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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm EST

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it's. going to be your time. coming up on r t it's the revolutionary international trade deal you aren't supposed to know about but thanks to wiki leaks the public is finally getting its first glance at the t p p trade talks and the leak could have put the whole negotiation in jeopardy an exclusive with wiki leaks spokesperson christian her often said next and a historic deal or a monumental mistake over the weekend major world powers and iran hammered out a deal on the so-called rogue nations and nuclear program details of the talks and the international backlash coming up and in for benning georgia protesters take on the western hemisphere institute for security cooperation or you might know it as the school of the americas institute has provided military training to thousands of
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soldiers all over latin america over the past sixty years and in-depth look later in the show. it's monday november twenty fifth four pm in washington d.c. i'm meghan lopez and you are watching r.t. well starting off this hour four years negotiations for the trans-pacific partnership have played out behind closed doors and yet the nations involved in this have bragged that it could be the biggest trade agreement of our day that would address everything from food to medicine to intellectual property the twelve nations involved in the t.p. talks could be getting close to a deal however critics warn this agreement could actually hurt the public by acting on behalf of major corporations instead of for the public good last week thanks to the latest document drop by this. secrets spilling organization wiki leaks people
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from around the world got their first glimpse of part of those negotiations dealing with intellectual property the fact that this information came from wiki leaks instead of the obama administration which touts transparency has infuriated some well it's remarkable the we have to depend on we can leak to find out what the hell is going on so what did we learn from the ninety five leaked pages and how did wiki leaks get its hands on the draft of the teapot talks to begin with earlier i was drawn by question hoffman sen wiki leaks spouse person and i asked him why wiki leaks is so interested in the tape a.p. well what we have of course all about this is revealing this secret documents that are kept from the general public would sort of painted by all these documents and that certainly applies to there's a draft of the t.v. series evidence from the content of the this is very important chapter of the draft
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to the consuming internet let you know the property rights now should we expect more leaks like this am about the to pinochet patients in the future what we're always careful of those of you know about what is in store and i think i will stick to the policy. we have been misinformation with great importance to the general public and well we have to have to see what. it is for now how does your organization acquire these documents if i can ask well of course as another person i know would never get you sued what you would say that would like. to get it in protecting or sure says that we go to great lengths in protecting him and we never discuss or sure says basically understood so what is the most startling thing to you about this late t.p. document. well there are very minute things that are of grave concerns
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the speed of this document of course the most important thing of course is the fact that this has been drafted in secrecy without the agenda of the eight hundred million people who are going to be affected by this treaty and had a chance to review it and even in the u.s. of course there was sort of as a bit more attention to the fast track could this be treating through congress or the. elected members of the public or being able to scrutinize every angle of it and make any amendments to it. there are many elements within the treat it so. we can talk about the simple fact that the pharmaceutical industry will make it much harder for the poor people in this area
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to get access to was fordable medicine and we can talk about we have helped on. the internet. one of the stifling there's so many angles there is all is serving of course the big corporate interest and it is not surprising of course when it comes to that the. hundreds of representatives from those interests. priority access to the negotiating table access that was denied to the general public so do you think the biggest problem about these negotiations is that they are transparent or that they cover too much what should people be most concerned about here. there's or can be concern about of course the process that is the secrecy surrounding this a very important treaty kohen when it marks part of the world trade a third of world trade these are countries that combined about forty percent of the
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g.d.p. of the entire world and it is setting a better benchmark even for further negotiations in this period it has been claimed by the obama administration and this is the prince who is going to be used in the recent is that it will change in the trans atlantic treaty between the us and the european union so this is basically setting the standard on world trade in total secrecy. another element that should be of similar worrying to the general public is the fact that the enforcement mechanisms that are set of the in this is proposed to the setting of supernational tribunals. will will supersede or a sense of importance in the countries where for the lawyers will be sitting and
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judging on matters from individuals within each of the countries permission. bypassing the judiciary so it is. very very grave matters that are coming from or our attention with this is leading. we should be. concerned about the simple fact that many elements of these treaties specially in these chaps it is intellectual property rights ship to have been protested and so pressed on the naturalism for something. in the us. it's been for them a supernational treaty. or sit in the. whole tree that we say so paul because of the new science will see almost two chapters of the t.p. you actually are concerned about trade the rest is protective measures. or
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all about the interest of lawrence multinationals. very concerning indeed now there are reports that the leak of this chapter could have to lay the passage out to take a page from making the u.s. trade representative's deadline was that your intention with this link is to slow down those talks. our intention was basically to pass this document which was onto the general public document that was passed on to us this is one that appears in the organization we are fighting. not true of secrecy on matters which concern the general public and i believe it's in that for them to when this comes to light when the people start to i digest what the tail when the organization that have been. going to the material and see in a hospital could be like doctors without borders on the phone to foundation those
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who have had grave concerns of a method that is treated as a form of course this is raising concern and on sure that it is transferred to what's with the what was that use and i'm sure of those people who will take a second look and think carefully before they have the ministrations so that side was treated this was the plan to do this in secrecy it's ups. and we only have about thirty seconds left but how involved was joyous songe in this leak or has it been sidelined as a result of being holed up in that ecuadorian embassy in london. julian and is was in the midst of these and of course i bet that the entire world if i can say with going into the details that this lead to quite a bit of extra work. in an hour of work of course in
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protecting oceans has. spent some time in london and the city and the two julian was direct things were. or directly morgan station even though it is or it's all the work is of the more difficult to get into sort of instance and on a different know looking back at the edward snowden leaks what are your thoughts about that what your organization up before for him to come to you. there is decision but it's very important to keep in mind that what we give to those trims which sort of the you. know when a when do the war when it. all themselves in the meeting of the you know what was the order as much as. to its budget christian or often said we're killing spokesperson thank you so much for
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joining me today. well if you ever stepped foot in the us again he'd undoubtedly be arrested but that's not stopping edward snowden's face from pumping up and do you see the partnership for civil justice fun announced last week that it bought ad space on a bus driving around the nation's capital the ad has a picture of edward snowden on the side and a message that reads we the people oppose the surveillance state and say thank you edward snowden in this warning the ad was affixed to the bus and is scheduled to be on the road for the next few weeks they are and is funded almost entirely on donations the group is hoping to buy ad space on more buses in january when congress is back in session and were to raise awareness about n.s.a. surveillance and the u.s. government's treatment of the man who released all of this information meanwhile we are now learning that the director of national security agency keith alexander offered to resign as a result of those n.s.a.
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leaks that's according to a senior u.s. official who spoke to a wall street journal it's an offer which the obama administration declined in the moment now a month ago the white house acknowledged that alexander will leave his post his post in march and that a search for his replacement is currently under way the u.s. government is still dealing with considerable pushback nationally and internationally in the wake of these leaks leaks which began in june and continue to this day. a. well a historic nuclear deal could change the. directory of relations between the u.s. and iran there remain was reached late saturday night when despite predictions that nothing would come out of these talks in geneva between iran and the p five plus one countries an agreement was finally reached the deal will last six months as the countries continue to work on a permanent agreement that will continue to allow iran to continue to pursue its
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own peaceful nuclear program let's take a look at what this short term deal entails iran has agreed to dilute all stockpiles of its uranium that have been a rich to twenty percent in order to prevent it from being further in risk to create nuclear weapons iran must also hold all enrichment above five percent and suspend construction of new centrifuges and enrichment facilities that include stopping work on the heavy water reactor being developed in it a rock which is believed to have the ability to produce a nuclear bomb fuel perhaps most importantly iran will provide increased access to inspectors from the i.a.e.a. the likes of which have never been seen before in return the u.s. has agreed to provide it six to seven billion dollars in sanctions relief sanctions that had severely impacted the iranian economy of that over four billion dollars the neurons that oil sales revenue will be released from frozen accounts and also
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puts a hold on all nuclear related sanctions over the next six months now the deal has received a lot of praise but also a lot of criticism particularly on behalf of israel benjamin netanyahu called the deal a historic mistake both democrats and republican members of congress have promised a new round of sanctions and they aren't alone artie's the poly boyko takes a look at the international reactions over the deal. it's a deal that say you diplomats for decades. and as the crucial make or break iran letelier talks continued into the night details of how they were going were leading the journalists camped out in geneva so we waited and waited and waited while diplomats from six world powers and iran inched their way closer to an historic breakthrough than off to sixteen hours a tweet from the e.u.'s top diplomat
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a deal had been done. this to the six negotiating powers agreed to recognize iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy business including its right to enrichment under the conditions of this program is placed under strict control by the i.a.e.a. of this union. as we received word of the agreement we got details to iran had agreed to reduce its uranium enrichment from twenty to a maximum of five percent used for u.s. centrifuges while halting construction of a new reactor near the town of iraq this week throughout this long list of concessions iran's foreign minister still had a smile on his face and written he won for his country a partial easing of sanctions allowing tarantula gain control of billions of dollars worth of much needed funds in foreign banks we believe that it is the sanctions that have brought us to this negotiation and ultimately today more
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significant negotiation to follow for a comprehensive agreement others have stressed that it wasn't the stress of more punitive measures but diplomacy that won the day over the night in the case of these talks the fact that that the iranians have shown time after time that there is no evidence that he wasn't their program is anything but peaceful is something that has been ignored by the western media and western governments but this despite all that iran's resilience has forced these countries to step. in. richmond and again the russians and the chinese have played a very constructive role and i don't think sanctions flayed as much of a role as a recognition by the united states and britain and other countries that we need to engage iran because iran is becoming increasingly influential this is a survey of the agreement in six months time well its power is going to run on
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a set to return to the negotiating table but after ten years in jail. the deal signed here in the middle of the night is a game changer people like to see so be. well over the weekend protesters descended on fort benning georgia to speak out against the western hemisphere institute for security cooperation formally known as the school of the americas the annual protest drew about some of hundred people to the gates outside of fort benning unlike previous years though not a single protester was arrested this is the twenty third annual gathering in the message remains the same that messages two and congressional funding of a military education facility notorious for human rights abuses throughout latin america now producer of breaking the set manuel rob lowe was in georgia this weekend and he joins me now manny thank you so much for coming in and i imagine can you give us some more background on this approach this institute and what it does
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assure windsock as it's known now formally known as school the americas was actually funded in one founded in one thousand nine hundred six in panama where it was then closed down and moved to fort benning georgia just two years later it was first called the school the assassins by people in panama it's a notorious school for you know over the last sixty years it's been training. soldiers from across latin america upwards of sixty thousand soldiers have actually gone through that through that school and graduated some of the most notorious human rights violators in the western hemisphere come. out of the school and over the last. i would say twenty three years there's been protests organised by the school of the americas watch in fort benning georgia and that's what this protest was it's just like in years before during thousands of people to the scene against what people see is one of the biggest sources of political instability in the western hemisphere and many go ahead and explain what this weekend's protests were like what was the mood how does it compare to those previous years sure like you
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mentioned earlier you know you have a thousand people there no different than years prior this is an event that does draw on a lot of people every year this year was a three day event from friday to sunday there were workshops there were demonstrations there were musical performances in fact. i got a chance to speak to rod stars who's a performer hip hop artist with the with the hip hop group rebel dia's so we can play a quick sound bite about i'm here because i'm from chile and forty years ago september eleventh one hundred seventy three there was a military dictatorship that was funded by the cia funded by the u.s. and part of that dictatorship was you know having people tortured and disappeared and incarcerated as a political prisoners and the folks that did that torture were trained here at the school of the americas will you call the school or the assassins so i'm here to you know say that after forty years you know of dictatorship and forty years of resistance we are here and survivors of of that exile of the chilean you know
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dictatorship and we're here to you know he's led people know what i'm going to continue fighting in that we're still here. you know rod represents millions of people that have the very similar message people in chile argentina peru honduras bolivia all across latin america that have some sort of connection with the school of the americas and that was certainly the case at this protest there were people from across the political spectrum people from all walks of life well over a thousand people at the event and so many had such a personal story to tell and so many of them were such heartbreaking stories so really it was a very moving experience and it was it was actually kind of encouraging to see so many people of so many different different backgrounds coming together contrast to what goes on on the other side of those gates which is the training of soldiers that go back to their home countries to commit these horrible atrocities how many as i mentioned a little bit earlier this has been going on for over sixty years this institute has
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been formed an array named and renamed to ghana and moved what keeps these people coming back these protesters if the name keeps changing but the practices are essentially from what you're saying the same right i mean we mentioned that this is been open for the protests have been going on for twenty three years yet nothing's changed the name of the school is changed but the policies have it it's about visibility making it's about people coming out and saying look we are still unhappy about this and it's an effective strategy i mean it's a grassroots effort that's been going on for twenty three years and it's really gaining visibility and that visibility will eventually in the hopes are that it will turn the change we know that there is a lot of pressure mounting from people within congress now because this is this is gaming the the attention of lawmakers so what the hope of this is that people will eventually wake up to the idea that this is not good policy and the problem that we see is that the mainstream media the corporate media doesn't really pay attention this is really unfortunate for me walking around the protests this week and not
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seeing any other camera crew other than independent media there what we need is the the corporate media all all channels not just foreign outlets like our t. there to cover this because people need to know what's going on. people can wake up and really demand a change now nanny is there any you brought it up a little bit earlier about congress members are are taking notice of this is there anything and the legislature moving right now that kind of combat yeah there's a bill in the house right now called h.r. twenty nine eighty nine it's the latin american military training review act of two thousand and thirteen in what essentially is going on with this act there are several co-sponsors of about forty co-sponsors including john conyers keith ellison that are that are essentially asking for a review of the school of the americas against windsock temporary closure of the school and an interest in an investigation to look into the connections at the schoolhouse with human rights abuses throughout latin america and i think that you know for someone that's just learning about the school of the americas today that hasn't heard about these these human rights violations that have been closely
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associated with the school they should really look into this more and call congress and say look we support this bill we support an investigation we don't want to be involved with human rights abuses abroad especially if we're paying for them with u.s. taxpayer dollars can you explain how much influence this current that's when sect really has over places in latin america and its political and military institutions sure one of the people that i spoke to at the rally for their boy brooke why he's actually the founder of the school of the americas watch i got a chance to talk to them hoping we can play a short soundbite of what i spoke to him about. it's about how pressured it's about men with the guys who return to their country like yours about the contras out through their training to protect us to just what i'm about to explore the cheap labor and the natural resource and i think father who are really hits the nail on the head with this the u.s.
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in the past has used the school of the americas you know in the forty's and fifty's and sixty's as a way to counter the socialist movements eleven america it's since evolved into counter-narcotics operations but really what's going on in the case of honduras in two thousand and nine for example there was a coup. against the democrat elected president who was more closely aligned with the socialist bloc in latin america those responsible for the coup were all trained if not graduates from the school of the americas so this is one of many examples another one is a frame to those moments in guatemala to show that it's u.s. interests above you know the public good and if democracy is in the way then democracy is often the casualty of breaking the separatists are manuel rappel of thank you for breaking that all down for us thanks i get out well with the dancing phenomenon that miley cyrus put on the map or did she talking was all anyone could talk about after the m.t.v. video music awards but the idea that cyrus made it famous is out of step with
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reality r.t. correspondent amir david explains. it was the shake that shook the world the miley cyrus performance that for days garnered twenty four hour news coverage it was the wrong chief performance that still has people shaking their heads among other body parts twenty year old miley cyrus twerking the twisting torquing tongue flashing scantily clad elephant it was provocative it was shocking it was pro shocking pro shock of indeed shortly after the performance to maryland high schools decided to tighten their rules just a little bit more making students and their parents sign a contract in order to attend this year's homecoming dance and written in ink is the full breakdown of the outlaw dance moves that list now including twerking but bob mosher a spokesperson for the county school district says the contract wasn't a reaction to miley cyrus but rather to the evolution of the latest dance moves
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really what's happened is that it's no secret that the nature of dancing has become more provocative in recent years five years ten years ago it's just not the same as it was two decades ago but it's not only schools who are defining twerking as provocative it's also the oxford english dictionary which just recently made the word one of its newest additions oxford now defines it as a dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low squatting stance but whether someone twerking is sexually provocative may be up for interpretation after all many people believe twerking goes back centuries with it often being compared to the traditional dances of west africa in fact writer cristiana mbox ways says twerking isn't anything new that the mainstream media is just catching up to something that's existed in black global culture for years and johns isn't just about sexualization it's about celebration it's about me it's meant it's about being exciting and in of a sieve i think when every anything travels from africa. and across the water
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something is lost in something these gangs and i think was lacking what how was it was this complete misunderstanding about what it means to different people and how it's not exclusively sexual or direct their oak tree and dance instructor janet jones agrees i could see where people don't understand it well take it in a negative like of the does look sexual but i think a lot. jones is the creator of the vixen workout referred to as the work school of the east coast she says twerking means much more than just a sexy dance for the dozens of women that attend her class it also means fitness you're working out your quads are working out your glutes you're working out your lower abbott are so hard to target new don't notice what you're doing because you're having so much fun. no matter how the dance is perceived jones says fanis
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what it's all about reminding us all that twerking won't be defined by the dictionary but rather by the torker as themselves in washington a mirror david partied. right that does it for now i'm not going to lopez. the problem was terrible they weren't very hard to make out a little plots against along here a plug that never had sex with the perfect there's no let's play. lists lists
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lists little legs. play. live.
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there i marinate in this is boom bust and here are some of the stories we're tracking for you today. first up iran is open for business at least slightly and at least for the next six months we'll tell you about the groundbreaking deal designed to curb iran's nuclear program and the implications it sobbing on the markets and also trying predictor of juror gerald outside entity joins me later on in the show discussing iran and policy war pretty much anything else you can think of will have it all and finally in today's big deal rachel corrie's ears and i discuss life and death and everything in between it's a loaded one for sure and you won't want to miss that and it all starts right now.


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