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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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i think. i would like to go did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy shrek help us. program. them like you know i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on we go beyond identifying the truth rational debate a real discussion critical issues facing our families ready to join the movement then welcome the big thirty.
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or about to the big picture i'm tom hartman coming up in this half hour it's been one year since the devastating factory fire in bangladesh that claimed the lives of over twelve hundred workers and american retailers are still refusing to help those affected by the tragedy two american corporations think they have the right to murder workers and consumers and republicans love to talk about the high cost of government welfare programs that in reality the biggest abusers of welfare in this country are the people and groups bankrolling the republican party more on that in tonight's daily take. is the best of the rest of that is the swiss are trying to wipe out poverty a grassroots group is calling for all adults in switzerland to receive an unconditional money in modern monthly income of twenty five hundred swiss for.
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rog's are roughly twenty eight hundred dollars per month from the government in hopes of creating a minimum standard of living for this was people has gained so much traction in that small european nation the members of the grassroots group or able to secure the one hundred thousand petition signatures needed to put on a public referendum joining me now to talk more about this income for all proposal is n r schmidt a founder of generation basic income and a welcome welcome and thank you for joining us tell us how this idea started if you feel you wanted to meet. you know your question how do you how did this idea start what's the motivation for a basic income for all. ok them would ration was to think. what the best to do for the people we decided the best is lead people has money to live and to do what they really want and to develop their own skills and to stop this. this
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subtle what is not productive for just not effective and so he starts as initiative in switzerland and you know switzerland is not saw such a big country and it's enough to have one hundred thousand signatures and we got it and now it's going on but the people who wrote about it what the interesting thing is this discussion all over the world world would be pushed on where would the money home from to pay everybody twenty dollars a month. ago we have not enough in our pockets but we think the money comes from what's what proceedings from which we live and that is goods and we are goods enough and they are money enough and so the principle is of them but my county is. if there's an unconditional basic income high enough to live from and that's maybe in the united states one hundred dollars. then the other one incomes
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will be relieved as this task of live legal it means they become lower and that means the costs of production manufacturing are going deeper and lower and the prices and go down and down on the prices or into the prices you have the sticks by an unconditional basic income would transfer yes there's money to this unconditional business so you're suggesting basically it's going to reconfigure the way the economy works so it pays for itself this is not a tax the rich give the money to the poor skinny. no or not not exactly it's not class struggling it's a new idea so we are we're proud. of it but it's not left not ride not conservative not against anything it's just and the point is you are asked for if the money if this is in the prices then they can do you consumer pays the tax and that means a lot pays
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a lot of this money for basic income and to address not so many debates not so many and that means the rich people will pay more for the basic income for four people but everybody is the same so it's you know that's a principle of it to have this main point and. that's an interesting point is unconditionally to give people money. thank you we just have to marry and have how would you respond to people who say ah yeah you know people are just going to sit around all day and you know. shuttles and watch and drink beer and watch t.v. going skiing and all this stuff yet so it's interesting to imagine not to us to yourself and to saying ahead well what are the real reasons to work what does the meaning of today and you can figure out what just what are there what i what i do or notes and it's not so much that the people is really working just for the money
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and it's not. the most of the people want to have more answers the meaning of money is more than to get his money and buy them the jobs who are the so-called dirty jobs you have to sing new is it necessary work is it worse for work is a will you and then you can't be better is an unconditional basic income everybody can say yes or no tool to work and that makes people more free and i think it makes the economy more efficiency but then it's more of going to do the work that everybody would say no to who is going to who is going to you know wash the toilets in her sure it that's a question of all the people if this work is necessary necessary it's cared for for other people. and it's only eight we can eight better that means it. ok i got it i think we lost i know but you know the bottom line is that that kind of work would end up paying more and thus would draw people to
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a very interesting. and screwed news it's been one year since the devastating as dream garment factory fire in bangladesh claimed the lives of more than twelve hundred workers in the months since that tragedy the international labor organization has been working with bangladeshi officials labor groups and retailers to establish funds to help the families of the dead and the more than one thousand five hundred workers who were injured some global retailers are contributing money to help those affected by the fire american retailers that had operations at the site including wal-mart and sears are not meanwhile a study released last week by the center for environmental health found that toxic flame retardant chemicals are present in a majority of children's furniture as chemicals have been linked everything from cancers to i.q.
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and developmental problems so from bangladesh to america's big box retailers the question is do companies now have the right to murder their workers and consumers let's ask or a scooper conservative commentator and senior fellow at the national center for public policy research for us for that thanks for having the program tonight great to have you with us so do companies have the right to murder people. i don't think companies have any more right to even gauge and dangerous acts against innocent people them than other types of people do such as just us humans so if they don't have the right to do that how is it that they get away with it because it's clear on the legal terms what they're doing doesn't constitute some sort of murder or even attempted murder. the one people die. of americans right now die from a whole number of causes and the truth of the matter is a lot of people in bangladesh die every year due to the monsoon season problems
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there are earthquakes there is not sane for the monsoon. right now question i want to. say on this why are you asking why aren't you asking for the american people to do in bangladesh what we're doing in the philippines responding being concerned and actually going in and then trying to change things so what walmart creates a wage factory and it kills a bunch of people we should all pitch in and help those people out wal-mart has the responsibility walmart actually has explained that what's going on there is products that are being made over their objections and they are not authorizing those products i am because of many of the rules that the legal litigation problems that you progressive's of creative wal-mart is actually disincentive to even easy solution to this horace b. if we were simply to go back to the trade policies we had the united states from the george washington to the ronald reagan argue bit of the jimmy carter or to the . bill clinton administration and go back to basically protectionism to
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a tariff based trade system where those kinds of things. are saying you know where the things that are being made in bangladesh that are being consumed in the united states or actually being made in the united states you progressives won't let people who are a business traditionally republican but you you progressives won't let people who are willing to take on unpopular task claim in the. clean up the streets and by being at a lower price you won't let them you say that there is a floor price that you absolutely insist on and you continue to raise that floor price and as long as you do that way the people. way either either you're trying to change the subject or you're suggesting that people won't work for minimum wage to make bluejeans if if it's the latter i don't think anybody would believe what you say here in america no one would do that for seven twenty five they won't of course they will that are you know you guys are going you've got
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a story so why so many clothing be made in los angeles right not at seven dollars an hour come on let's be for real are actually listening for real here wage in california eight but yeah what's what's actually happening is you have to get this certain company that selling a number of these american made products and they're not able to compete with the prices that you're getting for wrangler and that's why they're saying change or trade they're all the same big the cost of doing it in america is higher and you know if you close your eyes to doing it overseas is lower and if you had if you change your trade policies then that that overseas cost becomes higher you won't even let americans who would like to say you know what i'm a part time worker i've got some free time i'd like to do these types of work i'm willing to bid at a lower rate. ok we have a whole bunch of furniture children's furniture that's covered with flame retardant chemicals that don't even retard flame all that effect if it's all came down to this all came out of the tobacco industry back back in the day and you know they
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put chemicals and tobacco is to keep them in cigarettes to keep them burning normally a cigarette would go out if you don't smoke it but they put a chemical in there keep it burning and rather than dealing with that the tobacco companies got their lobbyists to mandate these flame retardants which now we discover cause diminished i.q. and cancers and kids it's now time to say no to do this in the fifty's and sixty's and seventy's. explosive intervention of big government coming in with their lobbying horses and crazy agendas this was this was the tobacco industry that lobbying for regulation around clothing so that they would themselves not be regulated it's likely the case since this happened during this early. period this explosive. court has created force now is likely the case therefore that they were able to position themselves as protecting liberty now i don't want to go around smoking cigarettes and destroying my lungs but if you do i'm willing to give you
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that freedom what the tobacco industry said was if you do what the progressives want to do you'll just take away our right to be able to have this product outside horace. stories others. picture. from a. dud. i think. the really. did you know the prize is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because
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a free and open prize is critical to our democracy shrank albus. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and i was proud to set a girl we've been a hydrangea trying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by the screwing what our founding fathers what one school i'm tom are going to get on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem to try rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america if i ever feel ready to join the movement then walk a little bit. so
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sometimes you know what you know and sometimes you know what you don't know and sometimes as the firesign theater says if everything you know. and go with it you're wrong if you do you're you're right you see spiritual i'll just say to you that your view of knowing all that you're really you know is wrong when you ask people about going organic many will say that in theory it's a great idea it's a lot easier to just buy with the local grocers selling the one hundred one organic produce and other foods that sometimes even cost more but turning to a sustainable lifestyle and going organic doesn't have to be a complicated process that only the wealthy can afford so if you think a living organic and sustainable lifestyle isn't realistic for the average american
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and everything you know is wrong joining me now is bob greenhouses which recently donated part of the cost of the greenhouse at the hunter school hampshire bob welcome it's how are you i'm great i hope you are too why should we change how we get our fruits and veggies. well i think it's important to make eating well a priority in our lifestyle i think in the last decade or two if you just look at our country so many people of just taking the easy way out you know cheap convenience food night i think it's taking a toll on our health healthcare system what are the benefits of going with organic food. well i think the big thing is just to be able to eat a variety of foods to support local farmers and just eat you know healthier locally grown food with little or no pesticides at all i think when you you know start importing food from different parts of the country you you you definitely pay
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the price and i think again it just just look at our health care system and how much money we have to invest every year and fixing curing diseases. you recently helped the hunters go with with greenhouse of fare how practical is it for the average person to have a greenhouse grow their own food is this a sort of thing that that is scalable from from a window to to a backyard and what's involved. well i think that the more enthusiastic gardener might have a greenhouse in his or her yard but i think realistically it's very simple to take your vegetable garden just in the backyard and make it into more of a four seasons farm so to speak and what i mean by that is that. you know it's easy to grow fruits and vegetables in the summer but what people don't realize today is that more and more growing is done you know even in the cooler winter months and
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there are ways to very easily do that without pouring a lot of money into it without leaving a carbon footprint doing the i think they're called cold frames the whole square with glass over the top of it. without even the water yeah you could do cold frames with something like that or even just taking you know p.v.c. pipe bending it into tiny little hoops and putting plastic over it on again growing more cold tolerant crops likes to niche lettuce carrots things that you know you think hey i just i can only get those of my grocery store but very easy to do in your backyard or does composting fit. well composting is really good because it's the best lead to mend your soil and it's your garden or a farmer it all starts in the ground right there and you know composting is the most natural way to add fertilizer tear to your soil and also again if you
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have good soil it reduces the chance of tests and disease so it is the most natural way. to help grow your food. thanks so much for being with us tonight. thanks some my pleasure now what. it's good that out of the very very fellow called oil to a good bridgewater badgers the fifth graders of this bridgewater massachusetts peewee football team are earning praise all around the country this week for how they showed support for their water boy six year old danny. danny arce is in suits
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every day because of a brain hemorrhage he had when he was born as a speech impediment but nannie's teammates found out that he was being teased for the way he dresses the way talks they decided to do something extra special that he's seen v.v. cover the story for local t.v. check it out. in the middle of it all day here. bridgwater push for your water boy for the leader with great football team. danny always wears a tie and jacket has some speech issues few other kids have been picking on him about that and yesterday his team dressed up to show they don't approve and we heard that guinea pig so we thought we will have a day to dress up like danny. and to be thought we were going to al quds school i did anything in bonds or literary. figure didn't you know we love him there's an old saying that kids bring out the worst in human nature but if the bridgewater badgers are any indication kids bring
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out the best way to go bad the bad senator john cornyn the texas senator never misses an opportunity to bad mouth president obama but saturday night he took a shake a little too far revenues growth of the u.s. and iran had reached a deal over the islamic republic's nuclear program cornyn sent out the following tweet from oozing with the word hose will do destructive from obamacare or. is trying to prevent another war in the middle east is such a cynical and unnecessary political move it's amazing what some republicans will do to try to slander this way this particularly this one. and the very very ugly john derbyshire for national review writers no one is no stranger to racial controversy the reason derby share is a former national review writer in the first place is that he wrote a column about the death of trayvon martin the centrally told white parents to warn their children about black people this latest piece for dot com may actually be
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worse than that offensive trayvon martin column. or the new movie twelve years a slave his abolitionist warn that portrays slavery is worse than it actually was nevermind the fact that you know twelve years a actually slave is. based on actual historical events by somebody who is there actually who cares about facts at all because. you know the worst part is derbyshire hasn't even seen the movie and admits as much in his article as oracle by the way also includes this nugget of wisdom slavery is more irksome to some than to others and friends i'm going to be irksome to personally i'd be a terrible slave to ari i know people through i know people though and i'm talking about white people weiss is quietly suspect to be happy and slave and that is just for fear.
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let's talk about america's real welfare and point queens republicans on capitol hill love to argue that welfare programs are costing taxpayers billions of dollars every year and the welfare recipients are able to live lavish lifestyles thanks to the government but in reality all the welfare that the us government provides a real live human beings is just a drop in the ocean compared to the billions and billions or trillions frankly that the government hands out to corporations and big business each year the average american family forks over six thousand dollars to corporations in the form of taxpayer subsidies of that six grand eight hundred seventy goes to direct subsidies like as the next check given to corporations including the big oil corporations that are polluting our planet and fueling climate change. oil change
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internationalized a month's estimates that the u.s. government hands over as much as fifty two billion dollars in corporate welfare every year to big oil it's fifty two billion dollars it's allowing oil gas and coal companies to continue polluting our skies and destroying our environment and under current law this massive lifeline to big oil is expected to cost taxpayers more than one hundred billion dollars over the next decade. fortunately senator bernie sanders and congressman keith ellison are trying to dry up a big big oil's bottomless well to lawmakers of introduced a bill it's called the end polluter welfare act of twenty thirteen that would end the tax loopholes and corporate subsidies that are supporting big oil and that are costing american taxpayers billions every year as senator sanders put it at a time when fossil fuel companies are racking up record profits it is time to end
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the absurdity of american taxpayers providing massive subsidies for these hugely profitable fossil fuel corporations all the billions we hand out to big oil corporations each year are an outrage corporate welfare doesn't stop there there are many indirect but just as costly forms of corporate welfare as well take wal-mart for example america's largest retailer makes nearly thirty five thousand dollars in profit every minute and as of two thousand and twelve the corporations annual sales were around four hundred five billion dollars but those huge profits don't trickle down to their employees who on average make just nine dollars an hour those extremely low wages combined with very poor benefits forced many wal-mart employees to reach out to the government that's office for assistance and help with health care food and housing costs are released earlier this year by congressional democrats found that wal-mart's low wages and poor benefits cost american taxpayers
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between nine hundred thousand and one point seven five million dollars per store that's our subsidy of wal-mart or it doesn't fall into the category of an official corporate subsidy or tax break it's still millions in corporate welfare that american taxpayers are being forced to hand over. and then there's the case of boeing earlier this month an attempt to keep boeing in washington state and to keep secure thousands of jobs the washington state legislature approved a record state corporate tax break of almost nine billion dollars for the airplane manufacture that's nine billion dollars that doesn't go to fund state infrastructure or education or essential social services. every year corporate tax breaks like the one being handed out to boeing take billions of dollars away from american taxpayers and from the government programs resources and systems the taxpayers rely on from billion dollar tax breaks for boeing to massive subsidies
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for big oil it's pretty clear who the real welfare queens are in america republicans on capitol hill argue that we can't afford to keep funding the welfare programs that provide a lifeline to the poorest and most vulnerable individual americans but what we really can't afford is doling out billions each year to corporations that don't need another penny if we're serious about ending welfare let's begin with corporate welfare and use those billions of dollars for things that really matter like education health care transportation and helping out the most vulnerable americans call your member of congress and tell them to support the and polluter welfare act of twenty thirteen and to cut off the taxpayer funded lifeline to corporate america once and for all and that's the way it is tonight monday november twenty fifth two thousand and thirteen don't forget democracy begins with you get out there get accurate your.
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face i think you. should have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure. i would bet that. a society that i think corporation kind of can.
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do i'm the bad guy all that money all about money and i'm fascinated that for a politician writing the laws and regulations that. somehow. there is just too much. today. that. well. it's technology innovation all the latest developments around russia we've got this huge area covered.
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coming up on our t.v. it's the revolutionary international trade that you'll are supposed to not be knowing about but things to wiki leaks the public is finally getting its first planes at the t p p trade talks and the leak could have put the whole ago she ation in jeopardy an exclusive with wiki leaks spokesperson christian her off and said next. and a historic deal or a monumental mistake over the weekend major world powers and iran hammered out a deal on the so-called rogue nations nuclear program these tales of the talks and the international backlash coming up. and in fort benning georgia protesters take on the western hemisphere institute for security cooperation or you might know it as a school of the america visitors provided military training to.


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