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martin as is breaking the sets after weeks of intense negotiations in geneva about iran's nuclear program diplomacy amazingly prevailed see to her on a sign on to a six month agreement that limits its uranium enrichment to five percent a level well below the necessary requirement for the development of a nuclear weapon in exchange iran will receive a minor reduction in harsh sanctions on many of its most valuable exports such as oil and gold and while most of the world is celebrating this encouraging development between the two countries with historic ice cold relations one head of state just just isn't gotten used. to iran got the deal of the century and the international community got a bad deal this is a very bad deal what is actually a clip from november eighth near days after negotiations began as you can see bibi was already quite perturbed before anything was even close to being settled so you
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can only imagine his theory now. that was concluded in geneva last night is not a historic agreement it's a historic mistake it's not made the world a safer place like the agreement with north korea in two thousand and five this agreement has made the world a much more dangerous place so according to prime minister netanyahu an agreement that stops the proliferation of nuclear weapons makes the world less safe because we all know that there is only one country in the middle east that deserves nukes right baby but that's not the only fear mongering netanyahu is dition our. druthers the taking only cosmetic steps which it could reverse easily within a few weeks and in return sanctions that took two years to put in place are going to be eased iran is going to receive billions of dollars worth of sanctions relief
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. so the pressures on iran are being lifted they're being eased and with the lifting of this pressure this first step could very well be the last it. alas dad wow that's funny considering how this is only a six month deal and really only bides more time for future negotiations but if we listen to be his rhetoric and six months iran will have its nukes locked and loaded look these are sanctions that largely hurt iran's ordinary citizens not the country's political leet over the last year and a half the number of iranian families living in poverty has risen from twenty two to forty percent while the price of food and medicine has skyrocketed so is it really that horrible that less iranians will suffer for the next six months if you can see through this war mongering rant too and join me and let's break the set. the please please
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a really very hard to take that. lightly you better act with the terror threat there are those. that believe. the truth. if you've never heard of the school of americas you're not alone this military training facility largely stays out of the media spotlight but hasn't or is a dark past one rife with allegations of corruption and human rights abuses this
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past week and over one thousand demonstrators descended on the compound just outside the gates of the school in protest of what they see as a major source of political instability throughout north and south america are going to sets man walter. travel to fort benning georgia over the weekend to find out just why this school is so controversial. behind these gates is the western hemisphere institute for security and cooperation otherwise known as a school of the americas depending on who you ask the school is little more than a training center focused on building cooperation between the u.s. military and its latin american counterparts but for many others it's a notorious breeding ground for some of the worst human rights violators in the western hemisphere the school has graduated over sixty four thousand soldiers since one thousand nine hundred six soldiers were taught everything from enhanced interrogation to psychological warfare at least eleven latin american dictators have trained at the school including the infamous manuel noriega of panama and what the man is a framed leo's monk who oversaw the genocide of almost two thousand indigenous
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mayans during his brutal reign in the one nine hundred eighty s. every year the gates to the school of the americas in fort benning georgia serve as a meeting ground for thousands of activists from across the u.s. canada and latin america who have one clear message to. shut it down september eleventh nine hundred seventy three there was a military dictatorship that was funded by the cia funded by the us and part of that dictatorship was you know having people tortured and disappeared and incarcerated as political prisoners and the folks that did that torture were trained here at the school of the americas will be called the school of the assassins father roy was a witness to killings in central america founded the school of the americas watch in one thousand nine hundred ninety and has been putting on this annual event for the last twenty three years it's about how you know pressure men with the office who return to their countries why congo and some other countries out there they're
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training to protect us economically just. to exploit the cheap labor and the natural resource over the years this demonstration has only. attracting people from all walks of life but for some it's a very personal and emotional experience this is adriano barto a guatemalan native who was forced to flee her home country in the eighty's after government forces murdered her brother and kidnapped six members of her family we are certain that my father is dead. and so on the search that place that there. is to know. right now we have the whole. andriana now works as a full time activist. focused on educating the american public about the horrific human rights abuses fostered and encouraged by the school i don't know. where there
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are. in that's like living in two different worlds considers herself a survivor of the school of the americas and is just one of millions who feel the same the message from the rally today is for americans from all across the political spectrum to urge congress to act on this issue because the question of promoting human rights abuse isn't about left and right it's about right and wrong . artsy fort benning georgia. coming out a breakdown more about the school of americas and what people are doing to push for a shutdown and i'm a beauty asperger's or man thanks so much man for going i guess my first question is how did this school like this you know senatorial for all these horrific things and dictators and such how did it start in the first place it was it started in the
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first place right i mean good question this school's been around since one thousand nine hundred six in fact it was first started in panama in one thousand nine hundred six and within two years of it being opened it already had that notorious name being. school of the assassins it was close in panama it was moved to fort benning georgia and from then on the united states was just kind of picking out soldiers from across latin america to train here in the united states as a way of kind of building cooperation with military leaders in latin america so that the u.s. could kind of thwart the communists. expansion throughout latin america over the years of course that's evolved into the u.s. as push for counter-narcotics fighting the drug war and what ends up happening is just like father said in the in the interview us sense of just protecting its interests in these places and if democracies in the way of democracy is often the victim. really quickly let's break this down for people who are watching because it is really fascinating i mean we had a school originated to fight communism or to use it through the war on communism
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for our own devices it's transformed onto a school base in fort benning georgia that americans pay for with our tax dollars to train not americans to train the latin american soldiers thousands every year and paramilitary operations enhanced interrogation and i think that that's probably the most important thing that people people should be considering if someone he's not hearing about the school they should at least consider that this is taxpayer money going to fund not u.s. soldiers that are being educated but soldiers from across latin america that are not being taught how to conduct first aid they're not being taught how to how to teach reading or anything like that they're being taught counterinsurgency they're being taught psychological warfare they're being they're being taught things that they learn and then go back to their home countries and then commit these horrible atrocities eleven dictators in eight different countries have come out of the school sixty thousand troops have come out of the school that have gone on to commit horrible things in their respective countries places like bolivia argentina
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chile on dude us and many other places in latin america so the fact that this is going on and that there's not more public scrutiny is is really a horrible thing and more people should really be looking at what they're doing with their taxpayer money when the way it's going to things like this was you just read they have an enormous influence around the world who. are if it in. really really despicable what's going on there man and i know that you've got this really a mo. interview from this woman i want to kind of speak more to her story and other people's accounts i know you weren't able to fit it all in this package right i mean i got to speak to so many people and everybody there had had some i really feel like everybody there including myself you know being born and raised in honduras had some sort of personal collect connection with the school of the americas with with giving her story about how six of her family members were kidnapped she doesn't know if they're alive or dead and she even said at one point
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you know for her to say that they're dead would be almost for her to be killing them themselves or herself because she hasn't heard from them for the last thirty years we had a sound bite there a short clip from rob stars from i'm sorry from rebel d.s. he's from chile he recounted his experience with the school of the americas and how torturers in chile were graduates from the school in honduras to dictators in honduras were graduates from that school in two thousand and nine the coup that occurred there those were graduates from that school a thousand plus indigenous mayans in guatemala were the victims of a brutal dictator who was trained and graduated from the school of the americas and the list goes on so this story is shared by millions of people and many of them i was able to speak to at this rally and credible i think another important point is as you mentioned before is that we have thousands and thousands of soldiers coming through that don't abide by a bill of rights they aren't withhold into any sort of constitutional law back and the u.s. and also this breeds this culture of impunity and immunity with all these war
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criminals going to go in and residing from the school of america is i mean it's a really really astounding that this isn't more on the forefront man and it needs to be i think that's what this rallies about that's what this demonstration was all about it's all about visibility and it's really discouraging to know that the corporate media was there but it is it's also reinforcing you know what we do to bring attention to these stories and take our viewer there and people actually have put so much pressure on the school to close it there's actually a bill now in congress that's actually right which is is which. and i'm very excited to call attention this because people are always saying that we don't we always highlight the bad news but no solutions well here's a solution if if you want to get involved there's a bill in congress right now it's in the house it's h r two nine eight nine if you want to get involved if you want to participate if you want to make a difference if this is something that you are angry about you can call this number it's eight six six three three eight one zero one five that is the capitol switchboard if you don't know your congressman's phone number call that number will
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connect you to your congressman and tell him that you support h.r. two nine hundred nine for an investigation and closure of the school of the americas cup the pressure on you guys is close the school for dictators school of assassins once and for all manny rob lowe really appreciate you going out there and thanks thanks. for. coming up next you guys i'll talk about the private armies of one percent stick around.
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in the wake of the largest movement calling attention to wealth inequality in the u.s. the top one percent of income earners hit a stork milestone in two thousand and twelve the incomes of the over rich grew by twenty percent from the previous year and for the first time in recorded history is one percenters now hold one fifth of all household income not only have the michael bloomberg and jamie diamond of the world survive the economic downturn but they're all right even more than ever before how the six family heirs of the wal-mart fortune are now worth more than the bottom forty percent of americans meanwhile i mean a college degree no longer guarantees you would job and more and more people are seen their benefits flashed and homes foreclosed upon but the lifestyles of the
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rich and famous couldn't be further removed from the reality unfolding across the nation because millions of dollars comes in handy when you want to private mercenary force at your disposal. that course international the six man dime information is used for the most dangerous situations the most crowded rooms each man at a different point each responsible for a different area it's all about protecting the protectee. but sometimes the protect these need more than just manpower when it comes to security whether they're old or globe trotting the dangerously rich or full blown. nothing like six fully loaded shack doods to stroke your ego yes six mercenaries does seem a bit extreme doesn't it but before you rush to judgment there's a legitimate threat to your folks ever heard of a militant leave violent occupy wall street movement. experts say that one percent is casting a wary eye on social instability in fact
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a recent survey by the pew research center found that the wealthy are increasingly concerned about class conflict so there is something to be worried about i think. brian uli is part of the occupy movement in west palm beach he says a small minority of his group should make billionaires an easy yeah i'm sure that tense and picket signs are physically threatening this guy's fortified and got every. way to gloss over actual income inequality issues by highlighting some polls showing that the rich are concerned about the less wealthy being aware of them. yes the super elite are spending millions of dollars on their own private armies and reinforced mansions just check out what this guy is selling to protect hollywood royalty from those pesky occupiers. most americans home security means an alarm system or maybe a dog but from this house in hollywood it's a totally different picture a nice thing about this teleport it was designed to take excessive blood so that al
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corby is the president of c. which stands for strategically armored employ to fight environments affirm the designs custom sometimes hidden protection for the rich yeah unfortunately a street urchins can't afford anything more than a watchdog and an alarm system for making us feel inadequate about not having our own escape how he pads but it's not just helicopters that wealth hoarders buy to combat their neuroses and absurd delusions it's ballistic beds doors and windows including hidden machine gun walls. you've got a device here this is terrifying but these are fifteen shotgun shells and you mail this into the wall or into the ceiling or where either when you fire this off could anybody survive i mean if there's not a chance because one gun just isn't enough to fend off a ninety nine percent you need a military grade machine gun and walls that won't give out in a chance of survival you know it's fitting that these people are living like drug
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kingpins master criminals and political all of dark surrounded by their own luxury after all it's hard to be a billionaire banker these days without also being a criminal and you know what i'm going to sleep better at night knowing that when the economy crashes again because it will because of the one percent shortsightedness at least they'll be holed up safely in their prisons of paranoia. a couple of weeks ago while the stop watching us rally here in d.c. i had the privilege of witnessing a young man named malikai byrd reciting extremely profound spoken word performance . civil disobedience of the hypocritical cabinet expect us to assimilate and so this republic which. is one nation under many individuals of their liberties just. as high school student inspired me and countless others vitam
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on the show to talk about another topic and passionate about education as malikai bird performing intelligence. merriam webster defines intelligence as the military to learn understand or deal with new and trying situations the american school system and consequently the american public define intelligence as twenty four hundred thirty six c. four point zero g.p.a. repertoire of a regular unnecessary synonyms the ability to preach without true practice there was that sound where i wanted to conform but as a black boy i was told i was inadequate as a good test taker i was told i wasn't sold i was just a product of that pressure from multiplying economic obstacles and racial divides this attracted my motivation but still couldn't excel in a mathematician profession because of pigment citizen issued oppression always hit
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the hardest stephanie grace esteem ivy league graduate says blacks are genetically inferior less than whites while ms grace let my three millenniums of african blood in my three decades of american force fit education answer to ingredients for your food for thought i was told that your conclusions are primarily reflective of that that blacks only comprise thirteen percent of ivy league school that's in d.c. but i don't need to be valedictorian and so you there we don't need princeton's approval so you know we've already given birth sons of princes of dot mouth. the poetic expressive darts that spew from our mouths is ignorance it doesn't mean that we are powerful understand. you're upset that you let you pin pin you down under the weight of their common application i transformed you from sweet heart to even you being a white woman in me being a black boy i hear your subconscious screaming screw cornell columbia harvard and yale you just want to be brown you just want to be brown to be the brown saw you
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that was cast off as dirt but then sprouted the most beautiful wall flower was to be the brown tree that was cast in office for real but has the strongest of roots out so you where you weaken to a foundation you can form and lost your uniqueness eighty and set in complacency you let's just go on a c.t. act as your only identifier if your g.p.a. was your only g.p.s. or your path to success you might have money and you might be we'll known but it does not make you a strong woman taking an african-american studies course does not mean you understand my race if we were to let our complection only be a reflection of the darkness of a bubble and a scant chon we would just be confining ourselves to bars on an american grave and i'm pretty sure that you already think there will be confines of bars on america's behalf so ms grace this is not a hate letter this is not liverpool ammunition promising threats because you probably expect it so this is an aggressive yet peaceful yet not peaceful protest against any teacher to look to me like i was
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a shooting star in the dark hole of math in this city because i know my words like they do this is a war crime against any outside enemy who questions while we were fatigues an oppressive heat and while we casually cup combat boots is because we are warriors choi davis system failure recorders jordan davis jenna six newscast reporters militants turn minion to a school system society is trying to strip us of a title that we truly deserve mirriam webster defines as the ability to learn understand or deal with new or trying such a. and that is all my people have done so ms grace i know that this is side he has told you that you are mentally ill and therefore you have the right to damn black inferior but on the contrary you assumptions only want to prove that you are mentally inferior and that we are genetically and simply sell idjit. amazing molokai thanks for coming in and talking about your performance what was
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the inspiration for intelligence. inspiration one always been. and my mother and father both completed some college and so really it was just me and qualities and characteristics and people beyond what can be seen on a transcript or a resume and so just my experience with that and also had stephanie grace quoted in the poem saying that blacks were genetically inferior and that she quoted test scores and other types of reports and things like that just made me try to emphasize the good in a human being and not necessarily what comes from tesco as a g.p.s. it's extremely shocking the offense that anyone could actually be saying that at this point in time what kind of effect do you think that standard standardizing education has on the process of learning. assembly believe that it compares people to false false standers. really bad way of comparing someone's measuring someone's value. political cartoon when a different animal is trying to climb
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a tree and it was a monkey swimming animals implying animals. in the tree and it was just saying that the other animals weren't valuable because they couldn't climb a tree and that's essentially what it is is like valuing some students because they don't perform certain things yeah the unique characteristics that we all have a really great analogy actually you gave an amazing spoken word performance i just played a little clip of the n.s.a. rally i'm just curious being in high school i mean you grew up kind of in this post open world where the patriot act happened before you're probably politically active what inspired you to get into the surveillance activism at this age right first started with my induction into public school for public policy so i was a public policy school in a lot of our curriculum is based around public policy and public policy school and so it really got me looking into politics. more and looking at the cause of it and that just necessarily i can see this happening but also the ability to make
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a change and that's what happened at the rally i got the ability to speak and. created a spoken word piece about it up it's amazing talk about this large spoken word that you're a part of a little bit more about it. i wish i had my thinking here is that i can call out. to bars which is reflective of the. so what we're socially at the intersection of social justice and social change in art that was like bringing the light our abilities and how we can use it to change the world in our community around us so we're wonderful collective. high school students that's amazing where do you guys performed and people check out about you and want to be everywhere all social media sites. open mics the busboy. location. and anything. anyway and i'm just curious here as a high school student are you the d.c. native i mean how do you feel just growing up kind of in the belly of the beast are
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a lot of kids your age politically charged as well. it is a really interesting and it's really stimulating to just take in all this around. suburban and urban atmospheres but this is really where i'm from and just to see the drastic difference to see the change that this city has gone through and just. is really interesting and it just makes me want to get into things more like yeah it's an incredible city a lot going on thank you for being a part of that molokai bird spoken word artist for d.c. appreciate it appreciates. that for our show you guys thanks for watching join me again when i break over again.
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the government has made g.c. h. kidd to spy on people the government is an elite with the n.s.a. in america again or other highly treasonous act to spy on people because they say they want to stop the bad guys and yet here the warrants down aborts men who had their property stolen use an exploding financial device concocted by r.b.s. in the bowels of their terrorist organization so isn't that duplicitous by the government stacy. when the crisis leaves us traces everywhere. become the norm. children pay for the mistakes of adults. by working in a tobacco field or in a cafe. they are the ones who come back home last. games are just in their memories.
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this agreement. much more dangerous it will make our partners in the region safer israel sticks to its guns and sends a top security aide to washington to get on the nuclear deal with iran is. a pull the diplomatic effort made in geneva. over the ukraine you to which saw the indebted nation back off from the e.u. a deal which economists will would have landed in even more money trouble. than getting set to go. higher life would be better. readying the ground for next year's independence but.


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