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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2013 6:00am-6:31am EST

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now. breaking news on r.t.e. a triumph of diplomacy deal between six world powers and iran over its nuclear program is reached effectively putting an end to a decade long standoff correspondents brings reactions from across the globe but. iranian. enrichment program will continue this first does not say that iran has a right to enrich but what exactly the sides agree upon. this being the war has started three in geneva and it's going to be go on for another six months. experts warn that the vague language of the agreement could see all sides interpret the detail to suit themselves also. historic mistake threatening the
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whole world israel blast the deal with iran warning that it could trigger a nuclear arms race in the region. i welcome you watching our team with me and. we'll start with breaking news here on r.t. because world powers and iran have reached in the story a nuclear deal ending a decade long deadlock over terrans nuclear ambitions the breakthrough came after more than four days of intense talks in the atmosphere of unprecedented secrecy and in the media blackout. was in geneva with a delegation of russia's foreign minister to follow the discussions. i meant to say cation first of all off to two sets of failed negotiations before this ten years of
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political wrangling over iran's nuclear issue five days of talks intense heated talks in geneva a night of several hundred journalists sleeping in the media center waiting for a decision and we finally have a breakthrough that historical deal has been reached now it's hard to describe just how tense the atmosphere has been here throughout the night waiting for any sort of phone those negotiations to find out whether or not that deal has been made and up until the very last moment when we received the news about the deal being made there was no way of knowing which way it was going to go because sticking point still remains between the sides now the agreement that we have at the moment according to the russian foreign ministry coincides with what russia had been proposing for the offset in these nuclear negotiations now we can take a listen sergey lavrov talking about that right now in
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a bit more detail just into that in the sense of this six negotiating. to recognize iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy including its right to nuclear enrichment on the condition that its program is placed under strict control by the. confidence and will let our e.u. and u.s. . sanctions against iran that danger used by the u.n. security council russia has never recognized the unilateral penalties easing brasher on the run should start with lifting the. now among the details that one mentioned by sergey lavrov is that this will be the six month freeze over iran's nuclear program no new centrifuges are going to be added and no new uranium enrichment facilities are going to be built and everyone has agreed to stop
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enriching uranium to over five percent now so the deal here has been made it may only be an interim deal for the moment which means that you go sheesh and have to start up again in fixed months time but at the moment it feels like a historic breakthrough. well the deal got an overwhelming support back in iran with the country's spiritual leader ayatollah khomeini welcoming the agreement professor side mohammad marandi from toronto university says that despite what appears to be many concessions iran gains more than its sacrifices the overwhelming majority of politicians and. political parties and political leaders in this country have come out in support of the negotiations and the deal the important thing is that iran is reaching uranium today it is continuing to do research and improving its technological capabilities within the framework of the n.p.t. and in fact the fact that iran is halting uranium enrichment at twenty percent is
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something that iran actually wants because it's very expensive and the iranians have produced the fuel that it needs for the tehran reactor that produces medical isotopes for cancer patients so the iranians have already produced enough nuclear fuel through in reaching agreement twenty percent is no longer needed so halting that is actually an advantage for iran because it does not want excess fuel because it's very costly so the iranians feel that they do not lose very much and they have a lot to gain. but despite hailing the deal with iran u.s. president obama said the majority of american sanctions against iran will stay in place ati's gametes you can has more now from washington. president obama pledged quote unquote a modest relief of sanctions saying return for iran scaling back its nuclear program not the relief will include freeing up a small portion of iran's overseas accounts as well as easing some other trade restrictions here's actually what the president said on our side the united states
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and our friends and allies have agreed to provide iran with modest relief while continuing to apply our toughest sanctions we will refrain from imposing new sanctions and we will allow the iranian government excess to a portion of the revenue that they have been denied through sanctions. but the broader architecture of sanctions will remain in place and we will continue to enforce them vigorously and if iran does not fully meet its commitments during the six month phase we will turn off the relief and ratchet up the pressure while again this president obama said the u.s. would refrain from imposing new sanctions because it would undermine the breakthrough deal that they just reached to with iran we know that the u.s. congress was just about to pass another round of sanctions and the president has urged congress not to do that now although the obama administration now says sanctions have worked in these negotiations others argue that sanctions have
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created this hostile environment which throughout all these years made it impossible to reach a deal but still even though there is a temporary agreement the parties have already come out with what seems to be different interpretations especially on the key issue of whether or not iran has the right to enrich uranium we believe that the current agreement current time of action as we call it in this thing places. a very creative reference to the fact that iranian. enrichment program will continue and will be a part of any agreement now and in the future this first step let me be clear this first step does not say that iran has a right to enrich but no matter what interpretive comments are made. it is not in this document there is no right to enrich with before corners
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of the. this document does not do that president obama on his part said iran should have access to peaceful nuclear energy but because of violations in the past he said he wanted to be strictly limited in his capacity to develop a nuclear program now we have to take into account that the obama administration is now under a lot of pressure from the u.s. congress which is hardly in favor of any deal was iran and its allies israel and some of the gulf states which don't want to see you ron sanctions sanctions relief to so president obama. he president obama as well as secretary kerry they had to work their statements very carefully and ultimately their message to both israel and their partners in the gulf was that this deal will eventually make everyone safer so it seems the deal has left room for different interpretations as you times
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correspondent pepe escobar says this could be a disruptive tool for those against the compromise with iran. this spin war has started at three am in geneva and it's going to be going for another six months kerry had to see that so he could obese the israel lobby the us congress and that one hobby petro dollar law of the us not to mention some new york aunts and us as well it's still very possible and in iran it's different they are saying we still have our right to enrich. and it's corrects us we have to follow the letter of the agreement this means enrichment of two percent ok knowing rich that until twenty percent for the next six months no new centrifuges lowndes i suspect of which will be on iran practical on a daily basis from now want if you have the usual infiltrators who will start
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spinning something else i'm sure iran won't bring their promises it's in their own interests while some u.s. lawmakers have already lashed out at the a bomb and administration for signing this steal the republicans comments ranged from accusations of giving millions and not gaining anything to approaches for a uniting america's allies pepe escobar explains where else we can expect to find disappointment with the dale. for the moment we have a breakthrough it's going to last six months there will be all sorts of interest to try to board this deal and i am say specially what harvey dollar just is more like interests and the israeli law the as well but for the moment we have diplomacy in action something that we haven't seen especially between us in the room for thirty four years so this is the vision breakthrough at the moment but we have to. just remind you breaking news here on r.t.
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world powers and iran have reached in the story nuclear deal ending a decade long deadlock over terrans nuclear ambitions according to russia's foreign minister in the deal the world recognizer rands peaceful atom and uranium enrichment under strict control of the i.a.e.a. and the un atomic watchdog so let's take a more detailed look now at some key points of the deal that have already. thursley around will reduce its uranium enrichment from twenty to a maximum of five percent this level ensures the peaceful use of atomic material to iran is also supposed to stop adding new centrifuges sticking to dated equipment and keep the heavy water reactor near the town of non operational the un should have ran the clock ability to check and control any activity at the enrichment plant and in return sanctions will be lifted a lantern to regain control of some of its assets said to be worth up to seven
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billion dollars for a period of up to six months but one country not happy about the deal with iran is israel whose foreign minister even said the green signal is the beginning of a nuclear arms race more details with our correspondent in tel aviv. so to me the response of the criticism coming out of tel aviv is harsh indeed comments such as this is a deal based on deception this is a deal that is reminiscent of the bad deal that was made with north korea and that this is also a deal that brings the world back to the nuclear arms race now that was a comment made by the country's foreign minister avigdor lieberman he has stated that iran has been wounded by this deal he's actually called it the greatest diplomatic victory that terror around has had in years but by comparison he says it's a diplomatic failure for the international community israel is not bound by it and that israel will not outsource its security that was
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a comment that was made by the country's economics minister enough to be bennett he went on to say that if in five years a nuclear suitcase detonates in either new york or madrid that will be as a direct result of the deal that was signed today we've also heard from the former head of the mossad tom he says that if a final deal is anything like this deal then really we are in trouble and that is a quote too later today we are expecting the american president barack obama to telephone the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to try and eliminate some of netanyahu is concerns we also understand that there will be delegations of high ranking diplomats making their way to israel is also with me has shown that it is true that isolated and sidelined by the international community and this is a comment that was also made by the country's finance minister who said that israel really had a very bad choice here it was a choice between the plague and the cholera with you know appeared saying that
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israel was miffed all alone that having to explain the truth and all of its options were indeed bad i want to make the point though that at this point israeli officials have stopped short of threatening unilateral military action they say that more time is needed to assess the situation but we. in the past from the israeli play minister benjamin netanyahu. said if such a deal is reached this will put military action back on the table so clearly israelis angered by the deal on a ram but the u.s. will as usual to pacify them that is the idea of drawing dawson writer and co-author of why peace is real has its own nuclear program which they build in secret from technology that they stole from the united states probably the u.s. will create a model they already gave them a half billion dollars when train its next round of talks a couple weeks ago and so israel will get its get its money from the united states
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as they always do they'll be pacified like that by the us is not going to give up on this piece of basic auld war with iran since one nine hundred seventy nine and this is a major step forward and we have everybody on board yes the they are not enriching to twenty percent of that not only do with the scare of a nuclear weapon here that was probably more of the french if you want to compete with the market for medical isotopes but there's been a lot of negotiation and a lot of time put in this and they're not going to throw it all away because the israelis are having a fit. in with r.t. today we will look at some other stories that shaped the past week just ahead. if you. got no opportunity. to start to construct your. cue don't want to be bad.
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don't want to be gangsters you don't want to be drug dealers they don't want to blow a window of time a kid came to be we can see. you just meet the boat as i was when i was in the hood. thirty round clip. but i said. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die young young. back in the day barack obama was elected because he was deemed to be the very end to this is of george w. bush now instead of seeing differences between the two presidents we were reminded about what both have in common particularly like poll numbers for us on this program we've got these obama serving bush's fourth term.
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watching the weekly here on our. people in ukraine have occupied a central square in the capital over the country ditching a trade agreement with the e.u. the rally started on thursday demanding that the government resigns and the president be in paged alexy is in kiev for. you great is back to protest vote several rallies are now taking place across the great capitol to have this is one of them this is one of the rallies protesting against the government's decision this week. good to suspend the trade agreement with the european union the government try to be very pragmatic here finding some very serious economic reasons not to take this leap of faith that not sign the trade agreement with the european union first and foremost is the state of the countries or scenery modernization would have cost hundreds of billions of years they'll
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actually was the country cannot afford at the moment so. obviously false tax rates or to be close to that people would have found themselves in the streets and we're talking tens of thousands of people here this would create a serious serious social unrest in the country ukraine started to take this was to take this break. stand how to alleviate this loss of that actually offered to create a three sided commission with russia and the european union but at some point during this week a number of european officials pointed the finger of blame to moscow saying that russia blackmailed ukraine out of signing this trade agreement with you here peter the allegation the claim which russia staunchly denies and to the words of the russian president but. when i heard sendai just found out yesterday that ukraine has suspended not cancelled but suspended negotiations with the e.u. and wants to review everything we heard a threat from the e.u.
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to ukraine all the way up to organizing mass protests this is prussia and blackmails exactly nine years ago hundreds of thousands of drains took to the streets of the capital kiev to change their political life and indeed political life was changed back that the country was set on the integration course when anything of this sort will happen during these protests or of course we'll have to wait and see. a mission see on the wall here these are live pictures from the demonstration currently taking place in kiev will he has been gathering expert analysis on high kiev could benefit from signing potential trade pacts here's what we found. the opportunity to be part of an absolutely huge free trade zone it's a fantastic idea but the problem we really have is that already the european union model has been deeply compromised by the addition of countries that. barrier and remaining the european union itself really has to concentrate on its own internal
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economic problems to say that this is a sort of a unexpected totally unexpected move is really strange because of course you can quest to balance and see where it simply. grants for example the european union to pick the leg to greece. or to put it to grow it will ever come through this and that is a stereotype and thousands and millions of people losing their jobs. all the countries that have signed up the e.u. deals their colonies have suffered badly e.u. is a sinking ship it's a titanic of twenty thirty the noble in the right sits of the right state of mind want to join a sinking ship or buy a ticket to join a sinking ship so the ukraine's future must lie i think with russia with belarus and kazakhstan in a customs union this is the way ahead for ukraine it would suit the ukrainian economy in other news afghanistan's council of elders has approved a controversial new security treaty with the united states however president karzai
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says it will need the backing of his successor after next year's election if the deal is confirmed up to fifteen thousand u.s. soldiers will stay in the country for ten more years and they will be authorized to carry out anti terrorist operations and have the right to raid afghan homes under exceptional circumstances plus american forces will be immune to afghan law critics say the scheme shows the u.s. is unwilling to let afghanistan handle its own affairs. well we go back to our breaking news story we can i go live to the israeli prime minister's press conference bend netanyahu was making an official statement on the nuclear agreement with iran early he did call it in the storage mistake so let's listen to what else he has to say i'll for the first. introduction to doing this for you and said it very well that you have said it was a good. of you reading and this is a direct contravention of you was very tough for the way. you walk to the table
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because various steps which it would be worth using with me and imagery sanctions that you're here to put it where it's going to be you want us to see you have years of with. the veterans are you are ready to leave you. with the lifting of this version of this first step it could very well be the last . without continued pressure what is that of the river in the region there have been too serious and actually this that will do what it's going to do why wouldn't this narrative of the saracens working for him be that all this is going to get their left and. so israel is not bought by this. world of illusion the call for the destruction of the us or two or three of them
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being similar to the school you know you want to do what it. does i was very proud of what their state of the smile of yours truly. that open source of its focus on just off the road. in this thread was over there was. well we're just going to go to the store. we all always go to. the guards. so. all. of this. war. was. over the war some people.
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will go to the war it will all be in the fall of zero. four so if you're. for the removal of what. we were just listening there to the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu giving his first press conference after the deal the over iran's nuclear program was reached he did say there that he asked the question when with iran take serious steps to dismantle its nuclear capability and he also went on to say it is my solemn responsibility to protect israel the only huish state so these comments that we've just been listening to from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. because it's more. than this week so all but one of the thirty activists from greenpeace is arctic sunrise crew really crew
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released on bail the vessel stormed a russian oil rig back in september having what say has been following their court hearings for us and she joins us now actually or she is. we understand that they did receive bail so they were free to leave because but where are they now. the twenty nine that a word granted bail last. not allowed to leave the country all even the city until the trial all day is happening and that date has not been given out of the twenty nine eighteen of them have been able to make bail and the rest are still waiting for that sixty one thousand dollars that's going to take them out of that detention center only in the one activist is still remains in the detention center until next year february his lawyers have said that they will appeal that decision. but it's also clear that the might be free for the moment but potentially they could be
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locked up for a long time up to seven years. absolute well initially there were charged with the piracy they were then changed to pull it is them which carry a maximum of seven years in prison they were in the moments detention center upon the arrests in september then they were moved to. early november now of course of this environmental protests started off as an environmental protests that in the has now become a diplomatic spat between at the netherlands as well as russia the netherlands the vessel that to the activists said actually use had taken russia to the international law of the sea tribunals and asked them to release of the vessel as well as the activities of russia has said it will not do so as a point to everybody who is on the bed. and they put themselves at risk
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and. thank you. thank you. well seeking ways to improve life in america's most violent city shellshocked is here next. and my research i randomly came across a sad statistic according to the montpelier a center for the constitution only twenty eight percent of americans have actually read the constitution although the overwhelming majority claimed that they understood some of it and now we see why the constitution especially the bill of rights are getting whittled away the average person doesn't really know what their sacred covenant with the government actually says which means the government can get away with reinterpreting the agreement to suit their needs and not yours because no one is the wiser but if you think i'm going to say where average
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american how dare you then you are wrong the problem is that any kind of philosophy or ideology or just even asking why seems to be getting out of favor in educational systems all over the western world and beyond i mean shouldn't the average american be taught in school about you know america and like the constitution and capitalism how can the society advocate praise or defend values they don't have any idea about please let's get the stuff back into the educational system but that's just my opinion. the. economic ups and downs in the final. sank night and the rest because i hate being a freak. oh
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my god. you don't have to give me a second to think about this. for. a couple. three. for. what i know about seven people a good man got to buy the guy says so yeah it's like a run to my fam but that's the close of my brothers and know about ten people who have died than all the my brothers and care every day i walk out my house the hour feel right and know by six improvements yeah they all died before even time seventeen as is almost natural edge in the sun about oh gosh i live you know nobody's summer oh it's a. carrot
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am sent in my day the current day came to me on it's an amount. good to see somebody and i've been in the call we don't know but i don't for the seed a need to send out of your gaze and explore my lives a lot of will burn. first that they happen because of violence it was like you know was shot there but we came together. the second one it was all but we still came to get it and it there when everybody just seemed just a just split up.


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