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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2013 10:00am-10:31am EST

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more room for further agreement moscow claims the u.s. now has no reason to proceed with this controversial missile defense plans in europe if iran plays by the rules. police and protesters fired tear gas at each other in ukrainian capital during a second day of unrest over the government pulling back from an deal. between oil industry propaganda and environmental panic it's hard to get a grip on fracking so decide for yourself later when we hear from a former oil executive and those forced to abandon their homes because of the controversial fuel extraction.
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are you watching are taking with me and very far. now russia's foreign minister says that reaching a compromise on iran's nuclear program should eliminate any reasons for the u.s. to build an anti missile defense system in eastern europe the american led radar plan has been a longstanding bone of contention between washington and moscow will he get peace in office here to explain why. igor what is the link them between iran's nuclear deal and the missile defense dispute. well possible threats from what you were scalds rogue states which include iran that's one of the main reasons behind washington splines to construct the end to missile defense system international one but here we're talking about its european court according to the russian foreign minister who spoke. his official visit to room he said that
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since an agreement was reached with iran it seems there is no more reasons for washington to build its european port off the anti missile defense. a major stumbling block integrations between the two states. russia has been saying that it would see such a system of threat to its national security if no legal guarantees are provided by the us and washington is failed to provide them so far and moscow has also been calling for a unified into missile defense system where all members of the u.s. europe and russia would share the responsibility for the safety of one another talks on such a proposal have been pretty much frozen as well so theoretically with this a breakthrough reached on the iranian nuclear program we could see some progress there as well but for more about how things resolved in geneva on the iranian nuclear program here's a report by my colleague bullyboy go. it's
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a deal that saluted diplomats for a decade and as the crucial make or break iran talks continued into the night details of how they were going for leading the journalists camped out in geneva so we waited and waited and waited while diplomats from six wild powers and iran inch their way closer to an historic breakthrough than off to sixteen hours a tweet from the e.u.'s top diplomat a deal had been done. just that the six negotiating powers agreed to recognize iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy including its right to enrichment under the conditions of this program is placed under strict control by the i.a.e.a. this year. as we received word of the agreement we got details to iran had agreed to reduce its uranium enrichment from twenty to a maximum of five percent use u.s.
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centrifuges while holding construction of a new reacts near the town of iraq this throughout this long list of concessions iran's foreign minister still had a smile on his face and that's. and he won for his country a partial easing of sanctions allowing to iran to regain control of billions of dollars worth of much needed funds in foreign banks we believe that it is the same issues that have brought us to this negotiation and ultimately to the more significant negotiation to follow for a comprehensive agreement others have stressed that it wasn't the stress of more punitive measures but diplomacy that won the day over the night in the case of these talks the fact that the iranians have shown time after time that there is no evidence that he was a nuclear program is anything but peaceful is something that has been ignored by the western media and western governments but this despite all that iran's real
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civilians has forced these countries to accept. enrichment and again the russians and the chinese have played a very constructive role and i don't think that sanctions played as much of a role as a recognition by the united states and britain and other countries that we need to engage iran because iran is becoming increasingly influential this is amy and the interim agreement in six months time well it's powers and you were on a set to return to the negotiating table but after ten years of failed. the deal signed here in the middle of the night is a game changer what he'd like to see me. but it looks like the deal has made life more difficult for president obama while defending the administration's yes to the concessions he now has to calm down israel as well as hawkish lawmakers who didn't
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miss their chance to criticize the motion here's our washington correspondent. today that diplomacy opened up a new path toward a world that is more secure and flying in the face of president obama what was cute in geneva. last night in small stores i mean. it's a story on stage. it's not a safe place in an environment where israel as well as many u.s. lawmakers don't think that iran should develop nuclear technology at all the obama administration had to engage in diplomatic acrobatics to both acknowledge iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy and not acknowledge it at the same time we approach these negotiations with a basic understanding of iran like any nation should be able to access peaceful nuclear energy but because of its record of violating its obligations iran must accept strict limitations on its nuclear program that make it impossible to develop
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a nuclear weapon the scope and role of iran's enrichment as is set forth in the language within this document says that iran's peaceful nuclear program is subject to a negotiation. and to mutual agreement despite the officials attempts to appease the hawks hunches are flying purity it looks like we've tacitly agreed that they will be enriching for commercial purposes now on the road so i think you're going to see on capitol hill again a bipartisan effort to try to make sure that this is not the final agreement another senator marco rubio called the deal quote a blow to our allies in the region who are already concerned about america's commitment to their security and i think a lot of people both in the middle east and on capitol hill are very concerned that this interim deal becomes the new norm opponents of the deal in washington and
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abroad are already working not to let it survive the six month trial the obama administration is walking on eggshells before congress israel and its allies in the coffers it's trying to convey a carefully worded message which is you cannot threaten war all the time in washington i'm going to check out. what is right a national security expert i know what someone told us that the harsh response from the israeli government towards the deal does not always reflect the national may and we've seen over the past twenty four hours or so increasing number of analysts and commentators who have come out and said this deal is something israel could live with and even if it's not perfect and it's not something that we would have opted for ourselves that it's something that's not as bad as our prime minister has described so there's definitely a spectrum of opinion here on this issue and as there is in every issue what we do know is in the week or two leading up to the agreement there was a poll taken about what people felt about the prime minister's rhetoric towards the
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united states and a plurality supported him and only a very small percentage of the public thought that he was fully and justified but that may be different after the agreements come to come into being we'll have to see. unrest is into its second day in ukraine with occasional scuffles breaking out between protesters and police violence first broke out on sunday but people in kiev have been rallying nonstop since thursday over the government suspending a deal which would give it closer ties with the e.u. alexia share of skis in the ukrainian capital r.t. . just isn't here to set up that european stress adjusting but they may still have some more time and it's not always as peaceful as it is here right now we see clashes between them and the police corruption from time to time with both sides of the police and the protesters. against each other the people here they are strongly opposing the decision by the government to not sign the trade agreement with europe
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at the moment there are others of course that believe this was a rather problematic decision but rather well decision looking at potential damages which a great could have suffered here since signing this agreement it's easy to see why first of all modernizing the factories in the country would have cost the boat a lot more than one hundred billion dollars something the country cannot afford at the moment and we need it to modernize would have led to these structures being closed and tens of thousands finding themselves in the streets not such a good outcome for the country as well as raising the sheriff for electricity heating and gas something the government had to do because to comply with european standards also a very big problem for ukraine at the moment not taking all that into consideration and the fact that europe would not offer any kind of financial compensation for what the actual damage is the government decided not to sign especially after the i.m.f. said it would not provide ukraine with another stepwise ation law which would have helped the prime minister of the country in fact said that the country doesn't need help like that one its economy is in danger of completely collapsing some
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politicians in europe have said that russia blackmailed ukraine out of signing this deal the russian president hit back saying that it is in fact europe which blackmailed ukraine in the course of negotiations standoff continues very interesting to see where it goes and we have to follow all the details and all the developments. of the european commission on the european council have released a joint statement saying the proposal to ukraine still stands by i think any pressuring kiev active signing wolf let's talk to robert always from bridge group political think tank in the u.k. i thank you very much for coming on to the program you officials are saying the deal is still on the table but if the crying hasn't signed it persuade them to sign this in the future. well i don't think they will sign it really it's surprise that it's lasted this long this offer because the european union has shown very bad a fake towards ukraine putting quotas on agricultural exports from the ukraine to
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the european union really in the group. published of a quarter in february twenty twelve saying that you know the whole process of enlargement to the east and the eastern partnership was in danger because of the way that the european union was treating ukraine and of course the fact that ukraine's trade or in taishan isn't one that having close relations with the european union three quarters of ukraine's exports go out side of the european union don't go to war you go to other countries and you've got far more or trade links with the post soviet states that's where the best interest of ukraine's exports lie and of course the issue of the costs of the european union will place upon ukraine it really is not in ukraine's interests to be subservient towards the european union it does find itself doesn't it in the center of iraq at the moment between russia and the e.u. . why is this country seeing
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a such an important partner for both those sides. well ukrainian exports have a great deal of money involved in going towards russia but of course less towards the opinion of the european union it is very keen to expand to spread its regulations to new countries and to make sure that was made in brussels a piece by not only in the european union but also outside of the european union but that's not often in a calm best interest is certainly not in the interest of ukraine but the european union is looking to expand its elations southwards taking in countries from morocco to turkey and then of course from bellaver in the east too to azerbaijan but really is it in the those countries best interests to have excessive regulation put on their industries even when. the e.u. doesn't give them a fair trade deal and it seems that ukraine has looked at the situation and it's
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decided that no we're best of not being with the european union. you say it's decided out but it's still on hold as the moment is still yet to make a decision do you think anything might happen in between to sweeten ukraine. well it doesn't really make any any sense because the opinions had a long time to give ukraine a good trade deal they haven't done so they per act quotas are agricultural products and all this time. ukrainian exports outside of the e.u. have been expanding since two thousand and two that's been the case so really why would you want to look again at this situation the european union hasn't changed what it wants to do. because the interests of ukraine show that increasingly the european union declining they don't really want to be governed by brussels they should explore the other opportunities that are available to them and that's what they've done this process has been going on for many years now so it's come as a bit of a late wake up call for the european commission and the european union who are
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somewhat surprised but to everybody else it was quite clear what way things were going it was quite clear that ukraine would be looking outside of the e.u. or out of the brute group think tank care thank you. well for more on why he have got cold feet over the deal you can go home and then we point to all the financial hurdles standing in the way of the agreement and at the top of that the price of natural gas. may just find a way around by drilling fish. corp deals with oil giant shell and chevron which could help the country slash domestic fuel costs but the benefits of this technology the environmental damage we will explore this a little later in the pride.
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if you're thinking about an alcoholic drink associated with russia it's probably not going to be one that springs into your head but they've been making it here on the black sea coast for more than two thousand years and there's an industry which really can compete with the best the rest of the world has to offer welcome to meet some of the people growing the greats and to see if i can find out the secret to the perfect.
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hello again the second round of syrian peace talks has been set for january the twenty second that date announced by the un world powers of pinning their hopes that these talks will see a long awaited peace deal finally how may doubt but even the date has been subject to intense political with various factions demanding a time best suited to their preferred side the conference is also something that will be discussed in the vatican today where the pope is preparing to host glad to meet putin the catholic leader has been staunchly against any intervention in syria fearing for the lives of civilians and minorities in previously the russian president his role in averting an international escalation.
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while the pope and president putin also share an unusual bond their distaste for shale gas fracking his holiness recently posed with environmental activists reportedly expressing strong concern about us all giant chevron exploiting shale gas in south america a former oil field executive turned anti fracking campaigner told us he blames an industry bent on profits for pushing harmful technology. this is a technology that basically has been proven not to work as the oil industry claims and it has resulted in contamination irrefutable evidence of contamination of water soil. and also significant negative health impacts on the population that live above the gas fields what it reflects is the fact that we are dealing with a cowboy industry that is driven by greed and little else and in fact i would simply implore that people do
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a bit of research for themselves and they look at the damage and the contamination that has been wreaked around the world and basically we are doing everything we possibly can to ensure that this does not happen in the u.k. . well r.t. spoke to ninety fracking activists he was forced to abandon her home when the resulting borehole of nearby she told us what it's like living near a drilling site i've learned about this industry the hard way i work for industry first and then moved out to the country and bought my own place and the next variance the environmental impacts are all around me there's the possibility of water contamination water depletion and many many horrible air impacts and the traffic in just a huge disturbance knowing why it's been a fitting a very few people the industry and a few large landowners and it's coming at great expense to the people who live on
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our land. now back to our top story in the russian foreign minister's comment that the iran nuclear deal quashes the reasons for america to build a missile defense shield in eastern europe russia has long regarded the radar as a national security threat but the u.s. thinks it's necessary to protect against so-called rogue states like iran with us now is a new show that is sharma a professor of international relations and head of the school of government and international affairs at durham university thank you very much for joining us this evening what are the chances do you think of the united states scrapping its european missile defense plan if the deal with iran proves successful. i think we are a long way from from that one frankly i think we're a long way from a deal with iran becoming. permanent as well i think the best we can hope for is for these to go in some sequence to be honest i think iran was used as a bit of
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a if you like you know and a an obvious choice to justify missile defense in europe without iran there may be other reasons for united states to pursue that option but iran was a particular case in point however beyond that though i think there is considerable room for optimism in russia united states beginning to converge on a wide range of issues putting the missile defense aside for a moment around the russian pretty free and certainly in the middle east then ousmane for example of geneva two talks about syria in january is positive a note that russian american and u.n. officials met in geneva on the back of the conversations they were having over iranian nuclear negotiations and if the first you know they need to negotiate as i've gone so well then we can hope that it will continue to build on this
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confidence generated to resolve all of the issues or miss oliphant gathers that i listed along let's just talk about this missile defense because you mentioned earlier that you think that this deal with iran is a long way off becoming successful why are you skeptical about that. becoming permanent i think the six months we've got is a honeymoon period over which iran has made quite a number of concessions to the international community all of which are well within its its its reach to deliver none of them are hugely technically politically controversial internationally but the mystically obviously it might be seen by some on the conservative side that iran is giving away the family silver for very little as you know the financial gains for iran are just on the seven billion dollars for the six month period just over a billion a month which is a small fry given iran's major major economic problems but this is very much both
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parties have made clear part of a confidence building process and that is exactly what they're doing the fact that i was going to be cameras are monitoring stuff on a daily bases they are reporting back to h.q. in vienna and from there to the security council and so on and all of that is vital to provide to get in teams that america's allies need and that iran is sticking to the script and of course also for the administration in washington to show its own adversaries that actually just is a good deal not just for iran and the region in the middle east but also for the united states ok we do have to stop it there but thank you very much for speaking to us to see even a solution as a professor of international relations and head of the school of government and international says the room university thank you. now there's hope in britain that the country has turned a corner and is getting over one of its worst ever financial dramas it is too early to start popping the champagne in some quarters there where critics say endemic
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decline has set in now more leave some struggling for generations for smith explains so the bank of england's forecasts for economic growth is on the up unemployment down it sounds great but beyond those immediate fake is a darker picture that pretty much all the measures by which we track economic progress are in decline people's real incomes falling more and more of it spent on basic essentials uniquely this generation of young people is worse educated than their parents and obesity female life expectancy and child mortality among the worst in europe soon leaving economics commentator jeremy warner says growth is good but warns it's unsustainable there's not enough exports is not enough business investment in this economy now provided the economy continues to grow the hope is that these things will eventually come true but at the moment very little sign of
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them and you say that these key indicators say living standards education health these are all on the decline talk to me about that ever since the crisis began living standards have been under a lot of pressure really for the first time again in modern history we are seeing a situation where people leaving the workforce and retiring are better educated than the people joining the workforce and if your standards of education are declining the new relative income in future relative to the rest of the world is going to decline with it what is it all adds up to then these underlying economic into cases i mean where are we going what i think. an extreme wakeup call really i mean britain has a lot of things going for it. it's still reckoned to be one of the most open economies in the world it has the biggest global financial center in the world these underlying trends are very worrying and something needs to be done about them
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very very urgently warner says the government's doing some of the right things but too gingerly and ultimately unless radical actions taken in those key areas britain's economy is living on borrowed time you with r.t. this evening we'll have more news in about half an hour's time. one member of st petersburg's legislative assembly is trying to get child beauty pageants banned in russia starting with his hometown you know i couldn't agree more with this gent on this issue these kids beauty pageants not only put a ton of pressure on children to achieve something absolutely pointless but they're also a pedophile's dream come true and are well very very creepy but why are they creepy that's because with you like it or not human beauty is related to sex so when you
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try to make children beautiful and wear bathing suits let's just say active poses yet that's called sexualizing children and it's disgusting although i don't get the pageants are also sort of stupid at least the participants are all adults so sit because beauty pageants are obviously related to sexuality should be able to participate in them until you reach the age of consent in your country otherwise it is just a pedophile buffet but that's just my opinion. the black sea coast is one of russia's top tourist destinations sung see and the best one in the country has to offer but if those weren't good enough reasons on their
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own to come here there's also a little mystery but i want to get to the bottom of. my long ago that there was a named brown who's come to russia's black sea coast to grow. grapes and make wine . he might not have been my ancestor but the namesake in the region seen in the past act excuse for a visit i turned up one bottle of the family wine if there was another one i was going to find it and if i had to have a few of the local vintages along the way that was a sacrifice i was willing to make. this is a venerable institution in russia's wine industry the miss haka has been running almost continuously for nearly one hundred and fifty years and culture. is in
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charge of making sure it's still one of the country's top. nice to me. but can you tell us all about you know well this is one of the first places in the region and in russia was a whole after the crimea of course when the first video it was set up. to miss halcombe been you know it's a joint almost mediterranean climate protected by mountains close to the sea and with winds that blow in from the steps to keep the temperature balanced it's been a recipe for great great for over one hundred fifty years and some of the workers have seen quite a few vintages come and go. how long have you worked here what about. the future i've been working here since one thousand nine hundred eighty five when i first came to the vineyard. and i still work here. i really like this job so i've never worked in any other place i began after
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finishing seventh grade i got married here to. this is definitely a job that inspires loyalty grandma zhenya isn't the only person who returns for the harvest year after year but there's always room for new workers. thank you mr l. with this one ok listen james you have to pay attention to the following you don't have small branches like this one we don't need the small ones just the big ones don't touch the little ones otherwise the one will be poor quality. carefully does it grasp it with your hand and cut it off like that but the great because job doesn't end when his bucket is full. james i'd like to draw your attention to the fact that the task of great gathering involves not just gathering but you also have to put the grapes into this container very carefully and.


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