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today on larry king now the legendary james tahn the godfather established to the true ish kid with all those attash i would say that because i look at my make money being at that if when i just push the above the size good to be seen any air in there i'd say that. i still get the best tables when i walk and it's people are afraid to say anything to me they say one shot you don't want to play nice reverse so it's a good plus can disable a shell yeah. and i love and his newest costar maggie lawson be so full of crap mission i know. it all today on larry king now. i feel like i'm home because my kids grew up playing baseball here they graduated
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from the little east went to the juniors but when devil hills were on the set of a.b.c.'s new sitcom back in the game and i'm with the star to show one of hollywood's most respected names one of the guys to james caan he plays terry the canon gannon sr a single dad has welcomed his a strange daughter terry jr and her young son back into his life terry jones played by maggie lawson will meet her in a little while why did you go to tell a few of movie star or star well here's what happened last. i don't get the girl anyone right you know obviously i can't like fight prehistoric animals with a sword you know giant ones can jump from building the building and i get nauseous hanging from a wire so what's left yeah so i didn't i didn't think it was yeah i did that for a little while i didn't like that. i liked it there was some things i didn't like about it. that was all executive stuff. but. the bone and then i was
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broken like hard times will make make a monkey eat red peppers right. but i've been doing movies and the truth is it's just not making the movies that you know that i like to do i mean i've done a couple but like all of a sudden you do in movies like they asked me what was the name of that other movie that i should quote was called the rent and what was the movie before that that was also called the rent you know well i get a call. from my agents and they said. to me the call on brothers they will do is. to show comedy i says yeah and they would feel they're not going to do it unless you do it the coen brothers really do that well to come well i got to read that so read it's pretty funny but i look and says it's collin brothers and i didn't say the coen brothers and stalin bros so i find out that's the way these guys make a living they mispronounce they they. but it's
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a very good guys and they're very very funny so i make fun of them so i and i met with them and i know him i know them both that from vegas and other places and i mean they're both belong in a home they're great and funny and. and then i you know i have two young kids still i stay home and i found it to be really fun and creative it's a great cast. of characters which we graded on set yeah he was not a good ballplayer like no he was he was like the second coming of sandy koufax actually it was a body bag he dragged me out of the league and was on the up it sounds like me but i i just thought it was a so post she called her junior because i raised a little boy her mom died when she was eight and i raised it just you know baseball and all these wealthy it was just not a great dad and. she went on to college and become an all american softball player and then she got married had
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a kid they split up now the kids ten years old she hates the dad because she called the junior you know quote junior. and i mean to the point where she goes. well i had my first period you told me to walk it off you know. so everything was funny so she was raised that way then she's forced to live with me now with the kid. because there's nowhere else and i'm playing a pretty horrifying kind of person which i always probably easy how does a horrifying kind of person. keep up as the head of a weekly sit com. what i mean is what motivates you i liked what i saw it's like archie to i saw the light and yeah you wind up like oh he's not like it's not that he's angry he's like impatient he hasn't got time you know he's not and when he does he when he feels something that's. apologetically or lovingly it's a sign of weakness to him so he does it privately and quietly without express himself
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well he does but to me it's kind of like a sign which obviously. that he has a pension and he's a hustler you know closely scopic plays cards how do you view him when you play someone like that i think he'll larry. anywhere you look for well. the look what allows me to do is to be very very funny along with you know with robin his brother mark of this great writing staff there they're not that i'm seriously but rob belongs up there was saying the people walking the streets that this guy ok they're nuts and. the uber is great so we figured out like you. from anger it doesn't there's not a lot of human to call and there's not a lot of room for transition from anger to be eleven but for a guy who hasn't got time for. can you say. but. i do he has got time for. and it's like got anything to say don't bother talking to me so
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there's a lot of humor that comes out of sarcastic humor that comes out of impatience that wouldn't come out of anger you know another baseball two yeah i mean this is certainly a far cry from the bed was because i was a hey i'm not doing bad those bases ok you know so you know we see these kids that we have who they're pretty good right larry is not. one gene that lettuces them in any one of them they will never win if they scored two runs were going to a party. so i mean the point is it's not about this team getting any better. they will never win in the life of this is to share is what they are there are these kids are like little kids that we had to do did not act this except for my my grandson was the best script and he's in it not. do you like the images the tough guy guy that's true with the godfather established you the jewish kid would
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all those that say that because i could make money being at that it would just cause be a bundle so it's good to be sanity and in the right city to. know the you'd like that tough guy image you know i mean what you look at it draws that whale on you yeah well i mean that you know fortunately god well it was a success you know and and unfortunately you know every script i got you know there after for a few years of the war and twenty people dead by page eleven i. you know i didn't get the script but. no i mean i went on to sing and dance people wait they don't relate to a great movie for the boys yeah they couldn't love that movie that should have been it could have been a better it was a good movie they pay for cock that a little bit but it was one enjoy them you had a good time. so you've done a lot of done very clearly kids who by a tap dance and you know a lot of that when they think of you they think it jane you cause you made such an impression right i mean it was what does it leave the ratings because i get you
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know i still get the best tables when i walk and people are afraid to say anything to me they say watch out you can wind up a nice reverse it's a good moving a little less sunday at fordham university mariel cuomo and i did a seminar for the law school and they showed the godfather and then a discussion about the godfather a movie that mary o. appreciated technically thought it was brilliantly done the music and everything and he hated the movie really because he's still that stereotype to tell us is that it is have suffered as americans from that movie react to that as we think he feels you know well we're going to join his parade are you going to go to hell with what he talked about the truth of the matter is that if you want analyze i mean obviously when you do a picture about the mob it's about the mob and to make it at the taping a movie you know you're not going to have him planting flowers and selling glorified murder and you know i can see where he's coming from kind of i mean the
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truth under surely is not the truth about the success of the godfather has to sholay do with francis coppola i mean i remember i was with evans on them and i would talk to gus to grab a shawl at that francis and and the reason i say that is frances is not a brooklyn that had. francis is a mediterranean and his father was lead flutist for tuscany you know they come from music and art and food and wine i mean you know what i mean and the kids were the same way they were in cutting rooms when i didn't know about any wise guy stuff is to further but there in lies there in lies the success because everything was done for the sake of family you know because question i got to go higher it was not a real horse eighty people got killed at one of the old dollars was a real. nobody cared who died because everything was done you know what i mean it was yeah it was a single feel he should be told he did this to his sister that's ok this guy did this to his mother you know what i mean joy of course i was at some point. and you
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see that in effect you know people don't tell you not at all as a matter of fact. i'm very frank ninety percent of my friends went on in the home ninety five problem no ninety let's get this right about eighty seven and ok but did they they. they i have never heard that. this is. on the sopranos follow that he did a little course i mean you know the godfather was still pose one of the it's a great one the one i'm saying i mean the sopranos is a little course you're in it's in it's. the crimes with head here if you look at the ten years there's such a word we invented i just came up with it but it did petty things and the godfather was that was more like you talking about senators and you know they were all involved what was that like for you young guy great role for you to work with brando's the chinos that you know was scared to death he told me but we will i mean listen anybody intelligent that was my age or you know even
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a low they say they're pretty that brando didn't you know didn't mean anything or wasn't the most you know looked up to guy you know when we were working at acting the line you know he was he was the guy that like to work with he was a riot i mean. i had the wine with him and then he did i said for some reason he started laughing at me in the middle of the cd just laugh and i call him on a phone again. so we had a great time but the first you know when i first met him it was you know i remember we had this. francis for the first reading we took this big restaurant up in the bronx big spread wall italian food was like and then and we read you know so al myself to follow and. read the what the head of the table in the hallway down the end of the day was francis and every all the other characters you know in sterling gable was all the way down. in france you could see we all probably started to lead and all you hear. on any of them. and i know
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you know and al gore. is funny and you can see plants are starting to lean for he could hear a figure the word for of course. he found that they're all of a sudden the story gave them a lot to do what everybody did do up one quick thing before we break the death scene of sonny yeah how long did that take to shoot. that scene in the car how long a day i mean one day oh my god you can't do that over again you know how many times . it was you did to the one hundred forty seven big ship is not like these says she swims they have today i mean they blow it so that was shorn jack and they should have about one hundred forty seven on me to a five thousand all over the place now how many times you think you would shoot that for years and yeah i mean now i wouldn't done it at all i mean it's kind of scared me because the guy you want to see squibs they will like. like
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a brass casing they heard them blow up holy hands like they showed him and he jack the shorter men to the seats and showed him into the car to build a bond a lot of the car she had to be in we had to choreograph for your hands were and all of that the only reason i did it was because there were girls on the set. otherwise i would have said and if i don't know what i'm made to i'm going to make money i was in a screw you francis i had that right now we'll be right back with the star of that in the game on a.b.c. changed on. a. very hard to take. once again on here. by that fact that her big hair.
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i think. everybody thought if you. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution because there's time that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy schreck numbers. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and have crafted a carol we've been hijacked by handful of transnational corporations that will
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profit by destroying what our founding fathers one single class i'm tom mark and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world to go beyond identifying a problem to try to fix a rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america if i ever feel ready to join the movement then walk a bit taken. aback when james tawny stars in back in the game on a.b.c. in the next segment will meet his costar maggie lawson we have some social media questions for you social media yes straight out to me for if k j m ten sixteen on twitter k j m it was whatever kind of a lubricant what is that the question is are you it's in survey devoted to you think i decide to keep their political views to themselves yes to both as to both you all i ever did but no i think they should keep. there's nothing worse than an
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actor like talk i mean unless they have political science they were political science majors and they know something but most everybody that talks about it that i've tested a couple of the heads on a scale in the middle does a full ok. spot but i am it's the president time horses for courses conservative kathy be forty five on twitter wants to know when did you first know that your son had talent he stars in hawaii five zero when he was born. no i didn't i mean he was a great ball player i was getting ready to play he was baseball got was yeah he was on believable he was like the number one pick me all start going to me and he lopez was coaching pep i give a scholarship like when he was thirteen fourteen so i thought that proceeds at the stadium and then he decide to become a lesbian i mean it's. dead to be gay but there's be a but he he went off and rap when he was sixteen he was really going to be very
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proud and very proud he said he's a great writer too he writes plays to dunk on twitter wants to know what was the most challenging role to date and why i think it was a chis that it was for you days old. not that i might get into it it was exhausting ira ties it was my favorite role of the series i know that i looked you up. on facebook always the best part about filming las vegas was there are oh sure i mean the cast was great the girls will beautiful so i mean it was the hot years like it but i didn't get a look at that brando every day you know i'm you know. all right joe and kathy i still don't you know i live in these a little quick thing what advice. what is rice do you have a young and upcoming that is to maintain a long lasting for it in the toughest business of them all acting on a serious note which i told my kids and my kids you know i used to say like acting is in my life you know and people would think i don't care that's not true i want
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to be the best in the world if i was about they want to be but your family and your friends have to be the most important thing because no matter what success huge achieve no matter what heights you achieve in evidently and this happened everybody there's a slide backwards that they agree of which changes from person to person but the people who put all their eggs so to speak in that one best who live and die and breathe that crap that is that's what it is. inevitably those people when they hit that slide they're the ones that hurt themselves they drug out they died a big press they commit stupid crimes because there's too much it's too much importance it's meaningless it's not meaningless i mean you try you you can only do what you can do but you never let it go. i guess that's one way of putting a but don't don't make it your life i mean you gotta look at what you have you know and not what you don't have let's play a game of if you only knew a little quick things sure i'm going to first girl you have
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a kiss little boy remember who actually and i will actually know as in this way i was cheated you get partial. just really a kiss like that kid i don't know that had it happened like in the kiss all that probably i don't know what i was in caps of when i was much seen as this she was max as this is. from the front you know nice she was my girl from when i was thirteen when i had a little you know i think it's really weird a little thing biggest regret. he turned down anything you regretted oh many yeah yeah you can i mean to start a business with the stooges i always have done if jimmy likes it don't put a dime in it if he turns it down put everything you've got it made a fortune but i heard not a lot of movies i you know i mean i turn on some bad ones too but you know it was i had but having gone to a lot of has that been a movie when you said why did i turn that. no i mean i felt it but i would
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say you know. you have a hidden talent we don't know about i have so many larry if you haven't got time favorite role of all time. i loved doing thief. thief fees that was a good movie it was fun to do and then it was fun movies like you know i like this music i love doing it they would barbara it was a lot of fun to play that character billie rose we're still edition. will is why i told the guy to screw up a lot locked out i want to go out and around oh yeah he said to me the first use is what's the best the you've ever done what kind of question is that i just walked in to say hello you didn't say hello first he said you always like that it's a hello. and he said what's the best the lawyer remember him sure and then this poor little castigates it was next to me says to me you know don't you know because i found out in our early age if you say no to the people who play god then they can take that who's that punk to say no to me get him out show him i'll make him do this movie so i had to go in and he said what's the best the about the debt i said
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i once read ninety yards for a touchdown the auditions of. worst favor they called me back to do it favorite costar oh i can't i mean brando i mean bobby dubai and i are we've done five together and we're he's my closest friend and it's always your first impression of los angeles. pastor that's years ago biggest regret. my biggest regret is probably dissing the bill. you have a favorite scene in the godfather one was actually cut in half to one but you know that whole bottle being thing was a scene with bobby and i. but i don't know i like this he went by the water my sister when i came to see i don't know when you beat up the brother i like that very. best advice you ever got. from mel brooks she told me not to run after a bus that was. probably something no one knows about you james this is. a woman at the coalition little kooky cupcake we're back with james caan and
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now joined by maggie lawson his costar she plays terry jr in back in the game how did you get the part. but i had to i had to read this one a couple times right and we do a couple times i think i read once or twice and then i knew i had this sort of normal audition process and hearing you were already cast and then they had to test our chemistry. yet you're like oh right away yeah you did. it yeah very much yeah you know i came here i didn't have to audition you know i mean you know you had to audition i used to gross left i came in when i went to left. so she was one of the two what is it like you know we're not going. to be never a dull moment really it's been wonderful here i feel like i've learned so much from you know t.v. is so fast sometimes you you get into like this this meat almost feels like
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a machine get it done get it done right we got time we got these occasions you got to go you got to go and sometimes you forget to just pause and think about a scene in the characters and where they're coming from and who they are and jimmy is so great and that i call him jimmy he's so usually all of us but good for this interview. but he was we actually take he he comes on set and we sit down and we talk about the scene and it's really nice because you usually don't get the time to do that and i love i love how he works and i feel like i've learned so much from them and i feel like so much about our relationship sort of came out of you know time will do that i was going to ask the runaway would be but she would third reason grab my hand like i love you. every day. i'm married to mary and he's married yes yes what are you what did you done before i just well thank you still running but i just came off of a show that's on usa i did for the last eight seasons which show it's called psych
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and we still the last season it still has to air out but. that is sort of what i think they're pretty good hearted it's not bad it's not bad it's been busy but it's wonderful and i feel really low would you describe your tone. to the screen she's very down she's she's got what we call in real life which is the most important product a general electric chair we usually i mean you have to have. something going on it's not about words or anything it's about behavior i like her behavior where you grew up. in louisville kentucky. a city with the prettiest woman in the world wow you build a hero go to the kentucky derby see the women and that's when you went that's because of the very people they have covered with they had finished how i would how would you know what we're going to work you are just so much maybe we had we have
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ok the little dog he never could tell he went to the derby and had a mint julep and now we know if you go into downtown louisville and borgia sure it's true you want the dugout jim you want to wear the way to the derby show political mission i know. you flew and he went to the derby and that's right exactly right i don't boyett a body yeah you back you back to me you're enjoying this this so much as other than jimmy why do you like it i like that we're making a show that i have i feel like i feel like we're trying to find. i think i feel like we're trying to find a comedy in real moments versus a show that's based just around jokes i feel like we have we have relation like real relationship stuff going on. i love baseball and and so i feel i feel like we're trying to do something you know a little more real and authentic and let the comedy come from that into play softball baseballs and to face off i did play in south by yeah i play until i was
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like sixteen so in this you play a former star so yes i was yeah i had to train a little bit because baseball different i am i was i'm a pitcher so i had say it's rolling on down and over that yes and i was a pitcher when i played softball but it's a whole different animal you get to play on the show a little i have a little bit not as much as i would like to we do have a batting cage on set which is really fun and all the scenes all the baseball scene shot here and then this is our field we built to go out there we built this field we jenny and i jimmy and i you know the size of a soul pool at night yes. out of baseball's number we're gators holding everything this is basically i seriously do not love though this was a field and there's a little bit and charge of the twentieth yet yeah but everybody drug charges you know we. did a great job and then great for the community you're leaving this field now for the community got to tear it all up jim well that's a funny thing you should ask that's why i forgot why it was funny but those because
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we had we had to get a permit i don't know this makes sense to relate all the pipes in the sprinkler and they said you should ok you can build it but when he leaves you've got to take that stuff out now you don't really i don't know that you'll figure it out later but don't really like this for a long shot you can't give him the field. on the field is this i mean we built it but the whole system underneath you know there's this whole sprinkler system to keep the green. yeah they said that on when when when this show was dead which we don't know when that will happen as a matter of fact right the middle of this interview that so many like you know they already know that you're offended. but they want they will have praise and stuff that is meaningful easy yeah one of those james i'm so happy to you actually see on how do you do and you suspend this thank you jimmy jimmy don and maggie lawson she's terry jr he's terry sr the show is back in the game on a.b.c. we're in beverly hills on a beautiful seal where they have to tear it up after that only in beverly hills so they think this they need
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a permit now to tear it up. just find me on twitter and change things thanks for joining us to say that's true that's true. well. science technology innovation all the leaders developments from around russia we've got the future of covered.
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play play. live. i've. plenty . crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. please.
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what is up y'all i'm abby martin and this is breaking the set you probably heard about arizona governor jan brewer for all the wrong reasons after all her love for private prisons and disdain for undocumented immigrants ranked her among the worst governors in the u.s. unfortunately this next story only helps her place on the list so it was recently disclosed that over six thousand child abuse claims across arizona have gone completely unvested and while that number refers to cases dating back to two thousand and nine the vast majority of them are only a few months old and while i'm not blaming birth for the abuse itself of course she did take office in two thousand and nine so every one of these cases happy.


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