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the final push towards a historic deal told diplomats descendant geneva fines six negotiating world powers are close to a nuclear agreement with iran correspondent is outside the talks in geneva and has the details shortly. pressure blackmail president putin who is using dirty tactics after moscow is accused of the deal railing and integration deal between ukraine and brussels. polish people talk to. the ukrainian government insists rejecting europe is a pragmatic step to say began the country's economy. and it's been to the north pole to space and now is travel to the bottom of the world's deepest lake
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this century twenty fourteen olympic torch blunders into siberia is led by karl with its flame still burning. international news live from moscow this is r.t. with me. hello and welcome to the program. there's a real hope that finally some kind of deal over iran's nuclear program is close all the foreign ministers from the sixty go saying you world powers are changing their shuttles to join the talks and overcome any remaining obstacles to a landmark agreement artie isn't going anywhere with the russian delegation headed by foreign minister sergei lavrov and we can now go live to poorly. that point is so how are the talks progressing that and are there any real chances for
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a deal. both foreign ministers are locked in talks at the moment security has been beefed up head there at the intercontinental hotel where most of the negotiations are taking place in the center security that we've had to move away from that when i in the media center but these talks are shrouded in secrecy that macquarie situation is taking place behind closed doors and there is a real sense that the delegations are extremely wary of any leaks coming through in the media so certainly there are signs that a breakthrough could be on the cards today one major stumbling block was iran's insistence on its public on public recognition for its right to ukrainian richmond's and that has apparently been overcome in the doing all of the trough to agreement. iran has also reportedly agreed to stop enriching uranium to over five
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percent and in exchange it would receive a limited relief to economic sanctions for six months now i've just been speaking to russia's deputy foreign minister and he spoke to me about the secrecy surrounding the talks that this is such a sensitive issue and it requires a real media silence that some of the leaks that have been coming through in the mainstream media that have been pinning the blame on the lack of progress on iran have been unconstructive to progression in these negotiations he also said that a breakthrough isn't guaranteed but it is close the remaining stumbling block here at the moment seems to be a rack heavy water facility which if it goes into operation would be able to produce weapons grade plutonium but we aren't getting a sense from the other delegations that there's a good chemistry and everybody is hoping to bridge these final gaps in the bid to hum around this historic deal that would question and to ten years of political
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wrangling over iran's nuclear program so we're going to be watching as it progresses staging and we're going to be bringing you all the details. of course where we're. all in the nuclear talks in geneva thank you very much. and of course another obstacle to a long awaited deal is a staunch opposition to any compromise that position the impacting on the negotiating stances of france and the u.s. and he spoke to john limbert a former u.s. deputy assistant secretary of state for iran who also was among the diplomats held hostage in tehran over thirty years ago it sounds that just as to iran has grown more flexible in zero has become more hardline but we've seen i think in the last three or four months since the election of president president rouhani and since some of the statements of the support of the supreme leader is i think a change of direction and a serious change of direction in terms of joining the international community but
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my israeli friends tell me is within israel itself there's a lot of controversy over the issue of iran and what should israeli what should the israeli stand be and some of the more extreme stands that are coming that coming out which oppose any any deal are creating concern and concern in israel a lot of people are quite have been criticizing the prime minister look what. prime minister netanyahu seems to be asking for is not a negotiated deal but in fact an iranian surrender where they are pressured into simply give giving up well that's that's not a negotiation that's a so that's a surrender and if you get if you do squeeze somebody so hard that they surrender such an it such an agreement simply isn't going to last will be following the
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progress that the nuclear talks in geneva throb a day on and online at dot com for you and also on our website where asking you a bombay prospects when agreement go that to have your say on the. the e.u. has accused russia of blackmailing ukraine into ditching plans for european integration and joining a regional customs union instead moscow however says kay was scared away by the e.u.'s political and economic pressure this can turned over the abandoned trade talks between care and brussels reached the streets of the ukrainian capital thousands joined a second day of protests despite the government insisting and deal would have devastated the country's economy and its a cash estimates had been broken expectations that. back to square one for ukraine's politics or kiev central square to be precise in two thousand and four the orange revolution started here gave independence square the event which dramatically changed political life in ukraine and set it on the euro integration
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course nine years later the square is filled with people again only this time they hear because their president took a turn around well these protesters have been furious with the decision we have to fight for an independent ukraine to fight for tomorrow other people believe ukraine may have in fact dodged a bullet. lead the decision to suspend the preparation of signing the association agreement and zone of free trade with the e.u. is the only one possible in the current difficult economic situation which we now have in ukraine you have a delusion but life will be better in the e.u. talk to. polish people talk to variants right now the e.u. is in a. kind of a death spiral the e.u. has little right now to offer craning hours after the korean government's decision reports emerged that unocal which told his lithuanian counterpart in a phone call that russia economically blackmailed kia out of signing the deal with
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the european union. i don't know what the ukrainian president was talking about with his lithuanian counterpart maybe we should ask our american friends about that . well of saying that ukraine would not enjoy trade benefits with russia if it formed a free trade zone with the e.u. is blackmail how would one describe these statements by european officials i disagree that the agreement could be signed later it would be very difficult because too much risk is involved ukraine has missed this chance to remove the main obstacle on its way to integration with the e.u. . when i heard some dodges found out yesterday that ukraine has suspended not cancelled but suspended negotiations with the e.u. and wants to review everything we heard a threat from the e.u. to ukraine all the way up to organizing mass protests this is pressure and blackmail having received no promise of compensation for potential economic damages from aligning with the e.u.
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give wants to create a three party commission with brussels and moscow to find a way to alleviate those losses which suggest unocal which has merely suspended not council the association strife the opposition meanwhile says it will continue taking people into the streets and demands that the president is impeached. reporting from key of ukraine. and even gathering acts that analysis on how cave could benefit from signing potential trade pacts and here's what we had the opportunity to be part of an absolutely huge free trade zone it's a fantastic idea but the problem we really have is that already the european union model has been deeply compromised by the addition of countries that weren't ready such as belgariad and rumania the european union itself really has to concentrate on its own internal economic problems to say that this is a sort of a unexpected totally unexpected move is very strange because of course you can
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quest to balance and see where it's interesting read. for example the european union to dictate to greece. or to perth to grow and grow other countries and states and tribes and millions of people losing their jobs. i think that it became clear to the ukrainian president general quaritch that if you sign their deal he is not going to get anything financially in the e.u. so you basically office things which are more tangible you know it doesn't offer immediate economic benefits of the ukraine at some point in the future will have access to the e.u. markets but when will this happen. online with lined out the five reasons why i have decided against further european integration go to dot com to share your thoughts in the comments section that. has been to the
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north pole and into open space but now the olympic torch will the twenty fourteen winter games in sochi has reached new depths plunged down into the world's deepest lake siberia is laid by kilo. brown was that just see it for us. you're watching the climax of this very special torch relay out on lake baikal where the olympic flame is making history and once again it's been lit and on the water by a team of three divers and now it's been given to the aptly named by call who even without his wings is happily flying with the torch and his job is to take it to the shore where it will light up the olympic cauldron and a fitting climax to a spectacular show out of one of russia's most beautiful national landmarks.
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and still ahead here this hour braved thousands of function to travel to the safety to commemorate the death of a colleague twenty gaz ago. and cracking down on the on two fronts washington can see this putting a price on privatised america's all powerful oil lobby. in the future. on the show we learn about the technology keeping the moscow metro rolling new modeling techniques mean ways in the oil industry and the dream team of robots to places too dangerous for humans. to need unfold the latest news in innovations here on technology update. we've got the future.
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back in the day barack obama was elected because he was deemed to be the very end to this is of george w. bush now instead of seeing differences between the two presidents we were reminded about what both have in common particularly like the poll numbers for us on this program week is obama serving bush's fourth term. as the media leave us so we lead the media. by the see bush is your. are your party years ago. are shoes that no one is asking with again that you deserve answers from. politics. hello again this is the welcome bond several thousand people are expected on
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a limb to remember fascism activism activist emoted in the late ninety's germany's still striving to bond far right policies who are no political and social views the country is trying to forget the tone of an hour. the horrors of germany's history with the far right that perhaps no better illustrated than here in central berlin at the memorial to those who were murdered during the holocaust naysayer on saturday there was painfully going to see clashes between fall like neo nazis and the fascist groups both here in berlin other cities around the country now here in berlin is taking part in the memorial to the merging of a n t fascist activist who was stabbed to death in a metro station twenty one years ago now in the past that house resulted in clashes between the far right and the far left now to find out
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a little bit more about the role of the far right and how they still exist here in modern germany i'm joined by dr didion bosch thank you very much a historian and political scientist now. we stood next to the holocaust memorial perhaps there is no more poignant memorial to the horrors of naziism how much do these neo nazis relate to the dictatorship of the one thousand nine hundred forty s. neo nazis definitely proud of source regime and so they want to establish a rule comparable to that see with who are these people where did they come from within society i mean you look around modern germany the reminders are still there of the the suffering of the german people under naziism how can people turn towards images like the swastika it's very different. come to this movement very different ways to get into submission but we find them many cases we find
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a fascination of national socialist rule they want to as they are really fast fascinated by hitler and by bicycle and they do not believe they don't believe in what they learned in school about german and european history thank you very much that was dr gideon bush a political scientist in historian speaking to me about modern day neo nazi ism and fascism here in germany throughout the day i'll be bringing you updates on what's going on here on r.t. . unfortunate caus of narcissism in icehockey march a group of supporters and laid out a symbol on the ice which had more than a passing resemblance to a small stick read the full story on why. the nameless unaccounted dead that's how they will stay us congress rejects attempts to force the intelligence services to admit how many people are being killed in drone
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strikes find out why. the shale gas boom in the you watch has prompted congress to make amendments to the first amendment freedom of speech under suddenly might now with a price tag when it comes to staging an anti fracking protest if the new legislation becomes law defined for speaking out could be five thousand dollars again that you can now report. when romania granted the u.s. or giant chevron more than a million acres of land to drill for shale deposits thousands of romanians took to
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the streets to protest they soon found out there was little they could do to protect their soil. in poland farmers stood up against chevron to fight fracking to no avail fracking pumps a high pressure cocktail of water sand and chemicals the on the ground to release shale gas from bedrock environmentalists say it has the potential to trigger earthquakes as well as pollute the groundwater and the surrounding countryside the problems with shale gas mining in poland is a question of secretiveness and kind of not telling people the real truth about what's going on and not always telling never telling the other side the downside and i discovered this to be true with a polish government and proposed the thirty's because they are in fact on the side of these big corporations walski partly shot his documentary drill baby drill in
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poland he says polish state television refused to baucus that you know normal people. can get the information to fight against these could be corporations and the normal people you know do the middle class people their objective is really to protect the land here to protect their place and the chevron. the corporations are here to exploit the land and they're going to leave but the farms will be here and this is really what the fight is about us energy giant grills both abroad and at home and congress has been more than helpful to them domestically this week the house of representatives passed a bill that would impose a five thousand dollars fee on anyone wishing to stage an official protest against the drilling project. to become law the bill also needs to make its way through the senate before being sunk by the president this is. that is so silly by industry to squelch democracy opponents of fracking on both sides of the
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atlantic or even more fearful about the future of the democratic process as their governments and major corporations they go sheed free trade agreements like the one between the us and the e.u. that would effectively enable american companies to bypass european courts and challenge e.u. governments and international tribunals whenever they felt that laws in the areas of public health the environment or social protection interfere with their profits and the opponents say it would give transnationals even greater access to their soil and leave the people with a little less say about their land. afghanistan's leader hamid karzai is putting the brakes on a treaty which will allow american troops to stay in the country after twenty fourteen washington wants a quick deal but says any agreement should only be ratified after next year's presidential elections elders from across the country are currently debating whether to hold on to oxidize brian becker says president karzai is in
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a very delicate position. karzai is worried of course that he owes his existence to the presence of the american forces that have kept him in power and yet at the same time he knows that millions of afghans resent our angry indignation about the fact of the united states government has run roughshod over their country for the last twelve years what the united states is proposing is that the united states will maintain military bases and soldiers in afghanistan for a quarter of a century twenty twenty four is almost a quarter of a century after the two thousand and one invasion this is a clear instance of a colonial relationship where the united states invades and occupies a country uses various pretexts and then maintains military bases so that ultimately whoever is the government after karzai the us will be the determine or the real power in afghanistan now some other international news and brief egypt has reported a expelled attack. own envoy from un karrar the downgrade in diplomatic relations
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comes amid turkey's unstinting support for the ousted egyptian president mohamed morsi earlier this month both states had insisted the diplomatic wouldn't affect economic relations. one bomb blast has killed at least five and injured eighteen people in talk of star city of karachi the explosive devices were hidden on motorcycles parked near cafes and i want to state for responsibility for the blast which were in an area where both sunni and shia communities co-exist. and march marking the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of president john f. kennedy's sole protest and scuffles with police demonstrators shouting the cia killed j.f.k. accuse the government of covering up the real story behind the president's death they also used the occasion to claim freedom of speech is under attack in the u.s. the moral ceremonies were held in the city of dallas where kennedy was shot dead.
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the u.k. should do more to explain why it's selling billions of pounds worth of weapons to us so we're terrorized regimes in saudi arabia and bahrain that is the view of appalled by british pm which concluded the poor human rights record of the nation is or isn't a good enough reason to stop sending them arms nor smith takes a look. it points out the ethical dilemma of the u.k. having this close relationship with bahrain and saudi arabia who obviously have such poor human rights records but it is the most important thing is that the government finds new ways of selling that relationship to the public essentially explaining its approach to the british public and not necessarily doing anything about those concerns and issues so for example the committee says that there's there are concerns about juggling human rights with these lucrative trade deals.
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recognizes that saudi arabia's role as a key purchaser of arms from the u.k. is quote controversial but it says it all balance there's no point in ending that relationship it wouldn't have any purpose at all now the campaign against the arms trade is not impressed with that is the foreign affairs committee is providing cover basically for the government and it continues to pander to despicable regimes in the service of arms contracts particularly for the manufacturer so basically what this report is doing is recognizing the hypocrisy but not doing anything about it it's. underrepresented while the campaign against arms trade believes the government's attempting to whitewash its ties with regime. there is a wrong attitude by the british government because it is always so we've got to understand the saudis with a quarter pounder to them with court to try to understand their point of view. over
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them if we take the. but if we try to foster good relationships we say that that's just the wrong way around you should put human rights human rights the saudis human rights so expect trip workers in saudi arabia and of course in bahrain as well they should be at the center of the u.k. government policy it shouldn't be about selling arms it should be about supporting human rights and that's the problem with this report human rights takes very much a second place to commercial interests and particularly to the interests of the big arms companies. next day but if you're watching us from the u.k. i'm sure that times to come through they spain know the mainstream media back.
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there is now an all new form of humanitarian aid for the twenty first century created by members of the occupy movement this is nothing to do with hunger or homelessness what a different key problem in the so-called first world debt the rolling jubilee project has already bought around fifteen million dollars in personal debt for americans around the country most of the financial obligations that they bought were for medical bills and now the people who had to pay these bills are free from their burdens the group claims that the secondary debt market is very cheap and that they were able to buy the nearly fifteen million dollars in debt for only four hundred thousand dollars the secondary market exists because banks try to sell consistently unpaid debt to third parties for less than a nickel on the dollar right now i would be begging the rolling jubilee project to get rid of my college loans but alas this is always purchased anonymously so it's
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all pure luck who gets their debt purchased the important thing about this project is that they're actually doing something against an evil system instead of just blogging about it and although fifteen million dollars is a tiny tiny drop in the debt bucket it may have really saved the financial lives of many americans but that's just my opinion. hello and welcome to technology updates on today's show we learn about the technology that keeps the moscow metro rolling. new serving a modern techniques make waves in the oil industry. and we take a peek through the innovation looking glass in this month's focal point. but first
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today's technology means that robotic help is no longer yesterday science fiction making many walks of life both easier and safer and this is especially true of this next robotic dream team. brains over brawn the world's a dangerous place so robots are frequently used to scout out areas and perform tasks to hazardous for humans in addition to the classic humanoid design is often since a nature for inspiration this is resulted in myriad weird and wonderful creations but even if we have to go in harm's way a robots will put us back together again if things go wrong however building a machine capable of such precision in highly demanding environments still requires a human touch. set up in st petersburg twenty three years ago the account employs around a thousand people it's forged a name for itself as a top supplier of high tech inspection and maintenance robots for the nuclear and
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oil and gas industries the company of ships around twenty thousand pieces of equipment to twenty three countries around the world but the applications of his products on just limited to earth dia conses even manufactured components for space ship docking mechanisms and electro mechanical fuel valves for launch vehicles we caught up with the company's deputy director to find out more. about the company's mission is to ensure complete control over manufacturing processes and high tech product development because we have over three hundred engineers and specialists who from project scope document drafting process development and implementation of create the technology to make the product which is then manufactured. the equipment located on our side here so there's still a samples tested and delivered to a client. one of the secrets behind the company's cosmic success is it takes production facilities which occupy around five thousand square meters and continue to grow many of. the safe operation of energy production facilities so failure is
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simply not an option so three ensure the quality of his equipments remains top notch the company's hundred takes the best tooling machines from supply is around the world while all these high end machinery may cost a pretty penny the full cycle production means that the company can design and build products at the drop of a hot this ability is not only the company orders from the likes of general electric but also resulted in a rather motley crew. since two thousand and five for the nuclear and space industries the contest designed and assembled an entire family of robots and it continues to grow the first generation includes a pipe inspection robot which uses ultrasound to check for defects corrosion and other irregularities in high pressure gas pipelines. snakelike welding robots is designed for carrying house repairs inside nuclear reactors the machine.


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