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tv   Headline News  RT  November 26, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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olympic torch relay. on r t r. president putin warns brussels against pointing the finger at russia over ukraine's decision to back off from an integration deal with the e.u. . this is pro european anger erupts for a third day across ukraine while economists warn the deal would only have deepened kiev's economic troubles gottleib comment on that coming up plus. this agreement is much more dangerous splits it will make our partners in the region safer israel sticks to its guns and sends a top security aide to washington to get on the nuclear deal with the rattlers world powers applaud the diplomatic effort made in your neighbor again love coming to this and. he would also call damaging wissmann support the seas are pushing so
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many people into poverty scotland learns how life would be better outside the u.k. reading the ground than for next year's independence about. this is r t very good evening chief you just joined us just after nine pm now here in moscow one aims kevin zero in first and russia's president surged to european politicians to avoid blaming moscow for ukraine's reluctance to move closer to the e.u. the president spoke to reporters alongside the italian prime minister in tree s. just this last week of his can offers this thing in the president didn't mince his words today. well president putin is on an official visit to italy accompanied by a massive delegation eleven ministers five airplanes and so on but it wasn't only
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bilateral ties and joint economic projects that the two sides were discussing but also ukraine's recent days recent decision to put on a halt its plans for a free trade zone with the european that was also on the table that decision did cause and spark accusations from europe that it was made under pressure from russia and kevin you've said it absolutely correctly the president did comment on the situation in his own as usual straightforward unique style. it was that. if we keep our free trade with kiev and this deal comes through we have every reason to believe that goods from the e.u. will go directly into the russian market via ukraine evolution european made or marked as ukrainian and that poses a huge threat to our economy that's why i wanted to ask our friends in brussels my personal friends in the european commission to refrain from harsh statements do we really have to stifle an entire segment of our economy just to get them to like us
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. earlier the president's words of the. leadership and francis they did discuss bilateral ties and international issues as well including the conflict in syria but clearly ukraine is important for both sides here since its decision especially when it comes to economic cooperation and a free trade zone it would have consequences definitely for both the economies of the european and european union and for russia that's why so much attention is being paid to that all right thanks. alex coble inabilities a political analysts and journalists get more for to me but for now thanks very much ok well ukraine's parliament building meantime remains perceived by protesters angry leaders rejecting a deal which would have brought the country closer to the e.u. alexina jet ski. another day another protest rallies in here have.
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people here clearly and. not just on the euros we see the heavy police presence here and on monday we actually saw clashes here in the morning some of the question of the police tear gas with such was the story on monday evening at the protest at the european square where a minor provocation a minor incident caused a rather big brawl with the police to gas was used again i was in the thick of it i actually managed to film part of the film lot of this role with myself on the u.-turn may have stunned a few people but it's no surprise to some of those who have looked at the numbers the country's economy has been on a downward slope for over a year and a half with foreign debt at a staggering one hundred thirty six billion dollars would have cost at least another hundred billion dollars to modernize factories to e.u. stand arts not all can so closures would see tens of thousands of people unemployed at risk if cannot afford especially since the e.u. made it clear no immediate compensation then
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a huge drop in industrial output from last trade with russia which said ukraine cannot get loyalty points from everyone. but if. there's a medical term fatal trauma that's what signing this deal would become for ukraine it's not a political for the state to function normally it would lead to the closing of tens of thousands of factories and businesses millions of jobs would be cut this deal would send the ukrainian economy spiraling into total collapse it would effectively paralyze the state of people who do it put into it and we can play you know judging by the fact the protesters still have tent camps scattered all across the city the protests are unlikely to die down and least until the end of this week when they. still have a chance on signing the year association deal. well let's go live now to alex korbel financial analysts and journalists on the line from brussels not exceeded to
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so as you've been saying over the last hour president putin said the ukraine deal poses a threat to russia's economy as well yeah. you know the political situation is quickly evolving so let's stick with step back to understand why this development is really important for ukraine. your country shows ukraine is no a for the economy the g.d.p. . is down one point five percent into thirteen and just roll production is down with five percent. interest rate cycling investment so what we are looking at is a real recession for the country and that's why structural reforms are urgent for the country but in the long term signing the trade deal with the e.u. is in your best interest because it will and core political and economic reform that is really needed for the country and could. ukraine g.d.p.
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by six to twelve percent and quite frankly signing of free trade deal with the deal is better because of the earth five hundred millions you customers compared to the one hundred seventy million. customers and you know. and b. and below us of course right that's your take on it so is it dead in the water yet that's the big question now we're hearing it's off the marriott maybe on the e.u. saying it's still on the table even up until the end of the week of course there's the eastern partnership summit coming up in building us on thursday and friday so it could still happen do you think or more i'm sorry i didn't hear you yet the e.u. saying that the offer is still on the table up until the end of the weakness eastern partnership meeting is happening in vilnius at the end of the week and it could it be signed then you think. well i mean all the weight for you nick of each . step do you have the foreign minister of ukraine saying that agenda which would
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actually go in values on thursday you have the. prime minister out of saying that i mean denying that the fact that russia has promised financials supporting in case you know you can go has been corrupt. quite frankly what we see now is a country. as you know on the on the brink of a political crisis because sixty percent of a few koreans are in favor of even to gratian but forty percent are in favor of a russian. political increasing with russia or a commercial integration with russia so it's a it's as if we are back to december two thousand and four and it's. i mean it's really important do you think the eleventh of political crises do you think at the eleventh hour the e.u. may try and sweeten the deal to make sure it goes through. i mean we we have seen
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a lot of pressures from brussels and most schools. on this front i mean on this doocy we have seen from brussels for for example really strange pressure to release a political opponent i mean and from moscow we have we have seen some suburb rattling and also you know an educated pressure etc what i mean good relations with both russia and the you should be possible no foreign government should try to impose the frame policy of. a third country namely a criminal i'm still not quite understanding sort of party real time what's in it for the e.u. to sign it with ukraine here ukraine's economy is not exactly prospering. it's you know it's about free trade so it's about you know a trade mitch really positive when you when you go to. to the you know to
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to a shop you buy something it's positive for you and i suppose it's you for for the shop manager so the bigger the free trade. the better so it's it would be better for your printer system is true and you to be better for your training customers the same with russia send ukraine of course and that really broke your could also get bigger earlier it purely economic for the greater good of economics and for the people nothing political here oh no no no no believe me i mean we are we are talking about political influence and really politics brussels one two. on large sheets i mean the d.-u. . against russia i mean it's pretty clear on and i think it's prickly pretty clear for everyone and russia was the largest is it is influenced against the i mean. or i alex korbel thanks ever so much for political analysts and journalists as you will appreciate it. thank you sunday's diplomatic breakthrough at international
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nuclear negotiations with iran has failed to calm the country's harshest critic israel's prime minister is now sending his top security adviser to washington to persuade president obama not to agree to a final accord to round which could be sealed in six months time paula steer investigates why israel isn't ready to crack open the champagne is on lining up to lambaste the man nuclear deal taking a cue from the commander this first step. could very well be the last of the country's foreign minister vols the world is now closer to a nuclear arms race while the economic chief warns a nuclear suitcase could detonate a new york or madrid five years from now this agreement has made the world a much more dangerous place. but that world is hating the deal with iran as historic it will make our partners in the region safer it will make our
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ally israel safer while television threatening to isolate itself even further so the goal is not bob by this move. if we taint the white to act and yet for all the frustration there is one more hope for israeli politicians to use the next six months before a final deal is drafted to their advantage i suspect they're going to be continuously saying that iran is not keeping its commitments i'm sure they're going to be in close touch with. united states friends than anybody in any of the countries continuously pressing israel's demands for what should be in that final agreement but with the pressure on israel it's the only country in the middle east that has not and does not intend to sign the nuclear nonproliferation treaty if you want to avoid. nuclear weapons for iran we have to be part of a nuclear free zone very simple even iran's president hassan rouhani has called on
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israel to join the treaty positioning himself as a major peacekeeper in the attempt to denuclearize the region never threaten israel with nuclear weapons on the contrary. a third iran military outcome. if a nuclear free middle east initiative was ever to work it's estimated israel would need to get rid of anywhere between fifty five and four hundred nuclear warheads israel is not going to agree even to talk about the iranian bomb in the context of day nuclearization that's the last thing that israel wants to have in the equation . and for a country that has never officially admitted to possessing nuclear arms getting her to destroy them might be the most difficult deal the world has yet to secure policy r.t. television. let's discuss this more now with levon and former israeli ambassador to
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egypt and the u.n. is in geneva it's not very pleased to have you on the program sir thanks ever so much but if you look at the list of what's been achieved here you might not see it like that but a lot of the world community does during the next six months around will get more monitoring it will reduce your reading in richmond will be no new centrifuges and of course it'll stop enriching it's low level you're ready i'm stopped how can israel possibly say that that is a bad deal. well good evening kevin what is really saying is it a bad deal because the main purpose the man objective is to stop the enrichment of uranium and this was not to reach in the agreement signed in geneva secondly decenter futures are still there they can always enrich uranium although at the level of five percent but they can switch quickly to twenty eight probably more than that this is why israel say this is a bad deal and we should have gone directly to solve the issue of the enrichment
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and to stop their rich print and therefore to stop also the nuclear program of iran but the world view was if it was done your way the nothing would have been achieved at all. well look now the argument has been signed i mean discussing and there is a statement in israel coming from the prime minister or the others the statement that the agreement has been signed and you have to wait the six months and we do hope that the prime meters of that agreement signed in geneva two days ago will not be the same prayer meters for the final agreement between depi five plus one countries and. whether it will be probably the beginning of the discussions in order to stop finally the capability of freon to reach a nuclear bomb we're not talking about the nuclear energy for president for peaceful purposes about a week precisely about the nuclear bombs that we would like to stop become
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abilities and this was and this will be and this is the objective of the next discussions between depi five plus one and iran ok mr levin if we can just pause for a second the british foreign secretary william hague had something to say today about how he perceives the israeli position is just listening to that for a second this by thirty seconds will come straight back. of course we would discourage anybody in the world including israel from taking any steps that would undermine this agreement and we will make that very clear to all concerned it's also very important to explain to them to ask them what the alternative to this agreement would be because the alternatives would involve iran getting two nuclear weapons try show capability or having a nuclear weapon or a conflict with iran or all of those do you not at all see or agree with his thread to the argument there. well kevin to be candid i find this
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statement as a little bit harsh even harsh a statement and it is inappropriate probably while he is directing his words to work a country israel who has genuine concern and exile i think that we should be more comprehensive and for understandable about the israeli position because finally we have to take this into account that iran is not threatening vicki any of the of the countries around the world but it is the first inning off israel from being wiped out of the map so i think that the foreign minister should be a little bit more sensitive and not to spread such kind of a harsh statement toward a state who has genuine exultant israel's nurse or his top security aide to the u.s. at the same time powerful jewish lobbies in washington are on the offensive now you know is determined it seems to stop the permanent deal regardless of of iran's
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behavior but israel is isolating itself at the same time by doing this isn't it. the purpose of this delegation going to washington is to start and discussing with the americans what is really the israeli concern and what are the parameters that we believe in israel. and the official government of israel believe that should be the prime interest for the next agreement between the p five plus one and iran and this is the purpose to explain exactly and this is why in this delegation you have professionals not politicians only but you have professional who do understand a little bit about nuclear and this is why the prime minister decided to start this discussions with the washington of probably it will it will move also to the other peace five in order to explain what is really the israeli anxiety and concern about the issue and how we perceive the solution of that issue should be in the future
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first as the make the egypt more say for precisely this is the purpose of israel and the purpose of israel is not to it to convert this in the middle is a less safer than it was or what it is now but there is an element some people around the world looking to israel say you should live in the past you must go forward on the face of it least iran is appearing to making to make an effort here should be about time that israel opens up about its nuclear capabilities as well should it be a time for a bit more accord. well i don't think that you know are talking about an equation here between both countries look we have a problem and the problem now it is international problem and the proof is that you have the negotiator coming from the united states and europe the p five plus one who are discussing the issue is that the issue between israel and iran we believe
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that a nuclear iran with a nuclear capability will despite the speed these start allies not only the middle east but the whole word because it will be a domino effect with other countries everybody knows now that a lot of countries in the gulf states like saudi arabia even egypt and if in turkey they're not so pleased to see with that agreement and they would like to see let's say iran free from any capabilities of producing any nuclear bomb we are not talking again about the nuclear energy that any country is in ties to have and we believe that if there are needs that they should be entitled to to purchase this road and to have this energy for their own purposes in geneva tonight eleven former israeli ambassador to egypt in the u.n. a pleasure to have you on the program sir thank you for your time. when we come
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back to scotland and its master plan plan for independence talk about that a lot more too just ahead. sigrid laboratory. was able to build a most sophisticated. doesn't sound anything tim's mission to teach creation and why it should care about humans. this is why you should care only. this is a media leave us so we leave the media. by the same person security. policy. issues that no one is asking with the guests that deserve answers from. politic only of our.
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country would mean dependent scotland become good citizens what to say yes to breaking away from the u.k. in a referendum next september with a scottish governments try to answer that in a so-called white paper that has been trolling through than any seven hundred page plan. this white paper answers some six hundred fifty questions and the details here really are key there are two main categories here one those that will be negotiated during the transition period and another those will be made if an
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independent scottish government is indeed formed they promise indeed a lot of breaking down of all the policies they want to pursue let's listen to a bit of what they said that today we would also call a halt to damaging which mr policies are pushing soo many people into poverty abolish the bedroom tax and ensure that the incomes of the speed keep peace with the course of living going in to this white paper there were a lot of sticking points that were debated heatedly by both sides those pro and against the independents first of all there's a question of currency scotland wants to keep the sterling pound and form a union a currency union with the u.k. but westminster has been adamant that this is not guaranteed and in fact is highly unlikely and another issue is that of taxes today alex salmond had insisted that there won't be need to raise taxes and that first of all scotland will be in a better fiscal position at the end of the u.k. but this is against one of the new studies that have come out the saying that there
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will be a long term fiscal difficulty for scotland if it becomes independent and there's also the question of who is going to be controlling the oil reserves there is definitely bound to be dispute between westminster and scotland if it does become independent again alex salmond insisting that he doesn't want any of the nuclear weapons programs in the country they will maintain some of the more conventional defenses and how the list goes on but i think the main crux of the matter here is that many critics are pointing out asking if this white paper is going to be presenting the plan b. because a lot of the premises presented requires another party in negotiation what if the part of the bag of england and the british government or even e.u. member states in terms of e.u. membership what if they don't agree to what alex salmond has. has been proposing but he said that he is confident that everything that's contained in six hundred seventy pages will be addressing every single question if anything at this white paper is going to be a springboard for even more debates in the months to come but earlier we discussed
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why the bradley documents so important for scholarly jonathan shafi from the radical independence campaign for me some of the main headlines just how different the scottish government's approach to key economic concerns are in comparison to basements of discussion so far has been one in which what we've seen from the new campaign has been nothing concerning how they would improve the lives of people on the breton we've seen no idea about how they would for example start to think about who they're raising living standards or redistributing wealth in fact what we've seen is the opposite of that we've seen them put forward ideas that are going to maximize the will for the very top of society you know everything in this white paper today i would agree with but i think what we've got to see is that this is the start of i hope a much broader discussion i don't want sort of scorn that we want to live in. portugal public frustrations boiling over is the government propose to introduce new spending cuts a large rallies taking place outside parliament in lisbon as it votes on the twenty
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fourteen budget thousands of off duty police officers join the crowd to angered by government plans to slash their salaries and warning such a measure would compromise public security the country's been gripped by weeks of protests against government cutbacks and it reducing the budget deficit in order to receive rescue loans with seventy eight billion euros. the syrian state t.v. channels are reporting tonight that a suicide blast outside a bus station in damascus has killed at least fifteen and left dozens injured the attack took place during the rush hour the capital seen a surge of violence over the past five days in october the overall death toll from the country's civil war surpassed one hundred fifteen thousand. in thailand the government's facing increasing pressure over a controversial bill and to government demonstrations of elation to slee days now one thousands of activists have seen one state ministers call it the finest step that young mr laws passed would grant pardons to politicians both past and present and pave the way for the return of exiled former premier taxol shin a walk up at
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a twenty seven minutes past not at night thanks for your company more world news are in full with me just about thirty three minutes than between now and then a complete change of pace we invite you to take off our off sit back and relax with some russian wine that's next. when the crisis leaves us traces everywhere. empty clothes rooms become the norm. children pay for the mistakes of adults. but by working in a tobacco field or in a cafe. they are the ones who come back home last. so his games are just in their memories.
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the olympic torch is on its epic journey to such. one hundred and twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred towns and cities of russia. really by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killing. space. big. on r t v dot com. the black sea coast is one of russia's top tourist destinations sung sea and the
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best wine the country has to offer but if those weren't good enough reasons on their own to come here there's also a little mystery that i want to get to the bottom of. my heard. that there was a man named brown who come to russia's black sea coast to grow grapes and. he might not have been my ancestor the namesake. excuse for a visit. one bottle of the family wine if there was another one always going to find it and if i had to have a few. that was a sacrifice i was willing to make. this is a venerable institution.


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