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think. it was going to go did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy which. go on. to make you know i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on and we go beyond identifying the truth rational debate and real discussion critical issues facing america about them are ready to join the movement then welcome the big three. go back to the big picture i'm john harshman coming up in this half hour it's thanksgiving time again and that means millions of americans are preparing to leave
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their families right after the big meal to try and score a great deal on black friday does this annual and sometimes deadly event say about our society ask our special musical guest the reverend billy talent just a moment and republican treason took down jimmy carter's presidency rock obama doesn't watch out it could take down his i'll explain why and how infants do they take. in screwed news this thursday night millions of people across the country will abandon their families right after thanksgiving dinner and head to the nearest big box chain store once they get there they'll participate in what has become an annual rite of american capitalism black friday black friday which let's face it is now really more of a black thursday and friday is the day when major retailers offer. sales that in
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some cases many people have quite literally killed for eg in two thousand and eight for example a long island wal-mart worker was trampled to death when eager shoppers burst through a store window but black friday is bigger than just one day or one store it's a symbol of how screwed up our country's values have become for war on this i'm joined now from new york by robert billings allen and they stop shopping gospel choir stop shopping gospel choir as an activist group is a performance art to draw attention to the inequalities over work and corporate capitalism reverend billy can get. very marrow. trauma. welcome to those welcome to the stock shopping church. the fact is. we all love to shop in the stop shopping george we're just guilty we're so guilty time when we can't help ourselves if it's black friday weekend and. we want to get up there with our plastic i want to go to the best but
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i'm going to home depot i want to go to the kmart i want to go to the little ones i'm going to the sears i want to go to the last. plastic with my credit card i'll be like clint eastwood i have to up my just a slight swipe swipe just i'll just you know roddick's. through the big glasses why why why why even then. certainly. something in my body will stop working or i realize it's not working it's not because i'm brooke necessarily it's because. the products are destroying it. the end of the way. i.
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know all over. the world child children. were loaded. three creatures kill. the old. shallow. well over. six six. zero zero zero. zero. we load. was a little over. a little cold.
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so how. did. oh. god oh oh. oh oh oh well. i'm not coming so i don't want to shut up i. know you say. oh now i know the old was. found. on am city.
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was me. oh ok oh no it. was a. close. it's the. load. o. . o. . k. k o o. o o o. o.
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oh children. of course we have to stop. of course this weekend or of acquiring gadgets convenience. distraction. it must. and we will be stopped by. that moment that we reach out for a doll for our daughter. the daughter starts twisting in our hand then it. becomes . a category five tornado strikes twisting we look around the big bronx. superstore. coming out of the hardware section.
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we will eyes and the big boxes are becoming. the earth taking back what it all really lends. yes consumer sorry society is is a. very soon. if the big boxes. will just disappear in our own shopping within ourselves our idea that we can go over there and bar something over there that will somehow fill that hole that we have in our souls we have to let go of that. will have to leave the coastal city. will have to find a way to live. after the shopping and who will.
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hear that song behind me. that song is sung from the point of view. of the threatened animals. the sting generals. looking back at us what a better human being. what were we doing back in the twenty first century. shopping. we didn't want to hear all of that goals we don't like the. course we do. we love our lives. and in loving our life. we will. talk.
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that's beautiful it's beautiful reverend billy thank you so much. that is so great harm you're talking to be where are you. i'm up here in the sky. who just look right at the camera and you'll be looking right as a spirit here and when welcome also to this is new your luck at our music director of op shop in choir and we were arrested together recently were i want to talk to you about that i understand that jail we've got about two minutes left here just to wrap this thing up but i understand that the two of you are looking at serious jail time for sing and over at manhattan's j.p. morgan tell me about. when am i we sang this song didn't we hear it was this on we were actually singing as we were going up the escalator into the chase bank and we were handing out leaflets of information about the things that chase
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has been doing that has been affecting the climate we were just a few blocks from here yep fifty six fifty six and six avenue it's one of those wealth management banks tom i know you don't know what that means because i know you're broke of course but that's where rich people get together to discuss their stock portfolios and. chase is the top financier in according to our research the top financier in climate changing industrial projects gas oil and coal mostly and we. really i got over actually did i don sings extraordinary work we just have literally just have sixty seconds left tell us what your face seen and the people who are watching what website are you going to how can i help you. can you hear what the i'm saying ok so it was one year for reverend billy three months for myself. is the the what they offered.
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us and i believe there's a well we're performing currently at st joe's pub st joe's pub where you get a sense out of. the telephone or out of the public theater for the next four sundays and what are some other things that people can do to help us out is there a well people can come to our website and the man we're trying to gather enough energy and funds and support we have petitions the website is already believe dot com rather holy on december ninth to rev billy just are you be ok leave reverend l.a. name i ever knew and the and the hope you show an extraordinary new york cop shop inquire about support we had it we had a regatta wrap it up thank you so much thank all of you thing all five of you so much for being with us tonight it's great to see we're so grateful to you thank you coming out barack obama has a chance to make a one in a generation deal with iran but he needs to watch his back because republicans are ready to strike like splaying winds united states.
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dramas that's trying to be ignored to two. stories others to a few just in the interests of. food since changing the world's lights never. to picture those two days these days. from roads to the. i suspect. they would like to know that you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioning the constitution and the concept that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy which threaten all voters. in
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fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and out across several we've been hijacked trying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by the screwing what our founding fathers once told to us i'm tom are going to get on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world and we go beyond identifying the problem to try and rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america have i ever feel ready to join the movement then walk a little bit. in
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the best of the rest of the news since he was elected positive in march pope francis has delighted supporters and outraged critics with his outspoken attacks on income inequality and out of control banks and now he's made fighting what he calls the tyranny of unfettered capitalism his words efficient platform of his papacy pope francis his mission statement the joy of the gospel argues that combating poverty and greed should be the catholic church is the number one role in the modern world in it the pope argues for radical changes to the global financial
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system and says that as long as the problems of the poor are not radically resolved by rejecting the absolute autonomy of markets and financial speculation and by attacking the structural causes of inequality no solution will be found for the world's problems or for that matter to any problem is by the year catholic or not it seems like pope francis has finally given us an answer that age old question what would jesus do the answer is simple he'd regulate the banks at the very least and reinstate glass steagall and keep him everyday american savings safe from wall street predators for more on this i'm joined now by austin peterson libertarian commentator and editor of the libertarian republic dot com boston welcome back thanks for having me guessing you're not here is a spokesman for the catholic church no sir i am not the antithesis i would say the antithesis you know the pope has no authority here in the earthly realm perhaps he has one of the spiritual realm but this is a bill i would say god bless the separation of church and state in this matter of
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course the pope fails to realize that from one thousand nine hundred to two thousand and ten the number of people below the poverty line has gone from forty three percent in the world to twenty one percent in the reason. why because of economic growth because from one nine hundred sixty to two thousand we had an economic growth of four point six percent and then from two thousand and two thousand and ten we had economic growth of six percent that has lifted millions of people out of poverty and why because of free market capitalism there is a it's not because of free market capitalism there's no such thing as well that's true well it's there's been it's been you had again you identify which essentially any place where free market capitalism is actually working well you know we've never really had totally unfettered free market capitalism which is what makes this very curious because what we blame swaggered capsules and i think what is really worried about when you talk about inequality there are so many inequality and the study that i was talking about i just quoted to you is from the economist and they do say that one third of the problem the reason for the poverty rates is because of inequality and i think that if you talk about if you're talking about equality and
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you want to have work quality then you do have certain things to create stable rules you have a court system for example so that you could have private contracts in force and the more that is a desirable function of the marketplace however what when you do not the market when it's over well then you when you say if you want to say you can't have a free there's no such thing as a free market well you don't markets are created by government and money which raises the question why do you have markets why do you put it why we have markets so that people who are going to be created by government are starving you know i guess that ocean is the markets markets are produced for social good no no they're not they're produced for individual out of individual self interest see that's that's that's where you and i defer you think that markets are created so the some some somebody can hustle a billion bucks and i think that markets are created so that we all can live but no i think that the problem is that you don't understand is that under socialism people wait on bread lines but under capitalism people they don't have to wait on brian i spent a fair amount of time in denmark sweden norway i lived in germany they're all socialist countries and i never saw bread lines i have spent a fair amount of time in united states most of my life i've seen
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a lot of bread lines right well let's talk about the pope because that's this is the big issue to the subject going away from social law i would actually would like to change the subject from socialism because i want to really talk about the bible and what it says. because the israel i had stalked in first samuel was a big story and christians need to understand this because i think it's it lies at the very heart of their ethics and morality but these realize cried out give us a king they said and god turned them and said if you give if you ask for a king he will take from you he will send your children their lives that was a warning and it was a warning he said give us a king and they said if they do they will send your children into scripture and he will take from you all the best of your violence and you have gone and i'm quite familiar with this guy out and then god will not listen to you when you cry out so we have to be very careful when we get more central i mean every seven years you had a jew believe for the land and every seven years the field one fellow and every forty nine years all wealth was was put into a single pot and redistributed to everybody that's correct if you want to if you want to get biblical i mean how about a jubilee well you got
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a trillion dollars in student my dad's never been ever before see anywhere on his or her want to get too big a biblical is because when the pope talks about equality because he did not need all of the of women to be ordained as priests in the catholic church so it's very interesting to hear this man speak about inequality when he in economic equal oh ok well we can't have people being too free in their transactions but it's ok for them to squelch equality when it comes to women's rights and we make excuses for that so you want to change the subject away from any economic inequality to men and women why would i talk about social inequality i just really where the pope should be worrying about so so you know you're afraid to talk about socialism because you know i'm not as it turns out i will i'm not afraid i'm going to. do work quite well and. you're not comfortable with the pope saying any quality is a problem don't you think anything i think is equality is a problem but i think so what is the solution and ok great let's get yours let's pearson solution in inequality ok he's going to have to take out the billion dollars a break if you've got
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a whole most people government you have to break up the stranglehold of the corporations and have only i agree with the bill gates is one of the biggest welfare queens in america as we would probably write we have to solve this problem because i think that libertarians and. aggressors can get a get together on these guys we've got twenty said corporatism in the system is the problem because what happens is the corporations write the regulations tom and then they and then they are captured by the government's regulatory capture that's our government has been so sure someone will agree with me that we should take our copyright laws and reduce the number three years old copy rights and pads three years later thomas jefferson proposed even lesser i mean i'm i'm very much a libertarian when it comes to that kind of thing i don't think that the government should be enforcing that sort of ok well no more no more bill gates as well firstly and well not if you three years perhaps there you go to peter's thanks for the guys who are on facebook and getting really upset with you thanks for dropping by.
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as news or us or any nuclear deal spread like wildfire this week in the mainstream media began as their usual set of questions is this deal for real can we trust the iranians or the ball is just using a temporary break in the sanctions to buy enough time to build a bomb ever since the second bush administration labeled a rand part of the axis of evil the media has portrayed the iranian government as a scheme in theocracy so the discussion of the two faced persians isn't all that surprising but aside from being wildly racist this portrayal is also wildly inaccurate that's because the biggest threat to an american iranian accord comes from president obama's enemies at home congressional republicans and not from the iranian president hassan rouhani already republican leaders in the senate are calling for more sanctions against iran georgia senator saxby chambliss for example says the doing so is the only way to ensure a long term deal between the u.s. and iran
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a call for sanctions also has support in the house of representatives majority whip kevin mccarthy of california says he backs any seven senate plan to tighter restrictions on iran's economy. republican attempts to sabotage a democratic presidents deal with a rand are nothing new just as jimmy carter in one nine hundred eighty carter thought he had reached a deal with the newly elected iranian president. hassan bani solder over the release of the fifty two hostages held by radical students at the american embassy in tehran bonnie solder was a moderate and as he explained in an editorial for the christian science monitor earlier this year had successfully run for president on the popular position of releasing the hostages i openly oppose the hostage taking throughout the election campaign i won the election with over seventy six percent of the vote other candidates also were openly against hostage taking and overall ninety six percent of votes in that election were given to candidates who were against hostage taking
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carter was confident that with body solders help he could end the embarrassing hostage crisis that had been a thorn in his political side ever since it began back in november of seventy nine carter underestimated the lengths that his opponent in the one thousand eight presidential election california governor ronald reagan would go to to screw him over behind carter's back the reagan campaign worked out a deal with the leader of iran's radical faction supreme leader ayatollah khomeini to keep the hostages in captivity until after the one nine hundred eighty presidential election this was nothing short of treason the reagan campaign secret negotiations with khomeini the so-called october surprise sabotage carter and body solders attempts to free the hostages and as bonnie sutter told the christian science monitor in march of this year they most certainly tipped the results of that i nine hundred eighty election in reply in reagan's favor. not surprisingly
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iran release the hostages on january twentieth one thousand nine hundred one at the exact moment ronald reagan raises him to be sworn into office. surprise embolden the radical forces inside iran a politically weakened body saddam was overthrown in june of eighty one and replaced by by mohammad ali. a favorite of khomeini's these radical forces today are represented by people like former president mahmoud ahmadinejad hardliners who oppose any deal with the united states and like khomeini in the one nine hundred eighty s. will jump at any chance to discredit the current moderate president hassan rouhani act over surprise also led to the deaths of thousands of innocent people around the world particularly in central america reagan took money from the iranians and use that money to kill nuns in nicaragua but those are just the most obvious results of the october surprise again of her able to free the hostages like he and bonnie solder had planned her would have won reelection after all he was leading the most
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polls in the months leading up to the election and of reagan were never elected america would be a much more progressive nation. flashforward thirty three years and once again a democratic president is trying to negotiate in good faith with iran president obama has made a deal with the moderate iranian president that if everything goes as planned will solve a major international crisis but like president carter's deal president obama's deal is opposed by republicans who have proven time and time again that they will stop at nothing to sabotage a democrat in the white house. and while there's no proof that republican senators are secretly asking ayatollah khomeini to violate the terms of this weekend's nuclear deal their obsession with slamming iran with more sanctions is just as dangerous we know what happened the last have a deal with iran fell through because a republican sabotage who knows what could happen this time. a long term iranian
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nuclear deal would be a once in a generation chance for the united states to rethink its foreign policy president obama should go for it but he should watch his back because if history tells us anything it's that republicans are more than willing to be trade their country for a little short term political gain. and that's the way it is tonight tuesday november twenty sixth two thousand and thirteen don't forget my new book the crash of two thousand and sixteen is now available at all online retailers your local bookstore and your libraries where you can read it for free and on tuesday december third a week from tonight i'll be signing speaking and signing books of politics and prose right here in washington d.c. starting at seven pm and don't forget the mocker see they give you their good act with your.
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i would rather as questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf. and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question for. wealthy british. time tirelessly.
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markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to conjure reports . for the new a little more than a lot of these policies i think you know. look . a pleasure to have you with us here on our t.v. today i rollers to show.
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coming up on our t.v. good mo detainees as double agents under a secretive program called penny lane the cia made a deal with detainees to infiltrate terror groups a full breakdown on the leaked program ahead and transferring drones to the diogenes president obama promised to get control of the u.s. drone program to the defense department but the cia is still running the show so why is the transition being delayed we'll tell you more coming up and a hollywood dollar sign that's what president obama is eyeing as he seeks out rich donors for twenty four team democrats but some people are protesting his trip stay tuned for a full hollywood reporter later in the show.


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