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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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is why you should care only. a victory for diplomacy after days of tense negotiations tehran and six world powers clenching breakthrough nuclear deal bringing an end to a decade long standoff but divisions where main iranian. enrichment program really continue this first step does not say that iran has a right to enrich but mixed messages so what exactly did the two sides agree on. screen war started three. and it's going to be go in for another six months experts warn that the deal's veg language could see all sides interpret the details to suit themselves. in other news police in kiev use tear gas on a crowd of protesters trying to storm the parliament building as tens of thousands
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rally after ukraine ditched e.u. integration plans. also in two weeks made news doomed flight three sixty three the black box valuable insight into the tragic crash that killed fifty in central russia we reconstruct the jet's final desperate moments. and the afghan president rejects advice at home and abroad to sign off on a security pact with washington that would allow u.s. troops to stay in afghanistan after twenty fourteen. you're watching our two weekly live from moscow where we give you a rundown of the week's top stories. it's a done deal six world powers have reached an agreement with iran bringing its atomic program under control and as an ally now reports on how the landmark document is the result of exhaustive talks the deal of the decade. there
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will be all sorts of interests will try to bully guard this deal but for the moment we have diplomacy in action something that we haven't seen especially between us and iran for thirty four years so this is the major bridge breakthrough at the moment but we have to be the world powers and iran reach and historic agreement ending the deadlock over tehran's nuclear ambitions after a decade of fell threats and sanctions diplomacy has prevailed that within the state of the six negotiating powers agreed to recognize iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy this law including its right to enrichment under the conditions of this program is placed under strict control by the i.a.e.a. of the issue. iran will reduce its uranium enrichment from twenty to a maximum of five percent for the next six months and use no new centrifuges inspectors will monitor on
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a daily basis sanctions will begin to ease but while tehran celebrates what it claims is its newly recognize right by the west to a peaceful nuclear program not everyone is on board iran's dream deal is the rules. and some details seem to be lost in translation this first step does not say that iran has a right to enrich but the current agreement the current plan of action as we call it in into this thing places. has a very clear reference to the fact that iranian. enrichment program will continue so while the deal is sealed the spin has just started kerry had to say that so he could okies the israel lobby the u.s. congress and did fly hobby petrodollar law in the u.s. not to mention some legal counsel questions what's still very faulty the old
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rhetoric is expected to continue swirling despite a new reigning president in place who's taking powerful steps to convince the world that iran never has and never will attempt to arm the country with nuclear weapons israel has between two hundred and four hundred nuclear warheads and if ever iran word pose a threat to israel whether a nuclear attack or if it were to build nuclear bombs which it has not decided it is no life but the deal still brings hope that dialogue is a match for the rhetoric that sanctions will surrender to solutions and diplomacy can break deadlock and he's now a r.t. moscow. the agreement has been much support in iran itself spiritual leader ayatollah khamenei iraq welcomed it as a basis for further progress some iranian experts believe that tehran will gain more that itzhak biased. the fact that iran is halting uranium enrichment to twenty
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percent is something that iran actually wants because it's very expensive and the iranians have produced the fuel that it needs for the tatooine reactor that produces medical isotopes for cancer patients so the iranians have already produced enough nuclear fuel through enriching uranium a twenty percent no longer need to so halting that is actually an advantage for iran because it does not want excess fuel because it's very costly so the iranians feel that they do not lose very much and they have a lot to gain and again it shows the steadfastness of these from the iranian perspective and. standing for your rights can achieve results russia's president putin hailed sunday's agreement for opening the door. to see on the iranian nuclear program artie's medina coaching of a house more on moscow's reaction russian president vladimir putin has called this
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historic deal on iran's nuclear program that was achieved at talks in geneva a win win situation for all parties involved now the president said that this agreement is just a first step towards bringing a solution into this very complicated issue now he also said that it was achieved only thinks to a mutual diplomatic approach from all parties involved now the president said that russia has always been calling for a diplomatic approach in resolving the dispute over iran's nuclear program and it is very important that the grounds that russia had been offering were completely supported an acknowledged by the international community now the president said that this deal will bring a positive vibe to the development of the international situation especially and the middle east region and once again later including said that this is just the beginning and russia will continue to seek the bass solution in this matter. now the agreement in geneva was held by president barack obama who says the lion's
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share of american sanctions will stay in place meanwhile some of america's politicians remain skeptical of the new deal pushing to impose new economic penalties against tehran and as our washington correspondent reports at still unclear whether iran sigh of relief will last for long in return for iran scaling back its nuclear program president obama has pledged what he called the modest relief of sanctions but the more crippling sanctions will remain here's what the president said we will refrain from imposing new sanctions and we will allow the iranian government excess to a portion of the revenue that they have been denied through sanctions. but the broader orkut texture of sanctions will remain in place and we will continue to enforce them vigorously and if iran does not fully meet its commitments during the six months phase we will turn off the relief and ratchet up the pressure the obama administration now says sanctions is what prompted the negotiations that led to
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this deal we heard secretary kerry talk about this and the president others argue that sanctions have created this hostile environment which throughout all these years made it impossible to reach a deal we know that congress was just about to pass another round of sanctions the president has urged congress not to do that saying it would undermine all chances for diplomacy to work they're already blasting the administration for the deal especially the republican part of congress and their reaction ranges from accusations over giving the way millions and not getting anything to reproaches for italy needing america's allies u.s. congress has hardly been in favor of any deal with iran and it's very difficult to see how they're going to take meaningful steps to actually make the deal work because this is a test agreement after six months all sides and not just iran have to take war confidence building steps and it's very difficult to see the u.s.
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congress doing it in the current environment peace activists randolph's and thinks the u.s. plans to stick to the deal even if washington itself comes under pressure the u.s. is not going to give up on this beast you know it be she called war and she's nine hundred seventy nine and this is a major step forward and we have everybody on board. the they're not enriching to twenty percent it has nothing to do with the skin of a nuclear weapon you know it's probably more the french who don't want to compete on the market for medical isotopes but there's been a lot of negotiation a lot of time put in this and they're not going to throw it all away because these realities are having a fit. israel has condemned the deal in no uncertain terms labeling the historic agreement a historic mistake prime minister netanyahu reaffirmed his tough stance against the accord claiming that it endangers his country and the whole world a middle east correspondent paula slayer has more on the reaction there. what we heard from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in
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a brief press conference is that iran is taking cosmetic steps that it could reverse easily netanyahu also saying that sanctions that took years to put into place are now being undone the israeli prime minister warned that this step because first it could very well be the last it and he asked the question what incentive does he now have to dismantle its nuclear weapons program the israeli prime minister said we cannot and we will not allow a country that cause for the destruction of israel to have nuclear weapons capability the israeli prime minister also saying that when israel's friends and allies on the stake and he sees it as his obligation to speak out netanyahu saying that my responsibility first and foremost is to the one and only jewish state that there is netanyahu also saying that israel is not bound by the greenman and that is a statement we've heard from the crossfire from obvious ready political leaders netanyahu in fact said that this was not an historic deal but he called it rather
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a historic mistake now israeli ministers have been lining up to nam bats to rein in nuclear deal the country's foreign minister avigdor lieberman has said that all options are on the table and that israel would act independently of the deal that is reached with iran essentially jerusalem believes that the deal is marginally better than the first draft but it is still a bad deal according to the israelis and they say it could get worse if the controls that are stipulated in the agreement or not rigorously adhered to the deal is based according to the trick that we're hearing coming out of television on self-delusion we've heard that it's reminiscent of the bad deal that was reached and signed with north korea we've also heard from other ministers that it brings the world closer to a nuclear arms race and that there's no reason for the world to celebrate what the signing of this deal has indicated first and foremost. is that israel is food isolated and even more marginalized by an international community that in effect
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did not listen to the israeli concerns given levy from israel's haaretz newspaper believes his country is too isolated from its former allies and they won't take netanyahu seriously the united states could leave also was a barking dog killed and you know we'll continue wheezy he takes but is really so isolated that both eat the would he say it's world as they say it i don't see this we create a lot of problems even if it comes from jerusalem if you judge it in a very cold way israeli security today is in a better position than two days ago because this agreement was for the benefit of all parties and above all i've seen good it's very important to me that iran is big among the community three or four countries not isolated isolated iran is always
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more dangerous than iran part of the worst part of the east part of the world. iran has been bent on a long and winding road to reach this crucial deal its nuclear program was launched way back in the one nine hundred fifty s. with the assistance of the us but all that changed after the islamic revolution it was only in one thousand nine hundred six from the us chose the path of sanctions lambaste in iran by claiming its atomic development was for military purposes that's also when talks started they got bogged down in two thousand and five when iran's then president ahmadinejad presumed uranium enrichment the un was quick to respond agreeing on its own sanctions a year later but they failed to stop iran from plowing on with its nuclear program . in fact in two thousand and ten it increased uranium enrichment to twenty percent the international community saw that as a clear message that tehran wanted in tomic bomb which allegedly triggered the assassinations of four iranian nuclear scientists with israel's mossad suspected of
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involvement in that and by doing this here iran had a new president something many saw as a game changer and terrans relation with the west our web team has also been keeping a very close eye on the diplomatic marathon in geneva so if you've missed something check it out on our to dot com. we're heading into a break right now but still to come all but one of the thirty people arrested during a greenpeace protest at a russian oil platform in the arctic are released on bail don't go away. from the show we live our technology keeping the moscow metro rolling remodelling says the techniques mean ways in the oil industry and the dream team of robots to places too dangerous for humans. to be unfold elitists news and innovation is here
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welcome back you're watching our to live from moscow on monday france thanks for joining me the flight data recorder from the passenger jet that crashed in central russia last sunday has been coated with indications still pointing toward pilot error for the tragedy investigators say he calls a plane to nosedive onto the runway of cause an international airport killing all fifty on board now the trouble began with the weather the conditions were much stronger than the acceptable levels for landing this type of plane during what's called final approach the jet was just thirty meters off the ground when the pilot told air traffic control he needed to perform a go around and make a second attempt to land he puts the plane's nose up to gain some height but lost too much speed and almost all the aircraft so in desperation the pilot went in for an emergency descent to gain speed and lift that put the plane into an uncontrollable dive plunging it into the ground at four hundred fifty kilometers per hour your press cannot went to the scene of the tragedy. the flight all
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traumatic moment civil flights that had almost completed its journey forty four passengers six crew members everyone on board gone so close don't always use such should. good boy healthy and handsome he had a good family his son is only three years old he made many plans for the future a tragedy that meant family friends and colleagues in their rivals for waiting to welcome their friends and loved ones home for instead of reading their last. meeting his two associates yana from moscow and donna from cameras in england one of the two foreigners on board that moscow took us on flight they were on their way to take part in a business master class for local students. we all knew what happened but many kept hoping until the very last moment that their relative sense survived the horrific picture many became hysterical doctors help because some lost consciousness others had to lean on walls geysers are close at hand to ready for the victim's relatives
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whenever they're needed says are also on standby for when the shock is too much to bear. because the complications we couldn't pick asian in the early began getting to. their nobody's only fragments the force and speed of the impact means there are a few clues right now the flight recorders have been taken to moscow since they were badly damaged but could reveal what was said in the final few minutes in the cockpit and whether the plane was functioning normally twenty four hours after sunday's plane crash flights have resumed an international airport but it's not business as usual scores of people have been coming in bringing flowers to show their respects to the victims while the state of new evidence giving answers the latest footage of the crash is only raising further questions you've got this kind of artsy republic after their start we canvassed and a ray of aviation experts engineers and flight controllers over the mistakes that appear to have been made on that fateful flight their thoughts and more analysis on
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our website. also online tackler images from japan where a volcanic eruption has created a new island the full video is on the invision section of the site plus. the olympic torch reached the bottom of lake baikal the deepest lake in the world with the flames still burning check out the remarkable footage at r.t. dot com. in ukraine's capital kiev protesters a new reforms attempted to storm the parliament building and clashed with police who responded with tear gas already say around fifty people rallied in central kiev angry at the government's decision to suspend integration plans in different a different part of the city a large group of protesters stage rival rally against closer ties with brussels are to. get reports on a deal that not only divided people within the country but also the international community. ukraine is divided again the decision by the government to suspend the
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free trade agreement with the european union polarized the country these people participating in the largest protests in years and say that they completely disagree with this decision they say the president must be impeached there's a different rally just a few hundred meters from his supporters of the president say that this decision was a bridge magic one and was the correct one the notion which is shared by many political analysts as well because looking at the possible disadvantages economic disadvantage is that ukraine could have suffered from joining the free trade agreement it's easy to see why first of all there was an isolation of ukrainian machinery could have cost more than one hundred billion dollars all together the actually which cannot afford at the moment so the fact is a lot more than eyes they can get close to the tens of thousands may find themselves in the streets without work and greater social unrest another factor which was also crucial here is that in order to be in line with the european standards ukrainian government had to increase prices for heating out of the ordinary population certainly this is something you in ukraine would have liked so
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you can. all this and other possible economic disadvantage just ukrainian government decided not to sign this deal it was looking for some sort of compensation from the european union but the european union did not offer any kind of compensations for the football potential economic damages and losses essentially this is what caused the signing not to happen next week another interesting twist in a story happening during the week is that the european union in fact pointed the finger at russia accusing russia of blackmailing ukraine to sign out of this free trade deal the russian president hit back saying that in fact it was the european union who blackmailed ukraine it would have been blackmailing ukraine all throughout the negotiation process let's have a listen to the russian president when i heard that ukraine has suspended not cancelled but suspended negotiations with the e.u. he wants to review everything we heard a threat from the e.u. to ukraine all the way up to organizing mass protests this is pressure and
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blackmail we've been speaking to some leading economic experts asking them what their kiev could actually benefit from signing these trade pacts here's what we've heard. opening the ukrainian borders to the e.u. would be suicide because their export capacity is simply not up to european standards where is the europeans import floody and wiped out what remains of the ukrainian industry all the countries that have signed up to e.u. deal say economies have suffered badly e.u. is a sinking ship it's a titanic of twenty thirteen and no one in their right state of mind want to join a sinking ship or buy a ticket to join a sinking ship so the ukraine's future must lie i think with russia with belarus and kazakhstan in a customs union the e.u. has conceived this association agreement like all the other agreements that it tries to sign with european states as a geo political project in the midst of all these are accusations against russia
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it's actually the e.u. which sees it with expansion as a little girl and indeed an ideological project i don't think ukraine has lost market totally because there was no opportunity for ukraine in the e.u. deal to begin with it would've severely damaged their relationships with russia. the e.u. has little girl offer so i don't think ukraine is one thing the afghan president has rejected advice from the country's influential council of elders that he sign an important security pact with the u.s. as soon as possible amid karzai tell the three thousand strong meeting he would not ratify the agreement with america until peace returned to afghanistan but washington has said any accord must be reached as soon as possible now the proposals would see up to fifteen thousand u.s. soldiers stay in the country until two thousand and twenty four they would support afghan forces but would still be allowed to carry out military operations against al qaeda and its affiliates. now importantly it includes keeping the right to raid
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homes an issue that has enraged the afghan people and there's another contentious point here the deal would give american forces immunity to afghan law they would only be placed solely under u.s. military jurisdiction a political analyst and former afghan lawmaker tons oist says that if u.s. troops do remain and only be to protect their own government's interests if there are ten thousand or twelve thousand troops in this country this would mean that they will only concentrate on their own special forces activities i guess i'll. give certain tribal area. operations and they will bash questions of the other side and kill. their enemies they will not worry about the security of afghanistan they will not worry about our internal problems they will just pay attention to what their goal is and that's it in my view americans are tired of this mission they're tired of all kinds of fatigues that wars bring in
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that sense i don't think they have a big appetite in a larger operation in afghanistan. this week a russian court released twenty nine out of thirty people on bail after their arrest during a greenpeace protest they will remain in russia until their trial has been completed the group originally detained in september after trying to board an oil rig in a demonstration against drilling in the arctic to bang let's say has been following the hearings. the twenty nine that the word granted bail out still in st petersburg they're not allowed to leave the country all even the city until the retrial of the has happened and that date has not been given the only one activist is still remains in the detention center until next year february his lawyers have said that they will appeal that decision initially they were charged with apply receive those charges were then changed to polygamous them which carry a maximum of seven years in of prison they were in
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a moment's detention center upon a rest in september then they would move to st petersburg in early november now of course of this environmental protests started off as an environmental approaches that it has now become a diplomatic spat between at the netherlands as well as russia the arctic sunrise vessel which the activists were on board was a flying of the dutch flag the netherlands had taken russia to the international law of the sea tribunals and asked them to release of the vessel as well as the activities of russia has said it will not do so as of the point everybody who was on that oil recently and in the outtake address and they've put themselves at risk . up next we check out what keeps moscow's famous metro on track and on time in technology update.
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one member of st petersburg sledges. of assembly is trying to get child beauty pageants banned in russia starting with his hometown you know i couldn't agree more with this gent on this issue these kids beauty pageants not only put a ton of pressure on children to achieve something absolutely pointless but they're also a pedophile's dream come true and are well very very creepy but why are they creepy that's because with the a like it or not human beauty is related to sex so when you try to make children beautiful and wear bathing suits let's just say active poses yeah that's called sexualizing children and it's disgusting although adult beauty pageants are also sort of stupid at least the participants are all adults so i say it because beauty pageants are obviously related to sexuality should be able to participate in them until you reach the age of consent in your country otherwise it is just a pedophile buffet but that's just my opinion. hello
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and welcome to technology updates on today's show we learn about the technology that keeps the moscow mitchell rolling. new sieving a modern techniques make waves in the oil industry. and we take a peek through the innovation looking glass in this month's focal point. but first today's technology means that robotic help is no longer just a day science fiction making many walks of life both easy and safe and this is especially true if this next robotic dream team. brings overbroad the world is a dangerous place so robots are frequently used to scouts how it's areas and perform
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tasks to positives for humans in addition to the classic humanoid design is often sent to nature for inspiration this is resulted in myriad tweed and wonderful. relations but even if we have to go in harm's way a robots will put us back together again if things go wrong however building a machine capable of such precision in highly demanding environments still requires a human touch. set up in st petersburg twenty three years ago the accounts employs around a thousand people it's forged a name for itself as a top supplier of high tech inspection and maintenance robots for the nuclear and oil and gas industries the company of ships around twenty thousand pieces of equipment to twenty three countries around the world but the applications of his products on just limited to earth day a concert even manufactured components for space ship docking mechanisms and electro mechanical fuel valves for launch vehicles we caught up with the company's deputy director to find out. to ensure complete
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control over manufacturing processes and high tech product development we have over three hundred engineers and specialists who from project scope document drafting process development and implementation of create the technology to make the product which is then manufactured using the equipment located on our site here so instead of samples tested and delivered to client. one of the secrets behind the company's cosmic success is it takes production facilities which occupy around five thousand square meters and continue to grow many of the products play a vital part in the safe operation of energy production facilities so failure is simply not an option to ensure the quality of his equipments remains top notch the company's hundred cakes the best machines from supply is around the world while all these high end machinery may cost a pretty penny the full cycle production means that the company can design and build.


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