still celebrating his landslide victory over barbara bono in the new jersey governor's race what i'm interested in doing is
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being the governor of new jersey practice we've got a lot of things to do a lot of things to focus on and i know everybody's going to be speculating about what may come. in my future and lots of other people's future in our party on the blue side we had hillary clinton leading the polls for the two thousand and sixteen election she was also polled as the nominee for the two thousand and four and two thousand and eight elections and the years before the race i don't think anyone would have predicted in two thousand and seven that barack obama was going to win the democratic nomination another candidate can surprise pollsters or other factors could arise for someone not to run hillary was the notable in two thousand and eight we don't know what's going to do those sixteen who knows she might be on trial for domestic abuse you know so if the polls are so inaccurate three years out why i can duck them all of them would love to see their poll numbers high is a problem so high they do make money because if chris christie looks like he's going to do well then he'll get more money in his coffers so they do have real
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world implications just not for who's going to win they do for the money game polls might not give accurate readings of who will be president three years out but they certainly can help candidates raise money for their campaign in washington d.c. perry and boring r.t. . and to talk more about the obsession with twenty sixteen i'm joined now by lee camp comedian activist and host of moment of clarity lee thank you so much for joining me. very good so why is the media already so obsessed with an election that hasn't even started. because they're lazy and it's meaningless and i mean obviously it's a you might as well turn on the news and they say hey we're going to cover the green bay packers game which is going to show you the green bay packers for the next two hours that would have as much importance in terms of what's actually happening in the world i mean i would say it's it's you know a magician does a trick he does this with one hand distracts you and then with the other he's
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grabbing your wallet so what we're all looking over here you want to look back in your house is foreclosed on in your daughter's knocked up. well is there any benefit to the public from this coverage i think i kind of already know the answer to that question yeah it gives us important news stories we need to know like this hillary clinton person you mentioned i hadn't heard of her but now i'm i'm learning a little so you know in fact every moment of hillary clinton's life has been covered for the bad thirty years there's more written about her than on the civil war what could they possibly be telling us that useful at this point it's utterly meaningless so we're not really learning too much. from the constant incessant news coverage it's only what stories are being told so that of course there's enough room to report the latest and the greatest on the twenty sixteen campaign. yeah exactly that's the true story while they're telling us about what came out of chris
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christie's face hole were we're missing the fact that you know the japanese are trying to make sure the pacific ocean doesn't become glow in the dark using duct tape and silly putty like that that's not being discussed the massive walkout during the climate change summit you know i was just in illinois where i was in the middle of those hurricanes i saw a semi trucks flipped over like that's not being talked about enough but me. and we know that none of that news is actually i'm poor and come on i will say this. now go ahead i was going to say that they also it's also a story as if it's black and white with these two candidates whatever it ends up being whatever for any presidential race as if you know it's the good side the bad side of batman and joker yeah it would be batman and joker if batman and joker agreed on ninety percent of the structural issues that this country has to do with it's the same corporate owned employees running for office and we're told like it's
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dark and light. and lisa is everyone else is speculating why you give me some of your thoughts on some of the current front runners i'm sure you have something to say about him. there's no there's no current front runner that's like saying you know that's like you're betting on a horse race and you're watching the horses as they come out of the room and going oh that one looks like it's he's done a deal you don't trust it's like. you saying you don't trust those words you're saying you don't trust those polls and. i don't even know who has an opinion right now i can't even imagine honestly the opinion should be hey i don't want one of the two corporate candidates like that should be at the top of the polls. it's like judging the most beautiful butterfly by looking at the maggots and i don't think maggots become butterflies but still if they did that be a perfect analogy great analogy lee thank you so much for her all your wonderful
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insight comedienne activist lee camp and host of moment of clarity thanks for the moment of levity thanks america. of florida police department's web site has a mission statement that says quote the miami gardens police department is committed to building a better tomorrow through community interaction but the department is coming under fire for the way that it's interacting with the community after being accused of systemic harassment at a convenience store and one man in particular police reports show that twenty eight year old girl samson has been stopped and questioned by police in miami gardens two hundred fifty eight times in four years he's been searched more than one hundred times and arrested and jailed fifty six times the most serious offense sampson committed was possessing a small amount of marijuana but according to the police sixty two arrests were prompted by trespassing however there is one small problem sampson is the clerk at
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the same convenience store he was repeatedly stopped and frisked at the two zero seven quick stop owner had signed up for a zero tolerance program giving police broad powers to stop and arrest people in and around his store he quickly regretted it and took down the sign showing he was a participant after repeated incidents with police the owner of the convenience store decided to document what was happening by installing fifteen video cameras in a shop last year the video show cops stopping people arresting them and using excessive force for no apparent reason now the shop owner and his attorney are preparing to file a federal civil rights lawsuit against a police department they say is participating in illegal activity. well since the gears for the affordable care act were set in motion motion many americans have come out criticizing everything from government subsidies to the health care dot
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gov website but perhaps no group supports the president's signature legislation more than the working women of nevada's legal brothels so to shed some light on why that is earlier i was joined by dennis hof owner of legal nevada brothel the bunny ranch along with two of his employees at the bunny ranch caressa kisses and taylor really i started out by asking taylor what her experience has been like trying to get health care as a sex worker. possible. can you can you elaborate a little it's all due to our. we aren't able to get health care we are the same. street person shoots. and caress for you has it been a similar experience yes they equate us to illegal working girls who have very high s.t.d. than aids rates we have none of the above where leeson were legalized and prostitutes
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were tested weekly at state mandatory so there hasn't been a disease come out of this house in over fifty years so we're quite the opposite but yet we still get put in statistics that don't have anything to do with us and denied coverage and what do you typically tallon surance companies your profession is i mean does it immediately disqualify you. immediately and you have to be honest it's not like you can mean if something did happen they would find out so you know you just have to be upfront and they just go i just go through the denial process one after another. and dennis considering this profession is legal in nevada county for which you work is is it at all possible for you to provide group insurance it's not because they're independent contractors and even if i could get something for that which we can somebody like taylor who has
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a preexisting condition would get covered but now with obamacare the working girls are going to get covered it's a great thing for the girls right and taylor needless to say health is slightly more at risk in this profession then a desk job for example how bothersome is it that you know sex workers are charged the most or even denied health care when they're the ones that perhaps need it the most. really just when we work really hard for able to have the best car insurance like i said before we should definitely be able to have great health care it's very important for our job and caressa what are your thoughts on that i think that they need to look at this individual says legal licensed prostitutes we see the doctor more than we see our families every week every single week it's state mandatory are we can't even come into the house and work so i think that they need
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to look at our industry singularly and stand up grouping asked with illegal activities that we don't have anything to do with but now but no it's a good thing because they don't have to worry about any of that stuff because with obamacare they get rid of preexisting condition doesn't matter you're one of these girls are going to be covered and that's a great thing for the working girls of that i'm sure and for both of you ladies this is the first time that you would be able to get health insurance yes. insurance and i don't know how long the bad side of it is the good side is in the working girls are going to get insurance at affordable cost the bad side is as older i'm called obamacare because no i have to spend about a quarter million dollars a year extra because of my employees before if you have less than fifty employees you didn't have to worry about it but now that there are lumping them all together all seven of my better be legal brothel are lumped into one lump sum and now is
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going to cost me a quarter million a year so. bad bad for the ownership good for the working girl but she don't have a problem i'm assuming as exciting that you know amenity to them i'm sure well i don't know i don't have a problem with it but i don't want to be forced to live it's something we've been working on for the last six or eight months to provide good health care for our employees and we're working but i don't want somebody to tell me i have to or pay a quarter million dollars a year because that's what it's going to cost sure and caressa talk to me about you know the difference in cost here i mean if you were to have purchased health insurance before obamacare how much would something like that cost you and and how much do you expect it to cough now. prior to this i was in medical school so i had a small plan that still cost me four hundred eighty dollars a month that i had to suspend because i just couldn't afford it on
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a student wage i literally was working maybe four days out of the month get it catered to my studies so health care was not an affordable option. since i told them that i've took employment in the brothel they just denied me straight out and and cancelled my policy wow and i was going to up it so i would have better coverage sure you know and lastly i wanted to get your guys' lots on you know something that's become quite a controversy which is obama's website health care dot gov it's gotten a lot you know a bad rap for sort of being a dysfunctioning website dysfunctional website i should say you know what are your thoughts on that do you think the criticism over the site is a bit overhyped or perhaps a distraction and anyway not at all it's under hype it's a mess it's a disaster and i assure you caress we could do a better job with that website that they you know are going to i'm going to donate
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the bunny ranch webmaster to obama to help him out with this and let's get this free worker so these girls can get insured while it seems he certainly does need the help i appreciate all of you coming on and you know sharing some new perspective with us dennis hof owner of the bunny ranch and two of his employees caressa kisses and taylor lee thank you. and fifty years ago today american president john f. kennedy jr was assassinated in dallas texas a twenty four year old named lee harvey oswald was charged with shooting j.f.k. and also walt himself was shot by jack ruby two days later during a transfer in a county jail but while the official investigation concluded that oz wild acted alone many people question that wisdom that al castro faced off against j.f.k. during the cuban missile crisis and bay of pigs invasion said in a written in recent years quote i have reached the conclusion that oswald could not have been the one who killed kennedy and on the subject
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a majority of americans agree with castro while thirty percent of americans think that one man was responsible for killing j.f.k. a full sixty one percent think that the death was part of a larger conspiracy so why do so many americans doubt the official narrative when it comes to j.f.k. to talk more about this i'm joined by breaking the set hostess with the most avid martin are joining me so like i mentioned a majority of americans believe as well do not act alone why have so many people rejected the official narrative at this point and that is the official narrative quickly fell apart and unlike then and now with the advance of the internet i think all over stone's movie j.f.k. really helped people kind of understand the enormous inconsistences with the official narrative and all the really facts that came out later on right oh yeah of course the autopsy report was burned over fifty witnesses heard a fourth shot coming in from the grassy knoll area that's a lot of people here in
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a different account from what we were told perfectionist snipers have tried to replicate lee harvey oswald shots from the book depository couldn't do it no one has ever been able to do that to this day howard hunt deathbed confession said we killed j.f.k. oswald had cia ties he was working in a coffee shop a stone's throw away from a covert action cordon. for the cia. there's so many more i mean i'll just say one more of the house select commission on assassinations actually concluded a couple decades later through forensic evidence that there was indeed more shots and that oswald was not the lone perpetrator we're talking about an actuary aggression all yet they never really investigated this after the warren commission can know what you know and hours after the event the warren commission actually just made its conclusions i mean and they just kind of followed through so they already had their conclusions just already preconceived and so they fit the evidence to kind of fit around those conclusions are saying it's just a really unfortunate well if not well then who do people think killed j.f.k.
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what are the theories out there there's a lot and there's a lot of. i think ranging from the main to the. that we're not talking about space aliens here we're talking about people who had to have been involved in order for the cover up to be facilitated in the way it did and i think when people say it's the mafia the mafia killed him because you saw bobby kennedy his brother and also j.f.k. initiated a coordinated effort to kind of go after organized crime which was something that no one else had really done and people say well the mafia took him out but the problem with that is that that's too easy almost because really could the mafia have conducted an orchestrated the cover up to the extent that the government did so i think a lot of people say it wasn't just the mafia that would be too easy it could it had to have been you know the cia being involved and the mafia and some people even speculate big oil and some people say just johnson cornetto with the cia to do it roger stone who was nixon's presidential advisors said that he heard nixon and multiple times say. you know if he was deathly assassinated and that the warren
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commission was the shot his piece of. was very interesting and i wish we could actually find out which one of those theories is the truth but you know when people look back at j.f.k.'s legacy he has a ninety percent approval rating that is very different i think from you know where most presidents sort of finish their their terms just look at president obama doesn't look like he's going to be finishing very high. but do you think his assassination really feeds into that how high his approval ratings are and i'm not one to really be keen on historical revisionism i'm sure kennedy wasn't as great as the guy is we hear that he was quite a womanizer and the disastrous bay of pigs invasion rats really was a really scar on his record but you know all over stone i was talking to him earlier breaking a set interview and he was telling me why kennedy was indeed different let's take a look at it up. to the inherited this office as a young man. and he was suspected by the military leaders the hardliners of the u.s.
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that he did not believe that the wherewithal to really continue the eisenhower policy he had failed to do so in laos to go in to send ground troops he'd failed in cuba at the bay of pigs to give it to the air support that it needed when he failed in the vietnam to really carry through a. a much more in gauged process with the get the meat she said non-combat advisors but not combat people we wouldn't be alive if he had not done what he did at the cuban missile crisis with khrushchev we were really at the edge of war they said come they wanted to change the joint chiefs of staff want to go they want to invade cuba one of the other thing that all of us sound and they're but that he actually stood up to the joint chiefs of staff robert mcnamara against operation northwoods plan which was a really extreme plan to invade cuba which kind of actually rejected at that point so that is a really very interesting while i want to quickly talk to you about the term conspiracy theory i know that's something that you cover all the time on your show of course that has a negative connotation but somehow that's not the case with the j.f.k.
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assassination at least these days first of all tell me how damaging is this terminology to really important thoughts and ideas that are sort of you know go against the grain outside of the mainstream narrative and then why is it that j.f.k. the j.f.k. assassination was able to bypass that i actually disagree i think that the majority of people even though they'd. you believe that j.f.k. was assassinated by a conspiracy i think that they would still shut you down i mean look at the mainstream media and there is actually concerted effort on behalf of the cia this is a really interesting part after the j.f.k. assassination happened there was an actual cia memo that said let's inject this term conspiracy theory in with you know about operation mockingbird where they actually infiltrated a lot of the mainstream media cia and we're talking about where they actually inserted this this narrative just to shut down questioning and now it's evolved into a project term that's basically shut down question and debate about anything that contradicts with it when they're it's become synonymous with anything alternative that's a shame but abby maher and
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a host of breaking the set thank you something's going on here and that does it for now i'm on your own david stay tuned boom bust is next. that was a new alert animation scripts scare me a little illegal. there is breaking news tonight and they are continuing to follow the breaking news elaine alexander's family cry tears are so why a great things rather that. theatrical read or get a quart of wall around alive is a story made for a movie is playing out in real life.
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let alone your little moment of life in the new knowledge base just like you know alone. or lead. a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i roll researcher.
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so there i marinate it this is boom bust and here are some of the stories we're tracking for you today. first up china says thank you but no more to the u.s. dollar have they had their fill of u.s. treasuries as well we'll tell you all about it coming right up also out of mentor author of junkyard planet sat down with want to talk trash trade and well it might not sound that glamorous the billionaire trash tycoon behind it they sure are and finally rachel kurz is joins me later on in the show to discuss boy bashing via social media is this girl power or just gender of quality gone awry that's the question on deck in today's big deal but now let's get to the second.


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