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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2013 2:00am-2:31am EST

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the final push towards on a historic deal top diplomat. world powers are indeed close to a nuclear agreement with iran. the e.u. gets a sharp response from president putin of the allegations russia deliberately derailed an integration deal between ukraine. and the e.u. talk to. polish people talk to. rejecting europe as a pragmatic step to safeguard the country's economy also. to the north pole now it's all to the bottom of the world's deepest lake the sochi
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olympic torch. your world headlines live from moscow. thank you for joining us today there's real hope that finally some kind of deal over iran's nuclear program could be close all the foreign ministers from the six negotiating world changing their shared jewels to join the talks and help to overcome any remaining obstacles to a landmark agreement in a sign that a breakthrough is indeed possible the six nations talking to iran reportedly agreed to recognize its right to enrich uranium being a key to iran iran's foreign minister says progress at this round of talks has been
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as high as ninety percent analyses in geneva with the russian delegation headed by foreign minister sergei lavrov but the media is being kept at a distance. there's been a flurry of activity since russia's a gay lover of jetted into geneva he's already met with his iranian counterpart despite this a number of sticking points still remain here that it's still going to be let out if this deal is going to be made now we know that iran's foreign minister has already said that unless the world's power is publicly recognized iran's right to you raney him in richmond he's not signing a deal here and we know that coming into these negotiations iran has already made a number of concessions according to reports they've already agreed to stop enriching uranium to move a five percent and they've also spoken about not using advanced centrifuges anymore but what are they getting in return well the u.s. and the e.u.
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have agreed to a limited relief on economic sanctions against iran that's if they ever get to hammering out that deal so there's still a lot of positions that need to be reconciled and we're talking about potentially hammering out a deal of we're going to be easing sanctions against iran at the same time over in the u.s. we've got a hard line is include us talking about potentially ratcheting up more sanctions against iran so a lot of work still to be done if that gap is going to be bridged. and we're going to be covering how these negotiations are progressing so stay tuned we're going to see if they can hammer out that historic deal that will bring an end to a decades of political wrangling over iran's nuclear program. that well another obstacle to a long awaited deal is israel's staunch opposition to any compromise that position is impacting on the negotiating stance is of france and the u.s. . we spoke to john limbert the former u.s.
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deputy assistant secretary of state for iran was also among the diplomats held hostage in tehran over thirty years ago he says just as terror on has grown more flexible israel has become more hardline. but we've seen i think in the last three or four months since the election of president president rouhani and since some of the statements of the support of the supreme leader is i think a change of direction and a serious change of direction in terms of joining the international community what my israeli friends tell me is within israel itself there's a lot of controversy over the issue of iran and what should israeli what should the israeli stand be and some of the more extreme stands that are coming that coming out which oppose any any deal are creating concern in is a concern in israel a lot of people are quite have been criticizing the prime minister look what. prime
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minister netanyahu seems to be asking for is not a negotiated deal but in fact an iranian surrender where they are pressured into simply giving giving up well that's that's not a negotiation that's a so that's a surrender and if you get if you do squeeze somebody so hard that they surrender such an it such an agreement simply isn't going to last and hereabouts you will be following the progress of the nuclear talks in geneva throughout the day on air and online at r.t. thought com as well also on the website while you event we're asking what you think about the prospects of an agreement with iran you can cause your vote. now in the program the e.u. has accused russia of blackmailing ukraine into ditching plans for european integration and joining a regional customs union instead moscow however says kiev was scared away by the
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e.u.'s political and economic pressure a discontent over the abandoned trade talks between kiev and brussels reached the streets of the ukrainian capital thousands joined a second day of protest despite the government insisting a deal would have devastated the country's economy artie's alexy a chef he has a look at the broken expectations. back to square one for ukraine's politics or kiev central square to be precise in two thousand and four the orange revolution started here gave independence square the event which dramatically changed political life in ukraine and set it on a year integration course nine years later the square is filled with people again only this time they hear because their president took a turn around well these protesters have been furious with the decision we have to fight for an independent ukraine we have to fight for tomorrow other people believe ukraine may have in fact dodged a bullet. you decision to suspend the preparation of signing the association
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agreement and zone of free trade with the e.u. is the only one possible in the current difficult economic situation which we now have in ukraine do you have a delusion that life will be better in the e.u. talk to polish people talk to gary and right now the e.u. is in a kind of a death spiral the e.u. has little right now to offer craning hours after the korean government's decision reports emerged that unocal beach told his lithuanian counterpart in a phone call that russia economically blackmailed kia out of signing the deal with the european union. i don't know what the ukrainian president was talking about with his lithuanian counterpart maybe we should all scar american friends about that well of saying that ukraine would not enjoy trade benefits with russia if it formed a free trade zone with the e.u. is blackmail how would one describe these statements by european officials the signing of the most ambitious agreements the e.u.
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has ever offered to patna country would have sent a clear signal to investors worldwide that ukraine is serious about its modernization pledge and becoming a predictable and reliable interlocutor for international markets. because that's when i heard some dodges found out yesterday that ukraine has suspended not cancelled but suspended negotiations with the e.u. and wants to review everything we heard a threat from the e.u. to ukraine all the way up to organizing mass protests this is pressure and blackmail having received no promise of compensation for potential economic damages from aligning with the e.u. give wants to create a three party commission with brussels and moscow to find a way to alleviate those losses which suggest unocal which has merely suspended not council the association strife the opposition meanwhile says it will continue taking people into the streets and demands that the president is impeached alexi russia reporting from key of ukraine and r.t.
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has been gathering expert analysis on how kiev could benefit from signing potential trade pacts here's what we had. the opportunity to be part of an absolutely huge free trade zone it's a fantastic idea but the problem we really have is that already the european union model has been deeply compromised by the addition of countries that weren't ready such as belgariad and rumania the european union itself really has to concentrate on its own internal economic problems to see that this is a sort of a unexpected totally unexpected move is very strange because of course ukraine quest to balance and see whether it's simply to rally around for example the european union to dictate to greece. or to perth to go it to other countries and limpers or stay or to you and friends and millions of people losing their jobs i think it's a it's always move and the biggest loser here is the e.u.
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because the e.u. has conceived this association agreement like all the other agreements that it tries to time with european states as a geo political project very important to understand that in the midst of all these are accusations against russia it's actually the e.u. which sees it with expansion as it should let it all and indeed an ideological project and that's what has just hit the rocks today and online we've lined up the five reasons why kiev decided against further european integration at r.t. dot com you can share your thoughts in the comments section. here in the russian capital ten minutes past the hour the olympic torch for the twenty fourteen winter games in sochi has conquered new depths in siberia it plunged very deep into the world's deepest leg that of lay by a cow with the flame still burning and divers to surrender under the water with torches that can burn hotter than two thousand degrees and surfaced and handed the
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fire over to the so-called bird man of by karl who then flew it back to shore on his. the torch has already been to the north pole and into space where it was taken for a space walk i do stay with us here and we cover the most memorable moments of the twenty fourteen olympic torch relay. still ahead for you this hour here on ars he thought of braced as thousands of tourists travel to the city to commemorate the death of a colleague twenty years ago. plus cracking down on the antifreeze washington considers putting a price on protests driven by america's old powerful oil lobby. with
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ben bernanke it keeps interest rates at zero percent he's helping to increase america's debt load it's all such time as the debt bubble pops everyone who issued the debt the bankers include bernanke you get to be on the size of debt issues they don't make money based on profits and losses they make money based on the size of the debt they issue so in a car is a debt issue a quantitative easing is debt issue getting a job of donald's put yourself into debt that gives fees to the bankers it destroys the economy it destroys society it destroys everything but the fees for the bankers . dramas to be ignored. stories others who refuse to notice. faces change the world.
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to picture. from a strictly. if you are just joining us welcome to the program here on r t i'm rory sushi in moscow several thousand people are expected on a march in berlin to remember an anti fascism activist murdered back in the early ninety's germany's still striving to ban far right parties you know political and social views the country's ultimately trying to forget. all of our reports the horrors of germany's history with the far right perhaps no better illustrated than here in central at the memorial to those who were murdered during the holocaust and later on saturday there was tension going to see clashes between paul writing the
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nazis and anti fascist groups both here in berlin and other cities around the country now here in berlin it's taking part in the memorial to the murder of a county fascist activist who was stabbed to death in a metro station twenty one years ago now in the past that house resulted in clashes between the far right and the far left now to find out a little bit more about the role of the far right and how they still exist here in modern germany i'm joined by dr gideon bosch thank you very much a historian and political scientist now. we stood next to the holocaust memorial perhaps there is no more poignant memorial to the horrors of naziism how much do these neo nazis relate to the the dictatorship of the one thousand nine hundred forty s. . definitely for all of us this regime and so they want to establish
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a rule comparable to that city with who all these people where do they come from within society i mean you look around modern germany the reminders are still there all of the the suffering of the german people. see is them how can people turn towards images like the swastika it's very different to. come to this movement very different ways to get into the basement but we find them many cases we find a fascination of national socialist rule they want to as they are really fast fascinated by hitler and by. and they do not believe they don't believe in what they. view of the mystery thank you very much that was dr gideon bush a political scientist and historian speaking to me about modern day neo nazi ism and fascism here in germany throughout the day i'll be bringing you updates on what's going on here on r.t.
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well there were unfortunate echoes of naziism not feel an ice hockey match a group of supporters laid out a symbol on the ice are right there it's more than a passing resemblance to a swastika the full story online for you right now. also the name of uncounted dead and that's how they'll stay u.s. congress rejects attempts to force the intelligence services to admit how many people are being killed in drone strikes those details on the web site right now. it's r t live from moscow the shale gas boom in the united states has prompted congress to make amendments to the first amendment freedom of speech and assembly
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might now come with a price tag when it comes to staging an anti fracking protest if indeed the new legislation becomes law the fine for speaking out could be upwards of five thousand dollars going a teacher can reports. when romania granted the u.s. oil giant chevron more than a million acres of land to drill for shale deposits thousands of romanians took to the streets to protest they soon found out there was little they could do to protect their soil and use it in poland farmers stood up against chevron to fight fracking to no avail fracking pumps a high pressure cocktail of water sand and chemicals on the ground to release shale gas from the bedrock environmentalists say it has the potential to trigger earthquakes as well as pollute the groundwater and the surrounding countryside the problems with the shale gas mining in poland is a question of secretiveness and kind of not telling people the real truth about
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what's going on and not always telling never telling the other side the downside and i discover this to be true with the polish government and poor polish authorities because they are in fact on the side of these big corporations let go walski partly shot his documentary drill baby drill in poland he says polish state television refused to broadcast that you know normal people. can get the information to fight against the corporations and the normal people you know the middle class people their objective is really to protect the land here to protect their place and the chevron. the corporations are here to exploit the land and they're going to leave but the farmers will be here and this is really what the fight is about us energy giant grills both abroad and at home and congress has been more than helpful to them domestically this week the house of representatives passed a bill that would impose a five thousand dollars a year on anyone wishing to stage an official protest against the drilling project
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. to become law the bill also needs to make its way to the senate before being sponsored by the president this is pathetic sad silly attempt by industry to squelch the ma. opponents of fracking on both sides of the atlantic or even more fearful about the future of the democratic process as their governments and major corporations negotiate free trade agreements like the one between the us in the e.u. that would effectively enable american companies to bypass european forwards and challenge your government's international tribunals whenever they felt that laws in the areas of public health the environment or social protection interfere with their profits and the opponents say it would give trans nationals even greater access to their soil and leave the people with even less say about their land going to check on our team. now afghanistan's leader hamid karzai is putting the brakes
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on a treaty which would allow american troops to stay in the country twenty fourteen washington wants a quick deal but karzai says any agreement should only be rectified after next year's afghan presidential elections elders from across the country are currently debating whether to back the code and he walked to his prime beca he says president karzai is in a very delicate position. karzai is worried of course that he owes his existence to the presence of the american forces that have kept him in power and yet at the same time he knows that millions of afghans resent our angry indignation about the fact that the united states government has run roughshod over their country for the last twelve years what the united states is proposing is that the united states will maintain military bases and soldiers in afghanistan for a quarter of a century twenty twenty four is almost a quarter of a century after the two thousand and one invasion this is a clear instance of
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a colonial relationship where the united states invades and occupies a country uses various pretexts and then maintains military bases so that ultimately whoever is the government after karzai the u.s. will be the determine or the real power in afghanistan and some of the global headlines for you. to egypt where yvonne the clashes between supporters and opponents of the muslim brotherhood of left three people dead including a ten year old boy police intervened firing into the air and showering the people with tear gas at the rally marked one hundred days since security forces disposed of a major demonstration by supporters of the ex-president a killing hundreds in the process. that's when the bomb blast has killed at least five and injured eight people in pakistan city of karachi explosive devices were hidden on motorcycles near cafes and no one of this point has taken responsibility for the blasts which were in an area where both sunni and shia communities try to
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co-exist. a march marking the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of president john f. kennedy protests and scuffles with police demonstrators shouting the cia killed j.f.k. accuse the government of covering up the real story behind the president's death he also used the occasion to claim freedom of speech is under attack in the u.s. a memorial ceremonies. held in the city of dallas of course where kennedy was shot in. the u.k. should do more to explain why it's selling billions of pounds worth of weapons to authoritarianism regimes in saudi arabia bahrain that's the view of a report by british m.p.'s which concluded the poor human rights record of the nations wasn't good enough reason to stop sending them arms or smith doesn't work it points out the ethical thailand of the u.k. having this close relationship with bahrain and saudi arabia who obviously have
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such poor human rights records but it is the most important thing is that the government finds new ways of selling that relationship to the public essentially explaining its approach to the british public and not necessarily doing anything about. an issue so for example the committee says that as there are concerns about juggling human rights with these lucrative trade deals. it recognizes that saudi arabia's role as a key purchaser of arms from the u.k. is quite controversial but it says it all balance there's no point in ending that relationship it wouldn't have any purpose at all now the campaign against the arms trade is not impressed with that keyes is the foreign affairs committee is providing basically the government says it continues to pander to despicable regimes in the service of arms contracts particularly for. the.
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so basically what this report is doing is recognizing the hypocrisy but not doing anything about it and the representative of the pain again is to believe the government's attempting to whitewash its ties with despotic regimes. there is a wrong attitude by the british government because it is they're always saying we've got to understand the saudis with quarter pounder to them with to try to understand that point of view we will have influence over them if we take the extra steps. if we try to foster good relation or we say that that's just the wrong way around you should put human rights human rights the saudis human rights so expect trip workers in saudi arabia and of course in bahrain as well they should be at the center of the u.k. government policy it shouldn't be about selling arms it should be about supporting human rights and that's the problem with this report human rights takes very much
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a second place to commercial interests and particularly to the interests of the big arms companies. are time to bust the bankers here on our backs kaiser the kaiser report just a second. and my research i randomly came across a sad statistic according to the center for the constitution only twenty eight percent of americans have actually read the constitution although the overwhelming majority claimed that they understood some of it and now we see why the constitution especially the bill of rights are getting whittled away the average person doesn't really know what their sacred covenant with the government actually says which means the government can get away with reinterpreting the agreement to suit their needs and not yours because no one is the wiser but if you think i'm going to see american how dare you then you are wrong the problem is that any kind
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of philosophy or ideology or just even asking why seems to be getting out of favor in educational systems all over the western world and beyond i mean shouldn't the average american be taught in school about you know america and like the constitution and capitalism how can excite advocate praise or defend values they don't have any idea about please let's get the stuff back into the educational system but i shift my opinion. terrorists are simply a bad groups of people throughout the world no different than say a motorcycle gang or what have you that are involved in bad activities you're not going to solve that problem by invading countries overthrowing governments and occupying countries that's the solution madson say you're going to win it with good police work and intelligence gathering that's how you'll defeat terrorism they are
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just simply little pockets of bad people throughout the world you have to deal with creating an empire in occupy nations with your military is not the answer. welcome to the kaiser report imax kaiser you may have heard that absent m. has begun paying alcoholics and cans of beer that's right and exchange for a five cans of beer a pack of tobacco and ten year olds the alcoholics clean parks the streets the city's aim is to keep the drunks occupied so that they can no longer cause trouble in the parks and indeed one of these alcoholic park workers said that the structure has kept him out of trouble but that if it weren't for the beer he wouldn't bother
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showing up at all i know you're thinking you're thinking that this sounds a whole lot like the policy of quantitative easing and you'd be right by central banks keep the debt a whole its ability at least spending by giving them a seemingly free lunch of low interest rate credit crack. one could think of q e as meals on wheels for over leveraged consumer holiday debt addicks of course feeding the addiction merely hastens the addicks demise but alas it keeps the addict da sile in the meantime is not correct max they're trying to keep us dead aholic south here dos cyle of course with all this quantitative easing it apparently free money that's the important thing they feel like we're getting a free lunch so we stay quiet we keep consuming or keep consuming debt at least now here's the first headline about quantitative easing what car salesman ben bernanke he said at dinner last night so this is simon black of sovereign man and he was at
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a dinner with the national economy club and ben bernanke was the guest of honor he said at one point during the evening when pressed about whether his quantitative easing program was good for wall street at the expense of main street he being ben bernanke he flat out denied it saying that such a premise is simply not true he defended his printing eighty five billion dollars per month suggesting that fixing interest rates as zero is beneficial for society because among other things it allows people to buy cars right well and allows people to go into debt into ever deeper debt and it's funny because this idea of giving out all it's an answer them is beer to keep them docile and keep them cleaning up the park clean up their their open air prison it reminds me of wal-mart and mcdonald's it was reported this past week that they themselves are out there giving the equivalent of a couple of beers to their employees to have him come into the store and perform menial label labor and slave labor so this amsterdam model is being picked up by
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the likes of wal-mart amsterdam the people that work at those companies they don't have enough salary to maintain a living wage there are probably homeless a lot of them live in the parking lots outside of wal-mart mcdonald's they don't actually can afford homes. what you're talking about is that wal-mart they're asking customers to donate food for their employees and at mcdonald's they issued a notice for employees to how to keep yourself from feeling hungry by chopping up your food in little or bits and spreading it out over today exactly how is that different than just giving drunks beer to shut them up and of course the americans are quiet about it they don't mind being treated like a drunk in the park they love it so there we have it is that ben bernanke he confessed that what he wants was there are races to encourage the addicts to buy a car with using debt remember the car loans in america they're stretching out up to ten years now it's like longer longer.


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