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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EST

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high hopes for a historic deal with iran over the country's nuclear polish at the top diplomats gather in geneva to clear last remaining hurdle. as ukraine against jumping into bed with the e.u. and closes up to russia instead russel's accuses moscow of muddling while president putin says it was europe using the dirty tricks. torture is on another leg of its epic journey to associate blundering to the bottom of the deepest lake are now after concrete open space.
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international news like for moscow this is r.t. with me you are under a very warm welcome to the frog. and there's an air bag zines in geneva and his story deal on iran's nuclear program could potentially be signed although foreign diplomats on the iranian delegation sound optimistic adding further details about just what's happening has been almost impossible to extract. is that for us. foreign ministers are locked in talks at the moment security has been beefed up here there at the intercontinental hotel where most of the negotiations are taking place in there's so much security that we've had to move away from that when i in the media center but these talks are shrouded in secrecy that negotiations taking place behind closed doors and there is a real sense that the delegations are extremely wary of any leaks coming through in the media so certainly there are signs that a breakthrough could be on the cards today one major stumbling block was iran's
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insistence on its public on public recognition for its right to ukrainian enrichment and now has apparently been overcome in the doing all of the draft agreement. iran has also reportedly agreed to stop enriching uranium to five percent and in exchange it would receive a limited relief to economic sanctions for six months now i've just been speaking to russia's deputy foreign minister and he spoke to me about the secrecy surrounding the talks that this is such a sensitive issue and it requires a real media silence that some of the leaks that have been coming through in the mainstream media that have been pinning the blame on the lack of progress on iran have been unconstructive to progression in these negotiations he also said that a breakthrough isn't guaranteed but it is close the remaining stumbling block here
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at the moment seems to be iraq heavy water facility which if it goes into operation would be able to produce weapons grade plutonium but we aren't getting a sense from the other delegations that there's a good chemistry and everybody is hoping to bridge these final gaps in a bid to come around this historic deal that would question and to ten years of political wrangling over iran's nuclear program so we're going to be watching as. progress is states and we're going to be bringing you all the details. and it's a zero thorn no to any deal which has confidant shadow over the talks impacting on both the american and french stances and we spoke to john limbert the former u.s. deputy assistant secretary of state for iran and he was among the diplomats how tough the journey notorious crisis at the u.s. embassy in tehran more than thirty years ago and he believes that it's on the wish has become more hardline. but we've seen i think in the last three or four months
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since the election of president president rouhani and since some of the statements of the support of the supreme leader is i think a change of direction and a serious change of direction by the israeli friends tell me is within israel itself there's a lot of controversy over the issue of iran and what should israeli what should the israeli stand be and some of the more extreme stands that are coming that coming out which oppose any any deal are creating concern and concern in israel a lot of people are quite have been criticizing the prime minister look what. prime minister netanyahu seems to be asking for is not a negotiated deal but in fact an iranian surrender where they are pressured into simply given giving up well that's that's not
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a negotiation that's a so that's a surrender and if you get if you do squeal hard that they surrender such an it's such an agreement simply isn't going to last no harm that has sunk colony professor of international relations that be it man said dick you know that state in tehran says the deal should not affect iran's right to enrich uranium. one important issue here as we were talking about a negotiation is that your opinion rights for enrichment according to article four n.p.t. this is in a limited right and i quote in a little draw it for every signature of n.p.t. to researched several of produce under u.s. nuclear technology so enrichment is surely included in this whole process will be following their progress at the nuclear talks in geneva through the day on air and online at and t. dot com for you and also on our website where asking you about the prospects of an
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agreement to have your say on page. has accused russia of blackmailing ukraine into dick cheney's plans for european integration and joining a regional customs union instead moscow however says cable was scared away by the political and economic pressure discontent over the abandons trade talks between came in brussels materialized on the streets of the ukrainian capital crowds gathered for a second day of protest despite the government insisting a deal would have devastated the country's economy. looks had broken expectations. back to square one for ukraine's politics or kiev central square to be precise in two thousand and four the orange revolution started here gave independence square the event which dramatically changed political life in ukraine and set it on the euro integration course nine years later the square is filled with people again only this time they are here because their president took
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a turn around well these protesters have been furious with the decision we have to fight for an independent ukraine we have to fight for tomorrow other people believe ukraine may have in fact dodged a bullet the decision to suspend the preparation of signing the association agreement and zone of free trade with the e.u. is the only one possible in the current difficult economic situation which we now have in ukraine you have a delusion that life will be better and that you talk to. polish people talk to gary and right now the e.u. is in a. kind of a death spiral the e.u. has little right now to offer training hours after the korean government's decision reports emerged that unocal which told his list we encounter part in a phone call that russia economically blackmailed gear out of signing the deal with the european union. i don't know what the ukrainian president was talking about
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with his lithuanian counterpart maybe we should ask our american friends about that . well of saying that ukraine would not enjoy trade benefits with russia if it formed a free trade zone with the e.u. is blackmail how would one describe these statements by european officials i disagree that the agreement could be signed later it would be very difficult because too much risk is involved ukraine has missed a chance to remove the main obstacle in its way through integration with the e.u. so when i heard and i just found out yesterday that ukraine has suspended not cancelled but suspended negotiations with the e.u. and wants to review everything we heard a threat from the e.u. to ukraine all the way up to organizing mass protests this is pressure and blackmail having received no promise of compensation for potential economic damages from aligning with the e.u. give wants to create a three party commission with brussels and moscow to find a way to alleviate those losses which suggest unocal which has merely suspended not
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council the association strife the opposition meanwhile says it will continue taking people into the streets and demands that the president is impeached. reporting from key of ukraine and also he has been gathering expert analysis on how care could benefit from signing political trade pact and here's what i had. the opportunity to be part of an absolutely huge free trade zone it's a fantastic idea but the problem we really have is that already the european union model has been deeply compromised by the addition of countries that weren't ready such as belgariad and rumania the european union itself really has to concentrate on its own internal economic problems to say that this is a sort of an unexpected totally unexpected move is very strange because of course you can send see well it's interesting as well. for example the
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european union to dictate to greece. or to perth to grow into other countries and impose a state and presence and millions of people losing their jobs. i think that it became clear to the ukrainian president which that if you signed their deal he is not going to get anything financially the e.u. so basically office things which are not changeable you know it doesn't offer immediate economic benefits of their ukraine at some point in the future will have access to the e.u. markets but when will this happen. on our website it will be lined up to find his reasons why he has decided against further growth and integration. for the economy section. from the greatest highs to extreme lows after being taken on a historic space walk the sunshine twenty fourteen olympic torch has now plunged
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into the depths of the deepest lake in the wild led by cullen siberia and his james brown the dive. you're watching the climax of this very special torch relay out of lake baikal where the olympic flame is making history once again it's been lit and passed on the water by a team of three divers and now. it's been given to the aptly named by call who even without his wings is happily flying with the torch and his job is to take it to the shore where it will light up the olympic cauldron. a fitting climax to a spectacular so one of russia's most beautiful natural landmarks.
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a macho remembrance and a bid to make people for gad's coming up here this hour. want to take those traits of germany to smash with the popularity of nazi blues and country. and the u.s. oil lobby well and truly itself all saying through a pair of bills that would make protesting extremely expensive and federal regulation a thing of the past and lawyers coming up after the break. in the future. on the show we learn about the technology keeping the moscow metro rolling new modeling inserting techniques meat ways in the oil industry and the dream team of robots to places too dangerous for humans. to need unfold elitist news and innovations here and said no. we've got the future.
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choose your language. make it with zero and if you're going to. choose to skip. choose the great. choose the stories to. choose get access to. welcome bottom this is all seen thousands of people are preparing to march in
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cities across germany to commemorate an anti function oxidized murdered in the early ninety's they government is on a course state against the views promoted by far right groups overseas peta on of our report. the horrors of germany's history with the far right there perhaps no better illustrated than here in central berlin at the memorial to those who were murdered during the holocaust may so on saturday there was potentially going to see clashes between fall like neo nazis and the fascist street folks here in berlin other cities around the country now here in berlin taking part in the memorial to the merging of a n t fascist activist who was stabbed to death in a metro station twenty one years ago now in the past not house resulted in clashes between the far right and the far left now to find out a little bit more about the role of the far right and how they still exist here in
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modern germany i'm joined by dr didion bosch thank you very much a historian and political scientist now. we stood next to the holocaust memorial perhaps there is no more poignant memorial to the horrors of naziism how much do these neo nazis relate to the the dictatorship of the one nine hundred thirty s. and forty's. definitely proud of source regime and so i want to establish a rule comparable to that so that we know who are these people where do they come from within society i mean you look around modern germany the reminders are still there of the the suffering of the german people and the naziism how can people turn towards images like the swastika it's very different to. come to this movement very different ways to get in touch with what we find and many cases we find a fascination of national socialists they want to as they are really fast
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fascinated by hitler. and they do not believe they don't believe in what they learned in school boards view of the ministry thank you very much that was dr gideon porcher political scientist and historian speaking to me about modern day neo nazi ism and fascism here in germany throughout the day of a bring you updates on what's going on here on r.t. . being an unusual twist in the political career one it's raining man and his critics say his political problems should have landed him in jail for racism in the narrow hot seat and accusations of plunging into radical. and ambitious plans for three d. printers as medics hope to use the technology for the door for journals. starting with human hearts.
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protesting could soon become a thing of luxury at any drill side in the united states courtesy of new laws. co crafted by the oil lobby aside from forcing demonstrators to shell out five thousand dollars for iran a permit the bill would also excuse the federal government from regulating the fracking industry again educator can now reports. when romania granted the u.s. oil giant chevron more than a million acres of land to drill for shale deposits thousands of romanians took to the streets to protest they soon found out there was little they could do to protect their soil. in poland farmers stood up against chevron to fight fracking to no avail fracking pumps a high pressure cocktail of water sand and chemicals on the ground to release shale
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gas from the bedrock environmentalists say it has the potential to trigger earthquakes as well as pollute the groundwater and the surrounding countryside the problems with show it with shale gas mining in poland is a question of secretiveness and kind of not telling people the real truth about what's going on and not always telling never telling the other side the down side and i discovered this to be true with a polish government and proposal thirty's because they are in fact on the side of these big corporations walski partly shot his documentary drill baby drill in poland he says polish state television refused to baucus that you know normal people. can get the information to fight against the corporations and the normal people you know do the middle class people their objective is really to protect the land here to protect their place and the chevron. the corporations are here to exploit the land and they're going to leave but the farmers will be here and this
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is really what the fight is about us energy giant grills both abroad and at home and congress has been more than helpful to them domestically this week the house of representatives passed a bill that would impose a five thousand dollars fee on anyone wishing to stage an official protest against the drilling project. to become law the bill also needs to make its way through the senate before being sunk by the president this is. pathetic so silly by industry to squelch democracy opponents of fracking on both sides of the atlantic or even more fearful about the future of the democratic process as their governments and major corporations negotiate free trade agreements like the one between the us and the e.u. that would effectively enable american companies to bypass european courts and challenge e.u. governments international tribunals whenever they felt that laws in the areas of public health the environment or social protection interfere with their profits and
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the opponents say it would give trans nationals even greater access to their soil and leave the people with a little less say about their land on r.t.e. . docks attorney john paul one of britain's leading environmentalists tells us they'll be a serious price to pay in the future. makes more money for some people in the short term and those people happen to have very powerful leverage over government institutions this is not about whether this is a better energy source or not in an economic sense it's basically a rigged market that the environmental costs are not being paid for by the shale gas companies therefore we get a false illusion as to this being a cheap energy source when in fact it's only cheap now because we're passing on the costs of it being used into the future for our children and grandchildren indeed we're already beginning to see some of the costs of this kind of energy being used in the in the present and that hurricane that hit the philippines
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a couple of weeks ago is an example of the kind of extreme weather conditions that we can expect to accompany rapid warming of the earth's atmosphere. and some more global headlines for this hour and to pakistan fires two or two bombs have ripped through a bustling area of qur'an chait killing at least seven people the devices were placed on motorbikes left in a largely share area of the city before they exploded outside cafes and street stalls the military and police have been placed on high alert no group has claimed responsibility of that. scuffles are broken out between protesters and police and dollars during a rally to mark fifty years since their sense a nation of president john f. kennedy in the city some held signs of blaming the cia for his death others yelled slogans in support of the freedom of speech the demonstration came hours before a large official event was held in memory of the former president of the street where he was shot. latvians have gathered outside
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a collapsible market in riga at the start of three day of national mourning fifty two people are now sought to have died in the accident emergency services through the rubble for a second night but found no more survivors a criminal inquiry has begun to work out why the building. number of people killed in friday's oil pipeline explosions in the north east of china has risen to forty seven more than one hundred people were injured the company responsible for maintaining the pipes in qingdao city where the blast happened has offered a public apology over the incident authorities say workers were cleaning up a large oil leak when two explosions buckled reinforced concrete and a group through congress. the president of we've got a star on a will on sunday tell an asher meeting of elders to put all of this signing
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a security do with the you hours until hard way through next year washington has put pressure on honey to karzai to push through the agreement that will allow american troops to stay on afghan soil beyond twenty fourteen but has been digging in his heels are saying any accord should only be agreed after next year's presidential elections and who will actually with brian becker says karzai has to carry out a tough balancing act. the elders assembly is largely hand picked i mean they're not supposed to make their decision until sunday but i think it's very likely that they will approve signing the deal although we don't know that with certainty anything could happen but just think of it if you would what the united states is proposing is that the united states will maintain military bases and soldiers in afghanistan for a quarter of a century twenty twenty four is almost a quarter of a century after the two thousand and one invasion this is a clear instance of a colonial relationship where the united states invades an occupies
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a country. military bases so that ultimately whoever is the government after karzai the u.s. will be the determine or the real power in afghanistan. after next i'll say which won't keep small squares famous metro in the trunks and on time it's called a chapter eight after the break. and my research i randomly came across a sad statistic according to the center for the constitution only twenty eight percent of americans have actually read the constitution although the overwhelming majority claimed that they understood some of it and now we see why the constitution especially the bill of rights are getting whittled away the average person doesn't really know what their secret covenant with the government actually says which means the government can get away with reinterpreting the agreement to
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suit their needs and not yours because no one is the wiser but if you think i'm going to say we have rich american how dare you then you are wrong the problem is that any kind of philosophy or ideology or just even asking why seems to be getting out of favor in educational systems all over the western world and beyond i mean shouldn't the average american be taught in school about you know america and like the constitution and capitalism how can the society advocate praise or defend values they don't have any idea about please let's get the stuff back into the educational system but fascist my opinion.
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live. live. live live. live .
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hello and welcome to technology updates on today's show we learn about the technology that keeps the moscow metro rolling. new serving a modern techniques make waves in the oil industry. and we take a peek through the innovation looking glass in this month's focal point. but first today's technology means that robotic help is no longer yesterday science fiction making many walks of life both easier and safer and this is especially true if this next robotic dream team. brain is overbroad the world is a dangerous place so robots are frequently used to scout out areas and perform tasks to how to speak humans in addition to the classic humanoid design is often since a nature for inspiration this is resulted in myriad weird and wonderful creations but even if we have to go in harm's way a robots will put us back together again if things go wrong however building a machine capable of such precision in highly demanding environments still requires
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a human touch. set up in st petersburg twenty three years ago the accounts employs around a thousand people it's forged a name for itself as a top supplier of high tech inspection and maintenance robots for the nuclear and oil and gas industries the company of ships around twenty thousand pieces of equipment to twenty three countries around the world but the applications of these products on just limited to earth india conses even manufactured components for space ship docking mechanisms and electro mechanical fuel valves for launch vehicles we called so with the company's deputy director to find out more. about the company's mission is to ensure. control over manufacturing processes and high tech product development we have over three hundred engineers and specialists who from project scope document drafting process development and implementation of create the technology to make the product which is then manufactured using the
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equipment located on our site here so be still assembled tested and delivered to a client. one of the secrets behind the company's cosmic success is it takes production facilities which occupy around five thousand square meters and continue to grow many of the products play a vital part in the safe operation of energy production facilities so failure is simply not an option for ensure the quality of his equipments remains top notch the company's hundred takes the best tooling machines from supply is around the world while all these high end machinery may cost a pretty penny the full cycle production means that the company can design and build the products at the drop of a hot this ability is not only the company old is from the likes of general electric but also resulted in a rather motley crew. since two thousand and five for the new clear and space industries the contest designed and assembled an entire family of robots
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and it continues to grow the first generation includes a pipe inspection robot which uses ultrasound says check for defects corrosion and other irregularities in high pressure gas pipelines. snakelike welding robots is designed for carrying out free pass inside nuclear reactors the machine is radiation proof can slip through a gap the size of a much box and slinks along the walls magnetically the company's remote inspection robots uses laser holographic technology to check the integrity of react to seals to prevent any coolant leakage finally one of the latest additions to the family alignments of water pipes deep inside a nuclear reactor if any repairs are required a nifty mini robots can be deployed to a touch of metal brace to the pipe but even face high tech family the humble beginnings. we started off with special t.v. cameras capable of working in high radiation levels and underwater. they're used to control the technical process is.


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