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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2013 8:30am-9:01am EST

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paired to deal with society too often with time in jail in the criminal record many youth find it hard to finish school or to find employers that will hire them. one block away from the prison is liberty's kitchen and organization dedicated to helping at risk right now a lot of various oh i'm sorry scream i pad but i'm going to do a lot of law but i was on a gun charge i want it out for thought and bad police. dog and ization trained sixteen the twenty year olds in a working restaurant work often begins with a group discussion over a deli quote it's easier to build strong children than a paper of good men and easy to build strong children in the paper when men liberties kitchen aims to put you on a road to a self-sufficient life you know mongul school right now because their money that
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you make a lot of the young people i work with don't have exams don't have miles of people get up go to work every day they young sixteen seventeen years old so naturally they don't have work it's a lot of folks don't want to hire young people because you have to make a commitment to trainees and that's doesn't that everybody's will do for kids who don't have support it can be hard to live up to the requirements of probationary period. so that means that the do check it once a week drug court so they got to go to drug class once a week he would serve you have those three points that that will happen you still have fines and fees that hussle pay for the fees hussle does that mean that you want to block those of the league so that increases the likelihood of you being picked up again same thing over and over for kids who need income selling drugs often seems like the only available job as i was thirteen i got in a game with twenty doubt it was a twenty dollar flip around what they call a flip
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a twenty dollars could you could break them a hair and make two twenty out of rocks so i have twenty eight out of them to flip around break and i have to make four take effort to get to know flippers. great i may have now i've got eight but i didn't make the five sales and i don't carry my twenty dollars and also the one hundred up i mean i've been a money isn't more than what a fifteen year supposed to make you get out of school at three and if you've been three to twelve at night you know and i travel with twenty dollars an hour left by twelve o'clock you've got pricing two hundred out. and i had a camaro i'm. just on avenue i had to make money my arms all work you might be on drugs my fears and i'm in a home where we may be alone exams all year. but only found as a ram in the us all get our restaurant is made down well the for status are necessity the law of selling drugs lead to packing guns for protection it was like
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no i've got a gun too i don't know there was a gun maybe made a film asking us what he wanted to go so i'm a give me a gun that i don't want to start on me which oh god yeah i got a gun to welcome aria we've got scary he had to have missed dealing with that he really had to have specially with me because i didn't deal. in my neighborhood because. in a good scene knowledge of that ahead all the grass that really step it if they had a beef between younger cats and really good squash to be like maybe i'll need to stop this no i don't know which i went through whatever but this is before any good thing has only more blood on sharon but as well now eight really don't have the all the figure that are coming to stop these youngsters right now. that they say other people in my family have done because they contribute to you know like drugs and virus and i was the fact that it's the fifth day just because
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what they do i think that someone is going to come and try to get me ruthann decent happens every day at this moment some matters for to somebody somehow most is that what we did i'm one big home with you know street justice police. who put you in a whole bunch or a tally to this family and their families are returning to this family in a wall of like a game with when i walk out the door and the first thing they go is in the mind i live to the left and i wait for about ten seconds to make sure that nobody's coming they say in a car coming to my right it's not going to get to before you give me. the raise. that cost more so you got a straight got a gun. we got to get out you can protect yourself. airboat milly's a youth organization which made a shot film focus on retaliation we had hit in the family my son was one of
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six years old he was a joy computer engineering and working for coca-cola bollen at night he got shot five times and he and we really knew that we had to do some bottle got involved because i had another son still to still live in and also we had community members and founded members there it was our set of bodies and we knew that we didn't need people retaliate in my son's murder if it's not you. it's only live in son was cast as michael a boy who was pressured by friends to retaliate for his brother's murder every time you kill one black kid you a do a number he's citing his friends to take a keogh you.
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just. never lost a child. you don't know what you know you hear stories about it so many people used to feel the authority for your loss but you really don't know how i feel into you. you. is an epidemic and you really have to understand on that day i
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lost my identity i was a mother and wife who had two children and now have one i don't believe and not answer the question when people ask me how many children i have they've it's death murder left a huge gaping hole in my life like half a meter with him there's an great emptiness so i had to fill that up with something . when you tell someone it just child was murdered in the streets or you know it or the ex how he died or he was shot to be he you know he was murdered ok did they automatically assume what he must a was involved in some type of drug so he most you know was a big one of the streets or whatever person killed another person you are destroying this person whole family the whole family and the only day family your family also you know your families where you are into two families.
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over for this generation you can't change this to parody made up a mouth i don't think there's hope to stop violence in new orleans i don't think violence but never stuff on ruby going no i don't think so and if the next generation of delay degeneration then you know put them in jail that's not going to solve nothing because when they get out a pattern of worth or what they would learn before they went so well life some people just bank in a row my banking killing is cool it gets you by gives you power so i don't know how you go will come know even though the. every thing that seems to be true to me in reviewing the murder board and reading
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the articles of virtually every murder victim. the one constant is in some way there is a connection to poverty when you live in poverty at some point in some generation you'll move from poverty with almost to her a spirit of hard work and labor. and you will eventually shift to despondency. and hopelessness if you've got nothing and you've got no opportunity what do do you. you start to construct your own culture and society against the news that is glorified if you seal minute dogs in a big cause in a drawer as a glorified kid see all just on t.v. you see it but they can't put their hand i want to be can you get how can i get this they make it look like.
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one is not real but they tend to not care because they're hungry they want to feed their family so much. they don't really you know pay attention to what they're actually were kind of mastered or creating one of the people working to contradict those images of violence is kevin griffin he's a member of toussaint a media collective that combines entertainment with education like you're going to talk you know your i know. everything from fame to the future if you're. going to face. it like sesame street meets the most important to. remember when everybody has a. danger every. every call. to send social commentary has gone at them several wars and a loyal following on you tube there's
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a lot of opportunities for negativity to just grow and you got to actually what kind of culture we have where the negativity can grow so easy. to. mock it. and tell us your rampant life all this way and all of. the marquee being a powerful good play you know like. yeah they fear take up your personal example off to the government topping your followers and you know you see them later on to me years later you know some governments cannot afford to do that not only you know again some prominent journalism so again some has a status i remember thinking at the time and i discovered all this if there were
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tapping my phone for this alternate in consequential summation demonstrating tapping thousands of a telephones here and not a. deliberate torch is on its epic journey to such. one hundred and twenty three days. through to the actual nine hundred ton two cities of russia. relayed by forging those people for sixty five thousand kilometers. in a record setting trip by land air and sea and others face. olympic torch relay. on r t r c dot com. who had that kind of fame is like why would you you know do your thing and that's
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fine but why would you try to use that you know that power that mess for something positive you know because it if the wind tomorrow say it you know what if they make an all a's in school if you don't take every challenge it will be in the books the hall. one of two since most popular videos is every book in the world a parody of the way every girl in the world the video was created as part of a book giveaway. and no. well i. in this day and age we have so many more outlets that people didn't have years ago you had and people come out on camera
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thinking the only thing you know now you can sort of create the change you want to see i got to say you know you can become that thing that you want to change and broadcasting for the world but to a kid and wonder about and i thought about cinema could you imagine what it would mom became if you hate you too right you know i just like the chains like ok i'm about to move and just want to show kids that it's a lot more you put on in that we just stand for money you can be united you can be you can really let your voice be heard. what the variety of problems facing new orleans you there isn't an easy solution but the efforts of two sets and a number of youth development programs across the city are planning the seas of change in the ninth ward internationally known event producer call washington volunteers his time to coach kids killed all want to be bad give don't want to be
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gangsters they don't want to be drug dealers they don't want that but without a target of the help a kid came be we can see when we first came discipline was a major because we had to work on that we had to get that to be the number one thing and we won that battle was there so we got to stay here willing we're going to be engaged in life want to develop bases and we're serious about where we want to go what we're doing there we saw a change the n.i.d. disrespect the appear attention the more focus the more concerning the eager to want to learn and grow. develop for the few patches and brought more part of the deal a commitment is helping kids to see a brighter future seventy five percent of the children i worked with couldn't write down their dreams and their hopes their aspirations we talked to a one thousand year old who didn't you asked what he was going to do in five years and he said i'm not going to be alive in five years. and so we realized we had to wipe that slate clean that that curriculum is not going to work here we had to
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start with the basics teach the kids how to imagine again one of our foster children that lived with us during this time came up to me very very worried he was nine he thought that my seven year old there was something wrong with him because the seven year old was sitting on the couch saying hey chris ok rin spaceship we're going to go explore you sit here and i'll be the pilot and chris was trying to convince me that there was something wrong with my son because he didn't know where he was chris had lost at nine years old the ability to imagine while development activities for youth vis paget's realize that many of the children at the center only getting fed in school. we said we did something one thursday night that's now turned to every thursday night we had some extra money and we had a donation come in that we were allowed order pizza with we had everybody come in and they had to sit down at a meal i rearranged all the tables into
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a family style meal and we served the pizza sitting down and having a meal together and they had talked to each other well those who are not from new orleans may not know this but there are words not supposed to talk to ten thwart their mamas and their grandmothers in their great grandmothers have told them that parkway in zion city no way. but the power of pizza over that seems to be when every day they have to sit down when they eat together and they have to speak to each other kids have found out they were related when they thought they were enemies kids and found out they have a common grandparent kids have found out their evacuation story was the same. and i find this common ground when they talk to each other like anything this is a very good day for the kids to keep kids off the street to help you homework we have my fun time family night make sure no one by.
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telling their plans down below but they teach us to do the right bangs and life so we don't go in a bad direction we don't have fun and no no and they don't know what happened to them or that all the kids cavities all the right ways the water they'll get farther behind us and do the right thing. quartered central city you can palm a project helps young people from around the area by providing a variety of services they offer tutoring mentor and counseling as well as special assistance to those who are transitioning back home from detention centers by providing tents case management we could help them reconnect you know with family and community and make a healthy transition into young adulthood when they self esteem is now when they begin to feel that nobody is want to give them an opportunity but then they began to shut down and then they go back to the things that are in their community that
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they think is a way to get out of it or a nasty the struggle is like a revolving door i know christian won't kill us all why did you just write you bet i am going to run through. the word. thinking was the thing about the supports that you care and if they were not there you know would choices which you have me feeling words should be reflected in this document that you should be doing what you should be you to some this only. make you you know it's not something that's going to happen overnight it's a it's a process you know you have to get back to the things that we got away from and it's about understanding and allowing the kids. to to to know that you really care you know because if you take hope i mean if you don't you don't have the new
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reason all of you have raised the born way when now it is. you know i was going to be that and that and. the man you know one of the last words was it was not going to buy a. village who are actually. doing the job around him as he used to just get up to go to the river they now want out. and that will help. our. he says he knows that so yes usually you are one of the least you know you would call for change what we call them on. our. time to be helpful me ok you are losing control because you do what is the reason a.m.d. you follow the rules i am always and hold out very good very good s. i read well you raise a ball
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a. very. it's a lot of people getting killed though to teams a really good in this heated life and almost see my like i am tired of people having children and hoping that they make it i would children are supposed to make it help me with my boys how much i don't come to miles which of potato salad in your words of condolence is help me while he is alive more park more. for you know what a fine thing but i'm a better school and they have more active keep young teens off the streets best book courts could. organization groups that had us in the district i'm talking about where you know somewhere else because it is we streaming know everything
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being we because we had no choice but to be become no deaths we see you i don't we give young people come at us there you have to sort of i break they say oh you know it's like give them back to the point where they should be you know when we talk about the future of louisiana and the future of our city we need to change around the dynamic we are first in incarceration and yet either last or next to last in education that is certainly not the way to produce a viable state in terms of economic opportunity in terms of investment but it's also throwing away an entire generation of young folks i think people finally agree that you can't are enough cops to make the city safe people say make the laws harsher harsh is harsh when you killed on a street with a mack ten in some rock you don't care where the ng go away for life or not whether a teenager is where his pants down to his knees cursing up a storm or brandishing a gun what they're really saying is look at i matter. i
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don't want to get caught out i don't want to get i don't want to die i just really do not want to die young young age because whenever i see it on the news my kid dives for even turn eighteen that's a shock to me that makes me not want to live here anymore but still make money because my friends are here you know like people that i can see myself actually growing up with you know stuff like that i feel like i'm just torn in the middle i want to stay here but i don't want to stay it is i don't want to die.
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shellshock live in the cold bits of the salt in all the stuff go to nothing get in the city when you constantly hold in the cold so hot cold guy shellshocked living in the cold sold bits of the salt in all the people go to nothing get in the studio from twenty constantly hold the phone to the old guy me just blow shit on the sidewalk little pieces walk around with a prize go no go so we marinate this thing a single see a big problem this whole nation and pop out the next cage and live in the system pig closely mancipation creature a dream to see believe in santa economic he's got
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a second life animal. and the little chap in normal plot would have to kick him in the back they keep it high. enough so him to get excited would be see i'm still the one and that's a treat you can see it's a trap music one of my actions in the last soften up to make the case twenty five the older woman awesome mom this law still shot livin in the balls told me it's only sculpted in all the stuff. you know make it in the city ya know when we commonly hold in the cold the tone got a shell shocked livin in the boss told me it's only so often all the people go to not make it in the city when you constantly look so hot don't got me. wealthy british style it's time to rise.
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markets find. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports. this is the place that has been consecrated to god for almost a thousand of years people came here twenty some years ago so the established last a life on the silent. and people feel the love of christ working. people say you can catch. something happens on this island that makes them return to it again and again. saves them. join me james brown on a journey for the soul. only.
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you know there's one thing that i still can't understand and i don't want to good mood but i have this one question when doing this all for you that you had everything they begged him that he gave them all up in the senate to go your way but what for. it was a way to inform he tried to restrain himself but look first out anyway. if it really puts me off that i have such a father. it was one small but very great secret that i have to live with for.
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if you're thinking about an alcoholic drink associated with russia it's probably not going to be one that springs into your head but they've been making it here on the black sea coast for more than two thousand kids and there's an industry which really can compete with the best the rest of the world has to offer i've come to meet some of the people growing the greats and to see if i can find out the secret to the perfect place. to send. us. the let me just tell you something right now president george w.
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bush never claimed their right to extradition really assassinate american citizens this president barack obama should be impeached for crimes against the citizens and against the constitution because he has killed women and children in drone strikes so i'd just like to say that i think that history is not going to judge the presidency of barack obama and george bush in the same light whatsoever i think obama is way worse than bush and i am not a big fan of george w. bush ok and you could probably be co-hosting this program i guess i don't need to say very much definitely did you reflect upon what we've heard from good ruby and from austin that there is no compare and contrast between either president whatsoever besides having a spending problem this president currently has spanned the debt and deficits out of control more than all presidents combined however george w. bush did spend too much but his governing style foreign policy prowess taking a set of crisis and leadership style or night and day over what president obama is
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our. breaking news from our days of intense talks shrouded in secrecy result in the storage deal ending a decade of diplomatic standoff over iran's nuclear program but the vision to remain iranian. enrichment program will continue this first does not say that iran has a right to enrich but mixed messages so what exactly you decide to go on. this being the war has started. and it's going to be cooling for another six months experts warn that the dalles vague language could see all sides interpret the detail to see themselves. you know the nisa to gas scaring kiev reports of a.


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