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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2013 7:30am-8:01am EST

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so we stay quiet we keep consuming or keep consuming debt at least now here's the first headline about quantitative easing what car salesman ben bernanke he said at dinner last night so this is simon black of sovereign man and he was at a dinner with the national economy club and ben bernanke was the guest of honor he said at one point during the evening when pressed about whether his quantitative easing program was good for wall street at the expense of main street he being ben bernanke he flat out denied it saying that such a premise is simply not true he defended his printing eighty five billion dollars per month suggesting that fixing interest rates as zero is beneficial for society because among other things it allows people to buy cars right well and allows people to go into debt into ever deeper debt and it's funny because this idea of giving out all it's in amsterdam is beer to keep them docile to keep them cleaning up the park clean up their their open air prison it reminds me of wal-mart and
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mcdonald's it was reported this past week that they themselves are out there giving the equivalent of a couple of beers to their employees to have him come into the store and perform menial label labor and slave labor so this amsterdam model is being picked up by the likes of wal-mart amsterdam the people that work at those companies they don't have enough salary to maintain a living wage there are probably homeless a lot of them live in the parking lot outside of wal-mart mcdonald's they don't actually can't afford homes and so what you're talking about is that wal-mart they're asking customers to donate food for their employees and at mcdonald's they issued a notice for employees to how to keep yourself from feeling hungry by chopping up your food a little or bits and spreading it out over today exactly how is that different than big just giving drunks beer to shut them up and of course the americans are quiet about it they don't mind being treated like a drunk in the park they love it so there we have it is that ben bernanke.
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confessed that what he wants was there are races to encourage the addicts to buy a car with using debt remember the car loans in america they're stressing out up to ten years now it's like longer and longer used to be like two or three years the mortgage on your car would be now it's like five six seven years so it's a rapidly depreciating assets not even something that was a wise investment but there's also on the high end we're seeing record amounts of margin debt on the new york stock exchange and this is a chart from bloomberg and it's the margin debt for a new york stock exchange member firms and you see the three peaks there this is an image that tells a thousand words two thousand two thousand and seven and today as you see record margin debt when you buy a car america you are it's just like money printing in america you increase america's debt load when you're buying stocks in america increase america's debt load when ben bernanke to keep interest rates at zero percent is helping to increase america's debt load and so such time as the debt bubble pops everyone who
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issued the debt the bankers included bernanke get a fee on the size of debt issued they don't make money based on profits and losses they make money based on the size of the debt they issue so in a car is a debt issue a quantitative easing is debt issue getting a job of donald's put yourself into debt that gives fees to the bankers it destroys the economy it destroys society it destroys everything but the fees for the bankers and so we're just seeing it getting more entrenched in the global psyche because now economies around the world the e.c.b. the bank of england bank of japan of course got this whole ball rolling they've adopted this model of turning everyone into an open air prison like gaza so this is the gaza model being written large and i've told the palestinian monetary authority they should adopt bitcoin to try to fight this but haven't gotten any word back yet and by the way you know relating this to addiction as you see with those debt peaks . what happens is the debt addict passes out they collapse into crashes
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these market crashes so we're at the point where we're at a higher peak than the one in two thousand and seven and higher still than the one in two thousand so again is it going are we going to fall over like we did just like the drunks in the park probably eventually fall over after the six or seven fear right in other words when the whole system crashed in two thousand and eight the conclusion was we need better mathematical models to convince people that banks should get into deeper debt collusion wasn't that we need to reform banks so that we don't have another crash there will be another crash it'll be much worse than the two thousand and eight crash just like two thousand and eight was worse than the three or four previous crashes they'll be an incredible economic duress and they'll be an incredible confiscation of wealth as usual and the cycle repeats itself i was going to say you know as well likening this to addiction this is like with the quantitative easing program and what they're trying to do with increasing
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new radical programs negative deposit rates things like this is the new beer that they want to the alcoholic beverages they want to concoct that won't give you a hangover so you don't ever there is no lesson ever learned there's nothing to keep you from ever feeding the addiction well in the u.k. there's a big argument about whether to lower or higher the price of beer or alcohol as a way to try to manage the fact that quantitative easing m.r. carney is treating the people in the in the population of the u.k. like open air fresheners and they're all their policies not just monetary policy or to try to adjust the economy in ways that are not blatantly ripping people off they only trigger the only valve the only fulcrum upon which this economy rests in the u.k. is the price of alcohol because they know that britain's run on alcohol more so than any other society in the world in the us is gasoline because it's everyone's driving around going out west going to west driving around route sixty six gas but in. and here in the u.k.
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it's alcohol that's it feels economy and again here is the quantitative easing being fed to the markets and you know that just like the guy in amsterdam said he would not work if it were not for the beer here people will not shop they will not consume if it weren't for the free money five years of q.e. and the distributional effects here's a chart of luxury retailers versus middle class retailers the luxury ones being tiffany coachella the mh and that is the burgundy kind of brown line and the blue line is macy's kohl's and j.c. penney as you see they moved in lockstep from two thousand and three up until two thousand and nine that vertical line is exactly when q.e. started and what do you notice oh the luxury retailers soar away from the middle class retailers so who is that benefit and who is this debt benefiting quantitative easing is a program of debt irrigation or money printing irrigation where it's a new way for bankers to direct the printing of their cash into the pockets of people who shop at tiffany's and you see that the tiffany's shoppers are getting
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the money basically deposited directly into their accounts without having to go through the economy where it might trigger wage inflation so wages are depressing while tiffany shoppers are getting more free money to go shop at tiffany's or by francis bacon triptych four hundred forty million dollars or andy warhol still train for one hundred million dollars that's the new financial irrigation financial engineering that is quantitative easing that's to financial innovation is that they figured out a way to keep people's wages from inflating while they inflate the value of their ill gotten artworks and now that chart was from j.p. morgan and what they said that this is showing what the chart shows is that there are debates about whether is zero percent cost of money helps anything except financial asset prices all we know is that the fed has a story to tell i keep money is good and they are sticking to it more like sticking it to us. people are getting stuck that the quantitative easing is
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keeping wages low it's a program of financial repression wage growth is below inflation by design is financial repression or for an actual zero pression it's an actual economic term and it's it's what i call financial terrorism and the reason i call it that is because it's creating a jihad in the economies around the world from people rising up against their terrorist overlords well i don't see any sort of rising up people are willing to spend as we see with this headline here that is housing loans soared by thirty seven percent in one year mortgage lending is back with a boom the evening standard is saying and the addicts are being fed and they're taking it on their last month totals the first time seventeen billion pounds has been breached since october two thousand and eight when the british financial systems near death experience condemned the home loan sector to a deep freeze so now they're celebrating it the fact that like the addict hitting
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bottom near death experience that we saw in two thousand and eight from too much debt consumption they're like celebrating like we're back to that same point again we were hello step away from your debt addiction the zombies got a big debt transfusion and they're celebrating before they have to be shoveled back into their coffins again you know after the n.h.s. has privatized this country taken over by hedge funds after co-op bank was was was unceremoniously murdered by hedge funds they will go after these people in the prison business and privatized the u.k. prison industry and people who are too in debt to pay their mortgage when it collapses and twelve months or so they'll just turn their house in doing a prison and be run by an american hedge fund or like manchester united run by americans well there are some people who chose not to be addicted to debt and those are people who will not take the debt drug that the government and the central banks are feeding us. to keep us quiet in the park they're feeding us the beer to
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stay so quiet dos silent obedient and easy to control some people are not obedient well what happens to them they buy gold they buy silver and now they buy bitcoin as well furious gold slam down leads to yet another twenty second gold market halt what do the following dates have in common september twelfth october eleventh and now november twentieth these are all days in which there was a forced gold slam down so furious a trigger to stop logic event on the c.m.e. resulting in a trading halt of the precious commodity and today's case gold trading was halted for a whopping twenty seconds as the market tried to reliquefy itself following what was a clear attempt to reprice the gold and silver complex lower needless to say there was absolutely no news driving the event as i said two years ago a year ago six months ago if you have a gold or silver portfolio and the manipulation risk with bitcoin and so people who took my advice they're having record profits in their portfolios this year gold
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silver good going like that last year like i have for past twelve years but this thing is what they're saying is the stop logic event as a banging open and happened here in the u.k. this is from the london open and it was two thousand contracts slamming the market at the open the day after the f.s.a. the financial services authority said they were going to investigate such manipulation they're saying we're control of the market you guys are not dead attics you're trying to protect yourself we're going to slam you the only one that's outside that manipulation as you say is bitcoin yeah it's gold is clearly being manipulated and bitcoin is the only way to get around it so we got to go get a good. ok we'll have a good interview with very sober very sober second market talking about bitcoin stateroom.
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well groomed in the future the newsman's show will in about its technology keeping the most cool metro rolling the new modeling surveyed said makes me ways in the oil industry under a dream team of robots who places too dangerous for humans. to tune in for the latest news and innovation is here and so noisy i'm jaded here. we've got the future of coverage. if you leave with these economic ups and downs in the finite months they belong to the deal sang i and the rest of the doing the taking will be every week on me. but. did you know the price is the only industry
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specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy albus. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been a hydrogen lying handful of friends dash all corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers one still just my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trucks rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america have on camera ready to join the movement then walk a little bit there. welcome
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back to the kaiser report imax keyser time now to go to new york city and speak with barry silbert founder of second market online marketplace for buying and selling illiquid assets such as restricted securities in public companies and on which he recently launched the bit coin investment trust barry welcome to the kaiser report thanks for having max all right barry silver tell us about the bitcoin investment trust the early adopter of bitcoin i got involved few years ago and what most people realize very quickly is that it is very very difficult to invest large dollar amounts of bitcoin you've got a wired body foreign exchanges you've got to deal with a very volatile market and so what we did was we incubated a big investment vehicle and really what it is is it's like a private spite or gold g.l.d. where it essentially is raising money on second market and will trade on second market and we handle all of the hard work of sourcing large amounts of bitcoin we
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had a look at the security the safe keeping it's authored by ian why and so the whole idea is to open up the court investing to a much greater broader group of investors all right so basically it's like an exchange traded fund which is based on bitcoin but it's not exactly an exchange traded fund because i believe it's only open to a credit investor so you avoid that regulatory hurdle correct right we were able to launch this in about six months new e.c.f. could take years to get approved by the f.c.c. and at some point down the road it might make sense for this to be the public market but for now it's only open to sophisticated individuals and institutions all right so as an asset class and i remember when we were in new york recently we were talking about this in your office and we were discussing how hedge funds have got to look at bitcoin as an asset class because if they don't they might find themselves lagging their peers in six months or a year so what the hedge funds coming into this i want to ask you so. since you've
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lost and since you've launched the bitcoin investment trust has it now become an instrument for this hedge fund community berry not quite yet we're seeing three big groups of investors right now we're seeing tech entrepreneurs who are excited about decorum as a technology they can actually invest in the big investment trust via their iras now and so that's been exciting for for that group of investors the next group or family offices so what's interesting is we're starting to see family offices who have a very diversified investment strategy long term time horizon taking a piece of their gold allocation putting it into big coen and then the third group it's wall street professionals portfolio managers traders who are not yet investing for their clients or their lp money they're investing personally and i say i personally think that this is the precursor to the hedge fund money coming to the space all right o'berry if that's so and you've got these early adopters very smart money coming into bed going in a space which is now roughly let's say six billion dollars in size and the
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winklevoss twins who you also have a relationship with in terms of the local bitcoin and silicon alley community they're calling for this to possibly achieve market capitalization of four hundred billion which would make it on par with the largest of the stocks listed on the new york stock exchange like an exxon for example is that kind of the are you in the same camp do you think this is where we're going i think the outcome for because it is binary it's a highly risky investment right now it's either going to be a total loss of your principal or a fantastic return and actually on the website for the because investment trust it's because trust c.e.o. we actually outlined four different scenarios of upside for bitcoin if it was the size of western union if it was the size of pay pal it was the size of the monetary base of turkey and then the biggest one is five percent of gold and if you take five percent of gold. gold's about
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a seven trillion dollar asset class we're talking about you know returns of you know certainly you know well in excess of anything else out there yeah you mentioned comparison to gold and silver and this comes up often people consider this to be really the digital version of gold or for gold to be the analogue version of the big point it's funny barry i want to get your thought about this because a lot of folks in the gold and silver community that you know the libertarians for example they are slow to pick up on this thread where do you fall on this gold has thousands of years of experience of being a known trusted store a value that's never going to change i do think because it is potentially for a younger generation our generation's gold because it does have you know the store of value characteristics and attributes but it really is from an intrinsic perspective very valuable because this network this transaction network is going to change the way that people move money around the world is going to change the way that people think about money and from that perspective i think it actually has
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kind of the best of both worlds both you know money and story value right now barry silbert i saw a tweet this week and i really sparked a thought in me somebody was talking about bitcoin in terms of a the bitcoin race and kind of making it an analogy to going back to the nine hundred sixty s. if you we had the space race where sputnik from russia was out there and then suddenly america entered the space race and there was a scramble to get men in space the reason i bring this up with the reason this is interesting is because only from what i've seen recently something like two percent of the total volume around the world is u.s. based a lot of it's china base russia base it's all outside of america there is a bit of a bit coin race going on on the regulatory front it seems like the u.s. there is still kind of looking at this thing and trying to figure out what it is but the rest of the world is already going full bore ahead your thoughts i think that's one hundred percent accurate. you know as much before as one of the early
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adopters of bitcoin i pretty active angel investor i've invested in about fifteen bitcoin companies and it's been interesting to see how the narrative has changed here in the u.s. from twelve months ago to six months ago to today twelve months ago because one was described as the silk road currency it was described as a tuna tulip bubble ponzi scheme and you had some early adopters using it embracing it but not many other other individuals then about six months ago the thin send department of treasury came out and said you know what bitcoin it's legal to use is legal to own but if you're going to operate as a money transmitter then you just need to register as such and at that point in time is when i saw the narrative start changing from this is a really bad thing to this is something that that could be good but could be bad today i think it's changing i think what's happening right now is the u.s. policymakers and regulators are realizing that companies are going to get created jobs are going to created and evasion is going to happen and i think here in the
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u.s. we would love to see that happen here in fact we love to see it here and here in new york. right but clearly bitcoin is a competitive threat to an entrenched oligarch play of big money center banks who love their huge fees and if i can move money around the world millions of dollars using big coin for pennies per transaction that's going to huge body blow to these money center banks so we understand they have a really a bias as to why they would want bitcoin because it's a threat to their business but nevertheless i'm looking at statistics such as bitcoin volume is now approaching daily volume of paper now and that bitcoin volume is approaching something like fifty percent of the daily volume of money sent through western union these are norma's numbers can you speak about this barry oh yeah i mean clearly because it is very disruptive to a business like a western union or a pay pal big trust me the banks will figure out
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a way to make money off of bitcoin and in our conversations with all the banks i think that there is some about what this could do there is certainly some concern about having to comply with rules and regulations around a c. but i think this is a global phenomenon and regardless of what the u.s. or u.s. banks think of big quien it's going to take off around the world and think ultimately the u.s. will fall behind if policymakers and regulators don't take a fairly kind of balanced accommodative approach. now barry the big oil has come around at an interesting time in history it's come out at a roughly the same time as the edward snowden n.s.a. reveals at the same time that kim dotcom had a spectacular run in with the copyright cartel the m.p.a. his mansion in new zealand is quite a spectacular story and then bitcoin and all of these things have one common theme that theme being encryption now as you've stated you're
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a long time investor in the technology space you follow it quite clearly can you talk a little bit about how encryption itself is defining this currency why that's important and maybe why we see echoes of it in other parts of the culture that might validate bitcoins existence barry i think the history of decline i would break into kind of five chapters and i think we're in chapter number three right now chapter number one was early hackers people playing around the technology didn't view because as a currency or a transaction network that was the first couple years chapter number two were early adopters or early entrepreneurs angel investors like me who got involved and got excited about everything we've talked about it's the end of the story value the encryption the privacy all of those things the next group which really started just this year is the venture capital community who understands that the future of technology is going to be peer to peer it's going to certainly christian
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technologies so we're in the middle of that d.c. chapter right now the next chapter which i think is two thousand and fourteen is the wall street chapter so this is when wall street starts investing money into a big corner that because an infrastructure are you also looking at a couple of these other alternative crypto currency the one name that pops up a lot now is like calling what you think barry i'm an investor in ripple labs which is the company behind ripple but that's really more investments in the founding team and the technology less so the alternative currency. i'm personally not that excited about the alternative currencies because you have to remember because at its core is software it's a protocol so any new advancement any new tweak that other alternative currencies adopt which gets traction i think it's fair to say that because it can evolve over time to to adopt that characteristic as well so i'm i'm personally not very bullish on alternative currencies alternative alternative currencies right now but it's still very very early yeah i mean you could imagine
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a scenario like the various viet currencies today money flows in and out of these different currencies based on different macro events and if there are three or four cryptocurrency if you could see something similar happening finally barry silbert second market i want to get your take on something this is a bit more technical in nature but you are a high tech investor and somebody in silicon alley in new york very well respected high profile names only get your take on this cody wilson who is of course the guy who brought us the three d. gun is launched along with his partner the dark wallet which they see as a conflict emerging between let's say one side are they validated coins this is an attempt by folks like matthew mellon another friend of the show to come up with a technology to validate so-called validate points versus you know going down a more an arctic path we've only got about thirty seconds left barry do you have a thought on this because it will follow the way that us dollars are use there will
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be a well lit well regulated use and there's going to be illicit private use and i think ultimately both are appropriate and both you know it's really it's not appropriate to try to shut down one because i think you know because at its core is is an open protocol that anybody can use however they want to use it all right fantastic right barry silbert second market thanks so much for being on the cause report. and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me. max kaiser and stacy herbert i'd like to thank our guests barry silbert of second market if you'd like to get in touch with tweet us of the report until next time. oh god is woman. is this. extremist.
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thinks. your post has. legs this is great. but let me just tell you something right now president george w. bush never claimed the right to extradition really assassinate american citizens this president barack obama should be impeached for crimes against the citizens and against the constitution because he has killed women and children in drone strikes so i'd just like to say that i think that history is not going to judge the presidency of barack obama and george bush in the same light whatsoever i think obama is way worse than bush and i am not a big fan of george w. bush ok and you could probably be co-hosting this program i guess i don't need to say very much definitely give you reflect upon what we have heard from good ruby and from austin where there is no compare and contrast between either president
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whatsoever besides having a spending problem this president currently has spent and pulling the debt and deficits out of control more than all presidents combined however george w. bush did spend too much but his governing style foreign policy prowess taking a set of crisis and leadership style are night and day over what president obama's are. interview. a little.
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leg right along the street a little search string. and i think you're. the reporters with the against the lead. to be a mole. a little. little.
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high hopes for a good story to deal with iran over the country's nuclear potion at the top diplomats gather in geneva to clear last remaining hurdle. as ukraine against jumping into bed would be easy because it's up to russia instead russel's accuses most of muddling while president. religion says it was europe using the dirty tricks. torture is on another leg of its epic journey to associate blundering to the bottom of the deepest lake after conquering out in spain.


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