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the replace the old if you. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioning the constitution. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy correct call for us. to make your own i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going point to go beyond identifying the truth rational debate real discussion critical issues facing america among them are you ready to join the movement and welcome the big three. zero on child carbon in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. it's official hobby lobby's
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challenge to the obamacare birth control mandate it's going to be heard by the supreme court hobby lobby says the first amendment protects it from pain for its employees birth control since when for profit businesses have constitutional rights heard about that and more in tonight's big picture politics and also progressive have a friend in the vatican pope francis the first is now come out against trickle down economics and what he calls the tyranny of unfair herd capitalism so what would jesus do the answer later on in the show and ignore the mainstream media the president doesn't have to worry about iran sabotaging a nuclear deal he has to worry about republicans have to. tell you why in tonight's debate. you need to know this if two hundred fifty million years ago you were standing
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thousands of miles away from what is now siberia. in the first years of the permian mass extinction probably the most you would notice is an odd change in the weather a reddish hue in the northern sky what you wouldn't know and probably your children wouldn't even realize although your grandchildren certainly would is that a tipping point had already been passed and an extinction unstoppable one was already underway. extinction what could get america's leading experts on climate change to agree on something that the average american has probably never even heard of methane methane is a far more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide and there are trillions of tons of it embedded in a sort of ice slurry called methane hydrate or nothing clathrate crystals in the arctic and in the seas or on continental shelves in north america too and arctica if enough of this about thing is released quickly enough it won't just produce
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global warming it could produce an extinction of species on a wide scale and extinction the could even include the human race if there is a ticking time bomb in our biosphere that could lead to a global warming so rapid and sudden we would have no way of dealing with its methane our planet has experienced five major extinctions over the past billion or so years times when more than half of all life has died in a geologically brief period of time and the common denominator of each one has been a sudden palls of global warming increasingly it appears that a rapid release of methane played a primary role in each one back in two thousand and two the b.b.c. documentary how just in the previous decade geologists had by and large come to the conclusion that a sudden release of methane after years of global warming led to the death of over ninety five percent of everything on earth during the permian mass extinction. and
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something new. it was it would have released the second kid from the deep. to me that he. is this huge injection that he was going to pushed will temperatures up of the five degrees. the world was not ten degrees equal to that methane is back probably even larger quantities as life has been so active since the last mass extinction we laid out the scenario and it's possible doomsday implications in a short video titled last hours ago but once again. the city will always. go extinct because of manmade climate change.
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it's hard to imagine earth without life we take life for granted but life has not always flourished here. has experienced dramatic loss of life or what we call mass extinction five times over the course of geologic history each one of these events as resulted in the loss of more than half of all life on earth today a sixth extinction is underway one that will test the survival of nacho's human civilization possibly of the human species itself and it bears a horrifying resemblance to several previous global warming driven events like the permian mass extinction i think if he says the world has been recently sensitized about methane we're now discovering more and more of it leaking from oil wells fracking operations melting permafrost and even surge up by arctic storm and just
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this week the e.p.a. reported they may have been under estimating by. i have a lot of methane being produced by human activity meanwhile the national science foundation just released a report that methane releases from the arctic have also been underestimated a caption a company in their graphic says that all too clearly methane is leaking from the east siberian arctic shelf into the atmosphere at an alarming rate of methane does eventually degrade into carbon dioxide one large amounts are really are released over a short period of time their effect on global warming can be dramatic since methane is such a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. carbon dioxide our atmosphere has passed four hundred parts per million a number never before seen in human history but we've also never seen methane releases in this order in human history and to a large extent the naturally occurring methane releases are the result of that four hundred ppm of carbon dioxide many of the methane releases of the result of fossil
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fuel extraction processes the most dangerous ones the ones that could lead to trillions of tons of methane escaping into the atmosphere and thus driving and extinction of the melting of frozen methane clathrates crystals along the seabed it's in the process of drives that is global warming principally driven by carbon dioxide if we want to avoid an extinction that could approach or even rival some of the five past extinctions that have wiped out so much of life on earth we must get control. of our manmade carbon dioxide and methane this. is a big picture politics panel with me marc harrold libertarian commentator attorney and author tickle williams democratic strategist and attorney and peterson managing editor of the american spectator thank you all for joining your thinking let's get
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started. global warming literally could. lead to mass extinction we're talking about everything bigger than maybe a cat or a cockroach vanishing there are geologists climate scientists who are seriously having this conversation james and some just published a piece the peer reviewed journal talking about how if you know the carbon the just the you know b.p. and shell and exxon have on their books was burned we'd see a thirty degree increase in the temperature of the earth human race about survive that is the time for us to start really taking this seriously you know. i think we should you know i think there's a nuff evidence out there to prove that this is an issue that we definitely need to tackle i love the individuals who state that oh there's not enough science out there the proof that global warming actually exists when no there is enough science to prove that it actually exists in the ramifications of our carbon footprint
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granite it may not occur during my lifetime but it will probably definitely occur during my children and grandchildren's lifetime i mean you can see it slowly with the storms that we're having it with here king thing and the and all these other epidemics that are not normal to the areas where they normally occur i mean definitely a problem that we definitely need to tackle and we need to make very. i guess very solid efforts to reduce our carbon footprint i don't i don't see how this became a left right issue you know this is science this is the science is how to go about tackling it the liberal the liberal progressive consensus on that is to tax carbon which essentially i think would meet cap the economies of all of the life of me as a really simple question and the only industry that i know of and maybe you know of another missile but you know we here at the t.v. studio if we want to trash taken out we pay to have our trash taken out you know
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we're in the boat that i live on big charge me for taking my trash out every industry that i know. pays to dispose of its trash except the fossil fuel industry not only do they not pay to take out their trash but we subsidize them and i'm not talking about things like the oil depletion allowance we pay with our military we in our navy escorts them we keep their shipping lanes open we don't charge them a penny for that we're in they're not paying to take out their trash and we're subsidizing them if you simply said pay to take out your trash at the minimal cost and according to ireland in finland twenty five dollars at minimal cost and that's and that just covers the cancers and asthma that doesn't cover global warming doesn't get the global warming and we said oh and by the way what do you pick up some of the cost of the sixth fleet the day we do that wind and solar power become less expensive than oil coal or natural gas i mean this is one of the reasons why twenty three percent electricity in texas is being produced by wind power twenty one percent in iowa these are mature industries why are we why are we even having
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this conversation well the utilities right now are dependent on coal power and if if you do that a lot of those costs are to be passed on to consumers i mean there was a. study when there was a cap and trade bill that was being floated a couple years ago that suggested that the impact on middle class families was going to be about a thousand dollars in increased utility bills and that's a huge problem and i don't have any other i don't believe and look at how much more efficient we would get i mean we have gotten dramatically more efficient over the years mark well first of all my guess would be if we take this on we'll try to take it on for the entire world and we our citizens will pay for it finland has done this ireland has done this in australia has it on this you know shine existence it's what america's approach to everything is sort of like your neighbor comes over you go over to your neighbor say your grass is too long if you don't if you don't cut it i'm going to cut it for you that's what america will do here we'll go around the world we'll get best practices and then one up paying for the whole thing but that to the side some of what you're talking about is the crony capitalism
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especially in energy has a lot to do with our electoral politics of texas but no absolutely not. the question is how we deal with this and what i would see happening here is this this type of it's easier to tax people to easier to legislate when people are afraid of something i don't know if the science is a tax and i'm talking about is correct or not a waste disposal fee i'm i'm just saying that what i would see next from this isn't we're seeing in the health care i mean the next industrial complex is our health care and environment at some point the i.r.s. through health care and the e.p.a. are going to become much stronger enforcement agencies and that's where i see this point are there are reasonable moderate steps you could take absolutely but that's not what will do once this thing gets going this environmental will see this is the next complex a major way to tax expand government like we're seeing in health care well and there's also some very tough and it might save the planet we were at a time we'll get we'll get back to more of tonight's big picture panel right after this break.
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i've got a quote for you with a pretty tough. they were it's about story. let's get this guy like you but smear that guy stead of working for the people most issues the mainstream media were pretty much over bribery just as you know. they did rather. were. the police. it was a. very hard to take. once again. why have
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you ever had that. big hair. one. of the of the of the of the.
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i don't go back to tonight's politics panel with me are marc harrold nicole williams and kyle peterson let's get back to it the supreme court today granted circuit fancy way of saying yes we will hear the case and actually this is a case that the obama administration wanted them to hear because they have lost to the lower court in my recollection is correct and basically what's going on here is hobby lobby which is a for profit corporation it's owned by a family called the green family who are fundamentalist christians and as fundamentalist christians you know they're entitled to run their business pretty much any way they want they want sole shot classes for example we don't believe in charge of care by heart you know. but and sunday everybody you know nobody works on
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sundays a going to happen you know it's the holy day. they should have a conversation so of the us but in any case. but now they're saying that as a corporation. they can have a religion and that religion is protected under the first amendment of the united states and real confused i mean when what's next corporations can marry and then if they can marry do we have had does that solve the whole issue of marriage equality nationwide because corporations as far as i know are all the same gender or are they different or watch i mean where is this going and what am i missing here mark let me your turn here you're. a libertarian what's this i mean looking at this through the sort of a political lens it's a risky move because when when you're the appellate court upholds the law or overturns a law it's really only good for certain jurisdiction to the district of columbia
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certain states territories wherever that circuit if it's the district of columbia has to functionally the whole united states if it's a federal law well it's a federal law because in the district columbia jurisdiction i mean there's ninth circuit's fifth circuit whatever it is so when you take it up i mean when you go for the circuit you're t. in this up this can become the law of the land if the obama administration loses it's going to be closer to the election is going to undercut i'm going to bring the whole obamacare back into the political sphere but i think it's going to be there anyway but i think this is about citizens united a lot of ways and one theory i have one theory i have is that you know president obama scolded the supreme court over citizens united in the state of the union and i think that the search has to be this close in time i don't think this is a certain grant to undercut citizens united from the you know the hard thing to predict the future but if i had to guess my guess is that they're going to bring this up and it's going to reaffirm the basic underpinnings of citizens united corporate personhood in the first amendment a different part of the first amendment and this is really a risky move for the obama administration because if they if they follow the appellate court it becomes the law of the land at this point it was limited to
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basically one jurisdiction one of the eleven circuit if you think this is more sam alito getting back at the president you know he mouth back at the president during the state of the union do you think this is more sam alito getting back at the president or do you think that this is more of the court simply saying you know. we've planted our flag on this notion that corporations are persons and we're going to stand up we're going to stand and die in this moment i don't have the entire course and stand on the mound i have to admit i didn't look far to basically five and there's also the point that certain justices look in certain jurisdictions as to whether they can get the votes and bring it up for certain in the way it does very few cases or green insert but on this one i think it could be that i really do in the back of their minds i really do think they've got scolded on citizens united they've been kind of laying in a way and this is payback i don't think they grant cert overrule these basic underpinnings if i have to look at this certainly and i think it's to reaffirm the citizens united basic and when we say we keep saying surge here what that means basically certification this or tory actually is the last word but basically yes we will take the case we will. i find
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a very interesting prize that they did take the case and. of course i'm hoping that they do not go as broadly as to say that a corporation is allowed to dictate what you know the type of health care that their employees can provide that they can provide to their employees i feel like this is a little overreaching to sit there and say that a corporation can deny providing their employees contraception contraception if they want to provide health care in general to their employees as basically they're telling their employees how to live their lives in a sense and i have serious issues with that i think that if your corporation and you want to provide health care to your employees then you have to provide health care to your employees and part of that has to do with health care for a woman or contraception is just basically an extension of women's health care women's reproductive rights. are model birth control do not do so for for birth control exactly they do it for you know for for health purposes right and so i just
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find this particular employer doing is doing is very overreaching a little too broad i think a little broader kyle there's a. you know the glib response i think is a you know if they choose not to shoot to serve shot by. it was based on the religious principles nobody's arguing that they have to i mean you know shot glasses are a protected class used to be back in the old south people would use that as an argument for segregation things you know it's my religious but there's nothing you know nobody's arguing this but this doesn't have to do with what they're selling this has to do with how they're conducting themselves with regard to their employees well i think that is you know a little different category what i think that the issue is a lot messier than you're making it sound so there are several cases out there the hobby lobby one is the one that the supreme court has chosen to take but i would bring people's attention to differ when there's a there was a catholic group of catholic charities in pittsburgh that recently got an injunction saying that they did not have to do until the case is settled did not
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have to comply with the mandate and and what the bishop in question he said faith without works is dead and the judge who heard the case said that he was basically being asked to sever the catholic church into the portions that are involved in worship and the portions that are involved in the works and he couldn't do it so the hobby lobby case it's a little stickier but i think it's a lot more messy than you're making it sound. and it's interesting i mean the whole catholic thing is i mean i can flip that upside down and say if you're a church and you want to run a hospital then you get there on a hospital according to rules and hospitals i mean there are there are churches the believe in healing by the laying on of hands and if somebody shows up at your hospital that your church runs and they're in the middle of a heart attack and you get everybody together say oh it's all a prayer for this guy and he dies i think you've got a case i think you've got a problem. you know add stuff i've you know i think that judges rob i think if
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you're if you're in the hospital business you you abide by the rules of the hospital business you're in the end of discussion but there are several cases out there and the issue is more broad than simply that's what it is case i'm with mark on this i think it's not just. they want all the firm citizens united this has very little to do with religion or religious rights or religious freedom this has to serve as united and it's going to be a backdoor way of wacken obamacare because because i think frankly thomas thomas roberts the only reason that he did not strike down obamacare as he was concerned about his legacy but he's still having to deal with all the right wing flak from that he's probably not get those big six figure speaking fees that thomas and scalia get at all over all the right wing gigs i think it's still doing ok. it's ok same sex marriage during a recent appearance on bloomberg t.v. wisconsin governor scott walker. who no doubt is going to be running for president said that his state had a healthy mix of laws both discriminating against gay americans and affirming their
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equality check this out. the senate was some republicans were passed a bill banning discrimination against gays should the house to the same well again i haven't looked at that particular but i can tell you in wisconsin we've had anti discriminatory laws that are very similar that for more than thirty years and they work quite a spectacle the only one state that has a constitutional amendment to deploy to. build a house bill should be some i mean we've had not had problems we had no problems our should say no limit to problems with that at the same time we still have a constitutional duty but the defines marriage is a healthy balance you know when this guy is the perfect candidate for president those are the most that was the biggest word salad of weasel words i've ever heard my whole entire life first of all you're coming on bloomberg t.v. to talk about a topic and you say oh gee i haven't even bothered to read i mean does anybody anybody believe scott walker on that for even a second but it sounds like you know well it doesn't sound like what he's saying is
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. we have no problem in our state with people who are gay being discriminated against. we also have this constitutional amendment that specifically discriminates against them. everything's fine can anybody make sense of this for me. it doesn't make sense honestly tom i mean i have friends of mine who live in wisconsin who are l.g.b. and they would like you know to have the same protections that their friends in massachusetts in california the district of columbia still have and you know getting married in their marriage means recognized by the state of with compton protection in the workplace and that's what i would like and also to just say they have this law in wisconsin with regard to discover nation however and it's also been shown that there haven't been enforcing the law and there have been reports of people being discriminated in the workplace in the state of wisconsin and the state of wisconsin and the republican controlled government of wisconsin is not enforcing their discriminatory statute that they have the forstmann is the responsibility
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scott walker's own so it's executive actions like you know what i'm saying his op is not doing there not do it he's not doing that well i think that that's probably a political position and scott walker is probably not being as forthright about his opinions as he might be. but i would say that there's something to be said for. letting things taking some time to consider this i mean the thing that just a little bit of concern is anthropology i mean the thing that most conservatives object to is the notion that we can take these institutions that developed organically over thousands of years and we can sit on the border next thursday and redefine them and you know strike certain sections that we don't find i mean there was a time when the catholic church actually did marry gays and homes in the shelters it's been around for thousands and thousands of years but the thing that conserves object to is that this idea that we can change things and not expect any flak from that i mean the institution of marriage used to be
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a whole lot more about duties and rights and responsibilities and now it has been redefined by the culture. blame walt disney for some of this to be about fleeting emotions and feelings and i think we. were down and i decided i want to market on this isn't this isn't. marriage equality the most conservative position marriage is a lifelong commitment this is this seems to me like this is the most conservative thing you can do it very much is from a point of that the government should stay out of all marriage not just same sex marriage same sex marriage sure we don't want you know same sex marriage should not be discriminated against he's definitely a type he wasn't ready for the question he needs of much better talking point if he runs for president but the bottom line here is part of the legal problem they have is that legislation that's anti discriminatory can be reviewed either way under some type of state or federal equal protection clause even though homosexuality or same sex couples are going to suspect class the problem they have is when he gets into a constitutional amendment it's not eligible for the same type of judicial review
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so you get into this thing where you have laws you're comparing sort of apples and oranges with a constitutional amendment and laws that have been enacted that can be repealed but i absolutely disagree with that constitutional amendment there should be proposed protection there should not be just gender distinction for marriage however it's defined i think the government should stay completely out of it but same sex couples should be allowed to marry to the same degree that heterosexual couples can very well and on that we will kyle. nicole i'm sorry and mark thanks so much for being thank you. coming up thanksgiving is supposed to be a time for family and friends but in recent years of the rise of black friday sales has become a time of greed and desperation what does that say about where our society is heading the answer in saw right after the break.
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i think. i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. i know c.n.n. m s n b c news have taken some not slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close and for the truth from mike
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think. it's because one fall attention and the mainstream media works side by side with you is actually on here. and our teenagers we have a different approach. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not going. to get a sense of the jokes that will handle this stuff that i've got. i think.
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i think. we're going to go did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy which help us. build. them like you know i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on will we go beyond identifying the truck rational debate a real discussion critical issues facing a family member ready to join the movement then welcome the big picture. welcome back to the big picture i'm john harbin coming up in this half hour it's thanksgiving time again and that means millions of americans are preparing.


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