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disobey sion for the opening the government next summer's world cup finals in brazil is growing and as soon as the players were over and all thirty two competing teams decided the focus shifted to the drop on december the sixth that will define the make up of the tournament's eight groups while bond and some fans try to predict them way up their nations opponents russia's players unveiled a new kid and said they don't mind who they will face. a country they say that i want to play against any particular team and we just want to go there and complete our goal to get to the knockout phase. we've only got a couple of league matches left before the winter break and after that all the start preparing for the final part of the season there's still a long way to go there are no weak sides at the world cup so there's no border guessing it's just wait for the draw. the first world cup organizing committee one decided to bridge size for much of the draw until december the third only of the a teams in what one a confirmed which are the top ranked teams in the world wildfire they get bail as
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men will probably be in the fourth board with the rest of the european nations and meaning they will face one off world giants on their way to the playoffs. sometimes it's much better to have a very strong team in your view and for your games i remember everyone wanted to face living on the qualifying of wales for twenty ten as they seemed to be a weaker team but we lost we didn't go to the world cup so it's really hard to choose a woman to pop by russia qualified for brazil their first world cup when i was in twelve years by winning group air by one point ahead of portugal and will head to south america in a confident mood and clad in their new strip the design wasn't wired by the country is proud history of space exploration picturing a water trademark off a monument that commemorates their famous cosmonauts and that wares and fans will also be hoping for some landmark achievement as russia into travel beyond. for the
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first time since the soviet era. r t. well russia were the only team showing off their new kit as evolve spirit midfield that luis gusto about to help unveil the strip of host nation brazil in rio de janeiro neymar incur are set to draw the new jersey for the first time next march when the five time world cup winners play a friendly against south africa in johannesburg. while on a club level world record signing garrison bale helps spanish giants right out presents their new boots in madrid the twenty four year old joined carlo on t.v. in september for an unprecedented about one hundred thirty five million dollars the wales we know has scored five goals in eleven apparency is so far and i used to get better. after the injury and that slows. i'm enjoying everything on the pitch now and i'm just looking forward to the rest of the season. and elsewhere in
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spain barcelona forward you know messi picked up a record third golden goose award the most the goals in europe last season the twenty six year old argentina skipper scored six to help his cattle on the side of the twenty thirteen bloody good title and the injured superstar is also in the running for a feat as ballon d'or which will be awarded in january. with that then yes. frank river is also on the short list for football's top individual award and this stunt shows one of the reasons why is the france winner and his buy in munich goalkeeping teammate manuel neuer pulled off a spectacular trick while traveling on a team bus producing their own version of the video that went viral by ruggles brasier dome and ahead of saturday's top two plastic in the industry go. and travel winners buy and storm to a late three no we're not dortmund to stay for the top of the table fifty million dollars summer signing mario gets
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a came off the bench to ripen against his former team after sixty six minutes and with five to go dutch star i n robin doubled wirelessly keeping the ball at the keeper ron wyden fella for thomas moore less wistfully put it beyond any doubt any of those men extended their record unbeaten run to thirty eight league games. well let's return to the world cup and after delays and protests in next year's host nation brazil and claims of workers' rights abuses in cats are the gospel media is also focusing on twenty one thousand homes russia who are introducing new laws and policies to combat the prospect of racism or violence as rich and poor food reports. last month says come moscow's champions league defeat to munch to c.t. at him q. rina was marred by claims of racist abuse reported by city's ivory coast international yahya. the game wasn't stopped no public announcement to hold the chanting was made and serious cause board late to the night anything serious that
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happens two weeks later sponsored moscow also dismissed the shoe after some of their fans travelled to second to cheney for a cup time unveil the banner bearing a nazi swastika and clashed with riot police despite the denials post clubs were fine people to pain control their fans and given counties of playing matches behind closed doors but russian football union vice president making some money and says it's time for tougher sanctions. to sort of the club say they're working with their fans and with the authorities then why are flares fireworks and banners like that swastika being brought into the grounds of course it's not great to see football matches being we played without spectators but if this is what needs to be done to cure the problem then soap it some money and spent twenty years at spa tank as both striker and coach and is revered by their fans but he says russian clubs must learn from their english counterparts have come
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a long way in tackling the hooliganism and racism problems of blind to be english game in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's issue one which as you think they should clubs were banned for five years from competing in europe tough measures were introduced by margaret thatcher who guns could be sent to jail or banned from attending games and you could say the situation in england became a lot calmer for manchester united when you're under it can chelsea this is played in england and across eastern europe he believes russia's image could be irreversibly tunney actually isn't taken and well before the world cup we need so much so more consultation more security. the heart of the day before the game and. during the game and after the game this in the bottom time. to support him because he played in the champions world cup and here in moscow and normal mother she can sample to walk and walk already so more concentration camp of morgan is ation and
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while individual fans are getting away with bad behavior and the five clubs are suffering financially we just we have lost one point four million dollars from having to play two matches behind closed doors we're doing all we can to try and catch those who are guilty of bringing it up on or into the stadium and we want to see them punished and in the new year this will be much more likely as a new law will come into affects whether guilty fans will bear the consequences anyone convicted of hooliganism at a sporting events we banned for seven years and santa a four hundred fifty dollar fine so as a country looks to two thousand and eighteen it will begin in two thousand and fourteen by getting their pockets of antisocial fans resolution but they must now take responsibility for their own action i remember if we do our training the sky. now we're going to basketball where tesco clinched their second straight year only victory with a comfortable seventy two points to sixty when of the french side nontarget here in
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moscow tesco struggled in the first quarter but don't win eight of the second to take a thirty three twenty six halftime lead story messina's men then blitzed the third quarter and were leading the fourth by twenty one points to shaun thomas top scored eighteen points for the french side to claw back the deficit to jerry parr those fourteen points were influential fits a scout who ran out comfortable winners to lie third in group a that level with second place barcelona they for him to record. was an easy game we struggled a bit of a game that's a tough team we're not going to give you anything. at the really bear down and play hard against those guys and fortunately for us we were able to do it and in a second they're caught in a summer fall they play real good to me in a game but we bounce back in the second quarter and in the first quarter and started to play real good so it was a good victory for davis and his back on a two game want to strip. well look
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a most have to bang grab their third straight year early victory seventy nine points to seventy one time to red star belgrade the serbian visit to started with an eleven point run by all time low committee were thirty nine thirty five up after sinking eight of their ten's three point shots and in the second half the lead changed times ten times before i forced the top so lucky to take it fifteen points to red stars two and wrap up victory during grand top school with sixteen points so the locomotive got out my top of three d. with a five one record. while in the n.b.a. chris bosh led the way with nineteen points as the miami heat east cost the atlanta hawks one hundred four points to eighty eight to clinch that fourth straight victory miami that forty eight forty five at the end of the first half both helped extend this to five points in the third quarter before mario chalmers and fourteen ahead of the two nine points in fourteen when seconds and why allen added
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a couple of three pointers in the fourth to help the n.b.a. champions lose to victory. while l.a. lakers star kobe bryant took part in another training session as he continues his recovery from a torn achilles tendon the surgery five year old shooting got hasn't played since april coach mike d'antoni says bryant will return though he's ready i don't be a champion himself this is not the way back. there is we're using the short term to do the job. been able to play quickly outrage reactions and days there. was areas you just have to get stronger. but you know just my game and. play. where i prefer. and that brings us to the end of part one but will return with the flame that water come up put out that go.
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one member of st petersburg's legislative assembly is trying to get child beauty pageants banned in russia starting with his hometown you know i couldn't agree more with this gent on this issue these kids beauty pageants not only put a ton of pressure on children to achieve something absolutely pointless but they're also a pedophile's dream come true and are will very very creepy but why are they creepy that's because whether you like it or not human beauty is related to sex so when you try to make children beautiful and wear bathing suits let's just say active poses yet that's called sexualizing children and it's disgusting although i don't think the pageants are also sort of stupid at least the participants are all adults so i see it because beauty pageants are obviously related to sexuality should be able to participate in them until you reach the age of consent in your country
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otherwise it is just a pedophile buffet but that's just my opinion. terrorists are simply a bad groups of people located throughout the world no different than say a motorcycle gang or what have you that are involved in bad activities you're not going to solve that problem by invading countries overthrowing governments and occupying countries that's the solution madson say you're going to win it with good police work and intelligence gathering that's how you'll defeat terrorism they are just simply little pockets of bad people throughout the world you have to deal with and creating an empire in occupy nations with your military is not the answer. is immediately the us so we leave the baby. the motion security or your party
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years ago. is that no one is asking would they get that you deserve answers from. politics only mark t. . welcome back to the sports show and do a resume in the cage where russians out by the dino and battalion mean a call of claimed respective victories in the u.f.c. and ballots will and robert fog on down has more on the new generation of m.m.a. stars aiming to follow in the lost and crews wake. russia's mixed martial arts i can and the country's pride in the sport thirty million in the last amber is rain in the am a heavyweight division was supreme more than a decade now there are signs of it fold his footsteps are already arising on
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november the fifteenth in atlantic city history was made one of the will stop him a promotion still outdoor so in the russian champions belt exam the bulk of his head await trial on the line for the first time again. it's on the abortion though it's very tall and has a very long reach and he's a very good striker a very tough opponent i was lucky to have travis brown in my cowboy had a fight where he's a guy of the same size just a bit more powerful quick jackson also helped me as a coach actually i trained with a lot of u.f.c. fighters that and learned a lot from them we knew alexander would be focusing on his takedown defense given my solid wrestling background so we needed to figure out a few different game plan to surprise you. way through round one miracle had already done much more he stand a chance then with a vicious operate guard and seconds later it was officially over though some
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pundits and fans claim if i was stopped too early. they say it was a bad stoppage i think it was a late stoppage the thing is when he fell down and i hit him once again he was nearly out i could see it on my next contract really woke him up with the head of the flight twenty five year old bloke up there that it was said the winner should be called russian enemy louie and his new chance then that golf is just three years older than his opponent the two will probably meet again from bergdorf to the u.s. see the ultimate dream there for proving once fighting ability. record there is now two victories two belts. after claiming a knock out when he's dead before i did sit down work did you study flyweight continued his quest for the jam band startled and worldwide a kid nation beating american tim howard by a unanimous decision on nov sixteenth the year sees twentieth anniversary.
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it was quite an interesting experience for me three full rounds in the u.f.c. cage one of my tasks was to prove myself in front of the packed auditorium in all respects it felt like ten thousand spectators out of the twenty thousand strong crowd supporting me it was so different to my first u.f.c. fight in brazil this encouraged me a lot i love the fact american fans have started to recognise in me a good deal of may sound like a pretty hard name to remember although it was really cool make sure style crystal clear to watch the puncher taking and now a confident step on the way to his ultimate guilt and has already broken into the u.f.c. s elite down. it's all the top ten guys in the u.f.c. fly weight division have almost the same skill levels we've analyzed each of the fighters closely including the champion demetrius johnson all that allie needs to beat them is confidence and he gangs that with every fight in terms of skill he's
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ready for a title shot. r.t. skill. now boxing legend manny pacquiao has dedicated his first win in two years to the filipino victims of the recent devastating typhoon haiyan as the congressman outpointed american brandon rios in macau to bounce back from a career low of back to back to faint. and i'm just praying for them and my my staff in congress and also my people they enjoy the sun will bring help to give them have really good. i think it is time i told them i remember i miss them but after the fright i was going to. visit them. while the quote of the week goes to the fastest man on earth you same bolt as the six time lympics spring champion says that breaking the nine second barrier over one hundred meters is not impossible the jamaican held
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a training clinic with jungle these kids in tokyo as the twenty seven year old also looks to break his own record in the two hundred meters next season. so it's about time work the focus that you put into it but will get you there because i never thought you were a nine point five but i wanted to you know i worked hard. on the work and all that stuff. while the four time formula one champion sebastian vettel says the sound of the season is over after the german claimed his night's win in a row at the year ending race in brazil to equal michael schumacher as record of the two victories this season while the falls red bull team mate mark webber finished his f one career in style was just brilliant came in second it was not a race to overtake lewis hamilton into third in the final standings twice former champion fernando alonso for second overall.
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while staying with motor sports and after teenager made his f one debut with a practice run out of the us scrum prix driver of the ocean is now set to become the first ever russian to compete in america's indy car series cars under top of has more. next season will become the first russian to sit behind the wheel often in the corner after signing a deal with relative newcomers meet there are some more experienced twenty six year old mostly white was a former red bull julien driver has been in walled in the rana serious since two thousand and six was in the twenty's and formally remo three point five champion and after spending the whole of his career in europe now says he's coming to america for a new challenge it's really amazing i have an amazing feeling of all this because already a few years for. my head so far it's about indy car. because . all this came show and all this appear as the contract the
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russian would drive as pm second coristine native french once more for the north who picked up he's in his teens to made in wins last season to finish third in the overall standings and after a successful twenty thirteen season the group is eager to add even more weapons to the arsenal i lost interest in the car last week at this sebring circuit in florida and was only tanstaafl second behind vision not for travel to be on the top but on the same time you to understand that many drivers. will be. next year it was more of the same car in india there were a lot the first two of them most of them came from different categories and yes so they were a definable experience of small strokes and all this eight year for me and the same thing for me will be air from new and. so it will be really hard to really get a good result three years ago i lost and was linked to
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a possible formula one more before being overtaken in the race to become the forests russian in that category. despite them in game one for me being back on the air for one calendar it's gone competes with indy car in terms of popularity in the u.s. and the last. is excited about switching not only racing series but continents as well to look for the person or problem but at that moment i don't want to think. i want to just concentrate on their face or all my attention to just one point it's still there it's possible some. type of liver police. chases a dollar might put some water sports. there in this case and. they're going to hold me. ironically i lost and will make his debut at the twenty fourteen season open in the grand prix of st petersburg florida on march thirteenth a cd founded by russian businessman theo the demand here back in one thousand nine
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hundred two and will be hips in the other russian mighty approve his greatness on staying in but out of r t. moving on to the ice and moscow has hosted the final stage of the figure skating grown pretty serious where russian ice dances you've got that you know about but over and dimitri sell of the old one gold as the world bronze medalist aim for another podium finish at their home games in sochi michael graff janko has more. skating together for almost a decade now because they're in a bubble over and to me to love your on the form of their lives this year they clinched their first european gold as well as bronze at the world championships and their latest triumph in moscow sees the three time russian champions peaking at the right time. with this because this apart from a couple of silly mistakes i think we're working well together right now the moscow grand prix gave us another chance to skate in front of a home crowd but it's just another step and we need to keep on working with us
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dollars. we've now got another grand prix under our belt and it's always good in hindsight as you keep gaining crucial experience experience needed to cut out those city mistakes in the future with a try in the women's event is considered to be russia's next to go after a successful spell as a junior the fifteen zero prodigy is now eligible to skate all senior vance gold at the moscow gravity was a third major victory this season. though she says they still look to do thinking about the olympics. in your stature that is i'm happy with my results so far but not so happy with my performance i need to analyze everything in detail and try to make some adjustments i don't want to think about sochi at the moment is there still the grand prix final the russian and even possibly the european championships so the time is not right yet meanwhile men's two thousand six a live picture being a guinea pushing for i've been forced to withdraw from the most prevent the thirty one year old continues to battle against the knee injury is focusing on being fully fit playing in metal this full of consecutive wins against your guinea pollution
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who had planned to perform on the stage but you to pain in his knee joint doctors recommended that he gods back his exercise and limits the amount of jumps so he had to turn down taking part in this competition it goes without saying that it couldn't really be a competition without any jumping nuisances absence was a blow which is hoping mexico for the success of. the second in moscow is well aware of the pressure of expectation on him following the footsteps of the world's most type figure skater much most of all i'm happy with second place at the moscow grand prix though some technical aspects need improving but i'm not so happy with the fact that many are expecting too much from me i've been blinded by the idea i should be at the top already but my performances show i still have a long way to go. and the next stop on that long journey is japan for next month's grand prix final in folk warcraft as the world's best give another chance to produce their best for the big showdown in such
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a likely target. and in the meantime the torch for those such here lympics waged another extreme point as the flame plunged to the bottom of the world's deepest lake baikal as part of the record long relay ahead of the winter games and unlit so much has also been taken on the first ever space walk while the flame has travelled to the north pole and is also set to ascend europe's highest peak demand el bruce before lighting the cauldron on february the seventh and saatchi his new olympic boss thomas back once again predicting a successful games. we were in sochi about two or three weeks ago. but what they could say so that we were very pleased with the reparations. leads will have excellent conditions. and that's all from the sports day in and.
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you know there's one thing that i still can't understand it and i don't want to ruin your good mood but i have this one question what do you do it is so for you that you had everything they respect him that he gave them all up and decided to go your way but what for. it was a wait and for him he tried to restrain himself but look first out anyway. if it really puts me off that i have such a father. it was one small but very
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