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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2013 12:00am-12:31am EST

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this is why you should care what you only call. the carrot or the stick countries united in praising new storage deal with iran but differ on what led to the landmark agreement also. that the promise that opened up a new path toward a world that is more secure storage. the u.s. fails to appease skeptics at home and to some allies abroad as its part in the deal attracts a flurry of criticism in washington and tel aviv. police used tear gas on thousands of protesters and the ukrainian capital kiev as the government breaks away from a trade deal with. this
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is r.t. coming to you live from moscow i'm marina joshie welcome to the program and world powers agreed on a groundbreaking deal with iran but opinions differ on what led to the long awaited success while some countries attribute the breakthrough to diplomacy others insist it's thanks to the pressure of sanctions a compromise was found a reports of the talks and their outcome. it's a deal that saluted diplomats for a decade and as the crucial make or break iran nuclear talks continued into the night details of how they were going were leading the journalists camped out in geneva so we waited and waited and waited while diplomats from six world powers and iran inch that way closer to in the story break through than off to sixteen hours a tweet from the e.u.'s top diplomat
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a deal had been done and the six negotiating powers agreed to recognize iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy including its right to nuclear enrichment on the conditions that its program is placed under street controlled by the i.a.e.a. . as we received word of any event we got details to iran had agreed to reduce its uranium enrichment from twenty to a maximum of five percent used for u.s. centrifuges while holding construction of a new reactor near the town of iraq this week its route this long list of concessions they were foreign minister still had a smile on his face and written he won for his country a partial easing of sanctions allowing to launch a regain control of billions of dollars worth of much needed funds and fine banks we believe that it is the sanctions that have brought us to this negotiation and ultimately today a more significant negotiation to follow for
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a car branch of agreement others have stressed that it wasn't the stress of more punitive measures but diplomacy that won the day over the night in the case of these talks the fact that that the iranians have shown time after time that there is no evidence that he was in your program i think. it's something that has been ignored by the west and western governments but this. despite all that iran's new news has forced these countries to step. in richmond and again the russians and the chinese have played a very constructive role this stupidity in the suit with the agreement is based on the concept forward by the russian president vladimir putin iran's new president hassan rouhani is also seen as having played a crucial role in making the deal possible he came to power less than three months ago edging to improve iran's relations with the west and i don't think that
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sanctions played as much of a role as a recognition by the united states and britain and other countries that we need to engage iran because iran is becoming increasingly influential this is a leader and the interim agreement in six months time well it's powers and to run a set to return to the negotiating table but after ten years he is a failed. deal signed here in the middle of the night is a game changer for what he'd like a hot seat to meet. now despite winning praise around the globe the historic agreement failed to get a unanimous welcome in the u.s. live alone its close ally israel our washington correspondent guy niched account takes a look at how despite diplomatic triumph the obama administration has found itself between a rock and a hard place. today that diplomacy opened up a new path toward a world that is more secure and flying in the face of president obama what was cute
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in geneva. last night in small ways sort of agreement. it's a story in state. it's not a safe place in an environment where israel as well as many u.s. lawmakers don't think that iran should develop nuclear technology at all the obama administration had to engage in diplomatic acrobatics to both acknowledge iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy and not acknowledge it at the same time we approach these negotiations with a basic understanding of iran like any nation should be able to access peaceful nuclear energy but because of its record of violating its obligations iran must accept strict limitations on its nuclear program that make it impossible to develop a nuclear weapon the scope and role of iran's enrichment as is set forth in the language within this document says that iran's peaceful nuclear program is subject
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to a negotiation. into mutual agreement despite the official's attempts to obtain the hawks list hunches are flying security cameras it looks like we've tacitly agreed that they will be enriching for commercial purposes down the road so i think you're going to see on capitol hill again a bipartisan effort to try to make sure that this is not the final agreement another senator marco rubio called the deal quote a blow to our allies in the region who are already concerned about america's commitment to their security and of quote i think a lot of people both in the middle east and on capitol hill are very concerned that this interim deal becomes the new norm opponents of the deal in washington and abroad are over the working not too late and survive the six month trial the obama administration is walking on eggshells before congress israel and its allies in the
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golf as it's trying to convey a carefully worded message which is you cannot threaten war all the time in washington i'm going to check out ryder ryan dawson believes that despite having criticism at home and abroad washington will not back out of the deal. u.s. is not going to give up on this beast you know we've had a basic old war is nine hundred seventy nine and this is a major step forward and we have everybody on board. the they're not rich you know twenty percent it has nothing to do with a scary nuclear weapon you know it's probably more the french are going to compete on the market for medical isotopes but there's been a lot of negotiation a lot of time put in this and they're not going to throw it all away because the israelis are having a fit. now some u.s. lawmakers are also voicing concerns that iran is gaining our lot while giving of virtually nothing to discuss just how much to iran might be gaining in financial terms here with me as a venture capital pilgrim katie thank you very much for joining us to talk about
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this well it certainly breakthrough deal reached in geneva yesterday but what are the immediate effect effects on. the country can now get hold of around seven billion dollars worth of modest is fine until we know the sanctions have crippled the country since their introduction so let's break down some of these figures if he were a large proportion of these numbers are going to be coming from so the country can resume trade in gold petrochemicals and also exports and of course this will equate to around one and a half billion dollars well the country's earnings will still be greatly improved to balance earnings will still be thirty billion dollars less than before the embargo is what originally introduced because the oil exports will remain in place now regarding the financial sector so just over four billion dollars worth of
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offshore funds will be frozen now this is still a tiny fraction of the one hundred billion dollars that will still be inaccessible to iran but it does mean that the country can finally really end the global banking system once again. like a relief from some solders considering the country is still injuring recession for the second year so this will be a really. well certainly as you just mentioned we see how some of things will work because some of the sanctions will be lifted as you just said it's still a drop in the bucket so to speak but you know it's something is better than nothing so these are the immediate short term effects and what about the long term ones what will be happening a lot of time with the hope is the country can drag itself out of recession that's obviously going to take some time as well as the seventy five million people the iranians that are struggling on a daily basis because products are so expensive that we know inflation is up forty
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percent that puts huge pressure on the families a dime a tremendous salaries that means imports and exports will be reduced by around a fifth going forward. twenty thirty years it's all about investment investment into the country has been pretty much what existed we know in anticipation of this deal there's already been called the stations going over the global energy companies the european us ones wanting to get back into the car where they've been out of it for around two years now really make use of the oil assets of the country can improve upon that not only oil we've also got a good coach good as well these industries as well as chemicals and materials will . the moment to prophesy is well it needs to be tightened and know if the avant in a quite a way to radiate very short so there is a host of issues there to deal with both for. and and the politicians of the people
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like in the country and as far as investment as you just said i mean probably my view is that the investors will still be waiting for another six months to see what will be happening in the situation is still not very stable there but for now the thank you so much for breaking it down for us here you know how things will work short term and long term for the rainy economy i'm here with us in the studio. and. we're always eager to find out what you think on the stories we cover so you can always go to website. to take part in our online poll and what is know what you believe will come out of the groundbreaking deal with iran and other stories now here on our team demonstrators in ukraine have attempted to take the country's government office by force but were stopped in their tracks by police spraying tear gas around fifty thousand protesters blocked central kiev outraged at authorities disrupting the trade agreements with the e.u. for now the city center has turned into
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a tent camp with no sign of protest well and. in the ukrainian capital for our. ukraine is divided again the decision by the government to suspend the free trade agreement with the european union polarized the country these people participating in the largest protest rally i've seen in years in kiev say that they completely disagree with this decision they say the president must be impeached at the different rally just a few hundred meters from his supporters of the president say that this decision was a pragmatic one and was not a correct one the notion which is shared by many political analysts as well because looking at the possible decide not to just economic disadvantage is that a great could have suffered from just joining the free trade agreement it's easy to see why first of all there was an isolation of the crane and the machinery factories could have cost more than one hundred billion dollars altogether the luxury which a bank cannot afford at the moment so the fact is a lot more denies they can get closed and the tens of thousands may find themselves in the streets without work and could create a social unrest another factor which was also crucial here is that in order to be in line with the european standards ukrainian government had to increase prices for
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heating and it just didn't guess what he ordered but relations certainly this is something you in ukraine would have liked so looking at all this and other possible economic disadvantages ukraine begun to decided not to sign this deal it was looking for some sort of compensation from the european union but the european union did not vote for any kind of conversations call for the put the full potential economic damages and the losses essentially this is what caused the signing not to happen next week another interesting twist in the story happening during the week is that the european union in fact pointed the finger at russia accusing russia of blackmailing ukraine to sign out of this free trade deal the russian president hit back saying that in fact it was the european union blackmailed ukraine and would had been blackmailing ukraine all throughout the negotiation process let's have a listen to the russian president when i heard that ukraine has suspended not canceled but suspended negotiations with the e.u. who wants to review everything we heard it's right from the e.u.
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to ukraine it will be up to organizing mass protests this is pressure and blackmail . so it's just exactly nine years ago hundreds of thousands of the greats took to the streets only. to change their political life political life was changed back that the country was not going to cure integration or swear that anything of this sort will happen during these protests broke bush will have to wait and see. party to accomplish the financial hurdles standing in the path of ukraine's way to the e.u. one of the factors named there is the rising price of gas and it's in bad on the cost of utilities. may just find a way around it but drilling for cheaper shale gas this year ukraine signed cooperation deals with oil giants shell and chevron which could help the country lower the gas price by as much as three times the current level but sharon wilson who had to abandon her home because of onsite fracking says the benefits will not
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cover the damage. i've learned about this industry the hard way i worked for industry first and then moved out to the country and bought my own place and then i experience the environmental impacts all around me there's the possibility of water contamination water depletion and many many horrible air impacts and the traffic in just a huge disturbance knowing why it's been a fitting a very few people the industry and a few large landowners and it's coming at great expense to the people who live on the land. a bank of england is optimistic about growth in the u.k. but there are manny indicator is more important to add g.d.p. which suggests it's far too early to celebrate one that coming out. and france
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here itself a weapon technology threatens to undermine america's gun control debate. on wealthy british soil it's time to write. down. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cons a report. released be told language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about six of the c.r.t.c. interviews intriguing stories are you. trying.
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to find out. it's arabic don't know it's called. there's a media leader so we leave the media. by the scene motions to the play your party there's a good. fortunes that no one is as good with the guests that you deserve answers from. politic. welcome back this is r.t. the u.k. is slowly recovering from one of the deepest and longest financial crises to hit the country but despite moderate growth some key indicators like living standards health and education suggest few reasons for optimism artist or smith has more. so
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the bank of england's forecasts for economic growth is on the up unemployment is down it sounds great but beyond those immediate fake is a darker picture that pretty much all the measures by which we track economic progress are in decline people's real incomes falling more and more of it spent on basic essentials uniquely this generation of young people is worse educated than their parents and obesity female life expectancy and child mortality among the worst in europe soon easing economics commentator jeremy warner says growth is good but warns it's unsustainable there's not enough exports is not enough business investment in this economy now provided the economy continues to grow the hope is that these things will eventually come true but at the moment so very little sign of them and you say that these key indicators say living standards education health
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these are all on the decline talk to me about that. yes well there are some other were very worrying features about the u.k. economy. ever since the crisis began living standards be under a lot of pressure a real wages have been declining we've probably see. a ten to fifteen percent erosion in living standards since the crisis began part of six years ago on nets big it's never happened before. in morton history really for the first time again in modern history we are seeing a situation where people leaving the workforce and retiring are better educated than the people joining the workforce and that's that is a very worrying moment of the future because any more than the economy depends on continued growth and learning new skills and so on and so forth. if you or if your standards of education. all declining the new relative income in future
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relative to the rest of the world is going to decline with it so it's a very worrying phenomenon what does it all adds up to then these underlying economic into cases i mean where we go with what i think. an extreme wakeup call really i mean britain has a lot of things going for it. it's still reckoned to be one of the most open economies in the world it has the biggest global financial center in the world so there are a lot of things going for the u.k. but these underlying trends are very worrying and something needs to be done about them very very urgent warner says the government's doing some of the right things but to gingerly and ultimately unless radical actions taken in those key areas britain's economy is living on borrowed time. afghan president hamid karzai has refused to sign a security treaty with the us until next year's presidential election he ignored
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a council of elders recommendations to ratify it within the next month now if the deal is sealed up to fifteen thousand u.s. soldiers will stay in the country for ten more years and they will be authorized to carry out anti-terrorist operations and have the right to raid afghan homes under exceptional circumstances plus american forces will be immune to afghan loss critics say u.s. troops will only stay there to protect their government's interests. if there are ten thousand or twelve thousand troops in this country this would mean that they will only concentrate on their own special forces activities i guess i'll. give tribal area. operations and questions of the other side to. their own enemies they will not worry about the security of afghanistan they will not worry about our internal problems they will just pay attention to what their
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goal is and that's it in my view americans are tired of this mission they're tired of all kinds of fatigues the wars bring in that sense i don't think they have a big appetite and a larger operation in afghanistan. so take a look at some other stories from around the world in pakistan thousands have marched against u.s. drone strikes in the country protesters also blockaded nato supply routes and stopped trucks the demonstrations started after an islamist party asked the state government to press in the west and the attacks this comes just days after he was drone strike killed five people in a remote tribal region. and new laws banning street protests without prior police notification has been issued an idjit it's been down this repressive by human rights groups managed to leave the man here is aimed at supporters of ousted president morsi has been staging almost daily progress in
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season little from power in july egypt has been in turmoil since the twenty eleven uprising which deposed president mubarak. now with a gun control debate raging in the u.s. three d. printers become an unlikely focus as a new technology becomes more popular and accessible fears grow data will be possible to simply download and print and regulate a weapons. has the details. from the state of the union in youngstown a while we're no workers are mastering the three d. printing but has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything to a store in soho new york. three d. printing technology has officially gone mainstream the demand is much greater than our supply right now and we're actually ramping up and expanding rapidly to meet that demand this three d. printing company maker bot opened its first retail store last year it is selling its newly released replicator to desktop for just under twenty two hundred dollars
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using a plastic material the machine deposits ultra thin layers to form any object that can be molded in software welcome to the world of independent manufacturing so this stretch bracelet took about sixteen minutes to make but other objects that are a bit bigger like this cupcake gift box took about fifteen hours of printing now while the time a very anyone with a three d. desktop printer can essentially make anything that they want at our web site thing on earth is a repository for three d. printed items we have more than forty thousand items going over that are free and downloadable and one of our terms of service is that you cannot upload any thing that is to the weapon. this is where twenty five year old wilson enters the picture a group of friends and i started a project called difference distributor. we want to use a three d.
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printer to print a gun to release the files open source the texas law student has already printed a thirty round magazine and lower receiver that houses the bolt for an ar fifteen and he's reportedly working on completing a rifle with a three d. printer his blueprints for guns and gun parts are distributed for free on his website but i'm very assuring people ok this is something that can be done right now. right now the self described. market advocates has thrown a major wrench into america's gun control debate as a national conversation and it was a debate that started in december after twenty children and six adults were shot dead at a connecticut elementary school overwhelming majorities of americans americans who believe in the second amendment have come together around common sense reform like background checks that will make it harder for criminals to get their hands on a gun meanwhile wilson became a federally licensed gun manufacturer and dealer they're bypassing the debate there
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rendering the debate irrelevance whatever last may come out of this discussion this sort of ability to manufacture objectivity firearms at a localized centralized basis means of the law really won't matter in the law may say that something is illegal but if you can turn to a device that's on your desktop and manufacture that at will with nobody knowing that you've done so then the law doesn't matter at all with a reported three hundred million guns in circulation the u.s. has the highest rate of gun ownership in the world. and just as lawmakers are finalizing move legislation that would tighten the nation's all too easy access to firearms. experts claim that technology will ultimately outpace their meager efforts at gun control. are to new york. and coming up here on our team look at wine in southern russia in red white and brown for our u.k. viewers going on the ground one new antisocial behavior bill put an end to protests
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in britain to find out stay with us. it was a. very hard to make i don't. want to get on here a lot have you ever had sex with her but there are no please. please. please. please. please. please
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about a bubble. we speak your language i mean some of the will are not a day of. school music programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you breaking news a little tentative angles keaton's stories. you hear. detroit all teach spanish find out more visit i to allah god. this is a media leave us so we leave that maybe. by the same motion security for your party there's a. big question is that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politicking only on our team.
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the black sea coast is one of russia's top tourist destinations sun sea and the best wine the country has to offer but if those weren't good enough reasons on their own to come here there's also a little mystery that i want to get to the bottom of.
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i've heard long ago that there was a man named brown would come to russia's black sea coast to grow grapes and. he might not have been my ancestor namesake in the. past take to excuse for a visit. of the family. if there was another one i was going to find it and if i had to have a few of the local vintages along the way that was a sacrifice i was willing to make. this is a venerable institution in russia's wine industry. has been running almost continuously for nearly a hundred and fifty years and. is in charge of making.


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